False flag theater: Boston bombing involves clearly staged carnage

Everyone ignores the man who just lost his legs.

*After you’ve read Sheila Casey’s excellent article below, check out another on the Boston bombing from Truth and Shadows, titled “Justice Denied: Examining the evidence that Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was a patsy in Boston bombing”:  – Craig McKee

(Updated in 2017)

“Does a compelling description of a terrorist attack, replete with ‘eyewitness accounts’ of the terrifying scene, and official pronouncements, constitute an actual event?” – Florida Atlantic University professor James Tracy.

By Sheila Casey (Special to Truth and Shadows)

The mainstream media story of the Boston Marathon bombing is of Chechen terrorists who unleashed weapons of mass destruction, killing four and wounding 264 in an unthinkable scene of “bodies flying into the street”, “so many people without legs” and “blood everywhere.”
For the vast majority of the American population, this is the truth and they feel no need to look further. Yet those who are willing to question the narrative we’ve been sold and take a hard look behind the curtain may be in for a surprise. 
Based on the video and photo record, it seems clear that the lead actor in this production—the most grievously wounded, as well as the man who fingered Tamerlan Tsarnaev as the bomber—was faking his injuries, as were most of those allegedly hurt by the first bomb.  We were told his name is Jeff Bauman, but since that can’t be verified and his survival is unbelievable to the point of being miraculous, we’ll simply call him Miracle Man.
First let’s see what can be learned from a Boston Globe video on YouTube that starts six seconds prior to the first explosion.  (For this article, I’m focusing solely on the first explosion and its now famous victim, although serious anomalies–such as the curious case of a missing mailbox– have also been reported at the site of the second explosion.)
The cameraman was standing on the finish line, facing the approaching runners, so had a view of both explosions. For 2 min and 42 seconds, he continues filming, as he walks around the area of the first explosion wildly pointing the camera in all directions.
There is a boom and white smoke rises from the sidewalk. But nothing flies into the street: no debris, no nails or pellets, and certainly no bodies or body parts. None of the flags are knocked down or pierced by shrapnel. Watching this video, it’s easy to understand why some participants believed the explosions to be part of the finish line festivities. All runners except one keep on going: although not hit by anything, an older man falls and rolls on his back, but within 30 seconds he’s on his feet and walking to the finish line.
The second explosion seems similar in intensity to the first, although we don’t see it as clearly.
At 0:53, we get our first good look at the sidewalk behind the fence, in front of Sugar Heaven: there are about seven people there, all standing, and some litter. No blood, no one on the ground. We saw no crowds of people rushing from that area, and usually the finish line of a major race is jammed with spectators. Where did everyone go? Was the area cleared ahead of time?
At 1:17 we get a view of the sidewalk in front of the store next door, Marathon Place, ground zero for the first bomb. We see about five victims on the ground, and perhaps six assisting them. (They may be more, our view is blocked by a fence.)
At 1:53 we see that Carlos Arredondo—who achieved brief fame for rescuing the double amputee, Miracle Man—is still clutching his American flag, even as he tries to get over the fence to help the victims. This is peculiar: who holds onto something unimportant in the face of a mass disaster?
From 2:17 to 2:23 we see an older balding man dressed all in black, gesturing to people off screen to the right to come to him. I say “people,” plural, because he makes the “come to me” gesture continuously for the six seconds we see him, as if bringing in a crowd. He has a lanyard around his neck of the type used by large corporations for employee identification.
Indeed, by 2:35, as the fence is finally pulled away, the sidewalk is much more crowded than it was a minute ago. We also see that Carlos still has not reached Miracle Man.
Although we hear sirens several times, in this video we never see an ambulance or any bodies—living or dead—being carried away. Perhaps all the ambulances went to the second bombing, where people may have really been hurt. At this point the camera aims down at the street and fades out.
The video gives the impression of a bomb much, much smaller than media reports would lead one to believe. The area is swarming with runners, photographers, police and EMTs, but actual victims seem scarce.

Jeff Bauman long shot

Almost seven minutes after the explosion, the Miracle Man is sitting up and not bleeding. (Click photo for hi-res image.)

This photo of Miracle Man, who allegedly lost both legs in the first blast, raises several questions. He is in the finisher’s chute, about 40 yards from the finish line.
Where are they taking him?
Why aren’t he and his severed limbs being rushed to the hospital?
He reportedly ends up at Boston Medical Center, 1.5 miles away. Are they planning to push him there in a wheelchair?
Why is there so little blood? We can clearly see the road behind them, and there is no blood trail. The one visible tourniquet on his leg is not tight to his skin, so it cannot be properly tied or winched. A second tourniquet is caught under the wheels.
According to this article in Wikipedia, it is possible to bleed to death from a severed femoral artery in as little as three minutes. Although the femoral artery ends above the knee, there is still huge blood flow below the knee, and Miracle Man lost both legs simultaneously just below the knee.  The blood should be gushing from his legs, especially because he is sitting up. Standard protocol for a traumatic amputation of the leg is to lay the patient flat and elevate the leg, using gravity to prevent uncontrolled hemorrhage. We know from other photos that a woman near Miracle Man (she is seen literally on top of him) with no visible injuries was put on a stretcher before Miracle Man. Why did she get the stretcher and not him?
How is he still conscious? Based on real time video evidence , this picture was taken more than six and a half minutes after his calves were blown off. He is not bleeding, he is sitting up with eyes open, and he is still a long way from getting medical attention. How did he survive?

Malarchuk almost died when his jugular vein was sliced by a skate.

By comparison, consider this video of a hockey accident where goalie Clint Malarchuk got a skate across his neck that cut his jugular vein.  Just a few seconds after the cut, he’s already created a sizable pool of blood on the ice. It is easy to believe that if his bleeding had continued unchecked for a minute or two, he would be dead or close to it.
A swimmer was attacked by a great white shark off Solana Beach, CA with a bite across both legs. Although his fellow triathletes brought him immediately to shore, he died within minutes of the bite—possibly before being pulled from the water. Unlike Miracle Man, the swimmer’s legs were not completely detached.

(Frame 1) The bomb has just gone off but there is no blood.

So what are we to make of these images of Miracle Man immediately after the bombing, taken from a surveillance video? In frame 1 below, the smoke is still thick so the bomb has just detonated. But far from being splayed out on the concrete in a pool of blood, clothes tattered and/or singed from the heat, struggling to comprehend what has just happened, and with multiple smaller injuries in addition to those that took off his legs, we see an odd scene.
Miracle Man is on his back in the “crunch” position often seen in gyms by those trying to tighten their abdominals. It’s not an easy or comfortable position to hold, and certainly not the one I’d choose immediately after suffering a devastating injury like double traumatic amputation. We see no blood, injuries or torn clothing on him or anyone else in the photo. Miracle Man’s thighs, hands and elbows are in the air and a hooded man is between his stumps, in the posture of a midwife. And between the two men is an African-American woman, who is leaning on Miracle Man’s abdomen.

(Frame 2) The hooded man appears to have a strap in his left hand.

In frame 2, the hooded man has something in his left hand—is it a strap?  If Miracle Man lost both legs in an accident years ago, but is going to pretend to have lost his legs at the marathon, “bloody” prostheses will need to be attached to his well-healed stumps, to get him ready for his photo op.  My guess is that the hooded man is attaching those prostheses in this image and the role of the African-American woman (in the red jacket) was to get in the way so cameras can’t catch exactly what he’s doing.
Miracle Man still has his hands, arms and thighs in the air. Only his lower back and buttocks are touching the pavement. We still see no blood or injuries anywhere in the frame.

(Frame 3) His stump is over the woman’s head, but there is no blood.

In frame 3, the clean, dry bone of Miracle Man’s left calf is raised and is on the black woman’s head, but there is no blood. She is wearing a bright white shirt and it is wholly free of blood. The alleged double amputee is still in the crunch position, his hands now in front of his face.
What is he doing?
Why is no one attempting to tie a tourniquet or get him help?
Why is Miracle Man himself not attending to his own life threatening injuries, as the goalie did by trying to stanch the blood gushing from his neck with his hands?

(Frame 4) At ground zero for the first bomb, there is no blood.

In frame 4, the bone of Miracle Man’s left leg is now directly over the black woman’s head, but still there is no blood, on his stump or on the woman. The red that we see is her jacket.
A few minutes later, we see this odd scene (Photo A). Miracle Man isn’t visible, although we know he hasn’t left the area yet, because Carlos, his rescuer, is still there, leaning against the fence holding his cowboy hat and flag, as if waiting his cue.
The hooded man is now reclining, propped up on one arm, looking very relaxed.  He is identified as Christian Williams on a GoFundMe page that claims that he lost all the skin off of three fingers on his right hand in the “bombing.”  As of 5/8/13, he has collected $97,000 on that page.
According to Today.com, Christian Williams also “nearly lost his right leg because of injuries suffered in the blast.”  Yet no injuries to either his hand or leg are visible in the photo below.

Wounded spectators lie injured following an explosion at the Boston Marathon

(Photo A) This blood looks more like red paint.  (Click photo for hi-res image.)

The shop window has been blown out, leaving a pile of broken glass on the sidewalk. The bomb was supposedly on the sidewalk, so why didn’t the glass blow in to the shop, rather than out onto the sidewalk?

Now, finally we see blood—or what could be blood if it were darker.  Below is a photo of the blood from a gruesome motorcycle accident, next to the victim’s arm.  It’s much thicker and darker than the substance on the Boston sidewalk.

Real accident, real blood.

In the lower right corner of the photo above is a bottle containing a liquid the same color as the “blood” now on the sidewalk. Did the red liquid on the sidewalk come out of this bottle?
The black woman now has blood on her, although not on her head and shoulders where you’d expect it after having Miracle Man’s freshly severed leg directly over her.
Below, in photo B, we see Miracle Man after both the black woman and the hooded man have moved away from him.  There is a discarded surgical glove on the ground, although no first responders have yet responded to the most badly injured victim.  There is clearly no tourniquet on Miracle Man’s left leg, yet no blood flow is seen. Everyone around him seems quite nonplussed by his gruesome injuries and unmoved to help him.
Is Miracle Man being guarded?  On the right we see the  dark blue pants and black shoes of one man, and on the left we can see the camo pants and butterscotch colored boots of a second man.  Both are standing with their backs to Miracle Man, as if protecting him.
If this was indeed a staged event in which Miracle Man played the starring role, guards would make sense.  They couldn’t take the chance of some random extra messing with their plans.

jeff in blood puddle

(Photo B) Will no one help the poor man who has no legs? (Click photo for hi-res image.)

Miracle Man’s right stump is much shorter than the left one, ending above the knee, and appears to be entirely encased in his pants. In the photo taken later of Miracle Man in the wheelchair, his right stump has magically grown a knee.
Just how serious was the damage to Miracle Man’s legs?  The answer changes depending on the photo you look at.
Less than three weeks after the Boston event, Miracle Man appeared at a Boston Bruins game in an outfit designed to call attention to his stumps.  But now his legs are very short—both have been amputated above the knee.
Lying on the pavement, his left knee and thigh were perfectly intact.
Being wheeled away by Carlos Arredondo, he had both knees.
But now he has neither.

I still had my knees after the so-called bombing. Where are they now?

I still had my knees after the “bombing.” Where are they now?

Compare the story told by these images with the complete fantasy reported in the Concord Monitor.

(Miracle Man) was lying on the ground near the finish line of the Boston Marathon, grasping the hands of his girlfriend’s two roommates. Just seconds before, they’d been waiting with a sign to hold up when she completed the race. He wanted the girls to get help before he did. He didn’t realize how bad his own injuries were. But before he knew it he was in a wheelchair, and a man in a cowboy hat was pinching one of Bauman’s severed arteries.

Later in the Monitor story:

When the first explosion happened, (Carlos Arredondo) jumped over a fence and ran toward the victims, he told WEEI radio in Boston. He knelt down next to Bauman, whose legs had been blown off and was (sic) bleeding profusely… Arredondo found a sweater on the ground, ripped it and tied it around Bauman’s leg to try to stop the bleeding.

We know from the surveillance video that none of this happened. There were no young women tenderly holding his hands, no man in a cowboy hat heroically vaulting the fence to put him immediately in a wheelchair, no profuse bleeding and no ripped sweater to stop it.

It’s instructive to see the kind of story the Monitor (and other media outlets) manufactured. It’s a fairy tale, with heroes and villains. There are no shades of grey; the victim is a saint; despite being mortally wounded, “he wanted the girls to get help before he did,” and the villain is pure evil—so evil that neither his wife nor mother want to claim his body.

Carlos’ story—vaulting the fence to hurry the legless man into a wheelchair—is not borne out by the photos. (Click photo for hi-res image.)

False flag propaganda gets the most bang for the buck out of creating intense emotion and a desire for vengeance in the targeted population, which in this case are the American people. By creating stories of wholesome, saintly Americans who have been brutalized by deranged foreigners, the event is reduced to a simplistic story of good against evil.  Thus the authorities are given free reign to carry out the agenda the attack was created to facilitate, such as shutting down a city under de facto martial law, or amping up racist beliefs that Muslims are not quite human, and their sufferings—such as those inflicted by the US during endless wars—nothing to be concerned about.
Adding to the unanswered questions is this video, a double-time static view of the entire scene, evidently taken from the media deck over the finish line. At 3:12 we see that as Miracle Man is being wheeled down the street, two people bringing in an empty gurney walk right past him and his entourage, going the other way. They pass within 10 feet of each other, so they could not have missed seeing each other. The man in the yellow jacket with Miracle Man has “EMT” on his lapel. Why didn’t this Emergency Medical Tech ask for the gurney, pointing out the dire condition of his patient?
It is 3:17 by the time they exit the frame at the lower left. Since this video is playing back at twice the normal speed, that means that six minutes and 34 seconds (3:17 x 2) had elapsed—just while this video was playing— before Miracle Man started on his journey down Boylston Street, where the wheelchair Bauman shot was taken. The video doesn’t show the bombing or any emergency vehicles, so it begins sometime after the bombings, although there’s no way to know how much after.
Carlos Arrendondo was interviewed about the bombing, but almost everything he says about it is provably false.
At 0:11 he says emphatically “you see people without limbs. Ripped off limbs everywhere, everywhere.” This is patently false. The only sign of a possible lost limb in the photos and video is a part of the sole of a foot and toes seen in the lower left of the frame. But there is no way to know if that foot is still attached to a person.
At 0:25 (although partly inaudible) he makes clear that he ripped either his own or Miracle Man’s clothes to make the tourniquets. Problem is, the tourniquets are bright white, and neither he nor Miracle Man were wearing white. This also contradicts the interview where he said he created a tourniquet out of a sweater, as neither he nor Miracle Man were wearing a sweater.
At 0:35 Carlos says of Miracle Man that “he had a big fire going on, on his shirt.” Miracle Man’s shirt was not at all burned.
At 1:22 he says “there was so many people begging me for help, begging me for help, but I can only help one at a time.” Despite the many photos and videos of Carlos that day, there is no sign of him interacting with any victim other than Miracle Man. At one point he is seen standing against the fence, just waiting.
At another point, with Miracle Man still untended to, Carlos is seen trying to take down a fence. Right behind him are the hooded man and the black woman who were with Miracle Man, so Miracle Man had to have been directly behind Carlos only minutes before. Where is he? I’d guess he’s off getting his makeup applied and his fake bloody prosthesis attached.  The architects of this event knew they needed a poster boy to get the public riled up, and Miracle Man was the guy for the job. His makeup and fake bloody prosthesis had to be good.
At 1:38 he says of Miracle Man “he was unconscious.” This is false, Miracle Man is conscious even in the final photo, taken nearly seven minutes after the bomb.
At 2:01 he unrolls his bloody American flag and shows it to the interviewers. If the interview was taped prior to the event, this may be why he was so determined to hang on to his flag even while trying to climb the fence to get to the victims. He would need to still have it with him, for consistency’s sake, in any other photos and videos after the event.

A photo op dreamed up by a PR firm: Carlos displays his blood soaked American flag.

At 2:28 they start talking about the flags of nations that lined the street just prior to the finish line, and at 2:37 Carlos says emphatically, with a sweeping motion of his hand, “all the flags was gone. All gone.” This again is false: both videos show that not a single flag was knocked over by the blasts.
Carlos’s lies about the scale of the event could be simply a man trying to make himself out to be more of a hero than he was. But, he had to have known that there were many cameras at the finish line and his story would be proven false. In light of the other discrepancies in the story, it seems more likely that Carlos was paid, and this was the story he was told to relate.


I know that the evidence I’ve presented here, and the huge charade that it implies, will incite outrage and indignation among those who still believe that the media delivers the unvarnished truth. If this is your first exposure to solid evidence of false flag terrorism, your mind is probably madly sputtering with justifications and defenses that will allow you to go on believing what you have always believed: that your most loved news personality has only the truth as his/her goal. If you identify as liberal, you no doubt believe that there is propaganda aplenty at Fox News, while Amy Goodman and Rachel Maddow tell it like it is. Conservatives of course believe the opposite.
Unfortunately both sides are wrong, as there is little truth to be found on either the right or the left, whether “mainstream” or “alternative.” The false left-right paradigm keeps people fighting among themselves and ignoring the real enemy, which is exactly as the real enemy likes it.
Those looking for a quick and painless way to dismiss uncomfortable facts need look no further than any of thousands of pundits and news anchors who have already told you what to think about “conspiracy theorists.” You’ve heard that they start with a conclusion and make the evidence fit their preconceived notions, they find real life too boring so they invent elaborate stories to spice things up, or that the idea of random terror is so, well, terrifying that they need to have a “grand theory” to make the world seem safer and more manageable.
These themes originated with the CIA 47 years ago, when they released a plan to stomp out alternative views about the JFK assassination. The plan includes a recommendation to “employ propaganda assets to [negate] and refute the attacks of the critics”

Our assets should point out, as applicable, that the critics are (I) wedded to theories adopted before the evidence was in, (II) politically interested, (III) financially interested, (IV) hasty and inaccurate in their research, or (V) infatuated with their own theories.

Although lacking any grounding in fact, these criticisms of researchers who question the government’s story have been repeated so often by both mainstream and alternative sources, that they are now believed by many gullible people.
Does the idea of the US government using actors to play the role of victims in fake terror attacks seem impossibly far-fetched?
An article from 2003 described the Department of Homeland Security running exercises with “make-believe victims seeking medical treatment. Volunteers and professional actors will play the roles of victims…”  Unfortunately the article is no longer online.
Consider this Actor Waiver Form for a Homeland Security Exercise.  I found this form on the Department of Homeland Security website but the page is now “currently unavailable due to system modifications.”  However it can be viewed here.

DHS has a history of using actors for mass casualty drills.

CNN reported on how the the U.S. military uses amputees for training exercises. With a specially prepared “bloody” prosthesis, an actor who lost his limb years ago can be made to look as if he lost his limb moments ago.

Fake wounds created for “scenario training” can look like the real thing.

The government has staged many terror attacks to achieve political goals, and they no doubt learned that one of their biggest headaches after such an attack was the grieving family members who kept pointing out the inconsistencies in the stories they were given about how their loved ones had died. For the citizen mindlessly ingesting standard news pablum, the official story may seem plausible. Not so for the highly motivated mother, husband or daughter of a victim, who latches on a like a bulldog and won’t let go until they get the answers they seek.
But the perpetrators still need graphic images of human suffering to incite the kind of rage that prompts the citizenry to willingly surrender their rights and let the feds ignore the law and do as they please.
The solution was evidently to stage terror attacks with actors, where no one actually gets hurt. In the case of the Boston Marathon bombing, they were able to achieve all the same goals that a real terror attack would have (such as testing whether it is possible to close down a city over a single teenage “terrorist” on the loose) without the nuisance of grieving, inquisitive family members.
April 17, 2017 update:  In the four years since publishing this article, I have heard hundreds of challenges to my conclusion that the Boston bombing was faked.  One that comes up repeatedly goes like this:  “Our fascist overlords don’t care about human life.  You really think they’d go to all this effort to stage something just to avoid killing a few people?”
My answer:  Of course not.  If it were easier and involved less risk, they wouldn’t hesitate to kill as many as necessary to achieve their goals.  They have proven themselves to be ruthless, remorseless killers and barbarians.
Over the past two days, I’ve been doing an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit.  Although the thread was overrun by shills and official story apologists, there are also many genuine truth seekers posting interesting comments.  One of them is a Reddit user who goes by _Spook_.  Spook makes such a cogent argument that I reproduce it here.  I have made minor edits to Spook’s punctuation.

Why would they fake a bombing rather than have legit bombs? It has a lot to do with what happened after 9/11.
Short answer. Liability.
If it’s fake when the truth comes out — which it will one day — no one, not even the government can take fault over lives lost. You can’t sue for lost lives or reparations over something that didn’t happen. At best you could sue for PTSD, but by the time the truth comes out most will be dead.
When you factor in the possibility that all this is legal under NDAA, then why should those people involved feel any real remorse? It’s legal, and you get paid, and no one gets hurt, and no one in this lifetime will know what you’ve done?! And if they share the same political ideals as those that create these events, then you can be sure it will be kept secret for a longtime. It’s an all around win win for them!


Sheila Casey has been researching and writing about false flag terrorism, media lies and the global domination agenda since 2006.  Her political articles have been published in the Chicago Sun-Times, Reuters, The Denver Post, Common Dreams, Dissident Voice , The Rock Creek Free Press and her own blog. 

She can be reached at:  sheilakc <at>gmail <dot> com


  1. Excellent article,
    See this photo essay on Krystle Campbell as well, Krystle supposedly died, it demonstrates that the EMT who is photographed taking her pulse is with her for less than 48 seconds before walking away, just enough time for a quick photo shoot.
    Krystle’s legs also magically reappear for the fake CPR-on-the-run as she is taken away.

    1. I also did analysis on Krystle Campbell. I believe she was wheeled away from the scene to medical tent (not ambulance, not hospital) after Jeff Bauman. So, she was left dying at the scene AT LEAST 5 minutes 30 secs.
      It also interesting to focus on a figure who helped both Jeff and Krystle. Is he our real hero here? Who is he? I am super curious.

    2. Check out the YouTube tribute video: Jeff Bauman Boston Hero. Posted nine days after the bombing. and he is dressing himself! Bauman has raised a million dollars in donations.

        1. It looks like all replies are in regards to the article and the comment
          “You have to be stupid…stupid as hell….simple as that” was meant to be a reply to – boo for her comment.
          Anyone without any ties to this should be able to tell in mere minutes that it’s a hoax.

    1. Daniel
      I’ll tell you what’s amazing, It’s the accused; the Tsarnaev brothers. Well you know the story… found guilty by the MSM and the president… one captured alive and later killed, the other grievously wounded and silenced. This has all occurred without one piece of valid evidence being produced.
      And a world-wide global manhunt was declared and set in motion to establish who the guys in the photos were when all along the FBI knew who they were because they were fellow colleagues on the pay roll.

      1. American Citizens need to have a peaceful revolt similar to what the CITIZENS OF ICELAND DID.
        Web search – ICELAND REVOLT.

  2. From a tangle of reports and images Sheila has extracted a central and compelling case to show the staging of dramatics at the Boston Marathon false flag operation. This is a tremendous analysis and contribution to the literature. I was unaware of the Homeland Security use of amputees. This fills in an important knowledge gap. When events are staged (which they constantly are) it “strains credulity” for most people to even consider that deception as detailed and of that particular kind could be involved.
    The Krystle Campbell case, contributed by Andrew.w, is a powerful addendum, also very persuasive, and raises the question of how the Campbell family will proceed. And who, if anyone, will attempt to follow up. There’s much more to be uncovered.
    The place and timing of the Boston Marathon false flag op, and the anomalies and deceptions revealed here in such a clear and organized way, suggest months of planning, training and rehearsals.
    And yet the perpetrators could not get their ducks in a row sufficiently to withstand scrutiny.
    Or could they?
    Here’s a question: could the sloppiness in the details be part of the overall plan?
    Consider that inevitably and predictably these anomalies and the tissue of lies of a Carlos, for instance, will be discovered only by those of an already-skeptical bent, who possess the analytical skills required, and who take the time and effort to reveal them.
    Even as the public is being royally snookered by massive days-long mainstream coverage that drives home “the terrible reality” of this latest iconic deception, skeptics are handed — on silver platters of video and still photography – compelling evidence of staging.
    We skeptics cannot remain silent. The anomalies are too numerous. They abound. We have the goods on the perpetrators fairly early. So our findings, our questions, our skepticism, our output begins to show up — almost entirely on the Internet – and more or less in tandem with the MSM “dumb show.”
    So we become easy prey for the label “conspiracy theorists.” In the short term, our best “investigative” work and analysis is relatively limited in dissemination, yet it provides fodder for those who would dismiss us as “conspiracy nuts.”
    It’s somewhat predictable is that a public opinion poll may emerge in the not too distant future showing a small percentage of people (“conspiracy theorists”) disbelieve the official Boston Marathon narrative. This will further buttress the CIA-promoted “conspiracy theorist” theory.
    By the time “history” determines who is right, the authors of false flag events have staged their next one, and the one after that. On a case by case basis we are always playing catch-up.
    Our work is extremely valuable, vital, necessary, make no mistake. Work such as Sheila’s and Andrew.w’s deserves an A+ mark.
    At the same time, paradoxically, we may be made, perforce, players in the larger psychological strategy being carried out. The “sloppiness” may be bait. If so, it is deception planted within deception. If it is, we are being “used” by the perpetrators in spite of, and because of, our best efforts. Yet these must continue. We have no choice.
    The question I raise here can be considered as helpful, or provocative or ridiculous. Simply in raising it, I provide a small cache of ammunition to the psywar planners. If the majority of people cannot believe that the Boston Marathon events were a staged false flag operation, and further cannot believe the claims of skeptics who point out anomalies, what chance is there that they would believe the anomalies were planted as a trap for truth-seekers?

    1. Thank you Barrie for your appreciative words! Your point about the obviousness of these anomalies is a good one, one that Craig and I were also discussing.
      There seems to be a code among false flag planners to leave obvious clues and give warnings ahead of time. It’s almost as if they are asking themselves: Just how stupid IS the public? Just how much horse shit WILL they swallow, so long as they hear it on their TV? And then they create an event such as this, which gives them a good read on what portion of the population is awake and thinking, and what portion is still under the trance of the nonstop propaganda known as the media (I don’t even qualify that as “mainstream,’ since alternative outlets such as Counterpunch and Salon shovel the same drivel).
      So long as they know that articles such as this one do not go viral and get seen by millions, they can proceed with their plans, confident that their minions in newsrooms still have most of us hypnotized

      1. @Sheila Casey
        Recently in the UK the wife of the speaker of the House of Commons wrote a fairly innocuous ‘tweet’ which just said something to the effect
        “I see Lord ‘so-and-so’ (giving his name) is ‘trending’ at the moment. I wonder why.. (innocent face)”
        This persons name had been mentioned , wrongly as it turned out, as being involved in a sex abuse enquiry. She was taken to court by this person and now faces a very substantial fine and court costs. Could someone take you to court on the basis of your article here, directly accusing the people who were maimed in the Boston bombing of being involved in some fake event? I wonder if it’s possible? If this woman can be sued for one very short indirect and vague comment, on the internet, then surely this article ,which is available anywhere in the world for anyone to read, could be the subject of a similar libel action. Could the people you accuse here take a libel action in a UK court against you?

        1. Web search – The World Courts hace convicted the Queen of England and Prince of child trafficking and Satannic murder.
          Also the two previous Pope’s.
          IT’S ALL ON THE WEB.
          WEB SEARCH ITCCS.org

        2. From what I understand, libel is taken much more seriously in the UK.
          If someone were to instigate a libel case against you, they would then have to prove that you were lying. Image trying to do that in this case?

        3. They could, but they won’t, since they know they’ll lose. All that I’ve stated is true and they aren’t about to let me prove that in court.

      2. “There seems to be a code among false flag planners to leave obvious clues and give warnings ahead of time.”
        Satan always leaves a mark of shame on mankind, so that his wickedness may be registered.

    2. @Barrie Zwicker
      One of the most telling aspects of this whole sorry , dire and disturbing conspiracy is that it is the same 911 truther people who are involved in it. People such as yourself , and the other people who comment here, Adam Syed, Craig McKee, Sheila Casey, Jim Fetzer, El Senor Once, Dennis, KP who are telling people that 911 was an inside job, planned and carried out by elements within the government, killing almost 3000 people. But in Boston they faked the killing of a few people. They decided, having killed thousands that they would fake the deaths of a few. Must have got a conscience. Easiest thing to do is just plant a bomb, kill people , injure people. No elaborate faking, staging, co-ordinated choreographed fake-blood-prosthetic limb-juggling actors (are actors people? do they have families and friends and lives?- or are they beamed down fully formed from Actorland?, unknown or recognised by anyone.) It could be a false flag operation with a real bomb. But no. Why not? Simple reason. Someone suggested it. The minute someone suggested that it was all ‘staged’, like lemmings everyone jumps on board so as not to be left behind, trawling through the endless photos and videos , wanting to be the first to spot the man in the green shirt who seemed to be thinking something suspicious. Endless, speculative, baseless coswallop produced in support of something that makes no sense, and that undermines the logic of the previous baseless theories.
      I think that article is the product of a pretty sick mind and I tried to think how I would feel if I had any personal involvement with any of the people caught up in this terrible tragedy. I think I’d feel the way you would feel if someone you knew was a victim , someone in your family , maybe your grand daughter , photographed with her legs blown off and then to have someone write an article like that about it making cruel tasteless remarks about her. I hope for your sake, and for hers ,that she never gets to read your comments here.

      1. Unbelievable! Another member of the mass of saps that the government manipulates at will. There are many overlaps because, once you see through these “psy ops”, it becomes easier and easier to spot them when they happen again. A. Wright, alas, hasn’t a clue.
        For those who like him need to get up-to-speed, here are additional articles about this:
        “Boston bombing: New Hampshire vs. Jim Fetzer”
        “Man of the Year: Stella Trimblay, NH Legislator”
        “Welcome to Amerika: No More Truth, Justice or American Dream”
        “Some ‘hard lessons” from the Boston bombing”

      2. “It could be a false flag operation with a real bomb.”~A, Wright
        This is a curious statement coming from this great weeping, oh so humane and sensitive “conscience” of this forum.
        For the sake of argument, I would agree that it very well could have been a real bomb. Because the fact of a set up of the Chechen brothers is so obvious, all the other facts that add up to a false flag…etc.
        Frankly I am not absolutely certain as to the ‘actors’ aspect of this, although it does have some exceedingly strong indications that this is so. But the point I am making in this particular comment is that Wright’s comment that Boston could be a false flag op, is disingenuous, and he would not put such an idea forward without the fallback position of his saccharine emotionalism in ‘defending’ the “victims”.
        I would suggest that this is the very reason this op was carried out this way, if indeed it was pure staging and theater. Like Sandy Hook, there is so much confusion injected into the act as part of the planning. Nothing can be firmly concluded without subpoena powers of deep investigation – and only the culpable state has that power, and it will not use it in an honest and forthcoming manner.
        For myself it is not contingent upon the ‘staged actors’ aspect of this event to assert that Boston was indeed a false flag op. And even though many points of evidence point to the great possibility that it is totally stage-craft, at the bottom line the thing that really matters is that it was an ‘Act of State’. And this fact trumps all else and must not be lost sight of.
        Why would such effort go into staging such an operation? Wright suggests that the state has suddenly gained some empathy and prefers not to actually kill and maim in domestic operations as the only possibility — but there is a deeper and more likely reason; and that is developing the ability to manufacture any event and have complete and utter control of the public perception of it. In this manner all the state needs to proclaim martial law is a well produced soap opera on TV.

          1. Why are you cutting in line Fetzer? You are obviously trying to get this up as high in the thread as you can.
            This is the May 2013 part of this thread. Mr Once is going to be very cross with you!!

        1. One reason they use crisis actors is because they do not have to face the angry backlash of victim’s family members as they did after 9/11. Bereaved family members do not easily fall for lies like the general public does, they know instinctively when something isn’t right and/or they are being lied to. And they never give up their efforts at exposing the lies.

          1. Wow. What an insightful comment.
            I had originally thought that the used fake victims out of compassion, but I now realize how absurd that idea is.
            Compassion will soon be taken out of the dictionaries 1984-style.

      3. Dear Mr. A. Wright,
        You wrote:

        One of the most telling aspects of this whole sorry , dire and disturbing conspiracy is that it is the same 911 truther people who are involved in it. People such as yourself , and the other people who comment here, Adam Syed, Craig McKee, Sheila Casey, Jim Fetzer, El Senor Once, Dennis, KP who are telling people that 911 was an inside job, planned and carried out by elements within the government, killing almost 3000 people. But in Boston they faked the killing of a few people. They decided, having killed thousands that they would fake the deaths of a few. Must have got a conscience.

        Mr. Rogue gave you a very well reasoned response, to which I concur. This wonderful quote from Mr. Rogue really puts a point on it.

        And even though many points of evidence point to the great possibility that it is totally stage-craft, at the bottom line the thing that really matters is that it was an ‘Act of State’. And this fact trumps all else and must not be lost sight of.

        I, personally, don’t know what to believe in the details of the Boston Marathon Bombing (BMB). I could be easily duped one way or another, as is my duped useful idiot character. Regarding your quote at the beginning of my comment about me “telling people that 911 was an inside job… [b]ut in Boston [me telling people] they faked the killing of a few people.”
        Gee, I think that in 9/11, they killed a few and faked a few, the latter being necessary to help flesh out the numbers of victims to the threshold (~3000) approximately necessary to spur a nation into war AND to provide a sympathethic victim with steerable “family” members to parade in front of the cameras in a PR blitzkrieg to keep emotions running high of the unwitting public. The public won’t be thinking rationally if their emotions are purposely tweeked. Gee, with emotions overriding reason, they’ll even let themselves be locked down in their homes and permit house-to-house searches-without-warrants without protest. This is a hint of the bigger picture.

      4. It should be pointed out to the general readership here, that which is already understood by the regulars of Truth and Shadows; that A. Wright is a staunch defender of the State and System, and the faux paradigm in broadcasts.
        Wright is particularly ‘concerned’ with Mr Zwicker, and is continually badgering him and his positions, whether as the author of an article here or when he merely makes a comment.
        One might say that Wright is obsessed with the idea of defaming Mr Zwicker.
        Thus far Mr Zwicker has wisely {in my opinion} refuses to acknowledge Wright and his various ravings.
        It may be said to be a curious aspect of Mr Wright that after almost 12 years of revelations and deep analysis of the events of 9/11, he is still parroting the Party Line, and refuses to acknowledge that it is in fact proven beyond reasonalble doubt that 9/11 was a systemic hit by the state itself, a “PSYOP” and a False Flag Operation.
        His spurious argumentation is well known to those who frequent this blog. It is therefore difficult, if not impossible to take anything he says here seriously, as his agenda is all to clear to all who are familiar with him.
        One might note that Mr Wright will not engage in honest dialog, nor answer any questions put to him. It is commonly referred to as “trolling” to operate in the fashion that he does. And although he may think that he is successful in disrupting the flow of ideas here, he is quite mistaken – for he can be made an example of what it means to be ‘well adjusted’ in a psychotic society; to be a mind-controlled X-Bot for the state, to reveal himself as a processed TVZombie.
        So perhaps he deserves a nod for standing naked before us for analysis of his conformist views, tightly regimented and compartmentalized mind, and the totally obvious subtext of his “arguments”.

      5. Thank you A. Wright!! I was hoping someone with some freaking sense would post something on this article. What would be the motive of a framed attack? This sure as hell didnt spark any anti-muslim rhetoric or drum up support for another war or removal of constitutional rights. No. The result of this tragic incident was sad and upset Americans worried about other Americans.
        As A. Wright mentioned, and logically so according to Occam’s Razor, it would be FAR pragmatic to buy munitions from China or Russia and send a real agent to detonate it and not involve countless individuals, who would have to be dealt with in order to cover something up, in some kind of ploy. I hate to break it to you folks but if you have done ANY international travel you will see that we live in one of the most progressive, enlightened, and free countries of the world. The simple fact that Sheila could post this article attests to our liberties and our ability to attack the government whether intelligently or otherwise argues that the Government isnt infringing on your rights.

        1. James,
          What would be the motive? Did you notice that martial law was imposed on an entire city: people forced to stay in their homes and forced to have police enter their homes without warrant. Since one of the key elements of many false flag events is to frighten people into accepting more and tighter control, this one was a success. Didn’t you find that martial law was extreme to search for one man?
          Please explain how Occam’s Razor applies here. My impression is that it doesn’t. And what does travel or comparing us to less fortunate countries have to do with whether a terrorist attack was faked by our government to achieve political objectives?

          1. Occam’s Razor proclaims that simpler theories are preferable to more complex–but only when they can account for all the relevant available evidence! That fakery was involved–fake blood, fake loss of limbs, fake heroism, and more–is not in doubt for those who have actually studied the case and are not on a mission to divert attention from the occurrence of a false flag attack in one of our greatest cities!
            Just as Sandy Hook was orchestrated to undermine the 2nd Amendment and promote mental health criteria to assist in implementing them, the Boston bombing was designed to undermine the 4th and to subvert Posse Comitatus, legislation passed in 1878 to preclude the use of military forces to perform police functions. Here is a presentation of mine in Philadelphia last year about Boston and more:
            “Free Your Mind — Jim Fetzer”
            And with the assistance of a clinical psychologist who has proven adept at research and building on the work of others into Sandy Hook, here is the latest demonstrating the absence of computer usage from 2008-12, that the school was not ADA compliant, that it was being used for storage and displayed fire hazards and that it was laden with asbestos and appears to have been intended to be demolished:
            “Sandy Hook Elementary School: closed in 2008, a state in 2012”

        2. Free and enlightened? We are one of the only countries left that hasn’t banned GMOs. We are I think the only? Country that markets pharmaceutical drugs to consumers. We live under constant false flags and media manipulation. Our police shoot first and ask questions later. The list goes on.

      6. “The simple fact that Sheila could post this article attests to our liberties and our ability to attack the government whether intelligently or otherwise argues that the Government isnt infringing on your rights.”~James on MAY 21, 2013 – 2:57 PM
        It is more to the point that is is a SIMPLISTIC argument to claim that Sheila’s ability to post this article is any sort of proof of the people of this nation retaining our Rights to Liberty.
        What would be a motive for a police state to allow a certain amount of ‘freedom of speech and opinion’, if it were relegated to relatively small audiences?
        Do you James, have the small portion of imagination to think of an answer to my question?
        It is really very simple; it is a manner of compiling Dossiers and Enemy Lists of
        ‘Dissidents’ – those who recognize the fact that the sitting so-called “government” is really nothing but a subsidiary of a global criminal syndicate.
        We are occasionally visited by toadies and ignorant commentators such as yourself James, those who in there various ways reveal they haven’t the slightest idea of how the world really works.
        “Cui Bono?” is the very first question to be attended to in any investigation. Craig made a good answer as to who benefited from the Boston Bombing – and if you have read any of the other commentary here you would see that this is addressed in some detail: This event was clearly staged as a Beta Test, to gauge how subservient the population is to the lock down of a major metropolitan area on the flimsiest of excuses.
        Your commentary indicates that you actually believe, despite all of the unconstitutional legislation and executive decrees since the events of 9/11 that you technically still have your constitutional rights. It is my position that this point of view is preposterous to the point of insanity. I don’t know whether or not you have ever read the Constitution, but if you have you clearly do not understand it.

      7. ***”They decided, having killed thousands that they would fake the deaths of a few. Must have got a conscience. Easiest thing to do is just plant a bomb, kill people , injure people. No elaborate faking, staging, co-ordinated choreographed fake-blood-prosthetic limb-juggling actors (are actors people? do they have families and friends and lives?- or are they beamed down fully formed from Actorland?, unknown or recognised by anyone.)”***
        First and probably the only time I will agree with A. Wright. As big a bonehead as he or she may be, this is in line with my thinking.

      8. Wright, did you read my article? I gave a good reason why they might use actors at the end of my piece:
        “The government has staged many terror attacks to achieve political goals, and they no doubt learned that one of their biggest headaches after such an attack was the grieving family members who kept pointing out the inconsistencies in the stories they were given about how their loved ones had died. For the citizen mindlessly ingesting standard news pablum, the official story may seem plausible. Not so for the highly motivated mother, husband or daughter of a victim, who latches on a like a bulldog and won’t let go until they get the answers they seek.
        “But the perpetrators still need graphic images of human suffering to incite the kind of rage that prompts the citizenry to willingly surrender their rights and let the feds ignore the law and do as they please.
        “The solution was evidently to stage terror attacks with actors, where no one actually gets hurt. In the case of the Boston Marathon bombing, they were able to achieve all the same goals that a real terror attack would have (such as testing whether it is possible to close down a city over a single teenage “terrorist” on the loose) without the nuisance of grieving, inquisitive family members.”
        But there is another reason to use actors, perhaps more important than this one: it allows the perps to script the entire event.
        Does it ever seem odd to you that, of all the people who suffered horrific losses in Sandy Hook and the Boston bombing, no one is angry? Not a single parent from Sandy Hook questioned why no EMTs were allowed into the school to save wounded children. Jeff Bauman is evidently not angry that the only care he got in the first seven minutes came from a Costa Rican in a cowboy hat. There are no lawsuits. No victims, or families of victims, are even the least bit angry at the government, the emergency response, the media, or any “official” figure.
        Most likely answer? They’re all working off a script, they all hit the same talking points, they suffered no losses, in fact they are being paid very well for their participation.
        Now do you understand why using actors is the hot new trend in false flag attacks?

      9. I agree with A. Wright. I lived in Boston for many years and I still have friends and family that run in the 26.2 mile Boston Marathon.
        I also have friends and family members that are medical personnel and worked in the same hospitals that treated the injured after the bombing.
        They all told horror stories of jagged shards of metal ripping through flesh and the difficulties in repairing some of those horrific injuries.
        No one ever mentioned that any of the victims arrived in emergency rooms covered in red paint and sporting fake injuries.
        As to 9/11 – ALL of the facts, ALL of the evidence and ALL of the science fit the inside job narrative.
        In the Boston Marathon bombing… NONE of what we know, no eye witness, no emergency medical testimony, no injured person or bereaved family member, friend or bystander who witnessed the bombings fits “the crisis actor – fake blood and injury” narrative.
        It is monstrous to pretend that real people were not injured that day.
        If you wish to question that event… try looking into the REAL information that we have and try to make sense of it.
        You’ve gone off the rails here.

        1. Real people were not injured at the Boston bombing, which was a drill organized by FEMA and Boston officials, including the Boston Police Department. You must have missed the memo:
          * We have the Boston police calling out on bullhorns, “This is a drill! This is a drill!”
          * We have Boston Globe tweets saying an explosion will be set off at the marathon
          * We have a feeble explosion that could not kill or main anyone as part of the drill
          * A Hollywood producer identifying a key player as an actor cast in one of his films
          * He explains this is “hyper-realistic filming” to create very realistic appearing scenes
          * Dzokhar could not have written his confession on the inside of a fiberglass boat
          * The backpacks they were wearing were not the two black backpacks that exploded
          * Tamerlan had a beard before and after the marathon but not in the official footage
          * You can see his beard in his arrest videos and it is even visible in his death photos
          * Dzokhar’s attorney claimed “He did it!” in her opening statement to judge and jury
          I have documented all of these claims in a series of articles published about the show trial, which are available at http://veteranstoday.com/author/fetzer/ But there is much, much more:
          As Lorrain Day, M.D., who serve\d as Chief of Orthopedic Surgery at San Francisco General Hospital for 25 years (and whose statement is available on-line) has observed,
          1. In the pictures taken immediately after the blast, there is NO BLOOD on the ground. That could never be. The bomb blast instantaneously would have spread blood from the injured victims everywhere.
          2. There were only about 10 “victims” at ground zero of the blast — and all of them are alive and do not appear to be even close to death. Where are these other “200” people who were supposedly injured?
          3. When “blood” does eventually appear in the sidewalk at ground zero — it is clearly some kind of paint — NOT blood. The paint is bright orangish-red, obviously for the maximum frightening effect on the populace. REAL BLOOD is dark maroon.
          4. Notice in the initial pictures after the (smoke) bomb exploded, almost all the “victims” are holding themselves up on one elbow, or they are sitting up. No one is in severe pain or really in any pain at all. Severely injured people are not propping themselves up on one elbow. They would have their head on the sidewalk.
          There is much more, even in her statement, but I have documented every point I make above. For an introduction, see “The Real Deal special MUST SEE Boston bombing update” here at,

          1. You can read about each injured person here. Their friends, family and neighbors know that they were and still are real.
            Doctors and medical personnel talk…. but no mention of fake injury and fake blood.
            It is telling that no innocent bystanders and eyewitnesses claimed that blood was really red paint. And it isn’t just visual – it has been reported that the scene smelled like a slaughterhouse.
            That you can’t figure it out – says a lot about you and nothing about what happened at the Boston Marathon in 2013.

          2. Dr. James Fetzer, I just want to thank you for all the work you have done to bring light into the darkness! It takes a tremendous amount of courage to do the work you are doing! If you ever decide to start a petition for a fair trial regarding the Boston Marathon Bombing I would spread the word and do some fundraising work as well. I am deeply grateful to you and Veterans Today.

      10. The pictures speak for themselves.
        You can stop the guilt trip since there were no genuine victims, that is what this article is exposing.

        1. A new book, AND NOBODY DIED IN BOSTON, EITHER (2016), 440-pages with 350 photos, has just appeared from moonrockbooks.com. A dozen contributors, including six Ph.D. current or retired college professors and three J.D.s, including retired professor of law, John Remington Graham, whose research is featured in a chapter by Paul Craig Roberts. This book is thorough, detailed and convincing: it was state-sponsored terrorism with Hollywood special effects.

    3. Barrie: Agree this is A+ work. This investigation is in its infancy. But took years for 9/11 to get just to this level. There is a history-making bombshell documentary here. Get working on it Barrie!

    4. Get Carlos’ blood stained flag and do a DNA analysis of it and compare to those within a 20-30 yard circumference around where he was standing. If there’s a match you have proof that the drama was more detailed than first though. But how can you believe that Boston, home to Whitey Bolger and the FBI’s John Connolly….not to mention king pin of the backbone of the U.S. military industrialist, military and security complex, opium…..whose opium legend is Caleb Cushing and John Perkins Cushing, would shoot anything straight? It was Boston’s George Luther Stearns who attempted from his home near Beacon Hill to corner the lead market…..as in bullets….during the Civil War……a fact outlined well by historian Lowell P. Wigglesworth. Opium and pain killers are one half of the complex’s dialectic of a killer business plan….bombs and anesthetics.

    5. That’s my thoughts exactly and you were right way back then. They can’t lose and we can’t win. At this point, even if mainstream media started pointing out all the discrepancies that we have all along, I still think the public would simply disregard it because what they believe to be the truth has long been drilled and cemented in their brain.

      1. Conrad, you can’t comment using two different names on the same thread because it isn’t clear to readers that you are not two different people. Please comment either as “Conrad Spearcy” or “Conrad C.” Thank you.

  3. Dear Ms. Casey,
    Good job of summarizing just one half of the event. Indeed, there had to be at least another half in the form of the “real” explosion that really hurt people. They needed at least two parts so that the details of each would be conflated with one another.
    Of those two (or more) parts, sure both could have been real, but then it is a crap shoot with regards to (a) who would be a victim (b) to what extent and (c) if they or their next of kin would be willing spokes people and poster-children for the agenda in the wing. Therefore, if the false-flag event mixed in some outright fakery, they’d have actors as both victims and next of kin who would be willing participants in advancing the agenda, even if it is as little as an appearance at a hockey game within a few weeks of the “limb-losing tragedy” (e.g., Miracle Man) or singing the national anthem at some football game or other planned public event (e.g., Sandy Hook children’s chorus) in order to keep stoking the emotions of the viewing public.
    As for Señor Carlos Arredondo, please correct me if I’m wrong, but it seems as if he is exceeding his 5 minutes of fame over and above his past history in the limelight. Allegedly, he lost a son in Afghanistan. So distraught was he, he wasn’t at all happy with the armed services personnel who delivered the news of his son’s demise. He is said to have heavily damaged their service vehicle before his anguish had him douse himself with gasoline and light it on fire. If these stories be true and applicable to Señor Arredondo, then he is a Miracle Man too, because his skin looks exceptionally healthy and his skin-grafting surgeons were awesome for having gone through such a deal.
    Or… Or it could be that the prior story was also bunk and re-using & re-cycling Señor Arredondo is another sign of how the American sheeple are being played by actors and the media.

    1. i think senor el once has rasied a key issue not clearly addressed in this otherwise excellent article: was anyone actually killed or injured by the second explosion? if yes, who, how many, and to what extent? has the death toll and injury count been verified?
      another issue i’ve not seen addresed anywhere is: where did these pics and videos come from? specifically, who uploaded them to the internet?
      also, unlike the staged event at the pentagon on 9/11, why were these boston pics and videos not supressed? barrie raises an interesting explanation beginning with, “could the sloppiness in the details be part of the overall plan?” indeed one does have to wonder if we “conspiracy theorists” are being used.
      finally, are there no pics or videos of the real victims? assuming for the moment that there were real victims. for now, i do make that assumption, based on statements made by a couple of friends of mine who were (one still is) in and around boston at the time, and said that they had been interacting with family members of victims, including some who had lost limbs.

      1. Dennis, did you get the names of the family members, or the names of the victims who really did lose limbs? Contact information for your friends there, if they are willing to speak with me, would be necessary to pursue this angle.

          1. Painter,
            Thanks for the list. How can we confirm its authenticity (a test that needs to applied at every juncture, at every side) and accuracy (another test that needs always to be adhered to, especially with “hearsay” information)?

          2. To confirm authenticity – you can look each one up in the White Pages. You can google a name and see what they are doing now. You can see what they were doing before the bombing and compare. You can look them up on Facebook and see what they have to say – after all, the Boston Marathon is coming soon this year.
            BUT I suggest that you do not harass them. That would be cruel – especially the parents of that dead child.
            How many do you need to confirm before you find they are real?
            Maybe you could call some local hospitals and ask what their emergency rooms were like after the Boston M. bombing…. or maybe you could find some stores online about this.
            The 9/11 victims were real – as was the crime. Why would anyone fake this crime?

          3. No one died during the Boston bombing. It is a law of physiology that limbs cannot be blown off without blood being distributed widely as an effect. But we have footage after the explosion that shows NO BLOOD. It only turns up later and is Hollywood blood, just as fake as the bombing. I am stunned that anyone would come here and, in an article that proves it was a drill, insists that people were injured or died. That is impossible. Someone posting is either a sucker or a fraud.

          4. Painter,
            thanks for the suggestions. guess i could do all that, but not sure how fruitful the effort would prove, and don’t really have the time or the inclination. perhaps someone else can take it on, perhaps you, to bolster your own position. i think Sheila has made a very strong case that the aspects she examined and presented at a minimum show that a significant part of what happened was theater, involving crisis actors. as for why, the primary motive seems to have been to impose martial law. for now, as i did earlier based also on friends’ personal reports out of MA (see below), i accept the possibility that this event was both a mixture of theater and reality.

          5. The fact that you can’t imagine why anyone would fake a crime like this has no bearing on whether that happened or not. In fact, we know that many accounts in the media of people having loved ones lose legs right beside them or heroic rescues of the injured are simply contradicted by the video evidence. I suggest you read Dave McGowan’s series for more on that.

      2. sheila,
        no, i did not ask for the names of the victims. i’d not be comfortable with asking for that information.
        just for asking her to read your article, and give me her take on it, one friend responded exactly as you had predicted with these words from your article:
        “I know that the evidence I’ve presented here, and the huge charade that it implies, will incite outrage and indignation. . .” i seem to have alienated that friend already, at least for a while.
        the other friend is much more open-minded politically but she would not appreciate me asking for the names of victims to be tracked down thru her client

      3. willy,
        thanks for the feedback. no, roche is not someone that any of my friends personally knew. in the video, i can’t even be sure from what they are showing us on marathon day is actually roche. even with the clip at the hospital, i can’t swear the patient is the same person giving the interview.
        i did get an additional message from my other friend mentioned above who said that a third (common) friend who lives in Massachusetts said that her cousin was hit with shrapnel.
        as for what i think, at this juncture, i still lean toward there being both actors (as pointed out in Sheila’s article) and victims. again, to me, if there were no victims, that would be a much less horrible scenario (no murders, no dismemberments or other injuries) than if this were all some sort of wag-the-dog type caper.

    2. How to extend five minutes of fame into fifteen

      Today, Arredondo is back in South Florida — where he once lived and nearly died after setting a Marine van on fire after learning of his oldest son’s 2004 death in Iraq — to tape a Telemundo television special.

      From Wikipedia:

      [Carlos Arredondo’s 20-year-old son, Lance Corporal Alexander Arredondo,] was killed in Najaf, Iraq, during his second tour of duty in Operation Iraqi Freedom on August 25, 2004. Later that day, which was Carlos Arredondo’s 44th birthday, the Marines Corps Casualty Assistance Team arrived at the Arredondo home in Hollywood, Florida, to notify the family of their son’s death. The Marines had not brought a chaplain with them and spoke with Arredondo in the front yard of his home. Arredondo was distressed by the news, and became upset and agitated when the Marines refused to leave.
      After some time went by, according to news reports, Arredondo was so distraught that he climbed in the Marines’ van and splashed himself with gasoline. A propane torch he had brought inside was lit accidentally, Arredondo said.
      Arredondo was pulled out to safety by the Marines, however his clothes had caught fire and burned 26% of his body. He received second- and third-degree burns. He was hospitalized in a burn unit for two weeks followed by outpatient home-based treatment. Despite his burns, he attended his son’s funeral on a stretcher with two paramedics at each side. Arredondo and his wife Melida both spent time as inpatient psychiatric patients.
      The incident is highlighted in the documentary film, The Prosecution of an American President, directed by Dave Hagen and David J. Burke. Arredondo and his wife Melida traveled to Hollywood to speak at a screening for the film at the Arclight theater in October, 2012.

      1. Hi Dennis,
        Viewing the interview with Beth Roche, I would have no problem considering Mrs Roche as a real person who has had real injuries and is maintaining operations and such at real hospitals – etc. That is on ‘face value’__BUT, does anyone know her? Is this one of the people your friend knows personally or are we just dealing with “news accounts” again?
        We need to keep in mind that this bomb that supposedly wounded Mrs Roche is the one at the finish line – the bomb taken responsibility for by those putting on the “drill”.
        We need to keep in mind that there is only ONE bomb in evidence of having exploded at that spot.
        And this is where the story gets ticky tacky…there is so much there – at the spot where Mrs Roche is claiming to have received real injuries that does not add up to a real bomb.
        Personally I have to suspend judgment here. Mrs Roche seems quite convincing, but then again, most of these interviews do.
        What do you think Dennis?

      2. An additional thought on Beth Roche; can anyone identify her in any of the photos at the first bomb position?
        I don’t see a candidate in any of the shots above that I would accept as even possibly being Mrs Roche.
        Anyone else care to give their thoughts on this?

    3. for what it’s worth. . .
      i asked two long-time friends of mine (both women) who were in and around boston at the time of the bombings, if they actually knew anyone who had been killed or injured.
      one friend, who lives in the area, replied: “my friend [whose] daughter is a nurse at Mass General. . . had friends who are nurses who cared for patients [bombing victims] who came there. I spoke to a woman a couple of weeks ago [who] had 3 friends [who were victims] 2 who . . . lost legs and the 3rd was riddled with shrapnel.”
      the other friend who was lecturing in the area said that people whom she had known from a prior-year’s lecture said that they had two cousins who each lost a leg.
      all hearsay, i know, but the stories ring true for me. at this juncture i am inclined to believe that there were actual victims. perhaps the alleged staging aspects of the event, along with the non-release of any footage with actual victimes, were designed in part to have us “conspiracy theorists” claim that no one was injured, thereby infuriating those who know better, and discrediting us and all our “conspiracy theories” even further.
      personally i would be much less saddened and horrified if there actually had been no victims, and that the boston “bombings” were all a smoke and mirrors police state exercise. in any event, like willy, “I see this as a beta-test for the Martial Law Template.”

      1. Hi Dennis,
        I suppose if I knew someone personally that could make a statement that they actually knew someone who was injured by a bomb at the marathon, someone I trusted, I would adjust my assessment. As it is we have, as you say, hearsay on party removed.
        I will keep the question open in my mind…but I still have a “bad intuition” that there are stories being supplied by medical staff…that may be based on “righteous rumor”…
        But like you say, this could be a set-up, to foul the “nest of crazy conspiracy theorists”.
        If so, the bottom line question is who set off a real bomb in what was clearly seen by most participants as a drill?
        For myself it is crystal clear that the two Chechen brothers are patsies. Who ever set the real bomb – if one went off, would be the ones who were supposedly supplying the dummy bomb for the ongoing drill.
        Alas, this operation is cleverly designed several layers deep. Like the events leading up to it, Dark Knight – Sandy Hook..and others before, all are cycling segments of the ever tightening noose of the Maximum Security State, and the furtherance of the agenda of the Empire’s goal of Full Spectrum Global Dominance.
        At this point the arc towards fruition of this agenda seems quickly approaching.
        And as we all know, the enchanted still sleep.
        But taking into account a few concerns about us “conspiracy theorists” being located and dealt with at some point…I would only say that such concerns are much too late to worry over now – all of our dossiers are thick and certainly complete beyond our wildest imaginings. In-which case…Lol, speaking for myself of course, it’s “damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead.”

      2. I lived in Boston. I have friends and family who ran that Marathon. I also fave friends and family who were first responders and medical personnel to attended the injured.
        They all have first hand knowledge of the carnage. It is real.
        Enough of this nonsense.
        That you would link this crackpottery to 9/11 does us all truth seekers a huge disservice.
        Seriously – look into something real.

  4. Excellent analysis, Sheila. Thank you for your insightful expose.
    Let me suggest that careful analysis of the hooded man seems to indicate that he’s not putting on his sunglasses, but rather adjusting or installing some type of strap or band to attach the gory severed leg prop to Mr. Bauman. There is a cell phone video making the rounds that captures the hooded man, now definitely identified as Christian Williams, sitting against the building with what looks very much like the prop he’s getting ready apply in the pictures above. By the way… the Christian Williams’ fund at Gofundme.com has reached $97,799 as of this morning. Follow the money….

    1. I believe you’re right John. It does look more like a strap than sunglasses, and most likely serves the purpose you state.
      What is Christian William’s story wrt Miracle Man? Does he claim to be his rescuer also?

  5. A question for Sheila Casey. But first, thanks for the Fantastic article. THANK YOU! A true believer friend of mine has sent me an article from the Boston Globe about two house painters who allegedly had their legs blown off. There is also an article about a guy named something i like Mark Fumerile, allegedly recovering at Mass Gen, who is also said to have lost a leg that day. In reply, I state that there is no photo evidence that any of these three people, whoever they really are, were even at the scene of the marathon “bombing.” I have searched in vain for a picture of them there. Their “friend,” a guy named Jarrod someboiy or other, did NOT lose any legs, but is chock full of shrapnel! He IS pictured and was clearly an actor. What is your take on such “eye-witnesses.”?

    1. I see three options:
      1) There was a genuine bomb at the 2nd site and people were really hurt.
      2) They are actors, such as the infamous “Harley Guy.”
      3) They are totally fabricated people, as substantial as a character in a novel. An example of this kind of person is Allison Wyatt, allegedly killed at Sandy Hook. Turns out the pic of Allison Wyatt is actually of a totally alive and well little girl named Lily Gaubert. The pic was stolen from Lily’s mother’s Facebook page.

      1. If you consider option 1 might be correct how do you think the people involved would then feel about seeing themselves discussed in this way, with their photographs , taken in probably the most traumatic moments of their lives, displayed and picked over , while thinly veiled accusations are levelled against them. How will their family and friends feel about it, seeing the people they care about in these awful circumstances , being then traduced and degraded in public? How would you like to be treated in these circumstances, facing the rest of you life without limbs, or losing a son or daughter?

      2. A.Wright,
        You make some interesting points on the subject of “humanity”, but never seem to have a strong grasp on the public Right To Know.
        Are hurt feelings to be the basis for all inquiry? Is this a base line for forensic investigation? Would you give up the search for the truth on the basis of a few people having their feelings hurt?
        For myself I cannot but feel empathy for such, and yet, there are the larger issues here–of the grand march of tyranny taking place in this society, one that is simply undeniable, and one that you still have never shown any aptitude for understanding.
        What about the proven fact of the mainstream media manipulation of perceptions?
        What about the harms to overall Human Dignity and Liberty that this sort of managed perception results in? What do you think about the obvious overboard reactions of hysteria resulting in locking down an entire city, indeed an area over a hundred miles in perimeter? What about the obvious anomalies presented as evidence in this very article and available in penumbra throughout the www?
        Does none of this bother your sensitive “humane” consciousness? Or is the theory of harming the “feelings” of the few “victims” override all other considerations?
        For myself, I see your concerns as imbalanced in the overall scheme of things here.
        Our quest here is for a truth, that you seem simply to have no interest in whatsoever.
        And again I ask, do you only ask questions on this forum, you never seem to answer hard questions put to yourself.
        So I challenge you to answer just one; Do you not see that the US has become a blatant police state?

      3. Ya know Wright,
        I knew you wouldn’t even have the BBs in your deflated sack to respond, you eunuch jelly belly thou…
        I don’t know why Craig puts up with your silly jingo ass.
        Look this up Wright, Welch is talking about YOU:
        Scared Americans and “The US Terror State”
        By Daniel Patrick Welch
        “They just don’t give a shit, and their macabre privileging of the relatively few victims among their own–as awful as these surely are–is lost outside the bubble, where the rest of the world grieves for their victims…” ~Welch

        1. I just tried to look up those names but can’t see anything. They either pulled the list or it just doesn’t show on mobile? Or maybe maybe names don’t show up because this article is too old?

  6. After examining all the evidence and watching the various video and photographic evidence, there is one thing that strikes me as very, very strange. Having spent twenty years in the military, most of which was spent under threat of the IRA, one thing we did learn from bombings, as did all the security forces around the world. You NEVER enter the area UNTIL it has been deemed clear of other devices by bomb disposal. I have not seen any evidence of this being the case, no people, and no sniffer dogs. This for me is the biggest mistake. Only if they already knew it was clear, i.e. were told previously, would these rescue workers be able to enter these areas. Apart from this I agree with much of what has been stated here, especially the way the so called “rescuers” stood around as if waiting for their cue, under no circumstances would you just stand there or lie there as with the man with glasses and hood, whilst people all around you are seriously injured and/or dying.

  7. Thanks so much for writing this article Sheila. I’ve been purposely staying away from Boston truth seeking because I have too much other stuff to deal with in my life right now to get sucked in; as such, I was waiting for someone I trusted, such as yourself or McKee (looking forward to your own follow up Craig), to write a comprehensive summary of what you found to be the most compelling “staged evidence” material. I think this is some great reporting, Sheila. A few thoughts:
    On this image: http://truthandshadows.files.wordpress.com/2013/05/jeff-bauman-long-shot.jpeg?w=660&h=400
    I agree that the absence of blood spurting out is a major red flag, plus the “shreds” that are what’s left of his leg, definitely don’t look real. I would also submit that the position his left hand is in — it seems to possibly be disguising the fact that his real leg is folded back, and that his hand is in that position to make it look like the separation between upper and lower leg is simply the result of his putting pressure on the upper leg, pushing the skin downwards. His actual healthy knee is shielded by the white tourniquet. If I remember correctly, there was one moment in Forrest Gump where during a hospital scene with Lieutenant Dan the amputee, there was a split second moment where their professionalism slipped up and you could see the real leg folded back. However, I am still confused as to what to make of the “stumps” in the surveillance video. Now that I know that the DHS uses amputees as part of drills, this could be the answer.
    I suffered a head injury about 4 years ago (fell in a hotel room and hit my head on the metal part of the bathroom door frame) and it caused me to pass out and blood started to leave my body rapidly. A lot of it was on the floor when I came around, and I was still losing blood, so I wrapped a towel around my head. That ultimately became drenched in blood also, so this was a pretty serious head cut. Anyway, I have to concur that the color of blood in those photos seems too bright; I distinctly remember my own pool of blood being considerably darker. I’m not sure that I agree that the bottle in the bottom right is the same color as the “blood” on the ground; to me, it looks slightly more pink. I think it’s just as likely that it’s the strawberry-banana flavor of “Naked” juice (just had a bottle of it last night right before reading this article). You can see what appear to be other drink bottles/cups on the ground.
    With regard to the Boston Globe raw video of the explosion: I would be careful in saying that “nothing” flies into the street; don’t get me wrong, I agree with your overall premise that the damage is far too minimal, and that surely the flags would have been shredded, if not the whole poles downed. But upon watching the video, I do see somethimg floating down to earth, probably pieces of paper, or leaves from the blown trees. There is also definitely something, however small or minimal, on the ground at the 0:14-0:15 mark. I realize this doesn’t take away from the obvious lies Mr. Carlos says about “all the flags being gone” and all the other anomalies of how this scene stinks to high heaven. I’m just giving you parallel feedback to what Adam F. said to you with the Pentagon: be careful, when authoring an article, about saying that there was “no airplane wreckage.” If you do that, the Gregg Robertses can write up a “debunking” where they quote your exact words, then slap down the famous scrap on the lawn as well as the interior photos of the “landing gear” and “engine part” and say “SEE?!? There WAS wreckage, you sloppy researcher!” Just adding a few qualifying words can seal that hole up.
    That CNN video of how real amputees are used in was sim drills is very telling, imo. The smoke in that video looks just like Boston.
    I agree that real terror and real people being injured/killed is not mutually exclusive with actors and staged evidence. We know this from 9/11. Obviously, just under 3000 people really did die from the explosive demolition of the WTC; bone fragments were found on roofs of buildings hundreds of feet away. We also know that there was staged evidence and fake victims, ranging from the magic passports and bandanas, to Todd Beamer and “Let’s Roll!”, to Lloyde England and the physics-defying light pole (and credulity-defying story).
    Overall, not withstanding the minor criticisms I offered, this is some outstanding investigative legwork. Great job Sheila!

  8. Sheila,
    Thank you for this excellent article on the Boston Event. I cannot refer to it as a bombing, I don’t think there were any real bombs whatsoever.
    I work with a group of researchers who have been working this case from the day it happened. The official story states only two [2] bombs going off, and both of these can be seen and determined to be smoke bombs. The first one even pre-announced in a tweet by the Boston Globe as a “drill” – so I have to come to the conclusion that as there are only two bombs reported that there cannot have been any real victims – that is, aside from the two patsies that were framed and convicted by MSM.
    “cui prodest scelus, is fecit”:
    I see this as a beta-test for the Martial Law Template. The whole reason for this act was the establishment of the Gestapo crackdown, to take the temperature of the public as far as going along with the police state tactics that ensued in the aftermath.
    Going beyond the photo-forensic analysis proving the event as staged, I have moved on to looking closely at the patsies and would like to bring to the table a ‘Person of Interest’:
    Graham Fuller
    Fuller left the CIA in 1988 for the RAND Corporation, remaining as a senior political scientist until 2000.
    An active author and media spokesman, Fuller is an adjunct history professor at Simon Fraser University.
    **After the Boston Marathon bombings, it was revealed that Fuller’s daughter Samantha Ankara Fuller was married to Ruslan Tsarnaev (Tsarni), the terrorists’ uncle.
    According to Former FBI translator Sibel Edmonds, this same Graham E. Fuller is one of the key “persons of interest” in the 9/11 event, as well as the series of events leading up to it, going all the way back to Iran-Contra.
    “Indeed, the ‘Boston Bombings’ have larger political and economic consequences; they set the stage for a new round of wars abroad and regressive (and repressive) changes at home.”~Prof James Petras

  9. Thanks for the article Sheila. The same views have been presented in many places now, it is pretty obvious to all who look at the whole image trail rather than the isolated headline photos.
    Part of the reason was to have the players and their stories fitting some sort of American ideal about how the people of the land of the free cope with terrorist bombs. No crying and wailing, just stoic looks into space – not even bleeding unnecesarily. Then the ritual of smiling faces in the hospital days later. As well as stirring your patriotic juices it makes you accept more that you must stay inside for a few days while they find these evil-doers.

  10. CNN Caught Faking Boston Bombings Broadcast
    Their latest mishap comes as Nancy Grace pretends to be doing a satellite interview which makes the viewer believe the latest updates in the Boston Bombings are being delivered to the anchor from their on the ground reporters.
    As easily seen in the images there was no satellite broadcast going on at all.

  11. Are there any here who are so gullible as to believe that such a vicious and pathological despotism as has descended upon this planet, would ever give up the levers of their illegitimate authority?
    Is it really rational to think that even if some substantial portion of the population here were to come to grasp this tyranny, that there would be the slightest chance of peaceful transition to just government?
    Obviously it is my opinion that such ideas are pie-in-the-sky dreamscapes. But if there is anyone who thinks such a scenario possible I would love to hear that argument put forth.

    1. willy,
      i share your take and pessimism. no, it is NOT “really rational to think that even if some substantial portion of the population here were to come to grasp this tyranny, that there would be the slightest chance of peaceful [or any other kind of] transition to just government?” the powers that be are too well entrenched.
      yet still, we persist.
      one could argue that our persistence meets einstein’s definition of insanity: “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/quotes/a/alberteins133991.html#6xth78pGiee0hPWB.99
      maybe it’s time to start on an online Truthaholics Anonymous. “Hi, my name is Dennis. I’ve not sought out the truth on any political matter of consequence for over two days now.” [cue VIGOROUS APPLAUSE!]

      1. Hey Dennis,
        I appreciate your reply and especially the humorous aspect of it.
        I put this question, not as a vehicle for pessimism, but more of a consideration as to what our motives are in all of this. I have attempted to make my motives understood before, that they are more set to personal growth, and understanding. As a longtime student of history, I see our human situation as not having changed to any great degree throughout that history – indeed from the time of our career in the African savannas. The race has experienced great leaps in technology to be sure, but has remained essentially the same creature, physically, and mentally/emotionally.
        What this means to me is that there will always be a significant majority that is afraid of their own cognizance, who prefer a strong leader…in other words the herd mentality that is being taken advantage of by the psychopathic minority is part of human nature.
        I am reading a…well, it is a very difficult paper, something I will wager to be beyond the limits of most folks here as far as patience to git into it. This is a book by James Sully – ILLUSIONS. Not only is Sully a 19th century writer, lending some bit of the alien to the language – but he is a meticulous writer and builds each point in such a thorough manner that it seems indefinitely tedious.
        And yet there were some things at the trudge of a beginning that struck my curiosity. So I scanned along to a point where he finally begins his dissertation on illusion …where it begins getting into the meat of what he is talking about. I have to say that it is worth reaching this point with him, as it is truly a fascinating study
        I do recommend reading this book. It has a good explanation of how common the preference for living under illusions are, and why this is so given human psychology.
        What we need to begin to try to understand is why we are different – how is it we are able to face hard truths. In understanding ourselves more completely, I believe we will come to understand that it is this personal quest of the individual that is actually the most important feature to embrace. Expecting some sort of collective enlightenment, outside of some form of external intervention seems in the light of known history, a very long shot.
        So, rather than being depressed in our ‘differentness’ – I advise embracing it and cherishing it as a gift…perhaps divine…perhaps a sign of what awaits us at the next segue.
        The book I speak to can be found here:

      2. willy,
        beautifully put this, “So, rather than being depressed in our ‘differentness’ – I advise embracing it and cherishing it as a gift…perhaps divine…perhaps a sign of what awaits us at the next segue.” yeah, it is the way to go. just not maintainable (for me) 24/7/365. forgive me for the lapse.
        will check out the book. i’m reminded of a star trek episode where a terribly deformed woman was on a planet where the inhabitants could restore her illusion of beauty, not only to herself, but to all around her. at the end, capt kirk, after realizing what the game was, said to the planet inhabitants/controlers, something like, “you’ll restore her illusion of beauty?” and they did, and she was all the happier. and so was her mate, who i think in real life was to get the job of capt kirk, but was beaten out by shatner.

      3. Dennis,
        Yes, I remember that Star Trek episode. The actor that played Captain Pike, was Jeffrey Hunter, the star of the film KING OF KINGS…
        Hunter was chosen as the lead for the series and they filmed one episode before he died – in embarrassing circumstances, tripping on his gown in his high heeled shoes made up as a woman on his spiral staircase in his mansion in Beverly Hills…broke his neck. He likely could pass as a beautiful woman, he was a gorgeous man…but his appearance was much too “manly”…I don’t know if he ever actually went out like that.
        Hows that for “Yellow Journalism”? Lol
        Anyway in the Jesus movie, he was your typical Anglicized Jesus; light hair, blue eyes.. hell, he even spoke English…that was the 50s and 60s for ya…{grin}
        In the book on ILLUSIONS, we learn to differentiate between hallucination, pathological delusions, and simple/common illusions. Sully is a fascinating thinker…especially when one considers that he put all this together in the late Victorian age.

        1. Willy, Thanks for the correction re Jeffrey Hunter. Sorry to hear of his tragic passing. I vaguely remember King of Kings, and Hunter in the role.

        2. Willy,
          Something is not adding up. If Hunter and Shatner were in the same “Illusion” episode, with Shatner at the helm, wasn’t that a second Trek episode for Hunter?

          1. Dennis, can I take a crack at this? The original pilot for the show featured Hunter as Pike and the episode name was The Cage. That was made in 1964. The show didn’t get picked up until two years later with Shatner taking over the lead role. They took the pilot, which I believe had never aired, and added a story around the parts with Jeffrey Hunter to make a two-part episode called The Menagerie that incorporated The Cage. Quite brilliant, actually. Hunter and Shatner were in the same episode but never acted together.

      4. I may have repeated what could very well be a cruel urban legend about the death of Jeffery Hunter…if so, I apologize. From what I just read on Wikipedia, it seems rather more likely that the story related there is true. There is certainly the detail that seems to back it up.

  12. The likely false flag event in Boston used deception, distortion and confusion to create cognitive dissonance in the minds of our citizens. A virtual pinballing of the brain in all and opposite directions. And yes, much more disturbing than the falling of the magic act in Boston is the flier of martial law in this city which is one of the signatures moves of a banana republic which was cheered on, by the way.

    1. Dsn6,
      Did you [or anyone else here] find it rather curious that in this “Cheering on” of the zombie Bostonians of the Gestapo, everybody seemed to have a brand new American Flag? {made in China, of course]…as if Americans run around with their little flags where every they go…
      Of course out of view of the cameras there must have been a kiosk where all of the ‘volunteers’ for these particular shots were outfitted with the needed visual props.
      And it makes one wonder: Doesn’t anyone in TVLand ever notice the obvious ‘Direction’ of a set-up scene is being presented as “News”?
      Well, of course not – the TVZombies do not think at all, they just absorb by osmosis the programming that they receive.

      1. Hybridrogue1:
        All the more proof that this is a staged event to promote an agenda. I recall that after Sandy Hook someone created a display in their front yard of 26 little American flags: same theme.
        This whole rah-rah America thing would make sense if people believe we’ve been attacked by a foreign entity–but makes zero sense if one American attacks another. It is a PR stunt, and it also serves to make people even more angry at those of us who point out the uncomfortable facts. They feel we are not only “attacking the victims,” we’re attacking the emblem of all that is righteous and good in this world: Old Glory.

      2. Hybrid: Your comment reminds me of the Star Trek episode where Kirk, Spock, McCoy et al were forced to play in the gladiator games with the requisite techno bells and whistles and pitting top contestants in matches for better ratings. All fake of course.

  13. I was on the air with Dr. Stan last night and was fascinated by his analysis of the obvious fakery of the loss of Jeff Bauman’s legs.
    Dr. Stan Monteith, a 35-year orthopedic surgeon on Jeff Bauman’s leg amputations: “I believe that this young man was an actor”
    May 10, 2013 by FauxCapitalist
    Stan Monteith“Grandpa Liberty”, Dr. Stan Monteith, a 50-year veteran researcher of alternative information suppressed by the mass media, a radio broadcaster since 1993, and a 35-year orthopedic surgeon who has performed many leg amputations said (starting at 1:06) concerning the Boston Marathon bombings on the May 8, 2013 episode of Radio Liberty (emphasis mine and pause words removed):
    “I wanted to just call to your attention the Boston bombing on April 15. What really happened? And I’ll tell you, I don’t know what happened. But I know that they’re lying to us.
    And basically, I know that they’re lying to us because of a picture that I saw on that very first day. It was a devastating picture. It was a fellow that had both legs blown off. A young man sitting in a wheelchair, being wheeled, certainly by a gentleman — a cowboy figure — who had a cowboy hat on and he was actually holding a tourniquet on the left leg, which was a below knee amputation, and there below, certainly, the stump of the below knee amputation, was the tibia — a bloody tibia — sitting and certainly, but the interesting thing is why the tourniquet wasn’t applied.
    The tourniquet was just sort of underneath the leg, holding it up, it wasn’t stopping any flow of blood because there wasn’t hardly flow of blood on that side. It looked like there was some blood on the right leg which was taken off above the knee. But why would they take somebody who had just had both legs blown off and put him into a wheelchair? He would’ve been in profound shock. And why weren’t the tourniquets on both legs, certainly clamping off the blood supply? And when I saw that, I knew something was wrong.
    And then of course as you know, I was a trauma surgeon for many years, I was an orthopedic surgeon. And basically, I looked at that below knee amputation on the left side, and it was a well-healed below knee amputation stump, and certainly, the kind that I would’ve done. I did many, many times, so people could wear prostheses. And there was no tear in the skin, no blood, no nothing at all — just a bloody tibia sticking out of the end — and it looked like it had been attached to this stump. Why would they do something like that?
    And then of course, we’re told, this fellow’s name was Jeff Bauman. Some people said he was actually a lieutenant who had lost both legs in Afghanistan. He had a different name, but that gentleman had two above knee amputations, not below knee amputations, and this was definitely a below knee amputation, and I puzzled over this for some time.
    Until, until recently, and you can get this on the internet, you can see these pictures for yourself, until basically, Jeff Bauman, 19 days after losing both legs, why, he was let out of the rehab hospital. How could that happen?
    It takes a long time after you’ve lost both legs, you know, to get prostheses fitted, to get strong enough, and get the strength in your arms., but 19 days after the attack there in Boston, why this young man, Jeff Bauman, went to the Boston Bruins hockey game, and you can see pictures of him — go up on the internet.
    And you can see pictures of him — he’s waving a flag, and he has two above knee amputations. Above knee amputations. Now wait a minute, the Jeff Bauman we saw initially had a below knee amputation and this is an above knee amputation.
    I puzzled over that. How could that be, until I talked to a gentleman named Jim Fetzer who will be a guest in our programs and we said he was wearing a prosthesis, they put a prosthesis on him. There are even pictures where the prosthesis accidentally fell off, so they put the prosthesis on to give you the idea that it was a fresh amputation — it wasn’t, it was all contrived.
    Look at the pictures, ladies and gentlemen — ask yourself, how could he have possibly have had a BK amputation in the initial pictures and now he has two AK amputations? We’re being lied to at every turn.”
    Then, at 34:44:
    “Of course I’ve tried to call the Spaulding Rehab Center on three occasions, and of course, I’ve tried to talk to the fellow there in charge of the press, and he always says if you’re from the media, and you certainly have a deadline, give us a call. We keep calling and leaving a number and we never get a call back. And the only reason I can think that that is because the last thing they want is for the media to know that this whole picture, this picture that was implanted in our minds, and there was articles in the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal about Jeff Bauman who lost both legs there, this is all fraudulent. And if that is fraudulent, then what else is fraudulent?
    And quite frankly, we don’t know, ladies and gentlemen, if they had this whole thing contrived. And I believe that this young man was an actor.“

    1. Dr. Monteith makes a excellent point. Jeff was wheeled away with his left knee intact, and at the hockey game he is clearly amputated above the knee on both legs. He is also dressed in a way that highlights his deformities: red shorts with white where his stumps end. Ugh.
      Here’s that image of Jeff at the Bruins game. http://i.imgur.com/Nk3f0sT.jpg

      1. I had a career in special effects cinema for more than 20 years, specifically in the field of ‘Special Effects Make-Up”, for much of that time. I have experience working with amputees and the attachment of special effect prosthetics. I also worked with the various techniques of creating fake blood for the screen.
        I noticed right away that the blood in these scenes of the “bombing” was all wrong. It is a fire engine red, not even close to realistic, even for film. The color is lacking in green. to make a proper blood red, one must mix in a specific percentage of Phthalocyanine green to give it the deep red of true blood color.
        What baffles me is how amateur the whole thing was…and again, the idea that it was meant to be discovered seems to be so. Sandy Hook seemed to roll on the same game…there were many aspects that were simply glaring…and we’ve been through enough of that on this blog, that most here know what I mean. In a way both of these events were set up as sucker traps for wild “conspiracy theories”…even though they were actually both false flag ops.

      2. Jeff Bauman out and about less than a month after loosing his legs?
        Frankly I find this absurd. Anyone who buys this is really gullible.
        A guy in my apartment building has one leg amputated just above the knee. He was in the hospital and rehab for more than six months before he was even let go home, let alone going out to events and such.
        You know what…if these were fresh wounds, he would still be in a world of pain. I don’t buy this at all.

        1. Rogue has it right! There were actually THREE different “Jeff Bauman”s, one at the scene (with his legs blown off below the knees), another at the Boston Bruins’ game (with his legs missing above the knees) and a third at a baseball game (with no legs at all)! To top it off, he is wheeled out onto the diamond by the hero of the day, Carlos Arredondo! What a thrill!
          The Real Deal: The Three “Jeff Bauman”s

      3. A.Wright,
        The information that you lead us to on MAY 20, 2013 at 4:59 PM, certainly doesn’t support your position: that is if your position is what I presume it is, that of positing that Jeff Bauman would have been up to going to that hockey game 19 days after a double amputation.
        Stages of Care:
        “B. Acute Hospital Postoperative Stage
        The acute hospital postoperative stage is the time in the hospital after the amputation surgery. This hospital time typically ranges from 5 to 14 days.
        C. Immediate Postacute Hospital Stage
        In general, this stage begins with hospital discharge and extends 4, 6, or even 8 weeks after surgery. This is the time of recovery from surgery, a time of wound healing, and a time of early rehabilitation.”
        . . . . . .
        As you see from the explanations on this page, discharge from the hospital is not the same thing as being recovered. Far from it, as it says the home recovery stage “extends 4, 6, or even 8 weeks after surgery…”
        Perhaps Mr Wright, you had best explain what you hoped this information would prove. Because it seems to bear to the position that I and others here have been taking; that it is unreasonable to believe that Bauman would have been in the physical state to attend that hockey game.
        Again__If you would make your position as clear as possible, rather than leaving us to guess at what points you are trying to make here it might benefit the conversation rather than annoying us. Surely you realize that you have not left a good impression on this forum. I think I have gone out of my way to engage you in a fashion that would get some form of real communication going, rather than simply dismissing you as a troll…but you are trying my patience.
        I put a series of questions to you on MAY 20, 2013 – 5:26 PM.
        If you aren’t willing to address those, and give us some specifics as to where you are coming from, I am going to have to turn on the flamethrower.

        1. Hi everyone. I have been following this false flag event closely for about 6 months now, starting in 2014. Just wanted to add, have any of you noticed that Bauman looks like a different person in all the photos after the Marathon? I mean literally a different man, not the same person we saw in the wheelchair with Carlos. And him being out and about, cheering and waving flags is blatant in-your-face b.s. They must take us for fools… As far as the sloppiness of this event (and Sandy Hook too), is it possible that the government agency (or agencies) responsible for the hoaxes are simply too big and too uncoordinated to pull off a seamless ff attack? I mean we all know how well the DMV and the Postal Service work. Anyway, Sheila, you are 100% correct. This is all staged. The second explosion area is a hoax also. No one died there if photos are to be believed as evidence. There are plastic cups on a table next to the ‘blast’ there that are still standing, as well as a bottle of unfinished beer. So the explosions killed people but managed to spare a lightweight plastic cup. And what about one participant dusting the place with dust from some kind of effect bag that he smacks with both hands. I believe that was an effect meant to duplicate ash on victims’ faces and arms. So yes, hoax, false flag, staged, theater. These terms all apply here.

    1. Hello Beth,
      Let me put it this way, and I am not a spokesman for the forum in any way, just one of the commentators here:
      The theory that this spot was a drill involving a smoke bomb and crisis-actors stands or falls on consistency. It was either a modest smoke bomb and a drill, or a real bomb was substituted during a drill.
      We know that the authorities announced a “bomb exercise” in a “Tweet” on the Boston Globe Twitter account:
      . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
      > “Officials: There will be a controlled explosion opposite the library within one minute as part of bomb squad activities.”
      12:53 PM 15 Apr 13
      . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
      If you know the site where the ‘bomb’ we are discussing exploded, it is indeed just across the street from the library and the ‘bomb’ went off on schedule.
      Did “the authorities” set off a real bomb? Were there real injuries and deaths? Or was it a drill and actors and fake injuries?
      It is well established by now that there was exercises going on at this event. And those of us who follow these types of things, know that there are often real attacks “piggybacked” on drills. The London Bombings of the metro lines had a drill running the exact same time and exact same places as the real bombs went off. There were multiple drills being run by the military on the morning of 9/11 as well.
      The bottom line here Beth, for myself is; I am not certain one way or the other whether there were real bombs – real injuries – real deaths or not. I am certain of one thing and that is the convenience lent to an ongoing agenda, and how this fit so nicely into the process of brainwashing the people of the US to accept martial law crackdowns, and the extinguishing of our natural rights.
      This is the font of our suspicions Ms Breeze, the fact of the ongoing establishment of a Maximum Security State, the well established history of ‘false flag’ events to drive peoples to begging for the state to make them “safe” no matter what it takes.
      So, perhaps you can tell us with absolute certainty Beth; Is Krystel Campbell dead or alive?

      1. Rob has it right:
        “The New York Times: All the lies they can fit in print”
        “Boston Show Trial: The ‘bloody confession’ of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev”
        “Boston Show Trial: Attorney declares patsy ‘Guilty!'”

  14. The staging is obvious for all the reasons stated. Real time reaction of emergency personnel to unexpected extreme violence happening immediately infront of them, the ‘contractors’, shows they knew what was happening before hand, and they reacted accordingly.
    Six minutes later, the double amputee is raced, sitting, to hospital from where, two weeks later he attends a public event. Laughing and relaxed.
    ( Stick a fork in my arse and turn me over. I’m done. Lou Reed.)
    We have eyewitness reports of police SUV running the older boy down before filling him with bullets on the ground. We have photos of the younger boy standing, surrendering, stepping out of the boat no visible blood injury ..no weapons either, only to see him undergoing violent throat ‘surgery’ on the lawn moments later. We have reports of the MIT officer (Tibett was it?) dead the result of friendly fire. We have uncle USAID Ruslan handled by an old time deep state CIA GLADIO operational chief (FULLER) – GLADIO a NATO domestic terror program noted for its egregious exploitation of civilian casualty, exploding bombs in public places (Bologna.1980). We have the boys Mother catagorically stating FBI manipulation of her son for 5 years. We have Sibel Edmonds clarion reporting on these Boston connections to deep state Syrian Russian US caucuses agenda. It’s all there, right in front of us like a glaring great hole in the fabric of being. Staged. Whether or not someone actually got hurt. Staged.
    It brings to mind Karl ROVE again, the “we are empire” speech. “We create new realities, then you,(us), get to talk about it, while we., (‘them’) get to go on creating more new realities for us to Talk about Which is how it’s going to play” . Which is how it plays.
    But. How does the ‘afterwards’ work? I get the staging of it. I mean, they waited over an hour after the lead bunch for a reason, ‘domestic terror’ afterall, but our actors in this must be so removed from the everyday to maintain their operational silence, while their personal communities exhibit the expected trauma. ‘They’ live watching the majority buy-in all around them, where the effected population personalises ownership of the event, of trauma..”Isaw the legs blown off! i saw the buildings collapse! How dare anyone suggest otherwise” is like branding the experience so that citizens claim it and protect the narrative., become militant in its protection.
    The psychology has ‘them and us’ WITHIN our society metastasising into a military/civilian dichotomy wherein the population is regarded as the TARGET designed to protect its very oppressor. This is the manifestation of Jim Garrisons observed threat to the ‘democracy’ he uncovered during JFK.,
    that fascism was to come in the guise of ‘ National Security.

    1. An absolutely profound summation my dear friend Fremo.
      “It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.”
      ~Jiddu Krishnamurti

  15. Sheila,
    Great article. You missed Carlos in the Boston video at 1:18 showing up standing up inside the fence.
    Secondly, the picture labeled “Will no one help the poor man who has no legs?” clearly shows the Miracle Man missing his right leg above the knee.
    Thirdly, Carlos and the heavy set girl with the brown hoodie do not match up sequentially

  16. Don’t get me wrong here – your article is very thought provoking and compelling – while it shows on the scene evidence to the contrary of the media version – my questions are in the case of Miracle Man – there IS someone in the hospital who has both his legs missing and remained in that hospital for days – are the doctors and nurses at this hospital also “actors” in this “staged” bombing event? – would they be willing to risk their careers to be part of this “staged” bombing event after the fact? So who is that person in the hospital without legs that doctors and nurses have tended to? Also, you’re implying Kristie is an “actor” – so if Kristie is an “actor” then are you implying so is her family including her grandmother, brother and Mother who gave statements about her “death” to the media? See to me your story falls apart once doctors and nurses and family members start talking about the injuries of Miracle Man in the hospital and the family of Kristie who speak of her death in front of the media. I just can’t wrap my head around how far your story of fake and staged can reach into hospital staff and family member “actors”. Quite a studio of False Flag event actors. We not only have “victim” actors, we have “hero actors”, a Miracle Man actor, EMT actors, actors in the Emergency Tent – but also have after the fact actors, nurses and doctors in the hospitals, and family members speaking out about their dead relative who died in the Emergency Tent (Kristie) – oh, and you forgot to mention the Emergency male nurse who held Kristie’s hand in the Emergency tent while she died. he relayed a tearjerking account on television about how he never lies and tells someone “you are going to be alright” but he said he told Kristie they were doing the best they could for her. Can it really be possible that a studio of actors this extensive exists to stage such a “fake” bombing “attack” – I’m just begging a question here because I don’t believe something just because my tv tells me to – however, perhaps you can explain where your story of “fake” “staged bombing attack” goes after the scene is cleared and reemerges in hospital emergency rooms, operating rooms and funeral homes?

    1. Lee asks,
      >”are the doctors and nurses at this hospital also “actors” in this “staged” bombing event? – would they be willing to risk their careers to be part of this “staged” bombing event after the fact?”
      . . . . .
      Perhaps the question might be asked this way:
      Would doctors and nurses at this hospital be willing to risk their careers by refusing to be part of this “staged” bombing event after the fact, if it were said to be a matter of National Security?
      We might even question whether these were real hospitals nurses and doctors. Could they all be movie sets and actors? Not being involved in a production – how would one distinguish?
      Have things come so far in the manipulation of public perception as this? Frankly I do not have a certain answer one way or the other. But we do have the demand for consistency in our reasoning on this issue. Either the first bomb at the finish line was a real bomb and there are real victims or it was a “controlled bomb” in a known drill with crisis actors.
      A third possibly; that there were crisis actors there set up to do their routine – but then a real bomb went off seems to complicate the process even more. The betrayal of being put in the line of real danger like that would be a great motivator for these actors to come forward.
      It is my opinion that the mixed scenario is least likely.
      As difficult as it might be to imagine such a complex play of theatrics as hospital room sets and actors playing the parts of victims, friends and family, nurses and doctors…it is yet entirely technically possible.
      There were already hints in this direction in the Sandy Hook event…the possibility that this could already be a well developed covert industry. It would have the full resources of the national security state behind it. It would be a contracted career with the same sorts of “Non-Disclosure” agreements as the agents of any other national agency – or private contractor thereof. There would be compartmentalization and ‘Need to Know’ chains of command, etc. This would be an extension of the partnership the military industrial complex has had with Hollywood from the time of the second world war; just an expansion of concept.
      I am not proposing to know that any of the above is true and certain. I am not even asserting that I believe this to be so. I am simply postulating that it might possibly be.
      I admit that the idea is astounding on many levels – but I would point out that the revealed paradigm of the 21st century as we have been able to unveil thus far is quite astounding.
      Where the line is drawn between “reality” and illusion, is in fact the modern mystery.

      1. Hybridrogue makes excellent points. I’ll add that his scenario is child’s play compared to the amazing production of the 9/11 censorship, where even prominent anti-war leaders, principal Muslim leaders, and university professors of civil engineering try hard to dismiss the widely televised criminal controlled demolition of the twin towers.
        The hypothesis Hybridrogue has formulated very well is to the 9/11 censorship what a good high school theater production is to an Oscar-winning Hollywood movie.

    2. Lee, the facts stated in this article are observed by lots of us, and still, the question you raise is a good one. How can the scale of this staged even be possible? Everyone needed to be involved.
      But we also observe that the full lockdown of Boston was possible.
      The magnitude of this event is amazing.

      1. Slorri: Except that people can “be there” without knowing what their role is in the situation. If you know what compartmentalization is, you can be doing something without knowing why or what the ramifaction is of what you are doing.

    3. Lee formulates a very thoughtful objection to the monstrous conspiracy theory Sheila’s analysis points to. But this formulation misses the hardest to believe part: the watchdogs. It as arguably child’s play for a criminal outfit that can stage the alleged Boston street theater to add, largely behind the scenes, real of acting medical personnel and grieving relatives, especially if the theater’s context is some “national security/patriots shall not ask questions” mantra.
      Much more disturbing is the necessary conclusion that the large number of leaders and organizations who claim to have the public’s interest in mind or who actively oppose the U.S. march towards a warmongering totalitarian empire are willing accomplices. Symptomatic of this conclusion is the absence of any intelligent mainstream reaction to this article. Mainstream media, including outside the USA, the ACLU, Amnesty International, the Syrian government, the AMA, mental health associations could effortlessly at least acknowledge and summarily refute Sheila’s and others’ analysis, or agree with it and spread it far and wide. Yet they don’t. This is arguably the most alarming layer of the conspiracy theory of Boston as a false flag.
      But again, this possible act of organized mendacity is minor mystification compared to the gargantuan, permanent, international, cross-disciplinary and remarkable effective censorship of 9/11.

  17. “From 2:17 to 2:23 we see an older balding man dressed all in black, gesturing to people off screen to the right to come to him. I say “people,” plural, because he makes the “come to me” gesture continuously for the six seconds we see him, as if bringing in a crowd. He has a lanyard around his neck of the type used by large corporations for employee identification.”
    I believe this man and his lady-in-pink play significant roles in the event.
    Please check my blog post: follow the lady in pink.

    1. It is odd that the man in black doesn’t seem too concerned about her when he first arrives at her location. It’s also odd that she ends up in a wheelchair even though she seems totally uninjured.

  18. here is some information that will confirm all of this,
    please read this news article on strategic operations own website,where it talks about them training with urban shield boston , DHS and fusion centers, then watch the video in the digger for truth link ,especially the second one from 10:00 on and the strategic operation video business card youtube video
    i would also recommend you watch the scott corbett video on youtube with sibil edmonds called”who is graham fuller?”
    which details uncle ruslans connections to the CIA and USAID
    as search google for other articles on uncle ruslan, he has ties not only to the CIA and USAID but also to the notorious accounting firm arthur andersen and big oils and gas contractors in the caucuses and kazakstan
    also there are articles about tamerlan tsarnevs wife being from a CIA family and her families connections to skull and bones
    there is video from the night of the raid and lockdown in watertown of what apperas to be tamerlan being taken into custody alive, and also video of his brother being taken out of the boat alive and uninjured, leading me believe that the tsarnevs are in on this too
    the media distractions about where he would be burried and then his body being supposedly burried in VA all very suspicious to say the least
    also note the jewish and israeli connection to this whole think the hospial staff and medical 1st responder being israeli trained the israeli police being sent to boston to “aid in the investigation”
    the “bombs” going off in font of jewish israeli owned businesses like MAX BRENNER and SUGAR HEAVEN OWNED BY DAVID SAPERS AND ETHEL SELTZER , max brenner has been picketed many times by the BDS movement ,

  19. I can see from the photo analysis why there are suspicions; but what of the deaths? Were they staged? The people who died were real people, and they are dead. How are they killed among the “actors”? Also, color of blood differs with a venous versus arterial incision. If the Tsarnaevs were framed, were they not tossing explosives at pursuit vehicles before the shootout? Seems like a lot of people to keep quiet.

    1. “The people who died were real people, and they are dead.”~Abort
      Do you know any of these dead people personally?
      Arterial blood is darker, certainly not the fire engine red we see on the bricks in the photos.
      Who saw or photographed the Tsarnaev’s tossing explosives? Where is the police footage of such activities? Can you point us to any photo evidence of the shootout?
      Understand, we have a problem with the first ‘bomb’ across from the library – it is known to have been a drill…”a controlled explosion” was the term used in the Boston Globe “tweet”. If the authorities responsible for this “controlled explosion” set a real bomb, then it stands to reason that the accused younger Tsarnaev’s bomb is a fairytale – because only ONE explosion went off at that position. I would point out that there is no video footage that clearly depicts him setting that napsack down there either.
      When arrested he clearly exits that boat unassisted, is not covered in blood, and is not wounded. It was only after he encountered the cops and they had him down that he received that throat wound…this sequence is undeniable.
      When a certain chain of events is known to be untrue as told by authorities, accepting anything else they tell us about the overall event is foolish. One of the strongest aspects of this case is that the Tsarnaev brothers were set up as patsies. The crisis actors aspect is secondary to that, but fits in when all is taken into account.

    2. I am quite certain that arterial blood and venous blood is identical save for the oxygen content. This difference would be nullified the moment that the venous blood were exposed to atmospheric oxygen.

  20. Some very sick minds dreamed up this idea that the innocent people at Boston were actors.
    You should all be ashamed of your sick, sick minds.

    1. Well Mr Reynolds,
      Sick dreaming minds…a deep and profound subject most assuredly. You have only skimmed the surface of the possibilities however.
      Perhaps you can explain what it means to be well adjusted to a pathological society?
      That is, a whole culture and system designed by “sick, sick minds.”
      Are you equally disgusted by the celebrated drone pilots who murder innocent people in the comfort of their air conditioned cubicles half way ’round the world as if they were playing a video game?
      Do you see the use of depleted uranium causing unprecedented numbers of birth defects in the populations in the countries attacked by Amerikan military as somehow defensible?
      Do you think the two Chechen brothers tried and found guilty by the press and the government as the just and lawful way of “healthy minds”?
      You seem to pass judgment as nonchalantly as that press, as if you somehow have divine knowledge of innocence and guilt, fact and fiction, accepting the word of the mainstream media as if it were the proclamation of God.
      Tell us more Mr Reynolds, I am sure that more than a few of us are interested in your holy ruminations.

    2. Jay Reynolds has come up with an original argument: it is repetitive, expressive, hurtful, derogatory. Alas, it is not convincing.
      I respectfully suggest that (s)he misses the knowledge that Plato’s cave now covers the entire planet. Accordingly, (s)he ought to refrain from posting until (s)he gets a good understanding of the elementary conspiracy class, conveniently available at http://www.911babystep.com.

      1. 9/11 Babystep is a great page Daniel,
        Simple, straight forward and imminently accessible.
        Good job.

      2. Daniel,
        What an excellent summary of the Building 7 “collapse” and what an excellent idea – to put something into clear, easily understood terms that might get someone headed down the road to understanding 9/11.

      3. Hybridrogue & Craig: thank you for your sweet compliments. I’ll add that the 9/11 baby step is very useful to engage contradictors like Jay Reynolds. If (s)he is a 9/11 censor — someone who understands 9/11 but is committed to living the 9/11 myth — (s)he will run away from this discussion. If (s)he is a 9/11 fanatic — someone who has been so traumatized by 9/11 that her/his brain is biologically incapable of questioning it — (s)he will desperately argue back and unconsciously ridicule her/himself. If (s)he is an honest skeptic who simply has great difficulty imagining the existence of grand conspiracies of organized mendacity, (s)he will necessarily learn to respect people who affirm them. Either way, the 9/11 baby step is a powerful tool towards a healthier public discourse.

      1. Reynolds will not be back nor will he/she address anyone who commented about his/her drive by troll bomb. Kool aid drinkers such as Reynolds cannot deal with reality at all which is why they remain trapped inside the Matrix unable to even concieve of the idea that they might be living in a dream world. Sad but that is the way it is. I have never seen a person like this turn around and admit they were wrong in all my years of talking to people about false flag events. When they are that deeply invested in living the lie it is best to just let them go along their way and not waste time on them. I hope I am proven wrong someday about people like Reynolds changing their spots. I will happily admit my mistake the day it happens, the day someone like Reynolds says “hey I am sorry guys I was wrong about Boston and I should not have called you all sicko’s”. I am not holding my breath though.

  21. CUI BONO?
    The benefit to the military tyranny that the Boston Template afforded:
    Boston Pretext: Pentagon Unilaterally Grants Itself Authority Over ‘Civil Disturbances’
    The manhunt for the Boston Marathon bombing suspects offered the nation a window into the stunning military-style capabilities of our local law enforcement agencies. For the past 30 years, police departments throughout the United States have benefitted from the government’s largesse in the form of military weaponry and training, incentives offered in the ongoing “War on Drugs.” For the average citizen watching events such as the intense pursuit of the Tsarnaev brothers on television, it would be difficult to discern between fully outfitted police SWAT teams and the military.
    The lines blurred even further Monday as a new dynamic was introduced to the militarization of domestic law enforcement. By making a few subtle changes to a regulation in the U.S. Code titled“Defense Support of Civilian Law Enforcement Agencies” the military has quietly granted itself the ability to police the streets without obtaining prior local or state consent, upending a precedent that has been in place for more than two centuries.
    The most objectionable aspect of the regulatory change is the inclusion of vague language that permits military intervention in the event of “civil disturbances.” According to the rule…

  22. New Images of Boston Bombing Reveals Moulage Kits and Fake Blood
    High resolution photo above was located on FLICKr but soon disappeared along with many others. I managed to download one image of significant interest as it was captured during the cleanup phase of the exercise.
    Two BEN NYE Moulage Kits are seen along with a few mass casualty bags with a characteristic yellow stripe across the end. One bag appears in the legless Nick Vogt (playing the part of Jeff Bauman[?]). It appears the same bag may also appear in the large photo.
    See article at:

  23. Over on facebook…
    There is a group called “Boston Marathon Bombing Think Tank.” The admins are Ken Doc, also an admin of the 34K+ group “9/11 Truth Movement” and Aussie truther Dany Carmady. First, let me say I know them (online) and like them both, and am pretty much 100% in agreement with them in their 9/11 assessments.
    Here is the link to the Boston group:
    They all are in agreement that Boston is a false flag, BUT… they insist that the crisis actors/fake victims angles are disinfo to distract from “real” questions and make us all look crazy. Recently, Ken Doc conducted a poll within the group, asking:

    Should this group continue to entertain the claims of “Fake Victims” based upon circumstantial evidence and misinformation?

    (Very neutrally worded there, eh Ken?)
    Well, the “no”s won the poll, so now it’s official dogma there: the majority believe a certain way, so if you believe otherwise, you’re purged, but hey, you can feel free to start your own group, right?
    At any rate, Ken Doc also made a page of links “debunking fake victims/actors:”
    I haven’t gone through all of it yet, but I’ll address just the very first one of his “debunks.”

    I have created this note so that we can discuss the “Fake Victims/Actors” Claims that have been going viral. I personally believe it’s a blatant disinformation campaign to distract and further divide us.
    If you have any proof or hard evidence to prove these claims…… post it on this thread.
    Questions that the “ACTOR CAMP” have asked…..
    1) Is it possible to fully recover after a double amputation in one week?
    Answer: I guess they can.

    First of all, I’m not quite sure that anyone has asked that exact question, but if they have, the link does very little to support Ken’s “I guess they can” answer. Let’s see what the link actually says (I’ll boldface some words):

    How long does it take to recover from an amputation?
    Honor Society of Nursing (STTI) Answered:
    After surgery, the wound from an amputation may take one or two months to heal. A patient will probably stay in the hospital for up to two weeks, provided there are no complications.
    Amputees who get prostheses, or artificial limbs, may be able to start using their prostheses as soon as a week after their operation. The amount of time it takes to adjust to this new device varies depending on the situation.
    After the physical wound heals, many patients face emotional challenges caused by the loss of the limb and the possible loss of independence and comfort that go with it. The emotional pain may require counseling and may take some time to heal.

    I’ll add some further thoughts later. Congrats Sheila on the article being the most read piece at VT. Just recently, Bill Maher did a hit piece on truthers, and I left a comment at his blog linking to this article. According to McKee’s wordpress stats, apparently 12 people came to Truth and Shadows directly from Maher’s blog. :)))

      1. Not to be too picky but…umn…you can’t really see his “legs”.
        Now can you?
        I would also point out that the shadows are really weird. Anyone else notice how the shadows seem to “pyramid” behind these folks?
        Looking down on the scene they fall like this: / | \
        This leaves me with the suspicion of a Photoshop job.

      2. You’re right, we only see pants; he may indeed have Lieutenant Dan Legs underneath.
        Well one thing those shadows prove: they’re definitely not on the moon! :p

        1. Hi: Mr. Bauman is young and strong, and would almost certainly have state-of-the-art prosthetic legs. His legs are not showing. No one knows exactly when this photo was taken. James

      1. I don’t understand this banning business. Why can’t they argue it out and may the best argument win?
        What are they going to do with their “consensus report”? Get a free trip to the White House and an autograph from Obammy? Maybe a line in the Book of Destiny? A twirly bird beanie?
        Well, the last thing I would do in the modern voodoo-machine is visit Facespook at any grape. But thanks for the updates Mr Syed.

    1. “After surgery, the wound from an amputation may take one or two months to heal.”~Honor Society of Nursing (STTI)
      You are right Mr Syed, the link does very little to support Ken’s assertion. In fact it very much seems to rebuke such an assertion. In fact anyone who has had, or knows someone who has had any sort of major wounds, knows that it takes more than a week to get over the pain of such, and how long the prescriptions last for such home administered pain meds.
      My X had three broken ribs from an equestrian accident – she was off work an entire month, and even when back at work, had lite duties for another whole month.
      I think those who posit that this guy was up and out of the hospital so quickly have not only a lack of medical knowledge, but a lack of imagination as well.

  24. It is clear to me that this is another false flag attack however I have a couple reasons for saying so that no one else to my knowledge has mentioned. Firstly at the scene of the finish line event where “miracle man” was located we do not see anywhere near enough victims to account for the now claimed over 200 injured. I cannot see on any photo or video more than 20 victims at the finish line event. That means that 180 plus injured victims would have had to have come from the other “bomb” location. So what that means is that even though the finish line area would have been far more crowded it accounted for only 10% of the victims. How can that be? 90% of the victims came from the other site? Did 80 lightly injured people flee the first area before any pictures were taken such that the ratio of injuries was more like 50% 50%. That seems very unlikely given some of the videos showing the site immediately following the event while smoke is still rising. So if a large group of injured people were not seen running away immediately after the first event then how can we account for the discrepency of so few victims at the first event? Where are the 200+ victims?
    Another striking issue which was alluded to by another blogger here is that even though two seperate “bombs” went off the police and rescue people did not seem concerned that other “bombs” might still go off. They did not clear the area or show any sort of concern that other devices might still go off. In fact many civilians were seen milling around the area in the aftermath apparently none of them were told to get out of the area. Isn’t it standard procedure with bombs to clear a wide area around the site and verify that no other devices are present before risking entering the area? No one was concerned that more devices might explode? Seems very fishy to me. When a suspicious package is left on a bench in Israel for example it brings out the bomb squad with remote controlled robots to investigate from a safe distance. That procedure is only initiated after a complete evacuation from the entire surrounding area. Hours are then spent getting the robot on site, maneuvering it into position to open the package and verify that it is safe for people to approach.
    Just my two cents worth.

  25. Although some of this information has been addressed on this blog before, I want to add this piece to the record, as it comes from the highly regarded Global Research, and it is authored by a meticulous researcher, F. William Engdahl
    A snippet from the article:
    “Ruslan Tsarnaev, the outspoken uncle of the brothers was married to Samantha A. Fuller until 2004. Samantha’s father is Graham Fuller, the senior CIA person who was the architect the Afghan Islamic fundamentalist Mujahideen war against the Soviets. He is also involved in creating a global jihad network, presumably acting on behalf of CIA interests.
    Is it mere “coincidence” that the uncle of the two young men accused of the Boston bombings was related in marriage to the CIA figure who advocated using the networks which were later named “Al Qaeda” across Central Asia including Chechnya where the Tsarnaev brothers had roots? The more independent researchers examine evidence around the Boston terror bombings, the more the official US Government version of events stinks. Closeup pictures of obviously fake red paint designed to look like blood from a man whose legs were supposedly blown off of flesh to the bone, pictures of private security contractors carrying large backpacks at the direct bombing site after the bombing and chatting with police, reports of eyewitnesses of police over loudspeakers telling marathon runners there was a “terrorism exercise” taking place as a test that day. All these anomalies, combined with the CIA ties of Uncle Ruslan, present an incredible set of coincidences. It is time for an open and serious citizen commission of inquiry be formed to investigate.”~F. William Engdahl

  26. http://willyloman.wordpress.com/2013/05/16/boston-bombing-new-breathtakingly-stupid-propaganda-from-cbs-this-morning-and-former-fbi-director/
    Dzhokar Tsarnaev’s boat note. About as believable as the fucking toothfairy.
    >They said part of the note said he didn’t mourn his brother because he was a martyr. There was no way he could have known for certain that his brother was even dead while hiding in the boat.
    – Propaganda so far devolved we might call it “poopagranda”…
    . . . . . .Yes, this is all very funny – even though it is so tragic, you got to look at it that way and keep your sense of humor – or your sense of outrage will give you a stroke. Hey give the fucking system a stroke, laugh at it, it is too stupid to take seriously…..so don’t.

    1. Holy shit. How could anyone fall for this crap? But they do, of course. That’s the problem. It doesn’t matter how ridiculous it is, if it’s on the news, it’s fact.

      1. Alternative: ‘Note found written in boat by suspect says ‘I was set up’ ‘.
        “Holy shit. How could anyone fall for this crap? It’s an insult to my intelligence, about as believable as the toothfairy…..etc. “

      2. “It’s an insult to my intelligence”~A.Wright
        Careful Wright, you are REALLY setting yourself up for some ridicule by mentioning your “intelligence”…{grin}

      3. @hybridrogue
        Read my comment again and see whose intelligence was being referred to- or what point was being made.

      4. “Read my comment again and see whose intelligence was being referred to- or what point was being made.”~A Wright
        That is the issue we have with you Wright – you speak/write in innuendo, and skirt around rhetorically, playing your silly little guessing games.
        Let’s out with it Wright. What precisely are you wanting to say here?
        >Do you buy the official story in all it’s nonsensical details?
        >Do you defend this fascist police state which should be clear to any sane observer?
        >Do you think that these Chechen brothers were actually “terrorists”?
        >What is your opinion of the younger brother Jahar? Did you see the photo of him climbing out of the boat of his own power – not bleeding, until he was down on the ground being “cared for” by the stormtroopers? Did you notice that the boat was not riddled with bullet holes in that photo of him exiting it alone and unassisted?
        >How do you account for all of the anomalies in just that sequence, let alone the unlikeliness of the overall story?
        Can you come up with ANYTHING that would make sense of all this?
        What do you see as best evidence of the brother’s guilt?
        In other words Mr Wright, quit fucking with us, just give it to us straight or shut the fuck up.

      5. Mr. A. Wright,
        I do believe it is time to put you on notice, so that you can be said to be fully informed of your situation. I made similar remarks to one Albury Smith some time ago, and you fall into the same category as he:
        By obfuscating the truth you are participating in war crimes. Propaganda in favor of a criminal regime is illegal and unlawful. That is not a redundancy, there are distinctions between the two terms. That which is illegal is determined by statute. Unlawful is determined by natural law, which is the basis to proper statutory code. Natural Law is put as more general principles, statutes are putting these principles to detailed applications.
        Your participation in, what can be termed as “low intensity warfare”; that is engaging in counter insurgency propaganda, you are liable to both statutes and the principles of lawful behavior.
        You should perhaps read up on the Nuremberg Principles and other aspects of International Law, as well as becoming more familiar with constitutional law in the US.

      6. I’m definitely not a person to put conspiracy to everything that happens in this country, but I also don’t ignore the corruption and agenda of our government. I would hope you could agree with me on easily proven facts I.e. from the president down you have been lied to more than an acceptable amount of times on nearly every address they make and you can prove that coming from their own mouths. All you have to do is pull a snippet from the first promise they make you to another snippet where they will out right lie about promising it in the first place! There’s no doubt that they are trying to disarm you with tales of how much safer you’ll be when it’s been proven time and time again it leaves you defenseless and has been tried in other countries and doesn’t work! They have controlled and irresponsible spent money that will leave you featureless and definitely your next generation of family and on! Our government has overthrown democracies, told lies to get us into wars, have assassinated innocent people just to reach an agenda. And all this is already proven without question! Only a blind person or complacent follower can’t see that they want a one world bank with one world currency and basically what sums up as only an armed UN to protect and rule you. And they don’t even really attempt to hide that agenda. So even if we’re maybe off on one conspiracy, the fact is they have bred this distrust enough that you have to question everything especially when they won’t even answer simple questions about strange events that certainly wouldn’t be a matter of national security! And why is the word conspiracy a bad word? It’s been proven the Gulf of Tonkin was a true conspiracy, infecting men in Africa with syphilis with them not knowing exactly what they are getting and purposely not treating them to see the effects of syphilis, yet another proven conspiracy, purposely giving soldiers lsd another proven. And if you do a little homework you’ll find at least 12 more proven documented conspiracies. Now I haven’t finished deciding my idea of what is exactly going on with Boston marathon, but I wonder when the ousters of the fore mentioned conspiracies I named came forward, if there wasn’t someone like you going I can’t believe anyone listens to this crap? I’ll answer, their were and it took decades for them to prove they were right! Why cause the government at the time lied denied falsified and any other way they could cover it up. So right there I just proved that you should know your government is most definitely capable of these things. So you should already be instilled with doubt about everything they say and do in the name of your protection. Our government is trying to wipe out our constitution, they do everything to get rid of or change or manipulate your rights, they even try to change the interpretation of them. Your second amendment isn’t about you going hunting, and the biggest part isn’t even your ability to protect yourself from intruders in your home. It’s about you having a chance to overthrow a tyrannical government that’s trying to stop on your rights and suppress you. You see it every day proof in your face. Why does our law enforcement need tanks and wear military uniforms? It clearly states the police shall never be a militia nor appear like one! Why do a lot of them ignore your rights and break them? It’s unconstitutional! You can always look up the constitution on your computer anytime. Our leaders have lied and bred distrust, their hands are in the media, I would challenge you to find one fair or unbiased news affiliate! Their aren’t any! All easily proven! So while I might not have quite made up my mind on the Boston marathon, and there’s some definite weird shit, and I certainly would love some answers! Like I’ve just showed you anything is possible with our government! Could be that it’s mostly real, but whose to say they wouldn’t throw in some extra players to a real tragedy to get their agenda across! But let’s face it they would use it even if they had no hand in it to do so, using your fear for false security so you’ll easily trade your rights! But to come on here and say this is all bullshit like your government isn’t capable of these things is exactly what will make it easier for them to take everything away from you and it’s just a bonus for them if one out of twenty conspiracy wasn’t by their hands cause the ones they did you didn’t even stop to think about cause obviously you think our government isn’t capable of it! Do your homework, there’s plenty to see that all the facts are out on that should always have you questioning any truth they say they tell you!

    2. Considering Sources
      http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Miller_%28journalist%29 . Scroll down to “Background and personal life”; and Beyond…
      I like the description of where his dad wrote under 6 different names, was a “gossip” columnist (Hey, its a job ain’t it?!), and was “close friends with Luciano crime family boss Frank Costello”.
      That’s CHOICE!
      Then, “in 2002, Miller married Emily Helen Altschul, daughter of banking mogul and Goldman Sachs Group partner Arthur Goodhart Altschul.[5] Miller’s brother-in-law, Arthur G. Altschul Jr., worked for Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley before becoming chairman of Medicis Pharmaceuticals Corporation”.
      Then, this jewish Miller guy (with “connections”,} from 1994 to 1995, he served as deputy police commissioner of New York City, where he was the chief spokesman for the NYPD,[8] a move which some of his colleagues considered “going over to the dark side.” He was hired at the request of then Commissioner William Bratton.
      You can go read his bio yourself folks. Whatever. He’s an “example” here. Hey Dudes! He has attended training in organizational change at Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government.
      Yes, and then there is this choice bit of past nonsense given by Miller on the Aurora Batman event:

  27. “The key lesson from all of this should have been learned long ago: nothing is less reliable than unchecked claims from political officials that their secret conduct is justified by National Security Threats and the desire to Keep Us Safe.”~Glen Greenwald
    He is speaking to another subject, but his observation covers the full spectrum of bullshit we get from the criminal syndicate posing as “the government” and their spokespeople in the mainscream media.

  28. Someone on FB mentioned that they swing towards Jeff’s injuries being real/from the day with the following point: Jeff’s FB profile has hundreds of friends, whose profiles seem genuine. None of them seem to be saying “Hang on, he was already an amputee before today!” or whatever.

    1. How many FB friends do you have that you actually know personally?
      Do you know I have legs? Have we strolled the park together? Do you mention your handicaps, or any other weaknesses on FB?
      I guess it is clear I don’t find that a persuasive argument.
      We should understand that if this was a faked incident that it is now in the realm of national security – or more precisely it began as a national security operation. As such a legend is constructed, likely designed long beforehand. Rather like the legend of Osama bin Laden, but of course for a smaller run…
      There is no way to sort this out without real on the ground gumshoe work…and that is certainly beyond most of our means.
      One thing I keep coming back to is that the authorities took responsibility for the bombing, in that Boston Globe tweet. If it was a drill, and a fake bomb – it is the states bomb.
      If it was switched and a real bomb went off, it had to have been accomplished from the inside. One way or the other it was a bomb set by the authorities. That is the bottom line to keep in focus.

      1. Points taken, though I have many friends on FB I know in person. There are a number of political activist friends I have who I don’t know in person, but that still leaves a few hundred people from my life, (grade school, high school, college, the music profession, etc.) who do know me, know that I had a liver operation at age 12, etc…
        Don’t get me wrong, I still believe Jeff’s injuries look very fake.

      2. Who is Jeff? The one whose photos appear in Boston on the day of the Marathon or the one who is at the baseball game waving the flag? Because they don’t look to be the same person to me.

  29. It may be futile to attempt to educate Mr Wright, but should he wish to begin, I suggest starting here, and working his way through the many articles from Global Research that hold the historical truth of the fraudulence of the so-called “War on Terrori”.
    And while so involved he might try to grasp the concept of “The Controlled Enemy” which is of signal importance to grasping the nature and architecture of modern political power:
    “According to Turkish sources, the Jamestown Foundation’s operations in the Caucasus are tied in directly with those of the CIA. Accused Boston Marathon bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev, according to documents from the Georgian Interior Ministry, attended training sessions in Tbilisi, Georgia last year sponsored by Jamestown. The foundation was set up as an anti-Soviet organization by CIA director William Casey in the early 1980s. Its board of directors have included the author Tom Clancy who gained fame by penning thrillers that pitted the United States against the Soviet Union in Cold War skirmishes.
    Jamestown president Glen E. Howard is fluent in Turkish and Azerbaijani. Tamerlan’s uncle, Ruslan Tsarni (aka Tsarnaev) had been a business associate of former CIA Turkish specialist Graham Fuller, who has participated in a number of Jamestown events.”

  30. I hereby offer a piece of information that is slightly off-topic but provides an important element of answer as to the purpose and spin of the probable Boston false flag. Ultra-liberal icon Russ Baker has a page (http://whowhatwhy.com/2013/05/20/official-story-has-odd-wrinkles-a-pack-of-questions-about-the-boston-bombing-backpacks/) on the bombing. Baker is a notorious 9/11 censor. His piece has the following attributes:
    * it deals with minute details as opposed to the many macroscopic inconsistencies in the official account;
    * it is much harder to understand and much less overwhelming than this article by Craig.
    As such, it leaves Baker’s gullible supporters with:
    * a confirmation that Baker sincerely wants to denounce organized lies;
    * a reaffirmation of their trust in him;
    * a dampening of any desire to go to other alternative sources of information that affirm 9/11’s essence;
    * a hint that demonstrating a false flag is complex and that only experts like Baker can do it;
    * a drive to study Baker’s article and spread it;
    * much difficulty to spread Boston’s probable essence as a false flag, since Baker’s piece is needlessly convoluted.
    This gives credibility to the theory that Baker is one of many leaders who appear to sincerely want to improve humanity’s lot while actually sending their supporters on wild goose chases that a cursory review of Building 7’s videos would cancel. It also reaffirms the importance of litmus-testing leaders of all kinds per the fundamental truth of the twin towers’ televised criminal controlled demolition.
    Humanity’s master censors are much smarter than many of us give them credit for.

    1. In that article Mr. Quinn shows he has at least enough common sense to see that the idea of ‘actors’ being involved is just untenable nonsense but that isn’t anything worthy of debate in any case. His idea that people who buy into this stupidity are part of, or involved in, some Cointelpro plot to discredit the real evidence is another example of people being absolved of responsibility for their own inane ideas – ” ‘they’ suggested something stupid and I believed it – it’s not my fault..’.

      1. Can A.Wright be this hopelessly uninformed about the subject of this column? OF COURSE there were actors, the most prominent of whom was Jeff Bauman. I can’t believe that, at this late stage, when we know so much about the Boston bombing, he is so very ignorant.
        See, for example, my exchange in the NH Union Leader, which I archived (in part) on VT under the title, “Boston Bombing: New Hampshire vs. Jim Fetzer”. Better yet, go to the original and read it all: http://www.unionleader.com/article/20130508/NEWS06/130509248

      2. So A. Wright,
        You are now going to champion Joe Quinn, who is of the opinion that the “actors” theory is wrong. This is curious. If you are going to accept his “common sense” on this aspect of the event, then what about his further analysis?
        Does he go from a sensible person to a raving lunatic ‘conspiracy theorist’ in the blink of an eye from your perspective?
        I am getting sick and tired of you avoiding the exchange of dialog on this blog Wright.
        Do you understand the bulk of Mr Quinn’s arguments as per the Boston Marathon event?
        Have you familiarized yourself with the Gladio project in Italy and NATO’s role in all of that?
        Have you come to understand Gladio B, as an extension into official state terrorism in the US?
        After all this time you have been involved in attending this site, surely you must have learned something…or have you? Are you here with an agenda? Your manner and actions so far suggest as much.
        I have made my position clear enough here. Whether there were real injuries and fatalities or not, the Boston bombing was clearly the act of US involved Intelligence. It may take more than “common sense” to grasp this, as it is clear that the population of Amerika is sorely lacking in critical thinking skills; as such “common sense” is no longer so common.
        Answer me Wright, or one more donkey tail gets pinned to your spurious ass.

  31. I have seen next to nothing said anywhere about the bomb-clearing detail taking place in that 4:43 time lapse video. Keep your eye on a small package on the ground behind the blue fence. Ask yourself why that fence is taken apart, and what the man is doing at 2:02 as he backs up to the device….and signals. “But nobody seems to notice. Nobody seems to care…” – George Carlin (R.I.P.)

  32. Why don’t we, real Americans, track down these fakes, and the perpetrators, of this fiasco, encounter them covertly, with disguises, when we have the advantage, open a big can of Medieval, and get busy? Why don’t we just keep it up till we take back our country from all of our oppressors.

    1. Brainwashedconsumer,
      You put this idea on the table, of opening “a big can of Medieval…”
      And since it should be obvious to any sane observer that the paradigm before us is already one of massive neo-Medieval; I would suggest keeping this old refrain in mind:
      “Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss.”

  33. The image with the caption beneath it “will no one help the poor man who has no legs” if you look closely at the image it looks as if a tube is sticking out of his back pocket, could this tube have contained fake blood, and the man wearing the hoodie and sunshades could have been discreetly squeezing the tube to cover the amputees “severed limbs” with fake blood

  34. Excuse me but I am one of the people that did warn the FBI (which includes NH, FL, and CA, Kabul FBI, and Russian FBI office) and also in MA Director Jay Fallon of HIDTA (New England Office) concerning possible terror related threats in 2011 after Bin Laden was announced to be “deceased”. You have utterly no clue-it would take the entire city of Boston and Watertown to be complicit to pull off a cover-up and false flag op as you so claim-you are an idiot!
    These “threats” were NOT fake and I have proof completely and utterly. Tamerlan Tsnaerav was an online you-tube friend of a host channel teaching to make IED’s from Kabul and Chechnya-I know because I kept the contact lists before Youtube updated this in their system. The boys knew Abdul Rahman which is direct contact to Faisal, and also had muslim friends in the MMA (Mixed Martial Arts)—ever hear of Dominick Flanigan (who is NOT arrested yet but clearly made threats as well). People like you need to read the truth about how evil Islam is and read their books for yourself–they really DO want to KILL you!
    So maybe you need to ask why the FBI is covering YOUTUBE complicity in the matter, and the connection of other people. If you want the e-mails they are UNCLASSIFIED so they can be sent. I am harassed by the government, in fact being starved at this time by America and California but I am not under any orders–and I have endured attempted murder, as well as the sale of my minor to Second Mile Charity (which if it had not happened this may have been prevented).
    Oh wait there is a copy on scribd here:

    1. “People like you need to read the truth about how evil Islam is and read their books for yourself–they really DO want to KILL you!”~Kay
      Perhaps you are talking about “their books” – like the textbooks for the Taliban written and printed in Amerika by USAID, and the CIA that were used to create a fanatical resistance to the Soviets in Afghanistan in the late 70s. Yes?
      Who has killed more innocent civilians world wide than the US since 1945? What is the only nation on the planet to have used atomic weapons on populated cities?
      “Oh wait…”?? are you serious? You actually believe the bullshit story about the killing of bin Laden…well that shows what a crumble cookie you are kiddo. Osama had died of kidney disease as early as 2002. You believe in the public myths created by the Public Relations Regime. As dangerous as believing any organized religion or other crisis cult. The crisis cult of the national security state is the largest as best funded that the planet has ever known.
      Bringing claims of personal first hand involvement as an essentially anonymous “Kay” without substantiation, and then citing some story on scribd as a verification is empty twaddle. Save your hysterics for conversation around the water cooler at work.

      USAID funded textbooks for distribution at refugee camps in Pakistan, with content written by mujahedeen groups with the support of Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence agency and the CIA.
      Burde said the rationale of this indoctrination in the ideas of warfare as religious duty rested on the assumption of the “importance of starting early.” While the U.S. program ended with the collapse of Afghanistan’s communist government, its textbooks have spawned dozens of copies and revised editions, she said.
      She managed to find several old copies of the Pashto-language books and a 2011 edition on sale in the Pakistani city of Peshawar as recently as last year. The Taliban, she said, continues to recommend these books for children.
      The majority of the book’s 41 lessons glorify violence in the name of religion. “My uncle has a gun,” reads the entry for the letter T, using the Pashto word for “gun,” “topak.” “He does jihad with the gun.”
      And while some details have changed, references to Soviets and communists remain. More alarmingly for U.S. and international forces still in the country, the textbooks describe all nonbelievers as the enemy.
      “Our religion is Islam. Muhammad is our leader. All the Russians and infidels are our enemy.”
      “Kabul is the capital of our dear country,” reads the entry for the letter K. “No one can invade our country. Only Muslim Afghans can rule over this country.”
      This is a story that should have had legs long ago, which is still almost completely unknown in Amerikan Wonderland. It is a fact that it was the CIA radicalized the Afghans and that radicalization has spread throughout the entire Middle East and beyond.
      And the claim that this is a result of unintentional Blowback, can only be made from ignorance of the history of these things.

    3. Kay, I don’t want to suggest you are a complete idiot, but have you even actually LOOKED AT THE EVIDENCE? I think you need a dose of reality. Read:
      “Media complicity and indispensable to ‘false flag’ success”
      and watch:
      “Bev Collins 911 Talks with Jim Fetzer on Sandy Hook and the Boston bombing”, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KPt6UNUAZqM
      Then get back and tell us how you are right and we are wrong and how it could not have been staged and must be true. Looking forward to your reply.

    4. Using amputee actors at the scene, where there’s no blood initially–a physiological impossibility, had their injuries been sustained–but it shows up later and is fake blood, Hollywood blood, that came out of tubes and they even used a smoke machine leaves no room for doubt at it. That the cops were extras on the set was confirmed by their calling out on bullhorns, “This is a drill! This is a drill!” The Boston Globe was tweeting that a demonstration bomb would be set off during the marathon for the benefit of bomb squad activities. The cops held back two Catholic priests who wanted to rush to the scene to perform last rites, but who would have immediately exposed the scam. For those who want a through, detailed and comprehensive resource on the bombing and its aftermath, including the Soviet-style show trial, check out AND NOBODY DIED IN BOSTON, EITHER (2016), which has a dozen contributors (including Shiela Casey), runs 440 pages and features 350 photos. You will be astonished by the brazen fashion in which this orchestrated event has been promoted by the government–and you will be able to tell exactly why the feature film, “Patriots Day”, had to fabricate a fire-fight between the brothers and the police to advance a functional explanation of how Dzhokar, who has just been sentenced to death for a fake crime he had nothing to do with–where they even photoshopped the brothers presence on Boylston’s Street–ran over his brother after Tamerlan had been arrested, stripped naked and taken into custody by the police. It’s at http://moonrockbooks.com/and-nobody-died-in-boston-either-book/.

  35. I listen to a lot of voices to form an opinion. I think you know already that I’m a Christian. I really appreciate you leaving my posts and not deleting them. Not everyone is open. I want others to recognize a false flag. That’s why I used your Guy Fawkes post. I posted your here on this blog. I just connect up blogs if they are open to it. I see connections. I call it connecting the dots. I just post links and videos. I’m not trying to convince you. You make up your own mind. I’m not going to duplicate the links and videos here what I posted there. If you want them, you will have to go there. One link leads to another. I think it’s cool you’re 80 years old and are blogging. I’m getting up in years too. I’m 57. My mom is 91.

  36. I’m very late to this thread – I followed the Boston incident at the time and the sheer incompetence of the emergency services should be enough to make you suspicious of the event. Just wanted to say thanks to Sheila for the excellent article – as ever the myth gathers pace in snowball fashion and people’s minds move onto the next event – but it is important to have these articles in place for the future.

  37. What do we think now that Tsarnaev’s own lawyer has declared that he did it? That is totally nuts. The lawyer could have had a field day defending the guy, and instead states right off the bat that his client is guilty, but was induced by his dead brother. Is the lawyer an agent of the US?

  38. Kangaroo Railways Jet-lag
    Dzhokhar faces execution: Boston bomber is found guilty of ALL 30 charges – and 17 carry a possible death sentence | 08 April 2015 | Dzhokhar Tsarnaev today learned he could face the death penalty after jurors in the Boston bombing ‘trial’ found him guilty of all counts. The 21-year-old stood emotionless with his arms folded and his head bowed as the verdict, which was reached after nearly 12 hours of deliberations, was read out in U.S. District Court in Boston on Wednesday. The charges included using a weapon of mass-destruction to kill three young people at the marathon in April 2013. Seventeen of the 30 charges had carried the death penalty.

  39. People killed, lost limbs, called fake. Reality is a called a false flag. Have you the courage to repeat this BS to the face of the survivors or the families? As you apologize for two failed brothers who murdered, your fellow 911 truth cult members.
    Complete BS, for what would be if true the biggest Pulitzer Prize since Watergate. Right behind the 911 truth Pulitzer Prize which shares the same evidence, aka zero evidence. The zero evidence, total nonsense, leads to no newspaper teaming with the paranoid fantasy nonsense. No evidence leads to no Pulitzer.
    Mocking the murdered and injured with fantasy. be all you can be

  40. Dear Mr. Craig,
    I needed your opinion on the “third identified victim” who’s allegedly a Chinese student studying at BU.
    When people talk about “No One Died”, they indicate the evidence of fake injuries/blood/crisis actors/pre-arranged-drill announcement which I agree.
    But the three alleged victims, especially the identified Chinese foreign student, where are they? Are there any video indicating they’re lying down, running away, spraying blood? Anything.
    Thank you.

  41. The Boston bombing, 9/11, Sandy Hook, all faked? You are crazy loons. Do you really think all those people could be bribed to participate in such a hoax? The amount of money used to pay off that many would be astronomical. And human nature being what it is, one of those “victims” or their family members would go rushing to the National Enquirer. I had friends who watched those planes fly into those towers in real time and watched people jump to their death. A person from my town died in the tower. I’m sure her family would be delighted if it were all fake. And wouldn’t it be wonderful if none of those children died at Sandy Hook? How do you keep all those kids silent about a lie? Nope, you are all crazy loons who hate the government. My question, why don’t you just leave please.

    1. Georgia,
      Have you ever taken a close look at any of these events? Considered the evidence?
      Here is a sampler about Sandy Hook. I edited NOBODY DIED AT SANDY HOOK:
      “The Real Deal special must see Sandy Hook Update”
      “Debunking the Sandy Hook Debunkers #1: Was it an operating school?”
      “SANDY HOOK starring Wayne Carver as The Medical Examiner”
      “Proof ‘Project Censored’ and Infowars.com are limited hangouts”
      I don’t want to overload your cognitive capacities. Look and these and get back here.
      I can send more about the Boston bombing, 9/11 and more. What do we have wrong?

    2. Your comment suggests that you are more ignorant than dumb, and not hypocritical. As such, you may be able to understand the process of grand conspiracies against humanity, if you start at some elementary level. Since you are convinced that your worldview is much superior to the other commenters’ and McKee’s, just ponder TV’s failure to spread the knowledge of Building 7’s destruction.
      In the meantime, trying to understand–not to mention refute–complex allegations of conspiracies, even as straightforward as the Twin Towers’, would only frustrate you.

  42. OK. We are crazy.
    Even crazier though is the people who say that a shot from the rear (JFK) can cause ones head to be violently thrown in the direction of the bullet. This would violate Isaac Newton’s 2nd law of Dynamics, but there are people that say this! The lone-gunman Warren Report is much crazier than a simply conspiracy theory involving another shooter.
    But even crazier than that is those who contend that WTC building #7 somehow collapsed symmetrically at near free-fall acceleration from a relatively small fire. Entire skyscrapers have have burned for hours without collapsing.
    WTC #7 = controlled demolition = obvious fact
    JFK shot from front/side = obvious fact
    The Warren Commission’s single-bullet-theories and NIST’s progressive-fire-weakening-BS-pancake-theory is much, much crazier as well.

  43. False Flags are more common than people think. “Democracies” need to use them to conduct policy they could not normally get away with. They like the people to endorse whatever crime they want to commit. Hence 9/11 , Boston , Kansas City Bombing etc. The issue surrounding sloppy execution is easily explainable, I think. At the end of the day, it comes down to faith. Faith is impervious to evidence. I found this when I tried to explain Boston to my girlfriends sister. Her sister is very bright ( First Class Honours in Vet Science from Bristol University ) and I showed her prim a fascia evidence for Boston being a false flag. She could not explain what I showed her so resorted to saying the the photo I showed her as part of the explanation must be photo-shopped. In other words, it does not matter how sloppy the perps are, they will always win.

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  45. ON BOSTON:
    What you are about to read is 100% off the top of my head, flow of consciousness.
    On Boston. I’ve run the equivalent of 10,000 separate marathons (of 26.21875 miles each); in other words more than the Earth-Moon distance (but spread out over 38 years of 2.5 hours a day or more).
    I also ran the Boston Marathon back in, iirc, 1980 or 1981. I did NOT qualify that year – but I happened to be in the area. Other years I qualified but didn’t have the money to go. I’ve also deeply studied the “theory” of running (all the different aspects of how to train and not train, diet, cycling between heavy effort and light or no effort; how best to run races; high-elevation training etc. I’ve also written a pamphlet for beginner runners; and I’m still distributing (both English and Spanish) a one-page over-view (mostly for beginners).
    Oh, one other thing: I was watching the Boston Marathon coverage LIVE.
    So, I DO have a good deal of background experience to be better able to judge the scene “of the crime” better than 99% of people do. Further, the next day I was on Lets Roll Forums (Phil Jayhan’s ultra-strange site; but where amazingly some excellent research can be found amongst the chaos and horrors of a all-out free-for-all! Over the following weeks, dozens of separate aspects of the Boston Hoax were, collectively, figured out – what a revelation to see so many people working (mostly) together and achieving what none of us could have separately!
    1) THE WORST TIMING POSSIBLE: The very first thing that struck me was that the Finish Line scene was ALL WRONG. At first, NOT the actual scene; but the TIMING of the scene. Having been used to suspecting (and sometimes spotting) false flags; my false flag warning bells were screaming at me. IF this was a real terror event, why the bleep did they strike when they did??
    At that time (and you can tell by the earlier fotos compared to the “explosion-moment” fotos) there were easily 10 times as many spectators (to maim) an hour earlier; and at least 20-50 times as much press (to broadcast your dastardly deed). Further, an hour or so earlier, was when the Elite runners were crossing – hurt some of them – and the whole world’s running community would be tramatized, furious, and chatting away for a decade!
    We seem to have a series of “terror” events where the “terrorists” are actually pretty kind hearted – they keep making sure the casualties are kept to a bare minimum. On 911, “they” struck too high on the buildings and too early on a known-election day. At Boston, they only “maimed” 200 or so- it would have been EASIER to maim many times that number (because the brothers would have been completely lost in the crowd and their back-packs too). So there motivation “must have been”; hurt a few but not too many! lol
    But there is so much more to the Boston Marathon Bomb Hoax.
    2) PRIME “VICTIM” #1. Jeff (Bombman) Bauman: EVERYTHING, and I mean everything, was wrong about him.
    i) The earliest photos show him as a brand spanking new double-amputee; yet instead of writhing in pain and screaming – he says nothing, shows no pain; and worst of all, he has his upper torso held completely off the ground – for a significant stretch of time. No new double-amputee could ever do that.
    ii) Jeff had both his “stumps” resting on this black woman, Mery. She had on a perfectly white blouse – yet his entire body’s worth of blood didn’t mark her blouse. In fact, in the early fotos, there was no blood around him at all.
    iii) The EMT’s rescued virtually everybody else before carting him away – when he was CLEARLY the most-injured, with the shortest life-expectancy. This was the EXACT OPPOSITE of SOP for medical personnel at a mass casualty event (or at any scene of more than one seriously injured person – they ALWAYS take care of the most-injured first – unless they are so far gone as to not be worth immediate attention.
    iv) Any honest medical person will swear that a fresh double-amputee will, within 3 minutes, bleed out to unconsciousness; and within 5 be dead. But Jeff was never unconscious; he was never even dazed. He was not taken out of there for 6 minutes (this has been documented beyond any reasonable doubt).
    v) They didn’t take him out on a stretcher; but in a wheel chair – which would maximize both his bleed-out and his dizziness. This NEVER, EVER, EVER is done!
    vi) A few blocks away (iirc 3-6) there were DOZENS of ambulances, perhaps more than a 100; yet NOT ONE came to that scene period. This too is IMPOSSIBLE. You do not cart super-injured people to a medical TENT some distance away; you put em in an ambulance and take them at “lightening speed” to the nearest appropriate trauma care hospital.
    vii) “Cowboy-hat” Carlos Arredondo (spelling?): This guy was the “hero” who rushed to the scene and picked Bauman up and put him in the wheel chair. Unfortunately, there is fotos showing that Carlos did anything BUT go directly to Bauman. First, he jumped the fencing; but then stayed there helping take that fencing down. Then when that was finished, he dawdled not far but not near Bauman – while other seeming real Doctors “attended” to Bauman. Then, in every interview, Carlos fudged his previous version. Fortunately, Carlos had an American flag on the scene (with “blood” all over it). EVERYTHING about Carlos’s story and Carlos’s life is UNBELIEVEABLE.
    i) There were dozens and dozens of people who had their clothes shredded; yet virtually none of them in the early fotos shows any damage to the skin right underneath where the clothes were. It is known that such a pressure cooker bomb (filled with beebees, other shrapnel and nails) can harm you at a 1/4 mile; yet NOONE should any sign of: beebee sprays, nail-damage, etc.
    ii) GROIN INJURIES = NONE. There were 200+ injuries, all supposedly from bombs ON the ground. Some “injuries” were above the belt Yet NOT ONE person suffered an injury to the private parts! Yeah right!
    iii) Right next to the Finish Line (bomb) were a whole row of flags up high, and a thin-mesh sports banner from the ground up to about 3 feel high. None of them suffered a single hole! There was a plastic, empty bottle on the street right past the banner – it didn’t move.
    iv) At the second site, right next (within 6 feet or less) to the “explosion” were tables with plastic drinking glasses on them. NONE of those plastic glasses were moved – subsequent fotos show the tables with several glasses on them.
    v) It’s absolutely scandalous the way the “victims” were “cared for”. Their are very specific guidelines about the use of tourniquets. And if/when you use them; there’s exact instructions for their use – otherwise, if you’re “lucky” they do nothing; if you’re “unlucky” they kill off the limb below the tourniquet. But at Boston, EVERYBODY had tourniquets put on them. And NOT by EMTs but by standers-by! Several people had multiple tourniquets on them. The materials used were the least-possible effective for such usages – sweaters, loose clothes. The SOP is to put one on, and then tighten it down tight using a stick or rod to twist the excess tight. NOT ONCE was this done.
    vi) “Scene-controllers” can be seen shepharding truly innocent people away as fast as possible; while a whole number of non-medical and non-police were allowed to stay.
    vii) Did I mention the wheel-chair rides? Any number of “victims” were wheel-chaired away. The “perfect” foto ops; but as anti-medical-SOP as possible. NONE of them was seen bleeding while being wheeled away; including Jeff Bauman!
    viii) I’m not sure, but it seems that one of Jeff’s “legs” was longer than his other – meaning that the upper leg part (from hip to knee) was anatomically too long.
    ix) More than one wheel-chair-ee, had “technical” problems with the ride – bandages hanging down into the wheels!, near-severed body parts NOT being supported by anything.
    i) In the earliest fotos (especially of the Finish Line scene) there are perhaps a dozen people on the ground near where the explosion is said to have gone off. But minute by minute, foto by foto, there are more and more “victims”.
    ii) Later-in-the-scene, some of those who had previously been “attending” to the “injured” suddenly became “injured” themselves (as seen being carted away later)!
    iii) There are many fotos showing that “injured” people traveled from place to place.
    How’s that for starters – mostly just in the first 10 minutes or less; and almost all of this happened at just one of the two scenes. The 2nd scene has a lot less foto coverage; but it’s just as clearly fake.
    EVERYTHING is wrong with the man-hunt. EVERYTHING is wrong with the “death” of the older brother (he was handcuffed behind his back and NAKED inside a cop car; then somehow got run over by the care. The cadaver fotos don’t look like him enough; and the wounds don’t correspond to the official story.) They got a ride; but instead of high-tailing it out of there; they stopped at a convenience store; were polite and not agitated. On and on.
    The EARLIEST police reports claimed it was a tall white guy (I’ve seen pictures). Then somebody else; only later was it the Tsarnev brothers. One of them LOVED the police.
    One of their closest friends died a brutal death while being interviewed by the police!
    If a person only watches ONE Boston Bomb Hoax video; it’d have to be by “plasma burns”. He’s got a brand new, over-all summation – 3 hours worth. The meticulousness with which he analyzes each of dozens of crisis-actors – examining each photo, from all angles … it’s bleeping mind blowing. (Everything except the last 15-30 minutes is EXCELLENT. At the end he goes philosophical with his belief system about “statism” – this adds ZERO to the value of the film; but surely will alienate a good portion of his potential audience.
    Btw, the following year, the Boston Marathon was EASILY THE MOST BIZARRE MAJOR MARATHON EVER RUN. There were at least a dozen foreigners, mostly African, who had much better previous racing times than did the eventual AMERICAN winner. Their in-race tactics are UNACCEPTABLY ridiculous. Not one of them went with the black American; not one – that NEVER happens unless the lead guy is running crazy – and this guy was barely running faster than them. Then, when it was almost too late to run him down; a couple of guys “tried”; they closed on him steadily; but just when they were within passing distance they slowed down.
    My take: The first “blossoming” of the Police State happened in the days after the Boston Bomb Hoax – to the very city that most stands for personal liberties. To assuage this mass RAPE; the following year was the “feel-good, local boy makes good” story time.
    Even in the running community (on say, Lets Run Forums); the marathon runners were split right down the middle – even the brothers that run the site refused to believe all of the official story. An all-out flame war ensued – with the debunkers just trashing anybody who even had the slightest doubt. Sound familiar?

  46. Here’s just another interesting little tidbit. If you look at the photos, virtually none of the “victims” ever has his/her head actually touching the sidewalk. “Horrific injuries” yet no one is knocked-out enough or dizzy enough to have their head on the ground. I guess you only get so much realism when you hire crisis actors – asking them to actually put their heads on such filthy surfaces – would seem to be asking for far too much.

  47. “Why would they fake a bombing rather than have legit bombs? It has a lot to do with what happened after 9/11.
    Short answer. Liability.”
    I disagree with this statement. The main purpose of this “terror event” is to discredit 9/11 truth-seekers. There were multiple events: a fake bombing as you describe well in your article in addition to real bombs that caused people to get hit by shrapnel and go to the hospital for treatment. As long as the explosions and subsequent injuries are kept small, family members of victims will not be relentless in seeking the truth.
    The media focused entirely on the fake event so that sensible people would realize that a hoax was involved. At the same time, a substantial number of people would experience injuries from the real bombs. The claim that the entire bombing was a hoax will of course look foolish to those affected by the real bombs, either directly or indirectly. Hospital staff, friends and relatives of victims will all think that the government story is correct and anyone claiming hoax is a conspiracy theorist nut-job. If the nut-jobs think this is a hoax, then perhaps, 12 people actually did hijack a few planes and fly them into buildings.
    The organizers of this “event” have allowed people the opportunity to fall into one of two camps: government sheep or truth-seekers. In this instance, both sides are right, while at the same time they are both wrong. To each side, the other side seems to be ridiculous. Divide and conquer — yet again.

    1. That’s a clever idea, but it does not appear to be true. We have banners and flags in the area that are not even punctured or torn. There was no surge of EMTs, no string of ambulances to rush the wounded to hospitals. There were persons missing arms and legs, but there was no blood. It only showed up later and came out of a tube. They even used a smoke machine! Two priests were restrained from coming to perform last rites, because it would have given the game away. I am sorry, but there were no victims in Boston–apart from the brothers, who were framed. Check out AND NOBODY DIED IN BOSTON, EITHER (2015), moonrockbooks.com.

  48. Your story albeit an interesting perspective has many holes, just as you claim the Boston bombing does. You have not considered that these people are in literal shock, so when you say things such as “that’s not the position I would’ve chosen,” you’re disregarding the fact that people with intense traumatic injuries go through shock. Why didn’t Jeff Bauman do something about his injury? The hockey player with a sliced jugular did. But your “Miracle Man” was missing two legs. That’s a LITTLE BIT different. And about missing both knees now? They’re not going to just leave them on. It’s physically better for the man to have amputated his knees after the incident. I’m glad this is a conspiracy article as the evidence is truly lacking. Half of the photos you speak of aren’t even shown here, and if hat was because you couldn’t access them then don’t write about them. It’s not credible.

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