Justice denied: Tsarnaev’s own lawyer ignores evidence he is innocent of Boston bombing

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev (AP Photo/Federal Bureau of Investigation, File).

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By Craig McKee

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev never had a chance.
While there is significant evidence supporting the accused Boston bomber’s innocence, none of it made it into his trial, which just concluded with guilty verdicts on all 30 counts against him. It seems that law enforcement; the media; and especially Tsarnaev’s own lawyer, Judy Clarke; were focused on suppressing any evidence that could have undermined the official story of the bombing. The truth has been covered up just as effectively as it was the day Lee Harvey Oswald was shot by Jack Ruby.
Clarke insured Tsarnaev’s conviction when she opened the trial by admitting that he had carried out the bombing on April 15, 2013 with his brother, 26-year-old Tamerlan, who was killed in the aftermath. Clarke painted Tamerlan as the instigator in an apparent effort to spare Dzhokhar from execution, but that may happen anyway as the trial now enters the sentencing phase.
Clarke is known for her ability to keep her clients off death row (including Unabomber Ted Kaczyinski; alleged 9/11 conspirator Zacarias Moussaoui; and Jared Loughner, who was convicted of shooting Rep. Gabrielle Giffords), but given the weakness of the evidence against Tsarnaev, Clarke’s strategy amounted to throwing in the towel before the trial even started.
To say that Clarke could have created reasonable doubt if she had wanted to is an understatement. In this article, we’ll look at the evidence that should have been introduced at Tsarnaev’s trial but wasn’t (Keep in mind that Dzhokhar claimed his innocence, which conflicted with the supposed confession he wrote on the inside of the boat where he was captured on April 19, four days after the bombing).
Most have taken for granted from the beginning that Tamerlan and Dzhokhar did what they are accused of doing. But how many would be surprised to learn that the evidence against them depends on the statements of just two people – and these just happen to be the two most suspicious characters in this incredible story. While there is little direct evidence of guilt, there is plenty that points to the brothers being set up as patsies.
Investigative reporter Russ Baker, who has written extensively about the case, explains in one of his articles just how thin the evidence is against the brothers is (Note that the “Danny” referred to below is the alleged carjacking victim, whose identity remained hidden until the trial. He has since been identified as Chinese immigrant Dun Meng.):
“Without the murder of the MIT policeman, followed by the carjacking confession reported by Danny, we would have no solved crime, no evidence linking anyone to the horrific Boston Marathon bombing except some grainy video of two guys wearing backpacks in a sea of other backpack-wearers near the source of the explosion. The assumption many of us make that the Tsarnaevs planted those bombs is just that: an assumption that, in the absence of the reported confession, has no evidence behind it.”
No evidence behind it.
The official story of the Boston Marathon bombing is a very strange one indeed, particularly for what happened in the days that followed the main event. This version includes a murder, a carjacking, a shootout, an escape, a police manhunt, martial law, and even a hideout confession amid a hail of gunfire.
As the story goes, two radicalized Muslim brothers of Chechen descent decided they wanted to strike out at a visible American target in retribution for the killing of Muslims around the world by the U.S. government. The brothers allegedly placed and detonated two pressure cooker bombs filled with shrapnel in separate locations – the blasts coming just a few seconds apart – near the finish line of the Marathon just before 3 p.m. on April 15, 2013.

Tsarnaev brothers

Dzhokhar (white hat) and Tamerlan (black hat) at the Marathon.

The brothers had seemingly gotten away with the crime until they took a series of inexplicable actions (this is on top of the fact that they chose to remain in the Boston area after the alleged bombing rather than simply getting out of town). These events started three days after the bombing when police released photos of the brothers and asked the public for help in identifying them. They were labelled as “suspects.” This, we’re left to conclude, spooked Tamerlan and Dzhokhar into making some very reckless decisions that brought about their downfall.
On the night of the 18th, they are alleged to have killed MIT police officer Sean Collier in order to get his gun, although they didn’t take the gun. Then the brothers are alleged to have committed a carjacking and to have told the victim that they were responsible for both the Boston bombing and the Collier murder. We’re told that they took the victim for a drive that involved stops at a bank and a gas station. They took the carjack victim’s Mercedes SUV and then supposedly allowed him to escape so that he could tell authorities that his captors had admitted to being responsible for the bombings and the murder. Not very smart…
The two followed this, we’re told, by leaving the scene of the carjacking with both the Honda Civic they arrived in and the stolen SUV, although they abandoned the Honda at some point.
The allegedly stolen Mercedes was later spotted by police, we’re told, leading to a shootout in Watertown, Mass. It was there where Tamerlan was allegedly shot. Dzhokhar is supposed to have jumped into the SUV and driven over his brother’s body in escaping (possibly causing his death). Soon after, he allegedly abandoned the vehicle and ran off on foot, hiding in a boat parked behind a home.
The owner noticed blood on the outside of the boat and that the cover had been disturbed, and he looked in to see Dzhokhar lying inside. Police were called, and this led to what we were told was an exchange of gunfire between Dzhokhar and police, although it came out later that the suspect was unarmed and that police had done all the shooting.
These are what we’re told are the facts, although there are multiple versions of each element of the story. In fact, none of the versions makes any sense, but the inconsistency is definitely telling. Let’s take a look at the major elements of the story and how the official story is not borne out by the evidence in each one.
An early clue that Boston was a false flag operation was the bomb “exercise” that was going on at the exact same location and time as the actual bombing. This has become a tell-tale sign of false flags, particularly since 9/11 when numerous exercises were taking place that simulated the very thing that actually happened at the very time it was happening.
Loudspeakers announced to the crowd near the finish line of the Marathon that they needn’t worry about the bomb squad and their bomb-sniffing dogs patrolling the area during the race because it was just an exercise.
Incredibly, two hours before the blasts the Boston Globe tweeted (at 12:53 p.m.) that there would be a “controlled explosion opposite from the library within one minute as part of bomb squad activities.” Boston Public Library is right across the street from where the first blast went off just before 3 p.m. Quite a coincidence.
Another tweet came later specifying the JFK Library (which is some distance away). It said: “Third incident: Explosion earlier today at the JFK Library.” Later still, the story changed again: “Fire earlier today likely unrelated to Marathon bombings.”
No more talk of bomb squad activities.
The most absurd example of an exercise being synchronized with an actual false flag event is the 7/7 London bombings of July 2005 when a simulation of the bombing of three underground stations was going on as those same stations were actually being bombed (not to mention a real bus bomb that was also reflected in the exercise). The pattern was repeated with the mass shooting in Norway in 2011, the Aurora movie theater shooting in July 2012, and the Sandy Hook school “shooting” in December 2012.
Then there were the “contractors” wearing black jackets and caps, beige pants, and black backpacks with white squares on them. It has been alleged that they were from the private CIA-linked security firm Craft International, which uses the identical outfits and skull logo seen on the caps these men were photographed wearing that day. The presence of these operatives in Boston has been denied, but the photographic evidence confirms that they were there.
And photographic evidence shows that these unidentified “contractors” clearly had some official function because we can see at least one of them getting into an FBI bomb squad truck, which had arrived after the bombing. Photographic evidence also shows two of the black-and-beige men standing where the bomb would soon be detonated. But before it happened, the two left that spot and walked to the other side of the street.
Truly shocking is that plans had been made for a “terror” exercise, funded by the Department of Homeland Security, to take place in Boston in June, about a month-and-a-half after the Marathon bombing occurred. The Boston Globe reported that the exercise, called Operation Urban Shield, would focus on a terrorist group using a skull logo whose members would drop off bombs in backpacks at various locations in Boston to cause panic and fear.
Nothing about the identification and pursuit of the Tsarnaev brothers passes the smell test. We learned early on that these two had been identified as prime suspects, in part because legless victim Jeff Bauman identified one of the brothers as having set a backpack on the ground just before the blast (more about Bauman and the scene of the bombing later).
Bloomberg.com reports that Bauman’s brother Chris said in an interview that a heavily sedated Bauman had awakened in hospital and told Chris that he had seen the man who placed a bag on the sidewalk right near him two-and-a-half minutes before the first blast.
Chris said: “He woke up under so much drugs, asked for a paper and pen and wrote, ‘bag, saw the guy, looked right at me.’”
As this story goes, Bauman’s description of the first suspect (later claimed to be Tamerlan) was what allowed the FBI to narrow their search.
In an interview in May of 2013 with the Concord Monitor, Bauman had a much more colorful story to tell about his alleged encounter with the suspect. “I thought (to) myself, ‘This guy’s kind of weird,’ ” he said. “He kind of stared at me, and I stared at him, and then I was just like, he sketched me out, I was like, ‘He just doesn’t look like he’s in place.”
I’m not sure how one looks “out of place” in a large crowd, but despite all these impressive gut feelings about how weird the suspect looked as he dropped a backpack on the ground and then walked away, Bauman did nothing else. He didn’t report the abandoned bag.

Dzhokhar proclaimed ‘the bomber.’

Despite that, this account still helped crack the case when the FBI was able to isolate Tamerlan and his brother from among thousands of faces on the scene that day. Three days after the bombing, the FBI released surveillance video of Tamerlan and Dzhokhar with a plea for help in identifying them – all allegedly based on the description from Bauman. (I wonder how they identified Dzhokhar as a suspect given that he was shown in the surveillance video walking several feet behind his brother.)
Later we found that Tamerlan was well known to the FBI. So they appeared to be lying about not knowing who he was. It is also interesting that authorities told the public not to consider any images that didn’t come from police.
“These images should be the only ones, and I emphasize the only ones, that the public should view to assist us,” said FBI special agent Richard DesLauriers.
Fortunately, independent researchers have looked at other images, and this is how we know that so much of what was reported is simply false.
One image that doesn’t fit in with the official story is the one that shows the allegedly exploded backpack at the scene of the second bomb. It was clearly a dark color, while the backpack Dzhokhar was photographed carrying was much lighter. And, the exploded pack had the same white square on the back that was visible on the backpacks carried by the men who appeared to be from Craft International.
The release of the surveillance photos of “the suspects” supposedly panicked the brothers because they then are alleged to have kicked off a crime spree that would ultimately bring them down. And the supposed violence that followed is what has left a strong impression with the public concerning the alleged guilt of the brothers. (“If they are innocent, why did they shoot it out with the cops?” is how it goes.) But how much of that story stands up – or makes sense?
It started with the brothers’ alleged murder of MIT cop Sean Collier on the 18th, three days after the bombing. Collier was parked between two buildings on the MIT campus, and we’re told that the brothers had one gun but wanted a second one. So they allegedly fired multiple times into the car. They then took off without taking the gun.
Does this make any sense?
If the brothers’ escape plan included going to the campus of MIT and shooting a cop, then they must really have wanted to get caught. So far, we haven’t been given any hard evidence at all to support the accusation that the officer was killed by one of the brothers. Video presented at Dzhokhar’s trial does not contain anything that identifies either brother.
This part of the story is reminiscent of the murder of Officer J.D. Tippit in Dallas on Nov. 22, 1963. That was pinned on Lee Harvey Oswald even though eyewitnesses said two men, neither resembling Oswald, went up to Tippit, and at least one fired before the two ran away in opposite directions (p. 24, Mark Lane’s recent book, The Last Word). In the public mind, the extra murder solidifies the belief in the guilt of the suspect or suspects.
Then we come to the most significant aspect of the case against the brothers – the alleged carjacking that Tamerlan and Dzhokhar are supposed to have committed in the Brighton section of Boston shortly after shooting Collier. This was critical to the official story for two reasons: the carjack victim allegedly heard one brother confess to the bombing, and the “escape” of the alleged victim is what led authorities to impose martial law as they launched a manhunt for the two suspects. As Baker points out in a pair of articles detailing the inconsistencies in the carjacking story, the public’s understanding of what took place is based entirely on this claim concerning an alleged confession.
Baker writes: “The alleged carjacking led to a law enforcement shutdown of the greater Boston area, a huge manhunt, and subsequent confrontations in which Tamerlan Tsarnaev was shot and killed. His younger brother, Dzhokhar, was seriously wounded by multiple gunshots while hidden in a boat, before being apprehended by police.”
The alleged carjacking victim’s identity was not publicly known initially. He was described in reports as “Danny” and has had his face and voice disguised in interviews. He claimed that he feared recriminations from “terrorists.”
Prior to the trial, Danny claimed he told police that the brothers only let him live because he wasn’t American. And while he didn’t understand what they were saying, he heard them say “Manhattan” several times (oooh, that’s ominous). Danny is supposed to have told police that the brothers confessed to both the bombing and the murder. But many elements of his story have been inconsistent from one media interview to another.
As Baker points out, it was reported by the Boston Globe, NBC and CBS that Danny was held captive for 90 minutes. Then officials, including the Cambridge, Mass. police chief, announced that it had been 30 minutes. Meanwhile, an Associated Press report had him being let go after just a few minutes.
Did the brothers confess to him about the bombing and the Collier murder or just the bombing? Numerous media reports mentioned both, but the criminal complaint only mentioned the bombing. And an ABC interview with Danny only mentioned a confession about the bombing and not about Collier.
And how did Danny escape? Again, this depends on whose report or which interview you read. Was he simply let go after a few minutes? Did they leave him alone in the car when the brothers went to pay for gas? Or is the story about Tamerlan being distracted by his GPS while Dzhokhar paid for gas the real reason? That one’s more exciting because it involves an actual escape. But it, like the rest of this story, makes no sense.
Why would the brothers kill an MIT cop to get his gun and then not take it? Why would they carjack someone when they already had a vehicle? Why would each drive a vehicle for a while before abandoning the one they had originally? Why continue to drive Danny’s SUV when its theft would have been reported to police? Why let Danny go, or let him escape, so that he can run to police and pass on the confession? Why confess to something in the first place?
And why remain in the Boston area three days after the bombing if they were actually guilty? None of this makes the slightest bit of sense, and yet we’re supposed to believe it on the word of a “victim” whose identity wasn’t even known for two years. (It’s important to remember that the carjacking directly led to authorities to lock down the city, imposing martial law in a supposed effort to apprehend the suspects.)
At some point, allegedly anyway, police tracked the supposedly stolen SUV and cornered the suspects, leading to the big shootout between them and police in Watertown. Boston police commissioner Ed Davis says police “pinged” the carjacking victim’s cell phone after he was let go by the brothers (or escaped). This allegedly let the police know that the suspects were in Watertown.
“A local officer spotted the brothers driving in two cars, a Honda sedan and the stolen SUV, said

Martial law was imposed to find one 19-year-old suspect.

Watertown police chief Ed Deveau. (This conflicts with the report that the Honda had already been abandoned.) Deveau says the brothers stopped, jumped out, and started firing on the officer, while more police rushed to the scene.
“Quickly we had six Watertown police officers and two bad guys in a gunfight,” Deveau he said, adding that at least 200 shots were fired; maybe as many as 300.
“We have reason to believe, based upon the evidence that was found at that scene — the explosions, the explosive ordnance that was unexploded, and the firepower that they had — that they were going to attack other individuals,” Davis told CBS News’s Face the Nation.
Incredibly, Deveau claims that one of the brothers threw a pressure cooker bomb at police during the gunfight with officers. “We believe it was an exact duplicate of the Boston Marathon bombs,” he said (they claim to have found a lid to a pressure cooker).
For some bizarre reason, the brothers stood in the light of the headlights of their car as they exchanged fire with police. We were told they had a veritable arsenal of weapons, but then later that turned into one gun between the two of them. Tamerlan was allegedly shot, and as he lay on the ground, we’re told that Dzhokhar got behind the wheel and drove over his body while escaping.
Alleging that Dzhokhar drove over his brother makes him seem less human, but is it at all believable? We later heard from an eyewitness that it was police who drove over Tamerlan’s body. And, according to Infowars.com, the brothers may have been trying to surrender to police.
So, the brothers are cornered by several police officers during a shootout that supposedly featured between 200 and 300 shots fired, and one, Dzhokhar, is allowed to escape in a car? A short distance away, he ditches the vehicle and then runs away? You can really see how that whole martial law thing came in handy. Regular cop tactics just weren’t going to get the job done this time.
So, did Tamerlan really die either in the shootout or after being run over? A video surfaced later from that night that showed a man looking awfully like Tamerlan, handcuffed and naked, being placed in a police car. Police say this wasn’t Tamerlan, but Dan Dicks of Press for Truth reports that he spoke to the brothers’ aunt, Maret Tsarnaeva, who said that the man in the video was absolutely 100% her nephew.
If true, this means that Tamerlan was murdered while in police custody.
Some things the brothers were accused of were later proven to be untrue. We were told they had shot Transit Police Officer Richard Donohue during their shootout with police, but it was later admitted that Donohue had been killed by police “friendly fire.” We were also told the brothers had robbed a convenience store. Then we were told they didn’t do that either.
The story of the shootout involving police and Dzhokhar when he was hiding in the boat turns out to have been a lie also. We were told by Davis that there was an exchange of gunfire between Dzhokhar and police that led to his capture. Later, authorities admitted Dzhokhar had been unarmed and that police riddled the boat with bullets unilaterally. At the end of the shootout, the story goes, Dzhokhar may have shot himself in the throat on purpose (huh?). Later, a police spokesman said the throat wound looked more like a knife wound than a bullet wound.
Oh yes, and the owner of the boat, David Henneberry, is quoted as saying he saw that the cover on the boat appearing to be disturbed, so he looked into the boat and saw a pool of blood. We also hear that he looked in and saw Dzhokhar lying in the boat. But photographs taken the next day show only a small amount of blood where Dzhokhar would have climbed out (and it’s highly unlikely that the police would have cleaned up the blood inside the boat by the next day – especially when we can plainly see a small amount blood on the outside of the boat).
One essential element that had to be established to make this false flag believable was the image of angry Muslim extremists intent on attacking America. What seals this part of the script is the oh-so-convenient written “confession” by Dzhokhar that supposedly explains his motives for the bombing. Apparently, Dzhokhar wrote a kind of claim of responsibility on the inside of the boat where he was hiding, using a marker he “found” (no paper was handy, so he wrote it on the cabin wall as he bled from multiple gunshot wounds).
The note, which was released by prosecutors in May 2014 (both a photo of the original and a transcript of the contents), has all the usual Muslims-are-to-blame talking points, including:

  • When you attack one Muslim, you attack all Muslims
  • We’re getting you back for killing Muslims in Iraq and Afghanistan
  • The innocent victims in Boston are collateral damage just as Muslims are in U.S. wars
  • I don’t mourn my brother because he is a martyr in paradise, where I expect to be soon. (How did he know for sure his brother was dead?)

We first learned of the note in a CBS News report on May 16, 2013 during which Charlie Rose and his grinning sidekick Norah O’Donnell spoke with “senior correspondent” John Miller, a former FBI assistant director. This CBS “scoop” came a full month after the bombing because, Miller suggests, the note was “…the thing that investigators never found anywhere else.” (This is the same Miller who was one of the very few who got access to Danny for an interview.)
They didn’t examine the boat where Dzhokhar spent his last several hours of freedom for possible evidence at the time? Really? And when they did, they magically came up with the familiar “death to America” justification that so often accompanies these false flag events?
Also intriguing is that the note contained a reference to Dzhokhar’s brother being dead, which doesn’t fit with an account that the first thing he asked after his capture was whether or not his brother was still alive.
It turns out that the brothers were well known to U.S. intelligence, including the FBI, which interviewed Tamerlan and placed the brothers on a terror watch list in March 2011 after receiving a warning about them from the Russian Federal Security Bureau.

Zubeidat Tsarnaeva says her sons are innocent.

The boys’ mother, Zubeidat Tsarnaeva (who maintained after Dzhokhar’s guilty verdict that he is innocent), says the FBI had been watching their family for years and had even been in their home, telling her that her eldest son, Tamerlan, was a dangerous extremist. She was quoted in minds.com as saying:
“He was controlled by the FBI, like for three, five years,” she said. “They knew what my son was doing, they knew what actions and what sites on the Internet he was going [to], they used to come…and talk to me…they were telling me that he was really a serious leader and they were afraid of him.”
Peter Dale Scott goes further, suggesting that Tamerlan may have been an FBI informant.
“If Tsarnaev was a double agent, he would be just one of thousands of young people coerced by the FBI as the price for settling a minor legal problem, into a dangerous career as an informant,” Dale Scott writes.
Both of the brothers’ parents claim their sons are being set up. In an article in Global Research, Bill Van Auken makes this telling statement:
“While much remains murky about these and other issues, one thing is clear: the Boston bombing, like virtually every other major terrorist incident, real or invented, since the September 11, 2001 attacks on New York City and Washington, was carried out by someone who was known to and under surveillance by U.S. intelligence agencies.”
And perhaps most significant are the connections between the brothers, their uncle Ruslan Tsarni (who called them “losers” on TV even though he claimed hadn’t seen either of them in several years), and the CIA. Tsarni, it turns out, was married to the daughter of senior CIA official Graham Fuller. He even lived at Fuller’s home for a time, as reported by researcher William Engdahl.
“This uncle was married to the daughter of Graham Fuller, one of the most important CIA architects of using Islamic Jihadists/terrorists against the USSR during the Cold War and after, throughout Central Asia, including Chechnya and Kazakhstan,” writes Engdahl.
In fact, Fuller was the CIA station chief in Kabul at one time and author of The Future of Political Islam. Tsarni and Fuller also worked together to set up a support group for Chechen nationalist guerrillas, as Nick Barrickman reports in Global Research.
But there are more links than that between Tamerlan and the CIA. Investigative journalist Wayne Madsen wrote in a May 2013 article that according to documents obtained from the Georgian Interior Ministry, Tamerlan attended training sessions in Tblisi, Georgia sponsored by the CIA-linked Jamestown Foundation, which was founded in the 1980s by former CIA director William Casey to serve an anti-Soviet agenda.
“Jamestown has two major missions on behalf of the CIA: 1) to ensure the flow of energy, including oil and natural gas, from the Caspian through pipelines in Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Turkey,” Madsen writes, “and 2) [to] prop up or topple governments in the region to ensure U.S. predominance. The latter is accomplished through organizing the political opposition, setting up conferences, and gaining influence in universities through non-governmental organizations established to veil the CIA’s financing of the operations.”
And on the connection to the Boston bombing, he concludes: “The interests who are linked to the Boston Marathon and terrorism in Russia run the gamut from NGOs, to CIA front companies and non-official cover (NOC) agents, foreign intelligence services, and Western energy companies.”
Engdahl asks: “Is it mere “coincidence” that the uncle of the two young men accused of the Boston bombings was related in marriage to the CIA figure who advocated using the networks which were later named “Al Qaeda” across Central Asia, including Chechnya where the Tsarnaev brothers had roots?”
A key element of the Boston bombing official story is the establishing of a motive for the brothers. To that end, Tamerlan made a trip to Dagestan in 2012 that has received a lot of attention. The trip was apparently made for the purpose of renewing his Russian passport.
Peter Dale Scott says Tamerlan’s “conspicuous, provocative, almost theatrical” behavior was very uncharacteristic of Muslim extremism. (Does this remind anyone of alleged 9/11 hijackers, also supposed to be devout Muslims, who were seen gambling, drinking alcohol, using cocaine, and soliciting prostitutes?)
“While walking around in flashy western clothes in the Russian Republic of Dagestan, he visited his cousin, Magomed Kartashov, a prominent Islamist leader, already on the Russians’ radar,” Dale Scott writes. “The two reportedly spent hours discussing Tsarnaev’s wish to join a terrorist cell there in the Caucasus.”  After returning to the U.S., Tamerlan posted pro-jihadist videos on You Tube.
With this six-month trip to Russia, Tamerlan established a possible motive for the bombings while doing all he could to draw attention to himself. So it seems that the planning for the bombing goes back at least this far – even if Tamerlan had no idea of what he was being set up to take the fall for.
The plot thickened the month after the bombing when an acquaintance of Tamerlan’s was killed in Orlando, Florida while being questioned by the FBI and the Massachusetts state police about his connection to Tamerlan. Ibrahim Todashev was shot to death in his apartment after police alleged that he had lunged at them with a knife. This turned out to be false, and it was later acknowledged that Todashev had been unarmed. The FBI has declined to discipline the agent who fired the shots.
Todashev’s father wrote an open letter to President Barack Obama calling for justice in his son’s murder, accusing the FBI of “torturing” him and shooting him 13 times.  He wrote: “They did it deliberately so that he can never speak and never take part in court hearings. They put pressure on my son’s friends to prevent them from coming to the court and speaking the truth.”
One of the friends who appears to have been pressured was Todashev’s girlfriend, Tatiana Gruzdeva, who was arrested and deported after giving an interview to Boston Magazine about the days leading up to Todashev’s murder.
Beyond looking at whether the Tsarnaev brothers were patsies, set up to take the fall for a false flag event, it is also worth briefly considering clear evidence that the bombing itself was not what we were told it was.
For example, based on the video and photographic record, the claim of 264 injured is, to put it very mildly, a wild exaggeration. We’ve been told that about a dozen had lower limbs blown off even though we only see one in the photographs and video. And, as researcher Dave McGowan points out in his 16-part series, we don’t see any arms, hands, or even fingers blown off – only lower legs. Apparently, the shrapnel stayed low and localized (based on the complete absence of injuries to race participants).

Arredondo shows off his bloody flag.

In fact, we don’t see the kind of wounds we’d expect to see if shrapnel-filled bombs had actually gone off. None of the banners that lined the race route where the first of the two explosions took place showed any perforations at all from the high-speed projectiles that would have resulted from the bomb. In numerous cases we see torn or neatly sliced clothing but no apparent wounds where the clothing has been penetrated.
Incidentally, it is extremely curious that there are very few photographs of the immediate aftermath of the second blast – especially in relation to the first one, which is heavily documented.  Where were all the cameras at that spot? One detail that is ignored by the media is that there is photographic and video evidence showing a woman setting down her purse on top of a white plastic bag right beside the mailbox where the second “bomb” is supposed to have gone off. The woman leaves the scene without the purse, and a blast follows. Why is this woman not a suspect? Why haven’t we heard anything about this?
Police told us there is surveillance video showing Dzhokhar leaving a backpack at the scene of the second blast, but that had not been released to the public until it was presented at the trial. But while there is video that appears to show both brothers without the backpacks they had at one point, the video do not appear to show conclusively that the packs were planted at the scene of either blast.
Then there is the star of our show, then 27-year-old Jeff Bauman, who allegedly had both of his legs blown off below the knee by the blast. Bauman, we are told, was waiting near the finish line for his girlfriend, who was running in the race. And tied to what is supposed to have happened to him is a story of “heroism” and “courage” as cowboy-hat-wearing Carlos Arredondo threw Bauman into a wheelchair and pushed him past photographers on the way to getting medical help. The iconic image put a human face on the horror and offered us a hero who would overcome all odds to save his new friend.
Too bad these tales of heroism are all fiction.
First of all, it’s simply unbelievable that a man who had his legs blown off would be left lying on the ground for several minutes while others with seemingly minor injuries were tucked into gurneys and whisked off to hospital in ambulances. But we find out soon enough why things were done this way.
Arredondo claims to have bounded across the street from the bleachers in a rush to render aid to anyone who needed it. But the video evidence shows that he was more preoccupied with standing still and watching events unfold, or stomping on the security fence, than with helping anyone.
So much of Arredondo’s story is proven false by the photos and video. He says Bauman’s shirt was on fire, but there’s no evidence of this. He also says all the flags were blown over by the blast: but they weren’t. And the bloody American flag he unfurled for cameras? Yes, we get the symbolism. America Strong, Boston Edition.
And then there is the blood. At no time do we see any blood coming from Bauman’s legs even when they were draped over the shoulders of a woman who was wearing a white top. This woman was later transported in an ambulance while Bauman was left behind. When she was wheeled away, there was plenty of blood on her. But where did it come from? It hadn’t been there before. And the blood on the sidewalk (as shown in some of the photos, anyway) is a bright red color that looks a lot more like paint than blood.
We have the mysterious hooded man (who has been identified as Christian Williams) who appeared to be working on Bauman’s lower body in some way in the seconds after the blast. Was he coming to his medical aid or was he affixing some kind of prosthetic? This same man was later attended to by medical personnel as he lay on the ground. Shortly before that, he’d been propped up on his elbow, looking quite casual and not very badly hurt.
According to the New York Times, however, Williams has had four operations on his legs since the event. He and his friend, Caroline Reinsch, have a fundraising web page and have received more than $112,000 in donations. Jeff Baumans’ page has raised more than $809,000.

“Bim” Costello and his sliced clothing. (AP Photo/The Daily Free Press, Kenshin Okubo)

There is also the comical photo of victim James “Bim” Costello, who has no visible wounds but multiple slices in his clothing, mainly his pants. Keep in mind that this is supposed to have been a pressure cooker bomb filled with nails and other shrapnel. Supposedly he was “pebbled with shrapnel,” but all we see is sliced clothing. In fact, there are a number of supposed victims whose clothing, and particularly their pants, were sliced up as if with scissors but revealing no significant injuries to their legs.
And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Sheila Casey’s detailed analysis on Truth and Shadows of the photographic and video evidence from the Boston event shows how the story we’ve been told does not match up with what we can see for ourselves in the images.
There are a number of clues that make clear that this was a story contrived to play on our emotions. The Boston Strong bit of branding is reminiscent of the film Wag the Dog and the “Good Old Shoe” song that was written, recorded, and placed in the Library of Congress as if it had been there for decades. The Boston slogan and the song were clearly intended to create some of that artificial warmth.
One of the most incredible things about the way the media “covered” the Boston bombings is that no red flags went up when some things that were reported turned out to be completely false. The basic premise of the official story was never called into question even as it changed from one hour, one day, to the next. The pattern from the Sandy Hook “shooting” was repeated: media reporting an array of misinformation that seem too blatant to be honest mistakes.
Media reports about the killing of Sean Collier turned out to be wrong, but that didn’t shake the story. The idea that Dzhokhar drove over his brother’s body and then escaped a gun battle with police made no sense. But the media bought it. The fact that he was supposed to have been shooting back at police as they riddled the boat with gunfire – and then it turned out he was unarmed – did not register. The story of the alleged carjacking changed numerous times, but again, the overall story of the bombing brothers was never doubted.
Meanwhile, the news media poured flames on the emotional fire while keeping us distracted from clear facts that showed us to be cheering for a script rather than for a triumph over real adversity. The result is that people came together to celebrate their strength and resilience based upon a lie. The tragedy creates a kind of “feel-good” bonding situation that people don’t want interfered with.
Anyone who questions the facts is seen as an intruder in the “overcoming-tragedy” presentation. We are told that we are disrespecting the victims, that we should leave the “conspiracy crap” for a later time (or cut it out altogether). What an effective way to marginalize anyone who dares to question the story or use their brain in any way.
In the Aurora cinema shooting, ABC anchor Rob Nelson, talking over live pictures from the Century 16 theater, said: “This does fulfill a fear that we’ve all had as Americans, that we’ve reported on extensively at ABC News, and that is the proliferation of the lone wolf terrorist, and this could be an example of that.”
The report gets worse as Nelson then goes on to talk about the movie-goers as “soft targets”:
“If you think about airports, we know what the security is like there; we take off our shoes, we take off our belt and walk through those scanners, but we don’t do that on buses, we don’t do that on trains, in shopping malls, movie theaters, and you have to wonder, once the dust settles, once we get past the initial shock of this, do we now begin a talk about security?” His co-anchor chirps in: “We’re so vulnerable.”
So, violent events like Aurora and Boston lead us to think about how vulnerable we are. What’s the solution? Well, in Boston we got a real taste of what authorities have in store for us, to keep us “safe.” We saw martial law imposed where people were forced to stay in their homes, businesses were forced to close, and an army of police (who now look just like soldiers) went door to door searching houses and forcing inhabitants out at gunpoint with their hands up. Only a well-planned psy-op could turn this into a patriotic event instead of the ominous precedent that it was.
And now that we’ve been introduced to the reality of martial law – and we seemed to like it – we’re likely to be seeing much more of it in the future.
McGowan, in his series, writes: “You can go back to sleep now. I’m sure everything is going to work out just fine. Don’t be surprised though if you wake up one day soon to find the streets lined with armored personnel carriers and the skies filled with military helicopters. Because if you accept the implementation of martial law in Boston as a legitimate response to a patently fake ‘terrorist’ attack, then you have given your seal of approval for far more wide-reaching and far more permanent states of martial law in the not-so-distant future. And it will happen. The only question is when.”
When you add up the bomb “exercise,” the tweet from the Boston Globe, the presence of what appeared to be Craft International contractors (whose presence there was denied), the abundant evidence of faked injuries, the inconsistent and improbable carjacking story, as well as the murder of the MIT cop, you get a picture of a deception, a staged bombing, a false flag operation. This does not mean that no one was injured or killed, but we do know that many injuries were reported by the media that simply did not happen, according to the visual evidence.
But we heard none of this at the trial as the deck was stacked against Dzhokhar Tsarnaev from the start, with part of the credit going to his own lawyer. And while he sits in prison, waiting to find out if he will live or die, the real perpetrators of this false flag event are free to plan the next one.


  1. Reblogged this on The Most Revolutionary Act and commented:
    The official version of the Boston bombing makes no sense, started with the alleged murder of MIT cop Sean Collier. We’re told that the brothers had one gun but wanted a second one. So they allegedly fire multiple times into Collier’s car and took off without taking his gun.
    If the brothers’ escape plan included going to the campus of MIT and shooting a cop, then they must really have wanted to get caught.
    Next comes the alleged carjacking that they supposedly committed after shooting Collier. This makes no sense either. \
    Why would they carjack someone when they already had a vehicle? Why would each drive a vehicle for a while before abandoning the one they had originally? Why continue to drive Danny’s SUV when its theft would have been reported to police? Why let Danny go, or let him escape, so that he can run to police and pass on the confession? Why confess to something in the first place?
    And why remain in the Boston area three days after the bombing if they were actually guilty? None of this makes the slightest bit of sense, and yet we’re supposed to believe it on the word of a “victim” whose identity wasn’t even known for two years.
    Like Lee Harvey Oswald, both brothers were well known to US intelligence and the FBI prior to the bombing. Their ucnle Ruslan Tsarni was married to the daughter of a senior CIA official and lived in his home. Tamerlan attended had attended CIA-linked training sessions in Tblisi Georgia. JFK assassination researcher Peter Dale Scott believes Tamerlan was an FBI informant.

      1. Chris Emery is the producer of “A Noble Lie,” the award-winning documentary exposing the lies and telling the truth about the Oklahoma City Bombing. As the 20th anniversary of that false flag event approaches, Chris joins us to set the record straight on Timothy McVeigh, from his CIA drug smuggling to his FBI handler to the very real possibility that he is still alive.

    1. Did you notice the name of the Chinese guy who was supposedly car jacked and had the whole plan revealed to him by the brothers?
      Dun Meng.
      Say it fast and it’s almost like “dumbing”…as in dumbing down.
      Not credible, but it struck me as mildly curious.

  2. “Tie me kangaroo down sport!”
    An astonishing miscarriage of justice, a despicable and vile travesty.
    Thank you Craig for this timely and thorough treatment on this tragic case.

  3. Craig, Thanks for putting the different facets of this story together. OK, I was aware of much of this, and, almost monotonously by now, different features shared by this and other false flags (like the exercises just coincidentally on the very day, etc.) are shared in numerous instances. OK, ok, got all that. It’s all very infuriating. But what occurs to me now, is, from any sort of practical standpoint, what do we do with this awareness? 9/11 is one thing, beaucoup evidence, clear as hell, but people are going to stop listening to us babbling on about fifteen different events, or even one single one more, how they were all false-flags and was never, is never served or even meant to be. What can we all do about this other than get bent out of shape one more time? Each new event we take on as our burden decreases our exposure time to all of the previous ones! Living under the NWO is just maddening and the retrogression of it just never ends.

    1. This is why we have activist groups like AE911Truth that focus on one thing and one thing only. They, as do general “false flag” journalists like McKee, have their place in the pantheon.

      1. True. I do that in my blog, http://www.911grassroots.org, too. But, back to my question: what, practically speaking, can even those of us who are in the market for such vital information actually do with us, other than bug others? In my case, the main reason I blog is so I can bug others by the thousands instead of one by one. But, probably all they can do with the info is simply say, “Yes, I get it”, and wring their hands like I do. There has got to be a better response, for the sake of everybody!

        1. Well it is up to you what you choose to do with the knowledge that Boston was a false flag event and a young patsy has been railroaded into the electric chair for it. I choose to see it as a clear warning sign that full blown fascist dictatorship is ready to be rolled out on a nation wide scale. I see it as a clear sign that civil war is coming and that we truthers are among the first to be targeted for internment or execution by the regime behind 9/11 and Boston and Sandy Hook. I see it as a final warning. How you see it is up to you.

          1. I see it exactly the same way. I greatly propagate this very analysis through my blog. Based on recent history, we’re almost assured of having multiple new major and egregious additions to our rapidly-growing list of such outrages to yell and scream about. But, again my question: what can we do that will reverse all that? (Hint: I have an idea myself that I’m trying to operationalize, but not there yet. But just analyzing and describing, on and on and on, won’t do much of anything. Although, granted, we do need to exchange observations and ideas..

          2. James Hufferd,
            I think the interview in the URl below addresses what can be done about all of this:
            Interview 1024 – Tjeerd Andringa Exposes the Kakistocracy
            Kakistocracy is defined as “rule by the worst.” Today on the program Dr. Tjeerd Andringa of the University of Groningen joins us to discuss his theory of how the kakistocracy uses child abuse to perpetuate their control, both over the victims of that abuse and its perpetrators. We also discuss what the vast majority of decent and moral people can do about this problem.

          3. By the way while I was on my way to work yesterday in Azusa, CA I saw a convoy of fully armored Humvee’s with roof mounted machine guns traveling through Azusa. There were at least 10 of these along with a number of other military vehicles.
            Several months earlier I saw a big fat MRAP here in Azusa.

        2. What do you claim you do in your blog? Specialize in 9/11? I just visited it. There are seven different stories on your home page, none of which is about 9/11.

    2. So I guess his confession in court yesterday-“I’m guilty of it. If there is any lingering doubt of that, let it be no more”-was the clever work of a very good ventriloquist and the prison surgeon who amputated his tongue.

      1. No, I’m sure those words came out of his mouth. But the facts tell me that he isn’t telling the truth. I can’t say for sure why he would do that but I have my own thoughts on the matter. Tell me, do you find the wording of the statement you quoted to be odd? “If there is any lingering doubt …” Why would he care about lingering doubts? If it was important to him to tell everyone he did it, why did he plead not guilty? Why did he indicate in his boat “confession” that he knew his brother was dead but then ask if he was dead when he awoke in the hospital? Lots of questions, and none of them answered by his “let it be no more” admission.

        1. Hi Craig –
          The Watertown police officer that was shot by friendly fire was not “killed”. He survived.
          Jeff Bauman had his legs blown off above the knee.

          1. Not according to the most famous photo of Jeff as he is being wheeled down the street. In that you can see that his left knee is still intact.

  4. I find it very odd that there are emergency responders all over the place carting away people on stretchers yet with Jeff Bauman you see two emergency responders both with gloves on next to the guy who gets both his legs blown off and is set in an upright position by cowboy hat guy.
    Its strange that this guy who just had both his legs blown off is being carted away in an upright position,and you mean to tell me these emergency responders with gloves on are jogging along side the wheel chair while cowboy hat guy holds the bloody severed artery and does what they`ve been trained to do with no gloves on?
    And also if this fricking guy Jeff Bauman just had both legs blown off you are going to need a real tight knot with a turn stick if you have any hope of trying slow the bleeding of someone who`s had every artery in both legs severed,yet look how loose the tournique is.This is some phony ass shit going on.

  5. Boston Carjacking Unravels 2
    March 13, 2014 by Russ Baker
    Categories: Boston Bombing Investigation, Media Fail, Our Investigations, Police State
    In part I, we reported significant discrepancies in the story of the key witness in the Boston Marathon bombing-MIT police officer killing. These discrepancies cast doubt on his credibility—and therefore on the entire public narrative around those events.
    We have been told that the witness was carjacked by the brothers Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, and that Tamerlan confessed to him their guilt in both crimes.
    Here, in Part II, we take a closer look at that witness, who has publicly remained anonymous, known only by the pseudonym “Danny.”
    Why “Danny” Matters
    The carjacking victim is an important figure in this singular national drama—and presumably could be a key witness if Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s case comes to trial.
    With Attorney General Eric Holder’s decision to seek the death penalty, it is a good bet that the government is looking for the younger Tsarnaev to settle for a guilty plea in return for avoiding execution. If that comes to pass, we may never hear his testimony on what took place and why. Even if he does end up testifying, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev may find it prudent not to tell the whole truth, since he will surely be intent on engineering a sentencing deal. Under the more likely plea-bargain scenario, the mysterious carjacking victim, known to the public only as Danny, may never have to testify either. With one brother dead, the other presumably trying to avoid execution, and another potential person of interest, a friend of the Tsarnaevs named Ibragim Todashev, shot dead while in FBI custody, the prosecution may have no need to put Danny on the witness stand. In that event, the story he has already told—or, rather, the dominant narrative of several he has provided—will remain the final word on who committed the bombing and the MIT homicide.
    Clearly, this witness’s unique role makes him worth scrutinizing.

  6. Great work Craig and without further delay I will get right into this:
    The Boston Bombing was fake and here is just one of many proofs of staging of the crime scene.
    Benches after bombing are still intact. Note the bench to the left of the man on the ground.
    Benches after bombing are now destroyed at same location. Note the three post iron fence in both photos. Also note the distinctive dark stone work on the sidewalk next to the central iron post which is seen in both photos. This is the same location no way you can deny that. Evidence of staging right in your face. Please show me how I am wrong.

      1. Adam,
        I agree this was a false flag, but, to play devil’s advocate with your example, I’m not sure how strong the intact benches argument is. An explosive force can indeed destroy some things and leave others undamaged; in the Pentagon on 9/11, we know bombs went off; yet there are the famous photos of the undamaged file cabinet with the computer monitor, and the open, unburned book resting on an intact stool. I’m sure there are some differences between the two scenarios also, so I’d be interested to hear yours and others’ responses.

        1. The Boston bombing did happen and it wasn’t staged!! Those brothers had too much to lose to do that, and they had friends who there as well. Why would they?
          The younger brother was getting very high grades at school and I think he’s innocent. I believe he was forced to confess what he didn’t do!
          And it was right after the raids in Greece did anyone think of that?
          When Osama Bin Laden confessed on national tv you could see he wasn’t being threatened.

          1. “When Osama Bin Laden confessed on national tv you could see he wasn’t being threatened.” ~Alison
            In what universe did this happen in?

          2. The Boston “bombing” was smoke bombs. No one was injured, no one died.
            The brothers certainly had too much to lose. They are both innocent. It was staged, it was phony, the “victims” are fakes and liars, and now I’m convinced the jurors were also fake. They were planted in order to guarantee a death sentence.
            By the way, the Osama bin Laden confession was also fake.

      2. Yep, good find. Amateur set dresser without any idea of continuity. It would have taken some serious force to break that bench into pieces, yet the explosion did it no damage. This is proof of a staged event.

  7. Has anyone considered the implications of this travesty of injustice?
    I think if you follow the implications to their logical end you will understand not only where we really are as a nation but what you need to do in response.

    1. This has been going on for decades…since the creation of the CIA. It is our civil duty according to the Constitution to remove a corrupt govt. Or at least get educated on their dirty tricks. There are many declassified documents of past false flags. Read Spies Lies and whistleblowers and it will explain further how false flags work to take our freedoms from us in the name of safety. I do not feel safer whatsoever after 9/11. I see an out of control govt and a ton of corruption. Bush’s, Clintons, they all need to go and be prosecuted and our current President Impeached. We impeached Clinton for sexual acts, but Obama can destroy our Country and Constitution and nobody does anything? Come on…

      1. Obama would have to be intensely planning 394 hours a day, while most of the time he’s out speeking to groups and schmoozing, to be responsible for half of what he’s blamed for. Responsibility obviously lies in levels far above him. He’s just a front-man, more of an actor than Reagan.

  8. “Apparently, the shrapnel stayed low and localized (based on the complete absence of injuries to race participants).”
    They couldn’t use runners as actors because it was too hard to predict when anyone (other than a highly trained runner with multiple marathons under their belt) would finish the race.
    Another excellent and witty analysis Craig. The story is truly absurd. What’s hugely depressing is that 95% of the populace accept it as fact despite the glaring contradictions.

    1. Thanks, Sheila.
      I would bet that the average person doesn’t even know about the contradictions and anomalies in this event. They rely on the mass media to tell them what happened and the media feeds them propaganda.

      1. True that…only 11% of our nation use critical or logical thinking. Their whole lives we were taught what to think not how to think and if the news says it’s true it is. It’s too hard to do their own homework and question everything!

  9. A jury found Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev guilty on all 30 charges, including conspiracy and use of a weapon of mass destruction, offenses that are punishable by death.
    Judge Napolitano says that a jury will have to decide whether the aggravating factors outweigh the mitigating factors, which will determine if he will be sentenced to death. If he is sentenced to prison, he will live in a jail cell in Colorado that is 450 feet below ground level and he will never see the light of day again. ~Fox News2015 Apr 9
    Back to the dark ages with US “justice! Can you believe this medieval shit?
    “A weapon of mass destruction”??? They are fucking crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      1. Yea Sheila,
        It is absolutely barbaric – even if the kid were guilty, it is beyond humane into demonic. Beyond Proportion and reason.

          “Psychological operations (PSYOP) are planned operations to
          convey selected information and indicators to foreign audiences
          to influence the emotions, motives, objective reasoning, and
          ultimately the behavior of foreign governments, organizations,
          groups, and individuals. PSYOP are a vital part of the broad
          range of US diplomatic, informational, military, and economic
          activities. PSYOP characteristically are delivered as information
          for effect, used during peacetime and conflict, to inform and
          . . . . . . . . . . . . .
          However, under the new strategic maxim of Full Spectrum Dominance, the ‘war theater’ is perpetual and global—including the domestic “audience”. So these PSYOPs are directed to influence the Amerikan people as well.

    1. Anybody who believes in Dzhokhar’s innocence needs to fight to get this fraud exposed and try to get him exonerated!

          1. If anyone has investigative skills and connections, those could be hugely helpful to try to find out who these “victims” are, where they came from, how they’re involved with government, etc.
            If the government gets away with this fraud, no one is safe.

          2. Whatever one can do I guess. Some really good honest lawyers familiar with federal cases could be a great help. We can pray, write to our “representatives” (not that I expect that would do a whole lot of good) if they aren’t all crooks like most of them, writers can write, songwriters and other artists could help, whatever someone can do.

  10. I have been waiting for one of my “main men/women” to do this article. Thank you Craig. I would love to hear what Dave McGowan has to say in light of the verdict. I have been following the trial over at WhoWhatWhy and the bits about “Danny” have been intriguing and as close to mainstream reporting as we might get. Too bad Baker and his crew don’t get into other anomalies like you and McGowan do. They are similarly cautious about 9/11 over there.
    Regarding the ripped up clothing a debunker posted a video showing how in some explosions clothes can get ripped to shreds while the body is uninjured like in the video when a guy was too close when an over-inflated tire blew up. The guy’s clothes were in tatters but he was all right.
    But there are so many other anomalies as you pointed out and why they are not examined at the trial leads me to remember that trials are not about getting the truth out but to get justice done. Look like they done done done it again.

    1. Jimbo,
      You will notice that ‘Baker and his crew’ are the type of ‘conspiracy theorists’ who only have one shelf in their head for one special conspiracy … just so they don’t appear too odd-ball to the mainstream gaggle of mindless geese. Their sole Tin Hat happens to be the JFK Assassination. Anything else is Pablo Picasso to them… too abstract, too “out there”…
      There are some on this site with similar views, 9/11 being their sole CT-hat. Life goes on within them but without them… er somethin’ like that.

  11. Boston Marathon Bombings’ Guilty Verdict Exposed as a Gross Travesty of Justice
    By Joachim Hagopian
    Global Research, April 11, 2015
    Url of this article:
    With the official government narrative of the 9/11 attack filled with a plethora of lies that have since been subsequently exposed, the next biggest “war on terror” event on US soil that the feds failed to stop was the April 2013 Boston Marathon bombings. And now the lone living suspect from that horrific crime that killed three people, left 17 limbless and injured 264 victims (though that number’s been accused of being purposely inflated) has now been found guilty of all 30 counts after the jury’s 11 hour deliberation earlier this week. As we mark the second anniversary of this tragic event and the second and final phase of the trial beginning on Monday that will decide the fate of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev – whether he’ll live out the rest of his life in prison or be put to death, a critical review of preceding events and developments surrounding his high profile, extremely significant case seems both timely and much needed.
    Despite Dzhokhar Tsarnaev pleading not guilty to the 30 counts (17 carrying the death penalty) he was charged within a week after the April 15th bombings in 2013, his lead defense attorney Judy Clark several days ago conceded to the jury that her client was guilty in her closing argument. Apparently blaming the dead brother whose due process was denied became Dzhokhar’s only defense strategy. The defense team insisted that he was coerced and bullied by his older brother into committing alleged acts of terrorism. Considering no real solid proof other than photos placing Dzhokhar and older brother Tamerlan both wearing backpacks at the scene of the crime where the two bombs exploded was even presented at the trial, no justice for either the Tsarnaevs nor the many victims can possibly come from this guilty verdict.

    1. A Key paragraph:
      “But then the propaganda lies built into this case from the start were designed to convict the brothers as the patsy fall guys all along. Going back to the JFK assassination and Lee Harvey Oswald, every false flag operation has its unwitting stooges who are used by the feds as props to take the sole blame. From President Obama to the FBI to their propagandist presstitutes, they were all publicly weighing in their guilty verdicts no sooner than the release of the photos that within days of the bombings identified the two brothers as the only prime suspects, thus prejudicing the entire case, effectively swaying Americans into believing that the one suspect still alive was guilty long before his trial ever began. And we know based on both Obama and the FBI’s track records that they both are constantly lying through their teeth and obviously cannot be trusted. The overwhelming majority of American citizens per last August’s CNN poll, an all-time high of 87%, of Americans simply do not trust their own government, knowing that they are constantly being lied to every day. And with so many blatant holes in the state’s case, anyone half aware and informed of what’s been allowed to go down in the Boston Marathon bombings case would be near 100% certain that the government is once again producing an over-the-top false narrative designed to hide its own criminality. But then the US federal government’s become a militarized dictatorship, part of an international crime cabal that uses state propaganda as effectively as the Nazis ever did.”~Hagopian

        1. Yes Dennis, it seems to be a basic formula in these types of events – the JFK seems the original template for many of the events that came later.
          The ABC’s of PSYOPS

    2. If Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is innocent of this crime, then he just is, and Iike Judge Judy says, ‘mother nature has a way of coming back’.
      I would need to hear the proof!
      My ex wasn’t charged after he crippled me & traumatised me in 1993, yet he confessed to many that he did it! And they know. After nine years I walked properly again. Oh but it was such a long time ago the police say you can’t charge him now?
      And you’re telling me this isn’t rigged?

      1. “And you’re telling me this isn’t rigged?”~Alison
        WHAT??? It seems pretty obvious to me that everyone commenting here is pretty much in agreement that it IS rigged!
        Maybe you could hire a hit man.

  12. Mr. McKee, yours is by far one of the clearest and most complete wrap ups of the Boston Bombing shenanigans.
    His kangaroo defense attorney is widely advertised as Ms. NoDeathRow… At the same time all the legal and propaganda groundwork has been laid for a death penalty. The question is which one is the desired outcome in the script that’s being played out.
    Going through your list, we have a dead shooter with Oswald, dead hijackers on 9/11, a live one in aurora, a dead one in sandy hook, and a live one in Boston. However, I would suggest that, statistically, in all of the lone nut incidents, live capture is a rarity. So, since we all seem to agree that these are scripted events, it is highly likely that the “live capture” is also as per script, and will perform an important function in furthering some agenda or another, possibly more than a few, similar to how aurora opened the flood gates for “mental” control grid and how the Holmes trial permanently destroyed doctor patient confidentiality.
    As mentioned above, the aftermath of the bombing was essentially the shut down of a major U.S. City, implementation of martial law, and automatic suspension of civil and constitutional rights of millions of U.S. Citizens. At the time, you couldn’t listen to any “authority” (from the police chief to the president) more than a minute before they mentioned how well all of the branches of homeland security were working with the local and state police and the military. That it was a huge success. That this was what they had been working for since 9/11… Which more than suggests that, just like the bombing, everything about the three day invasion of Boston was one big f’n exercise… The mother of all drills, basically. After all, They had been doing this in poorer areas of small towns in much smaller scale for years.
    Here is my question. If the whole event, it’s planning, execution and outcome is scripted, would it be a terribly “tinfoil” thing to consider that these patsies are perhaps willing patsies, participating in a major war game as the red team?
    Granted, they could be willing participants only until they realize they are the patsies. But still, I don’t think drill masters would risk the outcome of such a major operation by having two guys running loose even for a few hours… The brothers could have easily done one of a million possible unexpected things to spoil their plans; surrender in public, make a call, post something online… Anything really.. I find it more likely that they would have already apprehended the brothers before they announced their names as suspects. It just seems extremely risky otherwise… The Tsarnaev brothers’ reported actions are either all fictitious and are played by actors for the benefit of cameras and witnesses, or they were staged with the brothers still playing along.
    Could the nephews of a high level CIA operative really be used as patsies where one gets killed and the other one gets locked up for life or gets executed? That just does not make any sense. If they are lying about everything else, why are we taking their word at it when they say Tamarlan is dead?

    1. True, there is nothing in this case that can be trusted that has been stated by an “authority” or “official.”

    2. Thank you Lilaleo. Great comment. The absurdities of these brothers’ actions post “bombing” defies all rational thought (i.e., hijacking when they didn’t need a car, killing a cop for a gun they didn’t take, the entire running over a brother’s body to escape after a massive shootout — such a ridiculous, unbelievable narrative). Because of this, I too have suspected that the brothers are still alive and well and were simply another part of this entire bread & circus show for the masses. Also explains why Judy Clarke didn’t bother to put on a real defense.
      Craig, thank you for such a great blog site. I’ve been lurking here for nearly a year and am always excited when you post a new article.

      1. Can someone tell me why leaving a backpak behind, or not has any significance? Whether he had the bag with him when he left the scene may contemplate how far away he was from home? People leave shoes and jumpers behind in trees etc. when they don’t want to carry them.
        Why would he wait for a bomb to go off and then run away with everyone else, if he knew it was there? Why wouldn’t he peacefully walk off sooner, and wait somewhere else? No, he is seen leaving and he doesn’t look happy about it at all.
        I’d want to see where the proof is first?

        1. “Can someone tell me why leaving a backpak behind, or not has any significance?”~Alison
          Because the backpack supposedly held the “bomb’.
          Jeezuz Alison, do you know ANYTHING about this case?

    3. Agree. No one has come forward to sing. Since the “confession” did not have one word written in Arabic, & since his voice did not even quiver before he was sentenced, & since he spoke with a “thick russian accent” at his sentencing ( according to Laurel Sweet ) I can only conclude that 5’7″ jahar was not the 5’11’ defendant in the courtroom.
      In addition all family members have been mute, which means they gave been paid off…no other conclusion.

  13. The Boston Marathon Bombing’s “Constructed Reality”
    By Prof. James F. Tracy – Global Research, April 19, 2014
    “The only feeling that anyone can have about an event he does not experience is the feeling aroused by his mental image of that event … For it is clear enough that under certain conditions men respond as powerfully to fictions as they do to realities.” Walter Lippmann, Public Opinion, 1922.
    The careful coordination of information and visual representations governs the mass mind. The conditions for such are accentuated in times of perceived crisis. For a relatively brief period following the Boston Marathon bombing two sets of photographs emerged that actually depicted what appeared to have taken place at “ground zero,” where the first explosive device detonated. Each series of photos strongly suggests the execution of a mass casualty exercise.
    The first set of photographs was taken by amateur sports photographer Benjamin Thorndike, whose employment as a financial advisor at FOC Partners on Boylston provided him with an ideal position. The second set was taken by graphic designer Aaron Tang, whose office is several doors down Boylston Street from FOC. In fact, Tang’s photos are especially revealing as they chronicle the unusual law enforcement and first responder reactions to the incident.
    While Tang’s photos and personage are almost entirely absent from corporate news reportage and commentary, Thorndike and a handful of his more than two dozen photos receive sporadic consideration in the short-lived news cycle preceding 5:00PM on April 18, when the FBI revealed images of Tamarlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev in the vicinity of the finish line.
    The federal government and its major media appendages would then employ this dubious evidence vis-á-vis the Tsarnaevs’ non-American otherness to essentially indict the brothers in the court of public opinion. The spectre of Muslim terrorism–an important propaganda element of the “war on terror”–further legitimated the declaration of martial law in the greater Boston area, culminating in the extrajudicial killing of Tamarlan and the near-murder (so far as the public is lead to believe) of Dzhokhar.

  14. Boston Marathon Bombings’ Guilty Verdict Exposed as a Gross Travesty of Justice
    By Joachim Hagopian
    Global Research, April 11, 2015
    Url of this article:
    With the official government narrative of the 9/11 attack filled with a plethora of lies that have since been subsequently exposed, the next biggest “war on terror” event on US soil that the feds failed to stop was the April 2013 Boston Marathon bombings. And now the lone living suspect from that horrific crime that killed three people, left 17 limbless and injured 264 victims (though that number’s been accused of being purposely inflated) has now been found guilty of all 30 counts after the jury’s 11 hour deliberation earlier this week. As we mark the second anniversary of this tragic event and the second and final phase of the trial beginning on Monday that will decide the fate of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev – whether he’ll live out the rest of his life in prison or be put to death, a critical review of preceding events and developments surrounding his high profile, extremely significant case seems both timely and much needed.
    Despite Dzhokhar Tsarnaev pleading not guilty to the 30 counts (17 carrying the death penalty) he was charged within a week after the April 15th bombings in 2013, his lead defense attorney Judy Clark several days ago conceded to the jury that her client was guilty in her closing argument. Apparently blaming the dead brother whose due process was denied became Dzhokhar’s only defense strategy. The defense team insisted that he was coerced and bullied by his older brother into committing alleged acts of terrorism. Considering no real solid proof other than photos placing Dzhokhar and older brother Tamerlan both wearing backpacks at the scene of the crime where the two bombs exploded was even presented at the trial, no justice for either the Tsarnaevs nor the many victims can possibly come from this guilty verdict.
    If the purpose of the US judicial system in criminal trials is to ensure that all factual evidence surrounding an alleged crime or crimes be accurately and fairly presented so that the jurors can properly assess the best semblance of the truth as presented by both prosecution and defense in order for the jury to adjudicate and decide a defendant’s true guilt or innocence, this trial was a complete travesty of justice. And if a basic tenet of the justice system in the United States holds that a defendant is considered innocent until proven guilty, then again this verdict outcome is an obscene farce and a shameful joke exposing America’s justice system for its gross injustice. Just as the 9/11 commission failed to adequately address and answer dozens of questions that its official narrative failed to deliver, and years earlier the Warren Commission failed JFK and America, so does the prosecution’s case of evidence of Tsarnaev’s guilt fail to be convincing, much less provide definitive and unequivocal proof that the 21-year old Chechen American with his brother committed the Boston Marathon crimes.
    And the prime reason why is that so much of the testimony and so called evidence was based on the FBI and local law enforcement’s dishonest versions of events that were based near exclusively on the government’s one star witness’s faulty, changeable, non-credible accounting of events. The identity of this sole witness who we don’t even know other than by his fake name “Danny,” claims that the deceased brother Tamerlan confessed that he and his younger brother were responsible for the Marathon bombings as well as the murder of the MIT campus policeman. Yet “Danny” never even testified as a witness at the trial. When the strength of the state’s evidence relies solely on one anonymous witness who’s never even sworn in to testify at the trial nor subjected to cross-examination on behalf of the accused, how can the trial verdict in any way be considered legitimate or fair? Virtually the entire guilt or innocence of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev rested on what this one alleged witness claimed, yet he kept changing his story on numerous occasions.
    The other so called incriminating evidence used against Dzhokhar was a bogus, totally unbelievable written confession that he is purported to have written in the dark on the inside wall of the boat he was hiding out in. Dzhokhar was supposedly laying there nearly bleeding to death from the alleged gunshot exchange with police a few hours earlier. Yet on video footage the young man is seen emerging unassisted from the boat appearing bloodless and uninjured only to be admitted minutes later to the emergency hospital room in critical condition suffering from a deeply sliced neck wound that prevented him from speaking for weeks. How did that happen while in police custody? And that came after a swarm of police shot a slew of bullet holes into the boat while Tsarnaev supposedly lay there gravely injured.
    Just as the French authorities made sure that no prisoners were allowed to be taken alive in the alleged Hebdo Paris crime spree in January, nor in Osama bin Laden’s alleged execution in Pakistan in 2011, nor in the JFK assassination, that barrage of gunfire into that boat by FBI and/or local police was also intended to kill the only suspect. That way the government’s complicity, criminal involvement and subsequent cover-up would have conveniently been eliminated – wiped clean of any messy complications in the form of a suspect trial and the truth inadvertently leaking out. So the US government proceeds with a pseudo-trial that kept the defendant silent and unable to ever present his side of the story. In effect, he may as well have been silenced by the bullets intended to kill him.
    Another of the dozens of discrepancies in this case is over how and when older brother Tamerlan actually died. A series of photos of a naked and handcuffed Tamerlan were taken as the police placed him into custody and inside a patrol car. Both CNN and the Boston Globe reported that Tamerlan was alive in police custody. Yet the feds’ official line was that after the brothers robbed a 7-Eleven, Tamerlan was killed in the Watertown shootout with the police while Dzhokhar backed the car over him as he made his temporary getaway. It can only be one or the other. The photos don’t lie. Cops do.
    For so many incredulous inconsistencies to actually be accepted as convincing “evidence” while so many discrepant facts directly contradict state evidence, and then the “no questions asked” defense and mainstream media throughout the trial passively swallowing it hook, line and sinker in its rush to convict Dzhokhar Tsarnaev (trial being over in less than a month with 95 witnesses) is utterly preposterous and again, a complete and total miscarriage of justice. For nearly two years all the potential defense witnesses were constantly harassed, deported, jailed, and even killed, thus, virtually silencing any chance of a fair defense for Dzhokhar.
    But then the propaganda lies built into this case from the start were designed to convict the brothers as the patsy fall guys all along. Going back to the JFK assassination and Lee Harvey Oswald, every false flag operation has its unwitting stooges who are used by the feds as props to take the sole blame. From President Obama to the FBI to their propagandist presstitutes, they were all publicly weighing in their guilty verdicts no sooner than the release of the photos that within days of the bombings identified the two brothers as the only prime suspects, thus prejudicing the entire case, effectively swaying Americans into believing that the one suspect still alive was guilty long before his trial ever began. And we know based on both Obama and the FBI’s track records that they both are constantly lying through their teeth and obviously cannot be trusted. The overwhelming majority of American citizens per last August’s CNN poll, an all-time high of 87%, of Americans simply do not trust their own government, knowing that they are constantly being lied to every day. And with so many blatant holes in the state’s case, anyone half aware and informed of what’s been allowed to go down in the Boston Marathon bombings case would be near 100% certain that the government is once again producing an over-the-top false narrative designed to hide its own criminality. But then the US federal government’s become a militarized dictatorship, part of an international crime cabal that uses state propaganda as effectively as the Nazis ever did.
    All kinds of unexplained anomalies are rampant throughout this case. A number of paid mercenaries from Craft International, a paramilitary private security contractor out of Texas (not unlike notorious Blackwater/aka Xe/aka Academi) were also spotted in photos wearing those same black colored government-issued-like backpacks. The question of whether any of them laid their backpack and its contents on the ground never quite came up in the trial. Apparently these guys were part of a Homeland Security training exercise that just happened to be training at the exact same time and place as the so called terrorists on that Boston Marathon day. Think about those odds, kind of like America’s entire national air defense on 9/11 conveniently being absent, purposely diverted to training exercises in the Atlantic just so the 9/11 false flag could be executed as planned. In Boston the unmistakable heavy presence of the military and special ops personnel assembled en-masse instantly on the scene after the marathon explosions is yet another giveaway indicating that the feds had something if not everything to do with this tragedy.
    Clearly it was a training exercise alright, Bostonians was used as a guinea pig litmus test for assessing how a large US urban population of over a million people would react to a first practice, simulation dry-run of martial law in America, conveniently prepping us for what’s to come. The 2012 National Defense Authorization Act upheld by the US Supreme Court a year ago now permits the US military to invade our homes without warrant, arrest us without charges, and imprison us indefinitely without trial, legal representation or due process. After the marathon bombings the feds’ stand down order issued over an expansive, densely populated metropolitan area to remain in their homes while a massive police state-army dressed and armed for war against its own people without warrants entered thousands of homes with automatic weapons drawn in the largest, monster-scale manhunt in US history searching for one teenager from a family with whom the feds were already very familiar.
    Perhaps the most respected independent news team that’s been diligently investigating the Boston Marathon bombings the last two years – WhoWhatWhy – has asserted that older brother Tamerlan was most likely an FBI informant. Through court motions last year Dzhokhar’s defense team submitted evidence that the FBI had approached the older Tsarnaev brother in an effort to recruit him to spy on his fellow Boston Chechen and Muslim community. The US intel community has a verifiably long history both here and around the globe of seeking out troubled youth and young people like the Tsarnaevs as informants in its worldwide clandestine operations.
    The FBI and CIA’s common misuse of paying informants to entrap others globally into joining plots of terrorism was well documented in researcher-author Trevor Aaronson’s book The Terror Factory: Inside the FBI’s Manufactured War on Terrorism. Between 9/11 and 2011 he confirmed that 508 defendants were recruited by informants paid up to $100,000 in multiple sting operations. In fact, in all but only three high profile cases were the FBI and their informants not involved. Again, this demonstrates that the US government’s calling card around the world reads “Terrorism-R-US,” just another M.O. for squandering hard earned taxpayer dollars to keep its invented “war on terror” very much ongoing and alive forever.
    What seems most probable are efforts by the FBI to recruit Tamerlan to become a snitch in the neocons’ self-serving war on terror. Yet this piece of crucial evidence has been purposely withheld from all court proceedings and MSM’s dubious, half-ass coverage. 26-year old Tamerlin was a down on his luck, unemployed boxer whose dream of Olympic gold had been shattered, married to a nurse’s aide working 60 hours a week to make ends meet. YetWhoWhatWhy states that just two days prior to the bombings, Tamerlan could afford sending his mother in Russia $900 cash along with paying for the backpacks (or were they government issued?), ammunition and bomb-making materials. Yet this critical piece of information was also prohibited from further inquiry during the trial.
    Of course the FBI predictably denied any Tsarnaev solicitation to become an informant. Prior to last month’s trial, the US Circuit Court judge presiding over the case explicitly ordered that the brother’s involvement with FBI not be allowed to enter his courtroom during the trial. It remains to be seen if Judge George A. O’Toole will permit the defense to present this critical information during the upcoming sentencing phase. Because the government has so much to hide and has failed to address so many discrepancies in the case for obvious high stakes reasons, it probably won’t be included, which of course only reinforces what many of us already know, that this trial is but a sham for police state propaganda and truth suppression.
    Of all the receipts for typical everyday items purchased, the only receipts found in Tamerlan’s pockets were receipts for his self-incriminating bomb-making materials. That’s almost like finding the unblemished passport belonging to the lead 9/11 box-cutter a couple blocks from the towers’ ashes the day after, or the Hebdo gunman’s wallet with ID left carelessly on purpose in the cab so those terrorists could instantly be identified. This calling card pattern smacks of yet another inside job rendition with the same shabby, grubby fed fingerprints carelessly smudged all over it.
    Another inconsistent weakness in the prosecution’s case was the sophistication required for making the “pressure-cooker” bombs used at the marathon. Supposedly Tamerlan learned off an al Qaeda internet website where the article’s authors mention the directions being beyond the scope of a novice. Throughout the trial, the prosecution team would go back and forth promoting the notion of the bombs’ complexity whenever it served their purpose. For example, as the reason used to justify the FBI interrogating Dzhokhar for two days straight without reading him his Miranda rights, the FBI suspected that others were also involved, partially based on the bombs seeming more than homemade-like. Yet whenever it would come up as a reason to mitigate seeking the death penalty, the notion of lone wolves would get drummed home every time.
    The traces of bomb materials in Tamerlan’s apartment underwent the same flip floppy logic as a transparent prosecution ploy used to convict the younger brother. Three times the feds changed their tune on traces of the bomb material being found in the apartment and whether the brothers had outside help or not. These discrepancies consistently went unchallenged by the defense during the trial as if pre-scripted to let the shady government off the hook in its back and forth rendition of “truth,” protecting the feds’ cover-up lies of discrepancy in order to allow the US government to get away with its incriminating part.
    The one thread of unfailing consistency throughout this entire two year story is the constant inconsistencies and the countless conspicuously avoided bottom line questions that smack of inside cover-up. Initially the Tsarnaevs were not the suspects. Apparently once the photos of the Tsarnaev brothers at the Boston Marathon were made public asking for help in identifying their names, overheard on a Boston police scanner and then scooped up immediately by social media network sources, the names Mike Mulugeta and Sunil Trapathi were erroneously identified as the suspects. The fact that the FBI knew who the two men in those photos were because they had previous dealings with them enough to place them on a no fly list, the FBI willfully lied to America pretending it needed the public’s assistance to identify them. And then the police put out false names of innocent people as suspects. Mike Mulugeta reportedly was shot dead though any actual accounts confirming his death are completely absent. However, East Indian American and Brown University student Sunil Trapathi who had been reported missing since mid-March was found floating face down in pond water in Providence, Rhode Island about a week after the Marathon explosions. What little information about his suspicious death was released through his family and the question of whether the death resulted from foul play is still largely unknown.
    More bogus, planted propaganda against the brothers shortly after they were identified as the prime suspects was the FBI claim linking them to the triple murder case in Waltham, Massachusetts that took place on September 11th, 2011. Only during the trial did it come out that there existed absolutely no evidence that Tamerlan was involved. Yet the systematic damage of misinformation supporting the brothers’ guilt was already done, ensuring that in the court of public opinion the Tsarnaevs were guilty as charged right from the get-go.
    Here the Tsarnaev brothers were supposedly on a no fly list acting as more evidence supporting prior contact with intelligence agencies, yet Tamerlan was permitted to fly to known terrorist hotbed Chechnya and neighboring Dagestan from January 21, 2012 to July 17, 2012. His family members insist he spent his entire time with family, among them a distant cousin who heads a non-violent organization critical of Western policies toward Islam. Yet his visit was used by prosecution as so called evidence that the older brother was “radicalized” there and came home an inspired terrorist seeking revenge on America.
    A New York Times article dated April 20, 2013 suggests that Tamerlan was first approached by the FBI in January 2011 after a return trip from Russia. Russian intelligence services that monitored phone calls in Chechnya warned the FBI in March 2011 that Tamerlan was becoming a potential threat. Thus two plus years well in advance of the bombings, the FBI was already cognizant of Tamerlan’s extremist leaning activities. Yet the FBI allowed him to travel yet again to Russia despite being on a no fly list and less than nine months after his return from that final trip abroad, the Boston Marathon bombings occurred. This damning piece of government evidence makes the feds minimally guilty of criminal gross negligence if not actually a criminal accomplice.
    Yet another despicable chapter to this tragic saga is the FBI’s murder of Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s friend in Florida. Within weeks after the Boston bombings, an unarmed Ibragim Todashev was shot by an FBI agent previously reprimanded for excessive force as an Oakland police officer. Initially the FBI lied about the circumstances, falsely claiming Todashev wielded a knife. The victim’s family is suing the FBI for $30 million. Even after admitting the lie about the victim brandishing a weapon, the Justice Department (overseeing the FBI) and a Florida prosecutor cleared the murdering FBI agent of any wrongdoing. The official government’s response that in effect supports such egregious acts of violence toward innocent civilians strongly indicates that the victim knew too much and the crime syndicate’s answer for people aware of the feds’ evildoing is to systematically assassinate those who might incriminate the federal government. Neutralizing perceived threats is standard operating procedure.
    As an aside, the Tsarnaev brothers’ uncle who went public shortly after the bombings blasting his nephews as “losers” was married for several years in the 1990’s to the daughter of well-known CIA career officer Graham Fuller. Fuller is the CIA architect for creating the Mujahedeen movement that fought the Soviets in Afghanistan in the 1980’s, the same outfit whose leader Osama bin Laden emerged as the so called 9/11 al Qaeda mastermind. Fuller was a committed advocate for using Islamic fundamentalists as US proxy war mercenaries. Another coincidence that the CIA VIP’s son-in-law and his nephews came from Chechnya, a hotspot for separatist Muslim terrorist activity?
    Once again the United States government appears to be at least complicit in another state crime against its own citizens… and then applying a media blackout to any real investigative reporting that would ask the dozens of questions to get to the truth. Even the defendant’s legal representation abandoned Tsarnaev’s right to a fair trial, and by co-opting to act in accordance with the government’s “no questions asked” implicitly applied gag-rule, it too is complicit in this heinous crime for neither seeking the truth nor any real justice for either the defendants or the scores of victims. The US crime cabal and its fabricated “war on terror” is perpetuated globally, both on US soil and around the world as an ongoing crime against humanity. The truth behind 9/11 is in-our-face, and so is the truth behind these Boston bombings. The criminals in Washington must pay for their crimes.
    Joachim Hagopian is a West Point graduate and former US Army officer. He has written a manuscript based on his unique military experience entitled “Don’t Let The Bastards Getcha Down.” It examines and focuses on US international relations, leadership and national security issues. After the military, Joachim earned a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and worked as a licensed therapist in the mental health field for more than a quarter century. He now concentrates on his writing and has a blog site at http://empireexposed. blogspot. com/.

  15. I cannot express how appalled I am at what they are doing to this kid. And millions of Amerikans simply don’t give a shit, and just buy what ever bullshit propaganda the government media feeds them.
    They are FOOLS!!! This barbarity will reach right into their own homes one day, and there are none more deserving of such karma. They have doomed their own progeny to the same fate.
    It is righteous retribution for a society that embraces this murderous empire of the New World Order.
    “Ye reap what ye sow!”

    1. HR1,
      That exact issue of Americans “not giving a shit” is how I know that the end game is very near. I don’t know how long we have before swat comes to our door to take us away to a re-education camp or simply shoot us in the head but it isn’t long. Everything is literally insane in this country and getting weirder by the minute. The justice system serves up nothing but big giant helpings of injustice. The government does not even concern itself with what the people want they openly and brazenly serve the big banks and corporations. The media shovels nothing but propaganda at us in big heaping doses. The false flags are piled up so high now we cannot even grasp them all. All the while the majority of Americans are so apathetic and uninvolved that they resemble zombies. That is how I know that our time is short and the hammer is ready to fall any moment.

  16. Amazing that the injured patsy could write on a boat’s interior on Marine paint that is designed to resist water or liquid.
    Craft International was formed by the psycho Chris Kyle of “American Sniper.”

    1. “..the psycho Chris Kyle of “American Sniper,”
      Who was served just deserts by karma.
      Kyle was he epitome of what is wrong with this world; bloodthirsty murderers framed as heroes.

  17. The courtcase was not even a real event. I doubt Tsarnaev was even there, the stand-in they used was taller and much older and spoke with a heavy Russian accent. No pics or vids will ever be seen of him because he’s either working on another CIA project, or he’s dead (if he was a patsy he’s dead). Either way, the guilty admission by Clarke (lawyer) was simply to ensure Tsarnaev never had to take the stand, and there would be no actual proceedings to bring forth the mountain of evidence which would point to innocence and a staged CIA event. It’s really not that hard to understand when you grasp the level of corruption in the court system and the government. This was 100% a False Flag operation, ZERO doubt! They may have injured some people while conducting this drill, but for the most part those involved were probably CIA assets and they were all greatly rewarded with GoFundMe money. Those innocent people injured would also be valuable for the story as they would give it credence…but the seriously injured were all planted…the bomb had a little punch, but not enough to severely hurt anyone…just some eardrums damage and noise to scare people into believing it was a real bomb. I’m not a big fan of the “actors” claim, though they are acting or playing a role, those “fake severely injured” are all CIA, and that’s how they can be trusted to never speak the truth…for they KNOW the consequences of that. No real bombs, no real deaths or limb loss, no real shootout, no real police shooting, no real carjacking, no real Tamerlan, or Dzhokhar…just a staged fake event to further erode your freedoms and invite in the military control over the people…whom the government fear the most.

      1. Thanks Deb and may I return the compliment by pointing out what a moronic, Kool-aid drinking, boot licking, supplicant you are. Of course I mean all that in the nicest possible way!

    1. MiaRiyanne,
      I’m with you. This whole thing was so preposterous — and Judy Clarke “admitting” her client’s guilt from the start of trial is a violation of all Professional Responsibility codes for lawyers. It just does not happen. Moreover, if Tsarnaev wanted to plead guilty, there would have been a plea bargain. Why go to trial if his attorney isn’t going to make the jury find him guilty “beyond a reasonable doubt”? The only reason is to continue the circus for us.
      Might want to check out some of Miles W. Matthis’ works. His theory on the entire Charles Manson trial fits in with your theory here. A rigged game.

    2. Mark Twain
      “It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.”
      ― Mark Twain

  18. The “Zombie Apocalypse” is real, just not the way it’s portrayed on movies. The people are in a deep sleep (Zombies) and the Apocalypse (US Military used against US citizens) is on the horizon with the military being used to enslave the people. The corporate agenda is to enslave the people and have them unable to fight any policy or indignity. The master/slave relationship is the end goal, as people get in the way of the corporate “rape-the-earth” agenda. The rich don’t want to share this earth anymore than they need to…watch for a massive culling of the sheep.

  19. Well, way to make minorities and immigrants feel like they belong here, America. I feel like if this continues to happen, that eventually there will be no stopping the government from wrongfully persecuting people who fit a certain criteria. As if we needed any more reasons to justify our endless “war on terror.”
    The discrepencies from one story to the next should be indicators that something is definitely wrong as well, however the public is too caught up in labeling these facts as conspiracy theories, or even sympathizing with a “terrorist.” Unfortunately, it’s because of this stigma and labeling that many people choose not to go against the widely held public opinion.
    I do hope that we see justice being done if not now, then perhaps later on. At least when everyone can get their facts straight.

      1. I am sorry to say that I agree with you Dennis. A New Dark Age has arisen. Logic and proportion have fallen stormy deaths. The Red Queen screams “off with their heads” and this echoes down through coming centuries….

    1. The way I see it the American public is making the fatal mistake of waiting too long to take action when action is called for. This same mistake has been made time and time again by people all over the world. People who are dead now because they made the mistake.
      Honestly if 9/11 and Boston and Sandy Hook are not enough to cause Americans to take action then nothing is enough. A nuke could go off now and the American people would not do anything, a bio-weapon plague released intentionally by USAMRIID on live video that kills 95% of us would not be enough to get this bunch of zombies off the couch. Sad.

      1. Wait, I’m not exactly sure about what you’re saying. Do you mean to say that this won’t get better until Americans get up and change things? If that’s the case, then I wholeheartedly agree. The only way to bring about any change is to act, but by being raised as consumers and obedient citizens, many people are too tuned out to care, or too afraid to do anything about what they feel is an injustice
        If I misinterpreted what you said, feel free to explain.

        1. Well sort of. I am maybe too pessimistic about the American people but I believe we have waited too long already and our republic no longer exists. I think we are just like the German people just before Hitler attacked Poland. There were plenty of people who knew Hitler was bad but they waited until it was too late to stop him. For waiting they got their country destroyed and many other countries were destroyed by them. Millions dead all because the good German people didn’t act when action was clearly called for. Now we Americans know there is something very very wrong with our leaders but we are not taking any real or effective action to stop them or remove them from office. Hundreds of thousands in the middle east have already died while we allowed this rampage of war based on lies. Our beloved Constitution has been undermined to an embarrassing degree (embarrassing for us because we didn’t stop it). Yet here we sit debating, holding up signs occasionally, signing petitions, while they are getting armored vehicles and deep secure bunkers ready.

          1. Frankly, I am sick and tired of being included in “we” when it comes to talking about “the American people”. Just like I refuse to be part of “we” when discussing Amerika in general.
            I consider it, “them” in both instances.
            I don’t buy the bullshit propaganda, and I don’t buy being lumped in with the chumps that do buy the bullshit propaganda.

          2. Well said, but I highly doubt with the overall disconnect that we would even be willing to participate in something like war. The public just wants to stay out of whatever it is that the government is doing for the most part, which unfortunately can also be a bad thing

  20. This is one of the best and most complete articles I’ve read on this outrageous and ridiculous hoax.
    By blaming the Tsarnaev brothers, I believe the real perpetrators have “stuck their foot in it” and I hope that the truth will come out relatively soon so that all of those unconscious individuals who have been so callous toward the Tsarnaev family will know that they have been wrong. Obviously, lives of ordinary people mean nothing to the real perpetrators. Tamerlan is dead and Dzhokhar’s life has been turned upside down, along with all of their family members. Ibragim Todashev is dead because he wouldn’t sign the “confession” that was prepared for him. Friends of Dzhokhar have mostly been silenced in various ways and their lives have been turned upside down as well. I assume people were injured and killed at the marathon. The lives of those families and their friends have been turned upside down. In fact, the entire city of Boston has been traumatized by those taking part in this elaborate, disgusting, insane, criminal farce.
    The only way for real healing to occur is for the whole unvarnished truth and nothing but the truth to be put staunchly in front of all concerned. Dzhokhar must be freed, family members must be financially compensated, and all of the guilty must be publicly held to account for their actions in this most extreme injustice.

    1. Thanks very much. And while I’m not big on healing in these types of situations, I agree with you that nothing less than the full truth becoming known to all is a tolerable outcome of this perverse deception.

  21. Since the trial was a sham without a defense and nothing was proven beyond a reasonable doubt yet a guilty verdict on all counts was the outcome, it seems fair and reasonable to ask whether the jury might be tainted.

    1. “it seems fair and reasonable to ask whether the jury might be tainted.”~speculator247
      Yes, it seems reasonable to conclude that the whole legal system is corrupt.
      Just like the rest of DC; bought and paid for by the money powers.

    2. @speculator247 ..the jury, the lawyers, the first responders, the members of the public, the reporters, the victims, the relatives of the victims, the friends of the victims, the doctors, the surgeons, the nurses – they’re all in on it. Everyone except the ‘truth seekers’.

      1. A Wright thinks he is being cleverly sarcastic. But what he says above is true. The whole society is psycho, and that is what the ‘truth seekers’ here are pointing out. Wright being a psycho doesn’t get this and thinks this is just a game.
        “the members of the public” are in on it because they go along to get along with obvious bullshit.
        “It is no measure of health to be well adjusted in a profoundly sick society” ~Krishnamurti

        1. But the fault of the public isn’t a failure to apprehend, but instead a failure to engage at all. A typical member of the public knows about .001% as much about this whole case as any one of us, because, unless something affects them obviously and directly, they pay no attention at all to any of the details, ever.

          1. @James Hufferd I reckon the members of the public who were standing beside the bombs were affected obviously and directly and paid attention to the details, unlike people on this forum who were nowhere near Boston when it happened , never met or spoke to any of the people involved, know practically nothing about them ,and care less , but are content to literally pick over their bones to maintain their own self-image as seekers of ‘truth’.

          2. Aye Wright, being a well traveled agent of darkness was of course right there in the middle of this rite having set some fuses his/herself and knows exactly what happened as fed by teleprompters from heaven.
            As the wise man said, “hohohohehehehahaha”

          3. I think Will Rogers was an expert in all this. He who knows that is still living, is a gastric tract, or a race track … ?? prehoops a day at the races.
            The only faces that stay hooked on tight are vinyl, and will only produce an exquisite corpse if freeze-dried properly.
            At least these are the stories as they came in over the newswires.
            Now that so much is “wireless” perhaps that biblioteque collapsed with Dr Who’s last colostomy…??? Questions remain in chow mein on whether the latest Pope smokes dope.
            I suppose this could be drawn out somewhat further, but it could snap off at the connection.
            Aye Wright?

          4. It’s true that the public doesn’t care to be bothered with things that they think don’t concern them and some feel self satisfied to repeat the lies and nonsense they hear. I blame them, but not too much, because our self-appointed masters have convinced them that it’s best to keep their noses to the grindstone — work, watch TV, play violent video games, and buy, buy, buy. They don’t know any better yet. I’m sure they’ll learn before it’s over.

        2. Yes, you’re right, but this issue gets mentioned so often by the sleepwalkers and is so critical to everything that’s happening in our cowardly,new world, it needs much more though, debate and explanation I think.
          That wage slaves put themselves and their families first and take the moral hit, is a given I think. But that’s just part of the answer. Nearly always people will say, like A Wright, how can so many keep quiet, yet I’d say the opposite: how do people find the courage to speak up. The Obama administration has made a point of making life hell for whistleblowers that there can be little doubt that anyone who steps across that threshold is in for a life changing (or in many cases, ending) tumultuous journey, so those that do are way, way above average in guts, determination and moral rectitude. Just look at the intimidation and persecution that happened to William Binney, Thomas Drake, Bradley Manning, just to name a few.
          And then there’s the dilemma of who do you report it to, when it’s so apparent that what you’ve witnessed is a high level conspiracy. Perhaps A Wright could try an experiment and phone the New York Times saying that he was on the medical team that received the Boston bombing victims and that he saw no traumatic injuries and see how far he gets with that.

          1. @Joe Just to be clear, you are saying the people in the Boston hospitals, the doctors, the nurses, the emergency responders the surgeons, the physiotherapists, the coronors office, the reporters, all the people involved at the race, all of these people know that the whole thing was faked. That’s what you are saying.
            “Perhaps A Wright could try an experiment and phone the New York Times saying that he was on the medical team that received the Boston bombing victims and that he saw no traumatic injuries and see how far he gets with that.”
            How far you would get with that is that it would be shown to be an inane fabrication. So I suggest you do since it is your fabrication after all.
            Why don’t you try an experiment. Go to the Boston hospital and make a citizens arrest of a surgeon there on the charge of perverting the course of justice. Or go an find one of the victims – sorry ‘victims’ – and make a citizens arrest. Drag them out of their house and drive them to the nearest police station.

          2. No Aye Wright, it is none that you speak of, it is the media coverage, and what could very well be staged interviews with “victims and medical personnel” — spin, and biased coverage that edits aspects out of accounts actually given.
            You fail to appreciate the subtle techniques of modern propaganda. Or, you are an agent of propaganda yourself. Aye Wright?

          3. @ A Wright
            You are starting from the wrong place. If you can ever allow yourself to not, prima facie, accept every damn thing the authorities and media tell you without question, you’ll begin to see a myriad of anomalies and chinks in the official story of that event and many other critical events that have had major political and social repercussions. Until you can watch in wonder the video of WTC building 7 crumbling to the ground at free fall speed and demand a coherent, logical explanation that conforms to the laws of physics, nothing I can say to you will make sense. They’ll always be victims and not ‘victims, because your faith in the structures of power and the corporate media means you’ll never make demands for proof. If they say it’s so, that’s good enough for you. In some ways I envy you, I think others here will know what I mean by that. For me, from now on, I have to be able to stick my finger in the hole.

          4. @joe Just to be clear, you are saying the people in the Boston hospitals, the doctors, the nurses, the emergency responders the surgeons, the physiotherapists, the coronors office, the reporters, all the people involved at the race, all of these people know that the whole thing was faked. That’s what you are saying.

          5. “That’s what you are saying.”~A.Wright
            Now listen up Joe, A Wright has created a ‘straw-man’ here for you and he demands that you sign on the dotted line that this is YOUR scarecrow, not his.
            Listen to the voice of authority my man!!! Wassamattah for you????

          6. Or go to Costco, in Nashua, New Hampshire and interview Jeff Bauman and the scores of colleagues who can testify to his ‘two-legged’ condition for the past seven years he had worked there, right up to several days before the bombing. He is there most days of the week in plain view, not hiding from anyone. This is not to say there may not have been ‘handlers’ waiting on the periphery of the projected bomb site – and crisis actors, if you will – waiting to rush in and stage manage the scene as best they could. This is a real possibility, but it’s far more plausible than suggesting all of the injuries were faked.

          7. Monica,
            Please someone go to Nashua and video tape his co-workers telling us all how Jeff was fine before the bombing and after he lost his legs. Perhaps they have a video laying around somewhere of an office party or whatever that shows Jeff was fine? I would LOVE to be wrong! I hope I am wrong! I will be happy to be wrong and apologize sincerely to Jeff in person and in public. I want to be wrong! I will be happy to do a public video report exposing the truth. I live in California though and I cannot get to Nashua.
            Quite frankly though I do not believe Jeff could have survived with those injuries unless he was treated immediately. He wasn’t taken out of there for at least 10 minutes and that has been established. Doctors have testified that he would have bled to death in 2 minutes or less with untreated injuries like that. Others right next to him with no visible injuries were taken away on stretchers before he was helped at all. So no one saw that Jeff was by far the most severely injured person there really? Then he is taken out on a wheelchair sitting upright thereby forcing even more blood down and out of his body? Look at how far his waist area is from his supposed knee in this photo. Was Jeff 10 feet tall or are his legs longer than ordinary people? Measure it yourself his leg is way too long! In my opinion it is a fake leg. Why is he not pale white and passed out from shock and blood loss? Who were his doctors? What hospital did he go to? PLEASE SHOW ME I AM WRONG!

          8. First perhaps you can give us the names of the doctors that supposedly treated one of the patients, say Jeff Bauman for starters and we will see if we can contact those doctors. Better yet maybe Bauman can make his medical records public concerning his supposed injuries at the marathon. Perhaps he can show us some proof somehow that he was not an amputee before the marathon. Like some video of him prior, running or whatever. Everyone has this kind of thing somewhere these days. Surely he can show us all to be the evil monsters you claim we are. I went to Bauman’s FB page and looked for photo’s of him prior to the Boston thing and found none. I tried a google photo search and found only photos from after. I can prove I had legs before Boston can Bauman?
            As per your SOP A.Wright you attempt to place the burden of proof on the ones denied access to the relevant materials. You also attempt to make us prove a negative which is impossible.

          9. A.Wright,
            260+ people claim to have been injured or killed in Boston but the one blast we actually have photo records of shows AT MOST 2 dozen people possibly injured right after the blast. Many of them do not appear to be injured but being as generous as possible there are 2 dozen victims max at the finish line location. That means that the other 235+ injuries had to come from the second location. So if they were both the same kind of bomb and we grant that the finish line area would probably attract at least as big a crowd as the second location what gives here? Why only 10% of the victims AT MOST came from the finish line bomb while a staggering 90% came from the second location? Seems odd to me but perhaps you can explain it huh?
            Maybe some real people got hurt at the second location huh? Take a look at the two locations here and the starkly different reactions from the crowd.

          10. Of course you’re correct about whistle blowers and all people with integrity who try to tell the truth. I assume most people are very frightened of the truth. It shakes people to their core. It’s probably happened to each and every person who now speaks up. It’s still very upsetting to realize just how corrupt and topsy turvy things really are even when you always knew there was something very wrong going on here. It takes an incredible amount of courage. I hope more of us will achieve that level of courage and commitment to truth, liberty, and real freedom very soon.

          11. There’s a scene from the movie Gladiator in which the trainer tells his men “You are already dead.” That’s also the way samurai were said to have thought of themselves and certainly Kamikaze pilots. We may have such a tradition, but I don’t know about it. What I do know about courage is that my father, rest his soul, who had been a combat soldier in WWII pretty much took that attitude that after what he had been through, it was all gravy, everything in life was a bonus after being 19 and almost killed.
            But courage has its complications – one of which is that if you care about others, such as the family members who depend upon you, you may be slow to blow the whistle. And even if you do, it may not be heard. Or you may talk yourself into believing that something awful like the Boston Marathon exercise was useful for training. We see Jade Helm coming down the line and have no idea what that might turn into, but a lot of people imagine it has a good purpose. The later lies – as about Boston – are chalked up to something – like making other such exercises possible I suppose. It becomes a job. Just a routine. You don’t look for the deeper meaning. You don’t see that civilians are being harmed by it. You figure people have to take their medicine and get on with it.
            Courage hardly needs to come into it at all.

          12. There are complications. Wisdom is key and requires discernment and commitment to the greater good.
            We’ve all known of or heard of situations where people do things that risk life or limb without reason and without any particular intention of good. And we’ve also known of or heard of situations where people risk life or limb with obvious good intentions. Although the first example might be considered brave, it probably wouldn’t be considered courageous because it lacks wisdom.
            So I think courage and wisdom go hand in hand.
            If someone believes the 2013 Boston Marathon exercise was useful for training purposes or doesn’t see that civilians are being harmed by it, that person lacks discernment, knowledge of the ill will that sits behind that perceived “usefulness,” and/or the intention of good. In other words, they don’t have the judgment necessary to determine whether the exercise is useful or not, they don’t have the understanding that things are not always as they appear, and/or they don’t care whether the exercise was harmful to someone else or don’t care enough to find out what’s really true. There are many, many people walking around opining about things they don’t currently have the ability to understand, but that doesn’t stop them from making judgments about and superficial interpretations of events.
            Wisdom is essential. Making judgments, especially firm ones, without having all the knowledge required to make a sensible assessment of the facts is what keeps them in the dark. But pulling on one thread can unravel the whole ball of lies when one is persistent enough and curious enough about whether the full truth has actually been told.
            I’m not sure I completely understood what you were saying, so I hope this speaks to your comment.

          13. I can’t tell if you’re serious or just bantering with A Wright, but you make excellent points! If the PTBs think anyone will pay attention to a whistle blower, that whistle blower’s life could end with a sudden “suicide” or “accident.” Otherwise, if they think they can handle a bit of publicity, prison could be in the whistle blower’s near future. Even if one or more of these people would develop a conscience, they may face prosecution from the public for their actions as co-conspirators of a fraud, as well as from the government for violating an oath of secrecy, or even worse could face the wrath of their co-conspirators who would all be taken down by that one person’s confession. It doesn’t seem very likely, but it’s always possible.
            Where to go for help in this type of situation would surely be a dilemma. The orders for this gigantic fraud had to have come down from high above. You couldn’t go to your government representative, the Justice Dept, or the president, and you couldn’t go to the mainstream media. Your only chance would be going to an alternative media organization although it would be a risky thing for them to take on. And then who would protect you from all of the people that would be after you? You’d be getting involved with the completely corrupt judicial system that sentences innocent people to prison and death. Someone would indeed have to possess incredible courage to attempt this.

          14. Joe, your comment , “And then there’s the dilemma of who do you report it to,…..” is key.
            If a whistleblower goes to Leakiwiks they are turning themselves in. The See Aye Eh has been running Assange’s organization since October 2016 when he was abducted. There has been no proof-of-life since then. His CGI interviews are as fake as Peter Cushing and Carrie Fisher’s appearances in ‘Rogue One’.

      2. Aye Wright is in a state of pitiful & contemptible intellectual & moral ignorance, overtaken by darkness, and wallowing in a cesspool of his own waste.

  22. You know all evidence points to these guys knowingly being part of a staged event – question is whether they are going to be real victims or going into hiding. I suspect the former considering the recent history of the FBI setting up patsies to arrest them and save the day.

  23. I wrote this at a chat site where almost no one but me is a truther but I have a thread where I can post and posit stuff and then get scoffed at. Nonetheless I keep on chugging. I am not a good or imaginative writer. But this came to me and I think it is pretty good.
    The biggies: 9/11, 7/7, OK City, Boston Marathon, Sandy Hook, JFK. A skeptic will wonder with exasperation how is it we conspiracy theorists find something amiss, something sinister in every big event’s official story. Am I right? A plane goes down or a movie theater is shot up and you go, oh oh, here come the conspiracy theorists. Hey you crazies, the media and the government have solved these cases. Move on. But then how is it in almost every other news story reporters find holes in the official versions. Iraq, Afghanistan, banking, policing, how many news outlets don’t discuss what is wrong with what the government tells us. Watch CBS’s 60 Minutes or Newsnight if you want to see what is corrupt in our society. And bless them. But then, oddly, when it come to stories like those biggies above the cases are closed. Our stalwart courts and honorable government panels have done their job and society can rest easier.
    But the cases are not closed. There are problems with all of those big stories. For example 9/11 has the mysterious fall of Building 7, the 7/7 panel won’t say the kind of explosives blew up through the bottom of the train car, OK City has TV news reports of multiple bombs, why, if guilty, with their pictures all over the news did the Tsarnaev brothers stick around Boston, or is it not baffling how a muscleless nearly catatonic autistic boy could heft all that hardware into a school and shoot with such deadly accuracy, and as for JFK two words, magic bullet.
    Where am I wrong here? These stories need to be re-examined and the real culprits, the murderers and their accessories must be brought to justice.

  24. “Where am I wrong here? These stories need to be re-examined and the real culprits, the murderers and their accessories must be brought to justice.”~Jimbo
    You are not wrong here Jimbo. The larger brainwashed society is wrong. They go along to get along because it’s easy, and they don’t have to think too much, and their comfortable delusions are reassuring in a frightening and complex world.
    They have been programmed not to think for themselves. Like a “governor” on a car, so you don’t speed. Their minds move very slowly now… … ..

  25. Patrick Henry
    St. John’s Church, Richmond, Virginia
    March 23, 1775.
    MR. PRESIDENT: No man thinks more highly than I do of the patriotism, as well as abilities, of the very worthy gentlemen who have just addressed the House. But different men often see the same subject in different lights; and, therefore, I hope it will not be thought disrespectful to those gentlemen if, entertaining as I do, opinions of a character very opposite to theirs, I shall speak forth my sentiments freely, and without reserve. This is no time for ceremony. The question before the House is one of awful moment to this country. For my own part, I consider it as nothing less than a question of freedom or slavery; and in proportion to the magnitude of the subject ought to be the freedom of the debate. It is only in this way that we can hope to arrive at truth, and fulfil the great responsibility which we hold to God and our country. Should I keep back my opinions at such a time, through fear of giving offence, I should consider myself as guilty of treason towards my country, and of an act of disloyalty toward the majesty of heaven, which I revere above all earthly kings.
    Mr. President, it is natural to man to indulge in the illusions of hope. We are apt to shut our eyes against a painful truth, and listen to the song of that siren till she transforms us into beasts. Is this the part of wise men, engaged in a great and arduous struggle for liberty? Are we disposed to be of the number of those who, having eyes, see not, and, having ears, hear not, the things which so nearly concern their temporal salvation? For my part, whatever anguish of spirit it may cost, I am willing to know the whole truth; to know the worst, and to provide for it.
    I have but one lamp by which my feet are guided; and that is the lamp of experience. I know of no way of judging of the future but by the past. And judging by the past, I wish to know what there has been in the conduct of the British ministry for the last ten years, to justify those hopes with which gentlemen have been pleased to solace themselves, and the House? Is it that insidious smile with which our petition has been lately received? Trust it not, sir; it will prove a snare to your feet. Suffer not yourselves to be betrayed with a kiss. Ask yourselves how this gracious reception of our petition comports with these war-like preparations which cover our waters and darken our land. Are fleets and armies necessary to a work of love and reconciliation? Have we shown ourselves so unwilling to be reconciled, that force must be called in to win back our love? Let us not deceive ourselves, sir. These are the implements of war and subjugation; the last arguments to which kings resort. I ask, gentlemen, sir, what means this martial array, if its purpose be not to force us to submission? Can gentlemen assign any other possible motive for it? Has Great Britain any enemy, in this quarter of the world, to call for all this accumulation of navies and armies? No, sir, she has none. They are meant for us; they can be meant for no other. They are sent over to bind and rivet upon us those chains which the British ministry have been so long forging. And what have we to oppose to them? Shall we try argument? Sir, we have been trying that for the last ten years. Have we anything new to offer upon the subject? Nothing. We have held the subject up in every light of which it is capable; but it has been all in vain. Shall we resort to entreaty and humble supplication? What terms shall we find which have not been already exhausted? Let us not, I beseech you, sir, deceive ourselves. Sir, we have done everything that could be done, to avert the storm which is now coming on. We have petitioned; we have remonstrated; we have supplicated; we have prostrated ourselves before the throne, and have implored its interposition to arrest the tyrannical hands of the ministry and Parliament. Our petitions have been slighted; our remonstrances have produced additional violence and insult; our supplications have been disregarded; and we have been spurned, with contempt, from the foot of the throne. In vain, after these things, may we indulge the fond hope of peace and reconciliation. There is no longer any room for hope. If we wish to be free² if we mean to preserve inviolate those inestimable privileges for which we have been so long contending²if we mean not basely to abandon the noble struggle in which we have been so long engaged, and which we have pledged ourselves never to abandon until the glorious object of our contest shall be obtained, we must fight! I repeat it, sir, we must fight! An appeal to arms and to the God of Hosts is all that is left us!
    They tell us, sir, that we are weak; unable to cope with so formidable an adversary. But when shall we be stronger? Will it be the next week, or the next year? Will it be when we are totally disarmed, and when a British guard shall be stationed in every house? Shall we gather strength by irresolution and inaction? Shall we acquire the means of effectual resistance, by lying supinely on our backs, and hugging the delusive phantom of hope, until our enemies shall have bound us hand and foot? Sir, we are not weak if we make a proper use of those means which the God of nature hath placed in our power. Three millions of people, armed in the holy cause of liberty, and in such a country as that which we possess, are invincible by any force which our enemy can send against us. Besides, sir, we shall not fight our battles alone. There is a just God who presides over the destinies of nations; and who will raise up friends to fight our battles for us. The battle, sir, is not to the strong alone; it is to the vigilant, the active, the brave. Besides, sir, we have no election. If we were base enough to desire it, it is now too late to retire from the contest. There is no retreat but in submission and slavery! Our chains are forged! Their clanking may be heard on the plains of Boston! The war is inevitable²and let it come! I repeat it, sir, let it come.
    It is in vain, sir, to extenuate the matter. Gentlemen may cry, Peace, Peace²but there is no peace. The war is actually begun! The next gale that sweeps from the north will bring to our ears the clash of resounding arms! Our brethren are already in the field! Why stand we here idle? What is it that gentlemen wish? What would they have? Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!

    1. ForeverCynical,
      Although I do like most of what Betsy has to say in these videos you posted I have to remain very skeptical of her because she claims DEW’s were used to take down the towers on 9/11 and she claims CD is a fraud. Not a tenable or honest position. I invited her to discuss it here on T+S but I doubt she will. She has too many warning signs already for me to trust anything she says. Now even though I liked these videos I have to find another source for the information in them because I don’t trust her at all. She checks off several red flag boxes for me immediately.

      1. It might have been my computer. I was just annoyed because it took me a long time to formulate and write it and I didn’t keep a copy. I’ve tried to remember it and resubmitted it. Thanks for replying.

  26. Trying again to leave comment:
    So, now that we know it is now legal to “propagandize” the public, what I want to know is are the jurors for real, or are they also part of the act? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K7LmxyZXMw0
    Is this what Judge O’Toole’s performance is all about, i.e., making sure the government’s legal right to propagandize the public is held up? Does this court/jury have a legitimate right to decide this case since facts have become lies? Even if the government and court are in on the hoax, if the jury is real does that mean any verdict and sentencing are legitimate in the eyes of the law?
    Is the person in the court really Dzhokhar Tsarnaev? If so, could someone or a group sue the government based on other legal aspects of the case to render the verdict and sentence invalid? If Tamerlan was murdered, would that be considered legitimate if the cops were not in on the hoax? Or are the cops in on the hoax?
    Where are all the people known as Martin Richard, Krystle Campbell, Lingzhi Liu, and Sean Collier? If Sean Collier is really dead, why was he killed? Did he know Tamerlan? Was it feared that he would be able to unravel the government’s plan?

    1. In Boston, they are saying the federal court never has cameras in it because of the nature of federal crimes might make the jury vulnerable to retaliation (you know, by mobsters), so the rule stands. We never can see the jury. There are only highlights presented of the trial, so for all anyone knows, it’s a highly controlled event. Will we meet the jurors and discover they are our very neighbors? Or are they random unknowns? Did they really interview 1500 people for a select jury pool?
      Boston is super elaborate. It is so elaborate that once you accept the basic premise, even though it cannot be true (given the photos of the event, and the illogic of these special bombs that only cut off legs), you will make yourself not see things. You will stroll past the buildings which were there when it happened and never notice that their antique elaborate facades along with the sidewalk and antique light fixtures are just as intact as they were on the day of the smoke bombs. You might remember what bomb damaged buildings look like in Europe, buildings which saw real killing, you might remember Youtube videos of the aftermath of actual bombings where everyone is dazed, helpless and bleeding out, but you will trust your special protectors who tell you about Boston in spite of the faint light of this kind of experience. You will extinguish that dim light (one fed partly by your conscience) in favor of the light from the theater screen. You WILL suspend disbelief. To all else, you will remain willfully blind.
      You will have heard about funerals for the victims, or at least memorial services, and you will have seen the amputees on television. You will not notice too much about Spaulding Rehab being opened just for them before its later grand opening. You will think anyone trying to wrap their minds about such official corruption must be insane. Because how can it be? The government is of the people, not some sinister criminal enterprise even more slippery than Whitey Bulger. It lays a warm blanket of protection over us as we sleep at night, tuckered out from the night’s fiction program, the latest news to reinforce the message like a kind of drug.
      And after all, wasn’t Wag the Dog just a movie too?

      1. You certainly seem to have described Bostonians very well. Although I hope there are many more Bostonians who have better critical thinking skills and are perhaps less noisy than the horn-blowing frauds that we’ve heard too much from.
        I was beginning to believe that whole town was in on the hoax. At this point in time, I’m leaning toward the belief that the jury was put in place by the “government” for the purpose of ensuring a guilty verdict and a death penalty sentence and the interviewing of 1500 people was a cover story.
        If you’re a Bostonian, can you give us an idea whether this description you’ve given covers, say 90% of the local population, 99%, 75%, or whatever? It certain seems that peer pressure there would be very strong to conform.

  27. I had a read and saw little significant to disagree with except for the Graham Fuller context: his alleged relationship to the bombing more likely reflects he’d turned on CIA policy in South & Central Asia and this bombing employing the Tsarnaevs as patsies was more likely (my view) a ‘payback/warning’ .. the brothers paid for Fuller’s apostasy. Here’s example of Fuller’s ‘out of line’ approach:
    Other than that, I’d merely note it did the article no favor citing Alex Jone’s inforwars (where good information is deliberately deposited to be associated lunacy)

    1. Ronald,
      Interesting, re your take on Alex Jones. Wasn’t it Gordon Duff (http://www.veteranstoday.com) who said recently that that type (of Alex Jones) approach (which you describe as, “where good information is deliberately deposited to be associated lunacy”) is what keeps him alive? Forget where I heard that, may have been here at T&S.

      1. Dennis & Ronald,
        Gordon Duff said, and I paraphrase; ‘Some 30 to 40% of the information I provide is disinformation, otherwise I wouldn’t be alive.”
        So we get a scrambled egg with waffles and plenty of syrup.

        1. re: ‘Some 30 to 40% of the information I provide is disinformation, otherwise I wouldn’t be alive.’ “So we get a scrambled egg with waffles and plenty of syrup.”
          Uh oh. I’m off eggs due to cholesterol, and off waffles and other wheat things due to gluten concern. So where to I turn? Syrup? Love it but…sugar is also a concern. WhereTF do I turn? Inward, I guess. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ljnv3KGtcyI

          1. I see it like this: Gordon and Alex are like different species in the same disinformation habitat. Apply Gordon’s ‘I wouldn’t be alive’ as a metaphor for sales of kitsch merchandise and you have Alex. Nothing quite like running a story ‘the man’ wants buried in the public psyche along side David Icke’s ‘lizard dna’ .. and it’s I why avoid sending people to Jones. Not to mention his phony Bilderberg porn-flick. The supposed security penetration of that event was nothing short of a joke; Jones had to have been invited in for purpose of psyops (my view.) Even the acting didn’t pass the smell test.
            Insofar as Gordon, his claim is patent bs. Either you step up to the plate and take your chances or go on reporting with egg on your face that can never be washed off. What are his less savvy readers on any given subject supposed to do, use a crystal ball to sort the wheat from the chaff?
            That said, I often use MSM references linked to my assessments but the approach is entirely different; it’s all in how the information is contextualized. MSM has to report certain events they’d (corporate media) prefer not to, on account of they would begin to lose a lot of those people who’re ‘light sleepers’ if they didn’t. People are going to hear of events and MSM has to note certain things or even better scenario is, and I see taken advantage of in this article, MSM often stumbles and reports on facts that are at odds with the concocted stories. It’s an Achilles’ heel of MSM if properly approached with open source intelligence method.
            Most importantly, unlike Gordon & Alex, if I get sucked into something inaccurate, I correct it asap (it happened with a MEK assessment having to with Iran I’d put out in 2012.)

          2. I like your approach Ronald Thomas West,
            I don’t do much MSM at all, but I do like James Corbett who does great open source analysis. I also find Global Research a great resource.
            There is also a definite distinction between Alex Jones as a ‘character’ and some of the video productions he has been involved in: G. Edward Griffin Interview — The Collectivist Conspiracy, produced by Prison Planet is a good example.

          3. Corbett does indeed do good stuff, also his often collaborator Sibel Edmonds. And yes, I agree Global Research can be an excellent source. But I avoid almost everyone’s theories when developing my assessments; if I let myself go down someone else road it’s is likely to color my perception, not necessarily a good thing. What I see is multiple sometimes-competing, sometimes-cooperating forces that overlap in multiple ways. Accordingly I develop different pictures and let the facts speak for themselves on a case by case basis, sometimes pointing to the inter-relationships. That’s what I like about Edmonds & Corbett, they stick to the facts more and their interpretations are not carried off into what amount to novels. There is no one over-arching-single-controlling force behind what is going on (in my view.) Voltaire.net often has good information and insights but the also have a political agenda, that kills it for me. Russia Today goes with what FSB desires, that shoots them down; for instance they kept open the BUK shoot-down of MH 17 (offering ‘rogue elements’ of the Ukrainian forces) long past any credible possibility of that theory holding up, as a possible face-saving exit for the western perpetrators .. and only came around to upholding the fact of a military jet downed the civilian liner when it clear CIA & associates (western powers) would not back off. My rule is, as soon as I believe I have it figured out, I’m probably wrong. Hubris is deadly to intelligence work. Anyhow, that’s a lot and I’m out of here- until next time (whenever that might be)

          4. The following quote is from Ronald Thomas West’s website:
            “The extension of the empire has meant the growth of private fortunes. This is nothing new, indeed it is in keeping with the most ancient history” -Gaius Asinius Gallus (The Annals of Imperial Rome)
            Great quote!
            See: http://ronaldthomaswest.wordpress.com/

    2. I always ask this same question when people say Alex Jones is nuts but I seldom get a good answer: Can you please give me a specific example of Alex Jones “lunacy” so I can investigate it for myself?
      I listen often to Alex Jones and I disagree sometimes with his opinions and the way he presents himself in such a bombastic way however I have followed up on many of his claims with my own research and found a very high percentage of what he says to be true and backed up by solid evidence. The things that are not true are mostly errors on his part where he jumped the gun on incomplete information etc. These are few and far between in my opinion and are forgivable errors to be sure since everyone makes such errors as part of the human condition.
      I would like specifics as to why Alex Jones is a “lunatic” so I can evaluate that for myself. Someone mentioned AJ’s Bilderberg info as part of his supposed lunacy if I am correct? Well his information about Bilderberg has proven to be true from my extensive research into the subject. So again I want specifics about his “lunacy” instead of generalized opinions. His bombastic style turns some people off and I understand that but it doesn’t mean he is wrong about what he is saying.
      I have had my issues with AJ for sure but these issues are not about the content he puts out but rather are about the fact that he describes the temperature of the water we are boiling in too much and does not focus enough on positive action and solutions. I also have a big issue with his stance on the pentagon but he does not talk about it much so he may have changed it or modified it somewhat over the years. I do not hear him putting out attacks on CIT or the flyover evidence though so I don’t downgrade him that much for this. This is an area of Alex Jones where he could make a big impact (pardon the pun) if he came out with a new pro-flyover stance on the pentagon. I don’t see that happening though which does make me demerit him somewhat. Overall however he is trying to change things for the better and is having an undeniably huge impact.
      So back up your rhetoric with something and I will reconsider my opinion of Mr. Jones.
      As to Gordon Duff and the whole veterans today group, I do not give them any attention whatsoever and will not ever do so. Duff admits he puts out disinfo so I take him at his word and flush everything he says down the toilet. Fetzer puts out disinformation which I have personally verified as such and so I flush whatever he says down the toilet as well. Since VT is headed up by two confirmed disinfo agents I disregard the entire organization.
      The fish stinks from the head ~

      1. Adam,
        re Jones, i don’t say he’s nuts but here’s a questionable low light:
        he is pretty much the one who woke me up to 9/11.
        as for Fetzer. . .I’ve heard him articulate some brilliant analysis, and he does very well overall on the kevin barrett false flag radio shows. he could use a personality makeover but that’s another issue. what is it of his that you say is disinfo?
        tangentially, i heard barbara honegger say recently during an anthrax attack interview that ‘a limited hangout is better than no hangout.’ some truth there, i suppose. thoughts?

          1. thanks , read the story (but just skimmed the the extensive comments), and see your point. what’s your view of kevin barrett?

          2. I think Kevin Barrett is on the up’n’up. That is I don’t have any specific arguments with him. I have the same view of Gordon Duff as Mr Ruff, the whole Vets Today crowd a nest of moles in my view – of course professor F is in that group.

          3. interesting, thanks for your take. i find the whole topic of disinformation intriguing.
            this may be a stretch–wondering if there are disinfo double agents. in other words, guys or gals acting the part of disinfo agents on X’s behalf, but actually disseminating information that is purposefully detrimental to X’s goals while pretending to X that they are acting in furtherance of X’s goals.
            let’s assume for instance that Fetzer is all you say he is. still, his analysis of the boston marathon bombing is pretty much on the money (in my view) and in sync with craig’s take here, so fetzer fans get to hear the real story behind the story.
            i think when people get into trouble is when they think, “well if fetzer (or whoever) says it’s so, thus it must be.” each issue needs to be examined from an evidentiary perspective with an open mind, no matter who the source is. thus, you wouldn’t necessarily throw out fetzer’s analysis of the boston marathon bombing just because it’s fetzer making the argument, would you?
            another example: fetzer, craig, and sheila believe that “paul (mccarntey) is dead” and has been replaced by a double. i thought the premise ludicrous but because it was coming from sources whose takes (on other issues) i respect, i looked into it a bit. came away unpersuaded, but no longer found the idea as ludicrous as i originally thought, given the evidence.
            you also feel willyloman is a disinfo agent, am i correct? i seem to remember you and he going at it sometime back on his site and ending with your basically asserting that. even if true (others have made that allegation), willyloman has written some excellent stuff, especially when he finally came around on noam chomsky and deconstructed him. see https://willyloman.wordpress.com/2013/11/27/noam-chomskys-911-truther-debunking-debunked-yes-noam-they-were-lunatics/
            for what it’s worth,

          4. I get what you are saying Dennis,
            The thing with disinformants is that when they are properly sheep-dipped, they have a certain leeway to address certain things honestly. They seem to have other key topics – critical topics, such as 9/11 and the JFK assassination, that are targets for their disinfo.
            I see Fetzer in that light.
            A lot of people have different take on things than I do, I don’t consider that as the sign of a disinformant.
            I don’t buy that Paul McCartney is dead.
            I don’t buy the moon hoax theory.
            I don’t buy the theory that the Hippies were purposely created by CIA.
            But I think Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci was a time traveler from the future!! (grin)
            And of course me and Elvis do duets here every Tuesday at the VFW club and bar.

          5. Just this bit more Dennis,
            I think the real test is: Does the info make sense? Can it be backed up by evidence and logic?
            If not, the question becomes a murkier one; Is the person making the assertions a dupe of others, or is the person in league with others?
            Let’s face it, we know there are certainly an undetermined number of actual Sunsteinian disinformants trolling the Internet. I think it takes a lot of experience to point one out with any real certainty. As far as my informed opinion: the “Professor” is beyond reasonable doubt a disinformant . There are a couple others that I won’t mention by name that I have the same opinion of.
            My opinion of WillyLoman is not that he is a disinformant, but that he is full of himself, and too interested in making money through his blog. Sometimes he is right on! Sometimes he is blinded by hubris. And most often he is just an asshole.

          6. thanks, yeah, evidenced based critical thinking is what we are talking about, i’d say.
            we can share views on 9/11 and JFK but disagree about the man on the moon, which makes neither of us disinfo.
            as i recall from previous threads here, you are not too fond of dave’s web (http://www.davesweb.cnchost.com), but i find his writing and takes interesting, to the extent i’ve read them (especially the abe lincoln stuff), but his 9/11 stuff seemed weak.
            i’ve had mostly good but not so good exchanges with willyloman. i don’t see how he gets out so much material in so short a time. i suspect he must have a staff.
            re: “They seem to have other key topics – critical topics, such as 9/11 and the JFK assassination, that are targets for their disinfo.”
            AGREED. these are litmus tests for me, along with other key assassinations (RFK and MLK primarily, along with Paul Wellstone, and to a lesser extent, John Lennon).
            another key issue for me is rigged voting. i’d have to dig it up but the most revealing indication of this is when in 2004, a Bush insider who was in charge of counting the Ohio votes, guaranteed the election for Bush in advance (a quick look for this on line has yielded no results).

          7. Well, as far as “Dave”… having been there, in Laurel Canyon in the era under discussion, being involved with rock bands and such. I find the whole idea bonkers.
            Also the junk about the Beatles not actually writing their own song and such is pure garbage. Maybe you have to be a songwriter (I am – or have been) to understand the process, and the ability to understand personal style and such.
            As an artist, with a good crossover grasp of science, I have some problems with people who buy into absolute nonsense. Anyone who can take Fetzer serious as to what he calls “physics” is too far behind the curve. Same thing with the Judy Wood pseudoscience, or the ludicrous ‘nuking of WTC’. These contentions being taken seriously really bug me. Video fakery and the most nutty of all “projected holograms”!
            Arrr… it raises my hackles!!

        1. Well Dennis I can see based on that clip why you might think he is “questionable” but I can say the clip is taken out of context somewhat. That having been said Dyncorp has been caught setting up and operating child sex slave operations. In fact Cynthia McKinney questioned Rumsfeld about it at a Congressional hearing. So he is emotional in this clip yes but is it fake emotion? I personally don’t think it is fake but some people might think so. I have been broken down at times the way Jones is in this clip though so I understand what he is going through. Still to this day I cannot explain to people the thing about 9/11 that haunts me without breaking down and crying. Some knowledge is just terrible to have and Jones has a lot of that kind of knowledge. That is the way I see it.

          1. Most of what I saw on that page were accusations and claims made against Jones and InfoWars but I saw very little other than opinion to back up those claims. Most of the articles or posts I saw came from Scott Crieghton (spelled wrong probably) who I do not know. I just have a strong suspicion if there was real substance to his arguments we would see them circulating a lot more on the web. There is a radio show (Jeff Santilli) that goes after Jones a lot too and I listened for a while but came away unconvinced. Anyway Jones isn’t perfect but then again who is?

          2. like i said, i never investigated the claims, but would be interested in reading an analysis of someone who did. again, alex jones doesn’t matter to me that much.

          3. Adam & Dennis,
            I have known Scott Creighton for years. As far as “emotional problems” he is the pot calling the kettle black by oinking about Alex Jones:
            Yea, he came back and apologized for being a crybaby… but go ahead and read his original post.
            Like Alex Jones, Scott has some excellent articles, like Jones, Scott can be totally full of shit.
            “People who live in glass houses..” and all that.

          4. Thanks HR, I had missed that. Funny, I thought I’d wish him happy birthday, but I hadn’t posted there in so long, decided against it. I like that he simply didn’t kill the original. I’m surprised that he has thousands of followers. Yeah willyloman and Jones, good points and bad points, like everybody else, I guess.

          5. ” I’m surprised that he has thousands of followers.”
            Well Dennis, how are we to know that Scott isn’t exaggerating?
            Personally I don’t buy it. Maybe hundreds.

          6. Yeah I have seen that clip and while I think he should have done things differently in this case and worked with the people there he is just a hyperactive kind of guy and very aggressive in his approach to the “bad guys”. He was not in my opinion intentionally trying to disrupt the gun rally. He could have handled it better but I don’t consider this a big deal. Most of his work is good but my main criticism of AJ is that he constantly describes the temperature of the water we are boiling in and doesn’t do enough of offering solutions. He could rally a lot more action than he does is all I am saying. He has informed and woken up millions though which is a huge achievement so I can’t de-merit him too much.

          7. adam,
            yeah, i think jones messed up here pretty bad, at best.
            re: “[M]y main criticism of AJ is that he constantly describes the temperature of the water we are boiling in and doesn’t do enough of offering solutions. He could rally a lot more action than he does is all I am saying.”
            well, he did pretty well with the 9/11 “inside job” chants on geraldo rivera’s show some years back. that’s one of the main things that helped wake me up.
            but once we are awakened, what is there we, or anyone can DO, honestly? the whole deck is rigged. i tried this and that and it was like banging my head against a wall. you had a game plan you wrote about here some time ago, as i recall, but getting enough people committed to any kind of meaningful revolutionary action seems a total pipe dream in this self-absorbed hypnotized society of ours, in my view. wish it were otherwise, but wishing usually gets you nowhere, or worse. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k4R5wZs8cxI

          8. Well my plan is a pipe dream for most people but it is not a plan I intend most people to participate in actually. In my (perhaps pessimistic) world view anywhere from 95% to 99% of the population are what I call bystanders in life. These bystanders are not really involved in anything meaningful in their lives. They essentially live and die in a make believe world filled with trivial pursuits and are essentially unaware of the real world. I leave them completely out of the equation when I talk about my plans of action because I know that no matter what I do or say I will not reach them. These bystanders are considered by some though to be part of the opposition which in my opinion is a mistake. In my view they do not side with anyone bad or good they are simply dead weight that moves with the prevailing tide. They are not against us or for us they are just there. The good thing is that they are not for or against the bad guys either although many (bad guys) would like us to believe the bystanders are on their side.
            If you eliminate the bystanders from your plans of action from the beginning things become a whole lot more “possible” though. For example if I plan to rally people to stop paying income tax but my plan requires at least 50% participation to succeed then it WILL BE a failure. If however my plans are aimed at getting 2% to a very optimistic 5% of the people to participate then I have a good chance of success. If it is a good plan that inspires what I call the “active” people and only needs 2% of the people to succeed then it has a good chance.
            So Dennis with that in mind is a “revolution” really a pipe dream? I think not. In fact if 2% of the American people got involved in a real way that is close to 6.5 million people! Not a force to be ignored and that is a fact. I sure hope it doesn’t come down to that 2% taking up arms and launching a violent revolution but if it does I sure as hell would not want to be one of the soldiers or cops trying to stop them. If it was 3% or 4% involved or even a full 5% then basically the bad guys would not even stand a tiny chance of winning.
            My plans are non violent and only require the “active” 2% to succeed. If they catch on and get 3-5% then look out bad guys because you are going down!
            Just on the food front here is what the “active” people have done lately:
            Monsanto’s stock is plunging along with their profits!
            McDonalds had to close 600 stores because they are losing so much money!
            Catch the wave Dennis it is getting bigger all the time. Lets go after the big banks:
            Switch to a local credit union like I have done! Put some of your money into preparation supplies such as food, water purification and storage and if possible collection systems such as cisterns, wells, or atmospheric water generators. Get a little gold and silver, get some guns and ammo. Work on your own alternative energy systems such as this one which works with magnets only and can provide enough power for your whole house:
            Imagine total self sufficiency, how would the government control us then?
            ANSWER: They wouldn’t, we would control them like we are supposed to.
            The revolution is already well underway Dennis take heart my friend.

  28. “The great discovery of the “Dark Ages” is that people can have a society without a state.”
    ~Carroll Quigley
    No syrup, no waffles, but plenty of eggs!

  29. Upon the suggestion of a good friend I was advised we should polish up our pitchforks.
    I replied:
    I have a few dinner forks… I haven’t any hay today, I hadn’t any hay yesterday when all my troubles seemed so far away. It is important to know who’s got the hay and who’s not today, but I don’t claim to be born again, or even before! I have taken the word of my mother. It seems likely or plausible or plasticable and practicable, or perchance to escalate a thought or two into the keyboard here. Which I do have, pitchforkless or not! This keyboard is not polished, but rather dusty with cigarette ash and bird dander. But it is in reasonably good health, and may fit my needs for the foreseeable future, which has a limited horizon as the road ahead is certainly not as long as that behind.
    And as it is oft times fun to be verbose for my own entertainment, I hope you can enjoy it somewhat as well. But it is indeed a fine and good morning. Glory gory halls of loosia, his Truth is marching on.

      1. A pitchfork can be used with bailing hay, or it can be used as a weapon.
        Like the phrase “Might is Right” is bullshit, as might is neutral depending on the intent of it’s use.
        There is no “devil”, the concept is an excuse for the evil done by humans.

          1. There has never been anything other than Bernaysian Democracy in Amerika.
            Put that in your “irritable rascal” file cha cha cha

  30. “America is too democratic at home to be autocratic abroad. This limits the use of America’s power, especially its capacity for military intimidation. Never before has a popular democracy attained international supremacy. But the pursuit of power is not a goal that commands popular passion, except in conditions of a sudden threat or challenge to the public’s sense of domestic well-being… The economic self-denial (that is, defence spending) and the human sacrifice (casualties even among professional soldiers) required in the effort are uncongenial to democratic instincts. Democracy is inimical to imperial mobilization.“~Brzezinski

  31. This page has the meat and potatoes of the conspiracy described by Carroll Quigley.
    Money Power Seeks to Create a World System of Financial Control in Private Hands Able to Dominate Every Nation on Earth
    The powers of financial capitalism had a far-reaching aim, nothing less than to create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole. This system was to be controlled in a feudalist fashion by the central banks of the world acting in concert, by secret agreements arrived at in frequent private meetings and conferences. The apex of the system was to be the Bank for International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland, a private bank owned and controlled by the world’s central banks which were themselves private corporations.
    Here you will find in condensed from the explanation of what brought us to our present predicament:

  32. I do not have much more to add here. There are a few things. Everyone at MIT acts as though they believe the Sean Collier story. After a long ceremony (the second one since the alleged shooting) a truly gigantic monument in form of a gate you walk through was added to the site where the Tsarnaev brothers allegedly shot Collier. It was built using the contractor services of Collier’s stepbrother and designed by a woman of South Korean origin with an eye to making something as abstractly moving as the Vietnam War Memorial.
    On the day of the alleged shooting, a policeman went into the building next door and asked people if they heard any shoots. Some said yes. The Frank Gehry building was never put under lockdown, although the unknown shooter or shooters were at large. On the other side of the shooting location is the Koch building for cancer research. It is unknown whether that was locked down. In the case of the MIT building (Gehry), students come and go, so someone might have let in fugitives who might have been waiting to take someone hostage (as they were later alleged to do), so the policeman was kind of over-confidant in just going around and asking people what they heard.
    After this incident, on the news, two young women with long hair were portrayed as going to the place their alleged brother was shot and kneeling in prayer (possibly with rosaries). Meanwhile, their dead brother’s body lay in the nearby hospital MGH, just over the bridge, which is where normal people remain when a loved one’s body is being prepared to take to the mortuary. Going back to the scene of the murder looked stagey to me, but when I said so, my husband called me “heartless”. He was about to drink the rest of the Koolaid and never look back. Up to that point, I had totally believed the story. But doubts were confirmed by this very “Wag the Dog” move on the part of the scenario writers. The sinister thing is that they were able to take MIT by the balls completely.
    Soon after, I was in a deathly quiet city under lockdown after the shootout. My brother had come from California on a college visit with his son. They drove through silent streets and were turned away from the college where the interview had been scheduled. He told me he never saw a single roadblock. It was all done with suggestions to everyone to be a good citizen and let the police find Tsarnaev. Of course knowing that he was a car-jacker would have put off a lot of people from tempting fate since he was on the loose.
    How does one protest? The author of the above article gets it that the warmth and false community developed by the Boston Strong theme puts one on the margins when one notices too much about the man behind the curtain. The contempt and hubris necessary to pull this off suggests long experience with the gullibility of the public, almost a way of life of cheating and stealing. It does not suggest actual protection but a protection racket.

    1. Oh and by the way, when I began to raise some doubts with a relative who lives in another state and who did not experience the shutdown, she accused me of hubris in questioning the official story. Because, like, what could I know? Am I a member of the police, an investigator, a politician, in the FBI? Hubris to notice too much and add it up. “Who do you think you are?” I told her I thought it took hubris to present such a flimsy story which you change fifty times like something trying a password until they break in. It would be negligent to keep trusting them after they have lied to you six or seven times until they get it “right.” No, they are the ones with the hubris. As are those who call themselves reporters. But we knew that.

      1. Hubris? Having a mind that seeks truth is showing hubris? I guess it’s the correct word, just pointed in the wrong direction.
        I guess it probably often makes people feel good in some way to be obedient servants to authority. I’d guess this relative is a church-going person and has received praise for being considered “normal”? Unfortunately, that’s the attitude that has allowed this situation to occur in our country. If people had been asking more questions, seeking truth, and not being so trusting of authority, this government takeover could not occurred.
        The mainstream media is fully complicit and working closely with the “government” to defraud Americans in every way possible. Hubris is an appropriate word to describe the actions of all involved in the Boston marathon fraud — from the planners, to the FBI/DHS, to the police, to the fake victims and other crisis actors, the fake medical personnel or “first responders,” to the fake witnesses, judge, attorneys, jurors, to the media and the trolls who “dog” and harass everyone who doesn’t go along with the official story.
        What did your relative say to your reply?

  33. I understand that Dzhokhar has received the death penalty.
    Another black day for deepest darkest Amerika.

  34. You’re already doing good work here keeping the conversation going. I don’t have all the answers, but I think if we’re committed to seeing the end of this rogue government and getting the truth out, it’s bound to happen. Maybe not tomorrow, but eventually and probably sooner than we might imagine.
    I’m just feeling upset, disappointed, and a bit angry about the verdict today but behind that I still feel hopeful that we will be able to take our world back, free the innocent, hold the guilty to account for their crimes, and create a society that works.

    1. HR1 – I have looked into this particular issue of a faked moon landing and I am convinced by multiple lines of evidence that the landings were indeed faked. Here is a detail you can check out for yourself and see if I am right: NASA claims it has “lost” or “misplaced” all the original video tapes taken on the moon. Yep… they “misplaced” the most important video tapes ever captured by man in history. Whoopsey daisy! I guess they were just laying around in some cardboard box somewhere in a deserted trailer on a back lot where any old person could walk in and take them. If you believe that I have some swamp land to sell you in Baker, CA really cheap.

      1. “NASA claims it has “lost” or “misplaced” all the original video tapes taken on the moon.” ~ruffadam
        You seem to forget that NASA was radically defunded after the Moon Project was shut down. That there was a backlash of “it’s a waste of money to explore space, when we can’t take proper care of the poor, blablabla..”
        These tapes were never in US NASA hands anyway, they were in Pert Australia at the station that was in the perfect Earth position to receive the transmissions from the moon.
        Although you may see the idea of these tapes being lost track of in the shakeup and defunding as some indication of a hoax Adam, you are going to have to come up with some direct evidence that proves the imagery we have seen is fake.
        I have never read a single ‘moon hoax’ argument that is even remotely reasonable.

        1. Really OK I will come up with my best stuff for you to ponder then. I do think your easy excuse for them losing these tapes is thin though. Very important tapes wouldn’t you agree? Maybe we can do this on your blog though so we don’t muck up this one with moon landing hoax stuff?

          1. “I do think your easy excuse for them losing these tapes is thin though.”~Adam
            Thick or thin my friend it is so…
            If you really want to bang this out, okay, but it is not a big deal to me… You can post something to my blog about it. Any thread to start, I may ask to move to another … I haven’t thought were this will fit ..[??]

  35. Reblogged this on SHAREverything.com and commented:
    “To say that Clarke could have created reasonable doubt if she had wanted to is an understatement. In this article, we’ll look at the evidence that should have been introduced at Tsarnaev’s trial but wasn’t…”

  36. The FBI presented doctored evidence at the sham trial.
    Remember the David Green iphone picture showing Dzhokhar running away “without” his backpack? Many have pointed out the uncommon/uncomfortable way his arm and shoulder are held. That’s because the picture is photoshopped. What proof does one have?
    Here is a portion of a video that shows the ACTUAL original picture ON David Green’s iphone! Too far to see tiny details, but enough to PROVE that Dzhokhar was carrying his WHITE backpack when he ran away with the rest of the folks from the bombs.
    PLEASE post this everywhere you find the Tsarnaev’s being villified, because Jahar has been FRAMED and brutalized for over 2 years, and sentenced to death for something he did not do: https://www.youtube.com/v/8o-gmqFjE8M?version=3&start=365&end=379&autoplay=0&hl=en_US&rel=0

  37. A new post at Paul Craig Roberts kicks the shit out of the Boston OCT, especially regarding the boy’s fake trial. Written by lawyers, essentially they argue that since the boy was carrying a white knapsack and the bomb was in a black one he should have been released. And that simple knapsack difference was not mentioned by his defense? Or the media? Also the article reinforces that a “confession” is like the lowest and weakest type of evidence there is and that in-the-boat confession is what convicted him. My god.

  38. I believe this bombing was real…..i believe the victims were real…..what i DONT believe is that Jahar and Tamerlan knowingly did this…..i believe Tamerlan was recruited to help in a bomb drill and was asked to bring Jahar along…..i dont think there was anything in their backpacks…..maybe workout clothes and school books but that’s it…..i think the government knew they were pulling off a “drill” and found the perfect two guys to blame. …they had been aftet Tamerlan for almost four years and had NOTHING on him. …but what seems funny to me is they were following him for so long….maybe to learn about him and his life and his families life….what better way to convince the public of guilt if they know EVERYTHING about the suspect……what they didnt expect was how difficult it could have been to convince people that someone like Jahar could have done it…..he was everyone’s friend, your neighborhood friendly stoner….so what better way then to target his closest friends and threaten them to convince the public it was possible. …who knew Jahar better then his bestfriends…..so if they could believe it why shouldn’t the public? Not to mention Todashev abrupt murder…..clewrly they’re covering something there….so IMO craft dropped those bags and instructed Tamerlan and Jahar where to stand to make it perfect enough to accuse them of the bombing…..remember dead men can’t talk!!!!

  39. I saw the picture of the poor chap lying on the ground with his blooded stump and being ignored by others, but what is not known they were looking for his trainer with a “foot” ? in it in case a souvenir collector found it, but sadly they put the victim in a wheel chair as it was more comfortable than a stretcher and more dramatic, was his foot handed in to the lost and found dept?.

  40. ““A local officer spotted the brothers driving in two cars, a Honda sedan and the stolen SUV, said
    Watertown police chief Ed Deveau. (This conflicts with the report that the Honda had already been abandoned.)”
    the conflicting report needs a citation

  41. The wrath of God is coming because people are cowardly and ignore the truth. All you have to do is GOOGLE IMAGES: Craft Mercenairies Boston, and there they are..in plain sight.

  42. When Hollywood wants to spread its ‘Fake News’
    Marky Mark is the one the propagandists choose.
    Whether battling Al Qaeda in ‘Lone Survivor’,
    Or on ‘Deepwater Horizon’ fighting a fire.
    Covered in stage blood and anointed with oil,
    He chews up the scenery while emoting the role.
    His character formed on the lower east side,
    As slimy and toxic as an oil-spill tide.
    Cursing and killing is all part of his gag.
    While advocating for another False Flag.
    I won’t watch his movies since he has sold out,
    His morals and ethics being clearly in doubt.
    ‘Ted’ one and ‘Ted’ two, may not have been wise,
    But at least didn’t depend on the warmongers lies.
    From my review of ‘Patriots Day’.

    1. Very impressive. I don’t know if Mark Wahlberg is a “bad guy,” maybe just a guy who enjoys acting work and likes to make a lot of money, but participating in films promoting false versions of events (propaganda) films is not good work. Thank you for your review of the outrageous film “Patriot’s Day.”

          1. Except he’s not that bright. He’s been selected to carry the flag and is provided with these psyops disguised as movies.

          2. You can’t make a movie like ‘Sole Survivor’ without, how shall we say it, ‘cooperation’ from the powers that be.

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