False Flags Part 1 – secrecy, cover-ups, and crafted perceptions

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Darwin saw what everyone saw, but thought what nobody thought. – Author unknown1

False flags revisedThis is the first part in Barrie Zwicker’s series on false flag operations. The next installment is Maximum Illusion Time.
Part 1: An Introduction
Everyone has seen a False Flag Operation, but few have recognized one. The classic example is 9/11, seen by millions on TV but not recognized for what it really was – a treasonous inside job.
Unlike 9/11 and the 1964 Gulf of Tonkin “attack” (that never took place) and the 1933 torching of the Reichstag, the German parliament building, by Hitler (but which he blamed on “the communists”) not all False Flags are both large and brazen. In this series I will try to give some idea of the dizzying array of forms that False Flags take: false flag events, false flag pseudo-events, false flag front organizations and false flag operators. You can barely open a newspaper without seeing the telltale markings of a False Flag – if you know what these markings are.
What all False Flags have in common is that they are deceptions, a category of phenomena too ambitious for this series. But I will argue that historically, materially and politically the False Flag is the most important and damaging type of deception.
The word deception and the concept it describes are familiar because of the fact, again known by everybody, that deceptions abound.
Equally important, if you stop to think about it, is that there’s this well-established word, deception, that names the phenomenon. It has a well-grooved place in our neural pathways. The concept and its emotive and other nuances can be instantly retrieved when we encounter an obvious deception.
In contrast, the term False Flag is not yet widely known. No well-grooved neural pathway leads to a mental storage area.
Additionally, those familiar with the term offer similar but varying definitions of what it means. (The sizable definitional issues will be addressed later in this series.).
False flag operations (we’re dropping the caps now) are the pre-eminent launching pad for wars, the usual smokescreen for assassinations, the all-purpose generator of moral panics, the stock-in-trade of the gigantic spy establishment. Black operations (almost always called “covert operations” – a term that somehow bestows acceptability) are frequently of the false flag variety. (Some black ops are just spying.)
There are explanations for the gross under-use of the term false flag operation, for this black hole in the language that helps keep hidden the reality behind it.
First is that false flag operations are planned and executed in utmost secrecy.
But that’s just the beginning. The initial secrecy fades into relative insignificance compared with the reality that false flag ops are followed up as quickly as possible by elaborate cover-ups, conceived concurrently by the same hidden operators, within the same cocoon of secrecy.
The false flag cover-up is well understood by the perpetrators to be integral to the front-end deception, just as bank robbers arrange to have their getaway car around the corner and the motor running.
But the total operation does not end with the cover-up.
Partly because it is elaborate, the cover-up constitutes a great danger for the perpetrators. Detectives will attest that many major crimes are solved because some aspect of the cover-up has gone awry. A botched cover-up much more commonly leads to the solution of a crime than does, for instance, criminals coming forward to confess.
The insecurity of the cover-up derives in part because it involves many more personnel than the initial operation – hundreds if not thousands compared to just a handful or possibly a few score for the initial operation.
The “need-to-know” principle of clandestine operations increasingly becomes a liability as the “need” factor expands. (Think of the personnel at NIST, at the FAA, at Underwriters Laboratories, at the City of New York, at the Pentagon, in the FBI and on and on, who knowingly have participated, and continue to participate, in the 9/11 cover-up.) Loose lips sink ships, as the Second World War billboards had it. Cover-up activities therefore are a significant Achilles Heel for the perpetrators.
Luckily for them, this Achilles Heel is protected by a titanium heel guard in the form of the pre-installed machinery of deception, censorship and other forms of control firmly embedded within the modern national security state. This machinery for covering up their cover-ups now is almost unimaginably vast. Think COINTEL on steroids. Agents of the state are embedded in bureaucracies such as the FBI (essentially a national political police), in the judiciary, local police forces, academia and most importantly within the mainstream media as well as most so-called alternative media – all as gatekeepers.
Serial cover-ups of false flag ops and the cover-ups of those merge to become an ugly tapestry of fake history supporting the world of illusion that surrounds us. It’s as if we’re trapped in a real-life Truman Show. [2]
To summarize so far:
1 Four walls are erected around a false flag event to ensure as much as possible that as many people as possible will not see it for what it is, immediately or ever. The first wall is comprised of the illusory aspects of the event. The second wall is the initial (but ongoing) cover-up that reinforces the illusion. The third wall is the cover-up of the initial (but ongoing) cover-up. Finally, the fourth wall is the knitting together of current and previous cover-ups through subsequent illicit pilings-on.
2 The perceptual apparatus for seeing false flags to begin with, or seeing the telltale signs of their presence, and for conceiving of their enormity is hobbled by a widespread lack of enabling and thus empowering terminology.
3 It is not an exaggeration to say that the most important factors in human history and our lives – war and peace, life and death, the economy, bread and butter issues and the environment – have been, and continue to be, impacted with extreme negative prejudice by false flag operations, their cover-ups, and the ongoing blanket of covered-up cover-ups.
If all this seems too large a leap to imagine, consider lesser but still important realities through history that were unthinkable. One, that the Earth circles the sun, was officially and unofficially squelched from 270 BCE until past 1633, the year Galileo was convicted of “grave suspicion of heresy” [3] because he differed with the accepted perception, which was that the sun circled the Earth.
In the contemporary world consider just one category of reality that does not exist for most people because of the effective non-existence of a term to describe the reality. That term is “violence against men.” To be viable a term has to be on offer, to be widely used. When and where and how often have you encountered the term “violence against men?”
Everyone’s brain responds in milliseconds – emotionally and with images – to the commonly heard term “violence against women.” And rightly so, in the main. But hardly anyone ever thinks about a much larger category: violence against men. This is because no recognized “word slot” has been promoted and accepted for us to begin to store even the fundamental data within this category of reality. That reality is that for every woman who dies violently at least two men do. [4]
The effectively non-existent terminology includes men killed in wars (which they are in greater numbers than are women – and which, amazingly, are deleted from most tallies of violent deaths when those of men and women are being compared).
There are very legitimate reasons for treating male and female violent deaths differently, starting with the important as well as emotionally laden reality that more men kill women than women kill men, in war and peace, in both absolute and relative terms.
But does this justify there effectively existing no mental shelf or folder, no term for use generally, for identifying and storing data about the much more widespread phenomenon of violence against men?
The movement for women’s rights did not gain serious traction until the phrase “women’s rights” gained currency and enabled the concept to be discussed, so that the actions needed to win those rights could become thinkable – a prelude to them becoming reality.
The perpetrators of false flag operations are acutely aware of the importance of language. It is not just by the natural evolution of language that the term “the terrorist attacks of 9/11” has become the commonest descriptor – used almost universally on billions of occasions – of the treasonous criminal inside job of 9/11, which by no reasonable logic or linguistic rule could be called “an attack.” That compact descriptor contains the DNA of the 9/11 Big Lie, pre-defined by Mikhail Bakunin in a little-known phrase as “the propaganda of the act.” [5]
If one side of the 9/11 defining phraseology coin is inscribed “the terrorist attacks of September 11th, 2001” the flip side should be inscribed “inside job” or “false flag operation.” But insofar as they can control the language, the perpetrators of false flag ops and their enablers and accomplices will do all in their considerable powers to render stillborn any word or phrase making linguistically available an alternative accurate descriptor for their deadly deceptions.
It’s relevant that the title of one of the best-researched and most insightful books on the assassination of President John F. Kennedy is JFK and the Unspeakable: Why He Died and Why It Matters, by Canadian James Douglass. [6] The key word here is “unspeakable.”
For the term “false flag operation” to become ever more widespread – as is slowly happening – as a clear and meaningful mental category, will be very injurious to the perpetrators of false flag ops and their ongoing agenda. They must exert birth control over truthful politically relevant terminology. Perhaps the most effective prophylactic developed by the masterminds of psychological warfare regarding 9/11 and other false flag ops is the thought spermicide “conspiracy theorist,” otherwise known as a language bomb. [7]
It is not for nothing that we speak of “language tools.” Without the words, we cannot think the thoughts they denote. Thus the concept of the “power of naming.” Which in turn enables us to conceive of the power of the prevention of naming.
To further set the stage for this series on false flag operations consider just one of the many psychological issues surrounding them. That issue is perception, or more exactly perceptions: in the case of 9/11 the most calculated and damaging view of 9/11Truthers held from outside, and then the commonest view of 9/11 Truthers from inside the 9/11Truth movement. These views vie and interact.
Start only with criticisms trotted out against 9/11Truthers by 9/11Truth Deniers and then only one of these criticisms. (Truthers’ self characterizations will be dealt with in Part 10 of the series.) On December 10th, 2009, then Globe and Mail leftwing columnist Rick Salutin wrote an opinion pieced headed “Climategate’s Not Evil. It’s Just Unhinged.” [8]
His peg was the hysteria generated around that time by those in the climate change-denying lobby. They’d found a few political paragraphs in a huge database of otherwise scientific emails. After taking to task these climate change deniers, Salutin goes on to generalize in a negative way about those he says think their cause is the most important cause. In the third paragraph, he writes:
Now extend onto less average terrain and you get the “truthers,” who say 9/11 was a U.S. government plot masked by myths of hijacked planes; and the “birthers,” who insist that Barack Obama was born in Kenya. I use both since they are taken to represent the left and the right. I think it’s worth hearing their arguments but, when you do, you sense that nothing anyone says can shake them. This is symptomatic of non-medical craziness.
He continues:
Those university climate scientists have been accused of betraying science for politics, but they’re also human, and human beings are political. They weren’t betraying science, they were pursuing politics, and politics can make you crazy. One sign of this is that people with a passionate political cause often think all those who disagree with them are crazy (or evil). Another: They believe their issue is uniquely critical to the future or to survival.
A number of observations are in order. First Salutin’s wrongly lumping together two “Truther” communities as if they’re the same. [9] It’s a version of “the myth of symmetry.”
Second is the way he self-servingly positions himself as a rational (read superior) observer above it all, who adopts the self-advantageous “plague on both your houses” stance.
Third is what I would characterize from this column – as well as from the body of his opinions for more than a decade – as either insincerity (“I think it’s worth hearing their arguments”) or extreme inattentiveness to the massive evidence available to him regarding 9/11, or both. It need hardly be pointed out here that Salutin has been and remains a reliable 9/11Truth left gatekeeper.
He doesn’t use “obsessed” as a single word description of “non-medical craziness” but he might as well have. Others in tune with his stance have done so. One of the finest tributes, in my opinion, to my book Towers of Deception: The Media Cover-Up of 9/11 was an offhand put-down by Martin Levin, books editor of The Globe and Mail. Levin wrote that Towers “is an often entertainingly obsessive rant.”
So this is the first psychological hinge point I want us to consider. Outsiders (this takes in a wide variety of people from immediate family members to the likes of Jonathan Kay, author of the book-length hit piece Among the Truthers) tend to seize on our relative single-mindedness and treat it as a flaw. “Non-medical craziness” isn’t the worst put-down lobbed in our direction.
It’s the case that obsession generally has a bad rep. Deservedly so when it involves a narrow and destructive passion, such as exhibited by a stalker.
But consider: Important achievements in science, literature, politics, religion and sports are generally if not usually associated with individuals or teams that are focused, dedicated, determined, persistent, single-minded, even obsessed. Especially – often by self-declaration – obsessed. As Barbra Streisand said: “I’ve been called many names like perfectionist, difficult and obsessive. I think it takes obsession, takes searching for the details, for any artist to be good.”Or as Margueritte Harmon Bro put it: “Many people are inventive, sometimes cleverly so. But real creativity begins with the drive to work on and on and on.”
So one of many language and psychological tasks facing 9/11Truthers is rehabilitation and elevation of the meaning of obsessive associated with single-minded determination into a positive. We know we’re not closed-minded. Rather it’s those who won’t give the time of day to any of the evidence we have assembled who are closed-minded. They seem obsessed with not knowing.
Now to relative importance. Many – no make that most – people, including members of our own families, close friends or just acquaintances, see causes other than 9/11Truth as being the most important in their lives. In my own case I have family and friends who hold spirituality, animal rights, the environment, Canadian independence and anti-corporatism as their most important, judging by their words and actions.
I support most of them morally and at times with energy and money.
Currently I’m involved in a project to preserve and make available the history of progressive communities of all hues. My attitude is: if someone’s marching in the same general direction as I am, that’s great. And it’s not so bad when someone I’d hoped would espouse 9/11Truth declines. What is unacceptable is being attacked for pursuing 9/11Truth or for just questioning the official narrative.
A revolutionary cause, it has been said, requires only 10 per cent support from the population to succeed, even if 90 per cent stand aside. It’s the enemies of a worthy cause, and the mode of their operations, that we must pay close attention to.
This is why, in this series, five of 12 parts focus upon enemies of 9/11Truth and by extension enemies of the truth of false flag operations.


1 The author of the series cannot currently identify the author of the quotation. Information welcomed.
2 Selected from the Wikipedia entry on this movie
[a] Ronald Bishop of Sage Journals Online thought The Truman Show showcased the power of the media. “In the end, the power of the media is affirmed rather than challenged. In the spirit of Antonio Gramsci‘s concept of hegemony, these films and television programs co-opt our enchantment (and disenchantment) with the media and sell it back to us.”
[b] Utopia: Parallels [with The Truman Show] can be drawn from Thomas More‘s 1516 book Utopia, in which More describes an island with only one entrance and only one exit. Only those who belonged to this island knew how to navigate their way through the treacherous openings safely and unharmed. This situation is similar to The Truman Show because there are limited entryways into the world that Truman knows. Truman does not belong to this utopia into which he has been implanted, and childhood trauma rendered him frightened of the prospect of ever leaving this small community. Utopian models of the past tended to be full of like-minded individuals who shared much in common, comparable to More’s Utopia and real-life groups such as the Shakers and the Oneida Community. It is clear that the people in Truman’s world are like-minded in their common effort to keep him oblivious to reality. The suburban “picket fence” appearance of the show’s set is reminiscent of the “American Dream” of the 1950s. The “American Dream” concept in Truman’s world serves in an attempt to keep him happy and ignorant.
3 Based on his book Dialogo sopra i due massimi sistemi del mondo (The Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems), which was then placed on the Index of Forbidden Books, from which it was not removed until 1835 (after the theories it discussed had been permitted in print in 1822.) In an action that was not announced at the time, the publication of anything else he had written or ever might write was also banned.
4 A United Nations poster text reads: “Each year more than 1.6 million people worldwide lose their lives to violence. For everyone who dies as a result of violence, many more are injured and suffer from a range of physical, sexual, reproductive and mental health problems. Violence is among the leading causes of death for people aged 15-44 years worldwide, accounting for about 14% of deaths among males and 7% of deaths among females in that age group.[My bold ital.] Because it is so pervasive, violence is often seen as an inevitable part of the human condition.”
An Internet search will show how difficult, even in a world drenched with data, to find basic stats on the ratio of male violent deaths compared with female violent deaths. Virtually all of the hits found by entering “violence against men” in a Google search deal only with domestic violence. Violent deaths in war, overwhelmingly male, are hidden away like the proverbial needle in a haystack. For instance the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention leave out war, apparently, as seen in this excerpt, in which the numbers literally do not add up:
“Globally, more than nine people die every minute from injuries or violence—that’s 5.8 million people of all ages and economic groups who die each year from both unintentional and violence related injuries. […] The three leading causes of injury and violence-related deaths are road traffic incidents (1.3 million), suicides (844,000), and homicides (600,000).”
At Worldmapper we read: “The violent deaths shown here are homicide (murder and manslaughter), but exclude deaths due to war. In 2002 over half a million people died violent deaths.”
But even in the sad category of domestic violence it appears true that 61% of men treated in emergency rooms for injuries suffered in domestic violence are men, and 39% women. From
http://theawarenesscenter.blogspot.ca/2012/07/domestic-violence-against-men-is-most.htmlwe read:
Some indication of the disparity between men and women concerning their relative likelihood of reporting violent victimizations can be gleaned from medical emergency room records. For example, in 1994, the majority (61%) of hospital emergency room patients treated for intimate-violence-related injuries were men, while nearly half as many (39%) were women. Yet, the vast majority (more than 90%, according to some authorities) of the reports to authorities of violent victimizations by intimates were made by women.
“If, as all the reliable data suggests (see above), males are at least as likely to be victims of domestic abuse as females are, yet only 10% of those who choose to report the incident to authorities are male, then we must conclude not only that women are more willing than men to report the incident to authorities when they are abused, but that women are about 9 times more likely than men to report when they have been victims of abuse. The survey research tends to corroborate the hypothesis that women are indeed 9 times more likely than men to report it to police when they have been assaulted by their spouses.
“What evidence there is suggests that most men have to be very severely injured before they will even consider reporting an incident or threat of domestic abuse to the authorities. And even then, it is doubtful that they will. Unlike most women, it would not even cross most men’s minds to report their partners to authorities or take any other kind of legal action because they have been pushed, grabbed, shoved, slapped or had their hair pulled. And unlike most women, most men do not choose to make a report even after they have been so severely wounded that they have to be transported to the hospital in an ambulance – or indeed, even after they have had their penises lopped off.”
The same site provides 78 reasons for under-reporting domestic violence against men.
5 Although usually attributed to the anarchist Mikhail Bakunin, Wikipedia correctly notes:
One of the first individuals to conceptualise propaganda by the deed was the Italian revolutionary Carlo Pisacane (1818–57), who wrote in his “Political Testament” (1857) that “ideas spring from deeds and not the other way around.” Mikhail Bakunin (1814–1876), in his “Letters to a Frenchman on the Present Crisis” (1870) stated that “we must spread our principles, not with words but with deeds, for this is the most popular, the most potent, and the most irresistible form of propaganda.”[2]
The phrase propaganda by the deed was popularized by the French anarchistPaul Brousse (1844–1912). In his article of that name, published in the August 1877 Bulletin of the Jura Federation, Brousse cited the 1871 Paris Commune, a workers’ demonstration in Bern provocatively using the socialist red flag, and the Benevento uprising in Italy as examples of “propaganda by the deed.”[3] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Propaganda_of_the_deed
6 http://www.amazon.ca/JFK-Unspeakable-Why-Died-Matters/dp/1439193886
7 The phenomenon of “language bombs,” otherwise known as thought-stoppers, designed to destroy the emergence of important language tools such as false flag operations, will be dealt with in this series. In the bunkerbuster category of language bombs is “conspiracy theorist.”
8 http://www.theglobeandmail.com/commentary/climategates-not-evil-its-just-unhinged/article4311128/
9 This lumping together trick is trotted out by almost all 9/11Truth Deniers. One of the most egregious examples is Jonathan Kay and his book Among the Truthers: A Journey into the Growing Conspiracist Underground of 9/11Truthers, Birthers, Armageddonites, Vaccine Hysterics, Hollywood Know-Nothings and Internet Addicts. Kay evidently had second thoughts about his sub-title, as the original is hard to find, being replaced by A Journey Through America’s Growing Conspiracist Underground. One gets well into the second page of Google hits before one can find the original s ub-title.
10 (http://reason.com/archives/2011/09/06/how-scared-of-terrorism-should)
11 http://www.snotr.com/video/10754/Wealth_distribution_in_US
12 http://projects.washingtonpost.com/top-secret-america/articles/a-hidden-world-growing-beyond-control/


An author’s note: Why write about false flags?

 “Why?” is the most important of “The Five W’s” of journalism – who, what, when, where, why. “Why this series?” is a fair question for readers to ask of the author.
The simple answer is that I’ve come to believe that false flag operations are the single most effective and therefore dangerous ruse of rulers to trigger wars, get away with assassinating domestic enemies and other crimes.
Then why, in turn, have I come to believe this? The answer is less simple. A blend of factors have led me to my present worldview.
Which is that the main reason peace (whatever your definition of it may be) does not prevail on Earth is because forces that benefit from conflict and war hold the balance of power and perhaps always have. While the majority of people have always wanted peace, the forces that benefit from conflict and war have been successful in tricking the majority into supporting wars. The rulers’ main weapon is deception, and their deceptions have become increasingly sophisticated.
From an early age I took it for granted that world peace was the ultimate cause. My father was a United Church clergyman. “Prince of Peace” was the description of Jesus he most used. This goal has remained with me but paradoxically, because I’ve been obliged to revise my understandings of how the world works, has also taken a back seat.
The paradox rests on the hard-won understanding that we cannot achieve lasting peace without justice. And that we cannot achieve justice without securing truth.
Therefore it’s not logical to seek peace directly. Peace not based on justice, and justice not based on truth, will not last. Truth is the necessary prerequisite beginning for the two that follow. Truth is foundational. After truth becomes known – in any situation from the intimately personal to the vast historical – paths open that can lead to lasting peace. One path is justice. Another path is reconciliation. It’s relevant that South Africans established a Truth & Reconciliation Commission. They left out justice.
The first factor that propelled me toward my current understandings was an instinctive skepticism from about the age of 12. The second factor was the Cold War from which I was alienated from the beginning. I became suspicious of conventional thinking, of “invisible axioms” that “everyone” believed, usually without being able to explain why. Or if they explained they were obviously parroting the official line. Third I was drawn to journalism, in which I was paid to “dig, dig, dig.”
I clung, however, to the goal and dream of peace for most of my life, marching in peace parades and promoting a peace agenda many other ways. It was not until my deeper studies of communications and of political power opened my eyes that I saw that marching for peace was destined to fail so long as the majority of people could be persuaded that war after war had to be supported.
Without consciously setting about to do it, I began a search for the truth about who starts wars, and why, and how they start them, and how they extend them, and how they profit from postwar reconstruction just as they do from the wars, and how these war-supporting forces have perfected  a “mightly Wurlitzer” of false notes that plays pro-war lies nonstop. Being inside the media from age 15 to the present helped. I then turned, in 1970, to media criticism. At first I dwelt on mis-used words, then missed stories, then to decision-making in the media, then to the ownership structure. This led me to the existence of the ultra-rich, ultra-privileged, ultra-powerful of the world, the network of oligarchies that I dubbed the Diaboligarchy and finally to the Diaboligarchy’s deepest secret: the false flag operation.
War makes me angry and sad and frustrated. Especially now that I know that mainly invisible Western forces are driving the killing in Syria, for instance, as they did in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya. It makes me angry and sad and frustrated to anticipate a false flag operation in which Iran will be blamed for god-knows-what to justify a horrible attack on Iran by Israel and the USA. Most of the mainstream evening TV news makes me angry and sad and frustrated, because there’s little digging but much acceptance of “invisible axioms.”
My personal motivations include the future of my grand-daughter and the death of my wife’s father (that I wrote about in my reflections on Remembrance Day for Truth and Shadows).
Something I did not include in that piece was what happened after a seven-year-old girl living in Owen Sound, Ontario, learned in 1945 that her father Charlie had been killed in the Second World War while serving in the Canadian Army in Holland. She learned it by hearing her mother wailing as she approached their home for lunch. She knew right away what that meant. What happened was that in the middle of that night she sleep-walked for the first and only time in her life. Her mother and grandmother found her on a road called The Goat Path – searching for her lost Dad. That girl became my wife.
My emotions spilled over the last time I visited Charlie’s grave, in the summer of 2005, at the immaculate Canadian war cemetery near Nijmegen, Holland. I was alone. I hugged his gravestone and sobbed. It was a spontaneous reaction for which I am not in the least embarrassed. It’s also a reaction I have analyzed. My grief was and is for Charlie himself, 36 when he was cut down days before war’s end. It’s for his family, his widow who was left to raise a family alone for many years until she finally remarried. It’s for my wife. It’s for the millions of others – soldiers and civilians, even children as young as my wife was, or younger — who have been blasted to smithereens, gone spiraling down from the sky, drowned grievously wounded in muddy ditches, been mowed down by machine guns to fall back into graves they themselves had been forced to dig.
Why this series? It’s fuelled by anger. Come to think of it, that’s not the why. It’s the what.


  1. I thought that I read some where that the Reichstag thing turned out to have actually have been the communist and not an actual false flag … declassified papers or something … might be something to look into .

    1. I posted in detail about just that on the last thread.
      I must say I am disappointed to see that Barrie has nonetheless put it centre-stage for this piece.
      My guess is that he has researched David Irving superficially and been repelled by the results of the vast and very effective Hasbara campaign against him. It has seen him imprisoned; repeatedly denied a visa to visit his family in Australia; denied further access to the the German archives, to which he actually donated his own extensive archives (for which he was profusely thanked until being accused of so-called ‘Holocaust denial’) and a great deal more personal vitriol besides. And why? – because he has the temerity to tell things as he finds them and the Hasbara crowd don’t like it. He has certainly interviewed more surviving senior WWII and NS participants and done more primary archive research than any other living historian of WWII, which makes his judgment on this particular matter important. At the very least it throws serious doubt on Barrie’s emphatic version.
      He has also become a whipping boy for the oh-so-naive ‘progressive left’ which I guess also puts him off-limits for at least half of the Geo-politics truth-seeking movement – That is a great pity; it could learn a lot from him.
      I could go on. Suffice to say that the ‘Cryptocracy’ moves in far deeper and more cunning ways than even Barrie seems to appreciate. It now effectively controls almost the entire so-called progressive politics movement.
      ‘Controlled opposition’ it’s called; first voiced most effectively by 19th century arch-Zionist Theodore Hertzl who prophetically opined “We will lead every rebellion against us”

    2. Lre and Wikispooks,
      I think the issue of the Reichstag Fire is controversial as well, but I wouldn’t be dogmatic about it either way at this point. It is not going to change the overall thrust of understanding what false flags are at any rate.
      If I were you Wikispooks, I would save my ammo for the episode of this series that addresses the Reichstag Fire and make the case at that point. Of course this is not a demand nor an order…you can play your cards as you wish. We seem at this point to be hashing out how wide the definition of ‘false flag’ is, and starting with a wide net approach is a good idea…we can narrow things down according to our own take on things without any hysterics__hopefully…
      I have some deep issues with “Amerika” that go much further back in the history of the “nation”…that would put just about everything in a different light. But I think certain topical discussions should allow for all the general views to be hashed out first. We all have ‘pet ideas’, which others might term “agendas”…leave room for an evolving acceptance of your ideas rather than a hard core sales pitch. We might avoid some of the flambe dishes that are too often served on blogs.

      1. Hi Hyb
        I’m not trying to win an argument here, honest. That’s not my style at all.
        My point is that Barrie does put it centre-stage by citing it alongside 9/11 in his opening sentence. Since there are many historical examples that are a racing certainty as false-flags, I think it would have been better to pick a less problematic one, that’s all.

      2. Wiki,
        My comments although addressed to you, were as much meant for the general readership as well. I haven’t found you to be particularly argumentive at any point.
        I am still curious about David Irving’s revelations, and hope you speak to those in greater detail.
        Also, I wonder if you have read Douglas Reed’s THE CONTROVERSY OF ZION?
        {Did I ask this before?} It is a long historical overview, going back 3,500 years to Babylon, and spreading throughout the Middle East, and eventually the whole world all the way up to the 1950s. A fascinating tale indeed. Very well documented.
        I would recommend the book to all.

  2. Excellent read Barrie I am looking forward to reading the other parts as they are released. I would like to humbly offer one point for consideration though. It has to do with your mention of “climate change” in the context that you mentioned it. I contend that “climate change” formerly refered to as global warming is itself a false flag operation. I have studied the issue extensively, almost as much as 9/11, and I have discovered that “climate change” is actually a giant fraud or false flag if you will which has been designed to pillage the global pocket book. I do not want to derail the topic onto a “climate change” debate but just consider for a moment the language issue of calling this “problem” “climate change”. The climate has always changed and it always will. The language alone should give any truther pause. Anyway Barrie I look forward to the next release.

    1. Hey Adam,
      Great to see you back to the yak on the forum.
      At anykahoots, I do understand what the beef is with the terms, “climate change” and “global warming”…but this is a really big issue to parse out. I doubt if anyone would deny that the “human footprint” has left it’s mark on the planet, and that the planet is drenched in carcinogenic sludge. I would posit it is the corporatists themselves who have spewed all this crap into the environment, and that they now want the ‘Little People’ to pay for it.
      Attendant to that is that both terms, “climate change” and “global warming” are Trade Show lexicon, and PR. This still does not negate the fact that human waste has fucked up the planet big time.
      You are right on another point in this…the Sun and the Solar system are going through cycles billions of years to the gyre…and human beings only know so much as to the long eons that have passed–we may be in the epoch of some ‘Cosmic Endgame’ that comes in billion year cycles, and there is nothing we can do as a race to avoid it.
      Certitude is best left on a short leash.

      1. HR1,
        Yes you are right pollution, deforestation, toxic waste etc are all VERY serious problems and very real indeed. The issue comes when we mix those real problems with the CO2 “problem”. The “climate change” issue is all about CO2 and has nothing to do with pollution or deforestation etc. See the climate change scam or false flag is basically the following: Convince the people that CO2 is bad and is responsible for global warming so that a huge tax on carbon can be imposed globally which will make the guys behind the scam ultra rich. In a nutshell that is the scam. It has nothing whatsoever to do with real issues it has to do solely with taxing CO2 output. Many people, progressives especially, link “climate change” with other very serious and real environmental issues and thereby give it validity it does not deserve. So when you talk about “climate change” you need to realize that we are talking only about CO2 and even more to the point we are talking solely about mankinds output of CO2. Deforestation, pollution, toxins in the environment are an entirely seperate issue. The “climate change” false flag is simply another one in a long line of deceptions designed to make certain people like Al Gore rich. Gore and the climate change crowd intentionally blur the distinction between real environmental issues and their scam issue of CO2. That in itself is part of the false flag attack that is ongoing still today.
        Maybe on a seperate topic dealing with the global warming/climate change scam I will expose the false flag nature of the CO2 swindle but I truly do not want to change the subject which is VERY important. I am working on a detailed article myself about false flags and how to spot them which I will be posting soon.

      2. Yes Adam,
        I agree on all you said, that is why I described those terms as Corporatist PR.
        I just didn’t want anyone getting lost in a sort of ‘blowback’ position, thinking that there are not real environmental problems, loss of species – etc…
        As we both know the best propaganda takes truth and twists it for the benefit of the PR mongers, and that is what the trademark “Global Warming” is, as you so aptly describe in your commentary.

  3. This is a great beginning. There is so much here to ponder, that I am going to have to read it over and again a few times.
    Thank you Barrie.

  4. Oh dear.
    I find my self in agreement with Ruffadam 7:17 too.
    I won’t burden the comments with another epistle. Suffice to say that I’m sure most here will rate James Corbett as a genuine seeker after truth in 911 and other matters. Have a look at this video for a truly damning indictment of ‘The Church of Climatology’ – for that’s exactly what it has become. The scientists referred to are not just any old scientists either, they control the IPCC group responsible for the AGW parts of the IPCC review reports; they also have tight control of the relevant science peer review process and they are STILL in their posts, despite everything. As with GM foods, agribusiness, big pharma, etc etc, science has become totally corrupted by what it knows the establishment requires of it.
    Also Denis Rancourt, a Canadian physics professor, who continually speaks truth to power at great personal expense and sacrifice ‘The Gargantuan Lie of Climate Science’
    Sorry to appear so negative. In fact, with those two caveats, I too really rate the piece. It’s just that, should primary comparative/illustrative examples turn out to be flawed (and I think it odds-on that both of these are) then the whole piece is compromised and opponents of the general thesis can have a field day.

  5. The newest False Flag? Breaking News:
    Boston; Bombs at the finish line – “homegrown tearists”? [that would be FBI or Homieboy Security]

  6. Barrie, what a timely article given what’s going on in Boston today. I’ve not had time to read it (only scan it), but already on facebook, anomalies are surfacing.
    There was a page entitled, “Thoughts go out to all involved in the Boston explosions.”
    The page was created ON SATURDAY!!!
    People noticed, and the page was deleted.

  7. Another one of these…”Piggyback”…3/11 -9/11…and others; drills on the same day as a real event:
    Boston marathon bombing happened on same day as ‘controlled explosion’ drill by Boston bomb squad.
    Natural News.com1 hour ago…

  8. Boston: patriot day, tax day. Same week as Waco, OKC bombing, Columbine…”
    Blame will likely be; “homegrown tearists” to tie into the “dangerous militant gun-owners” and yes of course the mainstay enemy of the state, “conspiriacy theorists”….
    This will be interesting to keep up with. Considering the ‘bomb squad’ tie in, plus the date.

  9. Sorry…but stuff keeps coming in on the new FF event:
    University of Mobile’s Cross Country Coach, who was near the finish line of the Boston Marathon when a series of explosions went off, said he thought it was odd there were bomb sniffing dogs at the start and finish lines.   “They kept making announcements to the participants do not worry, it’s just a training exercise,” Coach Ali Stevenson told Local 15.
    Stevenson said he saw law enforcement spotters on the roofs at the start of the race. He’s been in plenty of marathons in Chicago, D.C., Chicago, London and other major metropolitan areas but has never seen that level of security before.   “Evidently, I don’t believe they were just having a training exercise,” Stevenson said. “I think they must have had some sort of threat or suspicion called in.” Stevenson had just finished the marathon before the explosions. Stevenson said his wife had been sitting in one of the seating sections where an explosion went off, but thankfully she left her seat and was walking to meet up with him. “We are just so thankful right now,” Stevenson said.

    1. My bad, the above page is not a tribute page after looking through it; it’s a conspiracy page that highlights the anomaly of the one that was created 2 days ago.

  10. Back to the article here, I wanted to commend Barrie for this section;
    As an artist, I had a lot of, not only ‘authority pressure’, but ‘peer pressure’ pushing against my ‘one and only desire’ to be an artist. There is a long history here that I could give to flesh this out, but what Barrie has said in this section actually accounts for it in digest.
    One thing that both ‘authority’ in general, and my step-father in particular failed to understand is that a real artist does not consider art to be a “profession” – no, a true artist sees art as life itself, there is no alternative, no substitute. Any other life is not worth the breath it takes to maintain it. The ‘Muse’ becomes the teacher and that which the artist transforms himself into. Once transformed the Artist and the Muse are one; separation is then impossible; it would mean spiritual death.
    [Leonardo Da Vinci invented the scissors.]

    1. When Camus states: “Integrity has no need of rules”, we are given an insight that few can digest. Their own lack of honesty, principle and integrity allows them to accept the madness that dominates society.

    1. I went around the web yesterday gathering up screen shots of things that will likely go down the memory hole regarding the Boston marathon bombings. One of the sceen shots I got was a facebook page created on 1/29/2013. The name of that facebook page which I suppose could have been changed after it was created? Is “Thoughts go out to All involved in the Boston explosions”. Now I do not know if a page can be created on Facebook on 1/29/2013 and then renamed later? If the name of the account cannot later be changed then this screenshot is definitely smoking gun evidence of foreknowledge. Perhaps it was created by the bombers themselves? I will be glad to post the image to the blog here if Craig or someone can tell me how to imbed it into my comment.

    1. Corbett is awesome and this video deserves to be watched again now that the Boston event has taken place. The Corbett video linked to above by Wikispooks 11:15 dealing with the climate change fraud is outstanding as well and an excellent primer for anyone interested in uncovering that particular deception. To make it easy for people to watch I am imbedding it below but credit goes to Wikispooks for first posting it.

      1. Thanks for that Climategate report from Corbett Adam,
        I was able to view the whole thing, even tho it stuttered a bit, it wasn’t much of a distraction. Wow those email exchanges were absolutely damning…what obvious frauds these so-called “scientists” are.
        There’s no business like bullshit.
        Meanwhile back in Boston:
        “Richard DesLauriers, the special agent in charge of the Boston FBI office, asserted, “The person who did this was someone’s friend, neighbor or coworker,” ruling out the possibility that the attack was carried out by foreigners who entered the United States.”
        “The person who did this was someone’s friend, neighbor or coworker.”
        “The person who did this was someone’s friend, neighbor or coworker.”
        “The person who did this was someone’s friend, neighbor or coworker.”
        Be afraid, be VERY afraid…it could be your friend, your neighbor or coworker, your cousin, you brother, sister…
        …FUCK!! it could even be YOUR MOM!!
        Of course this figures…look at the ingredients in the “bomb”: reloading powder, the powder in ammunition can be used for explosions, pressure cooker pots…nails…ball bearings….Ahhh…all of that needs to be restricted and names taken when people buy such things…or even attempt to buy such dangerous items. No more cash sales. Fingerprints, iris scans, and anal probes for all retail transactions. Lets be SAFE!!
        —–BETTER SAFE THAN SORRY!!!! !!!!!!
        And somehow, even though there were no guns involved, the TV talking heads are putting the blame on the “rightwing extremest gun owners”….
        They can’t let all the work that went into that West Point paper defining “Homegrown Tearists” go down the drain. No matter that the FBI and Homieboy Security is the most likely perpetrator…well, we know the drill. It’s all in our court for being “Conspiracy Theorists”.

  11. The comments’ foray into the essence of Climate Change brings back an interesting point the article introduced: the difficulty of eliminating false information that negatively affects humanity. Climate Change ought to boil down to the easily expressible question of the danger of human influence on weather. Yet the only absolute truth related to this matter is that it has been clouded with abundant misinformation. Could Barrie Zwicker’s 4th wall be active there? Could the 4th wall be used not only to obfuscate false flags, but also to nurture wedge issues that conveniently pit reasonable activists against each other over long periods of time?
    This brings the idea, at the risk of anticipating future articles, that people who want to fix or save the world may keep spinning their wheels unless and until they find and leverage some piece of information that not only has the potential to unravel the 4th wall, but is also so important, so obvious and so compelling that most human minds have no choice but to accept it in spite of whatever counter-information the 4th wall may spread. Climate Change obviously does not meet these criteria. What will?

    1. Although I find the philosophy of Hegel deplorable, he was yet an astute observer of history and humankind. Atop a dictum usually associated with Santayana; that “those who fail to learn the lessons of history are doomed to repeat them” – Hegel noted further that, “the vast majority of people do not learn the lessons of history”
      [Both paraphrases mine].
      I bring this up as a clue to the answer of Mr Noel’s final question in his remarks:
      > “What will?” The question as I read it is; ‘What will snap the people out of their trance and put them into a mode of action?”
      So of course I brought up Hegel’s observation as one of the aspects of trying to anticipate what might actually ‘wake’ the common man up. The other complications are part and parcel of this thread’s topic; ‘Psychological Operations’ and their effectiveness. I would argue that although we do not face a Manichean Devil here, the System is yet highly effective in it’s powers of Enchantment.
      Those who escape this enchantment cannot be accurately profiled {in my view}, it seems to entail a nebulously defined “talent” combined with a ‘peculiar’ type of curiosity, perhaps ‘chance’ events in ones life that happened at an opportune moment…
      And I make these remarks from my own long experience conversing with the people that fall into this sort of ‘Category X’ – many off whom are participants in this very forum.
      I must admit I find the “Immunity Factor” mysterious within the confederacy of those who have this ‘X’ sort of ‘non-profile’. It is also a beneficial profile in many ways…that one of not being readily identified other than by our actual actions in defiance to those who would do such profiling. Yes, we gift them with much. And that too is to our benefit simply because of the numbers who are already pissed off and making a racket over it.
      As to proceeding to a “solution” to the present dilemma presented by open tyranny, frankly, I see no better action than to proceed as we are. Continue to point out the absurdity of this system, continue to argue for the obvious proofs that it is despotic…and all the other proofs we may offer to back that up.
      I frankly do not see much hope in changing the system positively, I see something more on the line of riding it out while the system destroys itself — remaining sane, remaining human.
      I see this is more a personal challenge to each individual, more than a collective action.
      Coordination can only be feasible by holding on to moral senses – no other form of regimentation should be acceptable to sovereign individuals.
      And so these are all grand and vague words, and I put it thus purposely, for all must put their own meanings to such terms as “moral senses,” “right and wrong” etc…
      We should also keep in mind that we seem close to some sort of acceleration, the moment is pregnant with possibilities.

  12. Wow…talk about ‘acceleration’ {see; above}
    Boston is a Cop Concert…rockin’ at the house of blue lights…
    One patsy dead, the other on the burlesque stage…er, “on the run”.
    This is like Firesign Theater gone woowoo for the 21st Century.
    Too much all at once makes Jack a dizzy boy.

    1. Hello All: I am eager to read this series. I would like to say that even though I am in not in lockstep agreement on what the establishment states on climate change, I believe it is real based on what I know about HAARP. Erratic weather patterns do exist and I believe that climate change is being created for at least a few different reasons.

  13. Suspect’s Twitter Account Discovered: Contains 9/11 Truth Comments April 20, 2013 ~ Intel Hub
    So, hey what a profile for “the bomber,” aye?
    An “Islamicist radicalist” rattle snake – a “homegrown tearist” – AND now it is found he is a gawdam’d “9/11 Truther” …folks {Lol} we have hit the trifecta electra in the land of el hectica…and that’s a jingo dang-dingo djoojoobee lollipop for the massoids to diddle their brainpans with.

  14. Reblogged this on E. W. Haddock and commented:
    Origin of the phrase: The Diaboligarchy and why i decided to use a brand new blog to catalog, document, and Uncover False-Flag Operations, Cover-ups and Underhanded Government Deceit. This is a new blog, but the below attached blog: “Secrecy, Cover-ups, and crafted perceptions: False Flags – Introduction” was a great place for me to point to and give some background regarding false flags in general, and from which starting point and position this new blog: “The Diaboligarchy:
    Uncovering False-Flags, Cover-ups and Underhanded Government Deceit” will move from.

  15. Barrie Zwicker , Andrew Johnson is also doing a great job with false flag awareness.
    TRUTH TALK#43.5 Proof 911 Was An Inside Job
    ***** We tried to Air this show on 04 17 2013 but BlogTalkRadio was experiencing tech problems, this is the complete interview Rebroadcast**************
    Paul & Chance have questioned the official story of 911 for the last decade and many different theories have been explored. In this Episode we are going to check the evidence.
    Our special guest Andrew Johnson will be joining us from the U.K. He is an Author, researcher, lecturer and has studied Maths, Physics, Chemistry Computer Science, & Software Engineering . Andrew developed an interest in teaching and education and spent 2 years as a lecturer. Andrew also tutors a course on Technologies in Practice. He began actively campaigning about 911 in September 2004. Was also a member of Scholars For 911 Truth.

  16. Andrew Johnson is doing a great job as a false flag himself.
    I think he is part of the ongoing psyop.
    In my humble opinion.

  17. @ Hybridrouge\\][// , Andrew Johnson is far from being false flag! Your statement sure say’s allot about you…hehe Please check out Arthur Cristian’s work he is top of the food chain with real truth.
    Intelligence Agents Amongst Us – “We Will Lead Every Revolution Against Us”. This video discusses the importance of images in maintaining control of our thinking and how we use our power of life to set these images in motion. We also discuss the heavy infiltration of intelligence agents in just about every area of “The System”, placed so that they are aware of and able to control every “movement” occurring in “The System”, whether religious, environmental, political or other. We show how to quickly rout out the deceivers that work together, reporting to their masters, to prevent us ever escaping our enslavement to “The System” and creating the lives we dream of.
    The Dream Of Life Part 5D – Images Of Deception – The Intelligence Agents Amongst Us

    1. “@ Hybridrouge\\][// , Andrew Johnson is far from being false flag! Your statement sure say’s allot about you..”
      I have been allotted? Is that what you are attempting to say here Wegrzyn?
      Your attempt at using the English language says a lot about you as well Michael John.
      I would rather not get involved in this trivial nonsense. And I am not interested in your videos, or anything you have to say. You have been around and posted on this site long enough to assess where you are coming from. Suffice it to say it is less interesting to me than the “comics” they used to print on the wrappers of Bazooka Bubblegum. That was back in the days when you could buy something for a penny. Which is too much to pay for your tacky disinfo chunkblow.

  18. Psy-Op alert on Markus Allen / Markus Allen says Dr Judy Wood is a fraud!
    Fuzzy conclusions
    Controlled opposition comes up with a dizzying array of
    conclusions on what really happened during some of the
    most obvious psychological operations.
    Obviously, 9/11 was one of the greatest magic tricks ever,
    but these Pied Pipers offer an endless parade of alternative
    versions of what really happened on 9/11:
    Alex Jones – “I predicted it would happen!”
    Alan Watt – “We all know what happened on 9/11”
    Judy Wood – “Directed energy weapons”
    David Icke – “Reptilians did it”
    Willie Rodriquez – “Bombs in the basement”
    Dylan Avery – “Pulled off by elements of the US government”
    David Ray Griffin – “Government did it”
    Oliver Stone – “Nothing wrong with the official story”
    Michael Moore – “Bush did it”
    Richard Gage – “Controlled demolition”
    Steven E. Jones – “Thermate/Thermite”
    Simon Shack – “Missiles might have been used”
    Phil Jayhan – “Remote-controlled planes”
    Jim Fetzer – “Small nuclear bombs”
    Barry Zwicker – “The media covered things up”
    Noam Chomsky – “9/11 conspiracy theories are a distraction”
    How can so many smart people be so wrong about 9/11?

    1. You act as if these are all mutually exclusive, when actually it could be damn close to all of the above (except for Oliver Stone). Your list didn’t have the anonymous physicist, who says it was the Reptilians — who control the MIC — acting through the Bush Administration.
      This being said, I agree with the premise not to trust anyone 100%, particularly in regard to 9/11.

    2. Wegrzyn says:
      “Psy-Op alert on Markus Allen / Markus Allen says Dr Judy Wood is a fraud!”
      Well imagine that…what a pantysniffer…I say Markus Allen is a fraud too!
      Yes, ‘as well’, ‘also’… because I agree that Wood is a fraud – but going over Allen’s web site I see that he claims that those seeking the truth of 9/11 are “the Truth Industry”… in other words he lumps all together in one pot and then claims…”they can’t all be right, but they all say different things…” as if they have all been extruded from the same chute.
      I read his entire first page, he went on and on…and didn’t say a fookin thing. It was all blather.
      So I remote viewed him.
      He is actually sitting in an office at NSA, he is a colonel in the Air Force and he likes little boys, he had one under the desk when my mind visited him.
      His major problem in life? He has a small penis. So he is frightened of a real woman…he has been confused for ages, ever since he arrived in the 21st century via time machine from the year 2626 ad lib.
      Since I have also remote view 2626, I know they have REAL WOMEN there, and that is why the little dicked Allen commandeered an XT Vamper Mark 3 time capsule and fled for the past – which is here and now. So pay no attention to this man behind the curtain, he is just another alien fraudster trying to confuse your beautiful mind.
      “The majority, oppressing an individual, is guilty of a crime, abuses its strength, and by acting on the law of the strongest breaks up the foundations of society.” –Thomas Jefferson to Pierre Samuel Dupont de Nemours, 1816.

    3. Wegrzyn makes interesting points. I’ll complement them with an important correction, the 9/11 fundamentals, and a more intuitive explanation for Plato’s cave than the clip featured in his link.
      Wegrzyn’s list of 9/11 dissidents is incorrect: Moore & Chomsky have denied the most basic truth of 9/11, which is the criminal controlled demolition of the twin towers under evacuation ,and because, unlike ordinary skeptics, they cannot invoke the excuses of not having been exposed to compelling 9/11 information or being unwilling to think outside the box. This makes them not 9/11 dissidents, but 9/11 censors, and therefore criminals against humanity.
      The 9/11 Fundamentals:
      The 9/11 fundamentals are a trinity that Moore & Chomsky will readily reject as another nutty conspiracy theory, but that the other luminaries in Wegrzyn’s list will have trouble publicly disagreeing with, even though point #3 will make more than one cringe:
      1. The master 9/11 conspirators recruited a team of highly qualified experts to design, prepare and execute the terrorist controlled demolition of the twin towers while they were occupied. They also arranged for this operation to be televised live to a worldwide audience.
      2. The U.S. authorities gave these terrorists cover and protection, concocting an elaborate aerial ballet of hijacked airplanes with Osama bin Laden starring backstage, and formulating false reports. This cover-up was transparent, as the widely broadcasted videos of the twin towers’ destruction show so clearly their actual structural failure mode that even people with no formal technical education can sustain the demonstration of their criminal controlled demolition, the impossibility of their destruction by aircraft impact and the ensuing fires, and the fraudulent essence of the official technical reports on this matter.
      3. Even though the above is easy to demonstrate, teach and understand, principal anti-neoconservative leaders of all stripes (liberal, socialist, Muslim, union, green, individual rights, anti-war, “enemy,” terrorist, academic, media, etc.) have treated the “Osama bin Laden’s fanatics did it all with their hijacked airplanes” myth as an axiomatic truth. Instead of forming a loose worldwide cross-disciplinary alliance to denounce the above, they have been sending their gullible supporters on numerous wild goose chases after the open-ended U.S. warmongering and other 9/11-inspired calamities.
      As such, 9/11 activists agree on the above essential information, even though they disagree over many important aspects of 9/11 and over many important issues other than 9/11.
      Plato’s Cave:
      Consult http://www.global-Platonic-theater.com, section 6.1

      1. I think that most of the postmodern readership slip on the banana peal of process conditioning when reading the rhetoric of “western thought” from Plato to Walter Lippmann and Edward Bernays and beyond. The modern reader has their equilibrium flipped upside-down and backward; thus they mistake ‘Design’ for ‘Diagnosis’. They read Plato as if he is giving a ‘diagnosis’ of the human condition rather than promoting his ‘vision’ of synthesizing the human condition according to his tastes. This is so for the works of Bernays and Lippmann as well. Such as their work, and now all of the blather that is emitted by the “think tanks ‘, masquerading as Diagnosis.
        It is my assertion that Plato’s ‘Allegory of the Cave’, was not a true diagnosis of the state of human senses at the moment – but a clever scheme for manipulating human societies by the very Projection of the Images he describes in his famous allegory.
        I know not how many here have actually read Plato’s REPUBLIC – but I will assert here again, as I did quite some time ago on another thread on this blog; that Plato’s Republic is very much an ancient form of Huxley’s BRAVE NEW WORLD. That the US is in fact a manifestation of that type of “republic” that is driven by a technocratic elite, envisioned by Plato as “philosopher kings” – and further that it is the Projection of Imagery [Television/Film] that is the direct analog of the ‘Cave’ scenario.
        “Responsible men’ make decisions and had to be protected from the ‘bewildered herd’ — the public.”~ Walter Lippmann
        Recall that Lippmann and Bernays were two of the ‘experts’ called upon by the Wilson Regime to run the propaganda machinery that would manipulate the US public into going to war in Europe [WWI] and “Making the World Safe for Democracy”…
        I think if one deeply analysis current civics, both the terms. “Democracy” and “Republic” are grossly abused and stained by the use of Newspeak. And this reverse psychological rhetoric can be traced back to the very beginnings of “western thought”.
        In a very real sense, we are standing still philosophically, although our quest for fire has been fulfilled beyond humanity’s wildest dreams, the race seems essentially “Two Year Old’s with Long Legs,” as the late Allen Watts used to say.
        We might be flabbergasted at those who poured into the streets of Boston to celebrate and chant “USA!USA!” cheering the oppressive army of police as saviors, and may see them as misguided as the French who greeted the Nazi troops marching into Paris – the apparition is more common in history than we might wish to imagine.
        The depths of this pathology is far beyond my humble thinking for me to offer a solution; I am simply astonished.

      2. Mr Noel,
        The problem with Social Engineering – even that done with the most benevolent of intent, is that ultimately it boils down to simply;Coercion.
        I say this to you not as an argument against anything you have said, but as an observation that perhaps you yourself may agree with. Many of the brilliant thinkers who came to be the designers of this system, were not themselves ‘evil men’, but merely deep thinkers who thought that they had insights that could benefit humankind.
        They perhaps could see the delusions of the masses of men, and could not admit that they themselves shared the same propensity for such personal delusions – or perhaps believing having identified the malady, they had achieved some sort of immunity. And it may be so, that a “sort” of immunity can be achieved, and yet our human status, our human frailty remains for all of us, one degree or another.
        I say this to soften the impulse to judge. There is that old saying; “Walk a mile in my shoes”…

  19. Friends and Colleagues ~ Have been out of the loop for three weeks with a case of pneumonia. Nicely out of the woods now. Have just turned to these comments and read down to Daniel Noel’s of April 17th.
    Adam hit a nail on the head, correctly, to nail me for introducing global climate change into my introductory piece. (As to the terminology, “global climate change” is more or less interchangeable with “global warming,” but Ross Gelbspan, author of The Heat Is On, prefers the former, and I take my cue from him.)
    I’ve developed views on global climate change, but these introduced a self-inflicted deflection from the core of the series. It’s important, even while acknowledging the inter-relatedness of everything, to stick to one’s knitting as much as possible.
    At least I didn’t introduce gun controls!
    Jumping down to Dan’s comment, I quite agree that the fourth wall not only is a fabric-ated illusory lie-blend, but also an opportunity for the introduction of wedge issues.
    I’m not an agnostic on global climate change but it should be dealt with as separately as possible. Dan suggests that nicely.

  20. “You can’t discuss false flags and world terror without discussing Gladio Parts A and B.”
    Ahh, you got a way about you Ditchner. Ya know? More than just a tinge of arrogance in your approach here. And even though I agree to the importance of understanding Gladio, your bull in a china shop attitude tightens my jaw.
    Edmonds is indeed a great source, and Corbett is one of the most articulate of our current crop of researchers…but give this series some time to develop Juan-Juan, this is just the introduction after-all.
    Remember, first impressions can be indelible.

    1. Edmonds is not only a great source, she’s currently the only source on modern day Gladio B.
      BTW, I hope I gave you gas, too…

  21. “Darwin saw what everyone saw, but thought what nobody thought. – Author unknown1”
    Are you making the case for Judy Wood with that intro?

    1. Look Ditchner, there have been several commentators that make the attempt to load every single thread with PR for their pet theories, or “hobby horses” as one of these entity’s refers to it.
      We have had the threads gummed up by such hijackings much too often. I will leave it to Mr McKee to give any formal rebukes – but it is my opinion that those who have their own agenda should give it a break and stick to the topic, or at least some reasonable facsimile thereof.
      On the last thread you were commenting on, Mr McKee promised you a new thread dedicated to the Wood/DEW topic. I would take that to mean that this thread isn’t it, as this was already up and running, and he didn’t point you here for such banter.
      Finally as far as your snarky little quip about giving me gas…you now show that you know as little about biology as you do about physics. How old are you Ditchner? Have you made it through high school yet?

      1. I’m a Pharm.D. but I’m sure you know a lot more about biology than I do and everything else, right? I’m going to go out on a limb and take a wild stab that you could never believe in God because you cannot explain God through physics.

      2. “When the bough breaks the cradle will fall…and down will come baby cradle and all.”
        ~Nursery Rhyme
        “I’m going to go out on a limb and take a wild stab that you could never believe in God because you cannot explain God through physics.”~Ditchner
        To the contrary Juan, Paradox divides the whole as there is only ONE which cannot be divided. Ta Panta Nous: [1≡∞]
        As per the biology of flatulence, angst has nothing to do with it. Angst can cause acid reflux and effect a peptic ulcer, however it certainly has nothing to do with escaping gas.
        However your anal hurlant is far from divine.
        PS, the above is not an “equal sign” which is [=] only two lines.

      3. Señor Juan Ditchner writes:

        I’m going to go out on a limb and take a wild stab that you could never believe in God because you cannot explain God through physics.

        I know your wild stab wasn’t directed at me, but I felt compelled to weigh in partly because your premise is wrong [“cannot explain God through physics”].
        It is precisely because I studied physics and calculus [and many other sciences] that I glimpsed why there is a God: an entity who defines those very “laws of nature” among other things. [Not a bearded-being with whims, fancies, and favorites, but a constant, ever presence: “Principle, Mind, Soul, Spirit, Truth, Life, and Love” as defined by a spiritual thinker from the 19th century.]
        A major clue of the lies was when the math didn’t add up to the “scientific-sounding” exlanations that were paraded out. Goes for NIST as well as Doctors Wood and Jones.

    1. Well, how new agey of you. Your handlers should be very pleased.
      As to the gas, I never said anything about it escaping. Trapped gas is much more painful. You’re always thinking about ass.

  22. Dear Barrie, thank you for this series and in particular your personal reflections and tribute to your wife’s father and the rest of the souls perishing in Wars set up by the ruthless few in order that they can live in privilege on the back and misery of the masses constantly kept confused and giddied by foreign quarrels and false paradigms of terror. This provides a valuable and insightful human connection to the series. I appreciate your personal share. Kind regards, DV.

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