What we should have learned from Israel’s attack on the USS Liberty


This article, posted originally on Truth and Shadows in June 2016, has been updated for the 50th anniversary of the attack on the U.S.S. Liberty (June 8, 2017).

By Craig McKee

It is one of the greatest lies that most Americans – in fact most people around the world – have never heard of. And it reveals much about the true relationship between the United States and one of its “closest allies,” the State of Israel.
This was an act of war — a false flag attack, a mass execution, a war crime, a gross betrayal, and the beginning of an exercise in deception and propaganda that continues to this day.
It was 50 years ago that Israel launched a shocking and brutal attack on an American intelligence ship, the USS Liberty, as it cruised in international waters near the Sinai Peninsula and the coast of Gaza. In the intervening years, the governments of the two countries — as well as the mainstream media — have maintained a grotesque and transparent cover-up in support of the lie that the incident was a simply a “tragic accident,” a case of “mistaken identity.”
But the survivors know that this was no accident.
Over a span of close to two hours on the afternoon of June 8, 1967, under clear blue skies, the Israeli military did all it could do to sink the Liberty and kill all 294 on board, three of those civilians. This did not succeed, but at the end of the attack, 34 crew members were dead and between 171 and 174 were injured (depending on which source you use). The ship had been positively identified by Israeli planes as an American ship as early as 6 a.m. that day, eight hours before the attack began.
The assault on the Liberty, which flew a large American flag (as confirmed by every surviving member of the crew) and clear identification on its hull as a non-combat ship, took place on the fourth day of Israel’s Six Day War against Egypt, Jordan, and Syria. The NSA spy ship looked like no other in the region as it carried all manner of sophisticated surveillance equipment.
The Liberty had been ordered into the Mediterranean Sea to monitor communications related to the Arab/Israeli conflict (although its precise mission remains classified). At 2 p.m., it was hit by a rocket attack launched from fighter jets travelling at high speed. The nightmare was just beginning.
The ship was hit with rockets, cannon fire, and even napalm. Eight sailors were killed in this initial assault. The Liberty was unable to contact the Sixth Fleet for help because its emergency frequency had been jammed and communications equipment badly damaged or destroyed. But sometime later, one brave crew member risked his life to make temporary repairs, and as a result, a distress signal was sent to two aircraft carriers in the region, the USS Saratoga and the USS America.
Planes were immediately dispatched to aid the Liberty. The pilots were authorized at that time to destroy the attacking planes and ships. But before they could arrive, new orders were given recalling them — even though the attack was still ongoing.
About 35 minutes into the attack, three Israeli ships reached the scene and began launching torpedoes. One hit the Liberty, killing another 26 crewmen and created a nearly 40-foot hole in the hull. In addition, a steady spray of machine gun fire targeted firefighters and rescue workers who were carrying stretchers with the wounded. The Israeli boats even fired upon life rafts that had been lowered into the water in an effort to save the most seriously hurt. An order to abandon ship had to be rescinded.
In 2005, the USS Liberty Veterans Association sent a report entitled, “A Report: War Crimes Committed Against U.S. Military Personnel, June 8, 1967,” to the Secretary of the Army. In that report, we learn how the attack came to an end while the Liberty was still afloat.
“Shortly after the Sixth Fleet transmission of the rules of engagement to its dispatched rescue aircraft, the Israeli torpedo boats suddenly broke off their attack and transmitted messages asking if USS Liberty required assistance. At the same time, an Israeli naval officer notified the US Naval Attaché at the American Embassy in Tel Aviv that Israeli forces had mistakenly attacked a United States Navy ship and apologized. The Naval Attaché notified the United States Sixth Fleet and the rescue aircraft were recalled before they arrived at the scene of the attack.” P.8
Most Americans are completely unaware of this act of war by one ally against another. The main reason for this is that the American media have almost completely suppressed any mention of the event. Statements by high-level military and civilian officials have received virtually no attention. Researcher Alison Weir, who has written extensively about the history of Palestine and Israel, wrote an article on the web site If Americans Knew about the media silence that is well worth reading:
“Whatever the reason, until American news media start being conscientious enough to get their reports on Israel right, Americans are going to continue being disastrously misinformed about one of the globe’s most destabilizing, tragic, and potentially calamitous areas of conflict.”
An article on Washington’s Blog from February 2015 sums up the evidence that the Israelis knew full well that they were attacking an American ship.
“Recently-declassified radio transcripts between the Israeli attack forces and ground control show that — at least 3 times — an Israeli fighter jet pilot identified the craft as American, and asked whether ground control was sure he should attack. Ground control repeatedly said, yes, attack the vessel.”
The article also explains how the aim of this for Israel was to make it look like Egypt had been responsible for the attack, potentially bringing the U.S. into the war.
An exception to the general media blackout of this subject is a 2007 article in the Baltimore Sun, which deals in some detail with the question of how the Israelis had to know they were attacking an American ship and how this has been confirmed by declassified government documents.
“[The documents] strengthen doubts about the U.S. National Security Agency’s position that it never intercepted the communications of the attacking Israeli pilots — communications, according to those who remember seeing them, that showed the Israelis knew they were attacking an American naval vessel.
“The documents also suggest that the U.S. government, anxious to spare Israel’s reputation and preserve its alliance with the U.S., closed the case with what even some of its participants now say was a hasty and seriously flawed investigation.”

Report findings changed in Washington

A U.S. Navy Court of Inquiry was ordered immediately after the attack but only given a week to assess what had happened. For 37 years, the senior legal counsel to the Inquiry, Capt. Ward Boston Jr., kept his feelings about that attack and the hasty investigation to himself. But after a book supporting the official cover-up was written by Jay Cristol called The Liberty Incident, Boston felt compelled to speak out.
He reveals that Admiral John S. McCain (father of former presidential candidate John McCain), who was Commander-in-Chief of U.S. Naval Forces in Europe, refused the request by Boston and the Inquiry’s president, Admiral Isaac C. Kidd, that they be allowed to travel to Israel to interview those who participated in the attack. A request that they be able to interview wounded crew members who could not physically attend the hearings was also denied.
In his statement, dated Jan. 9, 2004, Boston makes some incredible charges, including that the Inquiry’s final report was changed in Washington to absolve Israel:
“The evidence was clear. Both Admiral Kidd and I believed with certainty that this attack, which killed 34 American sailors and injured 172 others, was a deliberate effort to sink an American ship and murder its entire crew. I am certain that the Israeli pilots that undertook the attack, as well as their superiors, who had ordered the attack, were well aware that the ship was American.
“I am outraged at the efforts of the apologists for Israel in this country to claim that this attack was a case of “mistaken identity.”
“Admiral Kidd told me, after returning from Washington, D.C. that he had been ordered to sit down with two civilians from either the White House or the Defense Department, and rewrite portions of the court’s findings.
“Admiral Kidd also told me that he had been ordered to “put the lid” on everything having to do with the attack on USS Liberty. We were never to speak of it and we were to caution everyone else involved that they could never speak of it again.
“I have no reason to doubt the accuracy of that statement as I know that the Court of Inquiry transcript that has been released to the public is not the same one that I certified and sent off to Washington.
He concludes:
“Contrary to the misinformation presented by Cristol and others, it is important for the American people to know that it is clear that Israel is responsible for deliberately attacking an American ship and murdering American sailors, whose bereaved shipmates have lived with this egregious conclusion for many years.”
It must be noted that the incident has actually been condemned by some very high-profile people, including then Secretary of State Dean Rusk and Admiral Thomas H. Moorer, who was named chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff shortly after the Liberty attack.
In a diplomatic note from June 10, 1967, Rusk wrote to the Israeli ambassador:
The subsequent attack by Israeli torpedo boats, substantially after the vessel was or should have been identified by Israeli military forces, manifests the same reckless disregard for human life. . . . The U.S.S. Liberty was peacefully engaged, posed no threat whatsoever to the torpedo boats, and obviously carried no armament affording it a combat capability. It could and should have been scrutinized visually at close range before torpedoes were fired.”
Moorer, who passed away in 2004, published this statement in 1997:
“Israel knew perfectly well that the ship was American. After all, the Liberty’s American flag and markings were in full view in perfect visibility for the Israeli aircraft that overflew the ship eight times over a period of nearly eight hours prior to the attack. I am confident that Israel knew the Liberty could intercept radio messages from all parties and potential parties to the ongoing war, then in its fourth day, and that Israel was preparing to seize the Golan Heights from Syria despite President Johnson’s known opposition to such a move. I think they realized that if we learned in advance of their plan, there would be a tremendous amount of negotiating between Tel Aviv and Washington.
“And I believe Moshe Dayan concluded that he could prevent Washington from becoming aware of what Israel was up to by destroying the primary source of acquiring that information the USS Liberty. The result was a wanton sneak attack that left 34 American sailors dead and 171 seriously injured. What is so chilling and cold-blooded, of course, is that they could kill as many Americans as they did in confidence that Washington would cooperate in quelling any public outcry.”

A deliberate act of murder

Before his death, Moorer participated in the “Independent Commission of Inquiry into the Israeli Attack on USS Liberty, the Recall of Military Rescue Support Aircraft while the Ship was Under Attack, and the Subsequent Cover-up by the United States Government,” a blue-ribbon commission formed to study the events of that day. Other members included General Raymond G. Davis, Rear Admiral Merlin Staring, and Ambassador James Akins (former U.S. ambassador to Saudi Arabia).
Among the Commission’s most explosive findings were:

  • That there is compelling evidence that Israel’s attack was a deliberate attempt to destroy an American ship and kill her entire crew;
  • That in attacking USS Liberty, Israel committed acts of murder against American servicemen and an act of war against the United States;
  • That fearing conflict with Israel, the White House deliberately prevented the U.S. Navy from coming to the defense of USS Liberty by recalling Sixth Fleet military rescue support while the ship was under attack;
  • That although Liberty was saved from almost certain destruction through the heroic efforts of the ship’s Captain, William L. McGonagle (MOH), and his brave crew, surviving crew members were later threatened with ’court-martial, imprisonment or worse’ if they exposed the truth; and were abandoned by their own government;
  • That due to the influence of Israel’s powerful supporters in the United States, the White House deliberately covered up the facts of this attack from the American people;
  • That due to continuing pressure by the pro-Israel lobby in the United States, this attack remains the only serious naval incident that has never been thoroughly investigated by Congress; to this day, no surviving crew member has been permitted to officially and publicly testify about the attack;
  • That there has been an official cover-up without precedent in American naval history; the existence of such a cover-up is now supported by statements of Rear Admiral Merlin Staring, USN (Ret.), former Judge Advocate General of the Navy; and Captain Ward Boston, USN, (Ret.), the chief counsel to the Navy’s 1967 Court of Inquiry of Liberty attack;
  • That the truth about Israel’s attack and subsequent White House cover-up continues to be officially concealed from the American people to the present day and is a national disgrace
  • That a danger to our national security exists whenever our elected officials are willing to subordinate American interests to those of any foreign nation, and specifically are unwilling to challenge Israel’s interests when they conflict with American interests.

The USS Liberty Veterans Association report mentioned earlier sums up the events from the perspective of the survivors. It tells a powerful story. From the report’s conclusion:
“The failure of the United States government to undertake a complete investigation of the Israeli attack on USS Liberty has resulted in grievous harm to the surviving victims, as well as to the families of all crew members. Equally serious, this failure has resulted in an indelible stain upon the honor of the United States of America. It has sent a signal to America’s serving men and women that their welfare is always subordinate to the interests of a foreign state. The only conceivable reason for this failure is the political decision to put the interests of Israel ahead of those of American servicemen, employees, and veterans.” P.32
It also tells the story of how the veterans continue to be viciously attacked by Israel and its supporters. On page 20 of the report, we read of how the victims of the attack are still victimized to this day:
“As a result of the public relations campaign undertaken on behalf of Israel, the USS Liberty survivors have been vilified for their assertions that the attack was deliberate and for their ongoing quest for justice. They are characterized as “neo-Nazis”, “anti-Semites”, and “conspiracy theorists” for wanting nothing more than an honest, open investigation of the attack on their ship and themselves.”
While monetary compensation was paid to the survivors and the families of those killed, no one in the Israeli military has even been reprimanded for their part in the attack.
The Jewish Virtual Library web site has an article that sums up the growing questions that Israel carried out the attack with intent and premeditation. But just when you think you might be reading a fairly even-handed assessment of the evidence comes this:
“The picture that emerges is not one of crime at all, nor even of criminal negligence, but of a string of failed communications, human errors, unfortunate coincidences and equipment failures on both the American and Israeli sides – the kind of tragic, senseless mistake that is all too common in the thick of war.”
An Israeli court of inquiry into the Liberty attack amounted to nothing more than an official cover-up. The inquiry concluded that the ship had no flag at all identifying it, which was contradicted by everyone on board (the ship initially flew a 5 x 8 foot flag but that became damaged in the attack, it was replaced with a second much larger one. The inquiry also concluded that a report that a ship had been shelling Israeli positions in the Sinai Peninsula led to confusion and errors.

What have we learned?

I understand that many of you reading this article will feel you already understand the implications of this event. In addition to perhaps having read all about the USS Liberty, you may have educated yourselves about geopolitics, false flags, and how power is wielded within a fog of lies and propaganda. You may also know the history of Israel and Zionism and what has been done to the Palestinian people over the past seven decades.
But if you do understand all of this, you are part of a very small minority. Most have never heard of this terrible act of barbarity and therefore have no idea what its implications are. Nevertheless, there are some serious lessons we must all learn from this event (and I’m sure readers could contribute more):

  1. Israel is capable of attacking its allies, and especially the U.S., to further its Zionist agenda. One can’t help but think about 9/11 in this regard.
  2. Israel will lie to America to draw it into a war under false pretenses. It also has no problem blaming a third party like Egypt for an atrocity it did not commit.
  3. Israel wields sufficient power within American circles of power that the U.S. government is more concerned about not embarrassing Israel than it is about defending its own people.
  4. The American media will participate in a cover-up of an act of war against America rather than point the finger at Israel.
  5. Israel uses the same attacks against the Liberty survivors that governments and mainstream media use to marginalize “conspiracy theorists.”
  6. Israel will also play the “anti-Semitic” and “neo-Nazi” cards against American servicemen who were victimized in the attack and who are continuing to demand accountability.
  7. Even half a century later, the American government will continue to protect this lie and allow the victimization of the survivors to continue.

Israel cultivates the image of a country and a people who are victims, constantly under threat. But one thing that this horrifying event really makes clear is that Israel threatens anyone or any country — even supposed “friends” — that get in the way of its political objectives.
Some observers have claimed that the USS Liberty attack was a false flag intended to implicate Egypt and draw the U.S. into a war that it did not want to be part of. Certainly Israel’s determination to sink the ship and kill all aboard supports this idea. Others believe Israel was afraid the Americans would learn through the Liberty’s surveillance efforts that Israel was planning to initiate hostilities with Jordan or Syria, which it had been urged not to do by Lyndon Johnson. Perhaps both are true.
But whatever the specific goals, this dark moment in history clearly reveals much that we should be talking about today. And like 9/11, it is one of those events that shows us how our world really functions and how what we see on the TV news and in newspapers is more about hiding the truth than explaining it.


    1. There was a back door deal LBJ made with Israel in order to facilitate it, but Israel did it. Check out this clip from Alex Jones’ 2006 (a decade, holy fuck) documentary TerrorStorm. To say Israel wasn’t involved or didn’t do it is ridiculous. (Disclaimer: 10 years ago, AJ made good doco’s on false flag terrorism. In recent years he’s gone off the rails and I don’t support the Alex Jones of today.)
      Have you seen this Craig?

      1. Adam Syed said:
        “(Disclaimer: 10 years ago, AJ made good doco’s on false flag terrorism. In recent years he’s gone off the rails and I don’t support the Alex Jones of today.)”
        Thank you for clearing that up, Adam!

        1. I’m not sure what to make of him. He truly did SO much good work during the Bush years. During the Obama years he really melted down and became a “conspiracy theorist” in the truly stereotypical sense of the term. Nutjob. Unhinged. But with a large audience off which to make money. I understand he lives very, very well; multiple homes etc. Could he have been Cointelpro from the get go or was he compromised? I find it hard to believe an agent from the get-go would do so much credible work between 2002 and 2008. Even at the beginning of the Obama years, I loved his “Obama Deception” film. But since then… 🙁

          1. “Could he have been Cointelpro from the get go or was he compromised?”
            There was never the slightest doubt in my mind that he was an Agent from the start.
            “I find it hard to believe an agent from the get-go would do so much credible work between 2002 and 2008”
            We know that’s called “limited hangout”, and “controlled opposition”, but I don’t want to take this thread off course…..
            The USS Liberty…..an act of war….an attempted False Flag to get America to go to war with Egypt…..and treason within “our” Government.

          2. Limited hangout is the wrong term in this instance. “Credibility Capital” is the correct one.

            Credibility Capital: In the truth movement, the effectiveness of a genuine activist depends on their credibility. This is just as true for dishonest people posing as activists, whose intent is to thwart the exposure of the truth. If one is to mislead people, those people must believe what one is saying. People who lie constantly are seldom believed, and people who almost never lie can get away with a lie here and there–these occasional lies amount to “spending” ones credibility capital. In the 9/11 truth movement, there are a number of individuals who stand out as “well-known” activists, whistleblowers, or researchers because of their actual accomplishments or simply because they are heavily promoted. At times, those who want the truth to remain hidden feel that the truth movement is coming too close to the real truth (as opposed to the “truth-like” alternatives like LIHOP) and will spend some credibility capital by having someone who is generally well regarded in the movement promote something unpopular–like a LIHOP scenario. When these ploys backfire they can be very costly and result in an individual’s credibility rating to drop, often preciptously (see Going Fetzal above.)


          3. Adam, Good take on AJ. Seems to me he has been compromised. Or maybe he’s just sold out.

      2. Good documentary.
        At 2 minutes Alex Jones uses a supposed Israeli gun-camera picture of the USS Liberty.
        However, that picture, released in 1882, is not even the right ship! In 1984 a different picture was released, again said to be Israeli and taken by the gun-camera of the Kursi flight.
        The second version appears on the front cover of AJ Cristol’s white-wash book (insultingly titled “The Liberty Incident”) of 2002, handed out in the 10s of 1000s by Israel and Cristol himself.
        In 2005, Israel was forced to admit that every picture in the book (bar one) had actually come from the US Navy.
        Why does that matter? Well, it cannot have been an accidental misuse of the picture, of which we have a copy of the original (or rather, the next one in the set from a fractionally different angle). This picture, claimed by Israel, was taken from a helicopter weeks after the attack by the USN of the USS Liberty in Virginia.
        In the original, we can see there’s a tug boat at the bottom left – but the one on the Front cover of “The Liberty Incident” has had the tug air-brushed over, and made to represent smoke!
        Surely, the most fraudulent book cover ever – not even the Soviets have ever set out to deceive so badly!
        Get yourselves 2nd-hand copies of the first-edition (pre-2014) and show everyone that the Israelis are simply outrageous crooks, as will stop at nothing to lie to us!
        My copy of the book actually has Cristol’s autograph in it for extra interest and possible value when the disgusting apartheid regime falls.

      3. I’ve had the pet theory that the US did not know, or in any way jeopardize this ship knowingly. There would have been much cheaper, older vessels to burn on the altar if we had been a part of the scheme. My take for the lack of rigorous response… blackmail. Some have said LBJ feared losing votes or other support but it’s hard to imagine that, when the contrapositive would have a full disclosure and subsequent national rally for his patriotism. No, I think America’s hand was substantially weakened by that ridiculously flawed day in Dealy Plaza four years earlier, where any intelligence arm worth their salt would have documented the multiple shooter assassination of JFK and an obviously complicit treasury department (secret service). So in sum, my conjecture is that Israel was able to leverage their knowledge of the prior American coup to evade proper investigation and sanction.

  1. “That fearing conflict with Israel, the White House deliberately prevented the U.S. Navy from coming to the defense of USS Liberty by recalling Sixth Fleet military rescue support while the ship was under attack;”
    As requisite outrage at this blatant demonstration of cowardice and clearly treasonous action of all who gave the orders and all who obeyed them and acted upon them didn’t exist then, hasn’t since, and likely never will, proves that amerika wasn’t a bleeding nation then, hasn’t been since, and likely will never be anything than a soulless international conglomeration acting as a simple franchise with no
    more weight or substance than the ink used to spell out its articles of corporation, a dispensable fiction in service to its masters.

  2. Thanks for this article Craig. Learning about this years ago is pretty disheartening because it is yet another thing that tells me that these neocon Zionist people have been running the show all they can since before I was born. Here’s a website I found for this event: On June 8, 1967, Israeli air and naval forces attacked an unarmed U.S. Naval vessel in international waters. Thirty four Americans were murdered, and 171 were seriously injured. http://www.gtr5.com

    1. It is disheartening, isn’t it? If there is something positive to be taken from this it could be that a lot more people are wise to what’s going than were in 1967. I know that I had no idea in 1967.

  3. it’s strange that this information is being released now.
    combined with the 28 redacted pages, it provides good smoke screen to cover 9/11 truth. saudi has volunteered as patsy since the beginning of the operation, dancing isrealis made solid and immediate tie to israel. but do we think that the mossad is so sloppy? these men were fulfilling some obscure duties of either american or israeli intelligence, to be used later as diversion when we have come to near to forcing the truth.
    nanothermite came from u.s. gov’t labs.

    1. marley engvall said:
      “it’s strange that this information is being released now”
      James Ennes wrote “Assault on the Liberty” in 1980:
      “it’s strange that this information is being released now”
      Released by who?…..I’m not sure what you mean.
      “…..dancing isrealis made solid and immediate tie to israel. but do we think that the mossad is so sloppy? these men were fulfilling some obscure duties of either american or israeli intelligence, to be used later as diversion when we have come to near to forcing the truth”
      That doesn’t make any sense at all.
      How could it be used as a diversion?…..please explain what you could possibly mean!
      “nanothermite came from u.s. gov’t labs”
      How do you know that, marley?
      It’s more likely to have come from Israeli labs, although, we don’t really know.

    2. Yes, if the dancing Israelis were just there to document the event, they would have done so discreetly. Instead they celebrated in areas where they were sure to attract the attention of the public. My guess is that 9/11 will be presented as an Israeli operation by the media in the near future.

    1. Well, for starters, the current U.S. government is just as willing to lie about the act of war against the USS Liberty as the LBJ administration was in 1967. And Israel continues to drag the U.S. into wars that have nothing to do with American national security and everything to do with the Zionist agenda.

    2. marley engvall said:
      “while this bit of historical trivia is interesting…..”
      Trivia?…..have you flipped your wig, marley ol’ boy?
      “i fail to see its relevance to u.s.-israeli relations today”
      Although I can’t speak for Craig…..I think he had other reasons to write this article; such as, waking people up to Israel’s False Flag acts of war on America.
      I have a couple of questions for you, marley:
      1. Why did you “click” on this article about the USS Liberty?…..are you a “trivia” buff?
      2. Did you read the article?

  4. “Nevertheless, there are some serious lessons we must all learn from this event (and I’m sure readers could contribute more):” thank you. Here comes #8…
    8. Bully pulpits whose vested interests would make them expose Israeli malfeasance will not do so, irrespective of how beneficial it would be to their audiences and how good it would make them appear in future history books. Just after the USS Liberty attack, the Egyptian government, mass media, schools and mosques somehow “missed” this scandal. Today, the self-proclaimed theocratic rulers of Iran also keep blissfully ignoring the USS Liberty, just like the video record of Building 7 appears to elude them. The list goes on and on, as if the global implementation of Plato’s cave had been accomplished before the 6-day war.

  5. A question to those who hold the belief that Israel and/or the zionists have taken control of the two most recent empires (UK and US) of world history from within:
    At what stage in history do you believe the European Zionists have established this stranglehold on the two empires? Or at least what century? In other words, how far back would we need to go to observe the direct effect of Jews and Zionism on these two empires’ military, financial and political affairs?

    1. David Hazan said:
      “A question to those who hold the belief that Israel and/or the zionists have taken control of the two most recent empires (UK and US) of world history from within:
      At what stage in history do you believe the European Zionists have established this stranglehold on the two empires? Or at least what century?”
      In 1763 the Rothschild banking Dynasty was established in Frankfurt, Germany, and it’s been all downhill from there.
      Here’s a link to a very informative book on the subject; it’s actually in two volumes:

    2. Thanks, sockpuppet2012.
      I am quite familiar with the history of the Rothschild banking “dynasty”. I was just trying to get a feeling of what the perception of their influence throughout the ages is in the eyes of those who feel the zionist agenda rules the planet at the moment.
      You said: “…it’s been all downhill from there”
      Is it your opinion that, after 250 years or so, we are now at the bottom of the hill, and that the Rothchilds and their extended agents now control everything?
      But, perhaps more importantly, do you perceive “them” to be seeing thru their conspiratorial agenda only and only for the benefit and survival of all Jews as a “tribe”?
      And… On the subject of this thread… Do you feel that LBJ was an agent of zionism?
      Thanks for humoring my questions

      1. My opinion doesn’t matter, David.
        I gave you a link to a book that will answer all the questions you have asked, and a thousand questions you haven’t asked.
        Yes, I’m certain LBJ was a Zionist Agent.

        1. My opinion doesn’t matter, David. ~ sockpuupet2012
          But it does, sockpuppet, it does…
          With my questions, I was afte not information, but opinion. Especially from those who are convinced that the tentacles of the rotschild empire has now reached all four corners of the world, and any non-jew who goes along or plays along with the masterplan is a Zionist or a Zionist agent. I feel this line of thought is a little simplistic and somewhat self serving for any non-jew, since it relieves one (ant their respective tribal associations)from any sense of sociological and historical responsibility for all the wars, genocides, massacres of the world that was not part of a Zionist conspiracy.
          From the moment in history when Rome decided to build a new religion for their subjects and constructed it around and on top of the “Old Testament”, the Jews have become connected to the Roman Empire thru their umbilical chord. So, when the U.S. rolls its sleeves to become the de facto (Roman) empire, the Jews come with the package…
          Some, on this page, are arguing that the US is being controlled by Israel. But, who controls Israel? I’d say, since without the US, there can not be an Israel, and since without Israel, the US could not have established dominance in the Muslim hotbed of the planet in he 20th century, we could reverse the tables and say that Israel is actually a garrison state of Rome.
          Civilization is a many headed mutating beast. If today’s Roman Empire is allowing Israel (or Jews, if you will) wreak havoc in Palestine, it is because it suits the empire’s purposes and long term goals of fist transforming, and then engulfing this entire region until the last traces of this “other” civilization is crushed and controlled. The effort has been going on since the Turkic people of Central Asia decided to move west and provided Islam, the fledgling religion of the time, great military power which rendered it an existential threat to the west that continues to date.
          We are constantly being lied to about historical facts, whether they are the history from past millennia, or it is just from yesterday. So are the vast majority of Isarelis and Jews. To give a relatively small example, when the Israeli special ops stage a false flag and their government claims the Palestinians are firing missiles as an excuse to go in and slaughter tens of thousands of Palestinians, the Israeli public’s level of faith in these lies is no different than that of those here who bought into the official stories of JFK or 9/11 or even Boston bombing…
          I am by no means arguing against the apparent fact that the Jews and the Zionist agenda is what you say it is, and they do (and have done) what you and the book you recommend say they do… What I’m trying to point out is that this is a selective reading of history, and that this line of thinking gives all the rest of the power structure, like the Vatican, the European nobility, the non-jewish bankers, non-jewish and non-Zionist secret societies, orders, scientists, philosophers, social engineers, billionaires, oligarchs a free historical pass.
          I do understand that the Europeans, and in fact, the vast majority of the world has been guilted into allowing Israel and the Jews to come this far and engage in atrocities on the heels of a hugely exaggerated holocaust. But, this guilt is designed for the masses. Let’s please not make the mistake that the people and institutions who hold true power, like the European royalty, the Catholic Church, the black nobility etc. share this guilt. If you and I know about the Rothschild misdeeds from a book sold on Amazon, I’d say these powerful people and institutions and their secret services would have already woken up to the deception, would they have not? Or are we assuming that the hapsburgs and the popes and the Swiss bankers are all Zionist agents like you say LBJ was?

          1. David said:
            “With my questions, I was after not information, but opinion”
            I know…..that’s why I said my opinion doesn’t matter.
            You sound like a Gatekeeper to me, Davey ol’ boy!

          2. Your initial question does not logically follow from the article, nor the comments afterward. There was no assertion that Zionists had taken control of the two most recent empires until you made it. And then you moved right on to a dissection of the argument that any non-Jew who “goes along” or ‘plays along” is an agent of Zionism. You set yourself up a few pins there, fella, and then knocked them down with great zeal in your “canned hunt”. The United States clearly does not control Israel. American Jews, at least according to Truman himself, got Truman elected in ’48, and Jews then manipulated the UNSCOP delegates to get the Partition resolution approved. This approval occurred despite the fact that the UN ad hoc committee acknowledged that the Partition violated the UN”s own charter. While Resolution 181 is simply a great wad of nonsense as it was non-binding, violated the UN charter, was acknowledged to be unenforceable and was never implemented, it was cited by the Israelis as international acceptance of the creation of the State of Israel by Jewish terrorists. Clearly, in that instance, Truman was co-opted through the mechanisms of US domestic politics.
            Your question about Zionists seeing through their agenda for the benefit of all Jews did not follow from anything posted here either.
            Your assertion that Israel was required by the US to assert dominance in the “muslim hotbed” requires some substantiation. The US owned Egypt for forty years, owns Jordan, owned Iran, owned Iraq, etc. It would be fascinating to see how you could explain this state of affairs as a result of the role of Israel.
            You like to play fast and loose with the language, Davey, old feller. The capacity for some Jews to influence financial, political and military institutions that have enormous geopolitical effects is undeniable. Does a capacity to influence a system equate to control of the system? I would argue not.
            Was Johnson a Zionist agent? That seems rather a silly question, and again, hinges on slippery use of the language. Did Johnson act in the interests of Israel when such action was required by the State of Israel? It certainly seems so. Johnson was a scum-bag who could have been easily compromised and put to use in specific instances where Israel required him. That does not equate to Johnson being “controlled” by Israel. The relationship of Don Corleone to his ‘neighbours’ and “friends” comes to mind.
            The capacity for Israelis and Israeli sympathizers to influence events does not equate to dominance or control of a system.
            Your point about Jews being subject to the same propaganda as everyone else is well-taken. But the machine doesn’t run on the sentiments of American Jews. In a given instance, that particular mass of people can be wielded as an instrument to push US politicians in a given direction, as was born out in the late ’40s repeatedly, and this phenomenon has been increasingly apparent since ’67. The Empire would be wicked with or without Israel. A lynchpin of the Empire’s propaganda structure is the infantile story of the Second World War, and a vital element in that lynchpin is the Holocaust story. Israel and the Empire are inextricably linked through that myth, and as a result Israel remains in a position to exert pressure on the system in certain circumstances.

  6. It’s a truly abhorrent story, thanks for telling it Craig.
    I wonder what would have happened if those Israeli pilots had simply refused to attack an American ship? Of if the American pilots sent to help and then recalled had gone to help despite the recall?
    People say that Germans should have stood up to Hitler, but looks like there’s a whole lot of blind obedience in every country.

  7. There are 40 or so congress critters who hold “dual citizenship” with Israel. Add to that the thousands of high-level dual-nationality “policy wonks” infecting our government and defense industries and you can easily see that our country has been subverted by a “sh!tty little middle eastern country”, Israel…
    The “tail” (Israel) is indeed “wagging the dog” (USA)…

  8. The unsuccessful false flag was planned by both LBJ and Israelis, but failed because Liberty crew were able to “duct tape” communications and contact the Navy ship. If that radio communication had not occurred, the entire crew of the Liberty would have perished in a “successful” false flag, and Cairo would’ve been the scene of the 3rd nuclear attack on a population after Hiroshima and Nagasaki. It’s worth noting LBJ was in on the JFK murder, and president when the false flag Gulf of Tonkin incident occurred.
    Also worth noting is both LBJ and G.W. Bush hail(ed) from Texas and big oil, and both were involved in false flags as pretexts for Middle East oil wars. Johnson’s was narrowly foiled, but Bush’s (so far, until 28 Pages are released) succeeded.

    1. The 28 pages were released on a Friday afternoon shortly after you wrote that.
      It was 15th July 2016 and the news was full of 87 people killed in Nice by a truck the night before.
      Then a failed coup in Turkey, another attack on police officers in Louisiana, and of course, Donald Trump buried it in the news cycle by the end of the weekend.

  9. Another great article Craig. Thanks for all your good work. I just read some fascinating articles about these connections. Maybe you’ve seen them too. Seems Israel finds itself in heinous crimes on a regular basis.
    The Murder Of JFK Jr – Ten Years Later

  10. Knowing that John McCain Jr. was only the third person in history to be made a Mason at Sight at the House of the Temple after his cover-up, he may have also been involved in the planning of the attack. The two Masons at Sight that preceded McCain, George Marshall and Jesse Jones, were given that honor nine days after the Pearl Harbor attack where Marshall withheld the information of the impending attack to General Short. Jones received the honor for establishing the Atomic Ley Line with the construction of the San Jacinto Battleground Monument.

  11. From “Remembering the Liberty” Toumey. McNamara called the Admiral of the fleet and ordered the planes to return. The Admiral told him those were his sailors and Mac wasn’t big enough. LBJ got on the phone and ordered the Admiral to call back the planes. “Not going to embarrass an ally”.

    The Israel jets circled the Liberty in the morning in marked planes, circled low, waving. In the afternoon they returned to kill in un-marked planes. Hitting the antennae 1st, with cannon. No one re-acted thinking these were the same planes of the morning.

    Moshey Dayan was afraid the orders to murder some hundred Egyptian soldiers had been monitored by the NSA equipment and staff on the ship, the Hebrew may have been translated, and apparently was, later. They were also afraid the orders to take and occupy the Golan had been monitored. Whatever the motivation to murder all hands, LBJ was a part of it. Johnson’s grandmother was Jewish. Also, his murders in TX and crimes in D.C. were aided by the Dixie Mafia and Jewish TX criminals and money. LBJ was one rotten son-of-a-bitch and a deep ally of Israel, he intended to sacrifice the entire crew, and probably attack Egypt, and begin our mid-east confiscation of oil. The film “Remembering the Liberty” is trying to get funded and distributed, I think it’s complete but is certainly suffering media resistance.

  12. Another justifiably long and for the most part substantial commentary thread, on another important and still timely subject, well-written and treated thoroughly.

    I can’t help noting that the most extravagant exception to “substantial” is the very first comment, from “Little Red Wagon Train.” The wheels fell off the wagons on this train right away.

    The train derails. He/she/it starts with a bald evidence-free assertion, then claims to want to learn more, then never follows up either way. Is he/she/it paid or programmed to attempt disruption?

    Someone should do a master’s thesis on the mix among early posters, focusing on “first with the worst.”

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