Orlando suspicions: Multiple shooters, multiple ‘motives’ and a siege that just doesn’t add up

Orlando Pulse at night

We’re told police waited for three hours for more personnel and an armored vehicle to arrive.

By Craig McKee

This “terror” event has everything.
Religious fanaticism, homophobia, domestic violence and male rage, mental illness and self-hatred, impassioned demands for gun control, dire warnings about the Internet’s role in creating terrorists, alarms raised about immigrants, and questions about how law enforcement could have let a future killer they were watching slip through their fingers. How many of these elements are real and how many implanted in a contrived official version of events is the big question.
The June 12 shooting at the Pulse night club in Orlando, Florida that apparently left 49 dead and 53 injured is full of oddities, anomalies, and elements that are disturbingly reminiscent of past false flag deceptions. Did the suspect do what he is accused of doing? If he did, did he have accomplices? Did others know this was going to happen and even encourage it to happen? Why did there seem to be no ambulances at the scene or even arriving with injured people at the hospital (a nurse interviewed in one report said injured people were brought in private vehicles)? Why were injured club patrons being carried by other club-goers past cameras towards the club rather than away from it? And why did they set that person down and stop walking as soon as they appeared to be out of camera range?
Important aspects of the story as we have it now don’t make sense, and people connected to the event have some very intriguing associations.


Mateen: said he had accomplices.

The thing that sets off major alarm bells right from the beginning is the familiar and immediate association of a violent “terrorist” with “radical Islam.” In this case, alleged shooter Omar Mateen is supposed to have called 911 from the club minutes after the shooting started to announce his allegiance to ISIS and his solidarity with the Boston bombers. One can’t help but think of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and his fabricated boat “confession” that helped link the Boston bombing to “Islamic terrorism.”
The links to Islam are incredibly common in so many blatant false flag operations, particularly since 9/11. When an act of “terror” is immediately linked by authorities and the media to Muslim extremism it is almost enough to lead one to assume the event is a false flag in support of the completely fake “war on terror.” But, of course, we still must examine the details before becoming too sure of ourselves.
Mateen, 29, was well known to the FBI, who conducted a 10-month investigation of him after remarks he is supposed to have made to some co-workers about having a family connection to al-Qaeda (he seems to have expressed sympathies to several alleged terror groups, some of which are enemies of each other). He was also questioned about his association with a Florida man who went to Syria to be a suicide bomber.
According to the New York Daily News, the FBI even approached Mateen using informants while he was under investigation. This immediately brings to mind the dozens of so-called “terror plots” in the U.S. that were actually hatched by the FBI so they could entrap someone who would likely never have attacked anyone on their own. And all this so law enforcement can take credit for foiling more terrorists. Suspects in events like this seem to be “known to law enforcement” very often. (See Tamerlan Tsarnaev, Lee Harvey Oswald, and several alleged 9/11 “hijackers” among many others.)
Another intriguing bit of background is that Mateen had worked as a security guard since 2007 for a major global security conglomerate called G4S that has links to past “terrorist” events, including through its role in security at the three airports where planes allegedly took off on 9/11. Meanwhile, his father, Seddique Mateen, had a TV show on a station owned by the U.S. government’s Voice of America and once announced his intention to run for president of his native Afghanistan. The elder Mateen, who had dealings with U.S. elected officials has been accused of being a CIA asset in some reports, but this still needs to be confirmed. (This reminds one of Ruslan Tsarni, the uncle of the alleged Boston bombers, who married the daughter of a senior CIA official.)
Typically with these types of events, the media focus on the emotion of the tragedy as well as on the supposed motivations of the alleged perpetrator. Why did he do it? How did he get the weapons to do it? What laws should be changed because of it? What they don’t do very much, or very well, is question the details of the event itself. We’ve seen this in just about every false flag in recent memory: 9/11, the London bombings, Sandy Hook, the Boston bombing, the two Paris events, and many more. Some important details do get mentioned but there are either not explored or they are not put in context.
So, let’s look at how the event itself played out, starting with how police could wait three hours to re-enter the club and take control of the situation after they had been engaged with the suspect in a shootout three hours earlier? According to a description of the events by USA Today, the shooter entered through a side door and then shot a doorman and numerous others before exiting from the main entrance on the other side of the building. He encountered an off-duty police officer in the parking lot who was working for the club, and they exchanged gunfire. In a disastrous turn of events, this exchange forced the shooter back inside the club. (I’m no armed-siege expert, but isn’t that the very thing you don’t want to happen?)
Pulse night club map

There were eight different ways out of the building.

At some point, Mateen retreated to one of the washrooms at the rear of the club where he apparently took several hostages.  Somehow, more than 100 people are shot – about half of those fatally – while police are not able to help at all. We don’t hear about more police entering the club apart from those three (at least not in reports I’ve seen).
CNN reports it this way: “Shooting erupts at Pulse, a gay nightclub in the heart of Orlando, as some 320 people enjoy the club’s “Latin flavor” event. An officer working extra duty in full uniform at the club responds. He and two officers nearby open fire on the shooter, and a gun battle ensues. The shooter goes inside the club, where a hostage situation develops. Some 100 officers from the Orange County Sheriff’s Office and the Orlando Police Department respond to the chaotic scene.”
According to the Orlando Sentinel two more officers arrived and entered the club:
“Lt. Scott Smith and Sgt. Jeffrey Backhaus arrived a couple minutes later and rushed into the club. There was another flurry of shots between them and Mateen.”
It sounds from these reports that the rest of the 100 officers remained outside after Mateen entered the club. According to police, it wasn’t until 5 a.m. (the first shots were at 2:02 a.m.) when Mateen told them he had some kind of explosive device on him that they decided to breach the building by ramming it with an armored vehicle.
How could critically wounded people inside the club be left without help for that long, and how many died because of it? Were all the wounded rescued while the shooter was in one of the bathrooms with hostages? Police do claim to have removed “dozens and dozens” from the club at that point. But we hear stories about the gunman moving around, not simply sitting in the washroom for the whole three hours. Police explained that they could not move against the shooter more quickly because they had to “get armored vehicles on the scene and make sure they had enough personnel.”
According to a floor plan of the club filed with the City of Orlando, there were five exits that opened onto the parking lot and another three that gave access to the patio. That’s eight ways to get out and just one shooter.
Or did the shooter have help? Several witnesses have stated that they believe there was more than one shooter. One audio record of shots was played on Fox News that sounded like shots were so rapid that they could have been happening simultaneously, suggesting multiple gunmen (I’m not a firearms expert, so I hesitate to draw firm conclusions from this recording). Witness Chris Hansen (one of those carrying an injured person towards the club) said the shots were much too rapid to have come from one gun. Janiel Gonzalez told journalists that he was sure there were at least two gunmen. This is awfully reminiscent of claims of multiple shooters at the Aurora theater shooting.
In an audio interview, Gonzales talked about the struggle by club-goers to get out of the building while the shooting was going on. Just before the audio cuts out, he made this remarkable statement: “There was a guy there that was trying to prevent the door … hold the door closed so that we didn’t exit and …” (More here: https://www.sott.net/article/320228-Orlando-nightclub-massacre-eyewitnesses-More-than-one-shooter-snipers-fired-at-police-someone-blocked-exits)
Some reported that Mateen was on the phone with police telling them that he had others helping him. One witness even said that Mateen appeared to be talking to someone he knew and describing how there were three others involved, one of them a woman.
It appears now that most of the shooting took place in the first few minutes after the first shot, at 2:02 a.m. Is it likely that someone not used to using an assault rifle could have fired hundreds of shots in a crowded club in such a short time, particularly with just as many people being killed as were injured? I don’t really know the answer to that. Is it believable that the shooter could have reloaded numerous times, and even made several phone calls, without anyone trying to jump him or grab him? I don’t know that either, and I can’t imagine how I would react in a real situation of this type.
As with so many of these “terror” events, the scene just looks odd. Where is all the video one would expect from an event like this? We’ve been shown one piece of phone video that offers the sound of gunshots but not much else. (Maybe it’s just my journalism background, but I’d have been shooting video the whole time.) We’ve also heard nothing about video from surveillance cameras. But that’s not unusual either (see Sandy Hook, Aurora, 9/11). And there is little or no video that shows any kind of rescuing of victims, including transporting them in ambulances. The parading of victims past cameras reminds me of Boston bombing “victims” like Jeff Bauman being whisked down the street in wheelchairs while ambulances sat parked a couple of blocks away. It is also reminiscent of the widely circulated photo of a teacher supposedly leading children away from Sandy Hook Elementary.
I understand that many of those questioning this event are prepared to say without equivocation (or much thought) that this event was entirely fake, that no one was killed or injured, and that all of those interviewed are actors. I am not prepared to say this because I don’t feel we have the evidence to say this. I think it’s critical for those seeking truth to avoid knee-jerk reactions. Those who stage shootings and other false flags mix their methods so that we all get into a feeding frenzy how fake the event is. I believe some events are totally fake while others involve real killing but not by the person we were told (or the person blamed was not who we thought they were). While some talk about crisis actors, others are outraged because they believe the victims were real. Both could be right. To think it’s always one or the other is foolish.
We have learned some incredible things in recent days (they’re incredible whether they are true or whether they are part of a script). Omar Mateen, we have been told, was a regular at Pulse, and he was a member of several online gay dating sites. His father doesn’t think he’s gay but his ex-wife, who claimed he beat her and that he was mentally unstable, thinks it’s possible.
“He was not a stable person,” the ex-wife told the Washington Post. “He beat me. He would just come home and start beating me up because the laundry wasn’t finished or something like that.”
His current wife is another story. She apparently accompanied Mateen when he was “scoping out” Pulse and even to Disney World where he may have been planning an attack. That’s the story, anyway. The wife also has been quoted as saying she knows Mateen was gay. If all of this is true, then one would have to think she will be charged as an accomplice. But that would mean a trial, and I can’t imagine that happening.
There were two other incidents that seem to be incredible coincidences with the Orlando event. First we had the shooting of singer Christina Grimmie in Orlando two days earlier (She had just finished a concert and was greeting fans). Then, just hours after the Pulse shooting, we had James Howell travelling from Indiana with guns and explosive materials in his car – headed for the Los Angeles gay pride celebrations. The weapons were discovered when Howell’s car was searched after someone called police to report a prowler. Very odd to see two major threats to the gay community (one just a potential attack) that are unrelated and just hours apart.
The claim by authorities and the media that this event tells us that ISIS (essentially a U.S. creation anyway) has a global reach and can turn any impressionable young person into a killer leads me to conclude initially that this is yet another false flag op designed to manipulate us into fearing a threat that essentially does not exist.
The media implant the official story within hours, even minutes. They tell us it is global terrorism and homegrown terrorism at the same time. It’s about a mentally deranged lone culprit with no regard for life who was inspired by radicals halfway around the world. It’s about guns, religious extremism, and hate speech.  They talk about how any human activity makes us all “soft targets.”
I suspect this shooting was not the work of just one person and that it involved a disguised purpose and hidden perpetrators as so many other acts of mass violence in recent years have. I find it a shame that the gay community, which has been subjected to so much violence and so much punishment for being different over the years, is being used to push an agenda that they aren’t even aware of.
We will certainly learn much more in the days ahead. How much of that will be true we’ll all have to assess as new information – or disinformation – comes out.


    1. It’s the people who were there who say there were multiple shooters. I didn’t make it up. Don’t you think evidence should be examined and evaluated before one reaches conclusions?

      1. Dude, the whole thing set my bs meter off right away as well. Just like 911 and London, and Boston too. But inveigh you wouldn’t lump Sandy Hook in, it has none of the earmarks that the others share. If you can fix that one thing, we are on the same page.

          1. Also, forgot about one thing that just popped in my brain. Eight exits and he shot, wounded, killed 103 people. Most, if not all commercial buildings, especially a club, for fire purposes and by code have lighted exits. Unless, of course.he shot those out. Doubtful, more than likely he brought his own ladder and unscrewed the lightbulb.
            Oh by the way, the government never lies. Why? Well, we have been told on one level that all cops are heroes without exception.

      2. I agree with you Craig….. And you’re absolutely right about Sandy Hook…. It’s really does have even more elements of a false flag event. The sad part is… The government and these secret organizations get away with this stuff in the open…. Right in front of our eyes because they know that the greater majority of the public will refuse to ever believe that what they see abs hear is not true. they know that most people won’t believe people like you who see beyond the smoke – so essentially they have nothing to worry about when pulling their agendas. I hope people start to wake up.

          1. True, the names of 49 “victims” have been released. However, if you google those names, you will find that they didn’t even exist prior to June 12.

    2. How would multiple shooters make it not an act of terrorism. It may be a false flag or not, terrorist acts can obviously be perpetrated by more than 1 person.

      Omar Mateen – designated patsy – was green-Lighted By DHS, FBI, and Likely was an undercover agent working for the FBI and DHS.
      His cover ? He was an employee of G4S Security, vetted By FBI & State of Florida to carry a firearm.
      Omar was a Democrat, and a US Govt. sponsored Muslim terrorist.
      (BTW, so were two supposed shooters In San Bernardino (ie, they were working for the Feds.
      The actual shooters in San Bernardino were Employees “of a private security firm”, potentially a subsidiary of G4S, and they were captured on film shooting into the training center in San Bernardino.
      GS hired 75 People, via an ad in Craigslist, in Orlando on 6/10, for cash, just prior To the Orlando Pulse Club incident. The ad specified only people with state-issued gun permits would be hired.
      Each was hired, for a role as crisis actor. Some were issued Issued sidearms and , told the pistols only contained blanks, were positioned Inside the Club, and told when the fired, it was all just “Part of the Show.”
      Mixed in with this group, were 4 actual shooters, witrh live rounds, with orders to kill club goers.
      As they exited they told others to hold doors closed, until until the shootings ended, Inluding oen shooter who took out Omar the designated patsy.
      Orlando area VHF/UHF radio comms – EMT / Police / Fire Referenced “the Drill’
      There were NO SWAT, NO EMT ambulance units dispatched to the Club during the incident.
      All Broadcastify.com online radio transmission archives covering Orlando for Midnight – 3:00am were removed from the site.

    4. MAX SPIERS………educate your self on the false reality of this world. Terrorism is an Idea. You can’t wage a war on an idea……unless you need a fake reason to continue the pursuit of endless war and to help perpetuate hate.

  1. well done, thanks for this Craig. That morning I watched CNN and NBC coverage screaming at the TV, WHERE ARE ALL THE AMBULANCES?

    1. Thanks, Glenn. That’s what’s baffling. I believe the shooting was real (although still a staged event) but I can’t figure out where all the signs are of hundreds of people, many injured, running from the club for their lives.

  2. Great work Craig ! Like the Floor plan you used Where’d you find that 😉 wink wink.. One thing that you left out is the Scrubbed 911 call center audio, Archive.com Backs up all the emergency radio chatter, the hours 12 am – 4 am have been scrubbed and the Archive Site Says Its a Server Issue.. False Flag Exposed !

  3. Good article… But, the rabbit hole seems to be much deeper and more apparent with this one. Or maybe the formula is used too many times and we are getting better at spotting bullcrap.
    For starters, Omar’s father, who is parading on TV talking about his dead son, is billed as the head of the provisional Afghan government, has photos of him having meetings at the State dept back in April, and has a radio show in some Afghani station that is an arm of the Voice of America propaganda outfit.
    This aspect reminds of others like him. The underwear bomber’s father was (still is) one of the richest people in Nigeria with strong ties to the CIA. Tsarnaev’s uncle is married to Graham Fuller, “a top CIA strategist who famously advocated co-opting Islamic extremists to further advance the US agenda in Central Asia…”…
    There are videos of the wounded being carried by their friends on a sidewalk, who put the “victim” down and have a good chuckle about it when they think they are out of the frame.
    the victim who claims to have two gunshot wounds (he says at least one of them was a thru-n-thru) is interviewed by Anderson Cooper, in his own home, less than 20 hours after the shooting. At some point, he says “I stayed at the hospital for two days…
    As in other mass shooting/terrorist events, the witnesses, both at the shoot site and on network TV being repeatedly interviewed, perform in a very bizarre “bad actor” manner. Shedding alligator tears, and most are unable to keep their story straight.. No pun intended.
    Omar Mateen himself, is listed on IMDB as having appeared in two Afghani movies and in a US made documentary about the BP oil spill as the guardsmen of the site where the cleaning crews are stationed. It issued to look real, with three secret cameras running from inside the car when the “filmmaker” pulls in to Omar’s security check point. But, there is also a fourth camera placed outside of the car across the road, which pretty much shows that this is a premeditated, and possibly acted out encounter between Omar and the filmmaker.
    Whether people died or not in this thing, this event is a major propaganda operations for sure. If there were any real dead people, you can rest assured that it is nowhere near 49, no matter how many multiple shooters there might have been.
    The list is long. You can visit http://www.willyloman.wordpress.com for a pretty good coverage of the event and Omar’s and his dad’s backgrounds… There are frequent updates.
    Omar’s IMDB page:

    1. Yes, there is loads of stuff that could be looked at, including what you have mentioned. I knew about the documentary Mateen was in but not the other film. That’s very interesting, that he has an imdb listing.

      1. I find the father character very interesting as well…
        In my post above, I omitted the respective fathers of Holmes and Lanza, since I am not aware of conclusive proof showing that these people were who they were “rumored” to be. Holmes Sr a bank-fraud sniffing software developing genius, and Lanza Sr some other financial bigwig… The Santa Barbara shooter was the son of a wealthy Hollywood bigwig…
        The one I actually forgot to mention is the father of the briefcase-clock-bomb hoaxer, who was an ‘activist’ who ran for president twice in Sudan.
        Make of it what you will.. But, the least we can conclude would be that the mass shooter patsies tend to be sons (or nephews in the case of Boston) of influential people who all smell like CIA or state department assets.

        1. Absolutely. And there’s always the girl tearfully talking about the Iraqi soldiers taking babies out of incubators and throwing them on the floor. She turned out to be the daughter of the Kuwaiti ambassador to the United States.

  4. I love your fiction add in a bunch of 911truher bs and then try to associate it with a lone gunman attack then add the USS liberty attack that turns out was not a false flag when the USS liberty was examined. So here we go again made up false flag conspiracy sell.
    I guess the same style killings in France will fall under your same unrelistic denialist reasoning.

    1. OMG! Daniel!!!! You are so bad at what you do… Are you new at this?
      This ain’t no comment section on YouTube… You’ll need to do a better job than that to fool people here. Don’t they give you guys a handbook or something?

  5. It would run against all reason and precedent to NOT initially approach this as a strategy of tension operation. By that same precedent, the chances of ‘finding this out’ are against us.
    In this schitzoid psyop world, we are obviously being groomed away from evidence based determinations and trusting ‘own enquiry’ by the sheer scope and brutish nature of the trash narratives being thrown at us by ‘authority’ figures. If the uniform says ‘lone nut’, then you become one to not believe him or her. NONE of the recent global terror attacks fitting the pattern have in any way, in any detail, had any of their obvious ANOMALIES presented in the ‘public’ consciousness as anomalies – unless by way of this medium we speak through here. The details and context and history that automatically red flag ‘suspicious’, are never discussed. Two shooters or more here and there, in Aurora, Paris, SBernadino Sandy Hook, CCTV never working..destruction of evidence, loooong police reaction times (17 hours for Physical police response to Phillip Marshall’s dead body SEEN inside his locked front door area) damage fields obviously showing explosive demolition, or ‘under-carriage’ deployment; Habeas corpus now no longer a right in defense- in this Avalanche of madness, all seemlessly run into each other in a blind rush, so those automatically approaching from the false flag historic aspect become ever more apart from peers accepting the uniformed narrative, who are insulted at the prospect of the LIE now being so big, it IS the landscape.

  6. So let’s see. For a start: 320 people in there? In a rather small building?? With at most 11 parking spots outside??? I don’t think so. But let’s keep looking.
    Let’s see. No CCTV camera record of what went on. Nobody with smart phones taking any pictures of the scene. Some guys lugging a buddy in front of a camera, and then letting him down on the other side…
    Nope. Sorry. Not buying it. They’re treating us like fools. And apparently, too many of us are.
    I am reminded of what the CIA Director William Casey was quoted as saying some years ago: “We will know that our disinformation program is complete when everything that the American public believes is false.” Looks like we’re getting there…

  7. There’s no way in hell that one shooter could of controlled a building that size and kept people from using the doors or even windows to escape. Shooting people, reloading mags, talking on the cell with 9/11 dispatch, all at once? BS.
    The excuse for the 3 hour time lag doesn’t wash, they have a SWAT team, so what were they doing, making donut runs?
    The scary thing is that the real perps behind this tragedy will now go to greater lengths to enact their agenda, which means they’ll probably shoot-up a grade school or kindergarten.
    Time to take back our nation.

  8. It’s like you decided to ignore factual evidence to push your agenda. L O L good job.
    “One audio record of shots was played on Fox News that sounded like shots were so rapid that they could have been happening simultaneously,”
    This whole paragraph needs to be deleted and you need to do better research cause he continued the phone interview and his statement, and has said it several other times in interviews.
    ” “There was a guy there that was trying to prevent the door … hold the door closed so that we didn’t exit and …”
    Also has been debunked, the person who was holding the door closed went on an interview and said why, Do better research.
    “hen, just hours after the Pulse shooting we had James Howell travelling from Indiana with guns and explosive materials in his car..Very odd to see two major threats to the gay community (one just a potential attack) that are unrelated and just hours apart.”
    You should really do research on copy cat killers, Crime of Passion and opportunity, and pattern crime rates within the LGBT community because, honey no.
    “Is it likely that someone not used to using an assault rifle could have fired hundreds of shots in a crowded club in such a short time, particularly with just as many people being killed as were injured?”
    When the police commissioner has already stated that his officers might have hit people with their guns when they were firing back. L O L But i guess you can ignore that cause it doesn’t fit the agenda.
    “Where is all the video one would expect from an event like this?” I’ve seen like four videos, but then again, that would involve research on your end, which I can tell, your background in journalism has absolved you of.

    1. Dembooksdoee, I can do without the lecture about research, especially since you seem to have no idea what you are talking about. I refer to a recording played on Fox and you tell me to delete my paragraph. I refer to a club-goer talking about the door being blocked and you tell me it has been debunked. I know that the person who blocked the door was Luis Burbano, but his explanation made no sense to me or to the Fox host who interviewed him.
      I’d ask you about your “research” has unearthed but I’d be afraid that would require another comment from you. Let’s leave it there.

  9. I thoroughly disagree with your Pentagon coverage, but appreciate this summary of Orlando. Every time we hear of some mass shooting that is sourced solely by the authorities and mainstream media, intense scrutiny is warranted, especially when the shootings are politicized for disarming the public.

    1. If you would like to discuss the Pentagon evidence you are welcome to offer comments on any of the Pentagon articles on the blog. I’d be happy to discuss it with you.

  10. It makes more sense to me to assume it’s a False Flag, and then examine the actual evidence and not just the reports that come in from undisclosed sources or so-called police, witnesses, or family members. Can we really say that there have definitely been any of these types of events that were not False Flags in the past few years? Starting with the assumption that nothing is true requires that evidence be built from actual provable facts and not propaganda, false testimony, or falsified evidence. When you’re accusing someone of such an act, you should have real facts to prove that this person actually did the act. For example, did anyone actually see Mateen’s face while he was allegedly shooting in the club that night? If so, could it have been a look-alike actor? Could the witness be a crisis actor? Was Mateen a crisis actor? What happens to these crisis actors after their faces are plastered all over the internet? Are they killed, do they have plastic surgery, or move to another country?
    Are we really supposed to believe that all Muslims are terrorists or that most terrorists are Muslims (or at least of Middle Eastern ancestry)? Can we trust medical examiners to tell us the honest truth when they have police, FBI, Homeland Security and whoever else breathing down their necks? Is it possible Mateen was blamed, but was actually killed somewhere else while some other thugs (government-owned or otherwise) did the killings? Did anyone really die or become injured? How do we know? How do we know this character who is said to be the father of the shooter is really the father or just some government-planted actor? I could go on and on and on. Even though there are people who claim to be witnesses or friends, etc., I have no way of knowing who these people are. I know of no provable facts in the story so far.
    If we believe in innocent until proven guilty, how can we possibly assume everything (or anything) we hear on the TV or read on the internet these days is true?
    I believe none of the claims.
    Once you’ve seen the the full spectrum (or as much as it’s possible to see) of the “government’s” shenanigans, lies, manipulations, etc., as was perpetrated in Boston or Sandy Hook or whatever, you can’t go back to giving them the benefit of any doubt. (BTW, “government” in this case means local, state, and/or federal government; media; corporate planners/cooperators/conspirators; and might also include medical agencies, etc.)

  11. Here is an anomaly concerning the media reporting. My friend took this photo. This happened in Phoenix in 2013 with CNN reporters as well. As he says:
    “THIS IS HILARIOUS! I’m watching CNN right now and reporter Brooke Baldwin (on the right in photo) is talking to some other reporter Boris Sanchez (in black shirt on the left.) But look at the background. They are standing in front of the same red brick building on the right. Notice the same white and red barrier wall behind both of them. Actually, Sanchez is appears to be about 10 to 20 feet and to the left of Baldwin. LOL”

    1. I rarely watch TV news, but saw some CNN the next day. The reporters were in front of the MRI building in what clearly appeared to be a green screen. One reporter had the street towards the Pulse as the background. There was no movement of cars, people, trees in the wind. It was a photo background. Curiously, a light on top of a police car periodically flashed, looking totally digital. Wag the Dog was a documentary compared to modern TV news coverage.

  12. The NY Times now reports that, in addition to texting and making phone calls DURING the attack, Omar was also posting to Facebook under multiple accounts — which means logging in with his user name and password to each account. As if that’s not sufficiently unbelievable, he was also, they say, searching the web (during the attack!) to see if the media was reporting it yet.
    So, picture this: He kills a few people, then takes a break, slides into a booth and is peering into his phone to text, do Google searches, and post to Facebook. It takes one hand to hold a phone and another to type. What did he do with his guns at that time? What were the hundreds of young men in the club doing and thinking while Omar was busy on his phone? Why didn’t someone either bean him from behind with a Dewars bottle or grab his guns? Or why didn’t everybody simply head out the door?
    And were there hundreds of people in there? The parking lot has only nine spaces.
    This whole story makes no sense at all. I suspect that our fascist overlords are trying to push the boundaries of how unbelievable they can make these stories and still have the American public fall for it.

  13. Adam,
    You are not in moderation. I can’t think of a situation where I would find it necessary to do that with you. I have removed the exchange about trolls because I don’t think it belongs in a brand new thread about the Orlando event. I think it’s something we should discuss privately (it’s not like we don’t have each other’s phone numbers). I regret asking you to elaborate on your initial comment; my mistake. I guess I didn’t expect an 800-word rant in which you would suggest that I tolerate trolls because I think they inflate traffic to my blog. I don’t think I deserved that.

      1. Those security videos will clarify that. Unlike the Pentagon attack, the telltale video hasn’t been “disappeared.”

  14. QUESTION: if this and the other incidents are false flags, what would be the point? What is it supposed to accomplish?

    1. I sincerely hope that the argument is not that the FBI recruited the shooter to commit an attack so that President Obama could take everyone’s guns afterward? That would be silly, of course.
      But if it really was a false flag, surely there must be some reason “they” (whoever that is) went to all that trouble? What is supposed to happen next?

      1. Painter, I don’t know what “the argument” is but I do believe in examining the evidence and seeing what it has to tell us. I don’t know what the point of your comment is. Rather than just being coy, why don’t you tell us your opinion? Then we will have the chance to determine if it is “silly, of course.”

        1. 9/11 was a false flag event and thus Bush and Cheney got the excuse to begin a war for fun and profit.
          If Orlando, Boston and Sandy Hook were false flags…. what exactly did the perps get for their time and trouble? Fame? I don’t think so.
          Apparently Assault weapons sales have gone through the roof… Do you think they got rich off that? What would be the motivation? It makes no sense.

      2. Could have been for the same reason as the cold war era false flag attacks perpetrated against innocent Western European civilians by NATO’s “stay behind” armies in Operation Gladio (AKA The Stragegy of Tension). Here is the reason in the words of one convicted Gladio false flag terrorist Vincenzo Vinciguerra.

        During his trial, Vincenzo Vinciguerra revealed that, in addition to discrediting left wing political groups, there had been a second, even darker aim behind the bombings, namely to inculcate a climate of fear among the general populace. This was known as the ‘strategy of tension’ which was intended to generate a pervasive sense of fear which would encourage the population to appeal to the state for protection. As Vincenzo Vinciguerra summarized during his trial:

        ‘You had to attack civilians, the people, women, children, innocent people, unknown people far removed from any political game. The reason was quite simple. They were supposed to force these people, the Italian public to turn to the State to ask for greater security.’

        More: https://wikispooks.com/wiki/Operation_Gladio

        1. BigSnafu,
          I get the feeling that we are right in the middle of operation Gladio redux. In addition to the goals you stated above I think this version of Gladio has an additional goal above and beyond the strategy of tension and that is to eliminate completely America’s second amendment right to keep and bear arms. In spite of Painters flimsy dismissal of that as a possible motive for this and other recent false flag attacks it is really quite obvious that “taking away our guns” is one of the goals, perhaps even the primary goal.
          Orlando happened in the political climate of the UN Small Arms Treaty which many traitors in our government are trying desperately to cram down our throats. Never mind that this is America and our highest law is the Constitution and the UN should have and does have zero authority in our country, these traitors are still trying. A literal raft of gun control measures have been floated by officials in response to Orlando and they did the same following Sandy Hook and other recent false flags. Now those attempts have backfired thankfully however from the perspective of the filth trying to hijack America the people MUST be disarmed before they can implement their plans. If we can fight back in mass they know they will lose, thus it is imperative for them to “take away our guns” or at least severely limit the effectiveness of our weapons. Democide is on their agenda and the only thing stopping a complete totalitarian takeover of America followed by democide is the millions of American gun owners. It could not be more crystal clear that these recent false flags are an attempt to disarm good, honest, law abiding, American citizens and leave only the criminals in possession of guns. Since criminals ignore the law the only ones that will be disarmed are the responsible people.
          This issue more than any other is the one that has the potential to lead America into a second civil war. I will tell you that I for one will not allow my right to self defense from an out of control tyrannical government to be compromised. The answer I have to gun control is NO!
          Here is a great video all about the 2nd amendment that shatters to dust all the lame, ill considered, and illogical arguments put out by the gun grabbers. It destroys all the propaganda and misinformation about the meaning and purpose of the 2nd amendment. If you have not seen this you probably have the wrong idea about the 2nd amendment and the Constitution in general.
          Mark Passio – The True Meaning And Purpose Of The 2nd Amendment

  15. Thx. Completely relieved to have discovered this site. I think it was a Let it Happen case.
    Originally I heard 20 dead and 30 hostages.
    Then 50 dead? Wonder if just a mathematical
    coincidentance??? 20 plus 30 equals 50…

  16. The final truth-telling smoking gun: ARE THERE ANY OPEN CASKET FUNERALS AND HOW MANY? When someone dies there is a body and there is a funeral. The only big funeral I read about is the son of that nutty lady who is constantly giving interviews and demanding defense weapon bans. Where are the other 49 funerals, or are they “private”? At Sandy Hook the reports are that one funeral home handled 11 of the funerals which seems strange, and all we heard about was Noah Pozner.

  17. No one got shot. They just play possum, get moved to a private location, get the ALL Clear and high-five each other while cracking open cold ones.
    Everyone allowed inside after the shooting started were crisis actors and government piglets in on the scam, including the doctors at the hospital who had allegedly been practicing medicine in the area for years, but had no reviews posted on Google. Patron sheeple were easily befuddled into believing the shooting was real, as at the Boston Marathon. A shooter wielding a semi-auto rifle while shooting blanks, crisis actors reeling and falling while squeezing Hollywood blood packs on themselves, etc. A Junior College film class could pull it off.

  18. Craig, unlike a lot of articles written on terror events nowadays, one is hard pressed to find an author who is as humble and frank as you are in your piece. When I read lines like ” I am not prepared to say this because I don’t feel we have the evidence to say this” or ” I don’t really know the answer to that” I get the sense you pen the article because you are genuinely searching for the truth and not just trying to exploit or hype the event for sensationalism or ego. This is truly refreshing!

  19. Nice try, but it’s obviously all Bull S@#$! If there were any
    real DEAD PEOPLE, the MSM would have been THRILLED
    to show them (or at lease show the periphery of the dead
    bodies.) That absence indicates it was entirely a H-O-A-X!
    (Or drill, if that makes you feel any better.)
    I don’t know about you, but during the last 15 years, I have
    often felt that I’m living a nightmare episode of the “Twilight

    1. Sept 2015 UN declared 2016 “Year of the Pulses” and another little bombm look at July 17th 2016 in D.C. to see what movement is celebrating with the Pope…yes the “Pulse”. Just thought I’d throw that in there, symbolism and why they announce it beforehand….

  20. Did you notice how odd the photos of the father visiting the State Department were? Who poses in front of a nondescript, solid wood door unless they have to prove in an extraordinary way that they were present. Pictures are snapped for personal reasons, not proof you were there. It looks like his Dad’s “visit” to the State Department was trying to prove he was there instead of documenting a personal event. Why and if this is significant is unknown to me just an observation of what I thought when I saw them.

  21. There are always more shooters:
    8-1-66 U of Texas/Austin Tower Sniper
    “I looked up there on the north end there’s the one shot, then right in the middle there’s a shot, then on the south end there was a shot. …I thought [b]there was at least [u]three of them[/u][/b] right there, you know.”
    –“There were shots coming from everywhere. … It looked like [b]a gang of people[/b] up there.”
    2-28-96 Port Arthur, Tasmania, Australia
    Most of the eyewitnesses to the shooting refused to ID Martin Bryant as the shooter.
    2-28-97 North Hollywood Bank Shootout, Los Angeles, CA
    witness: “..there WERE a total of [b]5 armed robbers[/b]”
    3-28-98 Westside Middle School near Jonesboro, AS
    “According to witnesses, many of the students knew immediately who was responsible for the shooting, … naming Andrew Golden, Mitchell Johnson, and [b]a third shooter[/b], reported to be an older student at a nearby high school.”
    “some of those who were in the line of fire still believe that a third shooter, situated on a hill near the elementary school nearby, was involved and eluded capture.” “numerous children reported this account”
    4-20-99 Columbine High School, Jefferson County, CO
    Twenty minutes after the incident began, JeffCo. Lt. Manwaring “advised him(JCSO Vincent DiManna) there were as many as [b]seven gunmen[/b] inside the cafeteria and commons area.”
    4-26-02 Gutenburg Gymansium, Erfurt, Germany
    “A few teachers and students are certain that there was [b]a second shooter[/b], who escaped with the fleeing students…”
    4-13-06 Dawson College, Montreal, Canada
    “At one point, police had told local media outlets that [b]two gunmen[/b] were dead and [b]a third[/b] was still at large.”
    2-12-07 Trolley Square massacre, Salt Lake City, UT
    “After police had shot dead the suspected shooter, police warned of [b]a second shooter[/b] on the second floor of the mall.”
    4-16-07 Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA
    “Planet Blacksburg reports [b]two additional people taken into custody[/b].”
    “People are reporting seeing [b]two different shooters[/b]… ”
    “…at one point [b]three people[/b] were seen being escorted away from Norris Hall… in handcuffs.”
    12-4-07 Westroads Mall, Omaha, NB
    “Breaking: [b]Two men arrested[/b] in military fatigues in shopping mall shooting spree. ‘Guys dressed in camouflage, with guns, leaving a school bus, acting suspiciously before the shooting.’ ”
    12-9-07 YWAM/New Life Church, Denver, CO
    “740 AM radio reports [b]Two gunmen[/b] One is shot dead the other taken into custody inside the church.”
    “…there were concerns that there were as many as [b]two or three more people[/b] involved… ”
    3-11-09 Albertville-Realschule, Winnenden, Germany
    “The parents who were waiting for their children talked about [b]a second gunman[/b].”
    4-30-09 State Oil Academy, Baku, Azerbaijan
    “Students who witnessed the rampage spoke of [b]two attackers[/b]…”
    11-5-09 Ft. Hood, TX
    “[b]All three[/b] of the people believed to have carried out the shooting were soldiers, Lt. General Bob Cone told reporters Thursday evening.”
    1-12-10 UofA/Huntsville
    “The local CBS affiliate is saying [b]there were [u]two[/u] shooters[/b]”
    1-8-11 Tucson/Giffords shooting, AZ
    Witnesses clearly described [b]another suspect[/b] with a gun.
    7-22-11 Oslo/Utoya Island slaughter, Norway
    “We also received conflicting messages, [b]between two and five assailants[/b] with assault rifles … said chief of staff Magne Rustad at Nordre Buskerud Police District.”
    12-13-11 Liege, Belgium gun/grenade attack
    “The daily newspapers Le Soir and La Capitale reported that [b]three assailants[/b] threw grenades into a crowd at the bus shelter and opened fire with guns.”
    7-20-12 Aurora Batman Shooting, Colorado
    “Local media report that [b]two gunmen[/b] went on the rampage, both wearing gas masks. One of the gunmen is now in custody, and police are searching for the other.”
    8-5-12 Sikh Temple Shooting, Wisconsin
    “An eyewitness reports that the massacre was committed by [b]four white males[/b] dressed in black clothing.”
    12-11-12 Clackamas Town Center Mall, Oregon
    A man wearing a mask and all black opens fire. [b]Two other men[/b] wearing masks and all black are seen at the same location and at the same time.
    12-14-12 Sandy Hook Elementary, Connecticut
    “The Hartford Courant and ABC News are both reporting there were [b]two shooters[/b].”
    4-9-13 Lone Star College CY-Fair, Houston, Texas
    “Two of the victims here are saying there’s [b]two different guys[/b] stabbing people.”
    6-7-13 Santa Monica Community College, CA
    “An eyewitness told ABC7 cameraman Shawn McCarthy that there was indeed [b]a second gunman[/b] who opened fire a few blocks to the east of the schools south campus.”
    9-16-13 Washington DC Navy Yard Shooting
    “[b]Three shooters[/b] are involved in the Navy Yard shooting, a police spokeswoman said. One of the shooters is “down,” police said, but two remain in a building on the grounds.”
    11-1-13 LAX shooting
    “Channel 2 in L.A. is reporting that [b]two armed suspects[/b] dressed in camouflage clothing entered Terminal 3 and opened fire…”
    11-4-13 Westfield Shopping Mall, New Jersey
    ” “There was [b]two people[/b] in armored suits with AK-47s just going around shooting people randomly,” she said.”
    5-23-14 Isla Vista, Santa Barbara, CA
    “Multiple witnesses say that they saw [b]two people[/b] inside of the suspect’s BMW.”
    6-10-14 Reynolds High School Portland, OR
    “BREAKING: Police report [b]3 shooters[/b] at Reynolds HS; 2 fled the scene.”

  22. I think that someone went into the place and fired blanks and a few key crisis actors created the ensuing panic. That would explain the lack of blood.
    The multiple stories of 15-20 people in a handicap stall do not add up, nor do al the claims that everyone escaped and hid in the bathroom.
    The NPR piece memorializing the victims is extremely light on personal details and almost all involve a cousin or non-immediate member of the family speaking on behalf of the deceased.

  23. With the help of the Bolshevik Commie media, this Police State Government can tell the MOST outlandish lies and get away with them. Especially with the dumbed-down, sports-god-worshipping society we now have. It’s all about GETTING YOUR GUNS and demonizing the Arabs!

  24. No footage of a bloody mess inside the dancing club, no footage of plenty of ambulances to transport the more than 100 wounded and killed people to hospitals. We have to wait for a dead victims name list and for funerals, no light wounded is ever interviewed. No real evidence that Mateen was gay, btw (witnesses?) or any of the other information about “Mateen” (fictional character) is true. Maybe Mateen visited ‘gay’ clubs to familiarizing himself with the spaces in the clubs, before a planned (most likely staged) mass shooting that he thought was going to happen for real. From “old class mates/members” information about Mateen is circulated of a “disturbed and aggressive individual who identified strongly with the moslim world”, and that is what we have to believe.
    What we do know is that American politicians, who are deep in the pockets of the Khazarian maffia, want to ban fire arms in the USA. We know that frequently mass shootings or bombings have been staged or carried out as false flag operations. A combination of crisis actors and a couple of heavily manipulated/brainwashed and setup young men (the real victims, I suppose) who got guns with blanks and fake bombs, and one of them murdered even before the ‘shootings’, that is what happened in Orlando if you ask me. One of these young ‘terrorists’ turned himself in just after the Orlando staged massacre, and claimed he was setup, then the FBI locked him up before he could say some more. The USA government have been taken over by the Khazarian Maffia, and betrayed the American people, destroyed many Moslim countries, because EVERY GOY is the KM enemy.

  25. Of course we know you can trust the CIA and the FBI to be telling us the truth because, well they own the ministry of truth and go to church every sunday morning.
    This looks to me like a gay man was setup as the fall guy and now they want to somehow link him to ISIS and we all know who has been backing them don’t we now.
    Sorry but this is about picking a fight with Russia in Syria who realy is taking out ISIS and not just saying so and will be used to remove guns from people in the USA plus the introduction of new “Hate Speech” laws to protect the gays and anyone else that the government wants to promote.
    9/11 was the wake up call but half of americans are still asleep i am afraid.

  26. There were multiple shooters. There was him and three cops, so anyone listening from another room would be correct in reporting that they heard shots from more than one shooter. As for casualties he didn’t have a 50% per shot kill ratio. He went around and shot the wounded. Even many of the wounded who survived had been shot more than once. We also do not know how many of the dead were killed by the police and swat.
    I spent about two days listening to the reports from every survivor I could find. For the most part they do in fact seem to paint a picture that is fairly consistent with how the official version of the shooting took place.
    I really wouldn’t go off on a tangent claiming that the event itself didn’t happen the way it’s claimed. From everything I have been able to did up, it’s likely that it went down exactly the way that it’s been reported. Keystone cops and all.
    Your point on Crises actors though is very valid. I think what we have is a combination of both here. Most of the survivors were in fact very believable and considering that many of them had been shot themselves, I wouldn’t dismiss them. However, there were a few that clearly were not telling the truth. One guy in particular who got a lot of press time, claimed the fire was from a fully auto and that it went Brrrrrrrr Brrrrr brrrr, There is no evidence that fully auto weapons were used at all. His statements should be ignored. The same goes for the woman who’s son was killed. There was really nothing believable about her terrible acting. In fact her acting was so bad that it makes me think that she was a plant just to get people to make some “conspiracy” theory claims that are off track. This way the focus is on the crisis actors instead of law enforcement completely dropping the ball and all the rest of the government’s possible role in this.
    As to his shadowy ties, this is the one that is by far the most compelling. I’m not a big fan of coincidences and certainly not when you stack up this many. It reaches the point of being farcical. He just happens to have a Father with ties to the state department. He just happened to have been in contact for 10 months with an “informant”. He just happens to go into a store to buy body armor and thousands of rounds of ammo and then gets on his phone and talks Arabic? He just happens to mouth off so many times that multiple people turn him in? This sounds much more like a person who is playing a role than anything else. What terrorist goes around the country bringing that kind of attention on themselves?
    Then of course there is Howell who claims that Mateen was supposed to get away. Well he almost did and if not for the off-duty cop he would have. There is also Mateen saying that there was supposed to me more attacks and isn’t it likely this was a reference to Howell?
    Thanks for the article and of course for making people think.

    1. I would be interested to see if there is ANY actual hard evidence beyond commentary? Talk is cheap and actors can act, lord knows they did both at Sandy Hook. But for this to have been real we would have 50 funerals, 50 authentic death certificates, 50 bereaved families with a long history of photos and videos of their lost loved one. There would potentially be 103 facebook, twitter, snap chat, pages that have been established some time ago and they would show real history that could be verified. There should be 103 groups of friends coming forward to talk about their lost or wounded friend, 103 medical records established filled with authentic documents and SS# etc. There should be 103 groups of coworkers or fellow students that know the person. In short there should be real proof these people really existed. A lifetime of bread crumbs should have been left behind for each person.
      I think we should each take one of the “victims” and see if we can even establish that they are real. We should talk to their friends on FB etc ask for photos from the past etc. Speak to their coworkers and friends, tell their story! We should see if the death certs are available, go to the burials, see for ourselves if this is true. I strongly suspect we will find that “victim” after “victim” has no real history, no real friends willing to talk, and no job full of coworkers who knew them. Let’s find just one that is real folks, just one. Take a random name and see what you can dig up. I bet it isn’t much.

  27. I’ve had some pent up feelings on this gun issue and need to rant. And Craig, this is in no way meant to slight your article – obviously, motives aside, every major event in human history should be thoroughly scrutinized. My remarks below are not about the truth itself, but the ramifications.
    Whether or not these mass shootings are real or fake, genuine or staged, let’s look at the apparent MOTIVE that would be behind staging them, or taking advantage of a crisis if in fact they’re genuine. It’s been since 2009 that Obama’s been in office. Aurora and Sandy Hook were 2012. There have been a bunch more, and now it’s 2016. Where is this “gun grab” that everyone from conventional MSM right wingers to “truthers” like Alex Jones were warning us was about to happen? “OBAMA’S GONNA CONFISCATE YOUR GUNS!!!!!” Gun sales go UP after every one of these tragedies. It’s like Christmas Day for gun makers and sellers. Govt leaders talk about passing sensible legislation not unlike what we have to do to legally drive a car, NOT abolishing the 2nd amendment and having a Maoist door-to-door raid on everyone’s house whereby the Gestapo men search every square inch of everyone’s house to confiscate every handgun. With the NRA having a choke hold on Congress, Obama’s administration can’t even succeed in getting any legislation reform passed, let alone a modicum of support for abolishing the 2nd amendment and confiscating all guns.
    Oh, and speaking of AJ and others like him who’ve had platforms and spouted the same rhetoric: whatever happened to those FEMA camps that us dissenters were all supposed to have been rounded up and imprisoned in by now??? Or the microchips that Obama was supposed to have forced into our skin by now???
    Honestly, it’s seriously lame as fuck at this point. Sometimes it’s healthy to step OUT of the rabbit hole and get a breath of sunlight.

    1. Adam, A little patience, friend. TPTB have been at their agenda for a long, long time. What agenda? To take down particularly the U.S.A., as the key nation-state entity blocking their best-laid plans, for world conquest – or at least as much of it as they can rope into their corral. Read Prof. Carroll Quigley’s ‘Tragedy And Hope’; read John Coleman’s ‘The Committee of 300’; read Ted Flynn’s ‘Hope of the Wicked’; read Dr. Stanley Monteith’s ‘Brotherhood of Darkness’; etc. etc. They need to take down the U.S. Constitution, in order to merge the former U.S.A. into their NWO as merely part of a region, which has been called the North American Union (with its own currency, the Amero). Obama is their frontman, allowing the nation to be flooded with a Muslim Fifth Column, in place and ready for The Call. ‘Order Out Of Chaos’ is the name of the game.
      They specialize in softly softly; aka the Fabian concept. Who is ‘they’? A combination of far Left patsies, as their shock troops – environmentalists, aka watermelons; and legitimately concerned anti-corporatists, and created classes, as in a welfare class (the Cloward-Piven Strategy, of creating bankruptcy), politically-matured blacks and other minorities, like the LGBT+ crowd, and the pro-choice crowd (funny that doesn’t mean pro-choice as in school selection; but to continue), all clamoring for ‘equality’ over ‘liberty’, collectivism over individualism. But the vipers at the very top of the pyramid of power are more fascist than socialist/communist – the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, the J.P. Morgans, the Warburgs, the Mellons, etc. etc. Pieces all need to be in place, before one calls Check. And Trump is throwing a monkey wrench into their plans, which definitely do NOT include Making America Great Again. So, they are faced with needing to speed up their plans. The most likely scenario is that ‘They’ will orchestrate a ‘state of national emergency,’ thus giving their frontman Obama the excuse he needs to declare martial law – and the Constitution is thereby wiped out in one fell swoop, rather than by the death of a thousand cuts that TPTB have been subjecting it to for years now. And voila – in comes the UN’s Agenda 2030, and totalitarian powers that Obama has awarded himself under E.O. 13603. Mission accomplished.
      Not, if enough Americans wake up in time, and head the Black Hats off at the pass. So, don’t underestimate them, Adam, and don’t drop your guard. They know what they are doing, in moving at a Fabian-like pace. Which gives the Good Guys some time to get their shit together, and rise to the occasion, and take their country back from these miscreants.
      But not much time, now.

      1. I could not have said it better Kibitzer3, I think you nailed it right on the head. From my perspective the truth of what you say is palpable.
        The FEMA camps are real and I have the official army document in my possession (in PDF) that details everything about how detention camps are to be built, staffed, and operated. These plans include a “re-education” building where stubborn people like us 9/11 truthers will come into one on one contact with psyops people who will use many techniques to re-educate us. These are to include the classic methods they use to indoctrinate people into elite special forces groups which include extended sleep deprivation, constant stress, diet control, and manipulation of your peer group to turn on you if you still resist. These are the same techniques used to bring people into cults. When you lack proper sleep and nutrition and are constantly exposed to stress or trauma you become susceptible to brain washing techniques which is really just aggressive hypnosis. It works on soldiers and it will work on most of us.
        I am afraid that the FEMA camps are quite real and the plans for the USA as you have described Kibitzer3 are also quite real. The only thing stopping this from happening right now is the American gun owners.
        I also want to point out to Adam Syed that his premise is flawed. The idea that their motive for these false flag attacks could not be gun control because of the way it has backfired on them in such a big way is putting the cart before the horse. It also assumes that their ONLY motive for these attacks is gun control which is not the case. 9/11 had many motives as I am sure all of us here know. The recent spate of false flag operations all over the world have multiple goals also. The bottom line though is that the forces behind this global sinister plan want the people to call out to them for “security” so they can easily bring in totalitarian control and yes rule the world. Patrick Wood’s Technocracy Rising is a fantastic resource and explanation of what is actually happening globally.
        If the Constitution is successfully dissolved or rendered impotent and the last bastion of defense, the millions of American gun owners, are disarmed then we will all get to see up close and personal those FEMA camps and “re-education” techniques in action. I suspect though that many people, like me who are too difficult, will just be taken out in back of the tool shed and shot in the head.

        1. Craig could you put this link in place of the broken one on my last comment? [img]https://prof77.files.wordpress.com/2011/10/georgia-guidestones-top-commandments.jpg[/img]

    2. This appears to be another instance of lone wolf mass murder, and THAT is the phenomenon we need to more fully understand.
      The mass shootings that threaten to destroy this country are not located in the Oval Office or the Middle East – but in the twisted human heart.
      Thanks for your lone voice of sanity, Adam Syed. All horrific events need to be examined – but logic, not paranoia, is key.

    3. Democrats engage in sit-in in Congress over gun control: ‘We will occupy this floor’
      So it isn’t really about gun control?
      Here is my comment on this video: “All oath breakers such as these should be immediately impeached, removed from office, brought up on charges of treason, tried, and thrown in prison. They ALL took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution and they are now CLEARLY in violation of that oath. Arrest them!”

    4. “Gun sales go UP after every one of these tragedies.”
      I’ve heard that talking point many times, but never seen any proof. Got a link?
      Surely Adam you can’t deny that our overlords are pushing for gun control as hard as they can. The fact that they haven’t succeeded yet doesn’t mean they aren’t trying.

      1. Sheila… If I may… The overlords are not pushing for gun control just yet…
        What they are pushing first and foremost is instability, division and conflict. The tactics they are using are simply a version of those they have employed in most countries around the world throughout the 20th century, through Gladio and other clandestine deep state operations.
        While we are busy arguing about guns, gender fluidity, TrumpU and HRC email server, they have already designed, constructed, and for most part implemented the future of world governance. They simply need to stall the masses while the remodeling of the world is in progress.
        And, if the spike in gun sales is real and the people are really arming themselves supposedly to fight an oppressive government, :”they” are well prepared for that kind of a confrontation. However, I would suggest that the main purpose of stocking up weaponry by the people is not to fight oppressive government, but to protect themselves, their property and their sustenance from other citizens if and when the s••tstorm comes.

  28. Yet again a great piece Craig.
    So you read Craig McKee’s piece about the Orlando shootings and you don’t want it to be true, so you check out all the references mentioned and look at as much film footage as you can find on the internet, and you are left with the conclusion that Craig is correct in what he says. And there are many more on the internet saying the same thing.
    There appears to be only a few videos of the event so I assume all the networks use the same film, but I can’t seem to find any time frames on the broadcast films, which makes it all the more difficult to assess what I am actually seeing.
    The rest of my observations are all about stating the bloody obvious, and covered by many others on the internet:
    Why is the big man with the beard, hat and the USA t-shirt not covered in blood after crawling over the dead bodies?:
    Why are they carrying the bodies towards the club? Where are all the ambulance crews and hospital staff?
    Why do the police appear so disorganised?
    Where are all the cell phone pictures and videos taken by the people in the club?
    Where are the statements of the door staff and security, some of whom appear to be serving police officers?
    Can you really get 320 people inside this club?
    Is there no fire safety limit for a nightclub this size?
    I do need help with my next two points : Is there ever any investigation by the authorities into these shootings or is it now taken as a cut and dried case?
    Does anyone out there know of any journalist in America checking into the story? Is there a journalist checking to see if these are real people who are now dead? The lives and stories of the survivors? Stories from people who are normally patrons but who didn’t make it to the club that night? All of which would be very interesting.

    1. As the FBI took over the investigation they will eventually do their own report. However, you will probably have to do a FOIA request to see it. And then, after a year or so, they will release it, with many pages missing and numerous heavy redactions in what is left.
      (I’ve filed several FOIA requests with the FBI and that is my experience.)
      The local police and sheriff may also put out their reports, but they won’t be any more revealing.

  29. Does anyone out there know of any journalist in America checking into the story? Is there a journalist checking to see if these are real people who are now dead? The lives and stories of the survivors? Stories from people who are normally patrons but who didn’t make it to the club that night? All of which would be very interesting. – Dave Gahan</i?
    Believe this is the core of the scheme:
    When an act of violence is classified as an act of terrorism, it is automatically classified as matter of national security, and the only info and evidence that comes out, comes out from the "authorities". This blocks a vast majority of genuine journalists from access to evidence, witnesses and/or victims for the foreseeable future. And most mainstream outlets are only happy to report as per script, especially since the 2012 Smith&Mundt Modernization Act, which allows the US government to propagandize its own citizens.
    If you notice, for this very reason, the incident is very quickly classified as a terrorist event by linking the patsy to some terrorist agenda or organization. We were told right away that Matteen had made a phone call, told the 911 operator this was all for Isis. A factoid that quickly disappeared from the narrative, leaving only residual perception in the public's mind, but also big fat CONFIDENTIAL stamp on the case.
    Then, a small army of mockingbird journalists are sent in and allowed to interview the fake victims, fake relatives and fake doctors, etc. In most cases, these "journalists" know more about the script than the actors they are interviewing, and they lead them to tell their "story"…. And, if the actor messes it up, no biggie.. Since everyone is on the same team, they'll just reshoot the whole thing by hook or by crook…
    Anyone related to the incident who is not in on it is immediately served with a National Security Letter, which prevents them from even mentioning that they were served with this hundred percent unconstitutional letter.
    Starting with the numbers of 100+ victims and 300+ club goers, with a modest estimation of 2 to 5 people within one degree of separation (parents, children, siblings, significant others, relatives, friends, neighbors, etc.) a simple math gives you anywhere between one to 5 thousand people who might have a genuine interest in what exactly happened. Needless to say, even if they truly exist, none of these people will come forward… Not right after the event, nor years later…
    Instead, all we have is the Aredondo of Orlando with his stupid hat and stupid t-shirt, and a "victim" who is meant to have been shot 4-6 times, who has a busier PR schedule than Bruce Jenner, and a mother who, if she is not an actor, should be committed to a meal institution, because that is how weird she acts.
    As for your specific question about whether or not any journalists are investigating… I would assume yes, but only to find every door shut on their faces by legal or illegal means, threats, coercion and god knows what else.

    1. Thanks a lot for that informative reply, I have signed up for updates from the Orlando Sentinel so will be interested to see where it all leads.

  30. Investigative journalist Russ Baker (runs the website WhoWhatWhy.org and authored the book Family of Secrets about the nefarious activities and hidden history of the Bush clan) was interviewed on the Orlando shooting:

    Jeff Schechtman: What should we make of the fact that the FBI was so aware and had had contact with him?
    Russ Baker: Well, this really bothers me, because as you know, in the case of the Boston Marathon bombing, we had the exact same instance. We had the older of the two brothers, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, who was on the FBI’s radar. They investigated him, and not only did they investigate him, but they visited with him on a number of occasions. They were fully aware of him, and I would urge everybody to go back to our extensive investigation of the Boston Marathon bombing to look at parallels. This was a fellow who, they knew that he was traveling, that he had connections to Chechnya and other parts of the former Soviet Union with terrorist links and they knew that he was traveling there. He was on a watch list. I mean both of these guys, Mateen and Tsarnaev were on watch lists. And by the way, there’s an Orlando connection with Tamerlan Tsarnaev. His good friend lived in Orlando, and that fellow, Todashev is his name, and that fellow was brought in by the FBI a number of times. And I don’t know if you recall this, Jeff, but they ended up executing him. They shot him to death in his own apartment when they were purportedly interviewing him. They claimed that he rushed them. It’s a very odd story, most people find it very dubious, even most people in law enforcement I’ve talked to. What did he know? And why was he killed? And what about him being in Orlando too? I mean it’s been an amazing week for Orlando certainly, but we got to look at all of these links.

    Well, lets hope he will “look at all of those links” and fill us in on what he finds out. Apparently he did some good work raising questions about the inconsistencies and holes in the establishment’s story re. the Boston bombing incident (although to my knowledge he never got into exploring the fake victims allegations).

  31. Adam Ruff,
    You point to Mark Passio as offering the greatest defense of the second amendment, namely at https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=diz-8FzHOLM&time_continue=16&ebc=ANyPxKqHrWEqEuDccSdU5VNcEvXA3kOIbnNRDYNJwmnE-PA58TvrsXmIYxLqgToH2S8oQu8stOA5qibed6Gpw69sbCYQAN5U0g .
    Now that presentation argues that the co-originators and greatest proponents of the Second amendment were George Mason and James Madison.
    Now, these two guys are not gods. In fact, both were major slave owners, Mason only behind George Washington in Fairfax County, Virginia.
    Can you explain why neither Mason or Madison freed their slaves five seconds after proposing their amendment and giving them guns … and yet are still worthy folks? Could it not be that both feared they could lose their properties in human flesh and had personal interests in weaponry in certain hands, but not others?
    In other words, why not give weapons to slaves then and there, following the logic of Passio’s glorification of Mason and Madison?

    1. Paul,
      I suppose we could, if we wanted to, question everything humanity has ever done by looking for mistakes and character flaws in those who first did that thing. The logic apparently being in this case that if the people who wrote the second amendment were slave owners and who knows what else lets call them drunken wife beaters too, then the Constitution and/or the second amendment must be bad or wrong somehow. I do not agree with you. This is nothing more than the red herring fallacy of poisoning the well. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Poisoning_the_well
      I think the Constitution stands as is as perhaps the greatest attempt in human history to create a government that worked best for the people instead of for the wealthy elites etc. It is obvious that the original intent of the Constitution has been corrupted and perverted by those very same wealthy elites. Today our country is not a Constitutional republic at all but rather is a corpratocracy run and controlled by the rich. That truth doesn’t change the fact that the Constitution is still the best plan for governing a country humanity has ever had. Some argument could be made for anarchy being better but I believe those arguments ultimately fail. In fact if we the people forced a return to the principles of the Constitution our country would become great again in very short order. Socialism, communism, collectivism, fascism, feudalism, monarchy, and all the rest of the systems of government mankind has tried over the centuries have been dismal failures at providing personal freedom and prosperity to the people who live(ed) under those systems. The Constitutional republic envisioned by the admittedly flawed founding fathers is still far and away the best option for people who want to live free and prosper.
      As to the 2nd amendment itself all I can tell you is that Mark Passio does describe it’s function and true purpose perfectly. For me and I think for a lot of people the Constitution and particularly the 2nd amendment is not negotiable. It is the highest law of the land and it is going to stay that way as far as I am concerned. There is a mechanism to change or amend the Constitution that is already built in. Our government and our people will have to follow those rules and change it legally if they want to do so. I for one will fight like a cornered badger to prevent any further erosion of the Constitution by our government or by misguided citizens. If you want to change it then use the legal process to change it. If the illegitimate government, full of traitors to the Constitution they swore on oath to protect and defend, keep trying to eviscerate the Constitution the way they are America is going to have a 2nd revolution and God help us all.
      Paul as a free person you can question the Constitution all you want and you can say whatever you want about the founding fathers, that is your right. What you cannot do though is actually take away my rights, like my right to keep and bear arms. At that point, when you or a group of like minded people actually start taking away rights, I will fight you with as much force as necessary to prevent you from succeeding. It is as simple as that.
      People like me are NOT going to negotiate the Constitution. Frankly I don’t care who likes it or not I am keeping my rights and my guns will be used to do so if necessary. In fact I and those like me intend to peacefully but aggressively force all our corrupt government officials to either comply with the Constitution or get kicked out of office and bounce on their ass down all the steps of the capitol building. Oath breakers are on notice that they will be prosecuted according to their crimes.

  32. Good article and some very good comments as well… This a short article summarizing the Orlando event with more details about the 2 other parallel events… Although there is no evidence to link them to each other… One of them before and the other one after the Orlando event… (a) The murder of Christina Grimmie (a young cute Christian pop singer with a young Christian fan base)… and (b) the arrest of the young man loaded with weapons and explosives heading to the Gay Parade in Santa Monica in LA… + there was also a big security conference and a big show drill in Tampa a few day earlier… https://conspiracydoctor.wordpress.com/2016/06/30/orlando-night-club-shooting-jun-2016/

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