How Hitler's 'big lie' led to 9/11 and the war on terror: Shure's part 19


Reichstag fire a game changer: Hitler was the supreme practitioner of the false flag operation.

November 23, 2015

By Barrie Zwicker (Special to Truth and Shadows)

9/11, Big Lies, Government Manipulation, Good People, and Silence. These are the key words and phrases in the 19th installment of psychotherapist Fran Shure’s insightful series of essays entitled “Why Do Good People Become Silent—or Worse—About 9/11?”
Truth and Shadows is critiquing this installment of the series for now and will review the entire series when it is published in book form by AE911Truth in mid-2016. The relevancy of Part 19 for this site and the increasingly unstable and dangerous state of the world are the reasons for posting this now.
Out of the gate on page 2 Shure boldly taunts the meme “The first person who mentions Hitler loses.” This is also known as the reductio ad Hitlerum rule.1 She wades fearlessly into Hitler and his Nazi regime, citing many chilling parallels between Hitler and the Deep State a.k.a. the American Empire. In fact this constitutes much of the essay.
If anything, Shure may downplay the monstrousness of today’s American Empire by comparing it with Hitler’s Third Reich. True, Hitler’s a better parallel for today’s world situation than is, for instance, Genghis Khan. But in neither Genghis Khan’s time nor Hitler’s was survival of all life on Earth on the line as it is today. Hitler lacked The Bomb (not for lack of trying) and perpetrated his barbarism pre-global climate change. His crimes could not threaten all life on Earth.
Today’s perpetrators have far more potential blood and radioactive moonscape on their hands than Hitler could have dreamed of. And not potential blood only. According to ex-CIA  agent John Stockwell, the CIA alone has been responsible for more than 6 million deaths, a figure arrived at by adding up the tolls of the Vietnam War, wars in Latin America, and so on.
Also falling under the heading of paradox is the fact that Hitler’s name is closely associated with the concept of the “Big Lie,” often capitalized. He should, however, be equally or better known as a supreme practitioner of the false flag operation. Even his biggest lies uttered during his gershstunken rants at massive Nazi rallies could not hold a candle to the power of his burning down the Reichstag and blaming it on “the communists.” The high profile of his spoken lies and the low profile, by comparison, of his history-changing “propaganda of the act” deceptions is yet another reflection of the sorry fact that false flag ops are history’s deadliest and least known deceits.
The Reichstag fire iconic false flag op really was a game changer. It prepared the collective consciousness of Germans to believe all spoken lies Hitler and his minions flaunted. Without the Reichstag inferno, Hitler’s speeches would have been less incendiary.
Further condemning today’s psychopathic power holders is that they have the example of Hitler from which to learn, so room for the “I didn’t know” and the “I was just following orders” evasions is very small. Once you know a minimum about Hitler and all he stood for, all the Big Lies he told and all the false flag operations he carried out, you basically possess the education you need to understand the present Empire, how it works, what its intentions are and—ominously—how it will work out unless there’s some kind of uprising to prevent the worst. The key words in the titles of Ian Kershaw’s magnificent two-volume set on Hitler2 summarize the lives of empires. They start with hubris and end with nemesis.
One significant aspect of Hitlerism that is all but lost—and that is highly relevant today—is that his genocidal enmity was not exclusively directed at Jews. His racism extended to Gypsies and especially to Slavs. His master race thesis had no time for the disabled. As important or more, Nazi corporatist-fascist ideology was firmly anti-Communist. There was a dreadful overlap between corporate fascism and racism in that Slavs comprised the core of the population of the former Soviet Union. Further many Jews then living in the USSR were Communists. Hitler managed to exterminate more than 20 million communists or communistic Soviet citizens. All were certainly patriotic. Far more Soviets died on the Eastern Front than died in the Holocaust.
It must be added that following World War II “the West” continued Hitler’s anti-Communist crusade minus the anti-Semitism. You had McCarthyism. You had 1 million communist Indonesians slaughtered with the close oversight of Henry Kissinger. The cover for this pro-fascist corporate-military genocide was the cooked-up Cold War. Cooked up because at the end of World War II the USSR, with its 20 million+ dead and largely destroyed infrastructure, was in no position to threaten “the West” militarily. It also didn’t want to; it offered co-existence. “The West”—the USA especially emerging almost unscathed—was having none of that.
The global monopoly capitalist order had to destroy any competing system. Anti-Communism thus sufficed as a de facto religion imposed on all “Western” peoples until “Communism fell.” (It was pushed.) Then a new global conflict had to be fomented by Hitler’s heirs in Washington, London, Ottawa and other “Western” capitals. Thus the new Manichean conflict, the “global war on terror,” launched by the terror fraud of 9/11.
Shure goes wider and deeper than simply blaming the powers-that-be, past or present. A humanist, a healer and a thoughtful student of history, she uses 9/11Truth as her acid test. She writes:

Until the majority of us are educated regarding these tactics, we will continue to be hoodwinked in heinous ways. And until most of us understand our own proclivities to yield to power through our silence when we suspect or detect a big lie, we will continue to be those good people who, because of our fear, cooperate with the authorities with monstrous results.

Shure’s use of “the majority of us” and “the most of us” is to be lauded. She avoids for the most part the simple—and highly problematic—“us.” References to just “us” or “we” almost always mislead in at least two ways. One is lack of exactitude. Who exactly is “us” or “we?” Some of us (“us” here justified because it’s modified by “some”) should not be tarred with a brush that blackens all of us. Misuse of “we” and “us” also can be taken as offering a sort of cover. “Hey, we’re just mingling with the crowd here, so what I’m thinking or doing can’t be so bad, can it?” This is a cover that Shure rightly decries. It’s a cover unavailable when we (here meaning all of us) use the first pronoun “I.” I have then to take ownership of my thoughts and actions.
This is not “mere semantics.” The constant throwing around of “we” and “us” by newspaper columnists, for instance, is usually both propagandistic and arrogant. I find myself muttering “Speak for yourself, Bub.” Then there’s Kevin Barrett’s recently-published anti-“we” anthology We Are NOT Charlie Hebdo! Free Thinkers Question the French 9/11.
By page 9 Shure turns for a time to more personal psychology, relying on clinical observations as well as academic research. It’s a relatively justified ground for discussing unmodified “we,” “us” and “our,” because there are, God knows, such phenomena as human proclivities. It worries me, for instance, to think that we’re not wired for survival—as a species. Our emotions frequently squeeze out our rational capabilities.
Shure’s justified references to particular psychological experiments that have been replicated are both sobering and hopeful. Sobering because they help explain how the general run of us can be manipulated into going off to war, for instance, but hopeful because they explain how to avoid being manipulated.
She covers projection, scapegoating and healing, which easily bring to mind the current officially-sanctioned demonization of all Muslims, even though the “authorities,” including the media, will try to refute this by constantly using the terms “radical Muslims” or “Muslim extremists” or “jihadists” and so on. But the focus is clear. It’s not on Christians, Jews, Hindus, Latter Day Saints, Buddhists or Celtic polytheists. It’s really all Muslims. A few Jews have seen the parallels of Muslim baiting with the brainwashing that preceded the Holocaust.
Throughout she makes sure to position these proclivities within a spectrum. For instance, she writes:

At the far end of the continuum is what is known as scapegoating, a virulent form of projection marked by a hypercritical tendency, irrational blame, and even the malevolent wish to banish another from one’s group.

She brings us, her readers, back to ourselves, writing:

To varying degrees, virtually all of us carry repressed trauma from our infancy and childhood. Therefore, nearly all of us have a shadow side that, if we recognized it, we would abhor as undesirable and unacceptable. Consequently, most of us are liable to project our unwanted characteristics onto others.

There it is, “virtually all of us.” Careful use of language—so important. Looking in the mirror, taking stock, engaging in honest and thoughtful reflection and introspection, cannot help but make pretty well anyone capable of becoming more whole, “more human.”
There’s a trap here, however, one that “good people” all too frequently lay unknowingly for themselves and others. It’s encapsulated in the statement: “We’re all human, after all.” Once again, we—and I mean all of us—must watch our language. Because there are among us—all of us—some who lack certain essential qualities generally accepted as defining our humanity.
These qualities include the capacity to feel empathy, guilt and remorse. They include caring for others, not always putting one’s self ahead of all others. They include refraining from serial lying, bullying, bribing. They include not seeking power for power’s sake.
Failing on these counts are those among us whose cerebral wiring is faulty on these and other scores to one extent or another. Unfortunately, members of this sub-group, psychopaths, are also extra-charming and of above average intelligence. So they tend to end up being the “leaders,” the rulers with more power than most of the rest of us. Financial, political, military, covert. And the skill set that gets them to the top, even if they’re in the shadows, is the same skill set they keep practicing when they arrive at the top.
Such a sub-group without a twinge of conscience can decide to “sacrifice” a couple of thousand of their countrymen for “larger” purposes, one of which would be to seek even more power and wealth. Even a cursory look back over history reveals that not only can “leaders” do that. It shows that they routinely and repeatedly do that.
Shure, toward the end of Part 19, knits together Hitler’s Naziism and the 9/11 big lie:

Do not these revelations about the Nazis and Hitler’s strategy strike a chord with us in the aftermath of the events of 9/11? Specifically, is it not plausible to consider that in order to persuade Americans to go to war, people in power who have little, if any, social conscience would employ the time-tested tactic of a false flag operation to establish trauma and fear in the public? Then, to advance their political agenda, would they not tell a big lie, keep it simple, and never deviate from the story that “19 Muslim Arabs attacked us on September 11, 2001, because they hate our freedoms?”

She quotes a modest analysis by yours truly and analyses of others to show how common and how monstrously deforming in history is the false flag phenomenon. Combining the academic, the historical and the personal she writes:

In considering the parallel of the bullies at the helm of the Nazi regime and the bullies who perpetrated 9/11, it becomes clear that these individuals have little conscience or capacity for empathy. It also becomes obvious that they know the psychology of the masses better than the masses know themselves — and sometimes better than most psychologists. Can we really blame German and American citizens, then, for buying into the big lie?

For those citizens who are truly innocent and deceived, the short answer is “No.” Most human beings have a conscience and feel empathy, so it is unfathomable to us that some humans do not have the same capacity. For the majority of us, it is especially incomprehensible that even some of our parental-figure officials, whom we greatly desire to trust, may have the treacherous ability to deceitfully murder our fellow citizens en masse in order to advance their own agenda.  

To heed Shure, therefore “we” must invest time and effort to get wise to “ourselves” as well as get wise to the worst of the psychopathic minority, those who do not deserve to be included when “we” say: “We’re all human.”
I trust this critique will suggest that Shure’s book, when it is published, will be a key contribution to the understanding of how we got into the pickle we’re in, and to how we might get out of it.


1 This meme is actually a bastardization of a useful contribution to intelligent evidence-based discourse known as Godwin’s Law ( American attorney and author Mike Godwin in 1990 introduced his law “as an experiment in memeticsaccording to Wikipedia. Wikipedia’s entry concludes: “Godwin’s law does not claim to articulate a fallacy; it is instead framed as a memetic tool to reduce the incidence of inappropriate hyperbolic comparisons. ‘Although deliberately framed as if it were a law of nature or of mathematics, its purpose has always been rhetorical and pedagogical: I wanted folks who glibly compared someone else to Hitler or to Nazis to think a bit harder about the Holocaust,’ Godwin has written.”
That reductio ad Hitlerum rule certainly applies now Benjamin Netnyahu and to Avigdor Lieberman, who has ordered diplomats to distribute an old photograph of Haj Amin al-Husseini, the late Nazi-loving mufti of Jerusalem, sitting next to Hitler in 1941 Berlin. The idea is that world leaders will see the picture, think of Nazis, and let the Israeli foreign minister build apartments in East Jerusalem. Or something.
It’s true that the Mufti was an outrageous Nazi.  It’s also true that he’s dead. The Palestinians of the West Bank are not Nazis. Lieberman is going to have to get used to the idea.
2 Hitler 1889-1936: Hubris, Penguin 1999; Hitler 1936-1945: Nemesis, Penguin 2001


  1. Reblogged this on Ronald Thomas West and commented:
    Provocative read. No matter one’s understanding of who was responsible for 9/11, it occurs to me if you set that entire controversy aside and only consider how 9/11 indeed has been propagandized .. the resemblance to the ‘Reichstag Fire’ is unmistakable. So, what is more important; who did it or how it is used? Methinks the 2nd instance is paramount:

      1. Ginny,
        We’ve all seen this neoNazi propaganda film before. I recommend Antony Sutton’s book on Wall St and Hitler to anyone who doesn’t get what really went – and goes on with the Power Elite.

      2. “Hitler was merely trying to protect Germany from Bolshevik Jews.”
        That’s like singling out one spoke from a hundred-spoke wheel and claiming that’s what made the wheel spin.
        Just because the Liberal, Conservative and Zionist Establishments are made up of various degrees of psychopathy doesn’t automatically equate to Hitler and the Third Reich being cruelly misunderstood. Talk about binary thinking.

  2. Awesome article, Barrie.
    On the subject of language, there’s the issue of the Semitic peoples, and, by extension, what exactly is an anti-Semite? From Wikipedia:

    Today, the word “Semite” may be used to refer to any member of any of a number of peoples of ancient Middle East including the Akkadians, Assyrians, Arameans, Phoenicians, Hebrews (Jews), Arabs, and their descendants.

    It seems that the term “anti-Semitisim” in modern times, being a word thought to mean “anti-Jewish bigotry,” came about in the late 1800’s in Germany.

    In 1879 the German journalist Wilhelm Marr, in a pamphlet called Der Weg zum Siege des Germanenthums über das Judenthum (“The Way to Victory of Germanicism over Judaism”), began the politicisation of the term by speaking of a struggle between Jews and Germans. He accused them of being liberals, a people without roots who had Judaized Germans beyond salvation. In 1879 Marr’s adherents founded the “League for Anti-Semitism”[43] which concerned itself entirely with anti-Jewish political action.

    So, for example, had I been the author of your article Barrie, I would have written:
    “It must be added that following World War II “the West” continued Hitler’s anti-Communist crusade minus the hatred against Jews.”
    rather than
    “It must be added that following World War II “the West” continued Hitler’s anti-Communist crusade minus the anti-Semitism.”
    Regarding the blatantly anti-Muslim propaganda: Netanyahu’s suggestion that the Mufti had given Hitler the idea: “Heywhydonchaburnem?” Granted, Bibi’s comments were widely condemned on all sides of the aisle/spectrum as being totally ridiculous, but it does go to show the twisted extent some psychopathic liars will go to try and demonize Muslims at any cost: not only did they do 9/11, they’re indirectly responsible for the Holocaust!
    Then there’s the Judeo-Christian Scriptures cultural aspect of it all. The Jews are sufferers. They’re God’s Chosen People. They suffer because they are God’s Chosen People. (Not easy being God’s favorites, is it?) They’ve experienced nothing but suffering, from the ancient times of the Egyptian Pharaoh to the modern times of Anne Frank. Surely after all that suffering, they NEED their own homeland state, and anyone who disagrees, well gosh darn it, the just don’t have much sympathy for the thousands of years of Jewish suffering and particularly the Six Million.
    Naturally, the Arab Muslim people already living in the region wouldn’t stand a chance against that kind of sympathy toward Jews, especially in the eyes of the Western and especially “Christian” world, which makes up a good 71% of the USA (Pew Research Center, 2014). And especially not after the acceleration of anti-Muslim demonization post 9/11. Churches and parishes are almost uniformly pro- State of Israel.
    It’s the red-bandana-wearing, boxcutter-wielding eeevil Moooozlims versus God’s Long-Suferring Chosen People.
    This cannot be more sharply illustrated by the position taken by new Canadian PM Justin Trudeau on the whole situation over there. While this quote is from 2014 when he was leading a distant third place party, unless I hear otherwise I’ll assume this is his current position.

    Trudeau issued a statement July 15 that “Israel has the right to defend itself and its people. Hamas is a terrorist organization and must cease its rocket attacks immediately.” He made no commensurate call for Israel to show restraint.

    Cheers Barrie,

    1. Trudeau is just another plant but then I’m preaching to the choir here. Harper wasn’t getting back in. People couldn’t stomach him anymore but he did endorse TPP a week before he was turfed. As George Carlin was known to say, “the game’s rigged”. Seeing as how more than 90% of Jews are Ashke(nazi), I guess they can’t go back home, the Russians don’t want them. The only option left is to steal a state. (Not particularly bright putting the clown prince of Zion Netanyaho the nutty cartoon bomb guy out front though). I believe most people irregardless of race creed or colour are secular. When people come to (if we ever do) our senses and throw over religious fervor, just maybe we can walk away from this pig sty paradigm and not look back.

    2. Very good points. Among the things that need to be always considered is the way that various communities and groups tend to co-opt the language to their own purposes and restrict the meanings of the words. I have – for about 15 years – subscribed to the position that “Semite” is one of the words that has lost its meaning simply because of its restrictive use. Of course, at one point, Judaists were the only identifiable example of “Semite” in Europe, and, therefore, the word may have been applicable, yet a decidedly European construct. Where all of this language becomes disingenuous is the failure to realise that the larger context includes all those to whom the language applies without regard to artificial or mythological designations. So, the real “anti-Semitism” is really against quite a few people whose ties to the Middle East, parts of Africa, and other locales have gone uninterrupted for generations upon generations.
      I have used this as my source for the longest time:

    3. The nuiance on who lived in Palistine is always changing-a Spanish scholar is now saying that most Palistinians didn’t show up until the Jews established the state of Israel and that the area was mostly empty.And that Islamic land owners were happy to sell the marginal lands away.

      1. w. craig harvey,
        Did you mean, “nuisance” in your comment?
        And if so, do you mean it in it’s legal or lawful definition?
        You aren’t trying to sell us on this proposition are you: “most Palestinians didn’t show up until the Jews established the state of Israel and that the area was mostly empty.”
        Or are you simply saying that this proposition is the standard fairy-tale bullshit propaganda of Zionist Mythology? Anyone with a modicum of historical knowledge knows that proposition is utter tripe.

  3. But there are important differences. The trial of alleged perpetrators took place in Germany. But German state failed to secure conviction in German court for the most important suspect (Dimitrov). Hitler was furious. German did not resort to extraordinary rendition or assassinations of suspects all over the world or did not decide to invade some country, say Bulgaria, because of the Reichstag fire. In many respects USA, its justice and police system and belligerence of American population in 2001 and thereafter is worse than that of Germany, German’s justice and police system, German population of 1933 Germany, respectively. Persecution of Jews is not a necessary condition for being really bad. Ad Hitlerum argument in this case might be an understatement. Certainly not a hyperbole.

      1. Sutton work is interesting. Unfortunately not challenged or discussed, so it’s hard to tell how good is his research. His work supports my belief that revolutions do not happen w/o a conspiracy and an external financial help.
        Somebody came up with money to pay salaries of striking workers for Bolsheviks in 1917 or for unemployed SA troopers of NASDAP in 1920th or occupying Majdan participants in 2014 or Daesh fighters in Syria and Irak in 2013-2015. BTW, how American Revolution was financed? We know that masons played a significant role but somebody had to come up with money to pay volunteer soldiers.

        1. “Unfortunately not challenged or discussed, so it’s hard to tell how good is his research.”Utu
          Sutton’s research is backed up by copious citations and references, and explained in context. He has been challenged; just unsuccessfully.
          [A note on English syntax, it would be proper to write: ‘ how good his research is.’
          Otherwise you are in the syntax mode of asking a question.]

        2. “how (was the) American Revolution [xxx] financed? We know that masons played a significant role but somebody had to come up with money to pay volunteer soldiers.”~Utu
          That is a very complex story. One that would take an entire essay to relate. There is indeed evidence of Masonic intrigue – even the fact of King George being dosed with a medicine that made him psychotic for the entire length of the conflict. Very strange goings on. There was as usual Rothschild moneys involved; a “bailout” for Washington at Valley Forge, euphamistically described by George as a vision of an angel. A fascinating read, as far as it’s prophetic nature, which takes on hints of the type of “prophesy” made in the Protocols; ie; ‘The future can only be foretold by those who have the means to produce it as per their agenda.
          Hamilton was Washington’s Aid d’camp at this juncture, and had something to do with Washington’s “introduction to this so-called ‘Angel'” — obviously a financier, with an offer Washington could not afford to refuse; unless he wanted his whole army to abandon him.

          1. Utu,
            The translation that I gave regarding the “Money Lender”, I cannot locate at the moment.
            Apparently a part of the deal given Washington, what to give Hamilton the position of finance minister in the new republic that was to be constructed after the war. Of Course Hamilton was rewarded thus, and established the First Bank of The United States; which was opposed by Thomas Jefferson, and became a great controversy in the new republic.
            Hamilton was born in the Caribbean, and is rumored to be an illegitimate son of a Rothschild.
            He certainly seems to have done their bidding.

  4. Thanks, Barrie. Excellent article.
    re: “There’s a trap here. . . encapsulated in the statement: “We’re all human. . . there are among us—all of us—some who lack certain essential qualities generally accepted as defining our humanity.”
    I would argue that those here of whom you speak, i.e., those who lack those essential human qualities, are, by definition, not human. I view them more as a different species, if not at the physical level, then at the soul level, hellbent on “divine destruction” of Planet Earth. See, for example, Or perhaps they have been “taken over” but what the Gnostics referred to as “archons.” In any event, they are not (or are no longer) “human.”
    As a tangential matter, with regard to Hitler and “the Jews,” I find the position of the True Torah Jews to be well worth considering. Perhaps others here would also find this of interest. See:

  5. Parallels between the Reichstag’s fire and 9/11? There are indeed many. There are also essential differences, I’ll point to one that is glaring and alarming, yet hardly acknowledged and even less understood. Proving that the Reichstag’s fire was a false flag is not a trivial job. Mainstream historians still affirm it as no more than “probable” (or do they affirm it as an established truth now???). By contrast, the Twin Towers’ video record and its official silly “pile driver” explanation demonstrate unambiguously, even to people with an average intelligence, their controlled demolition and the transparency of its cover-up, respectively. No other false flag is nearly as straightforward to unveil.
    Building on this discrepancy, dissidents to Nazism (Communists, Jews, Germans smart enough to foresee repression and war as the price to pay for the prosperity the Nazis brought) were in no position to call their government’s bluff over the Reichstag fire. By contrast, the silence of all the U.S. watchdogs who would reasonably be counted on to amplify any contention of 9/11 foul play–inspector generals, whistleblower protectors, congress(wo)men, FBI investigators, judges, state governments, journalists, engineering professors, Muslim opinion-makers, liberal scholars, etc.–is ominous.
    An international review of the reactions to 9/11 expands this finding into what has the appearances of a global, permanent, cross-disciplinary, remarkably tight censorship, where just about all governments, media and institutions whose vested interests would call them to take 9/11 for the evident and thinly covered false flag that it is, have instead been sending their gullible subjects, supporters and followers onto wild goose chases that 9/11 Truth would nullify. Even potentates who ostensibly have much to lose from U.S.-led warmongering–Saddam, Gaddafi, the Iranian theocrats, Putin, etc.–seem bent on preserving the integrity of 9/11’s superstitious attribution to Osama bin Laden’s hijackers.
    As much as the Reichstag’s fire was a calamity, 9/11 is a blessing, as it uniquely brings to light disconcerting underpinnings of the war system.

    1. “Even potentates who ostensibly have much to lose from U.S.-led warmongering–Saddam, Gaddafi, the Iranian theocrats, Putin, etc.–seem bent on preserving the integrity of 9/11’s superstitious attribution to Osama bin Laden’s hijackers.”~Daniel Noel
      Yes, a conundrum best explained by the Hegelian Dialectic, in my view. As well as the meme of realpolitik — the outside enemy gives cohesion to the “government” at hand – who will “protect the people from this menace” according to this mythology.

    2. Whoa. I get the essence of what you are saying, but to say that 9/11 was a blessing might offend some people.
      It did seem to wake many people up though and might ultimately alter the course of history favorably.

  6. Excellent review Barrie! My hat’s off to both you and Ms Shure. As this article itself is worth a couple of reads, I am sure Ms Shure’s entire book will be fascinating.
    Thanks for another great contribution Mr Zwicker!

  7. I think easily the most important topic highlighted in Mr. Zwicker’s review and in Shure’s series is psychopathy. 9/11 is certainly an extraordinary event of a psychopathic ritual but it goes much MUCH further than this – to the very core of what we consider to be our present social systems.
    9/11 is a grand symptom of a cycle of pathocracy which appears again and again precisely because we allowed ourselves to lose the ability to read the signs; our perspicacity if you will – only to return as a projecte shadow in the form of war, terror, economic iniquities and all the trappings of psycho-spiritual infection by a minority of psychopaths.
    Until we inoculate our communities against this humanoids – for that is what they are – then nothing we do will succeed. We can create voluminous theories from every possible avenue of exploration but if we do not factor in institutionalised and social engineered psychopathy then we might as well be pissing in the wind. Not to imply that nothing matters – every effort toward the truth is welcome but as Craig mentions in his review of V for Vendetta, “In the real world, Hollywood and the rest of the corporate entertainment complex, along with the mainstream media, combine to keep us ignorant of how we’re being deceived. Films like Vendetta tease us with hope that the truth isn’t so far from the surface, but then they betray us with subtle misdirection that discourages us from understanding what is stopping real change from happening.” This is no different for psychopaths in positions or power whose raison d’etre is to apply social misdirections away from real change whether it be in the arena of 9/11, the science of climate change or the war on terror etc.
    Like cancerous cells upon a host, primary psychopaths care not at all if their host dies whether that host is corporation, community neighbourhood or nation. Even if there is but one psychopath within an organisation the psychological footprint is so dire that s/he can easily hollow out the insides to leave only the ideolgy/concept/label. Indeed, if there are clusters of psychopaths – which appears to make up the core of our Western Establishment at this time, it is very simple to see why narcissism, dissociation, paramoralistic and paralogical discourse continue to dominate education, academia, geopolitics, economics etc, whereby society undergoes a variable psychological attrition, to be normalised toward a purely psychopathic and psychopathological worldview.
    So, I am very happy to see the subject of psychopathy appearing more frequently in both mainstream and alternative news research. Shure’s analysis goes a long way to synthesis many elements, yet, I would say the strains of psychopathy lies behind most if not all the causes and effects she mentions. What is certain: 9/11 is a primary manifestation of that mind-set currently dominating the global population and we need to become as expert on this subject as 9/11 itself if we are to truly achieve a multi-disciplined or “Big Picture” view. Creative solutions can only come from communities built outside our present “official culture” and if they have no defence against psychopathic infiltration then we will merely start the cycle all over again…
    This comment was a bit longer than I envisaged…Anyhow, thanks again for a great blog. I always learn something new whenever I visit.

  8. Notice how the talk about Tony Blair’s war crimes has disappeared? It wasn’t that long ago that a groundswell was forming to arrest Blair for his war of aggression against Iraq. Magically, a False Flag strikes Paris and Blair is off the front pages.
    The NeoCONs and Zionists protecdt their own, even if it means starting WWIII.

  9. “We have to do something about the easy accessibility of weapons of war on our streets to people who have no business wielding them. Period,” Obama said Saturday in a statement. “Enough is enough.” One police officer from the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, and two civilians were killed and nine people were injured, including five police officers, after a gunman opened fire at a Planned Parenthood clinic on Friday.”
    So the attack on the 2nd Amendment revs up again…Is it a winter holidays thing, ya think?

    1. Blaming the guns for shooting deaths is like blaming the car for the accidents. Hey why not blame the matches for arson while we are at it? Let’s blame the water for drowning deaths and the rock walls for climbing deaths. Gun “control” is moronic. By the logic of gun control advocates we should remove all knives from our kitchens because a bunch of Chinese crazy guys ran around and stabbed a bunch of people! Ban the forks too because I am sure someone somewhere was killed with a fork. We should limit ourselves to sporks.

  10. Sheesh. Obama’s puppet strings are showing yet again. Gun control is a total red herring as is the response of “you ‘ain’t gonna take my guns away buddy.” I think the spate of massacres we have seen are a complex mix of individuals going off “pop” – perhaps when they weren’t quite meant to – and the atrocities from Anders Brevik in Norway, the Fort Hood shootings, Sandy Hook, Aurora Theatre, Colombine, Virginia tech etc. – were, as clear evidence suggests, black operations. Rather than a plot to get rid of the the 2nd amendment right to bear arms ( I think our illustrious puppet pullers know this is impossible) it’s much more likely to do with creating divide and rule scenarios in order to create maximum fear of external elements which bare perceived to be totally beyond the mass mind’s control. This in turn, funnels perception toward placing trust in the state and their enforcers.
    The fact is that America is already a powder keg of anger, social dislocation and deep-rooted insecurity constantly wrapped up with innumerable fears. With a long conditioned socio-economic inequality, the inculcation of violence and materialism these ritualistic massacres create immense trauma which they hope will feed into a gradual acquiescence to their authoritarianism. i.e. the authorities are the only ones who can protect us from lone gunmans and terr’usts; be afraid and we’ll protect you – as long as you give up all your rights. And as we know, cognitive dissonance and dissociation pretty much does the job en masse and across the economic divide.
    It seems to me that these massacres are like mini-9/11’s which trigger potent and deleterious archetypes of destruction that scar the soul. And if we’ve learned anything from 9/11 such traumas are immensely powerful in providing emotional-instinctive capital, usually outside the government-public dialectic promulgated by our beloved media whores.
    It really does appear as though the only way ANY of this is going to change is through a complete and irreversible collapse of the United States. I just don’t see any other way around this.

    1. “It really does appear as though the only way ANY of this is going to change is through a complete and irreversible collapse of the United States. I just don’t see any other way around this.”~M.K. Styllinski
      I agree, and it seems to be in the cards thus dealt. The crisis point then will be whether it will introduce the regionalism agenda of the New World Order scheme – or produce totally unmanageable chaos and rebellion. The elites are playing with fire – and this may just blowup in their faces.
      I think we will see what happens in our lifetimes – and perhaps sooner than anyone can imagine.

  11. I guess the other huge joker in the pack which seldom gets air-time is environmental/cosmological destruction or earth changes. This could be the overall decider.
    Recall the global seed vault in Svalbard, Norway which is supported by the usual suspects. Clearly, these guys know that something is coming down the pipeline which isn’t just about societal breakdown from internal constraints. It suggests some knowledge of cyclic catastrophism but they seem to imagine that they’ll still be able to emerge from the ashes and take on the role of the World State priesthood. No doubt their pathological hubris makes them blind to any concept of failure. On the plus side, this means that their socio-economic and geopolitical engineering will actually be flipped on its head via these changes or what amounts to a planetary reset, if you will; an event that appears to have occurred right through ancient history if one reads between the lines of myth, culture, anthropology and archaeology.
    Of course, that means we will ALL be in the soup in ways that will boggle the mind. But it may also usher a more level playing field regarding normal people and the psychopaths presently having a high old time. It’s just a tragedy it had to get this far.

    1. M.K. Styllinski,
      If you are familiar with Julian Jaynes THE ORIGINS OF CONSCIOUSNESS IN THE BREAKDOWN OF THE BICAMERAL MIND, you might be able to surmise that such “planetary resets” actually produce a species wide lasting schizophrenic state of bicameralism.
      One that actually is a ‘reset’ of the genetic structure of human beings. It then takes centuries for this bicameral state to be shed by the discovery of allegorical language structures.
      A fascinating thesis that seems to be indicated in the history of the time after the last planetary cataclysm.
      I recommend Jaynes’ book highly. It is available as a free PDF on line.

      1. Thanks Hybrid, I haven’t read any of his books so I’ll start with that one, it sounds very interesting. I very much hope that his hypothesis is incorrect. I suspect there may be considerable variables on that score. Either way, I’m looking forward to reading it.

        1. M.K. Styllinski,
          Jaynes analysis is certainly unique and hinges on what we mean by “consciousness”. Grasping what he means by that term is the major part of understanding the rest of the book.
          I read the book for the first time when I was in my early 30’s. I had a bias as to what I thought the term “consciousness” meant at the time, and fought the rest of the information in the book all the way through. after some years, I decided to read it again, and it was an epiphany to discover what Jaynes actually means by that term. At that point his whole argument fell into place.
          Allegory is the most important aspect of consciousness. Being able to distinguish ideas that are “like” other ideas. In other words Consciousness is an Allegorical Construction.
          Men already had written language long before the breakdown of the bicameral mind – but it was all simple ‘accounting’ lists of inventory and such. First person accounts only arrived between the Iliad and the Odyssey. The difference in perspective is remarkable between the two tales.
          I hope these hints from my own experience in reading Jaynes will help.

    2. yes, “a planetary reset,” well put! that’s how i see it going down–or maybe that’s just my excuse for abandoning “activism” (aka, beating my head against a wall). in any event, i do believe that an ancient future awaits, i’d say in 50 years or less.

  12. The Borg/elite will just move on after they suck the energy out of everything. China is a classic example. They’ve reached their zenith and are in the initial phase of slow motion collapse. They’ve almost bled the US dry. The monsters that run this show set up China with classified western technology for short term profit, now the game is growing stale. They’re running out of places on this planet to go. It’s time for a reset, we’ve been in WW3 for some time now, times drawing closer for their hot war. That’s been their modus operandi for just about all of this epoch. We’re in an end run to either get smart or get culled. We’ve been witness to a resistance to “The Order”. Still too many mis-informed people though despite the web/oracle. I still hear, upon mentioning building 7, wutzat? Incredible time we live in. Once out, too late to crawl back into the rabbit hole.

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