Dzhokhar's boat 'confession' the most unbelievable part yet of Boston bombing psyop

Martial law 1

Who benefits? This was the result of the Boston bombing: a martial law precedent.

By Craig McKee                       
Remember the notes that accompanied the anthrax deliveries right after 9/11? They said things like, “Allah is great!” “Death to Israel,” “Death to America!” and “9-11-01: This is next.”
In other words, THE MUSLIMS DID IT: the same ones who had so handily defeated the world’s greatest military machine on Sept. 11, 2001. And they did it because they hate us and our freedoms … the usual. They apparently really wanted to rub salt in the wounds of a traumatized America after the largest supposed terrorist attack ever on U.S. soil. And it worked; people were suitably freaked out.
The problem was that the Muslims didn’t carry out the anthrax attacks, which was later proven by the fact that the anthrax was highly weaponized and was manufactured at a U.S. military facility. The whole thing was later pinned on American scientist Bruce Edward Ivins after he had allegedly committed suicide. We also learned that Bush, Cheney and other key administration officials were put on the anthrax-preventing antibiotic Cipro in early September 2001, long before the anthrax attacks happened.
Funny they thought of that precaution but didn’t think of evacuating the Pentagon when a plane was supposedly heading right for it on 9/11.
So Muslims didn’t do the anthrax, just as the evidence clearly shows they didn’t do 9/11.
Now we have an oh-so-convenient “confession” by Dzhokhar Tsarnaev to handily explain his motives for the Boston Marathon bombing. Apparently, Dzhokhar wrote a kind of claim of responsibility on the inside of the boat where he was hiding, using a marker he “found” (no paper was handy, so he wrote it on the cabin wall as he bled from multiple gunshot wounds).
The note has all the key Muslims-are-to-blame talking points. Here are some of the things, paraphrased, that Dzhokhar is supposed to have written:

  • When you attack one Muslim, you attack all Muslims
  • We’re getting you back for killing Muslims in Iraq and Afghanistan
  • The innocent victims in Boston are collateral damage just as Muslims are in U.S. wars
  • I don’t mourn my brother because he is a martyr in paradise, where I expect to be soon. (How did he know for sure his brother was dead?)

We learned of this note in a CBS News report on May 16 during which Charlie Rose and his grinning sidekick Norah O’Donnell speak with “senior correspondent” John Miller, a former FBI assistant director. This CBS “scoop” came a full month after the bombing because, Miller suggests, the note was “…the thing that investigators never found anywhere else.”
Ahh … let me get this straight. They didn’t examine the boat where Dzhokhar spent his last several hours of freedom for possible evidence at the time? Really? And when they did, they magically came up with the familiar “death to America” justification that so often accompanies these false flag events.
The ironic ending to the report comes when O’Donnell mentions that the note itself ended up being riddled with hundreds of bullet holes, which Miller confirms, saying: “The note has those holes in it.”
No kidding.
Here are the four major elements of this false flag event and how the official story fails to hold up in each case:
The exercise
The most obvious sign that Boston was a false flag operation is the bomb “exercise” that was going on at the exact same location and time as the actual bombing. This has become a tell-tale sign of false flags, particularly since 9/11 when numerous exercises were taking place that morning that simulated the very thing that happened.
The most absurd example is the 7/7 London bombings when a simulation of the bombing of three underground stations was going on as those same stations were actually being bombed (not to mention a real bus bomb that was also reflected in the exercise).
The pattern was repeated with the mass shooting in Norway in 2011, the Aurora movie theater shooting in July 2012, and the Sandy Hook school shooting in December 2012.
In Boston on April 15, loudspeakers announced to the crowd near the finish line of the Marathon that they needn’t worry about the bomb squad and their bomb-sniffing dogs patrolling the area during the race because it was just an exercise.
Then there were the “contractors” wearing black jackets and caps, beige pants, and black backpacks. It has been alleged that they were from the private, CIA-linked security firm Craft International. Their presence in Boston has been denied but the photographic evidence confirms that they were there.
The carnage
There are so many questions and anomalies concerning the actual destruction and death that we’ve been told came from the bombing. I do, however, want to make it clear at this point that I am not saying no bombs went off or that no one was really hurt. The event may well have been a combination of real victims and fake ones. It also seems to have involved a wild exaggeration of the number of injured. We’re told there were as many as 264 people were hurt but the photo evidence does not support this.
We’ve also been presented with an obviously fake story of “heroism” as Carlos Arredondo wheeled Jeff Bauman, the man who supposedly had his legs blown off, down the street past photographers. It is actually the Bauman part of the story that makes it most clear that the whole event was not what it was made out to be. This topic was addressed in detail in the last Truth and Shadows post, written by Sheila Casey.
First, I do not believe the image that has been burned into everyone’s mind – of Bauman being pushed down the street in wheelchair – came about by accident. It too perfectly achieved all that the real perpetrators could have wished for: a human face on the horror and a hero who would overcome all odds to triumph over evil.
I find it impossible to believe that a man who had his legs blown off would be left lying on the ground for several minutes while others with seemingly minor injuries were attended to. There were gurneys and ambulances, but not for Jeff. He was just left there.
Arrendondo supposedly came to the rescue (he claims to have rushed to Jeff’s aid although video clearly shows he was more preoccupied with wrestling with the fence than with helping anyone). So much of Arredondo’s story is proven false by the photos and video. He says Bauman’s shirt was on fire, but there’s no evidence of this. He also says all the flags were blown over by the blast: not true. And the bloody American flag he unfurled for cameras? Yes, we get the symbolism.
And then there is the blood. At no time do we see any blood coming from Bauman’s legs even when they were draped over the shoulders of a woman who was wearing a white top. This woman was later transported in an ambulance while Bauman was apparently left behind. When she was wheeled away, there was plenty of blood on her. But where did it come from? And the blood on the sidewalk (as shown in some of the photos, anyway) is a bright red color that looks a lot more like paint than blood.
We have the mysterious hooded man (who has been identified as Christian Williams) who appeared to be working on Bauman’s lower body in some way. Was he coming to his medical aid or was he affixing some kind of prosthetic? This same man was later attended to by medical personnel as he lay on the ground. Shortly before that, he’d been propped up on his elbow, looking quite casual and not very badly hurt (no, there’s no proof he wasn’t hurt). According to the New York Times, however, Williams has had four operations on his legs since the event. He and his friend, Caroline Reinsch, have a fundraising web page and has received more than $100,000 so far. Jeff Baumans’ page has raised more than $760,000.
There is also the comical photo of a victim walking down the street whose clothes had all sorts of slices in them, while he didn’t appear to be injured.
The pursuit
Nothing about the identification and pursuit of the Tsarnaev brothers passes the smell test. We learned early on that these two had been identified as prime suspects, in part because legless victim Bauman identified one of the brothers as having set a backpack on the ground just before the blast.
Initially, the FBI released surveillance video of Tamerlan and Dzhokhar with a plea for help in identifying them. Later we found that the brothers – and particularly older brother Tamerlan – were well known to the FBI. So they appeared to be lying about not knowing who these two were.
Fact is, most people are convinced the brothers are guilty because of how they allegedly reacted violently when they were pursued. (“If they are innocent, why did they shoot it out with the cops?” is how it goes.) But how much of that story stands up – or makes sense? The story of the shootout involving police and Dzhokhar – who was hiding in a boat – turns out to be a lie.
We were told by police commissioner Ed Davis that there was an exchange of gunfire between Dzhokhar and police that led to his capture. At the end of the shootout, the story goes, Dzhokhar may have shot himself in the throat on purpose (huh?). Later, a police spokesman said the throat wound looked more like a knife wound than a bullet wound.
Now we know he was unarmed and that police riddled the boat with bullets unilaterally. (
Oh yes, and the owner of the boat is quoted as saying he looked into the boat and saw a pool of blood. But photographs taken the next day show only a small amount of blood where Dzhokhar would have climbed out (and it’s highly unlikely that the police would have cleaned up the blood by the next day – especially when we can plainly see a small amount blood on the outside of the boat).
We’re told that Dzhokhar drove over Tamerlan’s body while escaping after shooting and hurling explosives at police. But did Tamelan really die in the shootout or after being run over? A video surfaced that showed a man looking awfully like Tamerlan, handcuffed and naked, being placed in a police car. Dan Dicks of Press for Truth reports that he spoke to the brothers’ aunt, Maret Tsarnaeva, who said that the man in the video was absolutely 100% her nephew.
If true, this means that Tamerlan was murdered while in police custody.
And think about this: the brothers are cornered by police after a massive manhunt, and one, Dzhokhar, is allowed to escape in a car? He ditches the vehicle and then runs away? Boy, it’s darned lucky we had the whole martial law thing going. Regular cop tactics just weren’t enough with these masterminds.
Alleging that Dzhokhar drove over his brother did make him seem less human, but is it at all believable? We later heard from an eyewitness that it was police who drove over Tamerlan’s body. And, according to, the brothers may have been trying to surrender to police. And, for some bizarre reason, the brothers stood in the light of the headlights of their car as they exchanged fire with police. We were told they had a veritable arsenal of weapons, including explosives, but then later that turned into one gun between the two of them.
In fact, authorities say the brothers killed MIT cop Sean Collier because they were short one gun. That’s right, they shot him in the head because they needed his gun. This was their escape plan. If all this is true, then these guys really must have wanted to get caught. So far, we haven’t been given any hard evidence at all to support the accusation that the cop was killed by one of the brothers. (
It reminds me of the murder of Officer J.D. Tippitt in Dallas on Nov. 22, 1963. That was pinned on Lee Harvey Oswald even though eyewitnesses said two men got out of a car, shot Tippitt, and then drove away (for more on this, check out Mark Lane’s recent book, The Last Word). In the public mind, the extra murder solidifies the public’s belief in the guilt of the suspects.
The Tsarnaev brothers are supposed to have committed a carjacking after shooting Collier, and they even told the driver they had done the bombing. The alleged victim told police that the brothers only let him live because he wasn’t American. And while he didn’t understand what they were saying, he heard them say “Manhattan” several times. How convenient is that? How convenient is all this evidence.
Oh yeah, the carjacking victim escaped while the brothers were getting “snacks” at a gas station. I guess we just have to take his word for that.
We were told the brothers had shot Transit Police Officer Richard Donohue during their shootout with police. But it was later admitted that Donohue had been killed by police “friendly fire.” We were also told the brothers had robbed a convenience store. Then we were told they didn’t do that either. (
The connections
So it turns out that the brothers were well known to U.S. intelligence, including the FBI, which interviewed Tamerlan in 2011. The boys’ mother, Zubeidat Tsarnaeva, says the FBI had been watching their family for years and had even been in their home, telling her that her eldest son, Tamerlan, was a dangerous extremist. She was quoted in as saying:
“He was controlled by the FBI, like for three, five years,” she said. “They knew what my son was doing, they knew what actions and what sites on the Internet he was going [to], they used to come…and talk to me…they were telling me that he was really a serious leader and they were afraid of him.”
Both of the brothers’ parents claim their sons are being set up, with their mother saying the FBI had been in touch with Tamerlan for years. In an article in Global Research, Bill Van Auken makes this telling statement:
“While much remains murky about these and other issues, one thing is clear: the Boston bombing, like virtually every other major terrorist incident, real or invented, since the September 11, 2001 attacks on New York City and Washington, was carried out by someone who was known to and under surveillance by US intelligence agencies.”
And perhaps most significant are the connections between the brothers, their uncle, Ruslan Tsarni (who called them “losers” on TV even though he hadn’t seen either of them in several years), and the CIA. Tsarni, it has come out, was married to the daughter of a senior CIA official, Graham Fuller. He even lived at Fuller’s home.
In another Global Research article, F. William Engdahl writes:
“Is it mere “coincidence” that the uncle of the two young men accused of the Boston bombings was related in marriage to the CIA figure who advocated using the networks which were later named “Al Qaeda” across Central Asia including Chechnya where the Tsarnaev brothers had roots?”
How I learned to stop worrying and love martial law
There are a number of clues that make clear that this was a story contrived to play on our emotions. We can start by looking at the results: this theatrical event creates a contrived coming together of the population “in the face of tragedy.” Boston Strong? Who thought up that bit of branding?  anyone? This makes me think of Wag the Dog and the “Good Old Shoe” song that was written, recorded, and placed in the Library of Congress as if it had been there for decades. The Boston slogan, and the song, were clearly intended to create some of that artificial warmth.
People come together to celebrate their strength and resilience based upon a lie. (As Sheila  Casey said to me, the tragedy of it creates a kind of “feel-good” bonding situation that people don’t want interfered with). Hence the anger expressed when anyone challenges the story (“How dare you disrespect the victims by questioning the facts?”)
The pattern from Sandy Hook is repeated: media reporting misinformation that they should not have until they knew it was right. These are just too blatant to be honest mistakes. Either the younger brother drove over his brother or he didn’t. Either there was a pool of blood in the boat or there wasn’t. Why do we keep getting dozens of unconfirmed facts from unnamed sources that turn out to be false? In my experience of reporting on crime stories, police do not throw out “rumours” or guesses about things for public consumption.
The news media, of course, pour flames on the emotional fire while keeping us distracted from clear facts that show that we’re cheering as much for a script as for a triumph over real adversity.
Because the whole event is swept up in a wave of emotion, anyone who questions the facts is seen as an intruder in the “overcoming-tragedy” presentation. We are told that we are disrespecting the victims, that we should leave the “conspiracy crap” for a later time (or cut it out altogether). What an effective way to marginalize anyone who dares to question the story or use their brain in any way.
And the point of all this?
Martial law is imposed where people are forced to stay in their homes, businesses are forced to close, and an army of police (who look just like soldiers) go door to door searching houses and forcing inhabitants out at gunpoint with their hands up. Only a well-planned psyop could turn this into a patriotic event instead of the ominous precedent that it was.
And now that we’ve been introduced to the reality of martial law – and we seemed to like it –  we’re likely to be seeing it again very soon.


  1. This long Polish blog argues that Putin was behind Boston:
    This interpretation may be related to another issue in Poland that Russian leadership was responsible for the crash of the plane attempting to land in Smolensk three years ago carrying the prime minister, many highest ranking Polish military officers, and others. They were going to a memorial for the Katyn massacre by Russians in World War II (for those who know that history).
    Craig, I notice for the first time the citations from Plato and Goddard on your blog. Both seem elitist to me.

      1. Craig, in reply:
        Plato’s “Those who are able to see beyond the shadows and lies of their culture will never be understood let alone believed by the masses.”
        is a clear putdown of ordinary people (“the masses”).
        The reason I mentioned Boston and Putin is that we may need to raise our sights in understanding events; I should have said that in the first place.

      2. Well Paul,
        As far as Plato, I agree he was elitist. I don’t read Goddard in quite the same light however.
        I wonder if agreeing that the bewildered herd has indeed acted pretty much like sedated sheep makes one “elitist” or merely observant?

      3. Sr. CRAIG
        please traducion
        Realmente videos mostravam FBI em exercicios no dia da maratona 2013.
        Tamerlam não seria inocent em saber que lojas tinha Camera de videos.alguem tinha indicado para os irmãos o local das bombas …para incrimina-los
        Porque motivo os irmãos Tsarnaevs
        Teria ido no MIT matar POLICIAL COLIEN
        SR.Craig congatulation support fo Young Dzhokhar.
        Porai vai as falcatruas de Boston
        Actores e fantasias para incriminar MULÇUMANOS.

    1. @Paul Zarembka
      …or the crash in Poland may have been caused by the fact that they were landing at an airfield that didn’t have proper landing aids, was shrouded in fog and the pilot of the plane had a Polish official behind him putting pressure on him to make the landing, a pilot who would have known that the pilot of another official flight had been disciplined because he refused to land at an airport he deemed unsafe.

  2. Excellent article, unfortunately, if people believe this false flag then they will believe anything, even people who do no research and only follow the despicable mainstream media’s version of events should recognise it as a poorly written and completely unbelievable script.
    After the fake bombings we had a ruthless murder by the bad guys, a car jacking, a car chase complete with shooting and bombs being thrown at police, then a shootout where one of the bad guys gets away followed by an over the top police mobilisation that looks like something out of a batman movie, then crowds spontaniously celebrating their heroes in the streets (how common a movie ending is that?), now the note on the boat is the latest desperate attempt to reinforce the official story. And that is ignoring 90% of the BS we were fed at the time, much of which has been proven false or officially withdrawn.
    There are actually too many unbelievable aspects to the story to be able to catagorise them all in a coherent manner, even the reporting from a media made up of consummate liars has had to do massive backflip after backflip to try and restore some semblance of reality to the script.

    1. Thanks Clresu
      It’s very obvious who wears the jockstrap in the family…
      And why little Georgie was put in a third grade classroom for the period of the event.

      1. “It’s also how he stops himself that is interesting.”~Craig
        ‘The First Rule of Fight Club is; you don’t talk about Fight Club’
        ‘The Second Rule of Fight Club is; you don’t talk about Fight Club’

  3. Martial law in a major U.S. city? Can’t remember the last time that happened. We’ve turned a very dark corner. Anyone out there who cares?

  4. I’ve NEVER yet been one to get into the whole, “Is this person that person?” shenanigans but take about 15-20 pounds off of this guy.. Put on some scruff, some shades and a hoody.. Could this be the real Christian hiding in plain site? His name IS Christian Williams.. He has worked for Department of Homeland Security, The D.I.A. (Defense Intelligence Agency), Dynacorp, The U.S. Army and like 20 other different independent military contractors.. and check out his specialty.. i.e. It fits perfectly with COUNTER INTELLIGENCE, PROPAGANDA BASED OPERATIONS, i.e. “FALSE FLAGS” ETC ETC ETC..
    Military Information Support Operations Sergeant
    U.S. Army – August 2011 – Present (1 year 10 months) Ft. Bragg, NC
    Psychological Operations Specialist
    U.S. Army – Government Agency; 10,001+ employees; Military industry
    January 2008 – August 2011 (3 years 8 months) Ft. Bragg, NC
    To see the full list of the contractors he’s worked with you’ll have to log in to Linked In..

    1. J.C.Greene,
      Do you have a URL for a photo of the Boston Bomb ‘Christian Williams’ for comparison?

  5. thanks for keeping track of all this, craig. you’ve built a very strong case. glad you “make it clear at this point that I am not saying no bombs went off or that no one was really hurt” as that is also my current perspective. it is just so very sad and distressing to me that the hypnotized masses, trusting in their masters, refuse to examine the facts and cling to the official story as a refuge from the fear manufactured and manipulated by those very same masters. the u.s citizenry has indeed become the surface dwelling Eloi in “The Time Machine.” equally horrifying is what this bodes for the future. as you say, “And now that we’ve been introduced to the reality of martial law – and we seemed to like it – we’re likely to be seeing it again very soon.” it’s all so 1984…ON STEROIDS!

  6. The top people in both parties of the federal government are criminals. Things are not going well for them with all the lies, false flags, and attacks on whistleblowers being exposed. They’re not about to go down with a sinking ship. Look for them to blame everything on Obama and toss him overboard. There are two ways for him to make an exit, one is through impeachment, the other is death. Impeachment is lengthy and too much truth would likely leak out. A couple of years ago I read a book on autism, “Foundations of Discovery” by Laura Hirsch, which stated that Obama would be shot by a professional hit man. It didn’t say he would die, but professional hit men tend to be quite thorough. I don’t believe for a moment that the future is carved in stone, but some things are more likely than others. What’s scary about this is “President Biden”. I would expect promises of change. Whenever we get change, things always manage to get worse.

  7. When I first heard about the “handwriting on the hull” thingy, I first thought about the book of Daniel, which is also a myth and forgery. Anyway, it took them a month to “discover” this evidence? The owner of the boat looked inside and saw a pool of blood and someone took pictures. No one saw the handwriting on the wall until a month later! An insurance appraiser must have checked out the boat too because I read somewhere that the owner was going to donate the insurance money to the victims.
    Boston strong! This was before the note was “revealed.” I’m surprised the note wasn’t written in blood.
    The end is Rear,

  8. I am interested in a time line from right after the bombings to the murder of Tamerlan on Thursday. What did these guys do for three days between?

    1. “What did these guys do for three days between?”~Gary Walker
      Dzhokhar simply went back to his dorm at college, even worked out at the gym with some of his friends there, and made a date to drive one of them who didn’t have a car somewhere.
      I guess he was really really afraid of getting caught so he went to where he was sure to be found…{?}

      1. Hybrid: This is very similar to the story of David Koresh who nearly daily would walk down to the local grocery store and could have been apprehended anytime but the federal gummit had to use tanks and other methods of warfare to show the American people how strong the gummit is and to be, very, very afraid.

      2. Dsn6,
        Yes, the point about Koresh is well made. It certainly would not have served the State’s agenda to quietly pick up the subject without any staged drama.

  9. My first gut reaction and words when I saw this kid arrested: they won’t be able to indict him, not enough hard evidence. Every day this becomes clearer and closer to being the truth. It is the truth, Thanks for writing what many are thinking and trying to piece together. Well done.

  10. Craig,
    It looks like you’re probably right. But, don’t forget you’re focusing all your attention on a conspiracy that killed 3 – right where they apparently want it – while their actions over the past few years have killed millions and the people have been diverted and shunted aside by things like this.

    1. Mr Hufferd,
      I think that presupposing that Mr McKee is focusing “ALL” of his attention on this topic is a bit presumptuous. I take Craig’s intellect as being as fully capable of multitasking as most of us, including myself.
      I deal with such issues as this and how they are meshed with the larger picture of this brutal empire we find ourselves in the belly of here in Amerika. I have no doubt that Craig is capable of putting these dots together as well.
      What I find curious is your attitude of minimizing, what is clearly a large step in conditioning the public to accept hard core martial law crackdowns established on very thin pretext.
      You seem to have this begrudging posture to this topic. If you haven’t any interest in it, why follow it?

    2. If you noticed James, Craig wrote in the last part of his piece the ramifications of this event toward developing the template of martial law in this country. Anyone who has taken sometime to look critically at history and historical events must conclude that history written by the elite and the victors is based on a massive pile of lies.
      Look at all the lies that have led to seismic changes in our lives over the last fifty years. JFK was murdered but what is fake is who did it and by what means and then the significant cover-up of a state crime. Same goes for his brother and MLK. All murdered by patsies under the umbrage of a lone gunman. Gulf of Tonkin accelerated the Vietnam War, 9/11 was a mixture of real and fake events; the development of fake food in the form of GMO’s, fake weather in the form of HAARP and too large an assortment of other fake news and news events to report must lead one to the conclusion that many events reported by the media mafia are meant to mislead and mystify people.

      1. Dsn6, True. But the far greater part of our rage should be aimed at the all-out-of-proportion propagandistic treatment diverting likely the majority of the public from the infinitely larger crimes they’ve been perpetrating all along and channeling it in useful (only to them) directions. That we should be vociferously pointing out to the extent that it will backfire on them. 3 people could have died of heart attacks or something else at an event that size.

  11. Another very good article by Craig! I’ll respectfully add three points.
    1. One important aspect of this probable false flag is that the public at large cannot understand it. For a reasonable skeptic to agree with the blatant implausibility of the official version requires some non-negligible intellectual work. Therefore, educating the public on Boston against a backdrop of censorship by not only media and governments, but also the watchdogs who ought to sound the alarm (like the ACLU or the NRA), is almost impossible. This goes back to the blessing of 9/11, with the miracle of the video record of Building 7’s criminal controlled demolition.
    2. I suggest that the house-to-house searches may be the subject of another cover-up. It is highly doubtful that none of the civilians victims of the searches would not have publicly complained. After all, one does not have to be a civil libertarian to realize that a hammer was used to kill a fly. Also, the process of evacuating a house before searching it raises questions. In a professional job, the soldiers would leave the civilians inside so as to immediately confront and interrogate them — perhaps discreetly using illegally intimidating techniques without witnesses — if a terrorist happened to be found on their premises.
    3. Let us rejoice: the cover-up is obvious and the event is not nearly as serious as blowing up an atomic bomb in downtown Houston. Perhaps false flag organizers have decided to not repeat 9/11.

  12. Craig,
    I too commend you on a well organized and prescient piece. Bravo.
    As is obvious from my commentary on the previous thread, I agree wholeheartedly that the ‘Boat Confession’ is a deeply preposterous assertion by the authorities — a tell, a sign of mismanagement of scripting, and self evidently ludicrous.
    It might indicate that the toadies have lost their minds…as such as was left to loose.

  13. Finally, someone with enough common sense to actually examine the situation instead of just absorbing and spitting out whatever the media tells us to believe.

  14. Great article. I want to add to the readers, because I know you already know .. but there are so much more inconsistencies then those that you highlight in this piece.
    Today something bothered me .. as I was listening to all the scandals .. Benghazi Gate, IRS Scandal, AP wire tap scandal, Fox reporter now being charged by FBI for coconspirator because he did his right to free speech and press.. and now the Fast & Furious is back again with more details. The analysts are talking about how all these stories keep changing! Im like @@&%$@&*@ Then they go on to say something suspicious about a meeting prior to the IRS targeting.. and that something does not seem right .. and again I am like $#&!%$&@%^*@
    See 1st the are pointing out how the stories are constantly changing.. and then they do like any cop or lawyer would do.. take a lead .. start to question and research it. Come up with theories….
    Why is it the only people that can come up with Theories and analyze them are the Government Law Officials and the Media? So all of us public should just shut the heck up .. hand over our tax paying dollars .. and let them investigate themselves? REALLY. As a citizen I am tired of being told by these people what to think .. and they will tell me what is right is right and what is wrong is wrong. They are watching us.. but who is watching them..? Its crazy that they are dismissive of the American People. And now all the scaring ..
    Last point for now.. when the Benghazi attacks were taken place .. it has now been determined we could of had help there in apx hour. Lets add another hour just for good measure. The Ambassador and 3 heros fought for 7 hours waiting for help .. WE DEPLOYED no one.. the Generals etc were told to stand down. BUT yet we had 9,000-10,000 troops and FBI, CIA all over Boston in a very short time. Does that not seem weird to anyone else other then me?
    Come On’ .. We’ve been Punked.. I kept thinking or I should say hoping that Ashton would pop out and this was just a very bad nightmare.

  15. Excellent article! It appears that cell phones and social media were forces that they were not prepared to reckon with – every second of the events of the Boston Bombings were documented and spread around the world instantly. Makes it a little difficult to pull the wool over our eyes when the World has access to the evidence (or lack of). Can’t sweep the dirt under the rug anymore.

    1. That only applies unfortunately to those actually taking note of the story – 99% of people will have already forgotten the details, they will just remember the excitement of the “breaking news”. What we all need to focus on, the next time one of these events captures the media, is to remind all the people lapping it up that every “fact” released by the authorities will prove to be bullshit. It happened in Newtown and in Boston, it will happen again.

  16. The younger brother is still alive and although his throat was cut he can still be interviewed. What we should all be involved with here is a massive pressure campaign to get this kid a lawyer or an independent advocate who can interview him and ask him what really happened. This has to happen in such a way that the “authorities” cannot control the information. Right now as it is he cannot say anything to the outside world. We should all be involved IN A BIG WAY with getting this kids story from him directly AND with preventing his assassination.
    So long as the “authorities” prevent any independent investigators from questioning the kid they control the narrative. Why we as Americans tolerate this kind of situation is beyond me. They don’t let us talk to the kid specifically because we will learn details they do not want us to have. I believe they tried their best to kill him on the boat and when that failed they tried to kill him by cutting his throat. If we leave him under the total control of the “authorities” he is going to be killed by them. This is intolerable! He is being left in the hands of the very people who are trying to kill him so that we Americans never discover the truth. How is it in any way tolerated by us all that the kid is not even allowed to speak to an advocate and that he is not placed into protective custody so the feds can’t silence him?
    We all need to do more than just talk about this stuff, we need to put pressure REAL PRESSURE on the people who are controlling this scenario as it unfolds. Get the kid a body guard at least who can watch that he is not assassinated. Doesn’t anyone besides me want to at least hear what the kid has to say? Personally I would like it to NOT come through the government filter. Perhaps an advocate could video tape the exchange so that it is on the record what he actually said as opposed to what the “authorities” claim he said.
    Maybe he will say things that none of us expect but I do know this much, the fact that they are stopping everyone from getting information directly from him tells me they have something to hide, something big. We need to put serious pressure on the powers that be such that we make it clear we want to hear his story from him NOT FROM THEM. We absolutely should not tolerate them filtering all the information we get. Let the kid speak! Let the kid speak! LET THE KID SPEAK! Nothing less should be tolerated by us Americans.
    We need to get off of our knees and start demanding real transparency across the board from our government servants. We need to do it MASSIVE NUMBERS. Not just about Boston but about everything. Who do these servants think they are? Why do we allow them to even think they can deny us information and transparency? We should blockade the god damned capitol with MILLIONS of people. We should shut down the capitol in DC and in all 50 states and refuse to allow one more day of this bullshit. The fact that we have not done so already tells me we are a conquered people. Hell we have not even had a tiny tax revolt yet and they have taken a flame thrower to our beloved country. I hope I am proven wrong, I hope we are a whole lot more than just talk!
    Talk is cheap the time for open civil disobiedience is long over due. We need to stop feeding this beast that is killing us all.

    1. Ahh yes Adam,
      I share your angst and frustrations…if we could but snap our fingers and awake all of those enchanted millions sleepwalking through their delusions.
      Alas, I am at a loss for words…

    2. Adam,
      You make several extremely great points. I admire your passion, and WACLA was/is most of the most dynamic and effective organizations there has been, and you were a founding member. I can only hope that the karma from the ripple effect that we’ve been working so hard to spread far and wide, will manifest itself in people who’ve come later than we have, who have the passion I had in 2006 or 2008 or even 2010. I, for one, feel burned out. It’s funny, because every time I tell myself that it’s time to just sit on the bench and take a break from the truth movement (not just 9/11, but the greater truth movement), a new staged attack occurs (Aurora, Sandy Hook, Boston), and curiosity keeps pulling me back in.
      Activism can really be a thankless job. As I said to someone in an email when this person accused me and colleagues of sitting behind our computers doing nothing but gossiping on blogs:

      You have no idea what people like myself have done to try and wave 9/11 truth in the faces of the MSM. Here in Cincinnati 9/11 Truth, for example, we very aggressively have appealed to our local MSM, which naturally gives us the cold shoulder. More importantly, we’ve tried to reach out to every PBS and NPR station in the region to follow the example that Denver’s PBS station lead with, when they aired multiple airings of both Press for Truth and Blueprint for Truth, during their pledge drives. We have been given the cold shoulder from every single one. Denver seems to be the lone leading example. We have tried to get ads for 9/11 truth in alternative newspapers around here, and with one exception, we’ve been denied. The downtown Cincinnati public library refused to host copies of the Rock Creek Free Press when we tried that avenue. Most importantly, and I think Cincinnati’s group is one of the more unique chapters here, we have a weekly Public Access show, 1 hour long, which is of course Public Access but still has its audience.

      1. To start with, Adam, I haven’t done a tenth of what you’ve done, but still, even before getting to your comment, the phrase, “burn-out” crossed my mind . . . (In part because of an interview I just listened to on a podcast called Skeptiko with Jonathon Talat Philips, previously an activist, later a writer of “The Electric Jesus” . . . )
        At any rate, I sympathize . . . Even though I’ve done close to nothing, it’s still exhausting to simply think too much about these things for too long . . . and I’ve given them what seems like endless thought for long spells of time . . .
        There was also a spell where I tried to get people, both online and offline, to read “How Non-Violence Protects the State,” by Peter Gelderloos. It was a pivotal read for me. I was floored and was convinced that anyone with any sense of activism – even the inclination – needed to read it as a primer, as a book with information that, though extremely depressing, has to be squared off with in the beginning. Briefly, he walks through what he classifies as the four main strategies non-violent activists use to change matters. One, of course, is dissemination of information (along with taking the moral high-ground, alternative community building, and one more that I’ve now forgotten). This hit home with me because it was exactly what I believed would work and was needed: that if people were simply given the info, they could make up their own minds; that the masses weren’t really as stupid as we/I took them to be, but that they were simply fed endless shit from the MSM. They had no other intellectual options. But the truth is, I was last on the boat, ya know? People had been attempting this for years and years. Why didn’t it work? Almost ever? One can read it themselves, but I’ll just present one reason, which is that the MSM tweaks its information and approach every time they see a potential advance by the alternative press and the ideas they espouse. You can’t catch up with them, in other words.
        I believed this stuff heart and soul at the time. I still do, largely. Oh, here’s another tidbit: when was legislation passed on civil rights? After a moving Martin L. King speech? No. After a million man march on Washington? No. After 9 weeks of rioting in Birmingham? Yes. He also deconstructs the idea that Ghandi brought about, solely, that is, revolution. He argues that if the British Empire hadn’t have already been having problems, they would’ve never in anyone’s wildest dreams relinquished hold over their colonial possessions. He also argues that the violent groups in India were actually taxing the Empire’s resources and that this, coupled with their already disintegrating reach, was pivotal.
        But! . . . This is certainly speculation based on anecdotal evidence, but I think the internet may actually be changing things . . . it seems that more and more, people see these things for what they are . . . Info gets disseminated very quickly, and people very well might go to alt sites for news rather than to a FOX or ABC site . . . whereas in the past with physical media, mainstream people were highly unlikely to pick up alt press papers and such over the TV news. One knows there’s at least a considerable bit of truth to this in the fact that the MSM has had to actually respond to the conspiracy theories afloat and to people like James Tracy . . . this gives me hope, but also causes a bit of worry in that I fear for the continued freedom of the internet.
        This has kinda been a meandering thing I’ve been on . . . take my somewhat contradictory thoughts for what they are . . .

      2. Clresu,
        I also have read, “How Non-Violence Protects the State,” and the message was driven home to me as well.
        With my former computer I did a lot of study of papers being written at the various war colleges.
        I deconstructed one of these paragraph by paragraph, and illustrated what was said very directly in the subtext, which was essentially; that since the introduction of the Internet, there has been ongoing panic and hysteria in the ranks of the PR system, as the total control [and he states it thus] that the PR Regime had over television was diminishing quickly as so many in the population were turning to alternative www media.
        The colonel that wrote this paper makes it very clear that they are playing ‘catch-up’ in learning the techniques of “Activists”.
        He went into great detail on the subject of “Flash Mobs” organized quickly via cell phone activist networks. As usual his recommendations involve the ‘divide and conquer’ techniques…one of which is “stealing thunder”…or infiltration and mimic of activist techniques.
        Now getting back to Peter Gelderloos paper..
        “Non-Violent Dissent” does act as a pressure valve, for one thing. Another thing is the “collateral damage” as far as people are concerned is always exceedingly one sided. That side being ours. These are core issue points.
        One shining lesson of history comes from 1700s America. Non-violence is met with increasing violence by the authorities.
        We therefore must gage our activities accordingly…as it is essential to remember one of the natural laws that pertains here: Defense is the only moral excuse for violence.
        Let me repeat:
        Defense is the ONLY moral excuse for violence.
        How we define “violence” is now essential. My definition does not necessarily include the destruction of property – when I use the word violence, I mean it to be against living beings. And I think that always; innocent bystanders MUST be excluded from any violent actions, “collateral damage” is one of the vile misuses of language that the System uses.
        To sum up, we must not become that which we are attempting to defeat.

  17. Adam’s right. Most of the posts commending Craig’s latest post, previous to Adam’s, confirm that regular and/or interested readers of Truth and Shadows, at least, ”get” the big structural picture. Namely that there exists a powerful “global suprasociety” headquartered in the USA. That the USA itself is increasingly a police state. And that false flag ops are integral to maintaining and expanding the powers of that suprasociety.
    (BTW that term “global suprasociety” was invented by the Russian historian Alexander Zinoviev. I explore his thinking in the next part [“Maximum Illusion Time”] of my false flag series on this blog. The term takes it place as a synonym for Invisible Government, Deep State, Global Power Elites, Permanent Committee, New World Order, etc. Whatever you call it, it’s a reality and it creates illusion.)
    So a self-respecting organism at this stage would move toward protecting itself from what can fairly be characterized as a metastacizing cancer that masks itself as “the way things are” to which “there is no alternative.”
    I hope Adam’s call for next steps will turn more of our attention to what more can be done (we should not short change what we’ve done already).
    It might be said that we – “we” being the relatively non-duped — know enough to move to bolder actions, that the time for study is essentially past.
    Of course maybe we don’t know enough, maybe we still don’t grasp how enormous is the pickle we’re in. Or we’re not mad enough. Or we’re not brave enough.
    Meanwhile it can never hurt to inform ourselves further, as this blog so signally does. Engaging in continuing education is not mutually exclusive with continuing actions — or launching new and more effective ones.

    1. “…maybe we still don’t grasp how enormous is the pickle we’re in. Or we’re not mad enough. Or we’re not brave enough.”~Barry Zwicker
      First I would like to address the first issue; grasping ‘how enormous the pickle we’re in is’.
      And doing justice to this topic is in itself an enormous undertaking – so I can only give a brief outline as to how big a fix it is we are in as a people..not just Amerikans, but as a race which has found itself under the ‘thumb’ of a vast global technocratic maximum security apparatus.
      There are so many complex aspects to understanding the architecture of this apparatus of political and social control that it is worthy of lifetime study…and I have spent the majority of my lifetime in such study. Having said that, I can only give my impressions here as to the depth of our predicament, and the prognosis is not a pleasant one for the central problem is in the core of our being as humans.
      Our capacity to adapt is a double edged sword. The capacity to go along to get along is immense, despite the greatest pain and agonies; especially such that are generations in the bearing of. Hope seems to ‘spring eternal’ despite all reason to give it up…”maybe things will get better”, “maybe tomorrow”…
      And I do disparage ‘hope’ in this instance – for only those who have given up on futile hopes and daydreams and wishes…those who realize they have nothing to loose will finally face the beast of their nightmares, and make that fight to the death of it or themselves.
      Homo Sapien Sapien, we have been named…”Sapien” meaning wise. Wise? Perhaps ‘clever’ is more apt. For the race as a whole has a long way to travel to actual wisdom.
      Most, the majority of our species are content to sit around the campfire and hear the tales of Brave Ulysses, but remain loath to take up his sword and bow.
      “It is better to die on your feet than to live on your knees”~Zapata
      How many here actually believe that to the core of their being? I don’t just mean those reading this here and now…I mean, how many here in this nation…in this world today?

      1. Perhaps ten percent. I’ve spoke to my family of such a time when the U.S. Army Humvees roll down the streets demanding we the people give up property and possession and essentially life itself and we have agreed we will never walk into a FEMA camp alive and will die without regret on the terms of our core beliefs.

      2. Barrie and HR1 have hit upon what in my opinion is the single most important factor in our continued suffering as a race of beings. Do we as a race have the capacity to change the world? From a logistical standpoint and a logical standpoint we could change the world literally over night if we acted together and we could do it without the need for any violence. Over night we could have a literal paradise, it is well within our grasp but only if we act together. So why don’t we act together or even in great numbers? That question has haunted me for my whole life and I can’t answer it.
        Why don’t we act together in great numbers considering the clear and present danger to our very lives right in front of our faces? Considering just the radiation from Fukashima alone all peoples of the world should be taking direct action to save themselves and their children yet we aren’t. Considering just the threat of GMO’s to our survival, again the people of the world should be united in action to stop the threat to our very existence yet we aren’t. Why have we not blockaded all the Monsanto facilities throughout the world? Considering the totalitarian, fascist, police state, dictatorship, which exists here in America today all Americans and perhaps other nations as well should be actively engaged in vast numbers to stop it if only to protect their own survival yet we aren’t. WHY?
        The only reason I can come up with to explain why people are not protecting their own existence is that they simply do not believe it is really being threatened or they don’t know it is. How anyone can hold that view, or not know, in spite of the landslide of evidence that we are indeed close to extinction I don’t understand. It must be cognitive dissonance in play or a complete and utter ignorance of reality. That is the only explaination I have for the fact that we are not all ACTIVATED as we urgently need to be to save our own lives.
        So the problem I have struggled with my whole life is why am I and so few others the only ones taking any action at all? Why don’t humans at least try to save themselves from death or horrible suffering at the hands of tyrants? Why? Where is the human spirit everyone talks about so much or at least where is the basic survival instinct in the masses? I guess it is like the quest for the holy grail and it is up to us few knights of the round table to find it to save the realm. I wish I knew where to start looking.

      3. Barrie had two more issues that I didn’t address:
        “Or we’re not mad enough. Or we’re not brave enough.”
        As far as the second of these; “are we not brave enough?”
        I think those who truly grasp our position must be brave enough. IF they truly grasp that those of us who stand on the front line of dissidence speaking out with the full knowledge that EVERYTHING we wright and say here today, and have been saying for as long as we have is being recorded in our Dossiers, our files. This is one of the things that makes Mr Hufferd balk. But as I have reminded him…it is too late to back out now. What does one say? “Gee Mr Government, I am so very sorry I called you an asshole”?…Lol…”I am so so sorry I called you warmongering sons of bitches…”
        Let’s face it we bear the MARK. It is so very clear in the documentation from the West Point paper, all the “definitions” of what a “domestic extremist” is…
        So those of us here are clearly brave enough, and getting cold feet at this stage of the game won’t get anybody out of the hot water.
        But “we” are not the ones that we are actually concerned about are we? No it is the trembling masses, taking solace in their happy-face charade, living in the delusional theme parks of the mind where everything is Sugar Mountain…they won’t get mad ’till the cows come home…and the cows are out to pasture for good.
        It is hard to call it ignorance, when so many must already feel the extra pains, especially financially. So it is willful ignorance, which is not really ignorance at all, it is a game of pretend: DENIAL. And these are psychological issues that takes a lot of study to really grasp.
        Anyway, I am no prophet, I cannot say what the future holds…my only map is history, and I am afraid that the story it tells so far is not encouraging. So I say to ‘Fate’ or whatever it is, ‘Make my day…surprise me’…{grin}

      4. Ruffadam,
        I just finished writing what felt like a meandering something-or-the-other a little bit above . . . then I continued reading down through the comments only to realize that the conversation was heading, for whatever reason, in the same one I was inclined to take it on: why don’t things change? Do people not care? Do they not have the balls? etc. . .
        But, my answer, in large part, stems from the book I mentioned above: How Non-Violence Protects the State, by Peter Gelderloos. As I said above, it was a life-view/political-view altering book for me . . . those questions that you asked seemed answered, even if I didn’t like the answer I was given.
        And by the way, I’m borderline pacifist, in ways I’m violently pacifist . . . I’m primarily into the arts and writing and creating . . . and have little interest in violence . . . nor, to be perfectly honest, the balls for it either . . . (though possibly under some circumstances) . . .
        I think that, at times, I’ve hoped to see something similar to another Weather Underground . . . that that’d be the next best thing available.
        As I mention above, my prognosis is at least a bit more positive than it used to be back before the internet. The internet does allow for immediate groups to form. It’s also a much better outlet for alt views, in that they’ll actually be seen by more people than before.
        At any rate, it’d be interesting if you could read the book I mentioned above and share your thoughts afterwards . . . though I know that’s not possible overnight.
        At any rate, you oughta check it out . . . I think it’s full of hard truth that needs to be faced . . . and that, if we actually hoped to continue – as I do – the nonviolent route, we need to integrate solutions to the problems he presents.
        This now becomes a bit disjointed, because I’m adding it in here, but I’ll go ahead anyway:
        He talks about protests for the Iraq War and the meaninglessness of them: immediately before the Iraq War, more people protested than at any other time in the history of the earth. Something like 80 percent were against the war in Spain . . . there were huge turn outs. What did it accomplish? Nada. Nothing. On to war we went, and we’re still there to this day. The MSM hardly covered the events, and when they did, they included – to be fair and balanced, of course! – those who were protesting the protesters (even though they only constituted a fraction of the real protestors and were likely paid stooges anyway).
        In conjunction with this he talks about protests around D.C. He says that they were/are mainly a luxury of middle class whites. People brought lunches and such and just sat around. Along similar lines, in NY Bloomburg passed out buttons showing who was and wasn’t protesting, and those individuals got discounts at certain places on food. The state co-opted the protest! It was made limp and useless, weak, erection-less.
        But then, he’ll compare someone somewhere who actually uses a dose of violence (in conjunction with the other nonviolent methods) and they will much more often get an immediate response from the state. Again: I’m certainly not advocating this . . . It’s just that it seems to be a historical fact: the state simply will not respond to intellectual and moral pleas, almost ever, even if they’re as powerful as something like one and a half dead Iraqi children . . . This fact was one I certainly was disappointed to find and somewhat hate share with others.

      5. Dear Clresu,
        I hope you read my response to you above.
        I also am a “pacifist” in that non-perfect sense that you are speaking too. I am also a lifelong student of the martial arts [Tai Che, originally]. I am even an official “conscientious objector” – having been discharged from the Air Force on those grounds in the middle of basic training. An interesting if somewhat long story best told at another time…it was in 1965, at the height of the Vietnam war.
        I cannot begin to explain the inner courage it took to simply say “I quit” to my drill instructor. And to keep it up with the patience not to fall for any or their taunts and insults for several weeks of being sent to ever higher grades of officers, plus “psychological evaluations”. It was to put it mildly, a tense situation. There were times when keeping my cool was close to being stretched too far – but I knew that is what they were trying to do, to break me. Having some connection to the inner Che, or we might say Zen is what carried me successfully through this period.
        They had pretty much convinced me that I would go straight from the base to prison.
        At 18 that seemed pretty heavy…I guess it’s a pretty heavy prospect at any stage of life.
        Anyway, this early life experience taught me so many inexpressible lessons, that I am still in awe of it. If you can imagine sitting across from a general, your commanding officer, and telling him in answer to what I thought of the war in Vietnam, that I thought it was a massive war-crime, that the US had no moral foundation to rape pillage and murder those people…etc…
        Well, what do you do? In such situations simply speaking the cold hard truth as you see it seems to me the only moral and ethical path. I found out that Truth does have power…it sways even highly disciplined military minds, and puts them on the spot.
        This is only so if they still have a speck of humanity left in them. Luck that this particular general happened to be the final buck in my case? I have no idea. He might have just been having a good day…

      6. hey willy,
        thanks for sharing your air force story. here’s my abbreviated army story. right wing bent, and brainwashed into believing we are in nam for the right reasons, in october of 1966, i receive my draft notice at the age of 19 years and 10 days. i go willingly thinking it is my duty. i land in south carolina and in about 15 minutes i’m like, “are you fucking kidding me? why do these sixth-grade mentality southern sergeants hate me just because i’m from nyc? aren’t we on the same side? AND, they cut my hair. i knew it was coming but somehow, i felt raped. grrrrrrrrrrrrr! long story short, i end up in CA during the summer of love and get involved with the hippies in LA and later SF. sporting a sgt. pepper mustache and revolutionary attitude, i am no longer considered army material, and, after some ado, am asked to leave, honorably, which is key to me taking advantage of VA benefits and going onto college and eventually becoming a lawyer. sometimes it takes a while to wake up. experience is a great teacher.

      7. @Ruffadam
        ” Over night we could have a literal paradise, it is well within our grasp but only if we act together. So why don’t we act together or even in great numbers? That question has haunted me for my whole life and I can’t answer it.”
        At last someone who has a solution to all the problems in the world.
        Let’s hear it.
        Day 1:

      8. A.Wrong,
        I don’t respond to trolls such as yourself. Why should I waste my breath on you since you refuse to debate in good faith and refuse to address ANY comment put to you? In short troll you can go piss up a rope.

      9. @Ruffadam
        If everyone got together and refused to pay taxes etc etc. the NWO would be defeated within a week – and you can’t even handle a question from someone who disagrees with you on a website. I can just imagine Day 1.
        And on the subject of ‘refusing to debate in good faith and to address ANY comment put to you’, a few articles ago I asked Barrie Zwicker about the false information in his presentations, points that he has failed to respond to, Mr McKee felt he had to stop me debating the issue.
        Quote: Craig McKee
        “Mr. Wright,
        You’ve made your point numerous times now. You’ve received responses from Hybridrogue. I asked you to indicate how any of this has any bearing on whether the official story is possible and you have not done that. I’m tired of reading about this. No more.”
        Just because you don’t read peoples comments isn’t the basis for accusing them of not posting them. I’m used to ad-hominen insult and disparaging remarks on this forum, from people who know nothing whatever about me, mis-represent my views on things I haven’t even expressed a view about, and of course been accused of being a paid troll etc. Can you imagine yourself on Day 1 with the views of hundreds of disparit groups, millions of different individuals that comprise the US, all looking to get what they want? -some of them armed with their assault rifles. I presume this would be some kind of democracy and not a dictatorship of Ruffadam , locking up people to prevent disorder – maybe in FEMA camps? – while traitor Jeff Bauman is put up against the wall and shot , in his wheelchair, along with the other actors in Boston. Paradise overnight. Politicians make all kinds of promises about how great the future could be but even they aren’t fatuous enough to go talking about how they can achieve paradise overnight as if the world was just some kind of slightly more real version of an internet forum.

      10. “..a few articles ago I asked Barrie Zwicker about the false information in his presentations, points that he has failed to respond to.”~A. Wright
        Let us frame this clearly and up-front Wright; you claim that Mr Zwicker has “false information in his presentations” – and this information is to do with to the Paine Stewart flight as it pertains to the amount of time that it took for an air response on 9/11. Your problem here is that you have not made a successful case in proving that Mr Zwicker has used “false information”, what you did prove is that the timing issues of the air response to the Stewart Lear jet is more complex than the media that Zwicker quotes for his presentations is not as cut and dry as one might assume at first blush.
        You also proved that this whole issue of tracking the Stewart jet can be made into a rhetorical round’about, a tempest in a thimble to obfuscate the critical issues of the lack of air defense on 9/11 – which have been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt.
        We have gone through this exhaustively Mr Wright, and when someone attempts to turn an issue into a carousel of red herrings it is well within reasonable moderation for the manager of such a blog as this to step in and say “enough”:
        “I asked you to indicate how any of this has any bearing on whether the official story is possible and you have not done that.”~Mr McKee
        As Craig put it right there, and so it is, you have never shown how the Stewart flight timing controversies has any bearing whatsoever on the fact that there was zero interceptions of any of the errant planes until the Pentagon event.
        It is obviously mine and Mr Ruff’s opinion that you come bundled with spurious arguments meant to generate cognitive dissonance in the discussions here.
        You claim: ” I’m used to ad-hominen insult and disparaging remarks on this forum, from people who know nothing whatever about me, mis-represent my views on things I haven’t even expressed a view about..”
        I have attempted to get you to explain yourself here Mr Wright, I have asked you a series of specific questions, several times throughout your presence here. You have never responded to these questions. So complaining about our “misrepresenting” your views is part and parcel of the jejune rhetorical bullshit we have to put up with from you.
        You attempt to frame us as fools, in that we cannot glean a good deal of what you are about from the subtext and the direction of your commentary here. There is much about you that is transparent Wright. It is far from presumptuous to posit that you are an apologist and toady boy for the state and PR Regime. You characterize that as ‘ad hominem’ – I see it as blazing obvious fact.
        Your final comments attempting to frame Mr Ruff as some sort of budding despot is absolutely preposterous – ludicrous to the point of psychotic.
        You will notice that Mr McKee has not cut you off, but to make that one rebuke, that I think all of us familiar with you here find more than patient and just. If you feel you aren’t fairly treated here, why do you persist? I have inquired before as to your motives for your commentary here, and it is another subject that you fail to respond to. So again, cough it up Mr Wright. Lay your cards on the table or fold, you have been called.

      11. Since Hybridrogue has put up more inaccurate information here about what I said in previous posts and what Barrie Zwicker said, I think it should be corrected here in case people think what he is saying is correct. One of the issues I brought up was the crash of the Learjet in 1999 and what Mr. Zwicker says about it in his ‘Great Deception’ video.
        quote Barrie Zwicker:
        “This from the NTSB crash report
        9.18 am: The flight departs.
        9.24 : The Learjet’s pilot responses to an instruction from ATC.
        9.33 : The controller radios another instruction.
        -No response from the pilot.
        -for 4 1/2 minutes the controller tries to establish contact.
        – having failed , the controller calls in the military.
        note that he did not seek, nor did he require, the approval of the President of the US or ,indeed anyone. It’s standard procedure, followed routinely to call in the Airforce when radio contact with a commercial passenger jet is lost, or the plane departs from it’s flightpath or anything along those lines occurs.
        9.54: 16 minutes later, the F-16 reaches the Learjet at 46,000 ft and conducts a visual inspection. Total elapsed time? 21 minutes. ”
        Reading the NTSB report, the F-16 reaches the Learjet at 9.54 CDT. This is 10.54 EDT. The pilot fails to respond at 9.33 EDT and the plane is intercepted at 10.54 EDT. Total elapsed time is 1 hour and 21 minutes. Mr. Zwicker puts up on screen another source which is a news article which says that the military began their pursuit of the Learjet at 10.08. This is 35 minutes after the failure of the pilot to respond. Mr. Zwicker has mis-read the NTSB report and presented inaccurate and false information to people.
        Mr. McKee asked how any of this has any bearing on whether the official story is possible- it is Mr Zwicker who says it has a bearing on it. He is the one using it to support his argument and he is basing it on false information.
        The other information that I pointed out that Mr. Zwicker uses to support his argument is equally inaccurate and misleading, in fact there is hardly a thing that he says that is accurate or correct.
        If someone is basing arguments and accusations on detailed facts , then the first requirement is to get their facts right.

      12. As per argumentation, please see this article:
        Obstacles to Persuasion: Lessons from the Classroom by Mark Vorobej
        Much is discussed here, but for our purposes this issue is most relevant:
        Cumulative Arguments: likening an argument to a cable composed of many interwoven
        strands. The entire cable strongly supports the official complicity hypothesis, and would continue to do so even if a few of the argumentative strands were to unravel.
        My point being that the Paine Stewart strand is an inconsequential one compared to the entire cable of facts regarding the lack of air response on 9/11.

  18. May 22, 2013 · Man Shot Dead (Ibragim Todashev) by FBI agent Reportedly Knew Boston Bombing Suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev.
    (Reuters) – An FBI agent shot and killed a Florida man who turned violent while being questioned about the Boston Marathon bombings early on Wednesday, the bureau said.
    The FBI said in a statement that a special agent, “acting on the imminent threat posed by the individual, responded with deadly force. The individual was killed and the special agent was transported to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.”
    It said the shooting occurred in Orlando, Florida, while the special agent and other law enforcement agents, including two Massachusetts State Police officers, were interviewing the man about the blasts that bla bla bla…
    “A violent confrontation was initiated by the individual,” the FBI said, without providing further details.
    Todashev’s friend, Khusn Taramiv, said Todashev knew bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev because both were mixed martial-arts fighters but had no connection to the bombing.
    “Back when he used to live in Boston, right, they used to hang out,” Taramiv told Central Florida News 13. “He met them few times ’cause he was MMA fighter the other guy was boxer, right. They just knew each other, that’s it.”
    . . . . . .
    Nothing suspicious about this of course, one guy with a room full of cops, and they have to shoot him dead to control him…sure sure…

  19. Craig,
    We’ve already communicated online concerning my screenplay FALSE FLAG, which has now received 7,000+ hits on That’s a long way from going viral and I’ve yet to hear from a potential producer or director, so I’ve adapted it as an investigative narrative on the 9/11 cover-up, using the same fictional characters from the script as well as real people like David Ray Griffin. It’s 85 pages, counting the appendix at the end which includes photos and quotes from, and a link to,
    Positive ending. Intended to inform and inspire readers to take action.
    Here is the URL link where it can be downloaded for free:
    Hope you’ll take a look (if only to check out the cover image) and find it worth mentioning to your readers.
    Dick Croy

  20. “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like… if, during periods of mass arrests, … people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?”
    ~Alexander Solzhenitsyn

  21. May 23, 2013
    “Two members of the FBI’s elite counterterrorism unit died Friday while practicing how to quickly drop from a helicopter to a ship using a rope, the FBI announced Monday in a statement.
    The statement gave few details regarding the deaths of Special Agents Christopher Lorek and Stephen Shaw, other than to say the helicopter encountered unspecified difficulties and the agents fell a “significant distance.”
    Last month, the team was involved in the arrest of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, a suspect in the Boston Marathon bombings…”……
    . . . . . .
    Brings to mind the Seal Team 6 deaths that happened after “they got bin Laden”…
    Akso back at Waco; the former Bill Clinton bodyguards killed by “friendly” machine gun fire by the last trooper up the ladder…
    “Dead men tell no tails”~Roger Jolly
    Another tale gets slippery and begins to morph…The FBI shooting in Orlando;
    Initially, FBI officials said Todashev, 27, became violent and lunged at an agent with a knife while he was being questioned about Tsarnaev and an unsolved 2011 triple murder in the Boston suburb of Waltham. The agent, acting on an “imminent threat,” then shot Todashev, they said.
    However, later in the day, some of those officials had backed off that preliminary account, and it’s no longer clear what happened in the moments before the fatal shooting, The Associated Press reported.

  22. Ask yourself why the carjacking victim wishes to remain anonymous. Likely because he is part of the frame-up and story line. Ask why there is no video footage from either of the gas stations showing his break for freedom.
    If I am not mistaken didn’t the supposed 7-11 robbery not happen? Where is the full surveillance video that shows a frame of Dzhokhar in a convenience store?
    As for fake victims and prosthetics – I think you could be barking up the wrong tree. Much can mistaken or misconstrued when picture-staring.

    1. “Where is the full surveillance video that shows a frame of Dzhokhar in a convenience store?”~That Guy
      What would it matter if we had that video? As you say:
      “Much can {be} mistaken or misconstrued when picture-staring.”
      ..”7-11 robbery not happen?”~Guy
      No, there was a robbery, it is just that the Chechen brothers had nothing to do with it. The store spokesperson says other parties are on the surveillance tape.

      1. What would it matter if we had that video? As you say:
        “Much can {be} mistaken or misconstrued when picture-staring.”
        Video and pictures are much different. Especially when they are witholding video.

  23. Clresu,
    I agree whole heartedly that the so called “protests” today are totally useless. In fact I think they are actually counter-productive because they have the effect of convincing the participants that they actually did something when in reality they didn’t. “Protestors” feel satisfied that they took action and go home and forget about it all and maybe even blame others for not caring enough. All they really did was take a walk with friends, socialize, and have a picnic. So yes that is beyond useless.
    That having been said however there is no place for violence with a person who is really trying to change things. Violence doesn’t work mainly because when you use violence against your adversary you justify his/her/their position. You tend to turn supporters into adversaries and weaken your own support base at the same time. When you are non violent however and your opponent uses violence against you the opposite happens, your support base grows while theirs drastically shrinks. Gandhi proved this to be true. His support base grew so vast that his movement literally crushed the British empire. Make no mistake he beat them and he beat them badly and all without violence.
    So this may seem like two conflicting ideas I just expressed but they aren’t. What we need to do is engage in real effective non violent civil disobedience. For example if we are all opposed to the war we simply refuse to pay for it to continue. We refuse to pay taxes until the war is stopped. Done, the war is over the following day. That is IF a massive amount of people (say the 60% who opposed the war) all unite and refuse to pay taxes. If that happened the world would be a very different place the next day. How do we get people to do that kind of thing in mass though? That is the question and the problem.
    It is not a question of violence accomplishing more because it cannot and will not accomplish anything productive. Yes it may seem to accomplish more than “protesting” as it is done today but even that is questionable. When you compare violence to civil disobedience however there is no contest, the hands down victor will be those who simply refuse to cooperate with tyranny. The other serious problem with violence in our case here dealing with the tyranny of the NWO is that it plays right into their hands. They want us to turn violent, in fact that are actively trying to incite violence. They want violence because they can crack down violently against us and crush us while justifying it all because we are “terrorists”. Another reason they want violence is because it distracts us all from the real solution that is within our grasp and has always been within our grasp. See the NWO is deathly afraid of us all coming to realize that we can end them in a single day if we all simply refuse to cooperate with them.
    Gandhi said it best “How can 200,000 British control 600,000,000 Indians if those Indians refuse to cooperate?” The answer is that they can’t.
    We Americans need to learn how to really overcome tyranny. The “protests” of today are a joke and we all need to face that fact and start taking actions that prevent the NWO from even functioning. Cut off their money supply, refuse to pay takes, refuse to pay the salaries of the police who line up to bash in our skulls. Blockade the capitol with millions of trucks, cars, people, junk, piles of dirt even. Don’t allow them to get to work or to even move. Refuse to deliver supplies they need to build weapons, refuse to deliver ANYTHING to them. Refuse to serve them at restaurants, refuse to fill up their vehicles with gasoline. Refuse to load their baggage at the airport. REFUSE THEM EVERYTHING until they do exactly what we tell them to do exactly they way we tell them to do it.
    We have always had the power their only power is in preventing us from realizing that we have always had the power. If 10% of Americans engaged in real effective civil disobedience the NWO would be crushed within the week.

    1. Well said Adam.
      I remember being in England, pre 9/11 and 7/7 (not familiar with the current climate) but I was there for 2 years from 99-01. They really know how to halt the NWO, much better than we do. I was there during the fuel strike, where the truckers blockaded the oil supply from the refineries to the gas stations. The roads were totally deserted for several days, public transport exploded at the seams. And as we all know, no fuel = society stops. No trucks to deliver food to stores. I even remember walking past a bakery during that strike; a sign on the window said: “Don’t panic! We can guarantee fresh bread and pastries until at least FRIDAY.” (This was probably on a Tues or Wed.) But guess what? When life grinds to a near halt like that, it snapped the entire British population, not just the “political activists,” out of their pop-culture-induced trance. Real, practical common sense solutions were talked about by elected officials. As you said Adam with the Indians and British: a British domestic govt of a few thousand people can’t control a country of 80+ million if they don’t cooperate. Those truckers blockading the oil from getting out onto the roads were not afraid of the threat of martial law forcing them to drive away. And they certainly weren’t having a picnic and calling it protesting.
      Conversely, I was also in London during a London Underground strike, where everyone had to be forced to use either the buses or private transport. Exact opposite of the fuel strike; no trains, but the roads exploding at the seams; traffic probably 10x worse than LA rush hour. Made life temporary hell for most in London. But boy, when THIS kind of action is taken, changes get done!
      In the UK, though, it’s legal for departments within London Transport (i.e. Underground) to strike. In New York, it’s illegal, and the government will heavily fine the MTA if they attempt suck a strike, and may even jail the organizers of it.
      This is just one example. As you’ve said before Adam, when the Occupy people found the boot of fascism staring them in the face, they basically tucked tail and fled: “We’ve made our voices known to the world, but we don’t want to be beaten or go to jail, so let’s compromise and leave it at this, and just go home now and get back to our lives.”
      Very sad. Perhaps Ventura is right: we need to bring back the draft. Maybe it’s the one and only thing that will make a majority of people care.

      1. As: First I would like to mention your contributions to the board and you providing thought-provoking links on the topics at hand. I wish we had more of your kind.
        However, I would like to address your comment that somehow England, of all places, is resisting the NWO. Let me suggest that the lynchpin for the NWO and the brainchild of where this came from was the House of London/Rothschild. There is loads of Satanic and Freemasonry activity in England. Did you witness the occultic induction during the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2012 Summer Olympics?
        Many are unaware that Queen Elizabeth, as the unofficial head of the international banking cartel, is the wealthiest person in the world. It is the international bankers, through many channels that is dragging the world to a neofeudal state. Is England, such as their people developing a template in resisting the NWO? Hardly.

      2. Dsn6,
        I appreciate your note here to Mr Syed, and agree.
        There are a great variety of personalities and degrees of historical knowledge throughout the ‘Truth Movement’. I think a large percentage of this movement is composed by those who were rather ‘shocked awake’ by 9/11, and are just now beginning to see it in the larger perspective beyond the mechanics of that event.
        I think we have a great opportunity and a willing audience for teaching the deep history that you have breached here in your current comment. A thorough grasp of the actual architecture of modern political power takes time to develop. The persistent illusions propagated by the PR Regime, and the paradigm of the current mythology is deeply seated. But with patient effort I think we are now beginning to make some great strides in educating the many who are taking advantage of the vast store of knowledge within the www.
        This is why you will find me constantly ‘stretching the topic’ on these threads. And now that we are in the process of talking more generally – beyond 9/11, and addressing it’s position in the arc of history of false flag events, I see a great deal of ‘expanding consciousness’ happening in certain segments of the Truth Community. Truth and Shadows seems to be taking a premier position on this path. Kudos to Mr McKee for his open minded approach to his blog, and his willingness to allow free speech to flourish here.

  24. Another false flag in the works? Hat tip to FB truther Michael Starcke. Michael says:
    “I Have Steven Jackson’s 1995 Illuminati NWO Card Set and His Predictions Have Become Mostly True Since. Hope and Pray That This One Doesn’t Come to Fruition.”
    Now look at this image:
    Now check out this article by the Nevada Gov. candidate.

    Let me be clear, my objective in sharing prior knowledge of a mass casualty terror drill is to prevent criminal elements in the government from taking this drill live at the jamboree. I want the good people in government to feel confident in maintaining accountability over one another. As an Eagle scout myself, I want the scouts to have a great jamboree.
    I have been on the phone with two reliable sources connected with military and a well known private investigative network. The military source decided to come forward because of the Boston bombing and the evidence that it was staged by the FBI. The source provided information regarding a July FEMA mass casualty terror drill that has been kept a secret from the public. As I’ve previously said, it is not the announced FEMA/DHS/FBI terror drills that concern me, it is the unannounced drills that go live like Boston that concern me because real people can and do die. The source indicated that we need to scrutinize the National Scout Jamboree 2013 for a possible mass government staged false flag attack.

    1. Adam Syed,
      Thanks for the heads up on this possible FF.
      We need to comprehend that most of this agenda is run by sophisticated Game Theory in super Cray computers running very advanced predictive software. This is why these events so often catch us totally off guard. And we end up ‘analyzing’ what just happened, and then WAITING it out during the calm at the center of the storm…repeat and rinse.
      This cycle needs to be broken. And I certainly haven’t the genius to lay out a plan. The terrain of the future is simply a mystery to me. Any prophets here among us??

    2. I suppose you might have noticed that Vanderbeek is not actually the governor of Nevada ?
      I am very wary of someone who is essentially using false advertising to promote his ideas and opinions. Are his unnamed “insiders” as illusionary as his governorship?
      I find reference to anonymous “insiders” and “officials” to be one of the mainstays of the MSM, and others, such as quite a few commentaries on Veterans Today. And frankly I find the innuendo cheesy and classless.

    3. willy,
      i am no prophet but sometimes have prophetic moments. my take is that what we do here, simply in speaking our Truth, is valuable. in the process, we are sowing seeds that need to be sown. we may not live to see the fruits our efforts will bear, but they will appear and be visible from the Other SIde. and we will relish in that. that is not to say that we should not look for other ways to be effective in the here and now, but as we all know, finding those ways is extremely difficult. i’ve been lucky in that regard, having by “happenstance” landed in a position to represent the nyccan families in open court in their effort to launch a new investigation into 9/11. later being invited by drg to his consensus panel, taking up writing for A&E, finding this site and being invited to speak my story on the pentagon with craig, paul and shelton. so i say to all who are looking for something TO DO, do what you can when you can, and when called upon to do so. paths can and do emerge. PAY ATTENTION! of course, if you can come up with some ways to advance the cause of Truth on your own, all the better. meanwhile, keeping Truth alive here and elsewhere is key, we need to give energy to the spirit of Truth if she is to eventually emerge victorious, and fulfill her destiny.
      my two cents,

      1. Yes Dennis,
        I have tried to say here before that I think what we are already doing, by just speaking out on the issues here is of great importance. After all, spreading the word to others, educating others, providing the counter PR to the garbage promoted by the state, has to be the ground level – it is just a modern day version of “letters of correspondence” which was the way the principles of Liberty were discussed in 1700 America which grew into a movement [Sons of Liberty] that finally organized itself into an alternate colonial government.
        In a way [virtual], blogs are like the pubs of New England in the lead-up to the Declaration of Independence.
        At any rate, all I really want to say is that we shouldn’t disregard what we are already doing as meaningless or futile. And of course we know by the reaction of the State, that it is effective – this is why the constant chatter from Authority that they must somehow get control of the www and shut down all the ‘political speech’ that is causing what they now term as “self radicalization”. And those of us who are old hands are able to deconstruct such Newspeak rhetorical phrases as “homegrown radicalization”, and beat a path of sanity that others can follow.
        Before we can expect people to do anything about tyranny, they must grasp that it is tyranny. Education is the ground floor.

      2. And Dennis,
        On your comment about “prophesy”…
        I have come to the conclusion that the only way to successfully predict the future is to engineer it – OR, study the plans of those engineering it.
        Here we have such a prediction of the second kind:
        “By about the year 2000 Communist China will be a “superpower” built by American technology and skill.”~Antony C. Sutton, American Secret Establishment published 1984
        . . . . .
        Are all, or most here aware of the fact that Mao Zedong was a Yale man, promoted by the Bonesmen?
        “In 1903, Yale Divinity School established a number of schools and hospitals throughout China that were collectively known as ‘Yale in China.’ It has since been shown that ‘Yale in China’ was an intelligence network whose purpose was to destroy the republican movement of Sun Yat-sen on behalf of the Anglo-American Establishment.”

      3. thanks for the feedback, willy. a friend here in nyc whom i consider very bright about all that is going on sent me this link, which readers here might want to view and consider:
        in response to my statement that if the boston marathon “bombing” were 100% crisis acting (as my friend thinks it was), that would be a good thing, he noted that the 100% crisis acting probabliity (in his eys) “is “about liability and not wanting wild card investigative family members as in 911…” which makes sense to me.

  25. HR1
    Yeah, that’s not only a cool story about your brief stay in the Air Force, but should also – and I wish it would – inspire others to do the same.
    In truth, I agree with everything you and Ruffadam say.
    I think the thing is, when we enter this territory – seeing so much f’d up shite – we run into the same walls . . . all of us. Walls like: what do we really do? Are we making any progress? What about the exhaustion that comes with this stuff? What about the MSM’s manipulation and distortion of our efforts? Or lack of coverage of them?
    And of course, many very well meaning people aren’t even aware of the strategy they’re employing. If an individual’s using the “appeal to the moral high ground” strategy, then they oughta know it, realize something of its history, realize how it often fails, and target the weakness of the strategy itself . . .
    And really, Ruffadam, I don’t even totally, completely dismiss the weak-ish anti-war rallies I spoke of. They did, I suppose, at least serve to let people know that they – people against the war – existed. Showing up and eating a sack lunch and hem-hawing around in protest of the war is more than others did, including myself. Granted, I tried in my own way at the time . . . (and really, the beginning of that war was the real beginning of my effort to educate myself politically, anyway.)
    For me, though, it helped to later realize what I was trying to do: I was trying to educate people. It’s a non-violent stategy. It’s much, much harder to do this than you initially think. You tend win people who are already swaying your direction . . . and sometimes even those people are hard to find . . . Of course, I also realized pretty quickly that on some metaphysical level if you tell people something in the wrong way, they’ll resist, and now a wall’s been created that acts in the exactly the opposite way you’d hoped: they resist even a bit more strongly now people challenging their world view . . . and probably with semi-decent reason: someone was overly agressive, possibly.
    I think the point here ought to just be this: individuals who are concerned with this stuff ought to have their approachs verbalized, open to criticism, and talked about more than in the past. This – talking about an approach – often happens, just unconsciously: someone talks about how hard it is to get through to the (stupid, idiotic masses of) people. Let’s go ahead and acknowledge the approach: generally with most people here, I’ll assume it’s the “edcuate them” approach. I think this might be helpful . . .

  26. “For almost five years the world’s major central banks have pumped an estimated $7 trillion into financial markets with the stated aim of trying to spark an economic recovery. Economic data from around the world indicate that it has been a manifest failure.”
    However, “the stated aim”, may not be, and likely is NOT the true aim of the machinations of these central banks. It is more likely that an “economic recovery” is the antithesis of their goals. For history seems to indicate that what the elites running this system really want is a global neofeudal system. Or more specifically indentured slavery for the vast majority of human kind.
    In that case what is seen above as a “manifest failure,” is in fact a great success. The evil intent of the central banking cabal is no secret, it is revealed in sickening detail throughout history – and it is the vapid critiques such as we find in much of the “alternate press” that fails to connect such dots that put bile in the back of my throat as the fruition of these evil designs moves closer each day.
    The ‘alternative’ that is too often hailed to ‘global capitalism’ is ‘global socialism’. And it is this that is the dialectical trap that is set, for both systems must rely on the total state for their respective systems to work.
    Beware of any and all Utopian daydreams.

    1. “MTA customers are advised to stay calm.“…sure, that is the same message over the loudspeakers at the marathon…
      Ne’er can tell when they’re gonna piggyback another “drill” and go live and lethal…
      If I was a New Yorker I’d pay extra for a cab on the dates of this “drill”.

    2. thanks very much, adam. great advice, willy. i avoid the subways as a matter of routine. i just sent out an email blast to my fellow contact ny’ers saying: [subject line] “please consider avoiding the nyc subway system as much as possible this coming july because . . .
      [text] . . . the recent false flag attacks that have been perpetrated in amerika recently have been uniformly accompanied by so-called “drills” like the one designed for the nyc subway system this coming july 2013, and described here:
      wondering how many friends this email blast will cost me.

      1. Hmmm..Dennis,
        I get a lot of flak for using a ‘K’ in Amerika from most of the people I know outside of blogdom. It drives my mom up the wall. And when she saw the Amerikan flag in the bottom of my birdcage…Lol…I think she was tempted to call the homieboyz securiteam.
        Hey, it’s my goddam flag, I can do anything I want with it. Just a rag from China anyhow.
        To be clear, my mom is the sweetest person you could ever meet. She just doesn’t understand her radical son.

      2. hey willy,
        no flak on the k in america, but only about a 4% response, all positive, however. one activist friend asked if this were a joke. i used the ny times story here to show that it was not a joke. i hate citing the times. usually i will preface usage with something like, “even the ny times admits that . . .”
        if i ever used the flag to line a birdcage, my mother would freak out!

      3. Lol Dennis,
        The flag as well as pages from THE BOOK {J. Wood’s} have graced the bottom of the parrots cages here. The birds and I are comrades in our protests to this sadistic society and its various antaganoidal actors.
        I am making a box using the cover of that BOOK as a library shelf hiding spot. It is just a matter of making convincing edges for the “pages” and using the cover for a lid. But don’t tell anybody and give it away {grin}.

  27. “It is increasingly likely,” FBI director Mueller said, while offering no substantiation, “that the Boston attacks may prove to be the latest example of homegrown extremism.”
    The above is from recent testimony in Congressional hearings on the Boston Marathon Bombing. But if one reads the article at the URL furnished at the end of my remarks here, it is more than obvious that if there was any “extremism” involved in this incident it was spawned by the CIA and the Jamestown Foundation’s operations in the Caucasus. And that the Brothers Tsarnaev were set up as patsies; thus the event was indeed a false flag with the dual purpose of framing the brothers, and promoting the agenda of vilifying domestic dissidents as “homegrown extremists”.
    Wayne Madsen on Boston Marathon Bombing.

    1. Hybrid: This begs the question, but if the brothers, and particularly, the younger brother was a 9/11 Truther, why was he/they there at the Marathon and anywhere near the bombing itself? To be a patsy, there must have been at least some link, however minor, between the real perps and themselves.

      1. Dsn6,
        Good point, one that I have been mulling over for some time now. I think that they were coaxed into being at the event by their handlers. I think Tamerlan was the lead contact with an actual intel connection. I think he was advised to attend the event and to bring his brother with him.
        Whatever cover story was used by the handler is simply a matter for conjecture. This is what has come to me as I have read all of the peripheral information that has emerged post event.
        Do you have any ideas on this?

  28. Has anyone ever noticed how often a You Tube video exposing one staged event or another has some glaring spelling mistake in the text? I see it so often that I can’t believe it’s accidental. The latest is a video about the alleged beheading in the UK. In that video, those allegedly staging the event are referred to as “amatures.” I just don’t believe that majority of these are honest mistakes. It looks like “conspiracy theorists” are not too bright at all. Or careful. Anyone else notice this phenomenon?

    1. Craig: When it happens enough, and apparently you have noticed this all too much, then to me it goes beyond chance and into planned and by design.

    2. I haven’t really noticed the phenomena of spelling errors you speak to on YouToobers, but I would just say that the general dumbing-down has left the population in a state of general illiteracy that is oft noted in the literature and quite noticeable even in mainstream journalism.
      In despotic systems the idea of leaving the general population just literate enough to read their orders is a standard concept that is followed by tyrannical states. It applies of course not simply to reading and writing, but in knowledge bases of every kind; history, current affairs, philosophy, social studies, and even science. The last having been morphed into “scientism”, a dogmatic belief system rather akin to religion.
      Rupert Sheldrake speaks to the last subject quite eloquently. Those who are unfamiliar with his work should look him up – his ideas are brilliant and prescient, as well as essential to getting beyond our current crisis {in my humble opinion}.

      1. Craig,
        I have noticed that a lot of the general population, including good hard working 9/11 activists, is poor at spelling and grammar. (Like a certain Aussie bloke, initials JB, who can’t figure out that it’s not “high jackers.” LOL)
        I get around on youtube quite a bit, including often getting sucked into reading the cesspool known as the “comments section,” where, in most instances, there is no moderation and anyone can use whatever kind of potty language they want.
        Not just on youtube, but throughout the internet, in article comment sections and discussion forums, I find an absolutely appalling level of near illiteracy. People make the kinds of formal errors that would have earned me a D+ in 5th grade English.
        I think it all speaks to a poorly educated populace, rather than a nefarious intent to make truthers look like idiots. Who knows, though.

        1. I don’t know if it’s intentional or not but it happens with such regularity that I find it suspicious. And I’m not talking about Internet comments; I know the spelling standard for those is low. I’m talking about people who go to the trouble of making a video or image with writing. How does someone with the ingenuity to get certain video and draw insightful conclusions misspell amateur (as amature)? It’s just weird.

      2. “I have noticed that a lot of the general population, including good hard working 9/11 activists, is poor at spelling and grammar.”~Adam Syed
        This is one for Mr Wizard…
        Wouldn’t proper form of grammar be; ‘ARE poor at spelling and grammar.’?
        Of course the rule is; “are” when referring to the plural and “is” when referring to the singular. But it can be more complex depending on the rest of the sentence structure.
        It could to be correct to write:
        “I have noticed that a lot of the general population is poor at spelling and grammar.”
        As ‘the general population’ is referring to a specific unit.
        So the term “general population” deals with an ambiguous form of the plural, and using either – “is” or “are” can be correct. The problem with Adam’s sentence is the added “activists”, which clearly becomes a plurality, so “are” becomes correct. {?}
        . . . .
        This is only my understanding, and I don’t know for certain. Anyone here that knows for sure?

      3. Haha HR… major egg in my face that you caught that. Yes, I was wondering about the is/are thing after I’d submitted the comment. You’re right, the rules are more complex when the sentence is more complex. I was thinking “are” would be more correct also, given the “activists” clause of the sentence. If I had used parentheses instead of commas, i.e. “I have noticed that a lot of the general population (including good hard working 9/11 activists) is poor at spelling and grammar” then I guess “is” would be more appropriate. Craig?

        1. I’d still say “are” because you’re really talking about a collection of individuals. But I would say that the entire (current) world’s population “is” going to die someday.

      4. An example of an interesting spelling mistake , on this page,
        “IF they truly grasp that those of us who stand on the front line of dissidence speaking out with the full knowledge that EVERYTHING we wright and say here today…”
        I also noticed on Abby Martin’s RT show a few months ago, it’s on Youtube ‘America’s False Flag Attacks’, there is a misprint in the part about Operation Northwoods, point 10.

      5. Lol…Adam,
        Normally I wouldn’t have pointed it out, it is just that the whole thrust of the comment had to do with grammar. I thunk it were funny as munch as anything else. There is a lot to chew on in simple little things such as this in English grammar.
        I have made a lot of terrible mistakes in grammar and sentence structure on this very blog. I used to make notes to Craig to correct things at least once on most of the threads. I passed up correcting ‘wright’ where I meant ‘write’ here in this very thread, I do believe. I guess I do okay most of the time for a simple HS graduate.

      6. “But I would say that the entire (current) world’s population “is” going to die someday”
        Well, I hope just not all at once…

      7. Craig,

        I’d still say “are” because you’re really talking about a collection of individuals. But I would say that the entire (current) world’s population “is” going to die someday.

        I’ll defer to you here. You have a journalism degree, which I would presume means you’d have had to have done well at the prerequisite English courses etc. 🙂
        The more I reflect on it, even without the “activists” clause to my sentence, the core of my sentence could still warrant a plural. I remember the Beatles song “Only a Northern Song.” Part of the lyrics are:

        When you’re listening late at night
        You may think the band are not quite right
        But they are, They just play it like that.

      8. Yes indeed Adam, Physical mortality is guaranteed. All that lives is born to die. It’s in the contract…{read the small print}.
        All the large print seems to be a distraction from that clause in the small print.
        Very strange video…eerie of it’s own accord. Even beyond that fact you put to it; that everyone of those people…and everyone in their contemporaneous world are now dead.

      9. It is a team isn’t it?
        They are a team aren’t they?
        I think there is something intuitive in this problem of “is” and “are”.
        A singular “are” is proper in a subjective sense: “You are here, aren’t you?”
        But changes in an objective sense: “He is here, isn’t he?”
        Unless we want to speak bebop skittleplop: “You is here, isn’t you?”
        “Don’t” and “Doesn’t” can set my teeth on edge as well.
        “Then” and “Than”…
        However…I still appreciate this one: “You ain’t the bossa me.”

  29. Dennis.
    What was the substantive stopping NYCCAN going through ? who was the Judge and what did it actually come down to ?

    1. fremo,
      the judge was edward lehner, who rubber stamped referee louis crespo’s findings. in short, the petition was found to not satisfy the legal requirements of the new york home rule law. those requirements are very difficult to meet, and the petition (drafted years before i came on board to defend it) had not been adequately vetted. the precise legal issues are discussed in the memorandum of law (that i submitted during the proceedings), which can be found here:

  30. This is a meaty article which is a good read for those who would like a deeper understanding of the architecture of modern political power:
    Engineering Empire: An Introduction to the Intellectuals and Institutions of American Imperialism
    May 26, 2013 Andrew Gavin Marshall
    “The objective of this report is to provide an introduction to the institutional and social structure of American imperialism. The material is detailed, but should not be considered complete or even comprehensive; its purpose is to function as a resource or reference for those seeking to educate themselves about the modern imperial system. It’s not an analysis of state policies or the effects of those policies, but rather, it is an examination of the institutions and individuals who advocate and implement imperial policies. What is revealed is a highly integrated and interconnected network of institutions and individuals – the foreign policy establishment – consisting of academics (so-called “experts” and “policy-oriented intellectuals”) and prominent think tanks.”~Marshall
    “In the United States, the Rockefeller family has maintained a network of influence through financial, corporate, educational, cultural, and political spheres. It serves as a logical extension of dynastic influence to cultivate relationships among the foreign policy elite of the U.S., notably the likes of Kissinger and Brzezinski.”~Ibid
    “For more than a century ideological extremists at either end of the political spectrum have seized upon well-publicized incidents such as my encounter with Castro to attack the Rockefeller family for the inordinate influence they claim we wield over American political and economic institutions. Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as ‘internationalists’ and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure–one world, if you will. If that’s the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it.”~David Rockefeller – autobiography of 2002, ‘Memoirs’

  31. Thank you both. I am sure his orders were clear. It was a wonderful initiative.
    Col. Prouty in a letter to Jim Garrison said ” [That] Without trial there can be nothing. Without a trial it does no good for researchers to dig up data. It has no place to go and what the researchers reveal just helps make the cover-up tighter, or they eliminate that evidence and the researcher.”

  32. Sorry this is totally off topic although there may be a few grammatical errors and typos.
    from the Bangkok Post yesterday:
    A 76-year-old American man has been found dead inside a house in Tak province, police said on Tuesday.
    Pol Col Ekarat Intasueb, chief of Mae Sot police station, said Paul Milford Muller, a former official at the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (Nasa) and the Jet Propulsion Lab, was found with a rope tied around his genitals and waist and another rope tied around his neck, hanging from a knob of his bedroom door.
    He said there was no sign that the American had been assaulted.
    Equipment for injectingcrystal methamphetamine, five methamphetamine pills and several sex toys were also found in the room.
    Muller appeared to havedied from asphyxiation or from a heart attack after a drug overdose, police said.
    His body had started decomposingand giving off a bad odour. Police suspect he had been dead about three days when his body was found. Itwas sent to Mae Sot hospital for a post-mortem examination.
    Police were trying to contact his relatives to take charge of thebody.
    Muller was the author of several books, including “Suicide Inc” – described on his website as a “romantic and erotic thriller”.

    1. Lol…Al,
      Different strokes for different folks. I suppose he died happy…
      A different classification of “nob job” than the one I grew up with.
      I’m sorry if my cynicism seems crass, or unsympathetic, but it’s easy; I didn’t know the old fart. At least I am not judgmental of his sexual preferences.
      I have read enough about such “perversions” to realize they are much more common than the daily herd suspects…and I don’t find the incident suspicious, regardless of his connection with the space men…most of the spacemen are pretty weird, s’far as I’ve heard tell. As I understand it, Bangkok is the world capitol for he-shes – poetic aye? Bang Cock?

  33. Totally off topic although there may be a few grammatical errors and typos. Has anyone heard of this guy?
    from the Bangkok Post yesterday:
    A 76-year-old American man has been found dead inside a house in Tak province, police said on Tuesday.
    Pol Col Ekarat Intasueb, chief of Mae Sot police station, said Paul Milford Muller, a former official at the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and the Jet Propulsion Lab, was found with a rope tied around his genitals and waist and another rope tied around his neck, hanging from a knob of his bedroom door.
    He said there was no sign that the American had been assaulted.
    Equipment for injecting crystal methamphetamine, five methamphetamine pills and several sex toys were also found in the room.
    Muller appeared to have died from asphyxiation or from a heart attack after a drug overdose, police said.
    His body had started decomposing and giving off a bad odour. Police suspect he had been dead about three days when his body was found. It was sent to Mae Sot hospital for a post-mortem examination.
    Police were trying to contact his relatives to take charge of the body.
    Muller was the author of several books, including “Suicide Inc” – described on his website as a “romantic and erotic thriller”.

  34. Here is an interesting photo analysis of one of the “actors” in the Boston “bombing” and several strong points are made in relation to this woman.
    I will let the photos speak for themselves but in case you do not read the comments below each photo ask yourself this question: How did she get schrapnel holes in her shirt sleeve which is very tight fitting and not even recieve a cut on her arm? How did the guy with the shredded pants not get any wounds on his legs? I am leaning more and more towards all the “victims” being actors and I will tell you why. Some of them are actors for sure based on the evidence and if you mixed in actors with real victims you would have a serious risk of real victims talking about the fake victims. I don’t believe the planners of this false flag operation would take a risk like that especially since the actors had to move into position after the smoke bomb went off and spread around fake blood etc. I don’t see a realistic way that you could mix in real victims with the fake while not risking exposure. Maybe someone else has some thoughts about this?

    1. Adam,
      I looked at the pics of the blond…and read the comments by the one posting them.
      I agree that it seems pretty sure that she is an actor, and the movements she has made between shot, her obvious lack of pain, the holes in her sleeves with no matching wounds, it all looks like theatrics to me. There are so many aspects that look like a theatrical production that I have to say I am fairly convinced that it is.
      Like you as well, I can’t console the idea of a real bomb with real victims taking place at the same place. It would stand to reason that not only some of the actors, but the make-up artists as well would have been liable to receive injuries…and that would certainly have caused some loose lips to sink the fantasy ship.
      There was a real bomb, or there was a smoke bomb and actors. It couldn’t have been both.
      And everything seems to indicate a ‘drill’ and actors. Pure theater.
      I even wonder if the Chechen brothers might be part of the production…not as real patsies, but actors as well; both destine for safe houses and new identities. I have always suspected this was the case with Timothy McVeigh.
      Perhaps all of life is a play, as some playwright once said.

      1. Don’t get excited HR; there’s no prize or anything, but I thought it worth mentioning that your comment is the 10,000th published on Truth and Shadows since it started in Aug. 2010. My thanks to all who participate in the ongoing discussion.

      2. Well that is exciting for Truth and Shadows Craig,
        Congratulations for an ongoing successful blog, I am proud to be a part of it.

      3. Oooo oooo oooo! Now is the perfect time to have Mr. McKee give total stats for various individual posters and award prizes as fitting.
        We all know that Mr. Rogue was the most vocal; by what percentage of the total 10,000? Who were the top-10 runner’s-up and their percentages?

      4. Yes indeed,
        Now is the time for the anonymous señor beancounter to pipe up with its typical bullshit, on course for more of its boring defamation regime.

      5. No stats on all 10,000 comments? Then how about some wild-ass guesses based on impressions?
        In the category of “Most Valued Contributor”, let me nominate OneSliceShort.
        In the category of “Most Reasonable Contributor”, let me nominate Adam Syed.
        In the category of “Most Vocal Contributor”, let me nominate HybridRogue1.
        In the category of “Most Annoying Shill,” four-way tie between Albury Smith, Brian Good, A. Wright, and OneBornFree. A bit unfair the comparison, given that two were given the heave-ho!

      6. I would also nominate Chris Sarns, David Chandler and John Bursill for their notable “drop stink bomb and run” appearances. Did Legge ever directly leave a comment here?

  35. The prefab sprouts say, “there is nothing new under the sun”. But:
    Everything is new under the sun – everyday – you cannot step in the same river twice.

  36. So Why Did The FBI Shoot Ibragim Todashev?
    May 30, 2013
    First the media reported that Todashev, according to unnamed “law enforcement officials,” was killed by an FBI agent after pulling a knife on the agent, just as he was writing his confession to a crime unrelated to the Boston bombings. He had been interviewed for several hours, it was late at night, the FBI had interviewed him several times before, and suddenly he flipped out and attacked an FBI agent with a knife, forcing the agent to shoot him to death. Todashev was said to be an acquaintance of suspected Boston bomber, Tamerlan Tsarnaev
    Only now we find out that Todashev had no knife at all. He was unarmed.
    This came not long after law enforcement officers killed bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev and then tried to kill his suspected accomplice brother, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, who was hiding, unarmed, in a boat.

  37. Man Linked to Tsarnaev Boston Suspects “Shot Six Times”, Killed during FBI Interrogation. Photos.
    Ibragim Todashev, who was killed by the FBI during a questioning, was shot six times, once in the crown of his head, photos shown at a press conference in Moscow reveal. His father suspects it could have been a kill shot.
    “I can show you the photos taken after the killing of my son. I have 16 photographs. I just would like to say that looking at these photos is like being in a movie. I only saw things like that in movies: shooting a person, and then the kill shot. Six shots in the body, one of them in the head,” Abdulbaki Todashev said at the press conference at RIA Novosti news agency in the Russian capital.

  38. Hybrid: It makes one wonder what would have happened the dark day back in November, 1963 if Oswald would have called off sick that fateful day. He was the ultimate patsy as he was to some degree, at the epicenter of the woven narrative contrived prior to the murder. I have no ideas pertaining particularly to these two brothers as it boggles the mind. However, looking inward, it makes one wonder how tracked and targeted activists and other dissidents are such as to be at a large social event and something bad happened. Would you be blamed based on your known beliefs and official and unofficial political views?

  39. Adam: Now that you have received your necessary CEU’s in grammar-o-tology, do you have a problem responding to my response regarding your claim about the people of England and their success resisting the NWO?

    1. Hi Dsn6,
      I’m sorry for not seeing your comment sooner. When the comments section becomes lengthy, I often start to dwindle in my keeping up with each one. The comments template here is not the best for popular blogs with large numbers of comments. That being said, I thank you for your response.
      Perhaps “halt the NWO” was too strong, but my point still stands. And I definitely did not say that the English have been “successful” at fighting the global power structure. And yes I’m aware of the high amount of occult goings on in England. However, I still maintain my point that in England, people get angrier, and hence into the streets by the masses, far more often and in large numbers, than in the USA, when it comes to grievances against the government or the workplace. This goes particularly for things direct the people’s quality of life, such as wages and working hours/conditions. But in addition, their opposition to political decisions such as the Iraq War is much more staunch and passionate, with roughly 90% of Londoners opposing Blair’s decision to join Bush in that endeavor, and letting Blair know it by getting into the streets by the millions. Obviously in this case they were unsuccessful, because Blair’s military went along with the invasion anyway, but the opposition to it has been recorded in videos and photos for all of posterity.

      1. Adam: Thanks for the reply. I have it set-up that anyone who replies to me or someone else, I get an e-mail of that response. Well, if your comment that London-ers and others from that island over there are better at protest that us Mercans, than what was once true of people from this country, about standing up for their rights and better conditions occurred, than it can be reversed, don’t you think?

  40. Those who promote the ‘bungling view’ of history, who claim there is no ‘rhyme nor reason’ to it, that it is all ,“chance and fate – chaos and human folly” are in fact working very hard to hide something very simple and historically verifiable; human beings make plans and accomplish great works.
    The world of man is not a product of happenstance.
    This is not to say there are no fools of course. The people who buy the excuse of incompetence made by those running things, they are the fools and the dupes. And they are produced like widgets in the grand production of the Public Relations Regime.
    There are few grand secrets – only truths ignored.

  41. Transcript of Norman Dodd interviewed by Ed Griffin:
    “..number one, defined what, to us, was meant by the phrase, “un-American.” We defined that in our way as being a determination to effect changes in the country by unconstitutional means. We have plenty of constitutional procedures, assuming we wish to effect a change in the form of government and that sort of thing; and, therefore, any effort in that direction which did not avail itself of the procedures which were authorized by the Constitution could be justifiably be called un-American.
    That effect [of the foundations] was to orient our educational system away from support of the principles embodied in the Declaration of Independence and implemented in the Constitution; and the task now was the orientation of education away from these briefly stated principles and self-evident truths. That’s what had been the effect of the wealth, which constituted the endowments of those foundations that had been in existence over the largest portion of this span of 50 years, and holding them responsible for this change. What we were able to bring forward, what we uncovered, was the determination of these large endowed foundations, through their trustees, to actually get control over the content of American education.”~NORMAN DODD

  42. Great article Craig.
    As for the alleged “note”, how forward thinking of Dzokhar to bring a pen!
    If there were a time to expose the media for the whores that they are, it’s this year. Between the lies and inconsistencies (even now at this late stage) of the Boston bombing “official narrative” — whatever the hell it now is — to underestimating Syria and the sloppy, sloppy dirty tricks that they feel they can now pull because of the unified, goosestep march of the “media” to the official tune, there should be a major awakening of the masses. At least those who are on the fence. Problem is, the “media” is the enemy at this point.
    I now view the “media” as having just as much blood on their hands as the neanderthals that
    plant those bombs and assassinate without a second thought.
    Until the “media” is pressured and exposed for the scumbags that they are, we’ll be fighting a losing battle.

  43. “A. Have they [the Foundations] financed studies regarding the excellence of the American Constitution, the Importance of the Declaration’ of Independence, and the profundity of the philosophy of the Founding’ Fathers? And, if not, what is their excuse, for neglecting the study of the basis of the American Republic?”~Reece Committee
    As we all know, the foundations are not the only place to look for subversion of the Republic. A question for Holyrood is similar: How is it that in face of the fact of the hundreds of films on the Civil War, there are only two films {to my knowledge having to do with the American Revolution? Disney’s JOHNNY TREMAIN and Mel Gibson’s THE PATRIOT.
    Why is it that ‘officialdom’ is so insistent on using the term “War of Independence”? rather than “The American Revolution”? granted, it is both, but the term “revolution” seems very much a ‘four letter word” akin to the term “conspiracy theory”.
    Why is the term “Democracy” used to describe the form of government that was established by the Federal Constitution, when in fact that form of government is plainly one of a Republic?

    1. Excellent points HR1 as per usual. I could not agree more that the lack of films about the American revolution is no accident. Hollywood just like the corporate media is just a propaganda factory for the powers that be. If the average person actually understood the techniques Hollywood use to manipulate their perception they would probably just turn off their TV’s forever or at least until there was a massive change in the way they do things.
      The TV doesn’t control what you think, it controls what you think about.
      Obviosly the powers that be do not want people thinking about the American revolution, or the Constitution, or liberty, or freedom from tyranny.

      1. “We hold these Truths to be Self-Evident…”
        And those who don’t hold them as self-evident: They have had their minds shrunk by mainscream anal hurlant PR.

  44. “It is difficult to re-educate people who have been brought up on nationalism to the idea of relinquishing part of their sovereignty to a supra-national body.” Prince Bernhard
    “Denial of the authoritarian plan by elites like the Bilderberg cabal is the equivalent of Satan’s greatest lie, convincing us he does not exist.”
    “Whatever its early mission, the Group is now “a shadow world government….threaten(ing) to take away our right to direct our own destinies (by creating) a disturbing reality” very much harming the public’s welfare. In short, Bilderbergers want to supplant individual nation-state sovereignty with an all-powerful global government, corporate controlled, and check-mated by militarized enforcement.”
    As Paul Joseph Watson reported in his May 11 2009 article Top Nazis Planned EU-Style Fourth Reich, top Nazi industrialists were present at the cradle of the European Union and, through the creation of the Bilderberg group, guided her growth during all stages of development into the post-war era. German industrialists, it seems, have aligned themselves with the Anglo-American establishment after the war, teaming up to form what is better known as the New World Order. As reported in the article, a group of top ranking German industrialists planned for an economic super state founded upon a common market for the whole of Europe. It has also been confirmed that the Bilderberg group had their plans for a European Union and currency in place by at least 1955.The idea of uniting Europe in a closed trade bloc is no longer shocking if Germany assumes domination over such a bloc”, wrote one of the founding Nazi-ideologues in the 19th century. The man who arranged for Hitler to become Chancellor of Germany, Von Papen, had also written about the possibility of a “European Federation” under strict German control of course, with Berlin as its glorious power center.
    [Corporate Feudalism]
    NATO has provided for the international army, while the European Central Bank does the same for international finance. All these activities have been developed under the careful direction of the Bilderberg Group and subsequently carried out by its designated subdivisions.”
    Now the relevant viewpoint is that the Bilderberg assembly is by invitation from the highest echelon of committed agents of globalism. Their decisions become policy and governance turns into a continuous decent into slavery. The manifestation of the Bilderberg coalition is in keeping with the Round Table, a secret society started around the turn of the 20th century by Freemason and Rothschild agent, Lord Alfred Milner, who was entrusted the mission by Cecil Rhodes. The Anglo-American dominance of international intervention is rooted in Bilderberg discussions organized on the principle of reaching consensus for global hegemony. Pro Zionist financiers impose the objectives of the House of Rothschild upon America and England. The origins of totalitarian assimilation under the banner of the centralized authority oppression stems from the cult of the moneychangers.
    ~SARTRE – June 2, 2013

  45. Pretending America
    obiter dicta 1. Law; an opinion voiced by a judge that has only incidental bearing on the case in question and is therefore not binding.
    judge’s observation: an observation made by a judge that is incidental to the case being tried and, while being authoritative, is not binding on future courts under the doctrine of precedent.
    passing comment: a comment made in passing.
    The “Personhood” of Corporations are based on an incident of obiter dicta, and is therefore not lawfully binding [Southern Pacific v Santa Clara]. Syllabus; Case U.S. Supreme Court Santa Clara County v. Southern Pacific R. Co., 118 U.S. 394 (1886) Santa Clara County v. Southern Pacific Railroad Company
    The Headnote
    C. Bancroft Davis, wrote the following as part of the headnote for the case:
    “One of the points made and discussed at length in the brief of counsel for defendants in error was that ‘corporations are persons within the meaning of the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.’ Before argument, Mr. Chief Justice Waite said:The court does not wish to hear argument on the question whether the provision in the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution, which forbids a State to deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws, applies to these corporations. We are all of the opinion that it does.”
    Why did the chief justice issue his dictum? Why did he leave it up to Davis to include it in the headnotes? After Waite told him that the Court ‘avoided’ the issue of corporate personhood, why did Davis include it? Why, indeed, did he begin his headnote with it? The opinion made plain that the Court did not decide the corporate personality issue and the subsidiary equal protection issue.
    The court’s actual decision was uncontroversial. A unanimous decision, written by Justice Harlan, ruled on the matter of fences, holding that the state of California illegally included the fences running beside the tracks in its assessment of the total value of the railroad’s property. As a result, the county could not collect taxes from Southern Pacific that it was not allowed to collect in the first place.[9]
    Obvious Obiter Dicta
    Thus the Supreme Court’s actual decision never hinged on the equal protection claims. Nevertheless, the case has been allowed to have clear constitutional consequences, as it has been subsequently taken to affirm the protection of corporations under the Fourteenth Amendment. [10] At the very least, this is a wrinkle in the normal understanding of the workings of the Court’s tradition of stare decisis – the reliance on precedence. It is an instance in which a statement which is neither part of the ruling of the Court, nor part of the opinion of a majority or dissenting minority of the Court has been taken as precedent for subsequent decisions of the Court.

  46. It is good to question everything.
    I would point out that this seems to be an era of revelations, and they do seem managed [to my intuition]. Managing revelation of secrets is certainly more profitable if the initiative is taken by those who wish to manage the fallout.
    Again, Design masquerades as Diagnosis. This is one of the core techniques of perception manipulation.
    If they can get this all out in the open, and then “get beyond it”, then it is all old news and it’s over.
    I think that is the reason the “Mainstream” is hooked into this, it is a ploy – one set to ‘slow burn’…the “outrage” is being managed quite well, you may have noticed.
    Let’s face it, a Noble Peace Prize “president’ who is a warmonger has gone ‘unnoticed’ by these stupid Merkans for 4 and a half years. Amerika is braindead – the elite can count on it…and this will prove it.

      1. Well Dsn6,
        Since a ‘mole’ and a ‘patsy’ are two distinctly different roles, I would have to clarify that if Snowden is either, it would be my assessment he is more likely a patsy.
        But I am not saying that he is {one or the other} I am postulating based on these questions originally brought up by Mr. Rappoport.
        It could very well be that the System is caught flat footed by Mr. Snowden’s revelations, and the various players in the open have their own agenda’s for promoting the information. As far as what players may be hovering in the shadows – these should be revealed as they will, by the subtext of various commentary yet to come.
        I think it is unfortunate that within such a short time that Mr Snowden’s motives were so quickly taken to task. If he is a genuine whistleblower – which is my intuition at this time; it is certainly not much of a greeting of thanks for him, and certainly not very encouraging for other potential whistleblowers who may be waiting to “come out”…
        Are we to be so cynical as to reject the prospect that there are indeed honorable men and women willing to give up all they have to try to make a difference in this mad world?
        Shall we follow in the footsteps of James Jesus Angleton and become paranoid maniacs incapable of trust and being trusted?

      2. Let us look at the more relevant questions regarding NSA rather than obsessing over the motives of one Mr Snowden, shall we?
        “The National Security Agency (NSA) has been pushing to “rethink and reapply” its application of the Fourth Amendment since before 9/11. This was necessary, it argued, to attain a “powerful, permanent presence on a global telecommunications network.”
        According to a declassified document posted by the National Security Archive and featured in a recent Politico article, in addition to attempting to re-frame the way we think of our right to privacy, the NSA has also received a robust infusion of funds after 9/11, paving the way for the Orwellian surveillance state Edward Snowden helped reveal. In light of recent events, the declassified record on the NSA is especially enlightening. Jeffrey T. Richelson’s recent posting of 98 newly declassified government documents tracing the Agency’s wide range of cyber activities, concerns, and attitudes since the Clinton administration is a must read. Some of the most notable revelations found in the declassified documents include..”

  47. Dzhokhar’s trial has begun. An open trial, with the public able to attend.
    He has plead not guilty to all charges.
    Now a controversy is being manufactured as to whether the person in the courtroom is actually Dzhokhar.
    Whether this is to be a fair trial or bouncy kangaroos is yet to be revealed…
    I wouldn’t put any wagers on a fair trial personally…

  48. Just want to share a website that has some interesting views on several topics including the boston terror attack;
    Just started reading about the boston attack so don’t know yet where it will take me but another story on the site about Laurel canyon and the start of the hippy scene had me hooked for days if only for entertainment purposes…but if all true very interesting…
    Anyway, good luck

    1. You’ve come across a great site. I especially love Dave McGowan’s series Wagging the Moondoggie, which is all about the Apollo missions and why McGowan believes that there never were any real Moon landings.

      1. hi Craig, found your site today and been reading for hours, thanks to you and all contributors here.
        So you already knew about Dave’s site, that’s okay, just wanted to share in case it could shed some more light on things. I like his sarcastic and sometimes cruel comments on things although in case of the boston attack it seems a bit too harsh… there must have been ‘some’ real victims i suppose… anyway, thanks for the great reading here and keep up the good work.
        And english is not my native language so excuse me for inventing words or make mistakes now and then ;p [i’m dutch]

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