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9/11 truthers need to challenge ALL elements of the official story

Commentators didn’t seem to see the approach of this supposed airliner.

By Craig McKee

When it came to big lies, Adolph Hitler was the expert. But when he said that it’s easier to get people to believe a big lie than a small one, he was telling the truth.
This is the strategy that was employed on September 11, 2001.
To get to the truth, I believe that we need to know everything about how this massive illusion was perpetrated that day. It was a big lie – bigger than most of us are willing to imagine. It was so enormous and so complex that most 9/11 truthers feel the need to boil it down to a manageable size to make the case that it was indeed an inside job. We feel we need to keep the scope of the deception small or risk alienating those who might believe us.
But there’s a problem with this. After a decade, the strategy has fallen short because it puts too many eggs in one Continue reading