London 7/7 bombings follow 'successful' Kennedy, 9/11 playbooks

By Craig McKee

When something works, why change?
The price of not scrutinizing the evidence in horrifying acts of destruction, terrorism, and murder is that they just keep happening. If the perpetrators get away with it once, there’s no reason they wouldn’t keep going to the same formula that has worked in the past.
With the help of the mainstream media, we keep believing the lies we’re fed. And we keep paying a terrible price.
John F. Kennedy was assassinated in 1963 by his own government, and we believed the flimsy scenario that a lone nut named Lee Harvey Oswald did it. Although the evidence overwhelmingly shows that Oswald was a patsy who was set up to take the fall, our newspapers and television programs still refer to him as the man who shot JFK. No trial, no proof. No matter.
We know that Franklin D. Roosevelt provoked and allowed the attack on Pearl Harbor to take place to create public support for getting into World War II. The wishes of the people were not to be listened to, they were to be manufactured. While America was officially outraged at the brutal invasions of the Nazis, American corporations were enthusiastically doing business with them, helping to keep the war machine humming.
JFK wanted to pull soldiers out of Vietnam. He also wanted the U.S. government to start printing its own money for the first time since the private Federal Reserve came into existence in 1913. Both bad news for the power elite that is used to having its own way. Time for another massive deception. Time to create an event to traumatize the population and to change the course of events. The assassination did that very effectively.
Between the Kennedy assassination and the present day, there have been dozens and dozens of violent events that were crafted to help shape our world. And we still don’t see the pattern. We still don’t see how all these events are linked.
Tell me if this story sounds familiar:
A group of fundamentalist Muslims conduct suicide attacks on four targets, leading to considerable loss of innocent life and traumatization of the population. An identification card of one of the terrorists is found at one of the scenes, and it is used to very quickly confirm the identity of the perpetrators. More evidence is found in vehicles left behind by the alleged perpetrators.
A confession surfaces on the Internet that further supports the scenario. Government promises a full and exhaustive investigation of the attacks, but fails to live up to this promise. Inexplicable failures of security procedures and of electronic equipment aid in the success of the attacks. Physical evidence at the scene of the attacks contradicts the official version of events.
Military exercises intended to test the country’s readiness to handle terrorist attacks are happening the very same morning that the actual attacks occur. The exercises simulated precisely the scenario that actually takes place. Even some of the locations are the same.
Muslim “terrorists” are blamed despite a strong body of evidence that suggests another scenario. The majority of the general public accepts the official explanation without question. The government is not required to prove its “official story.”
No, I’m not talking about 9/11, I’m talking about the bombings of three tube stations and one city bus in London, England on July 7, 2005. It was another false flag operation that followed the same pattern as Kennedy, 9/11, and many more deceptions.
Once again, this plan involved lies, cover-ups, fake evidence, media complicity and mass murder. And once again the event was blamed on Muslim terrorists. And we wonder why the Muslim world is pissed off at us?
The London bombings (which I will address in detail in future posts) were coldly calculated to perpetuate the fear that our governments use to control us. As long as we’re afraid of the big, bad enemy from the outside (it used to be Communism, now it’s Muslim terrorists), we’ll let the rich and powerful continue to tighten the reigns of control. They represent their own interests, not ours.
It’s a familiar pattern. It’s time to start seeing it.



  2. Craig,
    The difference between 7/7 and 9/11 is that 7/7 has a much more watertight storyline which only starts to disintegrate when carefully examined. There is an inquest into 7/7 currently taking place in the UK and I would suggest you go to
    if you want to find out everything (and I mean everything) about 7/7. Their forum is also a great resource for research.

    1. Thanks KP, I’ll check that out.
      [here’s an add-on to my reply: the site KP linked is amazingly thorough and detailed. I’m looking forward to reading all the research they’ve compiled.]

  3. It’s all very unsatisfactory. There are always references to “COMPELLING EVIDENCE” but nothing ever appears, there’s always “Government backed plots” which go nowhere.
    If the western governments are so keen to traumatize their populations, why have Muslim terrorists turned on their own populations and now terrorize those countries.
    Or is it that there are links between the Nigerian government and Boko Haram? or the Israeli government and Hamas? etc
    While there doubtless are very real concerns to worry governments in the future, these theories don’t reflect the Now!
    The 70’s revisionist attitude of President Putin could be a real cause for concern, and a lot of the recent rhetoric coming out of Mr Putin’s own mouth, is the very same as came out of Mr. Hitler’s mouth. ie. I have to support and protect Russians living in other countries; if necessary from themselves!
    Be that as it may; if the obstacle is Mr. Cameron’s obscure manner of diplomacy surrounding Mr. Putin’s invasion of neighbouring countries, he can always be voted out, and if the TRUTH is out there, unlike it is in Russia; you can always vote him out!
    All the while you are trying to uncover ‘western government ‘ plots, you are not watching those who will come up and bite you on the derriere

  4. I see there isn’t much at all about 7/7 on T&S but it is the 10th anniversary and I found this J7 link over on Fintan Dunne’s site Break for News. I’d pretty much forgotten J7. They hardly ever update their site. But it is tops in my book for getting to the truth out about 7/7. It’s hard to argue with all the anomalies they’ve exposed and the fact of the UK government and the media is still not cooperating with truth seekers. But continue the cover-up they do. In the article is this:
    “J7 have received the usual barrage of requests for comment in recent weeks … One such journalist is Jack Sommers of the Huffington Post. In response to his questions and those of other journalists asking for comment on similar issues, J7 offers the following.”
    So I went to Huffington Post surprised to see them give credence to a truth group and I’ll be damned if I can find anything resembling this on Huffington Post. They have a reporter do a report and then don’t report it. And they are featuring a whole bunch of 7/7 anniversary essays, all backing up the official story. Bastards. (P.S. If it is me just being sloppy and it is there, sorry Ariana.)
    Tuesday, 7 July 2015
    7/7 Ten Years On – An indictment of the State and the state of investigative journalism
    As the tenth anniversary of 7th July 2005 materialises much will be written and broadcast around the official ‘narrative’ of what happened that fateful day. Ten years on and you might think that there would not be much more that could be learned about what happened. Yet, on 6th July 2015, we learn from the former head of the Counter Terrorism Command at Scotland Yard between 2002 and 2008, Peter Clarke, that:
    I spent the weekend before the London bombings of July 7 2005 with my colleagues in the anti-terrorism branch, working through our response to the most difficult scenario we could think of. The one we came up with was multiple simultaneous attacks on the Tube. Four days later, our musings became a dreadful reality.
    How prescient a scenario this was, mirroring as it did a Panaroma ‘documentary’ from 2004, as well as crisis management exercises that were running on the day of 7th July 2005 that were also operating around a similar scenario. The idea of a series of explosions across the underground network seems to have been very common currency for quite some time among the anti-terror brigades….. … e-and.html

    1. Since the tube system was considered a likely target for terrorists it’s hardly surprising it would be a target for terrorists.

      1. You’re such a disingenuous asshole Wright. You slink away from the last thread, as usual, to pop up elsewhere…that is what is no longer a surprise to anyone familiar with your bullshit trip.

      2. Since the American battleships were considered a likely target for the Spanish it’s hardly surprising Maine would be a target for Spanish.
        Since the merchant boats were considered a likely target for the Nazis it’s hardly surprising Lusitinia would be a target for terrorists.
        Since the Reichstag was considered a likely target for the communists it’s hardly surprising it would be a target for communists.
        Since the a radio tower was considered a likely target for the Poland it’s hardly surprising Gleiwitz would be a target for the Poland..
        Since Pearl Harbor was considered a likely target for the Japanese it’s hardly surprising it would be a target for Japanese.
        Since the American battleships were considered a likely target for the Vietnamese it’s hardly surprising USS Maddox would be a target for the Vietnamese.
        Since the high-rises were considered a likely target for terrorists it’s hardly surprising it would be a target for terrorists.
        If anyone else wants to play the game, here’s the format… Just fill in the blanks.
        Since the ____________ was considered a likely target for _________ it’s hardly surprising it would be a target for ____________.
        “disingenuous” is a pretty good word to describe your comment, A.Wright… And it is a twelve-letter word, not four… But “asshole” has only seven… Go figure.

        1. @Lilaleo
          I’ll fill in the blanks
          Since the tube system was considered a likely target for terrorists it’s hardly surprising it would be a target for terrorists.
          Do you disagree with that statement?

          1. Does it even matter????
            I am pretty fluent in bullcrap, Wright… What would you gain by asking such a fallacious question???
            But if we are playing that game, I’ll play a round…
            How bout this golden oldie question for you, then?
            Did you stop beating your wife? Yes, or no?

          2. A backhand(ed) volley from Wright to win the point. Darn!
            Jimbo… Sorry, mate… I tried… But lost the point. We are all gonna have to revisit this 7/7 being a false flag thing and sift through mountains of hard and soft evidence, witness reports, inconsistencies, how the patsies were gunned down, history of false flag events, and possibly change our entire understanding of ancient and modern history and warfare…
            Because, I am sold… Mr. Wright here has demonstrated what utter fools we were to think something fishy was going on there. It makes total sense now. After all, since the tube system was considered a likely target for terrorists it’s hardly surprising it would be a target for terrorists.
            Now, who could possibly disagree with that statement? Am I right, or am I wright?

          3. Yep… Even though you admittedly suck at tennis. Shame on me.
            I think I’m gonna go back to playing my game… Game of silence… Not much else to be said here anyway.

          4. Well Lilaleo, it is always a circle jerk of dumbfuckery from Wright. Leave him to his donuts.

  5. Read the link. That’s why it’s there. There are so many things wrong with the official 7/7 story it’s ridiculous. Along with the coincidence of the incident matching the drills and somehow occurring at the same exact time (just think about that for a few seconds) there are the cameras not working and the accounting of the dead except oddly for the terrorists and the load of information the government is withholding… my god. Just read the article Mr. Wright and then rebut.

    1. Anthony John Hill, “Maud dib”, found not guilty in his trial for “perverting the course of justice” for mailing from Ireland, where he lives, copies of “7/7 ripple effect” to people involved in the attempted framing of three young Muslim “accomplices” of the four dead Muslim “perpetrators.”
      After 151 days in Wandswirth prison, and winning his trial, he has released a new expanded “7/7 The Ripple Effect 2”, incorporating new testimony and evidence,

        1. Typical of Barrett to support the wildest version of an already wild event, as if 7/7 needed more drama. Read for yourself here how the J7 blog, a group scrupulous in its research, criticizes Ripple Effect for getting fancy with facts that J7 had dug up in the first place. While on the J7 page follow the link there to Mind the Gap parts 1 and 2 where all the 7/7 discrepancies are listed and then make up your own mind. If you have a lick of sense you will probably see that 7/7 was an inside job but with the actual culprits and definitive motive still unknown.
          7/7 Ripple Effect – a rebuttal and rejection

          1. This Muad’Dib character begins with his “my god is bigger than your god” – which is, in my opinion, a bullshit game. I disregard bullshit games as signs of disinformation.
            By the same token I reject anything from Gordon Duff and his nest of moles at Veterans Today.
            So, there are several strikes on this page already. J-for-J seems to take a good approach. Although it is obvious that Occam’s Razor can be interpreted in so many ways that mere mention of the name aggravates me these days.

          2. How exactly is it that “actual culprits and definitive motive [are] unknown” while the event obviously has the complicity, support, active involvement and cover-up by UK police, government, military and the media in the aftermath, which is still going on? And when it was used to muster dwindling UK+US public support for extended military involvement in Iraq?
            Does it really matter who exactly planted the bombs and who exactly pressed the button on the detonator?

          3. Does it really matter who exactly planted the bombs and who exactly pressed the button on the detonator? – Lialeo
            My cynicism about the justice system is a little less for the Brits than it is for the US’s but not much. Whoever is behind 9/11 and 7/7 is only getting away with the crime for now. Meanwhile I can hope the real authorities, the cops and prosecutors, will take up after the J7 has done the investigative legwork and then bust the bastards. That is how the system is supposed to work. This flagrant looking away from the crime by the authorities and media is what motivates me to keep on checking conspiracy sites to see if the culprits are any closer to being busted. With each bit more of evidence our guys and gals find I believe (theoretically) it should be harder for the authorities ignore the truth that a massive criminal coverup has taken place and that these were inside jobs. We don’t have many plusses but j7 has moved the official commission to change their official story a few times like with them acknowledging the train the “terrorists” took to London wasn’t even running that day. And David Chandler got NIST to change their Building 7 story as well. God knows we’ve tried to get the authorities to look at these sites, to watch a goddamned video but so far not much has happened on their end. It’s like the Abbot and Costello bit where they’re in a haunted house and Costello sees the candlestick moving and goes A-A-A-bot. But when Abbot looks the candlestick has stopped moving and he gives the jamook a dope slap. Eventually Abbot see the candlestick move too. So we’re just waiting for Abbot. He’ll come around. Maybe.

          4. Good grief Jimbo, what a naive load of squabble the above comment is!
            When’s it going to sink in? There is no legitimate authority. It is a ruse, the whole fucking trip is a ruse!!

          5. Then what’s the point? Please tell me why follow the truth movement. Legit or no, there are other big issues which get governmentally resolved to some extent like climate change, banking, war and peace, taxes, schools and dams get built, welfare and retirement checks go out, parking tickets, highway tolls, all the issues the media do mention. But this banging of my head on this one issue, the truth, is my head banging just a futile exercise? Am I just trying to get Abbot to see my moving candle. Or are we just amateur sleuths in an amateur sleuth club and meet to eat cheese and crackers and see what our members have come up with this week. Or am I ill with an obsession? Is 9/11 like porn? What is the point if not to hope that someday the bastards who did these crimes and will probably strike again get stopped and not by me or you guys but by the law. That is not impossible.
            Please, Willie, Lialeo, tell me why you/we do this? What is the goal?

          6. “What is the goal?”~Jimbo,
            Maintaining historical memory. Maintaining sanity.
            Remaining human.

          7. ”…big issues which get governmentally resolved to some extent like climate change, banking, war and peace, taxes, schools and dams get built, welfare and retirement checks go out, parking tickets, highway tolls, all the issues the media do mention.” – jimbo
            Let’s see now…
            Climate change – Yet another bullcrap narrative to control and constrain the masses while the world is being put through a major remodeling and population reduction project.
            War and peace – Neither one is implemented for the good of the people… The same people who are required to fight in the former, and survive and serve in the latter.
            Taxes – One of the biggest hoaxes ever… Used as a stick, as well as a carrot to control and regulate the masses. In your own country (you are British, right?) legislation was passed just recently to stop the per-child tax breaks and government help for families who have more than two children. Yet another depopulation move… And, if you feel the items on the rest of your list are built by tax dollars, I’d say you need to look into the core structure of the financial system and central banks a little.
            Schools – I can’t really argue that schools are unnecessary… However, government controlled schools and curriculum are mainly used to indoctrinate young minds to become submissive servants to the control system they are born into. Societies are “controlled” by governance, but “created” in schools. The amount of knowledge and level of education is also regulated up and down depending on what the social engineers and ideologues feel they will need in a few decades’ time.
            Dams, welfare and retirement checks and the rest… At best, these are mere conveniences that shape the functions of society. They are not there to “serve” the people, but to make the best use of the land and people the land-owners and their agents rule over. (like your queen and her agents)
            ”But this banging of my head on this one issue, the truth, is my head banging just a futile exercise?” – Jimbo
            Sadly, yes! It does not necessarily need to be so, however, it ends up being so given the commonalities in human nature, and the path that almost every newly-awakened soul follows. What you might feel is a path, is a very carefully and scientifically built maze, to keep you busy looking for the way out while “they” keep building new mazes faster than you can solve the one you are in. In your case, this seems to be the 7/7 maze…
            ”Or are we just amateur sleuths in an amateur sleuth club and meet to eat cheese and crackers and see what our members have come up with this week” – Jimbo
            Yes! We are! Bad cheese and stale crackers at that…
            ”What is the point if not to hope that someday the bastards who did these crimes and will probably strike again get stopped and not by me or you guys but by the law.” – Jimbo
            This statement is based on the assumption that the powers that make and execute the “law” are different than the ones who commit the crimes and break those laws. Therefore, the only way your wish can come true is if the power of law changes hands. The electoral and political means for that to happen are sadly no longer available (if they ever were). So, the only possible way for this to happen seems to be through revolution and regime change. Sadly, both tend to be on the bloody side. Heads roll, people die… And chances are that the “new” masters, instead of creating a “better” system, set out to establish the same (or worse) system with just different names at the top of the food chain.
            Which brings us to your main, harder (and longer) to answer question:
            ”… tell me why you/we do this? What is the goal?” – Jimbo
            Willy’s short and sweet and very very wise reply to you is definitely a great answer. At least at a personal level. So, I will not even attempt to add to it or extend on it. Although, I will say that the answer also spills into one of your previous questions asking if this is like porn. Yes, it is exactly like porn.. Because it is mainly for self satisfaction.
            However, call me a fool if you wish, but my contention is that there could possibly be a larger purpose that has some chance of success in the long run. But it requires tossing out ALL conventions of our current ideologies, social, moral, religious and ethnic beliefs and prejudices, and start recognizing that the vast majority of the existing nations and tribes and races are in a similar predicament… Which is being dominated by oligarchs, being lied to by our governments who claim to represent and protect us, being a slave to an imaginary authority of one human over another, being guided by a fake morality that we are brainwashed with that the powers that be do not subscribe to themselves, and being governed by laws made by the powerful to serve the powerful, which, once again, they do not adhere to.
            Once these deeply evolved control and belief systems, which exist only in our brainwashed minds, are removed from the equation, only then the masses will start recognizing that the suffering and injustices they have been subjected to really have no validity, no reason and absolutely no justification.
            And, more specifically about the so called “truth” we are seeking… I feel we really need to give up on that and not waste our time. If one’s personal curiosity requires him to seek answers to questions, then fine… But, it is clear to me, after having sought this elusive “truth” thingy for most of my life, that there is no definitive truth that EVERYBODY will ever agree on. Those who claim to know the “truth” are either fools or they are lying! However, “we” seem to all agree on the fact that we have been lied to about everything that really matters… For millennia!!! If truth is obviously not attainable, then the most powerful knowledge could be knowing that a lie is indeed a lie. Which, I feel, is plenty good to break our mental shackles and un-recognize the authority of those who claim to have it.
            One of the most commonly asked questions by truth-seekers is “who is behind all this?” Is it the “government”? Is it the queen? The satanists? The Jooz? The knights of Malta, the Jesuits, the Vatican? Zionists? Shape-shifting lizards? Aliens from space?
            This is very similar to the questions asked in those JFK related sites… was it the CIA? The Cubans? The communists? Nazis? The Mafia?
            My answer to both groups of questions is the same: IT IS ALL OF THEM! (except the lizards and aliens).
            Jewish leaders lie to their own, Vatican lies to their own, the royals lie to their own, governments, armies, politicians, the media, the scholars and academics, the teachers, ALL lie to their own!!! And, when they get together, they lie to us all.
            Even if we were to assume your prime minister, your judges, police chiefs were totally innocent about 7/7, they are GUILTY of not trying to find out… Or “looking away” as you put it. If they were not actively involved in the planning and execution of it, they are still as GUILTY as the owner of the finger on that detonator!
            Does the J7 have the power (and the balls) to take those characters on?

          8. HR1 beat me to it. Even though your heart seems to be in the right place, you seem either too young, or too new to becoming aware of the shadows on the cave wall.
            It has been 10 years since 7/7. Do you think the perpetrators are still on the run, and her majesty’s many many loyal servants, police chiefs, secret agents, investigators, heads of the MI5 and 6 and BBC are still trying to figure out what happened that day?
            It has been 14 years since 9/11. The amount of research, analysis, passion and feelings that went into it during these 14 years must be, with a modest guess, hundreds, if not thousands of times more than any event in history. And yet, media, law enforcement, government, judiciary, and yes, even the president of united states are still “looking away”.
            But, if you’d like to experience a real back-to-the-future moment, and see what happens after more than fifty years, have a quick visit and browse around a little at It, along with many other JFK related sites, is full of very smart people who have dedicated decades to researching and knowing every trivial aspect of everything surrounding the assassination. There are those convinced that they know exactly what happened, and those who claim to know exactly what didn’t. But, in general, there is still a general sense that they can not “prove” anything beyond the shadow of a doubt, and therefore, the jury is still out. But most of them still seem to think the case is about to be cracked for good… Almost any day now… If only they could get that one document from the CIA or FBI or XYZ…
            Maybe your J7 will indeed crack the case… But I really doubt it… One can make a hole in an iceberg by simply peeing on it. But, unless you can get a few billion more people to pee with you, all at the same time, there certainly won’t be any crackin’ happenin’.

  6. “History’s domain was the memorable, the totality of events whose
    consequences would be lastingly apparent. And thus, inseparably, history
    was knowledge that should endure and aid in understanding, at least in part,
    what was to come: “an everlasting possession,” according to Thucydides.
    In this way history was the measure of genuine novelty. It is in the interest
    of those who sell novelty at any price to eradicate the means of measuring
    it. When social significance is attributed only to what is immediate, and to
    what will be immediate immediately afterwards, always replacing another,
    identical, immediacy, it can be seen that the uses of the media guarantee a
    kind of eternity of noisy insignificance.”~Guy Debord

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