Dave McGowan battling aggressive cancer: wrote 9/11 was a lie on 9/12

*We got the very sad news today, Nov. 22, 2015, that Dave McGowan passed away from cancer at 12:47 p.m. The article below was originally posted on May 23, 2015 when we got the news that Dave was very ill.
This post features the full text of an article Dave McGowan wrote on Sept. 12, 2001, questioning the official story of the “terrorist attacks” 9/11. This is preceded by introductions from me and from Truth and Shadows contributor Sheila Casey.
** Since the publication of this article, it has come to my attention that Dave McGowan is in desperate need of funds so that he can cope with the effects of his illness. His brother Craig wrote on Facebook: 

As far as the donations, most of you know that dave has been struggling financially the last 8 months and made less than 5 grand total on the book “Weird Scenes.” Our family is, for no better term, poor, or, in the lower middle class realm, if that even is a class…Like David, I have a very difficult time asking for financial help from others so I’m not going to ask anyone here. Does david need the help? yes. Will he mention it? absolutely not.”
You can donate to Dave via his web site, which has a donate button at the top.(CM)
McGowan: insight and courage.

McGowan: insight and courage.

Craig McKee: We received some terrible news yesterday that Dave McGowan, one of the most important and engaging researchers in the “conspiracy” field, is seriously ill. He has a very aggressive and advanced form of cancer – affecting his lungs, liver, and bones – and has a very small chance of recovery.
I thought it appropriate to honor Dave and his continuing contribution to truth seeking and to let people know just how valuable a writer he is, by reprinting a piece below that he wrote just a day after 9/11. He knew right away that the official story we were being fed about the so-called “terrorist attacks” did not add up. It doesn’t have all the answers, but it makes an excellent start on asking the right questions.
The first thing I read from McGowan was his series on the Apollo Moon missions called “Wagging the Moondoggie.” This amazing 14-part series is what finally convinced me that the Moon landings never took place. What struck me was not only his insight but his wit. Very dry, which is the best kind.
In addition to what became a whole series on 9/11, I was also blown away by series on the Boston Marathon “bombing” and dark side of the music scene in Laurel Canyon in the 1960s (which became a book). Other books he has written include Programmed to Kill, Understanding the F-Word: American Fascism and the Politics of Illusion, and Derailing Democracy: The America the Media Don’t Want You to See.
Sheila Casey: One of my heroes has received a devastating diagnosis and I’m heartbroken. I had assumed we would have many more years of wit, insight, and terrific investigative journalism from dissident writer Dave McGowan.
Like Craig, the first thing I read by Dave was “Wagging the Moondoggie.” I distinctly recall my feeling of dismay when I saw the length of it: 14 chapters in a none-too-friendly page layout. But a few pages in, and I was immersed, and steadily coming to the inescapable conclusion that those wacky conspiracy theorists I’d heard about all my life, the ones who believe we didn’t go to the moon, were right.
But Dave doesn’t just do great research and display impeccable logic. He writes with so much wit that he can make the most incredible deceptions (such as the faked moon landings) seem downright hilarious. For example:

“There was much about the Apollo flights that was truly miraculous, but arguably the greatest technological achievement was the design of the lunar modules. Has anyone, by the way, ever really taken a good look at one of those contraptions? I mean a detailed, up-close look? I’m guessing that the vast majority of people have not, but luckily we can quickly remedy that situation because I happen to have some really good, high-resolution images that come directly from the good people at NASA.
While what is depicted in the images may initially appear, to the untrained eye, to be some kind of mock-up that someone cobbled together in their backyard to make fun of NASA, I can assure you that it is actually an extremely high-tech manned spacecraft capable of landing on the surface of the Moon. And incredibly enough, it was also capable of blasting off from the Moon and flying 69 miles back up into lunar orbit! Though not immediately apparent, it is actually a two-stage craft, the lower half (the part that looks like a tubular aluminum framework covered with Mylar and old Christmas wrapping paper) being the descent stage, and the upper half (the part that looks as though it was cobbled together from old air conditioning ductwork and is primarily held together, as can be seen in the close-up, with zippers and gold tape) being the ascent stage.
The upper half, of course, is the more sophisticated portion, being capable of lifting off and flying with enough power to break free of the Moon’s gravity and reach lunar orbit. It also, of course, possessed sophisticated enough navigational capabilities for it to locate, literally out in the middle of fucking nowhere, the command module that it had to dock with in order to get the astronauts safely back to Earth. It also had to catch that command module, which was orbiting the Moon at a leisurely 4,000 miles per hour.
But we’ll get to all that a little later. I think we can all agree for now that such a sleek, stylish, well-designed craft would have no problem flying with that kind of power, precision and stability.”

Yes, this is a real lunar module – courtesy of NASA.

Dave was incredibly prescient and published his first piece criticizing the official story about 9/11 on the following day, 9/12 (reproduced below). Again, he displays his trademark wit. Here he is on the claim that the World Trade Center towers were brought down by planes:

“Who would have ever thought that the best weapon with which to reduce an entire tower to rubble was the plane itself…Someone obviously should have followed up on the early work done in this area by the Japanese during World War II.”

There are many dissident writers whom I admire, but to my mind, Dave McGowan stands alone.  The world would be a sadder, more confused and lost place without him. I’m praying for a miracle and hoping he can beat this cancer.


Welcome to the new and improved police state

By David McGowan (Reprinted from The Center for an Informed America)

“We are going to see a great number of articles in the future from so-called experts and public officials. They will warn about more violence, more kidnappings, and more terrorists. Mass media, the armed forces, and intelligence agencies will saturate our lives with fascist scare tactics and ‘predictions’ that have already been planned to come true.”
– ‘Conspiracy theorist’ Mae Brussell, 1974
SEPTEMBER 12, 2001 – I have a friend with whom I frequently disagree on matters of politics. He thinks that I am a crazed conspiracy theorist, and I think that he is a reactionary fascist. There was one thing that we agreed on though.
A few weeks ago, I told him that our fearless leaders seemed to be veering dangerously close to unleashing ‘tactical’ nuclear weapons upon the world. Although he seriously doubted that that was in fact the case, he readily agreed that such an action would be reckless and unconscionable. He stated that he couldn’t envision any scenario under which such a strike would be justified and that we should avoid, at all costs, crossing that threshold. Opening that door, he believed, could only serve to escalate tensions and make this a much more dangerous world in which to live.
He was one of several people who called me yesterday to discuss the alleged terrorist attacks upon America. During the course of that call, he stated flatly that when the perpetrators were identified, they and their backers should be nuked. When I reminded him of our conversation of just a few weeks before, he said that things have changed now. I asked him if he had considered whether that wasn’t perhaps precisely the point of the attacks. Unfazed, he reiterated his belief that I am a crazed conspiracy theorist.
Excuse my cynicism here, but have we Americans completely lost our ability to think?

Planes could not have brought down towers.

Are we now so thoroughly braindead that we are completely reliant on our media outlets, with their endless supply of ‘experts,’ to make sense of events in the world? Are we really that stupid – or do our leaders just think that we are?
The actions taken on the morning of September 11 were crimes – horrendous crimes against humanity, to be sure, but in the final analysis, not so very different from any other crimes. And the first step in solving any crime is to look at who had a motive and who had the means and opportunity to commit said crime.
As for motive, we are being asked to believe that a band of Islamic terrorists are the most likely suspects. But is that really the case? Was it a state-sponsored terrorist group that had the most to gain by launching such an assault? Or was it our own political, corporate and military leaders?
While the people of the Palestinian territories may well be dancing in the streets today in celebration of the blow struck against the United States, they certainly won’t emerge as the winners in this national tragedy. When the bombs begin to rain down upon them, as they certainly will, the loss of life, property and hope will be far more profound for them than it will be for the people of New York. Their short-term ‘victory’ will be a hollow one indeed.
This is certainly not to suggest that there are no governments, groups, or organizations around the world – or within these borders – that have legitimate grudges against the United States government. The numbers of such entities are legion. Two hundred years of imperialistic covert and overt military ventures have created a lot of enemies of the American ship of state, and a tremendous amount of residual bitterness. Yet none of these groups stood to gain by launching such an attack.
The United States, on the other hand, has much to gain in the aftermath of this chapter of American history. I am not talking here, of course, about thepeople of this country, who will pay a steep price for the carnage of September 11. Big Brother has assured us that we will be protected from future acts of this sort, and we will welcome with open arms the repressive, overtly fascistic ‘reforms’ that will be enacted.
The people of this country, and of the world, are always the ones to pick up the tab for acts of gross governmental malfeasance. The people of some hapless country (or countries) that is identified as the culprit will pay with their lives and the lives of their children. The people of America, and much of the Western world, will pay with the wholesale stripping away of their remaining human, civil and privacy rights.
Such a scenario only serves to benefit those who sit at the top of the food chain. Our elected leaders – who are elected only in the sense that every couple of years we are given a choice between two interchangeable candidates – will revel in the free reign they will be given to ram through legislation so appallingly reactionary that it would have been unthinkable just days ago. Military spending and the militarization of the country will escalate to a fever pitch.
Welcome, my friends, to the new and improved police state – the largest, most powerful, and most technologically advanced police state the world has ever seen. With the much-lauded U.S. economy tanking, and unemployment figures hitting their highest levels in years, this will come in very handy for the ‘powers that be.’
The ugly truth is that all ‘anti-terrorist’ measures are designed not to protect the American people from attack or to protect our ‘freedoms,’ but to protect wealth and power – specifically the unprecedented levels of wealth currently held by corporate America – and to restrict those very freedoms that threaten their hold on that wealth. This American tragedy, in other words, plays directly into the hands of the corporate and military elite of this nation, who have for years been propagandizing for a more belligerent and imperialistic foreign policy and for more repressive legislation here on the homefront. Having been presented with a pretext to enact such measures, it is our leaders – elected or otherwise – who stand to gain the most from yesterday’s bloodshed.
As for the question of who had the means and opportunity to commit these crimes, the official story holds that they were the work of a well-organized foreign terrorist organization. Officials have acknowledged that the operation was an exceptionally well-planned and well-coordinated series of attacks that required months of planning and a large network of co-conspirators to pull off. So well-organized was the operation that government spokesmen and television talking-heads (which are really the same thing) have been at a loss to explain some of the day’s events. Many questions have been left unanswered and some haven’t been asked at all. Some of the answers that have been offered have strained credibility far past the breaking point.
One question that has gone unanswered is how a plane was able to penetrate so deeply into the Pentagon’s airspace – even after two other planes had already plowed into the World Trade Center towers. Despite the ridiculous current claims, the airspace surrounding the Pentagon is perhaps the most tightly controlled, militarily secure airspace in the world. This would be all the more true in the immediate aftermath of a large-scale ‘terrorist’ attack on New York City.
Claims have been made that even if the approach of the aircraft had sounded an alarm, it would not have been targeted due to the fact that it was a commercial aircraft with many innocent lives aboard. Nonsense. Anyone who thinks that U.S. military/intelligence personnel would hesitate to target a commercial airliner, particularly in light of the fact that two such aircraft had already been used in suicide attacks, is living in a media-induced fantasy world. The question then of how this plane was able to ‘elude’ the Pentagon’s formidable defenses is one that should receive close scrutiny from America’s ‘free’ and ‘independent’ press. There is virtually no chance that that will happen.
Another question that begs for an answer is how teams of presumably armed hijackers were able to breach the security measures of no less than three major airports and successfully hijack four separate flights. Contrary to the claims now being made, security precautions currently in place in U.S. airports are anything but “lax.” That fact was being implicitly acknowledged by this morning, as reports began to come in claiming that the hijackers had improvised weapons from razor blades and other items carried in their shaving kits. The network and cable news broadcasters reporting this story actually did so with straight faces.
This scenario would be laughable were this story not such a tragic one. According to the latest official accounts, three to five terrorists boarded each of the hijacked aircraft (all of these terrorists, of course, were such religious fanatics that they had agreed to give their lives for the cause they believed in, and none of them presumably had second thoughts about that decision once the operation was underway). Does anyone really believe that a few guys wielding toothbrush handles embedded with razor blades could quickly and efficiently gain control of a commercial airliner? I would think that such a group would have their hands full trying to hold-up a liquor store.
How could, as has been reported, such a ‘terrorist cell’ possibly simultaneously overpower the flight crews and corral all of the flights’ passengers into the rear of the planes? I don’t consider myself to be a particularly brave or heroic sort of guy, but I would not hesitate for a second to take on a couple of guys wielding toothbrushes, particularly if my life, or the life of my family, was on the line and if I knew that I had some sixty people (the average number of passengers on the flights) behind me who would back me up. Maybe that’s just me, but somehow I think most Americans would rise to the occasion.
Nevertheless, these terrorist teams reportedly succeeded where so many other, better-armed terrorists have failed. The majority of hijacking attempts, as officials have acknowledged, end in failure. There hasn’t been one to succeed in this country for a decade. And yet these teams succeeded, and on a spectacular scale, in four-out-of-four attempts and with only the most primitive of weapons. To what are we to attribute that fact? Don’t look to the media for answers.
Perhaps the most obvious question raised by the attacks, and one that officials have feebly attempted to answer, is how the planning for such an operation could have escaped the attention of the country’s intelligence services. Whenever such an event occurs, the intelligence agencies rather predictably hang their heads, slump their shoulders and sheepishly grin as they explain their powerlessness to predict such things: “We did the best we could,” they explain, “but our resources are limited, our adversaries formidable, and our sources not infallible.”
That’s a real nice story, but the reality is that the CIA – along with the FBI, ONI, DIA, NSC, NSA, DEA, and virtually every other three-letter acronym you could think of – constitutes the largest and most insidious intelligence network the world has ever seen. Its agents have fully infiltrated every foreign government on the planet, as well as every significant ‘terrorist’ group and every domestic resistance movement that has ever posed even a remote threat to the goals of those who helm the American ship of state. It is simply inconceivable that such an ambitious attack could have been planned, coordinated and launched without the knowledge of numerous members of the national security state.
That is the inescapable reality that no amount of media and government spin can erase, though politicians and their media puppets will work overtime to do exactly that. One need only to turn their television set off and their brain on though to see how preposterous is the claim that these attacks took the intelligence community by surprise.
Perhaps the most disturbing question raised by the attacks is what exactly caused the twin towers of the WTC to collapse? The impact of the planes affected only the upper floors of the towers; their foundations were unaffected. The UK’s Guardian acknowledged that the initial impact of the aircraft would result in less stress on the building than is normally caused by high winds. The buildings were specifically designed to handle such horizontal movement.
The Guardian and its expert consultants conclude that the collapse of the buildings was the result of secondary explosions, attributed to the delayed release of the large supply of jet fuel carried by the aircraft. How though could the ignition of the jet fuel have occurred as a delayed, secondary explosion? As the endlessly played videotapes of the attacks graphically illustrate, the initial impacts resulted in enormous fireballs and the immediate engulfing of a portion of the buildings in flames.
It is inconceivable that the aircraft’s fuel tanks would not have burst upon impact, with their contents then immediately ignited. Indeed, if that wasn’t in fact the case, then how are we to explain the initial explosions and fireballs that were witnessed by the world? What exactly was it that created the spectacular initial blasts if it wasn’t the jet fuel? But if that was the case, what was it then that created the secondary explosions that appear to have occurred? These secondary blasts were acknowledged early in the day by an NBC newsman. The correspondent stated on the air that he had just talked with the fire department’s public safety commissioner who verified that large secondary explosions precipitated the collapse of the towers.
A radio broadcaster on WLS in Chicago (according to a correspondent), whose former colleague* is a CBS journalist who was on the scene at the towers, said on the air that this colleague had witnessed an enormous fireball emanating from beneath one of the towers immediately before it came crashing down. What are we to make of these scattered reports, none of which received any follow-up coverage amidst the non-stop blizzard of media attention?
To be sure, the collapse of the towers, captured on tape for all the world to see, had the decided appearance of controlled implosions, facilitated by the precise placement of technologically advanced explosives. The world has never before witnessed such complete destruction of a targeted building by an act of war or a ‘terrorist’ assault. We have seen the United States target many a building for destruction. In the most recent military venture, we saw an embassy building and a television studio, among many others, take direct and multiple hits from state-of-the-art bombs and guided missiles. The buildings were devastated, to be sure, but the damage didn’t come close to matching the pile of rubble that the Twin Towers were reduced to.
We also saw a highrise Israeli apartment building take a direct hit from an Iraqi Scud missile during the Gulf war (actually, most of us probably didn’t see that, except for those who happened to be tuned in to CNN for the brief few moments when the footage was aired; as it turns out, that Scud missile was actually safely intercepted by a trusty Patriot missile, or so it was claimed, just as if the footage had never aired). The point though is that the building was hit and did suffer extensive damage, and undoubtedly at the cost of many lives. But again, the building – though sheared nearly in half – was in considerably better shape than the WTC towers.
It occurs to me then that perhaps America has invested entirely too much time and money in pursuit of creating ever more powerful and efficient weapons systems. Who would have ever thought that the best weapon with which to reduce an entire tower to rubble was the plane itself. It doesn’t even have to be a military plane – any old commercial aircraft will do. Someone obviously should have followed up on the early work done in this area by the Japanese during World War II.
In the final analysis, we must ask ourselves the following questions: Who had the means to get highly-trained commando teams onto four commercial aircraft flying out of three separate airports? Who had the ability to violate the Pentagon’s airspace, completely unmolested and unchallenged? What weapons were really used to commandeer those aircraft and who had the means to get them on the planes? Who had the ability to plan and execute such an ambitious, multi-pronged attack without the interference of the U.S. intelligence services? Who had the means to staff each of the four teams with at least one well-trained, and suicidal, pilot? Who had the means and opportunity to plant secondary explosive charges, if in fact these were used?
Finally, perhaps the most important question to be asked is: who stands to gain the most in the bleak aftermath? It is certainly not the American people, or any resistance movement within these borders. It’s definitely not the still-to-be identified target(s) of the nation’s wrath (which will likely include Iraq). That would seem to limit the remaining choices.
It is quite possible, indeed quite likely, that members of some ‘extremist’ group served as the foot soldiers of these attacks. But it is just as likely that they were used as pawns in the global chess game that serves as our collective reality. It is also likely that these ‘terrorists’ were motivated by legitimately perceived grievances with the U.S. government. Those motivations weren’t likely shared by their puppeteers, however, who cynically manipulated those belief systems to serve their own ends. Most of the participants probably did not know that they were embarking on suicide missions. Quite likely only the pilots knew that, and they may very well have received a little more ‘training’ than your average pilot.
All of this is, by necessity, just speculation at this point. The true facts of the case will emerge over time in bits and pieces, mixed in with a healthy dose of disinformation. It matters little though in which direction those facts point. The official story has already been written.


Cards and flowers can be sent to Dave at: Glendale Adventist Medical Center, 1509 Wilson Terrace, Glendale, CA 91206, Room 1215.


    1. I wanted to leave my own comment in it’s own thread but not sure how to do so, If you can re-post this in in it’s own header, more people may see it. Dave is no longer in the hospital. He is with his parents and myself and we are keeping him safe. David wished to go to AZ where we live but we have a insurance obstacle. David will remain in CA at least through his second chemo treatment and then the oncologist will determine if there has been any benefit. I am going home tomorrow for my son’s graduation and will stay a couple days. At that time, from my own secure computer, I will begin to research some of the methods that people are promoting. I also need to tell those that are not aware and might be interested, that Nick Bryant, Dave’s friend and the author of the “Franklin Scandal” is also very sick and currently at Mayo Clinic. He went in the same time as David, but I am remiss in giving out any more information as it is not my affair and i have never asked for permission. I will also not that I was informed that two additional researchers are also sick or struggling with something as well at this time. I do not know who they are and I have not independently verified that information. Nick for sure. I do not know his current status

      1. I really believed that Dave was gaining stature and recognition! What a fool I remain. So Sorry, I will try to donate what I can. Get better Dave and we will pray for you here in Whangarei, NZ.

      2. Craig McGowan,
        How old is your brother Dave? What year was he born in?
        Thanks, Willy Whitten – \\][//

      3. Just wanted to point out that Joyce Riley (the Power Hour Radio Show host) has done well after being diagnosed with a late stage breast cancer. She has tried several protocols and speaks highly of Gary Nulls’ center. Her website is http://www.thepowerhour.com. Her contact information is on that. Dave has contributed to the world immensely with his knowledge and research into arenas that others dare to go. He is a brave and strong man–hoping that his strength will help him through this arduous journey. He is much appreciated. Sending healing thoughts and energy his way.

      4. Thanks for the update, Craig.
        Dave may be aware of this, but just in case he isn’t – Vitamin D3 has been a welcome addition to my regimen. I had an accident over three years ago, and I haven’t healed appreciably in any of the time since. Recently, I read about the effects of Vitamin D3 deficiencies, and I started taking it daily, and I am now feeling some relief from the constant pain I have had since 2012.
        I wish Dave all the best. He is one of the best guys out there – I was a member of his newsletter before the events of September 11th, and I was with him when he called shenanigans on the OCT.
        I hope to hear better news.

    1. Your not kidding Ron.Virtue sees through the psychotic bastards and their unimaginative threat of death, the same old protocol from the very start and thing its protege symbiotic lying vermin can do to try and shut it up. I think its a beautiful irony how much credence it lends to his arguments and play the fact forward for the others not yet “sick”, Right or wrong it certainly didn’t do Jesus any harm ; It does even better than the stupid bastards packing a dune buggy in the Lunar Module when the ratings went South-BANG right in the foot. A dune buggy, Whahahahahahahah, God luv him, I laughed at that one soooooo hard. Oh…, excuse me, my wife is home with the Cellotape, pasteboard and Aluminum foil and I’ve got to go and build a Lunar Module. Don’t laugh, I’m serious …….

  1. All my very best to Dave. Maybe cannabis oil can help.
    His 9/12 article certainly nails it; everything he declared in that piece came to pass.
    Our own Barrie Zwicker was also a truther from Day One. He noticed the lack of air defense response, lack of airliner at the Pentagon and the demolitions of the buildings immediately.
    And yes, the Lunar Module does look like it’s a prop from a high school theater set.

        1. it’s been quite some time since I have posted or replied. An individual who will remain nameless, placed all of David’s newsletters and series up on the site mentioned above at Futile work. He did so at his own expense and without profit so that Dave’s work would not disappear. He recently brokered a deal with the recipient of David’s Legacy rights to make all of David’s writing once again available online at a revamped Center For Informed America and removed the work from Futile Work, I do not know what the future will hold for David’s research and writing and I am not certain that all of the photographs and illustrations remain as originally posted by David because, unfortunately, David both linked and embedded the corroborating photographs and illustrations as well as copied and pasted. The latter all remain, but I cannot promise all the embedded photographs do as well. Here is a link to The Center For America as it exists today – http://centerforaninformedamerica.com/

  2. You have to have a lot of wisdom and penetrating political insight to be that damn funny–
    All prayers and best thoughts…….

  3. I was very saddened to hear this news. Like Sheila, I too hope Dave will make a miraculous recovery. In the alternative, I pray that he does not suffer while crossing over to what I believe is a much better place. Perhaps his job is done.
    The shamans teach that it is important how you die. I submit that it is at least equally important how you live. Dave has given us so much.
    Most recently, I read and thoroughly enjoyed Dave’s take on the Lincoln assassination. Prior to that, reading his take on the Sixties and moon landing really got me thinking.
    Thanks very much Dave!

  4. I’ve been reading Dave’s brilliant, and insightful articles for years. It still amazes me that he’s not more well known than, say, Alex Jones (oh, yeah … I really do know why because I’m the guy who discovered that AJ has links to the Bronfmans of Canada … nuff said).
    Anyhow, away from blowing my own trumpet, he is always a terrific read, and always comes up with things you would never believe unless you actually heard about it from Dave. I’m a big fan of his Moondoggie series (something that really needs to be (1) put into book form, and (2) researched even more), and his Programmed to Kill book … which is an incredible piece of work which goes to show how really psycopathic them in charge really are.
    He also always does it all , as has been mentioned already, with a dry wit, which is always good in a researcher. A bit of wit, and irony, always goes to really ram a point home in a way a po-faced writer can never do.
    Still … what a bloomin shock. Dave with cancer. Really terrible news. I’ve posted something already on the Penny For Your Thought blog but it really cannot be reiterated too much how important Dave’s work has been.
    I only just watched his 4 hour presentation on Caravan to Midnight a few days again, and again he really nails home how the Chicago Bombing was just another in a huge number of hoaxes the powers that be have foisted on the (mostly US) public. Crazy stuff indeed.
    But we should all send him our best wishes for a full recovery. He really is a (rough! :D) diamond, and hopefully will still be around for many years shining a light on those evil psychopaths with far too much money and power than sense.
    Best wishes
    Harvey Price (Palmerston North, New Zealand)

  5. I am literally blown away by how much Dave knew the day after 9/11. He is a true Oracle of our time and I want to thank him sincerely for all he has done to enlighten us all. It has taken me decades to get to the level of understanding Dave had on 9/11. His understanding of how the world really works is clearly far beyond that of average scholars and sages. I know today only after a lifetime of study and hard knocks that Dave’s work and level of understanding way back then was extremely advanced. If only I had the benefit of such a teacher long ago, but now I can read through his work and learn so much more. So thank you Dave I will be reading as much of your work as I can get my greedy hands on starting today. All my best wishes go to you and your family and I will be petitioning the great spirit on your behalf.

    1. I’m glad to see someone mention this! (I just posted the link for WWC, before I noticed your comment.)
      I tell everybody i know about all of this…. NO ONE HAS TO DIE FROM “CANCER”!

  6. I wish to convey my sincerest heartfelt gratitude for the overflowing support, props to David, and well wishes here in David’s darkest of hours by so many people the World over. The odds against him are astronomical, but David is by far the most stubborn and willful person I have ever known, and if anyone can beat this most aggressive of beasts, and do so with dignity. it is my Beloved little Brother David. Thank you all, each and everyone of you for sending your love and spreading the word now when David, who has given so much, needs everything all of you can give to him. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU

    1. Thank you, Craig. Although I don’t know David personally, I can feel through his writing that he is a wonderful spirit with a keen sense of curiosity, an insightful sense of humor, and a passion for fighting injustices. These are qualities I value most highly. I hope with all my heart that David can beat those daunting odds. There are a lot of people pulling for him.

      1. Yes if it were me I would get in a car drive to Tijuana to the Gerson clinic and check myself in immediately. I would be taking B17 in quantity and no way in hell would I undergo chemo or radiation which are both carcinogenic. However it isn’t me it is Dave and he believes what he believes and that is all there is to that. He is going to do exactly what he is going to do and no amount of advice from anyone else is going to alter that decision. Many people I have known throughout the years have either had cancer or a close friend or family member got it. To each and every one I send the Gerson Miracle film and sometimes other films as well. Very few however watch the film and most react very negatively towards me for even sending it. I will never understand that but it is a real phenomenon. People believe their medical doctor knows best and anything contrary to what they say is quackery. All I can say is that I hope Dave recovers no matter how and I wish for him the very best.

        1. It isn’t that Dave would readily discount anything. The fact is that he was and is deathly I’ll and there was no time to properly address any alternatives

          1. i would drag him sedated if necessary to the Gerson clinic in Tijuana and check him in. The Gerson clinic is up and running right now. Or at least a family member could call them and explain the diagnosis and see what they say. Geezus Christ man this is his life we are talking about! I wish I could shake people awake to the fact that the medical industrial complex is just as corrupt and evil as the military industrial complex. I am so saddened by this that I cannot even express it now. Both my parents died, not of cancer, but of the medical industries treatment of cancer. If I knew back then what I know today one or both of them would probably still be alive.
            You know something I don’t care if Dave gets mad at me for screaming this to him. CALL THE GERSON CLINIC NOW! NOW! NOW!

          2. As soon as he does chemo he will have to wait a minimum of 4 weeks to go to the Gerson clinic because it is so destructive to his system the therapy essentially has no effect while the body is trying to heal the damage from the chemo.

          3. Adam, I don’t think he has the money to go to the Gerson clinic. I’ve heard it’s pretty pricey.
            I agree with you that the medical industrial complex is wholly evil. It kills more people than war does. The entire idea of prescription drugs is absurd. No one has a Prozac deficiency or a Lipitor deficiency. They may have hormonal deficiencies, nutritional deficiencies, need more sleep or exercise or love or meaning in their lives, but Rx drugs do nothing to address any of that, instead they create new deficiencies.
            On a related note, signed copies of Dave’s latest book, “Weird Scenes” are available for $21 including shipping in the US, or $30 to Canada, direct from his website. I just ordered one, it was an easy process. Putting some money in his hands is probably the most concrete way to help him right now. http://davesweb.cnchost.com/WeirdScenesInsideTheCanyon.html

          4. Sheila thanks for the reply and the info. I just hope Dave comes through this no matter how.

  7. Dear Dave,
    Dr. William Donald Kelley – referenced by Gonzalez –cured himself of pancreatic cancer. He wrote a book (‘One answer to cancer’) about his experience (available on Amazon used for big bucks or in pdf form for free). Kelley contracted pancreatic cancer in the 60s, but lived until 2005. Most die very quickly. It’s the hardest cancer to cure, since the pancreas makes the enzymes (protease) that inhibit cancer. Read the book – will take one day.
    Chemo definitely won’t work and will hurt your brother’s immune system. I came across Kelley – who managed to reinvent John Beard’s “trophoblast” theory of cancer (1911 book: ‘Enzyme treatment of cancer’) – by listening to an interview by Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez (most of which is transcribed in this link):
    I checked out Gonzalez’ books out, too, but most cost a lot, and the original Kelley book wasn’t hard to find. (I love the letter written by Kelley’s daughter at the end of the book, too.) If you’ve got the book, “world without cancer” by Griffin, you will be exposed to this material in a slightly different way.
    Anyway, the treatment is cheap and easy, but, as Gonzalez says, the patient must be well enough to eat. The treatment is mainly nutritional. Kelley had several diets for different “types” – I cannot fully understand that part – but for most cancers, diet is vegetarian for 4-6 months, while eschewing coffee to drink (but there are, oddly coffee enemas, yech, helps the liver/body detox the dead cancer cells), also eschew most sugar, meat, dairy, alcohol, etc., and take b17, which acts to destroy solely cancer cells and, as a side effect, provide pain relief. The b17 won’t work on its own. The patient must take a combination of other vitamins (b15, b3, c [1-6 grams per day], e, a) minerals (magnesium [use the lotions/oils made by ancient minerals – the rest are contaminated with mercury and come from salt lake], manganese, possibly iodine [iodoral or drops], mineral salt [celtic or Himalayan], zinc, selenium) and ENZYMES (mostly protease, which is the pancreatic enzyme that enables us to digest protein). I don’t know why you can’t use ordinary pancreatic enzymes, but the other author I told you about (Binzel) recommended “mega enzyme forte” which as far as I can tell, is only available on the “apricotpower.com” website.
    The anti-cancer diet is a low-protein diet because the patient needs all its enzymes to fight the cancer — not digest food. Cancer is said to be a disease of protein metabolism like diabetes is a disease of carbohydrate metabolism. Kelley makes that direct comparison in his book. Most cancer patients experience muscle wasting because of this protein problem. I love the trophoblast theory – that errant germ cells present when the person was just an embryo – never made it to their intended place in the gonads. Later, in the presence of an injury plus excess female hormones (both sexes have both male and female hormones) plus a lack of the right diet to make pancreatic enzymes (or a genetic predisposition to pancreatic enzymatic problems) gets what is improperly termed “cancer,” but is actually a kind of ectopic pregnancy. The errant germ cells are trying to lay down the beginnings of a placenta, with its own blood supply and everything. Stem cells get turned into cancer cells and most of the tumor is recognized as at least partially “friend” not “foe” by the immune system, so is not destroyed. Even after the cancer is gone, the tumor will remain (because the body won’t destroy it) but is not a problem if it’s not growing or interfering with patient functioning.
    The last part I understood from reading Paul Binzel’s “‘Alive and Well” book. Binzel’s protocol was described in a general way in his book because he wanted people to be under a doctor’s care. With the new healthcare woes, people may not be able to find a doc at all, which means that self-cures may become more popular. Ironically, the demise of standard health care could mean better health for all these cancer patients who can no longer afford to be cut, poisoned, or burned. They’ll just have to eat their veggies!
    Incidentally, Dr. Gonzalez is an NYC physician who takes cancer patients. Here’s his website: http://www.dr-gonzalez.com/index.htm (He has the best record for treating people who have not already had chemo, etc.)
    Best of luck on your journey,
    A fan

  8. Just to add a few further thoughts re the psychological impact of the controlled demolitions… McGowan’s friend said:
    A few weeks ago, I told him that our fearless leaders seemed to be veering dangerously close to unleashing ‘tactical’ nuclear weapons upon the world. Although he seriously doubted that that was in fact the case, he readily agreed that such an action would be reckless and unconscionable. He stated that he couldn’t envision any scenario under which such a strike would be justified and that we should avoid, at all costs, crossing that threshold. Opening that door, he believed, could only serve to escalate tensions and make this a much more dangerous world in which to live.
    He was one of several people who called me yesterday to discuss the alleged terrorist attacks upon America. During the course of that call, he stated flatly that when the perpetrators were identified, they and their backers should be nuked. When I reminded him of our conversation of just a few weeks before, he said that things have changed now. I asked him if he had considered whether that wasn’t perhaps precisely the point of the attacks. Unfazed, he reiterated his belief that I am a crazed conspiracy theorist.

    This right here encapsulates it all. He is a mirror of many dozens of millions of Americans. “Oh nukes are bad, they could destroy humanity.” Then the WTC gets imploded, and all of a sudden he’s in favor nuking entire regions, civilian populations be damned.
    It was the demolitions that gave the appearance, from some camera angles, of the entire city being bombed.
    Would he have had such strong sentiments if the planes had merely crashed into the towers, the fires were extinguished and the buildings remained standing?

  9. @Adam Syed Would he have had such strong sentiments if the planes had crashed into the towers, and the fires had caused them to collapse?

      1. The towers did not collapse, they exploded. As soon as I saw the first one explode on 9/11, I was convinced of what I had already suspected from early morning; that it was a US military operation.

  10. Many thanks, Dave, for sharing your insights over the years. You are one of only a handful of trustworthy journalists posting on the internet. I wish you godspeed.

  11. Sorry about Dave’s plight. The chemo/radiation will kill him. One of my favorite researchers on a few subjects. Laurel Canyon is one. But Dave fell short on 911 and still believes planes hit. We fought about it pretty bad, I felt he was very rude to me, and called me rude names, I wasn’t even a consideration, but my research says, no planes were used.
    “One question that has gone unanswered is how a plane was able to penetrate so deeply into the Pentagon’s airspace – even after two other planes had already plowed into the World Trade Center towers.”
    That’s because “No Planes” were used. Its impossible to do what they have done. Any wheres on 911.
    Dave we fought, but I got you in my prayers.

    1. I am fairly certain that david believes that there were 2 planes that actually collided with the towers, and I am also fairly certain his opinion is that a plane DID not crash into the Pentagon. With that said, the initial plan was most likely for the plane that was shot down,,,,,exploded in airspace to be more accurate was also the delayed flight on the tarmac. I believe that plane was supposed to hit the Pentagon originally BEFORE the other 2 hit the towers. The reason being as to give credibility that the intelligence to action being , well crippled or wiped out and explanation for the grounding of US Airforce fighters during the time being plane one and plane 2 hitting towers one and two. Obviously planes one and two which should have been 2 and 3 were not aware that the Pentagon had not yet been hit. Conversely, plane one delayed, ascertained their window had already been missed and there was quite a bit of indecision. Bush is anything but a decent actor. Plane one still had to be dealt with and was blown up and scattered across a few miles and over a mountain. Enter also Rocket into the Pentagon as improvisation became the rule. no survivors, no talking, one plan gone awry, and improovisation in an attempt to stay with the original script, shit happens

      1. @Craig McGowan
        AA11 was the plane that hit WTC1 and UA175 hit WTC2 about 17 minutes later. There was no chance whatever that NORAD or anyone else could have prevented that happening and therefore no one would have to needed to do anything to ensure it wasn’t prevented. AA77 crashed into the Pentagon. If it was a missile everyone there would have seen a missile crashing into Pentagon. UA93 crashed when the passengers tried to get back control of the plane.

        1. Gee-whiz A.Wright,
          Isn’t that the official theory in a nutshell? Why goodness gracious me, I do believe it is!!!
          Yes the official narrative is that the world’s most powerful and ready military was handily defeated by 19 punks with box-cutters. And YOU actually buy this absurd story, not only that but you spend years of your life propagating it.
          Did you have to turn your head to get all of your brains to leak out one ear at a time, or did they all spurt out your nose with one sneeze?

          1. It isn’t necessary to reply to Wright. He’s doing a job he is paid to do. To engage him serves no purpose. Let him roar, it falls on death ears and I will say this to everyone, do not give him the satisfaction of a reply. He is nothing. He holds no dominion.

          2. Fine Craig, I answered Wright remotely this last time, it came up first. So as per your wishes I won’t reply to the toady again.

          3. @craig ‘The truth knocks on your door and you tell it to go away, you are looking for the truth.’

          4. I keep a file on excellent malapropisms … I just thought you’d like to know that your use of “falls on death ears” qualifies for inclusion. At least that’s my too sense.

          5. I wrote death not by accident . writing can appear flat-lined , not spoken with inflection. consider it a message to his superiors

          6. @hr1 That’s the truth in a nutshell.
            “Yes the official narrative is that the world’s most powerful and ready military was handily defeated by 19 punks with box-cutters. And YOU actually buy this absurd story, not only that but you spend years of your life propagating it.” -Hybridrogue1
            “I could not have imagined them taking a plane, slamming it into the Pentagon and into the World Trade Center, using planes as a missile.” – Condoleeza Rice

          7. Condoleeza Rice is a liar Agent Wright. Just like her pal Zelikow. If you don’t get that yet you are more stupid than I think. I don’t think you are stupid Wright; you are a stinking disinfromant is what you are.

          8. @hr1 She’s a liar because she said she didn’t imagine people hijacking planes and crashing into buildings , and you are saying you can’t imagine it either- it’s absurd. This is 13 years after it’s happened and you can’t imagine it.

          9. You are a fool Wright, you twist everything said by anyone into knots of your own design and expect for people to take you serious.
            In my experience with information and open source intelligence, the “official story” is almost always bullshit.

        2. There apparently exists a tiny segment of people so broken and lacking any kind of honor or moral compass that they will literally do anything for a few bucks and a pat on the head from Cass Sunstein et al.
          My your chains rest lightly on you, A. Wright…

          1. @Nowman What’s your basis for saying that about me? It must be something I have posted here. Maybe you could quote something I have said here to justify that bit of specious baloney , or maybe you are just repeating the specious baloney of others here…

  12. “But Dave fell short on 911 and still believes planes hit. We fought about it pretty bad, I felt he was very rude to me, and called me rude names.”
    When Dave was doing his Boston Bombing series I was spending internet time with Keelan Balderson over on his Wide Shut site where had torn up the 7/7 official story. (He’s recanted for some reason. As has Tom Secker. Threats?) Anyway, I sent him Dave’s Boston series wondering what he thought and soon after Keelan posted a very critical blog. In Dave’s next Boston entry he tore the shit out of Balderson. I mean he was mean and rude. The nicest thing he wrote was to call him Keelan Balderdash. Whatever, Dave was pissed – – and it was my fault.

    1. Not only Dave believes that planes hit the towers but I do as well. The multiple overlapping items of evidence also make for an iron clad case that planes hit the towers in my opinion. Videos show the planes hitting and MANY videos show the holes made in the facade roughly plane shaped. MANY eye witnesses saw and reported planes hitting including witnesses who were on live TV at the time of the second hit. The evidence for no planes hitting, such as that found in various videos, is extremely weak and unsubstantiated. Yes I have looked at it extensively Jimbo and it doesn’t hold any water in my opinion. As far as I am concerned the no planes hit the towers meme has been thoroughly and decisively debunked and in my opinion those who still promote it are pushing misinformation (to be charitable about their intentions).

      1. I’m back on the rez, ruff. I strayed after reading that Russian guy’s nukes beneath the towers article and he made a pretty good argument for no-planes. (Not so sure about the nukes.) But then reading today over at Hybridrogue’s blog, Hybridrogue makes a much better case than the Russian that there were planes. Hybridrogue, however, is also dissing Dave’s moon theory. Oh oh. When Dave gets back on his feet he might be in for some McGowan-style ass whippin’.

        1. “Oh oh. When Dave gets back on his feet he might be in for some McGowan-style ass whippin’.”~Jimbo
          Lol… I hope Dave gets back on his feet. I always love attempts to kick my ass.

        2. As David would say, reasonable people can reasonably disagree
          As far as the moon landing hoax; that is a tough one for so many raised with pictures of Neil Armstrong et all on their bedroom walls as kids. It is akin to turning the proverbial switch 180 degrees – not an easy thing to do and maybe even harder to let go of the pride one felt at the time. Take one last look at all of Nasa’s own photographs. take a good look at the “moon rover” will it actually fit inside that mylar, foil, PVC pipe, and duct taped module? How did they get it out? it is, after all, just a modified dune buggy that is unibody constructed. And say it did fit, I doubt it piloted, landed , thrust away and reattached for the 356 thousand mile return trip since there would not have been room for the astronauts themselves. Look again at the module. notice the shadows of the near landing pod are in a different direction…but what I really want you to see is on that same pod, within the gold foil is the reflection of the stage lighting. Again, it is harder, I think to accept the moon landings as a hoax because of where you were when it took place. How you felt. how many times that has been reinforced over your lifetime, Ultimately, it will be whether you can let go. Each and everyone of us can only do that for themselves. I once believed we went to the moon. It was a devastating blow to accept the reality that neither we nor anyone else has ever gone to the moon. But that is me finally being able to flip that switch and then going through the stage of emotions of monumental loss

          1. “As David would say, reasonable people can reasonably disagree”~craig
            Yea, Orin Hatch used to say that in the halls of Congress as well.
            I would hope Craig, that you would not begin with the assumption that I have not investigated the Moonlanding materials exhaustively, and am hardly the type of researcher to bow to my “emotions” on such matters as these. Of course you are new to the forum here, and do not know me at all. But I assure you I do not partake in magical thinking.
            This is not the place to make the argument against your brother’s “Moondoggie” series.
            But that argument can be found here:

          2. I have nothing to add. If the argument is simply that those who believe the moon landings are a hoax are bat shit crazy, well then call me bat shit crazy. Hell of an argument to support the landings but to each his own. Believe what you will

          3. “If the argument is simply that those who believe the moon landings are a hoax are bat shit crazy…”~craig
            I have not made that argument at all Craig. I have countered all the major points one by one.
            I did not imply that you were engaging in magical thinking, I was simply assuring you that I do not. I said that because you said this:
            “is a tough one for so many raised with pictures of Neil Armstrong et all on their bedroom walls as kids. It is akin to turning the proverbial switch 180 degrees – not an easy thing to do and maybe even harder to let go of the pride one felt at the time.”
            This implies that anyone who doesn’t buy the moon-landing hoax argument is “stuck” in an emotional frame of “pride” engendered from childhood.
            Be well assured Craig, if I thought you were simply “batshit crazy”, I would not hesitate to say it upfront.

          4. I followed your link but did not find your arguments. However, I had offered two current Nasa scientists and also friends of mine for 40 years a chance to argue against any of the points David has made in his “moondoggie” Posts. One replied that they had no arguments they could offer and have since gone silent. The other began reading the series and then stopped and never said another word. So it really comes down to believing or not believing. I believe David made the stronger case and I made observations beyond his own. It’s immaterial. Believe or don’t. it does not affect anyone..unless of course you are one of the uber wealthy currently buying tickets to live on Mars. Now that I personally believe, is “batshit crazy”

          5. I’m sorry hybridrogue, I read the opening paragraph, and just had only glanced beyond the written portion but not really looked at the following videos. So I do apologize, I am usually sharper and should have noticed. I do respect your right to believe as you do. Even so, I am still firmly in David’s camp. I will Always be in David’s camp and I believe in him even as I believe his version of that truth and every truth he has written. Nevertheless, you were right about not involving this particular time and forum to argue the Landings. I hope we can agree at least on that truth

      2. @ruffadam::// I agree with you, but I have to say that none of the planes that hit the towers was any of the ‘hi-jacked’ planes. They weren’t American Airlines planes or United. They looked like special military drones with some kind of reinforced elements and a sophisticated type of homing system. The normal passenger jet could have never entered a steel columned structure like ‘soft butter’ the way those planes did. They were set to hit a very exact spot and that spot was rigged to make way for the entry. A regular passenger jets wings would have been torn off. You can see when the second plane hit, right before the nose got to the outside wall of the building, a large bright light like a ‘fat laser beam’ shone on the exterior wall. Then the plane went in like fitting into a slot. Just that one observation is enough to show that the whole day of 9/11 events was all well planned out and it took time, I’d say weeks of time.

  13. I have heard this laughable meme that no one could have ever guessed that planes could be used as weapons many times over the years. It is a pathetic lie. Of course the military/government thought about and planned for planes to be used as weapons. The Kamikaze pilots from WW2 have not been forgotten so it isn’t a “surprise” for planes to be used as weapons. Pure BS is all that meme is.
    Frank De Martini says in this video that the WTC towers were designed to have a fully loaded 707 crash into it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1pvEge5HPJU
    So please spare me this BS Wright. Oh Also the drill at the pentagon prior to 9/11 featured a crashed plane in the courtyard of the pentagon.

    1. The lumpen propagandist Agent Wright is at it again here Mr Ruff,
      He blends everything together into a jumbled mess of his own to argue against his own argument – an idiotic ‘Straw-Man Argument’.
      The issue of whether the planes were flown by hijackers is distinct from the issue of whether the planes hit the WTC Towers, and that is distinct between whether a plane hit the Pentagon, and that is a distinct issue of whether a plane crashed into a field in Pennsylvania.
      But Wright blends them all together and what do we got? “bippity slippery slop”.
      Yes Condoleeza Rice absolutely lied when she made those remarks about airplanes being used as weapons not being imagined by anyone. But this does not mean that it was hijacking terrorists who flew the planes into the Twin Towers. In fact it is proven to be false.
      But the “No-planes” meme is proven false as well. It is certainly physically possible for the planes to have crashed into and entered the buildings, regardless of the scientifically challenged numbnuts claim to the contrary.
      Agent Wright will continue with his vague rhetorical bullshit – regardless of whether he is answered or not. This is proved by year upon years of encountering this shill, here and elsewhere on other 9/11 forums. He is incapable of making a reasonable argument, but is a great pretender. He can make as big a fool of himself as he chooses, I don’t give a fuck.

  14. @ruffadam This is the ‘laughable meme’ repeated by people in the 911 truth movement who can’t imagine that people could hijack planes and crash them into buildings. It’s absurd apparently. People with boxcutters hijacking planes and crashing them into buildings? How could that possibly happen? It’s a big absurd lie. See James Corbett ridiculing the whole idea. The drill at the Pentagon was about responding to a plane crashing into the Pentagon since it is , as you know, right beside National Airport and is practically on the flightpath to the runway. It was a drill about what to do if that happened , not how to prevent someone deliberately crashing a plane into the Pentagon. The idea that Condoleeza Rice is accused of ‘lying’ by saying she hadn’t imagined people taking planes and crashing them into buildings when most people, including yourself, hadn’t imagined it either themselves, is ironic to put it mildly. Listening to Bob McIlvaine saying how he would quite happily hang Condoleeza Rice at the 9/11 memorial , well what can you say.

    1. “Listening to Bob McIlvaine saying how he would quite happily hang Condoleeza Rice at the 9/11 memorial , well what can you say.”~Agent Wright
      I can say that Mr McIlvaine is expressing justified anger.
      Perhaps an intimate tour of Guantanamo by all the perps of the Bush Jr regime would be just desserts. Maybe they would come to the conclusion that waterboarding is torture after all.

  15. I wonder if the powers that be can “imagine” what is going to happen to them once enough people have overcome their cognitive dissonance and fully realize what they did to us all on 9/11? When that tipping point is reached I wonder if they can “imagine” the revolution that will culminate in seeing them hung for their crimes against humanity? I wonder how many toady boys will be swinging from the trees right next to them?
    Condasleezy Rice
    Donald Scumsfeld
    Darth Cheney
    And so many others truly deserve to swing by the neck until they are dead. Agent Wright and his fellow boiler room disinfo agents may just end up right there with their masters burning in hell. The debt of karma alone for betraying the truth and protecting such evil monsters is going to fall very heavy on people like agent Wright. Can he “imagine” that I wonder? When you face your maker agent Wright…

    1. I wonder agent Wright if we met face to face if you would be able to look me in the eye? Behind your keyboard the lies flow freely but when you look someone in the face who knows what you really are what would you do then? Ah don’t bother to answer your words are hollow and useless. Know this though Wright from the very bottom of my heart I actually feel sorry for you because I happen to know that karma is real and everything counts. You will answer to your maker eventually and I sure would not want to be you on that day.

      1. @ruffadam I know it’s a lot to expect of you to behave like an adult and actually , when you accuse someone of lying, to be able to point out anywhere that I have lied about anything on Truth and Shadows but I’ll ask you again to point that out. The lies apparently ‘flow freely from my keyboard’ so you should have no trouble pointing them out. If I have got facts wrong I will say I got facts wrong. If someone accuses me of lying them I expect them to back up the accusation. As for meeting up with you and looking you in the eye, I would have no trouble whatever meeting up with you. It might disappoint you though that I don’t have horns and two heads.

        1. “…to be able to point out anywhere that I have lied about anything on Truth and Shadows but I’ll ask you again to point that out.”~Agent Wright
          It is in fact the act of defending liars that you yourself become as one of them. And as such is the case that these perpetrators of the vile act of violence against their own ‘homeland’ as a provocation for wars of aggression against innocent peoples abroad, you are an accessory after the fact as an apologist for the criminal syndicate that now squats in DC.
          Do not pretend in your rhetorical hubris to misapprehend these facts put before you; for surely you are mortal as are all men, and as such will be judged according to your vile nature, and villainous attachments of these times.

        2. Every word out of your mouth concerning 9/11 is either an outright lie or is carefully crafted to mislead or confuse the issue. Your entire presentation regarding 9/11 here on T+S, and on who knows how many other blogs, is totally false and provably so. Anyone who actually claims building 7 came down because of “thermal expansion” or because of fire is a fucking lying sack of shit. So right to your face Wright I am saying that you are a lying sack of shit who defends official lying sacks of shit and mass murderers. All of you scum will have to answer to your maker someday. You are Benedict Arnold and Judas and all the traitors and cowardly liars that came before you rolled into one. Go collect your silver coins and fuck off scumbag.

          1. @ruffadam I could tell you what I think of that risible cretinous diatribe but I don’t think it’s fair to blame someone for their own stupidity.

          2. Trust me Wright your brain power is not what you think it is. If you had any real brains you would know that the towers were brought down with explosives and incendiaries. Since you have missed or intentionally ignored the obvious we can all safely conclude that you are either a complete moron or a self deluded liar. Personally I think you are a self deluded liar which in my book is far worse than simply being ignorant. You obviously have strong “moron” genes mixed in there too because you actually think your BS propaganda is working and fooling people. It isn’t. Anyway as I said before fuck off scumbag.

  16. @hr1 “It is in fact the act of defending liars that you yourself become as one of them.”
    Like when a lawyer defends an accused person in court and they are convicted , making them a criminal also. Or when a lawyer defends someone who is falsely accused of something , that makes them guilty of the thing the falsely accused person didn’t do either. I see your point.
    A great way to undermine accusations that people are lying is to make baseless and specious accusations by distorting and misrepresenting the evidence against them. That’s a good way to undermine the genuine accusations. I should apologise for pointing these things out , but I don’t really feel I should.

    1. “Like when a lawyer defends an accused person in court and they are convicted”~Wright
      No Wright, exactly how I put it. As a propagandist making apologies for a criminal enterprise, for illegitimate “government”.
      You yourself have presented the evidence against you, on these threads at T&S as well as other venues. In fact these lame excuses you offer above are further evidences of your being a party to the cover-up of these criminal events.

    2. Interview 1048 – Michel Chossudovsky on Global Warfare in the New World Order
      Cyberwar. Economic war. Covert war. Theatre war. Proxy war. Nuclear war. Today we talk to Michel Chossudovsky about the development of the global multi-front long war against humanity in the emerging New World Order and the propagandists who make it possible.
      . . . . . .

  17. @hr1 I’m surprised you think my occasional comments here make me a ‘propagandist’, since I’ve confined myself almost entirely to correcting misleading and inaccurate information presented by people like CIT and Barrie Zwicker, who hates to be criticised for his sloppy journalism. A great way to let criminal enterprise off the hook is to make inane accusations against them and undermine the credibility of genuine and credible accusations. As for ‘illegitimate ‘ government it’s not my government. And I don’t know where that leaves Craig McKee since he is the one who publishes my comments here when he could easily just not publish them.

    1. “And I don’t know where that leaves Craig McKee since he is the one who publishes my comments here when he could easily just not publish them.”~Agent Wright
      Craig deals in freedom of speech – even for those who indict themselves, such as you have.
      “As for ‘illegitimate ‘ government it’s not my government.”~Ibid
      You act as an apologist for this crooked syndicate, regardless of your unstated nationality Wright, you have adopted it and defend the perpetrators. Now none of your denials for your documented support for this international terrorist network can be dismissed by such tepid and inane arguments as you put forward here now.
      You are an accessory after the fact Agent Wright.

      1. Indeed Wright is an accessory after the fact for the crimes of 9/11. In my view though the worst of his crimes is that he is an accessory to the ongoing attempted cover up of mass murder. He is an active participant in the ongoing crime of conspiracy to cover up the truth of 9/11 and to protect the actual perpetrators of the crime. Honestly those participating in this disgusting charade such as Wright sicken me almost as much as the people who planted the bombs and thermite in the towers.

    2. National Security is in itself a Conspiracy. It is a self professed “covert operation”; a secret operation, with secret methods, secret means, and a secret agenda. And it is plainly a criminal operation outside of lawful restraint; it is constitutionally ultra vires.
      This truth is not difficult to ascertain if one is lucid and aware. However the Public Relations Regime in the Technocratic era is profoundly sophisticated and entrenched, and has put the vast majority of the population of the planet into a deep and lasting trance.

  18. Seeing someone who believes in conspiracies like he does, and writing about those things that he has through the years, getting such a horrible disease,makes one believe that the very sort of people and groups that he writes about, might be have given it to him – at least I won’t surprised – proving that he, and us, are NOT paranoid.

    1. That is not beyond the bad guys capabilities by the way. They have weapons and poisons that do all sorts of nasty stuff and they use it. it isn’t paranoid, it is the truth.

  19. I don’t know where this goes but it’s on my chest and I want to get it off. OOOFFF! (Craig, a Truth and Shadows forum would be so much fun!) You ever see how close to 9/11 truth the better journalists get but then fall back to the official story. Reporters like Robert Parry from Consortium News and Amy Goodman from Democracy Now are good examples. And no, I don’t believe they’re “gate keepers.” Their reports hit hard at the establishment. Yesterday I was listening to a recent podcast of NPR’s On The Media which, IMO, just tears shit up. It was about how an article published in Science magazine was re-examined and then retracted. The retraction was a good thing but because it was published in such a prestigious journal other media went and reported it as true. So the false story is out here. But fearlessly the OTM team got into it and concluded that almost everything in those high level journals is false because, for one reason, the whole peer review system is flawed and another is that scientific discoveries more often than not change with more study and scrutiny. And not just Science, they were talking shit about the Lancet and other notable mags as well. That’s heavy. Everything you know really is wrong. But who do we get? Popular Mechanics. Who do they believe? Popular Mechanics. Who won’t they debunk? Popular Mechanics. Makes me mad. Whew.

  20. When my kids were much younger, whenever I couldn’t get them to shut up, I would invoke the game of silence where whoever spoke first would lose… (mixed results, but worked half the time)
    Why don’t we try to play that and see who can stay silent the longest, and NOIT reply to Agent Wright’s bullcrap.
    The clock starts right now! Who’s playing?

    1. Lilaleo,
      Sure Lilaleo, we can ignore the obvious agent here. It is probably for the best. But there is a pattern that continues here on T&S; as soon as this toadyboy for the official story fades away, the site gets hit from the other side, like the most recent comments by SpoolTeacher on the Rebekah Roth thread. She is there promoting the woowoo cults of “No-Planes”, “Video Fakery”, “Holograms” and Judy Woowoo’s DEW nonsense. It’s like clockwork, being yanked from one extreme to another.
      It is relentless. It is discouraging to find this bullshit still has legs after 14 years.
      So what do you suggest Lilaleo? Shall we simply give over the site here to the apologists for the official story and the nutballs on the other extreme with their pseudoscience fantasy garbage?
      Perhaps the truth of the matter is that the general public is incapable of distinguishing between bullshit and truth. Perhaps it is time to admit that the classification “Homo Sapiens” is the biggest joke of them all.

      1. I have always held and professed the same position: proving, beyond the shadow of a doubt, how exactly the towers came down is not only impossible without access to evidence and witnesses, but it is also quite irrelevant. The one and only actionable asset we have is that we know, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that we have been presented with a big, giant, stinkin’ lie!!!
        This is also the one and only element that could possibly create a certain level of unity in those who don’t buy the official story. Since, by the nature of their characters, the truth movement is led by people who are determined to show how smart they are by cracking the case, even when we put aside the provocateurs and trolls, what we have is nothing but an extremely fractured movement. However, what is required of the so called “truth movement”, or any one individual, is not to solve the case, but persistently ask the right questions in the public forum, without claiming to know the answers. The sleeping public will never spend the time or energy to research 9/11. But they can be made aware of the unanswered questions. Otherwise, on these pages and many fine blogs and websites, everyday is a Groundhog Day. Every post, even the good ones, perpetuates the differences of opinion and/or beliefs between people who actually share a common goal: To snap he world out of a trans and expose the mind bending alternate reality created for all shitizens with these lies.
        As for A.Wright and his ilk…. I respectfully disagree that these agents’ mission is to mislead people, and that they would take over sites like this with their bullcrap if left alone… Their true mission, at least at his level, seems to be to stall and distract and occupy the countless truth seekers out there, who, as a psychological profile, all like to argue! A lot…
        So, in walks Wright, or one of the other usual suspects, drops some sort of recycled stink bomb, and the discussion quickly takes a familiar turn in the direction of a cockfight. You can prove him wrong, or impose and nsult the hell out of him with your comments, but what does he care really??? He just goes away, having worn the other cocks out, diluted the discussion and inflicted a few wounds… He is doing his job, and succeeding at it. After all, like I said, his job is not to win arguments. His real job is to drive people nuts. Perhaps an even cruder analogy would be more apt. They are like the low level women whose job is to give “wood” to the men in porn movies…. But with no real action afterwards.
        The true misleading and misdirection, mis and disinformation could not possibly be left to these low level operatives (or useful idiots) who are not even smart enough not to expose themselves. Instead, the real damage is being done more at the professorial level. People with Dr. or Prof. in font of their names.
        I am not going to name names, but there is one whose name starts with a W and another with an F, and they end with ood and etzer….

        1. LiLALEO, I do not know who you are, but your words reach right to my own and I believe also in line with what David really believes. You see, it is my position that some are restricted only by their common sense and their possession and currently learned. I believe that the higher the intelligence, the less common sense. Why is this so? Isn’t common sense also learned?Yes, but the brighter among us also learn scientifically, but not practically For example, and some of you will not understand it…it’s okay you can’t; My son is highly intelligent. He reminds me of David in many ways. Both are Mensa. Both are lacking common sense. The other day my son was washing the dishes. He dropped a bowl with food on the floor which shattered. He picked up the pieces, and proceeded to then wipe up the mess with the dish rag he was using to clean the dishes. This may not serve as a perfect example, but it was the one that came to mind to compare how my son and David would have viewed the problem and solution.
          There are many in this group and within the 9/11 community who are far more intelligent than I. I agree with LILALEO because I understand. with that said, unlike my brother, David, I know very few within the community, whether by name, belief, or philosophy. I have internalized the events and any theory or story or version that does not follow what I have decided based on the scientific possibilities AS WELL AS the common sense arguments, I just simply leave them alone. There is no argument, nor 100% proof available to change the minds of those uncompromised individuals who have come to their own conclusions. The only version that is without question false, based on both Scientific evidence, physical evidence, practical evidence and common sense is the official narrative. For those among us who are not compromised, that is what needs to ban us together for that is their greatest fear. Unity.
          I wanted to add, even though I alluded to not knowing very many in the community, very few actually, that I do not know anything about the persons referenced as W and another with an F, and they end with ood and etzer.
          Finally, I wanted to say that I Love him, even though he sometimes lacks common sense. I have always found it remarkable that David’s research has always been so spot on. How he is able to see and comprehend so many facets so quickly, while many of us are still only internalizing.

          1. I meant band us together, but what I really was reaching for is BIND…sorry I was interrupted and my thought process was ripped by someone here demanding my attention immediately and I ever reread that last line

          2. Within the harsh discourse on the internet, shielded by our glowing computer screens, we tend to forget that the people we are talking to or about, irrespective of their views, are just that; people…
            When the news of his health problems hit this blog, the commentary quickly shifted to whether he was right or wrong in his “theories”, whether or not he may have been “given” the cancer, the validity of the claims of moon landing hoax, peppered with A.Wright type banter…
            I don’t know Dave, really. But you seem to, Craig. You also seem to have a lot of love and affection for the man. At a time like this in a man’s life, that is all that matters really. He may have identified himself with the conspiracies and the ugliness he was trying to expose, but he is first a person… A person with a life, love, family, friends, strengths, weaknesses.
            As for the “theorist” side of Dave, I would refer to my main point above. Whether or not he was right in his views and opinions and analysis and theories is simply irrelevant. Was he sincere in his attempts? If not, that would take us to a whole different topic… But, if yes, that is all we need to know about his success rate… So many water fights with the bathwater, so many babies gone to waste.
            “LiLALEO, I do not know who you are…” – Craig
            David Hazan… Long time lurker/reader/admirer of your pages. Rarely felt I had much to add to the scholarly discussions, and mostly ignored the cockfights. Pleasure to officially meet you, Craig.

    2. The first installment of our experimental game of silence is over. The participation was amazing.
      Everybody played, but more importantly, EVERYBODY WON!!!! Including A.Wright!
      All winners were rewarded with 5 to 500 minutes of their own lives..
      I would respectfully suggest 24/7 gameplay on these pages from here on.

  21. I also had suspicions on day one after the attacks, but put those thoughts aside for 5 years. It was Dave who inspired me back in 2006 to seriously question our collective reality. He sometimes goes off the rails in my opinion, mostly concerning suspicions of people born on solstices and equinox’s, but for the most part he really points out the absurdity of what we are told by the government and the media. I guess there is no reason to daily check his sight for the next installment of the Lincoln Assassination story, but maybe someday?

  22. So sorry to hear about Dave McGowan. Dammit. What a great contribution he made to 9/11 and related fields of research. And what a wit! He made me laugh out loud more than once. Laurel Canyon series was especially important.
    Ach. This is sad.
    Heartfelt prayers and thanks.

  23. A “New Art Form ” in Foreign Policy
    The combination of sophisticated polling, targeting special audiences, and timing military attacks for domestic purposes marked a maturing of the administration’s propaganda strategy from a scattered, ad hoc effort to an organized, scientific one. Indeed, during the early part of 1983 the administration secretly debated the need for a domestic propaganda bureaucracy. Shaping the administration’s thinking was the legacy of Vietnam where, many administration ideologues believed, the war had been lost because the North Vietnamese and the Soviets had tricked the American people through clever disinformation.
    This embattled world view pervaded the strategy papers then circulating on the need for domestic public diplomacy, according to a spring 1983 memorandum by Kate Semerad, an external relations official at the Agency for International Development (AID). The “common element” in these papers, she said, was “the need to counter the Soviet-orchestrated effort to influence the United States’ Congress, the national media and the general public,” which led to Western defeats in Vietnam and other “war[s] of national liberation.” . ~Parry and Kornbluh
    . . . . .
    A Hegelian dialectical flip-side to this is the Dave McGowan, Laurel Canyon series propagating that the US military and CIA ran the “Hippies” & the Rock Music scene of that same era.

  24. McGowan is my favorite truther by a mile. He seems to have a better vantage point on the world than the rest of us, and sees things as they are; funnier and crueler than we can imagine. Thank you Dave.

    1. physically, he isn’t feeling too bad, but psychologically he is suffering. Yesterday he was told that he could not begin his session of chemo as his WBC had dropped to a critical level of .08. What helps him the most is the support in e-mails and posts on his FaceBook page Weird Scenes in the Canyon

        1. David is using cannabis oil and he credits it not only with increasing appetite (he had gotten dreadfully thin) as well as the bone pain. he can not afford the amount necessary for therapeutic healing but he absorbing as much as he can

  25. Wow dave i am so sorry to hear this , you should know you opened my eyes after reading … programed to kill and understanding the f-word ( and i thank you for that ) sending all my prayers and love for a speedy recovery .

  26. I am here in Ca with mom and dad and David. He is in the hospital and will not be leaving, It is with a very heavy heart that I tell you all David is at the end of Life. The cancer is throughout his body and he is in extreme pain even with the diladid iv. duragesic patch and injection every 2 hours. He was informed that he is at the end of Life and is barely lucid now as he drifts in and out of sleep. The hospital will keep him medicated and he will pass soon. He leaves behind 3 daughters, 2 brothers. both parents and his beloved doberman, Chloe as well as an unassailable body of work. Thank you all for your support these last few months as Dave battled for his life

  27. There was no one in the truth telling world that I enjoyed hearing speak more than David, He taught me a ton and we emailed several times. Thanks for all you gave, Dave–and Craig and all his family and loved ones, I send you my deepest respect ! A giant in our community!

    1. The time of David’s passing was 12:42 PM PDT. The mistake in time is my own. Mom called me immediately when David passed and then made a post to all other friends and family. I was already crying and I misread her post and therefor originally posted the incorrect time which then was forwarded around the world on Social Media. It is a great loss and I am inconsolable

  28. Craig,
    There’s not much I can say but that i am genuinely really sorry for your loss.
    I lost my father and my little sister the same way.
    Time helps and then, sometimes, they come back in dreams and all of a sudden death seems less finite.
    I emailed dave a couple of times when the pauses twixt laurel canyon chapters got unbearably long.
    He left his mark and the world is a better place due to his being here.
    regards & condolences to the extended family

  29. Sad…tragically sad.
    I was injured a while back, and spent a long time in treatment and recovery. Once I could, I visited and reviewed a lot of the information Dave created and shared with so many.
    I thought I’d like to share an idea I had recently that includes much of what Dave freely gave. It may be something comparable to printing older yet updated information in a brand new encyclopedia. For what it’s worth…in this modern media age.
    All I can share now is that Dave really knows about peace & harmony.
    Mr McGowan learned and grew so much in life that he needed to slow down and rest, and give a little time for some to discover the places he’s still very far ahead of even right now.
    Consider being proud of Dave and all his efforts. He may not be beside us, but without a doubt…he’s only relaxing and waiting for others to catch up.
    Thank you Dave.
    You sure made a solid effort to help this world become far more comfortable.

  30. Very disappointed to see that Dave’s website has been changed and evidently all his newsletters are now inaccessible. Not sure what his daughter has in mind…there is no request for payment to view the archives but the newsletters are listed, just not with clickable links. I’m guessing that she is still working on this and will put up something asking people to pay to view what was previously offered for free.

    1. Alissa’s plan has always been to edit David’s Moondoggie, Lincoln, Boston. and 911 Series into books and then put them back up as for sale. It will take her approximately 2 years for the Moondoggie, her first choice to edit which means the others will not be seen even in edited form for quite a few years. I warned people of this months ago. My hands are tied and it is a very sad day

      1. It’s more than sad, it’s tragic. We are spiraling into the abyss, and it becomes harder and harder for our fascist overlords to keep up the facade of normality. Hence, more people are waking up every day. So short-sighted and pointless to remove his work from public view in the hope of bringing in a few dollars years from now!
        So much wrong with this picture: Wrong that his work has been taken off his website, wrong that she is editing it, wrong that it will be released without all the photos, which in many cases are absolutely essential to the story, and wrong that what was once free to all will now be available only if you buy a book.
        Dave, if you see this, can’t you whisper to her or come to her in a dream and tell her how wrong this is?
        To destroy the thing that meant the most to her father…it’s like she took a big shit on his grave.

        1. “it’s like she took a big shit on his grave.” – Sheila
          I do not know the level of your relationship, if any at all, with Dave McGowan. But, unless you had a personal relationship with him towards the end of his short-lived life and have some intimate knowledge of family conversations, emotions and decisions, I’d say your comment is extremely harsh and quite possibly extremely unfair.
          Have you asked anyone close to the family, perhaps his brother who has commented here many times, about a possible explanation. Couldn’t it have been that Dave, facing with an untimely death, and concerned about not being able to provide for and secure the wellbeing of his own family, might have given his consent to try to make some money off his lifetime of work? I can think of many other scenarios between the extremes of Dave having willed his work to his family and the “shit on grave” scenarios. The only black and white aspect of life is death. The rest is all very grey.
          I do agree that, ideally, his work should be accessible to all. And your argument would make total sense if the family is known to be financially secure. Which, in turn, would suggest some not-so-pure motives behind the decision to try to capitalize on his work. I do not know whether that is the case or not. But, unless you happen to know some specifics along these lines, I find your statement very inconsiderate, hurtful and apathetic towards the family, as well as Dave.

          1. Yes, David, since you asked, I do have intimate knowledge of the family dynamics. Over the past 9 months I have spoken at length to his brother Craig about it, and Craig is absolutely sick at what Alyssa is doing.
            David made very little money, even publishing under his own name. If Dave could not make money publishing books under his own name, what makes you think that books edited by his daughter (who understands very little about his work, see her Facebook page) will have better success?
            I don’t argue with making money, but books are not the way to do it. She could leave the webpages intact and simply charge a subscription fee to read them. Plus, books require that almost all photos be removed, and the photos in many cases are absolutely essential to the story.
            Unless she has Dave’s far-reaching comprehension of the criminal enterprise enslaving humanity, unless she also has his wit and can duplicate his writing style, her attempts at editing will not improve his work, to put it mildly.
            I’m guessing that you are not a long-time Dave McGowan fan and perhaps do not realize what a unique talent he had, and why I feel that his work should be preserved and not tampered with.

          2. Fair enough, Sheila. Thank you for clarifying.
            I have read and appreciated a vast majority of his writings, and I find his Laurel Canyon to be a singularly valuable piece of work that casts a bright light on to the dark social engineering projects of the post-WWII world. But, in a sense, you are correct when you assume that I am not a “fan” as I have not necessarily “followed” him or had any knowledge about his personal life until his health issues became public.
            May he rest in peace… I hope he Is not able to smell or see what’s on his grave.

        1. I did save Lincoln, Moondoggie, and was halfway through the 911 series when she closed it down. There may be a problem with the photos as David embedded them into his work instead of copy/paste and so it was very time consuming as well as altering placement slightly to ensure they were not lost when the site went down. I am not sure, but I believe some of the photos in Moondoggie and Lincoln were embedded as well and I had planned on going back and making corrections so that all of mine were copied and pasted. Some individuals used programs that seemed to work in preserving the series and some didn’t and lost both pictures as well as all but the initial posted newsletter as the link to continue at the bottom of the page returned to a down blank site. I do have the WSITC (original with pictures only by the grace of a friend who copied it all before that series went down…I do feel sorry for Alissa. She was left virtually nothing as her dad had nothing material to leave. He had a truck with 269,000 miles and various books and a couple computers, plus a lot of construction material and tools that you can never get much money for. So I do commiserate with her. But the greater loss is still Humanity

        2. I’ve been using Internet Archive/Way back machine to view his older homepage and articles that aren’t currently available. I would recommend it. I have been thinking I need to try to archive the whole site from that method, as a historical document. When the SAFE network arrives, I would like to upload it there where it can’t be altered or taken down. If you are also interested in doing an archive, let me know.

  31. and since she will not have the copyrights to all the pictures and as David learned with his WSITC book, pictures raise costs of printing astronomically (and is why his Publisher kept all but 2 out of his book) I very seriously doubt she will have much success,

  32. I will add this. The Powers that be could not be more pleased with how everything worked itself out. But I say, be happy now, Enjoy your victory while there is time for it will be short. I’m not done yet

  33. If it was indeed “cancer” and he had chemotherapy. He most likely died of chemo not “cancer”. CHemo kills by renal, pulmonary, hepatic and cardiac failure

  34. Dear Craig & Entire McGowan family, friends, and readers:
    I had always hoped to meet this man. I haven’t cried over the loss of someone I never met since John Lennon’s death. I have now.
    I, too, don’t trust the “aggressive cancer” diagnosis. I have watched as truly TRUTH-oriented sites shrank in numbers, due to things that their authors don’t speak about. As one looks at their history, one sees that in order to promote as much truth as possible, most truth websites (EXCEPT Dave’s) eventually were ‘co-opted’ on particular issues.
    Some examples include:
    1. The earliest I recall was when Capitol Hill Blue – which focused on DC issues, etc. – apparently received (around 1998?) an early version of a Letter of Nat’l Sec. from the feebs. Geniuses that they are, they sent it to his (Doug?) website company, which they did not realize was him.
    He got it, and was so angry he published it on his site. Thereafter, he likely was secretly prosecuted and his site became as tame and ‘bought out’ as the Huffington Post.
    2. SOTT.NET can question issues, but some are ‘off limits,’ and it seems more likely these changes were effected more by threats implied/taken than by being ‘bought out.’ (You know – the old ‘horse head in the bed’ technique.) Thus:
    SOTT.NET: Refuses to believe in the crisis actors engaged in Boston or the likely non-event at Sandy Hook-Line & Sinker. (P.s., I can show that the earliest reference to SH as SHLS, was by yours truly, FWIW.)
    The above resulted in SOTT’s inane ‘war of words’ with Dave, which were theretofore uncharacteristic for SOTT, and which followed standard propaganda routines, such as ad hominem, begging the issue, “arguments,” etc. etc. (I and many others defended his position in comments there.)
    3. Whatreallyhappened.com was all truth, except one lingering problem: refusal to acknowledge that it couldn’t have been a plane that struck the pentagon on 9/11. As more and more evidence has come out, that position has never changed.
    On the above three cases, one wonders WHAT was threatened and how?
    4. Of course, the biggest sellout of a formerly at-least-mostly-honest truth-seeking site: was Prison Planet and Alex Jones. The issue? You know – The big enchilada issue that WRH and SOTT are STILL ALLOWED to – and do – fully criticize – but NOT ON Prison Planet. The Issue? Israel’s role in damn near every action/event of falseness. If you question Israel there, (Prison Planet) you’re hit with the standardized/Trademarked “Holocaust Denier” / “Anti-Semetic” argument.
    And which of those sites gets the most time on the MSM and is almost certainly the biggest money maker? Prison Planet. Duh. No coincidence.
    HOWEVER, Dave NEVER sold out to anyone about anything. I really hoped to have met him. A true class act soul, who I probably saw in some crowd between classes at UCLA ‘back in the day,’ but that was long, long ago.
    A truly sad loss for truth when it is most needed. After all,, you know a civilization’s heading for a large cliff fall when the word ‘truther’ is considered DEROGATORY!!!
    Dave was the ultimate truther! His efforts, though not as well known, remind me of Gary Webb or Jim Marrs.
    HOW TO ORDER HIS BOOKS? As noted above, his main site of davesweb is down, though the sub-links are still up: E.g., Laurel Canyon.
    I would like to order some right now and direct as you previously could from there (rather than from some middleman like Amazon). Maybe the family/Craig could write up a letter to go with every sale, etc? Just an idea. I think they would be surprised at the revenue that merely bringing back the main site would yield. I know I would buy a book there now. Any other links that would maximize revenue to Dave’s family?
    My heart goes out to you all.
    Felix Cattus

    1. Thank You Felix. I am not certain how well known the recent developments are since David’s death, and the timing, to me is suspicious, but apparently the IRS has demanded a repayment of approximately $40, 000.00 . I know that over 12 years ago, David enrolled in a payment plan with the IRS for tax debt he was unable to pay at the time. (this was due to the incredible amount he paid in both child support and spousal support – much of which that was fraudulently manipulated – but that’s another sad story for Dave) I know that David paid monthly for ten years and was told his debt was repaid. So it was quite a surprise to hear from family that ALL of his remaining assets were subject to seizure by the IRS and that any money already dispersed to his daughters must also be repaid. I believe there was some money in his safe, possibly what remained of donations and sold copies of his books in the last 6 months of his life. My understanding is that his oldest daughter distributed it among herself and two sisters that each received just under $2,000. It was the only cash found. It is also my understanding that all three daughters quickly spent what they received. The IRS is still demanding repayment as well as as many generated by the sale of his construction tools, work truck, and misc household items in storage. It is also my understanding that much of that did not sell at garage sale or Craig’s list adverts and I do not know exactly what became of any of it. I do not know, to what extent, the IRS is claiming dominion over future book sales. Alissa would most likely but we are completely estranged over her actions, that I considered to be predatory, once David became sick. However, now that Alissa has restored David’s newsletters and series on the Internet which the writing so far as I can ascertain, not been edited, my stance has softened somewhat. We shall see.

      1. A response to Craig McGowan from Sheila Casey (who was unable to post her response):
        Ugh, that’s awful Craig. I would think that death would be a valid reason to forgive a debt. I didn’t know that they can come after heirs to repay a debt to the IRS. They can’t persecute David any more, so they are hounding his family. Very sorry to hear this.

        1. I’m not certain where the debt came from as David had said he was paid up to the IRS as to the old debt. The only thing I can think of was that when the bank sold his home at auction, They claimed a loss. Here’s the thing, however, The house was never in David’s name because of the old IRS debt when he and his wife purchased the home. The title was only in her name. She of course had walked away 4 years previously leaving him to make payments which he attempted to do for a period of time. The bank refused to speak with him about refinancing at a lower rate because he was not on the title. I’m guessing, and it is just a guess, that his estranged wife pushed that bank debt loss (counting as income) onto David. But that’s just a guess. As it turns out, I was notified by the IRS at the same time a year ago that I owed a couple thousand dollars of unpaid tax debt generated 3 years ago from a forgiven credit card debt plus late fees and penalties I wasn’t even aware of. The entire thing had a funny smell to me and still does

        1. Nice link! I am a few chapters into his Moon Landing Book; I like his style.
          Does anyone recommend or denounce any of his books?

  35. I am a longtime fan of David and I just learned about the news of his passing. I am stunned and deeply saddened. In 2014 I had a Mass said for him in his name at my church because he shared with me that he was going through a lot at the time with his house, finances, etc. We had emailed each other a couple of times. I lived in Hollywood, CA for a few years and I had some anecdotes to share with him pertinent to his book WSITC. He was a remarkable man with a crusading spirit so rare in today’s world. Prayers for his family.

    1. To anonymous. That is much appreciated that you would do that for him. David was an unapologetic Atheist and would have simply smiled knowing, but I as a Christian, thank you very kindly. The end of 2014 was, up until that time, one of two tragedies in his life that affected him profoundly and one of three heart wrenching periods of his life. Of course, it would soon turn much darker.. To the present, as many know, his CIA WEBSITE has finally been restored by his daughter Alissa, thankfully, with all but one newsletter which is the intellectual property of Meria Heller as part of her interviews with David over the years.

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