Rethink 9/11 ads and Gage’s Canadian tour offer hope despite media attacks

Richard Gage at Toronto event

Gage is interviewed in Toronto last week by Dan Dicks of Press for Truth.

Richard Gage will be appearing in Montreal on Wednesday night, March 26 at McGill University’s Leacock Building, room 132, at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are $15 in advance online and $20 at the door. Gage’s cross-Canada tour winds up April 1 in Newfoundland. For more details about the tour, check out
By Craig McKee
The old adage that there is no such thing as bad publicity gets a real test when it comes to 9/11 Truth.
Richard Gage of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, who is currently on a cross-Canada tour, got a major dose of media ignorance and contempt during his visit to Toronto last week. Local hatchet man and supposed intellectual Michael Coren, host of the Sun News show The Arena, dropped by the Gage event long enough to spread some ridicule and truly nasty condescension with the help of some creative editing that often cut his subjects off in mid-sentence. He interviewed several who attended the event and then proceeded to show us “the worst of the worst.” But what he called the worst was really just people offering an assortment of thoughts on who might really have been behind the crimes of 9/11.

During Coren’s “interview” with Gage, the words “conspiracy loony” appeared on the screen. Seriously. On the screen. He also called truthers weak-minded, losers, and crazy during his report. Oh, and he and his crew left BEFORE the event even started. Facts? Evidence? No time for those. But in fairness, Coren did remind us that he doesn’t usually go out in the evenings (“I go home, obviously, and wrap up in bed …” ??).
Coren is Canada’s answer to Piers Morgan only even nastier and more smug – if that’s at all possible. We can tell by his accent that he’s also a transplanted Brit even though the bio on his own web site neglects to mention where he is from or when he came to Canada. Or why. Or how we can get him to go back.
Hilariously, Coren is described on the Sun News web site as providing “strong, balanced opinions to challenge conventional thinking.” You’d think he’d be embarrassed by this description, but perhaps self-awareness isn’t his strong suit. On his own site we see a cloud of positive attributes floating around his head shot: these include “opinionated, hard-hitting spiritual, and talk show host.” (The last one’s actually true; I checked). I almost forgot: he has the nerve to describe himself as “ethical.”
Then there’s Jonathan Kay, author of the intellectually dishonest book (hit piece) Among the Truthers. He reached into his bag of anti-truth tricks in a piece on Gage’s visit to say Gage was “preaching to a dying breed” and that his emergence as a 9/11 Truth advocate was akin to a religious conversion. It was the usual discredit-the-messenger crap from Kay, Canada’s most articulate disinformation specialist when it comes to 9/11. This National Post editor freely admits he doesn’t pay much attention to the actual evidence. Instead, he looks at the “phenomenon” of the Truth movement and what makes those crazy conspiracy theorists continue to believe what they do after all these years.
He cements this point with an oh-so-clever photo of Gage with his eyes open wide as if in surprise. But it’s not meant to look like he’s surprised, it’s meant to look like he’s not connected to reality. (Get it, folks? He’s a crazy conspiracy theorist – just look at the picture!)
Just because Kay is less outwardly offensive than Coren doesn’t mean that what he says is any less disgusting propaganda. If you must know more about where Kay stands (he thinks children should be taught in schools about the dangers of “conspiracism”), check out my interview with him here and my follow-up commentary here.
Despite the media hostility and indifference, there is much to be hopeful about concerning Gage’s tour and the Rethink 9/11 campaign in Canada and around the world (Toronto commuters have been shown a short video of the destruction of Building 7 as well as posters for the Rethink campaign). And I think it’s important for those of us in the Truth movement to look for and find the positive in things that are happening (the High-Rise Safety Initiative in New York is another example). Otherwise we will slip into cynicism and apathy. And we can’t give people like Coren and Kay the satisfaction of letting that happen.
One thing that really intrigues me from the Gage tour is that he is collecting names of people who might be willing to present themselves as federal candidates under a 9/11 Truth banner. I have a feeling I’ll be writing more about this prospect in the future (If you think a speaking tour is bringing out media hostility, wait till we run for Parliament!).
These efforts have people talking about 9/11 when they likely wouldn’t have been otherwise. And not all the media news is bad. There was some press coverage by the Toronto Star and Toronto Life magazine. The Star’s piece was not bad despite starting with, “The truthers are back.” Toronto Life’s piece was par for the course, calling the Rethink 9/11 ad campaign strategy “both brilliant and a little bit scary.” The piece pointed out that the ad campaign would be reviewed and possibly removed by the Toronto Transit Commission if it receives at least five complaints (which I’m guessing it has by now).
We went through this before when the Ottawa Transit Commission considered a review of their ad policy after Rethink ads were placed on buses. A past Supreme Court of Canada ruling makes clear that transit ads are protected speech.
To the City of Toronto: Just try and remove these ads and see how fast you get sued.
The Montreal stop on the tour has been going up against a provincial election and that fact that we don’t have any Rethink ads here. The result is that the event is happening with very little press attention save for a five-minute radio mention and a piece in The Suburban, a weekly newspaper where I worked until 2005. (*Just found out, two hours after this article was posted, that Gage will be a guest on Wed. morning at 9:30 on The Tommy Schnurmacher Show on CJAD radio, the top English AM station in the city. This is great news!)
Columnist Mike Cohen, who I have known since 1988, devoted a full piece to Gage’s visit and my involvement. Despite Mike feeling the need to start the piece with a warning that some may find the content of the piece offensive, he laid out the basics of why we’re questioning the official story of 9/11, and he did it without sarcasm or condescension. That took some guts on his part, and I’m grateful. And I understand the warning. When it comes to opening people’s eyes to the truth about 9/11, it seems we have to walk before we can run. And we’ve been doing a lot of walking over the past 12 ½ years.
For the past few weeks, I’ve been part of a volunteer team that is working to organize the Montreal stop on Gage’s tour. It’s really my first experience with on-the-street activism, although I have attended various demonstrations over the years, including one against Ronald Reagan’s summit with Brian Mulroney in Quebec City in 1985 and a huge demo in Washington D.C. in 1987 that condemned U.S. foreign policy in Central America.
When I agreed to help with the Gage event, I had an ulterior motive. I hoped this would give me the chance to finally connect with some truthers in my own home city of Montreal. The city did have a 9/11 truth group and a website at one point, but for reasons I’m not fully up to speed on, both became inactive. But that may now have changed, as our group has agreed to continue meeting regularly. We hope to initiate future 9/11 actions and get a new web site up and running.
I helped put up posters around the downtown area and on the downtown campuses of McGill and Concordia universities, while others in our group handed out AE literature, organized our Facebook event pages, reached out to the media, and co-ordinated with truthers across the country who worked in their communities to make the tour a success.
Our team assembled a massive email list of politicians, academics, law enforcement people, professionals (including, appropriately, architects and engineers), and media. I don’t expect we’ll see very many from these groups attending the event, but the effort was worth making.
While I very much appreciate the many truthers I’ve gotten to know from across North America and around the world – particularly those with whom I’ve become good friends – the one thing that was missing was being part of a local group that can do something concrete and local to raise the profile of this hugely important issue.
Together, the members of our new group can share our outrage about the 9/11 lie and our willingness to do something about it.


  1. Congratulations for getting involved on a street-level on this 9/11 issue Craig. Having real life human compatriots is a gratifying thing. I am missing that here in this little berg where little Chinese “American Flags” adorn most porches, and “Love it or leave it” seems tattooed on most foreheads…Lol

  2. The frustrating thing is that no matter how many posters we put up or people we speak to in the street, more people will hear about 9/11 from the asshole I’ve described above.

    1. “…more people will hear about 9/11 from the asshole I’ve described above.”
      Well look at it from the positive point of view Craig, most of Coren’s dedicated viewers are most certainly assholes too. And those who watch him to hiss, and there could be many of those, will know he speaks with forked tongue on this topic, and may in fact seek out the event with Gage.
      I used to watch some loony TV Evangelist shows with my buddy in CA who still had a TV. We did it for the humor of how amazingly whacked their jazz was, for us it was Comedy Hour. It would often leave us on the floor in stitches. A lot of mainstream news can be viewed from this angle; they are good for laughs – very much like some of our strange visitors the last few threads.

  3. Craig,
    Excellent, I am glad you are getting out on the street and I hope you get to meet all the local truthers and get some real activist stuff cooking. I have been thinking long and hard about the problem of people losing interest in getting out on the streets about 9/11 and I have come up with what I think are the reasons for the loss of interest and the solution.
    The reason people lose interest in my opinion is because most activists plan actions like marches with signs, freeway bannering, and maybe the occasional bull horning of some political hack or some local media outlet. These actions are all well and good although their impact is usually minimal. Passer-bys read the sign give thumbs up or down maybe honk the horn and go on about their day. This type of action is lacking in one critical component, tangible results! People go to a few of these actions and start to see that the impact is small and the “authorities” really don’t give a crap! That is disheartening for the activists and slowly but surely they begin to dwindle, fewer and fewer show up to events and eventually the organizers too become disheartened and stop organizing. Essentially that is what happened to WACLA and probably hundreds of other 9/11 groups, peace groups, tea party groups, etc.
    To solve this problem we have to take a look at ourselves because the truth is we are the problem. Simply holding signs, passing out informational leaflets or DVDs, and marching around really does nothing to force change in the power structure. Protests abound in Washington DC, flowery speeches are given, thousands march and hold signs and post videos etc but very very few actually take actions which get noticed and force the desired changes. Because these actions essentially have no effect on the power structure they are ignored by almost everyone except the participants. So no victories are forthcoming as a result of the group’s actions and so the morale slowly declines in the group until the group dissolves. The problem is we are activists doing the wrong kind of activism, or activism for beginners as I call it. Our actions are not geared towards achieving tangible victories and so we don’t get any. A small victory does wonders for group morale and each one will see the group swell.
    So that sums up what the problem is in my view so what is the solution? The solution is simple, take actions designed to achieve victories, even small ones, and avoid actions which are not geared toward tangible goals. As an example plan an action outside this Canadian Piers Morgan fellows studio where you smash a TV airing his program (on video of course to be posted all over the web with a provocative title such as 9/11 Truthers smash Michael Coren!) and all the activists take turns with the sledge hammer. A well edited video can bring millions of views if it is interesting enough so make it interesting! Meanwhile you give tangible things for others to do on your signs and most importantly in your video etc. “Help boycott traitor Michael Coren Stop here learn how” The signs could read. Then pass out fliers with tangible actions people can take to get the a-hole off the air. For example have listed on the fliers and in the video ways people can put pressure on Coren’s sponsors with say a national facebook boycott campaign. Have thousands of people enquire as to how the stations broadcasting license can be revoked. Mass e-mail the station brass complaining about Coren’s slander and lies. Have numbers to call all the cable and satellite providers asking them to remove the guys channel from their channel lineup or you will cancel your service! Bottom line we need to take the damn gloves off and play hard ball with these pukes to achieve some actual victories. Victories such as getting Coren’s show cancelled will get morale back up and then more people will get involved with real zeal. Otherwise as the saying goes “The floggings will continue until morale improves!”
    Good luck to all activists and organizers and feel free to contact me if you need help getting started. Remember that all armies run on two things, their stomachs, and their morale!

    1. Hi ruffadam,
      I really think you’ve hit on something very important. the idea of taking action that can lead to actual victories – even small ones. Tangible results. And I think my experience with this conference has led me to see things in the same way.
      In fact, I’ve taken a first step in this direction regarding Mr. Coren and his program. Rather than giving the details right here, I think I’ll do a follow-up blog post. I look forward to any feedback you have once that’s up. And it will be very soon.

  4. Perhaps you’ll meet 9/11 truthers like me that know both the 9/11 official story is BS and the AE 9/11 is clever mis-direction PsyOp. Do you believe the cover-up of a crime is as bad as the crime itself? I do. Here’s a way you can prove to yourself. Ask any AE 9/11 cadre to explain the collision dynamics between plane and WTC, ask demo experts how they take down WTC#1 or WTC#2 without consideration of perimeter exo-structure, last ask how the seismic effects compare with a known controlled demo. like the Seattle Kingdome. Observe their mis-direction to your pointed questions.

    1. Perhaps Steve Grage should read more of this forum. Then he would realize that we have already met “truthers” such as he, who have fallen for the outrageous malarkey of the new wave disinformation streams of; Nukes, DEW, No Planes, and Video Fakery.
      I will explain the collision dynamics to you if you wish Mr Grage. The crash physics of the event is really unremarkable and in no way controversial, as you have apparently been led to believe.

  5. Let me offer you this caveat Mr Grage,
    I am not the “spokesman” for this blog. Mr McKee owns and sets all policy for Truth and Shadows. I am simply one of many ‘constant gardeners’ here. My opinions and commentary are my own.
    Everyone is entitled to their own opinions here. But the merit of such opinions will be challenged from time to time. So feel free to express your opinions with this in mind.

    1. Thanks Señor, but I must say I don’t merit any special credit given that so many in the movement have been beating the pavement for years, organizing conferences, and generally doing everything they can to advance the cause. My gratitude goes to them.

  6. Good for you, Craig, for getting involved locally at the street level. Cincinnati 9/11 Truth has been an integral part of my life as an activist with this cause. In the past few years, the participation has waned – we did have a weekly cable access TV show but then later the studio, Media Bridges, closed. We used to do lots of street actions up until about 2009, but those pretty much stopped once we started the cable access show. One of our members is trying to get a new one started on the other side of the river in Kentucky. I’m also fortunate that in my new city of Seattle, I know several other activists, including my roommate (though that’s changing within days if not hours – moving into my own place, woohoo!). (One of these activists is a nephew of a former graphic design editor at Popular Mechanics, who was fired in the “purge” of 2002(?) when the magazine changed editorial staff.)
    It’s great to hear that new groups are replacing old groups. I think a lot of first generation 9/11 activists have gotten jaded, given up hope. Not just in the system but the masses. After all, look at how thousands of people can walk by the ReThink911 billboard in Times Square or on the subway, and not bat an eyelid. But remember when Hostess Cakes announced they were going under and that we’d never see their products on the shelves again? THE SKY FELL!!! People got their junk in the trunk off the couch, ,rushed to the stores and stocked up. And it was pretty much the top story on all local news channels! Is it going to have to take a complete collapse of society for people to take their noses out of their Candy Crush Saga?
    It’s good that the ripple effect that the first generation spread is triggering 2nd generation people like Mr. McKee (who started 9/11 activism in 2010, versus me who started in 05) to pick up the steam that others have lost. Of course, we all know that before you can get active in this, you have to get mad.
    One thing is for sure: this issue is not going away.

    1. No it’s not. And I agree that having people join the effort at different times is helpful when it comes to keep up the energy and the spirit of the movement. Sometimes when I get a bit discouraged I get back on track by hearing from someone who is just opening their mind to what 9/11 was all about and how much damage it has done. I think we have to help each other stay positive and stay involved.

      1. “Sometimes when I get a bit discouraged I get back on track by hearing from someone who is just opening their mind to what 9/11 was all about and how much damage it has done.”~Craig
        I will tell you what energizes me, a challenge. I have found that my strong suite is debate. A challenge will always entail a review of what I know. Such reviews very often prove to be fruitful with new discoveries that I hadn’t come across before.
        For instance, in the thread just previous to this one I became involved in a lengthily review of the lack of air response on 9/11. This involved various angles that I won’t recount here. But for me, the biggest revelation was how much information was scrubbed from the web shortly after the events of 9/11. Either entire sites were taken down, or specific information was scrubbed from sites that remain up.
        The original ‘next day’ report of Payne Stewart’s Learjet crash is missing from the Washington Post website that used to house it. It is now only available on ‘’ as are various sites explaining the ‘standby’ and ‘readiness orders’ of various airbases throughout the nation. Such scrubbing of information is to me just more evidence of cover-up and the reality of the Orwellian “Ministry of Truth” with it’s use of the “Memory Hole” technique. That this is a blatant and ongoing situation is obvious and needs to be reiterated constantly. Control over information is one of the highest priorities of a criminal state.
        So as a bottom line, my inspiration comes from constant self reminders of just how deeply criminal the state we live in truly is. I don’t want to be ruled by warmongering megalomaniacs. But that is the very hand that fate has dealt us; a pathological society.

  7. Craig,
    I hope you will update us here as to how things go tonight at the Gage event.
    Hope you have good weather – attendance can be effected if it is too frigid.
    Good luck!

  8. Great article Craig – I enjoyed the opening line: “The old adage that there is no such thing as bad publicity gets a real test when it comes to 9/11 Truth.” – that’s exactly what I was thinking! I’m glad that overall, this is a hopeful piece about the future of the truth movement. That’s how I’m feeling after participating in the Toronto / London legs of the tour! It’s hard not to get re-energized when we get together with like-minded people.

  9. So Craig,
    Did you learn anything new about the destruction of WTC7?
    You wish there had been a bigger crowd: How many people would you estimate showed up?
    Was there any media coverage of the event? Tell us something of your take on the proceedings, if you will.
    Thanks, \\][//

    1. I may end up repeating this information in an upcoming blog post, but here goes. I don’t have an official count but it does not seem that we reached 100 audience members. This is a bit disappointing, but the conference comes right in the middle of a very hotly contested provincial election campaign (the election is April 7). Up here, our election campaigns last a few weeks at most: there are no 18-month campaigns in Canada. And when we began organizing the Montreal stop on the tour the election had not even been called.
      (This could be just me, but I also think that the ticket prices may have played a part. In April 2012 a Gage ticket cost $12, but this time it was $15 online (plus $4 service charge) or $20 at the door. But I do understand the need to raise funds to pay for the tour and the Rethink billboards, etc.)
      But on the positive side, the interview I mentioned above on our top AM talk station, CJAD, went VERY well. Gage was supposed to be on for 30 minutes but they kept him on for a full hour! The host, Tommy Schnurmacher, was very fair and respectful. We were all thrilled with this – and I suspect more people were exposed to 9/11 by this show than by the event itself. And Richard handled himself very well. His approach, focusing on the evidence of controlled demolition rather than who did it, works very well with people who haven’t followed the subject but are willing to be open. You can listen to the full interview here:

      1. This is good news! I haven’t listened to the interview yet, but I will when I get a chance. After the Coren hit-piece came out, I spoke to Richard about sticking to the evidence and not getting drawn into any speculation. He has always been good at that, but somehow Coren managed to get a few soundbites where RG said things like “I don’t know, I guess it’s possible… [that Israel/Britain/NWO/space aliens were involved]. Even that gives them ammunition to paint the TM as a bunch of CTs. It’s better in those situations to recognize what is being done and always bring it back to the evidence… “I don’t know about that, but here’s what I do know …”

        1. Yes, Richard’s usual approach works well. In this case, he tried to deflect the question about whether Jews were told to stay out of the towers but truthfully saying that he hasn’t looked at the question and therefore doesn’t know. But Coren mocked the fact that he wasn’t willing to say it was false even though he hadn’t looked at it. You can’t win with a hack like that. But sometimes really horrible publicity – over-the-top horrible – can end up making reasonable people more open to listening to you because they see that you’re being bullied. I hope that’s the case anyway.

      2. I just finished listening to Richard Gage on the Tommy Schnurmacher Show.
        I have to say this is the best interview I have heard Gage do. And I think a large part of that has to do with the fairness with which Schnurmacher handled the show, and of course Richard having much more experience than when he first started having such interviews.
        He handled himself very well, and wasn’t baited into any of the rhetorical traps a few callers attempted to lay. And I have to hand it to Mr Schnurmacher as well, I wouldn’t be able to make a guess as to his opinion on the events of 9/11 on the basis of this show, which means he showed no bias in either direction.

    1. Of course there is the notice that it is a community message and not an endorsement. But that is fair enough. However, I understand from Mbondi’s remarks that Michael Coren is making noises about her despite that disclaimer – which really reveals his position of an empty oinker — as if that needed more substantiation.
      I am no tweeter and have no face on the book. I deplore such “social media” as a surveillance vacuum machine.

  10. Go to @michaelcoren on Twitter – he’s tweeting about Megan Leslie and showing off his ignorance with his hit-piece against RG. Please feel free to harass the little twerp.

  11. Yeah. He is more adroit than at the beginning. Should be too with all the practice.
    But his basic integrity and niceness still comes thru even after facing the mighty Frums and Kays and other agents of the creatioNIST enterprise, and that’s a good thing.
    I drove him early morning to the radioNZ interview with Kim Hill in 2009; sat watching and listening Hill start up her attack motor and always regret not prepping him enough on who I thought her to be – and I should have known – I actually DID know but didn’t want to influence his approach. How stupid.
    I did know because I had heard the Pilger/Hill interview where he nailed her on not having researched the questions – and I had my own opinions of ‘radio control’ by then. That, however the media ‘shut-out’ works, radioNZ was balls deep in it. But I was as naive as Richard thinking just because he was on air, Hill was going to play fair..after all, her reputation was all about the science and she would understand the forensics presented.
    My mistake. I wasn’t alone. Not even her producer knew the tack she was on. Its interesting HILL chose the Jane Standley BBC ‘scripting’ moment to finally throw off any pretense of open discovery to reveal the cannonball radioNZ regularly exhibit everytime matters 911 and JFK come up.
    Anyway. Its good to hear him. He is a brave man.

    1. Wow Craig I didn’t know that being a truther automatically makes you a “Jew hater”. Seems a bit harsh to call us all Jew haters when some of us are Jews. I guess truthers who are Jewish are self haters then?
      As far as getting a lawyer goes, I recommend you go ahead and call a few and see what they say. Maybe one of them will take the case on a contingency basis and that would be a great way to add pressure to get this clown kicked off the air.
      I wonder if everyone who disagree’s with Coren is a Jew hater? Perhaps just truthers huh?

    2. Where did Coren get the “Jew” bit of his slur? It seems far fetched considering that you have not made any mention of “the Jews” in all the time I have been reading your material.
      Coren’s remark reads more like the ravings of an unhinged lunatic to me. The more angry he gets he is bound to drive the fact of his lunacy in more and more forcefully.

  12. Here is the entire exchange. It starts with a comment from someone else and I jump in soon after.
    Audrey G. Williams: I can’t believe people call you an intellectual when you basically dis credit such an amazing man like Mr Richard Gage
    Michael Coren: I agree. And his refusal to condemn the lie that Jews were told to stay away from work on 9/11 was brilliant & ethical.
    Williams: I will ask @RichardGage for you when I go to his lecture on March 31st.
    Coren: I already asked him several times. He’s a nut, as are his cultish followers. Losers, anti-Semites, wankers.
    Me: Gage didn’t “refuse to condemn” as you put it. He just stayed away from your clumsy attempt to make him look bad.
    Coren: He didn’t need any help from me! Nor did the other dullard racists who went on about evil Zionists.
    Me: You realize Zionism isn’t a race, don’t you? It’s a political movement, open to criticism like any other.
    Coren: Of course. I also realize that it’s used as a euphemism by cowardly anti-Semites. Such as …
    Me: So it’s the only political movement that can’t be criticized without the critic being called an anti-Semite?
    Coren: Not at all. But when someone thinks “Zionists” all stayed away from work on 9/11 they are what they are.
    Me: Gage didn’t say that! YOU tried to get him to say that! He addresses evidence. You should try it.
    Coren: You’re either extremely stupid or extremely anti-Semitic or both. Either way, spread your hatred elsewhere.
    Me: Sorry, what did I write that was anti-Semitic? To disagree with you is the same as hatred? Wow.
    Coren: Just blocked another Jew-hating truther. I support free speech but on their own dime, not mine. There: another conspiracy for them!

    1. Well Coren is obviously someone who thinks that the slur of “Antisemitism” still has the sting it once had, it is now tepid and lazy slander and nothing else.
      Zionism has nothing to do with Judaism beyond using it as a cover. Zionism is the practice and policy of “might is right” – and anyone, Christian, Muslim, Jew, Atheist, Satanist, whatever, can believe in that credo which claims that the ends justify the means. That is all Zionism is, the credo of dominance.
      It is a very curious thing that brutes and thugs such as Coren can seriously be characterized as “intellectuals” due to their rhetorical shitcraft. Ahh, but it is maniacs such as he who rule this world…

  13. You know Coren’s attempt to paint you and Gage as anti Semitic reminds me of another attempt to brand Richard Gage as a Jew hater and as a “terrorist”. The following video deals with the same incident which caused We Are Change Los Angeles to go to the Simon Wiesenthal Center in the first place. Watch the video and ask yourself why Coren is trying the same tactic the SWC tried over 6 years ago.

  14. Semitic is a language group, and the largest contemporary group to speak a Semitic language are Arabs. It is simply Orwellian Newspeak to single out Jews as singularly “Semitic”.
    The term “antisemitic” is nonsense in such a context. The term is an invention of paranoia and cognitive insufficiency.

    1. “Despite the use of the prefix anti-, the terms “Semitic” and “antisemitic” are not directly opposed to each other, making the term a misnomer.
      While the term’s etymology might suggest that antisemitism is directed against all Semitic people, the term was coined in the late 19th century in Germany [1873 German journalist Wilhelm Marr] as a more scientific-sounding term for Judenhass (“Jew-hatred”), and that has been its normal use since then.”~Wikipedia
      Note that regardless of “normal use” – the term is still a misnomer – as I have been pointing out for years. By the reasonable standards of linguistics and logic, the term is technically meaningless. And this is one of the main points that Orwell made in his lifelong treatise on language and its popular misuses, which he termed ‘Newspeak.

  15. Attack/defenders of the creatioNIST myth carry a blade of conviction forged in the fires of history that the 911 secret is worth the lifetime of lying to protect, but, being human, and as time goes by, suffer the weight of evidence brought against it, so become more and more hysterical in defending it. There has got to be a word describing the mechanics of role reversal every time OCT attack truth activists. Every slur and slander attributed to the activist community is actually a mirror of own method motive and malice. Those arguing most violently against fair representation of the evidence, know exactly what to accuse the presenters of it of, because from personal experience, that is what it takes to present and maintain the OCT lie.
    And if all else fails, just turn the microphone off.

  16. As far as the assessment of Zionism is concerned:
    It is my considered opinion that the Protocols of the Elders of Zion is absolutely essential reading. It states the agenda most directly and in bold straight forward unapologetic language. It’s validity being self-evident as it describes what has indeed taken place in the “future” it’s authors have engineered. Any sane mind can see that this present paradigm is the exact model being described within the pages of the Protocols.
    The fruition and ends of this agenda should be no surprise to those who have understood this text, it is a grim situation for all but the elite cabal in control.
    There was one central constant in all of the versions come to light throughout history, and that was the descriptions of the methods and techniques {protocols}, the ways and means to accomplish world domination.
    There is a document by Weishaupt that is practically word for word for several chapters as those found in the Protocols, and this document was written in the same year as the Revolutionary War in North America. Similar documents surfaced during the French Revolution, and again during the reign of Napoleon Bonaparte. As revolution is one of the techniques of the Protocols, it is no surprise that they again surfaced during the Russian Revolution that ended with the “dictatorship of the proletariat”.
    It is this particular version that is claimed to be plagiarism and a fraud. Which given the nature of the writings, it is as I say, self evident as a prediction of the future that came to pass. And the only way to successfully predict the future is to engineer it.

  17. Both concepts of “Might is Right” and “Ends Justify the Ends” are rank excuses for vile despotism. They are simply lies. And these lies are the basis and credo of the conspiracy of Zion.
    The ‘Ends’ are DEFINED by the ‘Means’ used to reach them. So the ends do not ‘Justify’ the ‘Means’ as is proclaimed by those who also claim that ‘Might is Right’.
    ‘Might’ is simply force, it has no inherent quality of justness or injustice in itself.

  18. PROTOCOL 1
    11. The political has nothing in common with the moral. The ruler who is governed by the moral is not a skilled politician, and is therefore unstable on his throne. He who wishes to rule must have recourse both to cunning and to make-believe. Great national qualities, like frankness and honesty, are vices in politics, for they bring down rulers from their thrones more effectively and more certainly than the most powerful enemy. Such qualities must be the attributes of the kingdoms of the goyim, but we must in no wise be guided by them.”
    . . . . . . . . . . . . .
    “Practical Politics” or “realpolitik” is hardly a secret in this world. It is referenced openly and without apology often enough, and is clearly the policy of all government.
    Written Law is clearly a sham [make-believe] and rule by caveat the standard. Those who fail to see this are enchanted by the necromancy of the Public Relations Regime.

  19. PROTOCOL 9
    2. “Nowadays, if any States raise a protest against us, it is only pro forma at our discretion and by our direction, for their anti-semitism is indispensable to us for the management of our lesser brethren. I will not enter into further explanations, for this matter has formed the subject of repeated discussions amongst us.”
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
    Herein much is revealed by the psychopathic maniacs who wrote the Protocols

  20. Those who deny the validity of the Protocols must also deny that the plan for global domination is well advanced – indeed practically to the point of fruition. In order to deny the second, one must deny that which is clearly manifest:
    It is the open and admitted strategy of the US to establish “Full Spectrum Dominance”. It then is incumbent upon those who deny the agenda to make an interpretation of the term ‘full spectrum dominance’.
    “Full spectrum” clearly means ‘in every aspect’. The word “dominance” is too blatant to quibble over. Thus “full spectrum dominance” is in fact a euphemism for ‘Totalitarian’.
    “Tyranny,” “Despotism,” “Totalitarian” … all these terms describe the same object.
    As these clearly are the aims, and the policy of the Western Empire, and as these aims have been articulated in the most straight forward manner in the text of the Protocols, long before these aims were achieved, it is impossible to frame the situation as a coincidence, or a matter of chance, as every particular, in ways and means for this achievement can be found in that infamous document.

  21. PROTOCOL 22
    3. “Surely there is no need to seek further proof that our rule is predestined by God? Surely we shall not fail with such wealth to prove that all that evil which for so many centuries we have had to commit has served at the end of ends the cause of true well-being – the bringing of everything into order?”
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
    Can these be the words of any other than a maniac?
    Really, this must leave any sane mind in a state of awe, a sense of amazement that there are even minds mad enough to construct such a preposterous proposal. The blind blithering hubris displayed in P22-3 is insane spittle, the howling ululations of utter madness.

  22. One thing to bear in mind when reading the Marsden [English] translation of Nilus’s [Russian] document, the Protocols are presented by the original authors as “Jewish” in the text. They may well be posing as “Jewish”, but as their references to their “lesser brethren” makes absolutely clear, the average person considering themselves as “Jewish” are to be kept in the dark as to the dark plan of the “Leadership”.
    Using an allegory of the “Ancient Elders” as comparable to the “Honorable Men” of the National Security State – it is clear that the “lesser brethren” are as ignorant as the average Amerikan when it comes to knowledge of the agenda of their leadership.
    So the culpability of one or the other group is clearly a philosophical problem to contemplate, one with no easy answers.

  23. And anyway, satin is a weave, not a material. It is MADE of material, originally silk, but today it is manufactured from many types of cloth.
    So what does Fullers Earth have to do with it?
    A whole lot of trivia builds to a substantial knowledge base.
    Cha Cha Cha …

  24. 9/11 and Other Lies
    The official explanation gave the neoconservatives the “new Pearl Harbor” that they needed for their program of invasions of Middle Eastern countries. The private armaments companies could look forward to decades of high profits. Wars always bring the military rapid promotions and higher retirement benefits. Private manufacturers of security equipment and spyware enjoy a rising demand for their products and have grown fat from the products sold to the TSA and NSA. Homeland Security has vastly expanded the federal workforce and administrative positions. The left-wing has proof of “blowback” caused by US interference in the internal affairs of other countries. The right-wing has proof that America has enemies against whom defense at all costs is necessary. The Israel Lobby has the US to overthrow the regimes in the way of Israel’s territorial expansion. The media has the story of the century with which to boost ratings and curry the favor of government.
    These are formidable interests arrayed against the mere obvious truth, obvious, that is, to any educated person. The 2,100 Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth have no vested interest in any explanation of 9/11. Indeed, they are harmed by disproving, as they have done, the government’s explanation. None of them will ever again get a government contract, and many of their former clients have turned their backs on “those damn anti-Americans who don’t believe their own government!” Cass Sunstein, a Chicago and Harvard law professor who sold out his integrity, if any, to the Obama regime by accepting an appointment and arguing that the federal government should infiltrate the 9/11 truth movement with agents and set-up truth-tellers so that they could be discredited, possibly even prodding them into actions for which they could be arrested.
    In other words, the government’s story cannot stand the light cast by the facts and independent experts, and the government’s false story must be protected by shutting down the truth-telling experts. The government, Sunstein argued, needs to either gain control over these experts or to shut them down.”~Paul Craig Robberts

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