Rethink 9/11 ads being ‘reviewed’ in Ottawa are protected: Supreme Court


The centerpiece of the Rethink 9/11 campaign is this billboard in Times Square.

By Craig McKee
Rethink 9/11 ads on Ottawa buses are staying right where they are.
A 2009 Supreme Court of Canada ruling affirms that the content of transit system ads are protected as free expression under section 2(b) of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. (The case involved multiple parties, including the Greater Vancouver Transit Authority, British Columbia Transit, the Canadian Federation of Students, and the B.C. Civil Liberties Association.)
The Rethink 9/11 campaign, sponsored by Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, bypasses the mainstream media and exposes people to the case for 9/11 Truth with the posting of billboards and signs in major cities around the world – on buildings, on top of cabs, in bus shelters, and in subway cars – during the month of September, which coincides with the 12th anniversary of 9/11. Cities involved include New York, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Toronto, Vancouver, London, and Sydney.
The ads ask the question, “Did you know that a 3rd building fell on 9/11?” They are designed to get people asking questions about the evidence, and specifically about the evidence showing that all three towers in New York City were brought down in controlled demolitions.
Objections to the Ottawa ads, which run until the first week of October, were raised both by Mayor Jim Watson and transit commission chair Diane Deans. While Watson has stated publicly that he believes the ads are protected as free speech, he also believes them to be “disrespectful” of the victims of the 9/11 crimes.
Deans, who plans to ask for a review of the city’s ad policy at the next commission meeting (that was to be today, Sept. 18, but the meeting was cancelled), claims the ads are “insensitive.” She also stated that it is a difficult challenge to balance free speech with what is acceptable to the community.
That prompted this response from Rethink 9/11:
“To Councillor Deans and to all who question our sensitivity and legal right to run the ReThink911 ads, we would like to make clear: the ReThink911 coalition includes 9/11 victims’ family members who want nothing more than an accurate and unbiased accounting of the death of their loved ones. To these surviving family members, seeking the truth is the most profound way to honor their loved ones. Your words ignore their search for truth and cause more pain. With regard to our legal right to run these ads, every statement contained in the ad—with the exception of “The evidence might surprise you”—is factually uncontroversial. If free speech does not protect the right to make factually uncontroversial statements in public, what does it protect? Any effort to remove the ReThink911 ads or curtail free speech on OC Transpo would likely be ruled unconstitutional in a court of law.”
Transit commission member Blair Crew, who is a criminal defence attorney and a civil libertarian, said in an interview that he is not offended by the ads and certainly believes they deserve protection as free speech. (Crew is one of four “citizen” members who are appointed – the rest of the commission is made up of elected councillors.)
“I love the X-Files,” he says. “There’s always the interest in a good conspiracy theory although most of them don’t go anywhere.”
He added that there are “conspiracy theories” about whether the U.S. government knew in advance about the attack on Pearl Harbor and whether it was involved in the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Unlike 9/11, he says, these subjects don’t offend people easily because the events happened so long ago.
“It’s only because this one is so much more recent in time, and it affected so many more people, but I don’t see anything in the ads themselves that I find disrespectful, and merely suggesting an alternative theory does not for me do that by itself.”
Crew was the only member of the commission who agreed to be interviewed for this article. All commission members were contacted, including Watson and Deans.
Lawyer Chris Sanderson, who represented the B.C. Civil Liberties Association in the 2009 case, said in an interview that the Supreme Court decision is certainly relevant to the issue of whether Ottawa has the legal right to restrict ads or to have them removed altogether.
“Certainly that decision is relevant to the kinds of rules they can and cannot make to restrict speech,” he said. “When it’s public space, government ought not to be able to control the content of the expression in that space.”
Media reaction to the issue has been muted but still predictably negative. The most hysterical reaction came from the Canadian edition of the Huffington Post, which published an article stating that the ads had prompted “widespread outrage.” Apparently, their idea of widespread outrage is two people they interviewed and three snarky tweets.
Ted Walter, who is managing the Rethink 9/ 11 campaign, said in an interview that the concerns raised by Watson and Deans are actually helpful for the awareness-raising effort, because they have prompted a dialogue not only about whether these ads should be allowed but also about their content.
“Our job is to shift the discussion onto the substance,” he says.
Walter says that Rethink 9/11 has plans in January to post more ads, this time seeking market saturation in New York, Washington D.C., and Toronto.
A U.S. opinion poll commissioned by Rethink has already found that 46% of those shown video of the destruction of Building 7 believe it came as a result of a controlled demolition. That means that nearly half of those polled do not accept the government’s account of what happened. Walter says the Ottawa controversy has also prompted Rethink 9/11 to embark on a poll of Canadians on the same subject.


  1. Nice post, Craig. (on the iPhone, I read up to the “read more” link.)
    Have you seen this tweet?
    Shocking Video: One Hour Before 8:44 p.m. Wed, Sep 18
    Elizabeth (away from regular computer connection)
    Sent from my iPhone

  2. Refreshing article, thank you. It points at the most alarming layer of the 9/11 conspiracy: the censorship by just about every watchdog who should but will not bark over the widely televised terrorist controlled demolition of the twin towers and their transparent cover-up. The 9/11 censorship is the main cause why so many otherwise reasonable people will viscerally refuse to entertain the possibility of any 9/11 foul play beyond the benign, familiar and reassuring ocean of incompetence and negligence, augmented by some corruption on the part of the official investigators to preserve the jobs of some criminally negligent and incompetent public servants.
    Conversely, if and when enough 9/11-cognizant people understand the overwhelming size, effectiveness and importance of the censorship, they may not only focus their activism on it, but also come up with original and easy ways to pierce it. Who knows what paradigmatic change this may bring?

  3. Craig,
    where is this “Canada” you speak of?
    But seriously, from Daniel’s comment above:

    Conversely, if and when enough 9/11-cognizant people understand the overwhelming size, effectiveness and importance of the censorship, they may not only focus their activism on it, but also come up with original and easy ways to pierce it. Who knows what paradigmatic change this may bring?

    I truly believe this to be the central issue facing the truth movement or indeed, 9/11-cognizant people as Daniel has it.

  4. If there was a poll taken to establish the percentage of how many people believe MSM television news the figure would be even greater than the significant percentage who do not believe the official narrative of 9/11. It is probably a natural progression to reject the official narrative of 9/11 when one begins to reject certain elements of the “new world order” of MSM television news.
    The MSM is making it very easy for most educated people averse to scum-buggery to identify it and hopefully expose it.

      1. adam,
        since lennon’s murder, when i hear the line “nothing’s gonna change my world,” what comes to mind is “except an assassin’s bullet.” then i think of the bigger picture and the idea that lennon’s life here was just one of his many lives and part of his own plan, a chapter, if you will, in a book. and it is lennon’s book–in which he is a major presence in a universe he was (and still is) working to better–that is “the world,” and that indeed nothing can change that. may just be wishful thinking, but my focusing this way lessens the sadness of lennon being taken from us.
        i found the book “who killed john lennon” by fenton bressler to be excellent. a summary is here:
        here’s one youtube presentation of the beatles’ “across the universe” from which, of course, the lines you and willy quote, are taken:

      2. hey, willy,
        wonderful interpretation and beautifully put, this: “Take a listen to the words in the verses of ‘Across the Universe’; all positive inner consciousness magical experiential reality. A personal world that nothing can harm nor change, even though the poet recognizes what a world of tragedy he lives in – he sees alas that he is alive and part of a living universe.”

    1. willy,
      i’d never gotten a handle on the meaning of this phrase. subjectively speaking, best result of this morning’s quick research indicates that… “The line ‘jai guru deva om’ is a mantra of John’s designed to help him concentrate while meditating, something he was into at the time. It means roughly “Glory to the spiritual master” and has the focusing sound “omm” at the end. (Translation varies according to particular level of Sanskrit used for divination.)” see

      1. “Jaya” (in Sanskrit), or “Jai” (in modern Indian languages — local
        variants include “Joi” and “Jey”) originally meant .
        Parvati Devi is often shown with two girlfriends named Jaya and Vijaya —
        meaning The Victorious, and The Conquering.
        Lord Indra’s eldest son is named Jayanti, meaning Victor.
        But when used in prayer, “Jaya” usually has the same connotation as
        English “Hail.”– Kalipadma

      2. “Ommm…” is ‘breath’ vibration tuning/alignment/centering of ‘spirit’.
        I would say, “Hail master teacher…Omm” is the closest definition I would personally make as to the meaning, but your definition is so close that there is no argument here.

  5. Is this an ad for 9/11 truth, or a PR campaign for Architects and Engineers?
    Whichever, I don’t trust either, advertising or Architects and Engineers, for unvarnished truth.

    1. Why do you not trust AE911Truth? Just to be clear, I don’t have hero worship for Gage or AE; I think he’s made some wrong choices over the years and I think his board of directors is infiltrated. But why do you, specifically, not trust them?

      1. I think you pretty well answered your question for me, Adam.
        Look, I live in San Francisco where Gage is supposed to be from. I have yet to meet him, or really figure out how to contact him. (Not that I have not tried to go out of my way to do so in years. I certainly have no desire to do so now.)
        Once upon a time when Bonnie Faulkner took live calls on Guns and Butter, I asked him on clarify some claims he was making– and I thought his answers were not straightforward. There has always been infiltration talk. (I don’t waste my time at KPFA anymore.)
        Who are you?
        I can’t say I trust anyone anymore. I have a soft-spot for Barrie Zwicker, but his defense of the nail really unsettled me. I was glad when he re-emerged to write about false flags here.
        I daresay he has been like many of us rattled by the whole 9/11 truth movement experience. The 9/11 Truth Movement, like Occupy Wall Street, had its moments– but it was ultimately led around in circles.
        What is next? I won’t look for the answer from Gage, or some billboard space, that is for sure.
        If our consciences haven’t been raised enough by now, it’s time to look for answers somewhere else.
        Best wishes

      2. Mr Livingston,
        Personally, I do not know what to make of AE911Truth, or Gage. I can’t jump to the conclusion that he is a disinformant however. But I would have to say that he is pretty naïve, and doesn’t seem to have any idea of the architecture of modern political power.
        He like many other “truthers” seem to have some lingering trust in the System, and if not that some jejune faith in the Amerikan public, who have been suckers for centuries now. A small minded people who take on gladly these spurious concepts of “American Exceptionalism” of “Manifest Destiny”…the pathological idea that there can be justice in a stolen land.
        It should be beyond any matters of 9/11 that make it crystal clear that this System is a murderous-pillaging-warmongering empire. That the real seat of power is held by a global elite, that Amerika is simply the ‘Garrison State’ for this globalist syndicate of the criminally insane.
        That the domestic population is clueless as to the despotism sitting on their very heads, that it is sucking the lifeblood out of the slave class, and economic ruin is already at hand, is too plain to see. This is a pathological society built on delusional mythology, and the “people” are enchanted by an electronic necromancy that has no match in fantasy or science fiction.
        This is the present day, in the Court of the Crimson King.

      3. “Well, yeah—but on the plus side …”~David Glynn
        “jai guru deva om..nothin’s gonna change my world”
        Take a listen to the words in the verses of ‘Across the Universe’; all positive inner consciousness magical experiential reality. A personal world that nothing can harm nor change, even though the poet recognizes what a world of tragedy he lives in – he sees alas that he is alive and part of a living universe.

  6. I feel like Maxwell Smart muttering:

    The old “disrespectful of the victims of the 9/11 crimes” ploy, eh? Playing on emotions, I see. Missed it by |<– that –> much.

    Loved the response.
    Those who use “disrespectful of the victims” games should be reminded when the victims learned in the afterlife that — based on a lie of who the real terrorists were — their deaths were being hyped as martyrs to launch several illegal & immoral international wars with untold millions of innocent victims, why those same victims would be petitioning God or the devil himself for the opportunity to come back and haunt the shit out of those who skew the “disrespect” argument to continue with the torturing status quo.

  7. I agree that if anything is the perfect entree to introduce the truth of 9/11 it is the demolition of Bldg 7.
    But I am dubious that this campaign will have anything but the slightest effect on the general population. The general population don’t remember as far back as last week, let along 12 years ago. Until they are reminded with some injection of jingoberry syrup on “Patriots Day” by the Public Relations regime, and they stand and sing “Gawblesmerka” and then sit back down to their pizza, bear and TV.
    They don’t give a shit about anything but convenience and entertainment. These people love their phony plastic lives of delusions!
    Good luck with this newest version of “hope and change”…

  8. My comment in the previous article didn’t elicit a response. I wonder if this will?
    I heard a Russian diplomat say on the MSM the other day “the stories circulating in the MSM are becoming quite a stretch for most of us to believe”
    “The ‘Garrison State’ for this Globalist syndicate” has not had its way in Syria, and the evidence, unsubstantiated by these “one world government thugs” is being vigorously contested by our Russian friends.
    There is definite resistance going on. The governments of Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa “BRICS” and the rest are waking up and rising up.
    It’s not the American people that we need to rely on to uncover the truth, it’s probably going to be the good people employed in these governments that are going to start asking some serious questions. There are also a number of European countries that are now not in agreement with the countries responsible for and committing most of the global terrorism.
    I’m on the side of Oksana. Who’s side are you on?
    Rethink 9/11, great idea, couldn’t possibly do any harm for the cause of 9/11 truth.

    1. onesliceshort,
      perhaps a&e is keen on producing their own videos? dan noel, who posts here, might know. also, in my view this one is too long for most newcomers, who, i think, should be the focus of outreach programs. the video rethink9/11 video at (under 6 minutes) does use a key portion of what sunder says in the video above, i.e., that fire caused the collapse of building 7.

      1. Hi Dennis
        Maybe you’re right on the longevity — there’s such a short attention span — but the ownership shouldn’t be an issue. I know that the author, Gerry, has put a lot of effort, solid info and irrefutable evidence that NIST are deceitful, manipulative liars, into all of his videos.

      2. oss,
        i just watched the entire video, which has two major flaws: (1) the narrator’s foreign accent which often makes him difficult to understand, and (2) the volume mix–specifically, the narrator’s voice is significantly lower than sunder’s lying voice which at all times comes across crystal clear. add in all the technical discussion–which always tends to put me to sleep–and the net result is a 25 minute video that is not nearly as effective as it would be if it had a clear-speaking narrator, balanced audio, and some serious editing. a&e’s 15 minute video on building 7 (narrated by ed asner) is to me much more impressive; as is the new rethink911 video (under 6 minutes) previously mentioned. as to “why this video isn’t being shouted from the rooftops by AE911Truth,” i can only speculate, as i already have. but from my own personal point of view, this video is one that i would not recommend, especially for newcomers.
        my two cents,

      3. Dennis,
        technically speaking, the narrator’s accent is not foreign, it’s Scottish. (Some would have it Scotch, but that’s a whole ‘nother ball o’ wax.)

      4. david,
        i thought it was scottish but wasn’t sure, so i went with “foreign.” when do you use the phrase “foreign accent?”

      5. Dennis,
        I couldn’t honestly tell you whether I do or don’t use that term—but my feeling is that I would tend to use the specific, i.e. French, New Zealand, Cockney etc …

    1. willy,
      i gave this podcast a shot and lasted 10 minutes. i always find corbett’s talking head extremely difficult to endure. in this video, his disingenuous and repeated use of the phrase ‘falling in love with their captors’ was especially irritating. i would like to see what you have posted here on this subject. what’s the url?

      1. Dennis,
        I have always found it a more positive experience to listen to Corbett’s podcasts, rather than watch the videos. If you could have endured a bit longer, you would have found that he began amending the phrase, ‘falling in love with their captors’, which is rather the ‘standard’ bumper-sticker definition of ‘the Stockholm Syndrome’ – as manifest by the Patty Hearst kidnapping {legend?}.
        The point of the talk was Corbett’s common use of a specific ‘psychological’ syndrome or theoretical description of a ‘syndrome’, and giving it wider application in societal terms. And it was this discussion as it developed that I found particularly prescient.
        And after all, it is not so much something’s name as it is profile and character, and it is in the sociological discussion with ‘Stockholm’ as an easily identifiable analogy, that I found most interesting.
        Bertrand Russel, Aldous Huxley, and others have described what were the logical outcomes of a society manipulated by high tech psychological engineering:
        A “Culture” being merely the scum grown in a petri dish.
        I hate to disappoint you, but what I meant by what I have said here, I simply meant my earlier commentary on this thread, although the general theme has been a subtopic in much of my essay work.

      2. ok, willy, thanks for the explanation, take, and link to your work. i scanned a bit. looks intriguing. on the “to read” list.

    2. Willy
      A good example of what we’re all up against
      These kids were rhyming off names of innocent civilians murdered in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, etc by drones. The crowd’s answer was to chant “USA!”.
      They may as well be saying “So what?” The same crowd would be shouting “Kill the bastard” if it were some guy accused of being a serial killer.
      The “crowd” are the next generation of corporate whores, spokespersons, media pundits, stockbrokers. Basically the filters that block out the bad smell from above.
      The guy Petraeus stands there with his uniform, medals and and “clean cut” image. How can this guy be a mass murderer? How can it be labelled infanticide when it’s done under the banner of the USA?
      A couple of things going on here with this crowd:
      1. Bowing to the “authority figure” and being embarrassed that somebody questions that authority. And a rallying to drown out the dissenting voice. A show of subservience. Obedience.
      2. Mob rule.
      3. The “fingers in ears and squealing nanana” (and “moron”) syndrome when confronted by uncomfortable truths.
      This is the dilemma when trying to reach out to the “public”. I mean, the drone assassinations can’t be crammed under the “conspiracy theory” label. Nor can the glaringly obvious “coming out of the al Qaeda closet” in Syria. Even every admitted, documented and proven sociopathic event that these cockroaches have had their filthy hands on in world events, including the sacrifice, experimentation on and assassination of fellow “citizens”, and even the robbery of their own fucking money, is blanked out by the “crowd”.
      How are we meant to “convince” these people about the events of 9/11?
      They don’t want to know!
      There are positives to take from opinion polls on 9/11, the lack of faith/trust in banks, govt, MSM, but when push comes to shove, the “mob mentality” kicks in again.
      When they shout “USA! USA!” they’re really shouting “nananana!”
      Fooking depressing.

      1. Thanks OSS,
        This is indeed quite revealing – the hypocrisy of the university itself, and the larger group [groupmind] is tragic, and as you say depressing to behold.
        “Homo Sapien Sapien” the race is called as a general moniker…Lol
        ‘Homo Vishnue Amerikanus’ is the actual descriptor of the larger mob of us, sapience being largely a myth in the panoramic aspect.
        A problem as ancient as the Land of the Pharaohs — at the very least.

      2. i think the protesters did very well! naturally they weren’t welcome, this was a crowd that was there to see petraeus, a crowd of his fans. i would imagine that others on campus who had no interest in seeing patraeus (the majority, perhaps?) would be more reachable, and that this video could help reach at least some of them.

      3. @Dennis
        Oh yeah, taking nothing away from the protesters. Excellent tactic.
        As to what I was saying about the “mob”, I think that only imagery has a better chance of getting the message through.
        I once posted an image on my old facebook page of Obama holding a baby and smiling that had written on it “Lucky you’re not a Pakistani kid”. It provoked a reaction from even my friends and family. I then posted several images of dead Pakistani kids killed by drones (heartbreakin man) and told them that I could post a couple of thousand more.
        I did it for shock value. To get the message across.
        We’ve been numbed to printed words and numbers. The media has it down to an art form.
        Another example. The child that was killed in Boston was plastered all over the television and internet. Everybody was posting images of candles in remembrance. I posted one and on the same page posted more images of dead Palestinian, Yemeni and Pakistani kids just to show the disconnect people had. All were killed by explosions but only one is singled out for special attention.
        The same goes for a Pakistani girl who was shot in the head by “al Qaeda” for going to college. Weeks and months of media spin on her recovery and her courage while US drones were simultaneously massacring Pakistani kids a few hundred kilometers away!
        We have to reignite that section of our brains that has been dulled by constant media brainwashing using their own tactic of “shock doctrine”.

      4. OSS,

        How are we meant to “convince” these people about the events of 9/11?

        I don’t know about “convincing” the kind of people who would voluntarily attend an address by General Petraeus, but I believe there are ways to reach what we might still call the common man. Here, for example, is something I came across the other day.
        I’d just like to tell everyone how much I enjoyed [ … ]. I have to admit I approached it with a fair amount of trepidation, because it revisits the events of September 11, 2001, and brings to the surface some very hard-to-explain facts about the most traumatic event in our collective American memory. But as I read, my trepidation soon gave way to page-turning immersion as I delved into his skillfully crafted story. [The book] blends fact, speculation, and fiction seamlessly; [the author is] a great writer, and he brings the characters to life and makes you care about them. And when the story is over, you are left with some disquieting concerns about the things we all remember so well, but most of us never questioned. Buy it and read it. You won’t go wrong.
        So is the writer of the above review now a Truther? No. But I’m pretty sure that when the subject of 9/11 next arises he won’t be sticking his fingers in his ears and chanting USA! USA! USA!

    Britain’s ex-envoy explains how Israel fabricated Syria intelligence.
    A former British ambassador to Uzbekistan says the U.S. government has been deceived by the Israeli regime through fabricated evidence into believing that the Syrian government forces used chemical weapons in an attack on the suburbs of Damascus on August 21.
    Craig John Murray, now a political activist, has written in his official website that U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry’s claims about having access to communication intercepts of Syrian military and officials organizing chemical weapons attacks are sheer lies.

    1. “The road to Tehran leads through Damascus”
      ~’A Clean Break’ – a Neocon/Israeli policy paper from the early 1990s.
      All of the current machinations for ‘redrawing the map of the Middle East’ are telegraphed in such policy papers — all in the public domain.

      1. “The road to Tehran leads through Damascus”
        ~’A Clean Break’ – a Neocon/Israeli policy paper from the early 1990s”.
        That is obviously the Neocon/Israeli plan. But that doesn’t mean that we should let it happen. If stunts like the chemical weapons false flag can be outed it makes it more difficult for the vampire elite to get their way.
        I don’t subscribe to “so let it be written, so let it be done”

      2. “I don’t subscribe to “so let it be written, so let it be done”~Socrates
        And by your comment here you seem to intimate that I do..?
        I was just giving you background history to this long and ongoing situation.
        If you don’t subscribe to “let it be done” then just what are YOU doing to stop it? Anymore than the rest of us here, who are as clearly fed up and disgusted with the current situation as you are?
        You got some magic FIX for this dilemma, let’s have it.

    2. David
      Yes, it definitely puts more fuel in the engine when you see comments like that.
      Here’s another example of the “mob” in action. An initial ripple of applause followed by uncomfortable silence and loud applause when he was manhandled. The famous “don’t taze me bro” incident where the guy was branded a “conspiracy nut” for asking John Kerry if he and Bush were Skull and Bones. One of those 100% facts that are shovelled in to the “conspiracy theorist” bin just for mentioning it in public.
      What the MSM whores didn’t concentrate too much on was the fact that this guy also brought up another fact that Kerry had actually won the 2004 election and conceded.
      My two cents is that the cockroaches that were rolled in to power in 2000 were intentionally put there (through the voting machine fraud) to facilitate the 9/11 false flag and the wars and corporate bonanza that followed.
      But even viewing the issue from the most conservative slant on vote stealing, it was a major proven fraud.

      1. My two cents is that the cockroaches that were rolled in to power in 2000 were intentionally put there (through the voting machine fraud) to facilitate the 9/11 false flag and the wars and corporate bonanza that followed.

        I disagree, but only on the highlighted hair-split. It was the database juking by a Texas firm (supporter of George W. Bush) of the Florida (Gov. Jeb Bush) voter registration that put the cockroaches in power. Greg Palast documents this very well. Hanging chads were a limited hangout distraction.
        However, the voting machine fraud came in the 2004 election to keep them there, along with Kerry’s concession and other anomalies.
        Whenever I see the “don’t taze me bro” video, I want to put my fist into the faces of a few rent-a-cops.

      2. Seńor el Once
        I stand corrected.
        Those cowardly thugs are another part of the “mob” problem. They “follow orders” but why with so much zeal? I can sort of understand soldiers being mentally brutalized (you just have to look at the rape, atrocity and suicide figures), but the “boys in blue”? Where along the way did they become “brutalized” to treat people this way?

  10. What Happened to John Kerry? From Anti-War Vietnam to Bellicose Rhetoric on Syria
    By Dr. Robert P. Abele
    Global Research, September 20, 2013
    Here is another article about Kerry, which contemporaneously is “rational” enough. However it is terribly lacking from a deep historical perspective. There is absolutely no mystery involved here at all.
    John Kerry attended Yale. In his senior year he was tapped by SKULL AND BONES. He has been a “Bonesman” his entire adult life. “Once a Bonesman, always a Bonesman”.
    His time in Vietnam is fully exposed by the ‘Swiftboat’ revelations, wherein those who were there with Kerry were eye witnesses to his inhuman atrocities against Vietnamese men, women, and children. He was shipped out of Nam because these men came forward, and it was determined best to get him out of theater.
    As part of this a legend was being crafted, of an ‘antiwar vet’, all designed for a future career as a “Left-Liberal” persona for the Hegelian L/R paradigm cycle.
    So “what happened to Kerry” is; he has been groomed to be just what he is for his entire life. He, like all Skull and Bones alumni are psychopaths. That is why they are tapped, or chosen to join the fold. Psychopaths recognize one another in an instant. [See: Political Ponerology]

  11. Speaking of psychopaths…
    Have you heard of Barbara Marx Hubbard?
    “Out of the full spectrum of human personality, one-fourth is electing to transcend …. One-fourth is destructive [and] they are defective seeds. In the past they were permitted to die a ‘natural death.’ … Now as we approach the quantum shift from the creature-human to the co-creative human — the human who is an inheritor of god-like powers — the destructive one-fourth must be eliminated from the social body …. Fortunately, you are not responsible for this act. We are. We are in charge of God’s selection process for planet Earth. He selects, we destroy. We are the riders of the pale horse, Death.”~Barbara Marx Hubbard

  12. Check out this never before seen footage of 9/11, uploaded to the internet after this anniversary. Locals were already suspecting “inside job” and wondering out loud how the planes could destroy the buildings like that. One person mentioned the van with the mural of a plane flying into the WTC. Another guy in a van yells “Terrorist attacks! They’re blowing up the buildings, get away from the area!” Some young African Americans astutely pointed out that even if it was an outside attack, the chickens were coming home to roost thanks to the USA seeing itself as the world police and meddling in other countries’ affairs.

  13. Due to the technological magic of the Public Relations Regime, there will be no threats to the present parasitic processes.
    So how is there any prospect for “changing the world”, when we look at the microcosms reflecting the macro version of culture and society and see the same errors in miniature?
    We see time and again, groups coming together in ‘protest’ of the way in which the world is managed by the elites. We see them writing about Liberty, Free Speech and Opinion. Writing against tyranny and despotism, conformity and going along to get along, apathy and trite judgments. We witness a longing for establishing Truth and Justice. And yet when we get to the core of it, these bloggers are no more enlightened than the larger society they critique.
    When push comes to shove it is too often, “meet the new boss – same as the old boss”. And that revelation is generally only obvious from outside of the immediate circle of the clique involved.

  14. It has been half a century since the coup ‘etat in the USA…
    Yes, this November 22nd it will have been, 50 years..!
    Where did the people think this nation would be driven by the fascist cabal that would institute a military putch?.!.?
    Well, they didn’t THINK, that is the whole issue. Isn’t it.
    Yes it is.

    1. I am fully aware of the half century mark of that coup ‘etat in the USA.
      Destiny can be strange. Want to know the true story of how my Batman-alias came to be?
      My parent’s wedding was on a multiple of eleven in the eleventh month of a year. In a later year on the eleventh day of the eleventh month, I came into this world. Eleven days after I born, assassin bullets violently departed JFK from this world. Conspiracy Truth were how the stars & planets were always going to align for me, with nine-eleven (2001) being a klaxon song to rally just another Blues Brother onto a mission from God: “Feed my sheep.” I had no choice; I donned the masks of my birthright; I became: Señor El Once (and sometimes Herr Der Elf).
      // neu nookiedoo woo-hoo!!!

  15. “Wake Up!” to 9/11 Truth!
    By coffee, support AE911Truth!
    Featuring a roast flavor called “Jet Fuel.”
    “Jet Fuel
    100% Arabica – Whole beans, blend of Colombian, Mexican, and Sumatra. Mix of oily dark roast with lighter brown roast creates an edgy, dark and carbonized taste that will jump start your day.”

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