Shining a light into dark corners: conspiracies, mysteries, injustices

August 18, 2010

By Craig McKee

I’ve always been fascinated by things that are unknown. The more unknowable something is, the more I want to know it.
For me it comes down to believing that some questions need answers. Or at least they need people to want the answers. I have this idea – admittedly unrealistic – that everyone should be driven to understand the same things as I am. And it frustrates me when they aren’t! Does that make me passionate about finding the truth or just a control freak? Or both…
There are always going to be questions that are fun to think about, but which won’t be resolved any time soon – if at all. Things like: ‘Is there life on other planets?’ or ‘Did highly advanced civilizations exist on the Earth thousands of years ago?’ or ‘How is it possible that 34% of Republicans think Barack Obama is a Muslim?’
There are so many shocking facts that can be known if anyone chooses to make the effort. The problem is that even when the information is floating around, it still often hasn’t really penetrated the public consciousness. And what’s the point of knowing about some terrible injustice or conspiracy if the world at large is unaware?
Some things I’d like to explore in this blog are deadly serious and involve situations (political or otherwise) that are still ongoing, and some are historical mysteries that are just too much fun not to contemplate. Here are some:

  • Did Shakespeare really write any of the plays that were credited to him? There is a very strong case that he did not.
  • Did the Egyptians really build the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx, or were these enigmatic landmarks already thousands of years old when the Egyptians got there? I’ll argue the latter.
  • Was there once life on Mars, and what happened to extinguish it? Could it have had anything to do with a planet that used to exist between Mars and Jupiter?

Of course I approach all of these with my own biases. But I strongly believe these can be overcome with an open mind and a reliance on the truth (Believe it or not, my Republican friends, Obama is NOT a Muslim – and he was NOT born in Africa).
There are some subjects that I intend to explore with you that have driven me crazy over the years. I wouldn’t say I’m obsessive about them, let’s just call it boundless enthusiasm. Yes, that sounds better.
For example, I have no doubt that John F. Kennedy was assassinated in a conspiracy, and that Lee Harvey Oswald never fired a shot. Many people feel this way, but how many know that a well-known CIA operative (sounds like an oxymoron, I know), who was part of the Watergate break-in, actually CONFESSED on his deathbed to being part of a U.S. government plot to kill JFK. And he implicated Lyndon B. Johnson! More about this in a future post.
I believe we’re being lied to about 9/11. In fact, there are so many lies that it’s hard to know where to start. Thankfully, there are many people who won’t let this go no matter what the obstacles – and they shouldn’t! I’ll have a lot to say on this subject.
The information is out there to clearly establish that the CIA has participated in the overthrow of numerous democratic governments around the world, including Iran in 1953, Guatemala in 1954, and Chile in 1973. No, I’m not suggesting that overthrowing unelected governments is okay.
I have been intrigued in recent weeks about the case made in the film Aaron Russo’s America: From Freedom to Fascism that the establishment of the Federal Reserve in the United States was a stunning coup by elite bankers that continues to take away freedoms today. I would also recommend Zeitgeist and Zeitgeist Addendum on this subject.
I believe the case of Canadian Omar Khadr is one of the greatest travesties of justice in this country’s history – and it’s still going on! This young man (he was 15 when he was arrested…) has spent eight years in jail without being convicted of anything. And our “government” continues to make no effort to stand up for one of its own citizens as he is railroaded by American “justice.”
Having said all of this, I don’t believe in taking as truth any crazy conspiracy that comes along. I’m not inclined to believe that the Moon landing was faked (the idea spawned a terrible movie in 1977 called Capricorn One – ugh!), but I would still look at the case being made on the other side. Something I just recently learned is that the Soviets actually landed an unmanned ship on the Moon ten years BEFORE the Americans set Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin down on the lunar surface in 1969.
While I don’t buy every questionable idea that comes down the pike, neither do I shy away from the idea that powerful forces sometimes work in secret to manipulate events to serve their own ends. I can’t imagine any intelligent person not conceding this. To say that conspiracy theories are always “loony” is tiresome and shows an intellectual laziness and arrogance.
People resist controversial ideas for many reasons. They may have a political bias, they may have something personal at stake, or they just don’t want anyone challenging their version of the truth – perhaps a “truth” they’ve spent a lifetime defending.
I believe that a lot of very bad things can happen when people are kept ignorant – or when they willingly remain ignorant. And I believe that we can only be truly free if we embrace the free exchange of ideas. I look forward to hearing what you have to say.


  1. Very well written. This was very interesting. Please look into PRINCESS DIANA’S murder. She predicted that she would die in a car crash as her brake lines in her own car had been tampered with several weeks before her death.

  2. I have a bigger and more pressing issue; what happened to Brian Hewitt and why is he gone from the golf channel with no explanation? Investigate that, Bro.

  3. Great job, Craig. I look forward to your take on these issues and many more. I might even agree with you on occasion. 🙂

  4. “It is absurd for human beings to hope another Newton might arise who would explain, in terms of natural laws, how even a mere blade of grass is produced.” Kant, Critique of Judgment, para 75
    This is Kant weighing in on the order of nature. The biggest mystery of all.

  5. people, people, people.
    do you not have better things to do than worry about some far fetched
    and hard to prove, i might add, suppositions resting on nothing more than clay feet and a wisp?
    everyone seems to forget that the picture is much larger and we simply do not have all the pieces (with good reason) to even begin to truly understand the aim of our government(s). but there is no way that this aim is in any way malevolent.
    i will concede that there are personal agendas as well as instances of isolated corruption among our leaders. prime example: Bastarache inquiry. however, these are exposed and expunged in a timely manner, preserving the integrity of the governing body WE elected.
    why would anyone with something to hide, expose corruption in such a public, open and honest manner. would they not wish to hush-hush it up, much like the eastern block did during its heyday? would they not strive to present a sterling take (propaganda) on themselves?
    so…once again i ask: people, people, people. do you not have better things to do?

    1. Ah, to be so trusting. I look forward (assuming that you continue to read this blog) to hearing your reaction to the case I’ll make over many articles that the events of 9/11 COULD NOT have happened without the participation of the U.S. government – or at the very least the government looking the other way when they knew what was coming. You’ll see that the lack of proof exists entirely on the side of the “official story.”
      It’s interesting that you concede that the aims of our government(s) are too complex to be understood, but you’re still sure they’re all innocent. If they’re so benign, why are they so impossible to understand?
      Thanks for writing.

  6. you’ve got me thinking RE: this CIA operative (Hunt) thing…based on my superficial understanding, it seems to be a confirmation of already “established” research. almost a case of chicken/egg. why not validate all that is believed to date (Hunt was dying), and stop people from poking into JFK & Bobby’s assassinations once and for all.
    or could it have been as simple as the Santos Trafficante et al. involvement? the Kennedy boys were thorns in their sides.
    or, Jackie just had had enough with her husband’s womanizing, got with Bobby and when she tired of the latter…well you know…
    back to the deathbed confession: support a popular theory and protect the truth behind the shadows behind the “truth”.

    1. You are indeed correct that the CIA operative I was cryptically referring to was E. Howard Hunt. And he did make a recording that anyone can listen to on in which he confesses to being part of the Kennedy plot. He gave the recording to his son with the instruction that it be released upon his death. This story has gotten almost no attention from the media in the U.S. (or in Canada, for that matter).
      The “truth behind the shadows…” line reminds me of the “mystery wrapped in a riddle inside an enigma” line that Joe Pesci uses in JFK.

  7. I think that what you are doing is an absolute necessity.
    People should not be led into the future without knowing the past – the truthful past that is.
    I do not want to read another history book written by ’employees’. I want to read books of virtue.
    Keep up the good work….

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