‘Gatekeeper’ documentary fails 9/11 litmus test, hides deeper media crimes

This is a review of the documentary film Shadows of Liberty; 93 minutes; PG; Jean-Philippe Tremblay, United Kingdom, director; 2012; distributed by KinoSmith Inc.

 By Barrie Zwicker (Special to Truth and Shadows)
I’m hard-pressed not to see Shadows of Liberty as other than a bait-and-switch job, a false flag op that seeks to marshal audience confidence if not admiration by blowing the whistle on a handful of media crimes not widely known to the general public, but that in the end distracts audiences from much larger media crimes, particularly media complicity in the cover-up of the truth about 9/11.
Because so few documentaries take on the corpstream media energetically, for the “average viewer” this one might rate one thumb up, just as Noam Chomsky provides some nourishment about U.S. imperialism while performing left gatekeeping on really significant crimes from JFK’s assassination through 9/11.
The strengths of Shadows of Liberty include that it dares to use capitalism as a bad word and that it provides a handful of important case histories of corporate malfeasance. It’s technically well-done in my old-fashioned view but some younger reviewers might find it somewhat plodding.
The weaknesses (or if they’re intended, the perverse strengths) of this documentary are several.
The film includes a medley of cases when two or even one would have enabled more damning detail, putting more oomph into the project. As well, the cases are rather old. The lead-off case is NBC’s craven collusion with Nike as media sponsor of the 1998 Nagano Winter Olympics even after Nike was thoroughly exposed by an NBC investigation for its Third World sweatshop conditions. NBC killed a follow-up of its original expose.
Others include Gary Webb’s 1996 exposé of CIA involvement in the crack cocaine epidemic; the 2006 NBC “To Catch a Predator” media-police sting that led to a justice official’s suicide; and Colin Powell’s February 2003 dog and pony “proof” at the UN of Saddam’s (non-existent) weapons of mass destruction.
Perhaps most telling, the talking heads that are the spine of Shadows of Liberty are all 9/11Truth left gatekeepers; some also are left gatekeepers on other fraught issues, such as JFK’s assassination.[1] More about these talking heads further on.
Shadows has attracted self-interested positive blurbs by film festivals, where people who love the film are the same ones who love left gatekeeper Noam Chomsky. An audience fooled – and partly prepared to be fooled– by Chomsky will be sitting ducks to be fooled by Shadows of Liberty. They’ll be treated to a generalized critique of the capitalist media, built on an expose of a half dozen assorted cases. This could lead viewers to envelop themselves in a cocoon of satisfied indignation while remaining oblivious to the omissions and misdirections that are the main, if invisible, flaws(or successes) of this film.
TWA Flight 800 as double litmus test

The strongest case included in the documentary by Canadian-born director, producer and co-writer Jean-Philippe Tremblay for proving that corporate media kowtow to military industrial financial elites is the destruction of TWA flight 800 over Long Island the night of July 17th, 1996. All 230 Paris-bound passengers and crew died. It was the second-deadliest aviation disaster in U.S. history. Other things being equal (which they never are) Tremblay could almost certainly have made a documentary with more impact by taking on TWA 800 alone.
To summarize this case clearly, as the documentary fails to do, there can be no reasonable doubt that the airliner was shot down by a US Navy missile. It was an error during an incredibly irresponsible “live fire” exercise at the edge of a major civilian airway.
There additionally can be no reasonable doubt that what ensued was one of the most thoroughly co-ordinated official cover-ups in U.S. history, reaching to the White House and rivaling the 9/11 cover-up. More than a dozen official agencies, including the U.S. Navy, Central Intelligence Agency, National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), Federal Aviation Agency, U.S. Coast Guard and New York National Air Guard colluded either very quickly or over months in the brazen cover-up spearheaded by the organizing black widow spider, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and its chief stinger, one James Kallstrom.
Media giant CBS then joined. It’s hard to know whether CBS on the one hand, or all other corpstream media on the other, were more complicit on the media side of the equation. CBS began by authorizing an investigation, then betraying its investigators. The other media didn’t even try. Take your pick.
TWA flight 800 is a case I hardly ever hear referred to in 9/11Truth circles, yet it clearly ranks up there with Oklahoma City and the assassination of Paul Wellstone (NTSB and CIA involvement being common to both).
Once CBS caved in to the government and killed its own investigation it had to disappear one of its best journalists, investigative producer Kristina Borjesson. She had previously won an Emmy and a Murrow Award for her work.[2]
Borjesson didn’t stay disappeared. She went on to assemble and edit a 2002 hard copy anthology, Into The Buzzsaw: Leading Journalists Expose the Myth of a Free Press.[3]
The book’s 18 chapters provide evidence of betrayals by mainstream media of the sacred responsibility to inform; three of them deal with TWA 800. Since Borjesson co-operated fully in the making of the documentary, director Tremblay had to be closely familiar with the Buzzsaw chapters dealing with TWA 800. These comprise an excellent primer on the case.
The book makes mention of Flight 800 Independent Researchers Organization (FIRO). FIRO perseveres in a way 9/11Truthers can identify with, but fails to make it into the documentary. (I owe to Truth and Shadows readers a caution that I saw Shadows of Liberty once, last month, and have no access to seeing it again. So memory failures on my part about some details are possible. I will appreciate anyone’s setting me straight if needs be.)
In her TWA 800 chapter in Buzzsaw, Borjesson lists questions that arose early on about the TWA 800 disaster, a list Tremblay fails to include:

  • What was a sub hunter doing in the area?
  • Why was a missile cruise ship in the area?
  • Why did the Pentagon deny military presence in the area that night?
  • Why was the FBI involved from day one, when normal procedure is to have the NTSB determine cause?
  • How do you write off the findings of missile experts who stated [that] what [civilian] witnesses saw was consistent with a missile?
  • How is it that military personnel in the area reported seeing nothing when civilians saw a lot?

A straight bulleted text of these questions in the documentary would have been memorable, and indeed easily twice as many questions could have been bulleted. The list above was included in an October 18th, 1996 memo written by CBS’s law enforcement consultant, Paul Ragonese. Ragonese is described by Borjesson as “a no-bullshit cop from Brooklyn” who served on the New York Police Department bomb squad and counter-terrorism squad for six years. Ragonese also learned, from two high-level members of the FBI’s task force into the disaster, that three months after it occurred, their superiors still had not given them permission to ask any questions of the military.
But in Shadows, director Tremblay, instead of pursuing or even just including such questions, chooses to highlight one piece of incriminating evidence (seat fabric proven independently to be laced with residue of missile solid fuel) obtained by Borjesson but supinely returned to the authorities by CBS. The media giant allowed itself to be bullied by the government’s puerile claim that the evidence was stolen. Meanwhile the FBI was stealing or tampering with hundreds of pieces of evidence.
One need not have years of experience analyzing media to imagine how beneficial to the public interest and for CBS’s reputation it would have been for CBS to stand its ground and fight the government demand. It would have triggered a showdown the government would have lost, at least in the court of public opinion. It would have approached the status of the refusal of The New York Times to hand over the Pentagon Papers.
Since the damning seat fabric highlighted by Tremblay presumably will never be seen again, The Globe and Mail’s Kate Taylor was able to write in a Feb. 15 review of Shadows that the segment on TWA 800 was one of those “twisted tales that are the subject of conspiracy theories.” The viewer “can’t really know” whether Borjesson “was a victim of a complicit media owner with arms contracts at stake buying the government line or just an obsessive reporter who wouldn’t accept it was time to take a new assignment.” The thought-stopping “conspiracy theory” putdown is trotted out for the readers of Taylor’s review. “Obsessive” is just kicking Borjesson after knocking her down.
What would have gone a long way toward clinching in the documentary’s audiences’ minds that TWA 800 was a massive government-orchestrated cover-up was the number of eyewitnesses who saw the streak of light the Navy missile made as it screamed into the civilian airliner. Tremblay failed to highlight this aspect.
Genuine 9/11Truthers will note a close parallel here with the eyewitness reports, gathered by Citizen Investigation Team, of the large jet that overflew the Pentagon on 9/11, eyewitness reports that reveal the alleged impact of Flight 77 for the big lie it is.
Those damned eyewitnesses

As Borjesson writes in Buzzsaw: “The FBI’s ‘thing’ about the eyewitnesses was…apparent at the [NTSB’s] public hearings held on December 8th, 1997 in Baltimore, Maryland. Days before the hearing, James Kallstrom [the FBI’s evil genius lead liar and bully, key manipulator and cover-up co-ordinator-in-chief] wrote to NTSB Chairman James Hall to ask that information on the eyewitnesses and the red residue found on the seats not be discussed at the hearing. Hall complied with Kallstrom’s request.”
Philip Weiss, who currently co-edits Mondoweiss, wrote about TWA 800 for the New York Observer. He recounts in Buzzsaw that he first learned about an alternative view of the disaster at a forum in Washington, D.C. conducted by the right wing group Accuracy In Media. “A beefy and homespun former navy aviator named Bill Donaldson gave a rambling talk about his personal investigation of the matter,” Weiss writes. The talk included audiotapes of several interviews Donaldson had done with eyewitnesses. “The eye witnesses,” writes Weiss, “sounded calm and sane, and each of them said that he had seen a flare-like streak go up from the surface of the sea, followed after some seconds by a fireball in the sky.”
Intrigued, Weiss went to the community of Centre Moriches near the crash scene and found a half-dozen eyewitnesses himself. “What I found – and what many other reporters found, before and after me – was that there existed a large group of people who had seen something that the government later saw very differently. Indeed, these people felt misrepresented by the government version and insulted by the cartoon enactment of the crash that the CIA had produced, without talking to a single one of them.” (James Kallstrom lied that the CIA had talked to them.)[4]
Eventually 670 eyewitnesses were tracked down by a phalanx of hostile FBI interrogators. The eyewitnesses’ statements were buried or squelched one way or another. The NTSB spoke only to about a dozen of them, according the NTSB Witness Group Chairman Dr. David Mayer.
A final note about eyewitnesses: A series of specials entitled “Oliver Stone’s Declassified” was given the green light byABC in the Summer of 1997.[5] An early segment of the series was to be on TWA 800, focusing not on the disaster per se but rather on “an investigation of the investigation.” The print equivalent in 9/11Truth terms would be David Ray Griffin’s The 9/11 Commission Report: Omissions And Distortions.
Thirty eyewitnesses had been found willing to go on camera for a national TV audience. As the shoot was being set up, Stone received word that ABC had cancelled his series. “Oliver Stone said it was one of the worst things that had ever happened to him in his professional life,” Borjesson writes in Buzzsaw.
THE 9/11 bait-and-switch

But it is its failure of to pass the litmus test of 9/11 that should earn Shadows of Liberty Most Dubious Documentary standing in the Left Gatekeeper Bait-and-Switch Awards.
Introducing 9/11 with iconic if overused footage of airliners, Shadows of Liberty strongly suggests that the audience is about to learn the truth behind the crime of 9/11. It then drops the ball entirely. It leads the audience astray into the story of Sibel Edmonds, a Turkish-speaking translator for the FBI. Edmonds became a whistle-blower regardingone of the numerous cases of alleged foreknowledge of “Bin Laden’s group… planning a massive terrorist attack in the United States.”
Since bin Laden had nothing to do with 9/11 (apart from being made the patsy) Edmonds’ “information” about “foreknowledge” was the opposite of information. What she chanced on was one small link in a chainof disinformation: multiple claims, planted worldwide, of an imminent “al Qaeda attack.” These were planned to surface over time lending verisimilitude to the “al Qaeda attack” Big Lie.
For Tremblay to trot out the Edmonds case as proof of lack of truth-telling by government and media is akin to a film that introduces a dreadful bus crash, with bodies lying all over the place, that then focuses its investigation on a broken tail-light – on a nearby car.
On the trail of the trailer

Proof of bait-and-switchism is highlighted in the doc’s trailer. Trailers are where films’ creators put their best feet forward. The first voice heard is that of Amy Goodman, notorious 9/11Truth left gatekeeper. Her first words are: “All we ever get is a veil of distortion and lies.” She should know. Later she beats the drum for the film’s main contention: “Corporations are making profits off the killing.” This clip accurately reflects the documentary as a whole, in its emphasis on the danger of commercial control of information.
Seems worthy at first hearing. But is commerce finally the devilish core of the problem? I would argue not. First of all, the vast omissions, serial distortions and outright lies of corpstream media arise from their collusion with right wing ideological equal-opportunity wrong-doing partners in the highest reaches of the financial, military and surveillance elites. This collusion at the expense of profit is inherent even in the case of CBS’s TWA 800 crime of omission,and even as depicted in Shadows.CBS surely would have raked in a handsome profit by blowing the case wide open.
Secondly, if private-for-profit broadcasters are the final problem, how explain the craven obfuscation, truth marginalization and outright lying of public broadcasters such as PBS, the CBC and my favourite nomination for ongoing media scum, the long-compromised and infiltrated smarmy BBC? These and most other public broadcasters and print outlets have shown themselves complicit accessories after the fact in the state crimes of 9/11 by seldom even questioning, let alone investigating them.
Now look at the other left media critics besides Amy Goodman given platforms in Shadows of Liberty. All are, like her, 9/11Truth left gatekeepers: actor-activist Danny Glover, whose presence more than one reviewer found puzzling; Dan Rather (also a notorious JFK assassination gatekeeper); Daniel Ellsberg; WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange; Norman Solomon, founder and executive director of the Institute for Public Accuracy; David Simon, son of a PR director for B’nai B’rith;media and communications guru Robert McChesney; Janine Jackson of F.A.I.R. (Fairness and Accuracy In Media) and the otherwise terrific Chris Hedges — a Rogue’s Gallery of 9/11Truth left gatekeepers.
All, either directly or by association, in this documentary identify lying, censorship, militarism, secrecy, corruption and pursuit of power as toxic hallmarks of corpstream media. True enough. But oddly and tellingly, not one of them mentions the supreme crime and power of these media. That is omission. It’s startlingly evident in the case of 9/11 but also, in this documentary, in most of the cases dealt with.
The trailer, true to the film overall, winds up its list of sins with a triple mention of the film’s chosen key sin: “Profit, profit, profit.”
On the trail of the profit motive

Sure profits run thicker than blood, but ideology runs thicker than profits, as can be seen when nations go bankrupt pursuing war. It’s the Unholy Alliance (to borrow the title of Gary Webb’s series on the CIA) — not just the profit motive — between corporations and the national security-surveillance state that’s the radioactive core of the diaboligarchy that’s killing the Earth and all upon it.
Profit, in the biggest picture, is a by-product. Distorting as its pursuit is, it’s less lethal than psychopaths pursuing every kind of power. When they have media power, which they always do, they will sacrifice media profits in the greater cause of serving the diaboligarchy’s war and financial goals and systems.
This documentary is itself a minor example of how profit-taking is secondary or even subsidiary. Shadows of Liberty is unlikely to return even a small profit. But by stealthily misleading the opinion leaders who attend film festivals, it does its bit to redirect the public mind away from the seat of problems with the media and heir partners in crime. By doing so it protects them. So what entity would bankroll it? There’s an answer to that question. It’s the UK’s docfactory, an avowedly for-profit film services outfit. Yet its documentaries are not likely big money spinners, to say the least. It’s not immediately transparent how it stays solvent. Currently it’s working on Article 12. This focuses on personal privacy when its focus should be the depredations of the national security-surveillance state. Privacy may be almost a lost cause but exposing the vast spy, disinformation and false flag networks should not be.
By all means go and see Shadows of Liberty if it comes to a cinema near you. You’ll enjoy some generalized inspiration including great quotes from revolutionary journalist Thomas Paine. The film’s title is inspired by Paine: “When men yield up the privilege of thinking, the last shadow of liberty quits the horizon.” His sentiment must be applied to this film. When it is, it will become evident that despite surface appearances Shadows is more part of the problem than of the solution.


[1] The most egregious case here is that of Dan Rather, who notoriously reversed, in his JFK assassination report on the Zapruder film, the direction JFK’s head as he was shot. Rather’s account had the bullet entering JFK’s head from the rear, supporting the lone gunman theory. The truth of the film, not revealed until 1975, was the JFK’s head was knocked backwards, showing the fatal bullet came from the grassy knoll in front. In the case of TWA 800, Rather decided to lead his show one night with former White house press secretary Pierre Salinger’s claim that a navy missile was involved. He did so, he told New York Times reporter Matthew Purdy “primarily in order to knock it down.” Borjesson writes that Rather “(purposely or inadventently) took off his journalist’s hat and became a communications officer for the government. It wouldn’t be the last time.” One would think that Shadows of Liberty director Tremblay would consider Rather damaged goods for his documentary, if not a time bomb.
[2] Borjesson now is a key member of The WantToKnow.Info Team.
[3]( http://www.amazon.com/Into-Buzzsaw-LEADING-JOURNALISTS-EXPOSE/dp/1591022304).
[4] Malicious irony had to be in the black hearts of the behind-the-scenes players when CBS fired Ragonese as its law enforcement consultant and replaced him with none other than James Kallstrom.
[5] This was around the same time that a book on TWA 800 to be co-authored by Borjesson with the working title Unauthorized Access was scuttled. The reason was that the would-be authors’ literary agent’s auction failed because every publisher that had shown an early interest backed out.


  1. Excellent review! 9/11 is arguably these days’ best political litmus test. Since the widely televised videos of the twin towers’ destruction demonstrate so compellingly their criminal controlled demolition, anybody who does not affirm — through ignorance, stupidity or hypocrisy — this straightforward and essential information is to be mistrusted on any non-trivial item.
    There go Chomsky, Goodman, Rather and many others.
    By the way, 9/11 exposes not only principal U.S. leftist leaders as inexcusably ignorant (or dumb or hypocritical), but also principal Muslim leaders, principal foreign socialist leaders, principal pacifist leaders, principal green leaders, principal “rogue or enemy” leaders, etc. The remarkably persistent and effective 9/11 censorship demonstrates like no other conspiracy the existence of the global Platonic theater (www.global-Platonic-theater.com), the gargantuan and nefarious system that purposely distorts the information humanity receives.
    “Shadows of Liberty” does discerning people a service: it confirms that major U.S. leftist leaders are at least as dangerous as their neoconservative counterparts, as their commitment to censor 9/11 and to send their gullible followers on wild goose chases after the neoconservative advances was a pre-requisite to the successful execution of 9/11.
    9/11 has been, in final analysis, a liberal/union/peace/green/Muslim job. When enough 9/11 dissidents acquire a good understanding of this truth, they will lead humanity through a highly favorable paradigm shift.

  2. Very interesting report Mr Zwicker,
    I am familiar with all the cases touched upon here, and your handling of the handling of the the film of these events is on the button.
    I would only mention one total bombshell, and that is the Rather report on “Kennedy’s head moving forward with great force”…which of course put Rather on a course to a highly paid career as a trusted liar for MSM PR.
    Thank you for the review.

  3. Fascinating and provocative piece, Barrie. It’s interesting that you and Craig McKee are among the very few (of more than 6,000 reads to date) who have replied to the email concerning FALSE FLAG, my screenplay for a fact-based film w/fictional characters on the 9/11 cover-up, that Fred Burks helped me make accessible on scribd.com. You were one of the very first, well over a year ago. If you, or any of your readers, are interested, here’s the link to the most recent draft: http://www.scribd.com/doc/80934810/FALSE-FLAG-%C2%A9. Thanks!

    1. @Croyboy
      I read the screenplay for the projected movie about 911 and I wonder would you agree that it is a one-sided view of the event , fact-based but only the facts that support this one-sided view, with the sympathetic characters instructing the ‘uninitiated’ character by giving her not just this one-sided version of the facts, but a one-sided interpretation of those facts. All the boxes were ticked. It was as if it was just copied and pasted off the internet. Where any opposing view was put, during this presentation by , let’s face it, Richard Gage, their arguments are portrayed as those of bascially the ignorant sheep who don’t know what they are talking about , as urbane Dr. Raymond swats away their foolish objections with a sweep of his scientific bat.
      What would make a really worthy film would be to deal with the US involvement in South and central America, Guatemala and El Salvador and Nicaragua and the horrors that happened there, in the USA’s so -called ‘back yard’ and highlighting the injustice there, to put it mildly. There have only been a few films that have tackled that issue and the usual lead-in was where some American character gets involved in it- understandable if you are trying to reach an American audience but symptomatic of the US-centric view of the world that this ‘911 inside job’ idea only perpetuates. 911 is only important if the US government were behind it. If it wasn’t the US government who else could it be? Is there anyone else?

  4. Dear Mr. Zwicker, great job! I enjoyed reading your review and learning of gatekeepers that had not been overtly pointed out to me before. //

  5. Just these initial responses to my review would justify alone such work as I put into it. I had not known of Daniel Noel (whose non-anonymous status I also applaud). Now that I’ve only scanned his website (www.global-Platonic-theatre.com) I have already become most positively impressed at his overview, in his e-book, of what obviously is a globally-run information control system. His overview meshes with my own emerging one: that it is a network of networks infested primarily with psychopaths. He offers well-rounded layers of logic that I find highly persuasive. I highly recommend anyone reading these words to peruse his e-book. I’ve been planning to purchase an e-reader and this clinches my determination to follow through.
    I appreciate also Hybridrogue1, Croyboy and Senor El Once. Pursuing this morning Croyboy’s recent draft of his false flag play I was introduced to the existence of Scribd. While it’s too early for me to sign up for a membership, I think that’s what I’ll do after I’ve got my e-reader.

  6. Mr Zwicker and Daniel Noel, both speak to ” what obviously is a globally-run information control system.”
    This has also been my main interest, and what I have put most of my 45 plus years of study into; what I call the Public Relations Regime. It is in fact centrally controlled and global in effect. In the technotronic era of the postmodern world, culture is simply the scum grown in a petri dish. It is the manifestation of “Black Majik” and Necromancy achieved by high tech electromagnetic means. This has led to the development of a paradigm of global enchantment. I refer to the victims of this regime simply as TVZombies.
    This is all a well laid and developed agenda created by the Ponerist Cabal, the Psychopaths that run the global regime. This New World Order isn’t ‘coming’ – it is and has been here, for it is a process, not an end. It is a cycle of the Hegelian Dialectic, ever perfecting the “State as God” – it will only be complete when this entity commits theóscide.

  7. haven’t seen the movie yet, but very much appreciate the review. i also see 9/11 as a litmus test, and thus have the same perspective on chomsky and goodman—ultimate left-wing gatekeepers; and dan rather. i am not at all up on flight 800, but barrie’s description brings to mind flight 587, the wikipedia description of which is here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/American_Airlines_Flight_587. i am somewhat up on flight 587 as i live not too far from jfk airport, and there were many neighborhood people—friends of friends, especially local fishermen—who reported evidence of missiles having been fired at the aircraft. credible local lore has it that “men in suits” turned up at the witnesses’ houses in the middle of the night to wake them and direct them not to tell their stories anymore—threats to which the witnesses, succumbed.

    1. ww,
      agreed that the jfk, mlk, and rfk assassinations are litmus tests as well. i’ve not studied the malcolm x assassination and so have no informed view about that one, tho i would not be surprised to find that it too involved a major cover-up.
      re: “So the question arises, how does one ‘re-educate’ a whole planet full of people who are enchanted by this Public Relations Regime/Global Platonic Theatre ? A drip at a time is too slow…this much I know. But I am at a loss as far as giving a definitive answer. All I can do is console myself with my own knowledge and spread it as I may in blogs such as these.”
      i think one person at a time IS progress, and the contributions on blogs such as this one as well, where i have learned so much. i see us as planting seeds, pointing out who we are, where we are, and where we’ve been. hopefully someday, the planet will wake up. our quest reminds me of the one pursued by the rod taylor character in “the time machine,” as he was trying to wake up yvette mimieux and the rest of the hypnotized eloi as to what was really going down, trailer here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AKP-WkcDT5s

      1. Excellent Dennis,
        And the ‘Time Machine’, one of the films [and novels] that had a great influence on me as well. And Yvette Mimieux…ahhh…yes. I met her at a party at her house one night. Absolutely for real, she is that beautiful and charming.
        But yes, I suppose a drip at a time is the best we can offer ourselves. I am less frustrated, to tell you the truth, than I am in awe of this madhouse, and how it has survived by hook or crook for so long. And I oft wonder if some divine plan is not afoot to assist in this continual survival.
        I bring this from a comment section to one of Rappaport’s blogs:
        “But recently another avenue has been opened:
        Human evolution was caused by empathy.”~Spire
        Thank you for pointing this out, as this has been my opinion for a long time – one come about by my own reasoning and knowledge of both physical and cultural anthropology.
        As I say above, in my studies it became obvious that it was not the ‘predator’ that made man, but his capacity to see and ‘feel’ the pain of others, ie, empathy. A product of the vast imagination humans are capable of, the imagination to put one in another’s shoes, to care for that other in sympathy and the genesis of grace blooms.
        The pithicoids would never have advance beyond the savannas, without the cooperation and empathy for one another that evolved within them.
        Has man fallen from that grace? I think no. I think man has been yoked and yanked into slavery, and brutalized by evil systems built by psychopaths. Humanity is “an abused child”.

  8. I too agree that 9/11 is a litmus test. But then there is the trajectory events leading up to it, that Barrie mentions as per this new movie. I always considered what the opinion on the JFK assassination really was as a litmus test as well. I assess the same way as to all of the assassinations of the 60s, adding MLK, RFK, Malcolm X, as glaring signs of a dangerous despotic state. Then looking to the unconstitutional wars going all the way back to Korea.
    The obvious Provocation of Pearl Harbor…
    So as far as the Public Relations Regime, we go all the way back to the Creel committee, and the development of the budding “science” of perception manipulation starring Walter Lippmann and Edward Bernays, that was run by Col. House who was the puppeteer for ‘President’ Wilson, and the bogus campaign of “Making the World Safe for Democracy” – very much the same meme as the “Responsibility to Protect” euphemism used in this phony “War on Terror”, where the victim-to-be is framed as the aggressor.
    . . . . .
    So the question arises, how does one ‘re-educate’ a whole planet full of people who are enchanted by this Public Relations Regime/Global Platonic Theatre ?
    A drip at a time is too slow…this much I know. But I am at a loss as far as giving a definitive answer. All I can do is console myself with my own knowledge and spread it as I may in blogs such as these.

  9. So it is now…the moment of power
    We know – it is determined; no plane hit the Pentagon.
    Now, what must be considered is what is coming OUT of the Pentagon to HIT us.
    We know that is Full Spectrum Dominance – Totalitarian Tyranny.
    What do we DO about that?

  10. Excellent review Barrie.
    I’ve been trying to compile a list of videos that tell the real history of the last century and a half leading up to 9/11 and have found that the majority, to an extent, contain excellent information and documented proof of the false flag ops, media complicity and ever tighter corporate stranglehold on world events. What I’ve found constantly interweaved within these videos are left gatekeepers and shillish opinions and “conclusions”. Most of the time inserted into the video “in passing”.
    On the one hand, detailed, documented and often admitted evidence of the extent to which the media and govt bodies will have brazenly lied through their teeth, making them a totally corrupt source of information, will be shown in these videos. Yet the same corrupt sources are quoted by the very same people in the same video when discussing 9/11!
    What has to be remembered, and what I’m gradually coming to realize, is that the best way to distort and hide good evidence, is to obtain the services of the likes of Noam Chomsky to appear in the same video to put truthseekers off viewing the material for themselves. No different from 9/11 “researchers” who have done excellent work in one area, but completely accepted the OCT line to counter honest research in other areas. Whether by design or not.
    Hidden in plain sight.
    Keeping in mind what Barrie said about the treatment of witnesses, I think some here might find this interesting (TWA800 and OKC witness treatment compared to the Arlington witnesses):

  11. Thank you Barrie, for this well-reasoned critique. It is indeed curious that 9/11 truthers don’t speak of TWA 800 all that much, even though we often speak of 7/7 and OKC. What I find revealing is that TWA 800 blew up in the air, fell down to the bottom of the ocean, and much of the aircraft was able to be reconstructed:
    Yet they were unable to do this with AA 77.

    To summarize this case clearly, as the documentary fails to do, there can be no reasonable doubt that the airliner was shot down by a US Navy missile. It was an error during an incredibly irresponsible “live fire” exercise at the edge of a major civilian airway.

    This sounds like the most likely explanation, yes. And indeed, our media and justice systems are so controlled that those surface-to-air missile witnesses, much like the NoC or WTC explosions witnesses, basically do not exist.
    I’m noticing a plethora of documentaries on youtube. Time to go put the kettle on.

    1. Oh, and on the subject of disinformation and gatekeeping, I stumbled across this on facebook: YouTube Disinformation Agents Exposed.
      The author does a great job of following one user account, gh987t879, who alternately posts as a vehement anti-truther:
      “Truthers are idiots, tell us something new”
      “wow, ae911truth are such faggots”
      as well as a truther who promotes WTC no planes and even says that the collapse videos are fake:
      “There were no planes you idiot, the TV plane crashes were faked by the government to make brainwashed slaves like you hate Muslims. You have been DUPED by the government and main stream media. You love the media so much that you even believe their silly looking WTC “plane” crashes, or the “collapse” videos. RETARD”
      Yup folks, same user account. Pretty sloppy shillmanship, huh?

  12. About the inquiry by onesliceshort:
    As with most evenings at any major airport, weather permitting a number of flights are outgoing, sometimes within minutes of each other. The night of July 17th, 1996 out of NYC-area airports was no different.
    There are no reports of which I’m aware, however, that TWA 800 was other than a regularly-scheduled flight operating on time, and not replacing any other flight by TWA or any other airline.
    TWA personnel, both officially and unofficially, were involved in both the official corrupted “investigation” and the unofficial investigation by honest truth-seekers. One of these honest truth-seekers was Liz Sanders, wife of investigative journalist Jim Sanders whose digging was second to none in the case.
    Liz was a TWA flight attendant and cabin safety-training supervisor. In no case to my knowledge did she or anyone else report or suggest that the flight was a substitution or otherwise unscheduled.
    Regarding questions surrounding flight 587, raised by Dennis:
    Apart from the feeling I got after this crash that something was fishy (but which feeling was a mollified later when reports seemed to indicate it was just a tragic incident) I had had no inkling that questions surround this event until Dennis’s post.
    Now, reading the account of it in Wikipedia only increases the suspicions raised by Dennis, based on his closer geographical location to the crash.
    Why was the aircraft allowed to take off when there was an issue of the wake of another jet that had taken off shortly before, these wakes being a well-known safety concern? If this was the initiating cause, why would ATC not come in for some critical attention? Why would a seasoned first officer wildly thrash his rudder controls to the extent that the whole vertical stabilizer falls off? Why would the engines land in a different area than the bulk of the plane if it were a matter of the plane being out of control but still in one piece? Why were eyewitness reports of mid-air explosions written off? Why was there a variety of NTSB reports so at divergence from one another that they could be characterized as “panicky?”
    These questions arise just from the Wikipedia account. It would be interesting to pursue others. Has Dennis more info to share?

    1. thanks barrie, not that much more to share. i’ll see if i can get my source to contribute here. there is one thing. a number of the witnesses who testified about the missiles, were commercial fishermen at work during the event. as i am told, they were threatened–by the men in suits–with revocation of their commercial fishing licenses (and thus the demise of their livelihood), if they continued to speak out about what they say.re flight 587.

    2. i’ve been searching my challenged memory banks and the web. i seem to remember that there was a key person on flight 587 that the powers that be might have liked to see dead. i have not been able to retrieve who that was. in my search on the web for statements that missiles were witnessed, i have thus far been unsuccessful. however, this story proves interesting http://www.aim.org/media-monitor/new-video-surfaces-on-flight-587/ i have invited my source to participate here.

    3. Cheers Barrie.
      As for Flight 587, I used this event in a “discussion” with government loyalists regarding the reliability of witness testimony.

      HUNDREDS of people watched the crash of American Airlines Flight 587 near Kennedy International Airport in New York on Nov. 12, and in the course of 93 seconds they apparently saw hundreds of different things.
      Government loyalist

      A gross exaggeration and typical media embellishment. From the official report

      According to the National Transportation Safety Board, which announced this month that it had gathered 349 eyewitness accounts through interviews or written statements, 52 percent said they saw a fire while the plane was in the air. The largest number (22 percent) said the fire was in the fuselage, but a majority cited other locations, including the left engine, the right engine, the left wing, the right wing or an unspecified engine or wing.
      Nearly one of five witnesses said they saw the plane make a right turn; an equal number said it was a left turn. Nearly 60 percent said they saw something fall off the plane; of these, 13 percent said it was a wing. (In fact, it was the vertical portion of the tail.)
      The investigators say there is no evidence in the wreckage or on the flight recorders of an in-flight fire or explosion. A plane breaking up in flight, as this one did, might in its last moments produce flashes of fire from engines ripping loose, but the idea that the plane caught fire is a trick of memory, they say.

      Both engines and the vertical stabilizer fell off due to stress.
      Just before it plummeted there was indeed a bright flash/explosion of white smoke.
      The aircraft was said to have taken off and encountered problems about 1 minute after take off.

      The National Transportation Safety Board’s airplane performance study for this accident10 determined that flight 587 started its takeoff roll about 0913:51 and lifted off about 0914:29, which was about 1 minute 40 seconds after the Japan Air Lines airplane.11 About 0914:43, the local controller instructed the flight 587 pilots to turn left, fly the bridge climb, and contact the New York TRACON departure controller. About 5 seconds later, the captain acknowledged this instruction. Radar data indicated that the airplane climbed to 500 feet above mean sea level (msl) and then entered a climbing left turn to a heading of 220o. About 0915:00, the captain made initial contact with the departure controller, informing him that the airplane was at 1,300 feet msl and climbing to 5,000 feet msl. . About 0915:05, the departure controller instructed flight 587 to climb to and maintain 13,000 feet msl, and the captain acknowledged this instruction about 5 seconds later. About 0915:29, the CVR recorded the captain’s statement “clean machine,” indicating that the gear, flaps, and slats had all been retracted.
      About 0915:35, flight 587 was climbing through 1,700 feet msl with its wings approximately level. About 1 second later, the departure controller instructed flight 587 to turn left and proceed direct to the WAVEY navigation intersection (located about 30 miles southeast of JFK). About 0915:41, the captain acknowledged the instruction. The controller did not receive any further transmissions from flight 587.

      Actual footage:
      So, witnesses described events when the aircraft was at 1700ft msl.
      They described the aircraft turning left and right. The cause of the failure was due to excess rudder movement – the aircraft turned left and right 5 times.
      They described a fire in various sections (at 1700ft msl) but there was a flash recorded on video.
      I mean, the key is corroboration. And the majority called it correctly, or as near to correct as possible at 1700ft msl.
      And none of you see this media piece rubbishing witness testimony as coincidental when there were rumours at the time that it was a “terrorist attack”?

      Following a decade where eyewitness reports on John Doe 2 in Oklahoma were rubbished? Or the TWA800 eyewitnesses were ignored?
      Now the NOC witnesses are getting the same treatment.

    4. thanks, ww. so impressed that you got to meet Yvette Mimieux. very glad to hear she was beautiful and charming.
      re: “I oft wonder if some divine plan is not afoot to assist in this continual survival.” i have it on what i would consider good spiritual authority (a spiritually minded shaman/best friend of a revered kahuna now deceased) that there is indeed a “divine” plan of sorts, designed for everything to get better in the long run. this plan included, believe it or not, the reelection of bush II.

    5. barrie,
      i checked with my source on this, who sent me to his (primary) source. turns out the primary source had been talking about flight 800, not flight 587. according to the primary source, there were 200 witnesses to missiles having been fired on flight 587, many of them commercial fishermen (as is the primary source) who were 8 miles out to sea just before sunset. when they got back to the docks, “the suits with wingtips” were waiting for the fishermen and directed them on what to say they saw and didn’t see.
      later, the primary source heard from a government official that flight 800 was shot down by missile actually fired from a jet plane, and that a month later, that jet plane was declared “lost,” to cover up the missile inventory shortage.
      the primary source believes from independent research that there were war games going on in the area and that flight 800 was shot down by accident. he said from independent research, it appears that flight 587 had its tail shot off by a surface to air missile.
      i have not fact-checked any of this, but am simply giving the raw story. i did find this site which, from a cursory review, appears credible re what really happened to flight 800: http://whatreallyhappened.com/RANCHO/CRASH/TWA/twa.php

  13. As per TWA 800; I would be curious as to the passengers on this flight. If I were looking for a motive, dismissing the “error” angle for a time, I would try to find someone or group within the passengers that might be a high-value target.
    This would entail a detailed investigation of interlocking connections if none of the passengers leads automatically to a reasonable target. Writing the event off as a tragic mistake, may in itself be a tragic mistake.
    I wonder if anyone here has come upon such an analysis. If so, is there anything interesting there to consider?
    . . . . . .
    As I recall with the Iranian passenger jet -Flight 655, shot down over the Gulf of Oman, it was clear from the investigation that the shoot down was purposeful, even though it was rhetorically maintained by the navy that it was a mistake. The radar system on the ship firing the missile was too sophisticated to have led to the “errors” attributed to the downing.
    I am recalling this by memory, but that was my conclusion when it was all fresh to me.

    1. TWA800 passenger list
      Personally, I would go witth Barrie’s take on what happened. What I can’t fathom is how they could be so reckless and DUMB. TWA800 is best used as an example of how tight the wagons get rolled from agencies through to media at the drop of a hat, and just how shameless these people are when it comes to staring point blank down a camera lens and lying through their teeth.
      Both TWA800 and OKC were the perfect dry runs on how to contain, twist, deny and release information when 9/11 came around.

  14. Two of the three CCTV vids show a machine on fire. These seem to me to trump the hyper-ventilated re-enactment vid. The CCTV footage comprises what Malcolm Gladwell calls “one thin slice,” that comes, appropriately enough from onesliceshort. So it looks as if the official story is shaky, no matter how you slice it.

  15. Hybridrogue1 is onto something important in questioning the provenance of the destruction of TWA 800. I like his (her?) turn of phrase that “Writing the event off as a tragic mistake, may in itself be a tragic mistake.” But that nice turn of phrase is a bit of word inflation. Whether the disaster was deliberate (to assassinate someone) or an error (which evidence so far leans strongly toward indicating), the larger issue by far remains the massive cover-up. In either scenario as to provenance, the massive cover-up is identical. So it’s not exactly a tragic mistake to be wrong on provenance. But I agree it’s not unimportant.

    1. Hybridrogue1, is male; Willy Whitten, often said on the blog here in the past, but let me introduce myself to Mr Zwicker nontheless:
      I am an artist, best known as a special effects artist for cinema, having a resume full of “monster movie” blockbusters in the 80s: The Howling {orig] – The Thing {John Carpenter’s}
      Terminator {1} – Alien {2} – Ghost Busters….etc etc
      I have been studying the history of the national security state and where that all leads for more than forty years. And obviously have some great passion for such issues {grin}.
      I agree with your assessment of Flt 800, and just brought the “intent” part up as a possibility. I think Dennis mentioned the possibility of a VIP aboard…but I am not certain he meant 800 or another flight.
      Nice to meet you Barrie, WW aka \\][//

  16. Sort of off topic but relevant to the OP
    Here’s an example of the “titbits” of disinformation dotted throughout what are extremely useful interviews and information via videos. The video linked to deals with the actual mechanics of how the media filters and censors information. How the media is no more than a propaganda tool.
    The Myth of the Liberal Media: The Propaganda Model of News (1997)
    Remember that this was made pre 9/11 and during the era of TWA800, the OKC bombing, Mena, etc which were ommitted.
    What I call “soft core” exposure of the psychopaths. But it is useful in that it puts meat on the bones of the media being part and parcel of the psychopaths’ tools.
    What pisses me off is Chomsky’s subtle one minute segment at the 50 minute mark where he more or less puts the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait and the response to it, down to a misunderstanding due to a US diplomatic meeting.
    Anybody new to this information, or who unquestionably accepts Chomsky’s opinion, is now left with the impression that nothing underhand occurred during this period, “nothing to see here, move along”, when the exact opposite is the case:
    A video which contains valuable information poisoned by one minute of Chomsky.

    1. I had no idea that this was Chomsky’s take on the suckering of Hussein into Kuwait…the ambassador, April ‘Glaspy’ {?}…assuring him that “cross-border disputes were not a US concern.” — “misunderstanding” my rosy…
      Then there was the whole incubator psyop…all this orchestrated right on K Street in the PR factories. It was predetermined to take down Hussein, the record is clear on this. They tortured Iraq for ten years before the final attack. A most disgusting and inhumane tale indeed. Such maniacs are those who rule the world.

  17. And good to meet you, Willy Whitten, the man not woman behind the nom de plume.
    I apologize for not having seen your proper moniker here before, or did and forgot. I put in the “or she” bit to be politically correct. Today is International Women’s Day, after all, and not a day to make a booboo like that! Congratulations also on your filmography and even moreso, if I may, on your long-standing pursuit of truth about the national security state.

    1. Barrie,
      Yes you may…the “even more so”…as I am now retired, it is these ‘social studies’ that are my main passion, full time passion. Also, “thank God for little girls,” that’s ‘Women’, for this special day for them.
      Now I want to bring Professor James Tracy to the table, as he has an excellent article to the concerns of the core of what we speak of here; the PR Regime/Platonic Theater:
      . . . . .
      Social Engineering and the 21st Century Truth Emergency
      On March 9, 1995 Edward Bernays died at the age of 103. His professional endeavors involved seeking to change popular attitudes and behavior by fundamentally altering social reality.[1] Since he laid the modern groundwork for deceiving the public we are for better or worse living out his legacy today.
      Several years ago Project Censored directors Peter Phillips and Mickey Huff identified and explained the “truth emergency” that is among the greatest threats to civil society and human existence. This crisis is manifest in flawed (or non-existent) investigations into 9/11 and other potential false flag events, fraudulent elections, and illegal wars vis-à-vis a corporate-controlled news media that fail to adequately inform the public on such matters. While neglecting or obscuring inquiry into such events and phenomena major media disparage independent and often uncredentialed researchers as “conspiracy theorists” or, more revealingly, “truthers.”[2]~Professor James Tracy
      I highly recommend reading this in its entirety.

  18. I have been waiting , and seemingly in vain , for people like Barrie Zwicker who lists these conspiracy touch stones, to mention the most obvious incident involving a plane crash. It’s one that has everything, an american airbase, sorry a secret american airbase, destruction of evidence , cover up , false navigational information, a veritable mountain of information, but not a mention of it. If I were of a conspiratorial mindset I was say that was a kind of ‘bait and switch’ to focus on all these ‘usual suspect’ conspiracies , in the hope that this one would be ignored. But then I’m not of a conspiratorial mindset.

  19. Wright
    Did the FBI reject over 500 witness statements describing seeing a streak of light heading for TWA800 just before it fell from the sky? Is that one of the “usual suspect conspiracies” you’re referring to?

  20. Aye right…
    Peculiar – peccary peculiar; pedantic oinkulations in abstract aspect. Wherefore art thou dispensed and whence doth thou banter to? Fourscore and seven whats and what-for whys and means and ways? This Hospitlar’s cross of rosy red shield; there seems more bearing in this than in the disembodied text that riddles like a rattle blown off the still twitching snake.

    1. @Hybridrogue1
      Even you Mr. Rogue can not expect always to be informed and understand every single suspicious incident, but I would have thought that for someone who initially examines every third word I write looking for deep dark meaning, it’s something you should be able to work out. The incidents that have happen in the 10 years since 911 and in the 10 before 911 should give you sufficient clues as to what I’m referring to.
      I haven’t seen anyone create a big conspiracy out of that crash which is strange since it has all the ingredients that I referred to before, a mountain of them.

  21. Barrie, if you’ve never encountered this entity “A. Wright” before, he’s a government loyalist stalker who has never once attempted to answer the many rebuttals to his OCT defense on this blog.
    Generalization and exaggeration (“veritable mountain of information”) vs the nitty gritty examination of this “veritable mountain of information”.
    He’s a coward and wordsmith.

    1. OSS,
      I know what you mean when you speak of A, Wright’s “wordsmithery”…
      But I would like to stick up for the term “Wordsmith”, as in itself it doesn’t mean rhetorical trickery, it is a neutral term in itself, simply meaning: ‘well versed in the art of writing’.
      I consider Shakespeare as a genius wordsmith. Louis Carroll, another example, Anthony Burgess, even Dr. Seuss in his faux juvenile lexicographic play. Of course all the great poets come to mind…
      There is also the scoundrel side of the equation, all of the black magicians of PR. Rhetorical skill is not the issue, it is how it is put to use. Reason is like a beautiful woman; one can appreciate her, and give her respect, or one can be a pimp and manipulate her into being a whore.

  22. I do know “A. Wright,” or at least an “A. Wright,” but even if I didn’t, I would be puzzled by the puzzle that “A. Wright” puzzles us with. Puzzles are recommended for brain health but some could be so puzzling as to strain one’s brain.

    1. @Barrie Zwicker
      I am not one who likes puzzles myself but I have given some more clues in a reply to Mr. Whitten above. As someone who has read a lot about aircrashes, it is actually one that did involve cover up and shredding of evidence etc. There is also the case of the plane that crashed in the Irish sea in the 1960’s that was never solved and many people would not be too surprised if it was proven to be the result of a missile strike. There is evidence to support it but the cause remains a mystery.

      1. Willy,
        There’s the wordsmithery accompanied by facts and evidence and then there’s Wright’s brand of wordsmithery which is accompanied by just more words (if he can be bothered).

      2. Wright,
        The 500 witnesses (plus airborne pilots within the vicinity) who saw the streak of light rising from the ground – is that a “mystery”? Or the radar data that supports what these witnesses saw?
        What is a “mystery” is how all of those witnesses in Oklahoma saw John Doe 2. What must have been a ghost in the company of Tim McVeigh. Where’s Scooby Doo when you need him, huh?

      3. Yes OSS,
        That was rather my point.
        I certainly meant no apology for the grotesque machinations of the Mr Wright entity.
        I note that this new gaming strategy of ‘CLUE’ is meant as a new more colorful lure than the usual fare of plodding rosieyada glossolalia. Perhaps the latest Pinkerton course on party games?
        Or, as Mr Ruff suggests a software update to a bot system.
        I am still wondering the chances of Wright getting that classic rosy cross shield made famous by the crusaders. Luck of the draw? Suck on a straw? Won in a brawl? Or just a lanced boil?
        I still think oinkonography is the key to this blistery. I detect a Hog-Latin dialect.

  23. A.Wright,
    Asks many questions and levels many accusations but I find that he/she answers very few if any questions and does not seem to respond to rebuttals of his/her accusations at all. This is classic behavior of a troll. Trolls maintain control over a discussion by NEVER meaningfully responding to challenges from others and by simply remaining on the offensive. It is simply not possible to have a debate or discussion with such an individual simply because they will not respond meaningfully when challenged. The discussion such as it is, is therefore always a dead end with them leveling accusations and enuendo’s and sideslipping rebuttals only to level further accusations and enuendos in an endless cycle.
    This kind of behavior could also indicate that A.Wright is a BOT program with very little actual human input. Such BOT’s could be managed in the hundreds by a single individual.
    I recommend that anyone who is going to interact with A.Wright repeat rebuttal posts made previously to him/her until a meaningful response is recieved. If no meaningful response is recieved then it is irresponsible to continue dialoge with him/her because there is no good faith debate back and forth happening. At that point he/she is simply on the offensive perpetually and you are scrambling around spending huge amounts of your time mounting defense after defense. This time drain may be the true goal of all the A.Wrights out there and worse still is the possibility that it is a BOT you are spending your time on.

    1. Hmm…?
      Well Mr Ruff,
      It is only my opinion; but I think pickling the frog and dissecting it, will be much more instructive than measuring how high it can jump. Of course I speak metaphorically, I don’t really subscribe to such physical morphology personally. I skipped that routine in my physiology class.
      But the moral of your story is taken, and this detour to the cul de sac is certainly enough for my tastes. Playing bongos to the beat of a faucet drip would be more fun.

    2. @Ruffadam
      Quote “A.Wright ..asks many questions and levels many accusations but I find that he/she answers very few if any questions and does not seem to respond to rebuttals of his/her accusations at all.”
      I wrote some comments on the previous article and maybe you could point out the posts where there was a rebuttal to the points I made about Barrie Zwicker.
      Imagine someone saying that you were a ‘BOT program’ and not a real person , and actually being serious about it- imagine how foolish they would seem to you.

      1. >”I wrote some comments on the previous article and maybe you could point out the posts where there was a rebuttal to the points I made about Barrie Zwicker.”
        ~W Wright
        No…are you serious? Lol
        You aren’t actually suggesting there was no rebuttal to your “points”?
        You surely aren’t suggesting we dig them up here as busy work?
        It matters not what sort of entity you are Wright, what matters is that your game is spoiled as it is outed and in the open as a game.
        The only question is as to your motivation. We know your game, we now want to know why you are playing it. Do you have anything at all to say to that?
        What is the payoff for you here Wright?

      2. ONTOS Wright…
        What is it? What is “the Thing” of it? What are you trying to prove? That this synthetic paradigm you keep articulating is real? That “it’s a grand old flag, it’s a high flying flag”? Do you actually propose that this system is in anyway legitimate, or that it is anything like the thing it represents itself as?
        What is not “BOT”-like in someone who regurgitates dialog from the central casting playbook? What isn’t “BOT”-like in an entity that wobbles around in a gyre of lollipop scripts like a child’s spinning top?
        Why are you here? What do you hope to accomplish?

    3. @Hybridrogue1
      Quote Hybridrogue1
      “No…are you serious? Lol
      You aren’t actually suggesting there was no rebuttal to your “points”?”
      Maybe then you could point them out.
      Just to remind you what the points I made were.
      Barrie Zwicker in his videos and in subsequent interviews after 911 presented evidence about what happened on the day and used this evidence to support his conclusions that there was a deliberate standown of the military on 911 in order to allow the attacks to succeed and that George Bush and his staff and Secret Service agents were complicit in the attacks.
      The evidence he presented to support those conclusions included..
      1: American 11 was hijacked at 7.45 am and it was a full hour before it crashed into the WTC.
      2: At around 8.46, at the very latest, the Secret Sevice and George Bush would have known that four aircraft had been hijacked and that one had already crashed into the WTC.
      3: The first plane was hijacked at 8.00 am, an hour and 5 minutes before George Bush was told that a second plane had hit the WTC.
      4: In a drama in the skies that lasted almost two hours not a single US interceptor turned a wheel.
      5: Payne Stewarts jet was intercepted after a total elapsed time of 21 minutes. In my previous post I said the 21 minutes was between the military being informed and interception ,which was incorrect on my part – the elapsed time he was referring to was between failure of the pilot to respond to ATC instruction ,and interception.
      6: A journalist who criticizes other journalists for their poor journalistic standards should apply the same standards to themselves and should not misinform others, taking the ample opportunity afforded by 11 years ,to correct any inaccurate and misleading information they have given, and consequently the conclusions they drew from it.
      7: Barrie Zwicker ,had by noon on 911 ,concluded that this was a faked attack based on none of the evidence that he put forward later to support his conclusion, because he didn’t have it, evidence that was even then incorrect, inaccurate and misleading.
      Why am I here? What do I hope to accomplish? Actually a good question. I’ll give you a complete and full answer to that, if, just to make things more interesting, you can figure out the clues I gave about that aircraft accident I was referring to – it’s not important or anything I just thought the clues were easy enough and was surprised you didn’t get it.

      1. A.Wright,
        Look the rebuttals to your straw man arguments up yourself, I am not doing your busy work. You are very likely a BOT as far as I am concerned. On the off chance you are not a BOT I have to say you are totally brain dead as a person. You have to be a truly brainwashed zombie idiot to be pushing ANY of the laughable official narrative of 9/11. Either that or a paid traitor. You can kiss my ass no matter which one is the truth, BOT, zombie, or traitor.

      2. Well Mr Wright,
        I knew that 9/11 was a PSYOP as soon as I saw the first tower blow up on the television broadcast. I knew this because it is IMPOSSIBLE that the jets could have had anything to do with such utter and total destruction.
        As per your criticisms of Mr Zwicker; they have no validity whatsoever, the fact is; there was no military air response to the “attacks” until after the event at the Pentagon. You have blown the whole thing about the Payne Stewart affair out of proportion to dissemble the facts away about all the other damning evidence on the generals and politicians, in collusion with the mainstream press.
        ALL of this was discussed and presented to you in detail on several other threads on this very blog. And I refuse to humor you by wasting my time digging up links to these.
        And furthermore, as I pointed out in the other thread you speak to, there is NO timeline in the official record of the Stewart flight to draw upon. You are adding hearsay from media sources who give no substance to the assertion of the time the concerned air controllers actually notified the military. Go back to the official report: You will find no time established for that call.
        You end your post with this:
        >”Why am I here? What do I hope to accomplish? Actually a good question. I’ll give you a complete and full answer to that, if…”
        No ifs ands or buts. Do not think that we do not know why you are here. I have made that perfectly clear now many times, as have others. You are a stooge promoting the official bullshit. You are trying to play a game that you are utterly incompetent at. If perchance you are drawing a paycheck for your time here, your employer is wasting their money. You are a hack and an amateur.
        In every aspect, the official story on 9/11 is an OBVIOUS and preposterous lie. Thus, anyone promoting it or apologizing for it is preposterous by the same token.

      3. Al,
        Wright is most likely referring to the April 4,1996 military plane carrying Commerce Secretary Ron Brown. It crashed into the side of a mountain.
        And there certainly were questions raised by the “conspiracy theorists” at that time.

      4. @Alwhitesands
        The plane crash I was talking about was the crash of the Air New Zealand flight 901 into Mt. Erebus in Antartica in 1979.
        (The clues were in the post to Hybridrogue1
        “Even you Mr. Rogue can not expect always to be informed and understand every single suspicious incident, but I would have thought that for someone who initially examines every third word I write looking for deep dark meaning, it’s something you should be able to work out. The incidents that have happen in the 10 years since 911 and in the 10 before 911 should give you sufficient clues as to what I’m referring to.”
        – the initial letter of every third word, starting with the first, makes Erebus, who was a greek god of the underworld and darkness. The ’10 before 911′ gives 901. )

      5. What an UNBELIEVABLE waste of time this joker A. Wright is.
        I have nothing left to say to or about this dinky doinker.

  24. WAMPUM
    The term “wampum” is a shortening of the earlier word “wampumpeag”, which is derived from the Massachusett or Narragansett word meaning “white strings [of shell beads]”. The Proto-Algonquian reconstructed form is *wa·p-a·py-aki, “white-string-plural.”
    In New York, wampum beads have been discovered that date from before 1510. The Haudenosaunee Great Law of Peace, the founding constitution of the Iroquois Confederacy, was codified in a series of wampum belts, now held by the Onondaga Nation. The oral history of the Haudenosaunee says that Ayenwatha, a cannibal who was reformed by the Great Peacemaker, invented wampum to comfort himself. The Peacemaker uses wampum to record and relay messages. The League of the Iroquois was founded, according to some estimates, in 1142. Others place its origin as likely in the 15th or 16th centuries.
    [Great Law of Peace * The Hiawatha Belt]
    So one might ask, “Self, “what does this have to do with the price of maize in Okinawa?” Well yes, exactly that, and larger global questions are drawn like a boil from this question…and they cascade like neurons on Lysergic acid diethylamide. The issue dear forum is: MONEY.
    WTF is it?
    It is essential, for the real enemy here is that Ancient one; The Money Changers. One cannot decipher the bind that binds until one understands what money is.
    So the First Peoples of Turtle Island, and their experience with, and extermination by those who acted in concert {knowingly or unknowingly} with the program of the Money Changers, is another of a myriad of telling histories throwing the light on our long and present predicament.
    At it’s core, “money” is another aspect of human imagination. It is an idea with no substance but in the belief of it. It is itself at the core of the present paradigm in its grotesque predatory fullness – also having no substance but in the belief of it.

    1. It is essential, for the real enemy here is that Ancient one; The Money Changers. One cannot decipher the bind that binds until one understands what money is.

      Very true Willy.

      1. Thanks OSS,
        One of the reasons I pursue this line on “money” is that there will likely be a groundswell of PR surfacing in the future near, or farther; wherein it is lobbied to get back on the Gold Standard.
        This would be a terrible, a damned mistake. The argument may even ride on “what is constitutional’. But that can be seen as a song and dance as well if studied sufficiently.
        When this push for a gold standard is employed, ask yourself who has the largest reserves of this stuff. And who will slip right back in the saddle again. And remember history: It was the Goldsmiths who began “fractional reserve banking” – which is Fictional Reserve banking.
        For the honest answer to honest money system, look to the Colonial Script of pre-revolutionary America, and to the Greenback of the Civil War. [See: Ben Franklin and Abraham Lincoln with a shot of Jackson on the side]

  25. A wise man I heard once on Vision TV, here in Canada, said that money is the most spiritual thing there is because, having absolutely no value in itself, it reveals the values of those who seek it and how they use it.

  26. “We have about 50% of the world’s wealth but only 6.3% of its population. This disparity is particularly great as between ourselves and the peoples of Asia. In this situation, we cannot fail to be the object of envy and resentment. Our real task in the coming period is to devise a pattern of relationships which will permit us to maintain this position of disparity without positive detriment to our national security. To do so,we will have to dispense with all sentimentality and day-dreaming; and our attention will have to be concentrated everywhere on our immediate national objectives. We need not deceive ourselves that we can afford today the luxury of altruism and world-benefaction.”
    ~George Kennan, US State Department senior planning official, 1948

  27. “And Kennan was one of the “good guys!”
    Hmm-yea…I don’t know about you Barrie, but I look back on this long life and see that it has been a long list of reassessing who the good and the bad guys are…I don’t have heroes, but there were those I admired, or had good opinions of that have been flipped to the other pile…so many.
    The myth runs so deep, and goes so far back in history. Everything is a candidate for question.
    Keeps us on our toes. Aye?

  28. Who can awaken the dead?
    For whom is it still a mystery that the national security state is an iron curtain drawn over the right to know? Sixty six years of this utter bullshit has led to an open and unapologetic police state.
    And still the majority somnambulism rots the minds of the TVZombies.

  29. I’m with you, Willy, in your MARCH 16, 2013 – 8:06 PM post.
    Note that I placed quote marks around “good guys” in saying that Kennan was one. My quote marks were intended to imply that it was the establishment that considered him a good guy (but that before the establishment decided he was a bad guy).
    He was a leading founder of the Cold War framework. That’s when the establishment considered him a good guy. Then, when he started to sound reasonable and in favour of dialogue over arms and threats, his name in the ranks of the elites became similar to mud. This was the time I thought he was a good guy, but only relatively; everything’s relative).
    As Wikipeda correctly has it, “prior to the end of 1948, Kennan was confident the state of affairs in Western Europe had developed to the point where positive dialogue could commence with the Soviet Union. His proposals were discounted by the Truman administration and Kennan’s influence was marginalized, particularly after Dean Acheson was appointed secretary of state in 1949. Soon thereafter, U.S. Cold War strategy assumed a more assertive and militaristic quality, causing Kennan to lament over what he believed was as an aberration of his previous assessments.”
    Speaking of the global financial, military, corporate and “intelligence” elites, here’s a pretty fine new musical video, entitled “A Century of War,” by Steve Carlisle, worth listening to, IMHO…

    1. I liked that Barrie,
      I read the essays of F. William Engdahl as often as I find them. They are very inspiring and bear much needed knowledge from a deep perspective.
      In fact the George Kennan quote came from one of Engdahl’s recent articles on Global Research. A well known quote I had read before, but somehow apropos for the moment.
      Like I mentioned to Dennis earlier in this thread, I am in a state of wonder as to how long this has gone on without the final flame-out…and I feel the work of some divine hand is in the mix here on the material plain. And this sense of being “on hold” at Event Horizon stays with me these days, and plays in my dreams at night. I feel an angel on my shoulder.

  30. Poetically put. Because — among major known factors at play (global climate change, continued human population growth, continued ascendance of psychopathic power groupings, et al) as well as the probable existence of an unknown number of “Black Swans,” and the fact that there seems very little likelihood of enough people learning enough things fast enough to take actions that could impact the situation meaningfully — it’s reasonable to assume that we’re in for what someone has termed “the final plunge.” Out of crisis arises opportunity, the conventional wisdom goes. But it seems to me that about the only opportunity arising from this multidimensional crisis is the opportunity for the maturation of an appropriate spiritual awakening. Even there a betting person would hesitate. Currently I’m reading four books, one of which is hard cover, 437 pages, from Yale University Press, entitled “Inside Hitler’s Greece: The Experience of Occupation 1941-44.” It’s hard to decide which is more dispiriting: the fine text exposing, for instance the collusion of the Yanks and Brits in crushing the leftwing forces that had been battling the Nazis at high cost, to help usher in the Cold War, or the fact that the book last sold at a flea market for 25 cents.

    1. “It’s hard to decide which is more dispiriting: the fine text exposing, for instance the collusion of the Yanks and Brits in crushing the leftwing forces that had been battling the Nazis at high cost, to help usher in the Cold War, or the fact that the book last sold at a flea market for 25 cents.”~Barrie
      A poignant observation.
      “Worth” is figured in strange, even demented ways in this 21st century schizoid world, where most would find more pleasure reading the ‘comic’ from a Bazooka bubblegum wrapper, or sit hypnotized watching some lame “sitcom” on TV.
      I have a collection of books such as that. Books hardly another soul seems to know exist;
      BITTER SCENT by Micheal Bar-Zohar
      WALTZING WITH A DICTATOR by Raymond Bonner
      TRADING WITH THE ENEMY by Charles Higham [some press is given to this occasionally]
      A NATION OF SHEEP by William J. Lederer {coauthor of UGLY AMERICAN}
      THE INVISIBLE GOVERNMENT by Wise and Ross…
      >And of course all of the books by Antony Sutton detailing Wall Street’s collaboration, indeed their CREATION of the 3rd Reich and the Bolshevik revolution.
      All of these works effectively tossed down the Memory Hole.
      But ‘Despair’ is the designated stop for the NWO train, and it is buying the ticket to that destination that would be our worst mistake.
      There is ‘something else’ happening, if we can dial into that frequency: [1≡∞]

  31. “Obama Rebuffs Democrats on Drone Kill Memos, Asserts Executive Secrecy Prerogative 14 Mar 2013 President Barack Obama rebuffed senators from his own party Tuesday when they sought greater transparency on drone strikes, arguing that the executive branch has the right to keep such information secret from lawmakers, sources said. The assertion by Obama, more typical of his recent predecessors in the White House who wanted to withhold information, came in response to questions from Sens. Jay Rockefeller (D-W.Va.) and Pat Leahy (D-Vt.).”
    . . . . . .
    There is no such thing constitutionally as “Executive Secrecy Prerogative” or “Executive Privilege” as it is commonly known.
    This and “Presidential War Powers” are the key to the whole shitbangtabootle…clearly – in your face unconstitutional.
    One has to be especially dense and delusional to be able to read the Constitution and then turn around and claim that the president has the power to start wars, or that the executive has some special authorities to keep secrets, not only from the Congress, but from the people as well.

  32. There are different kinds of power. Obama exercises both Constitutional and unConstitutional powers, as well as the power of persuasion. Now where is the locus of wealth power in the USA?
    Here’s an answer to that question, rendered in the spoken word but more importantly AS IMAGES on charts that have the power to stick in the mind…
    It’s a short video presentation that should be required by law to be shown every hour on the hour on every U.S. TV screen until there’s some indication that the U.S. populace has begun to open its eyes, shaken its head and at least begun to wake up from the brainwashed trance that is its current status of consciousness.
    Oh yeah, this would be news to 99 out of 100 Canadians as well. Cue another chart.

    1. It is too bad, and so in a lot of instances now, that my browser won’t access such pages as these…even YouTube is a lost deal for me.
      Every time I have attempted to get a new browser it screws up my system…and then it is really tricky dicky getting my system back up…so I avoid that.
      I have a pretty good grasp on wealth distribution in the US and also how that compares world wide. Those ‘special folks’ are hording the vast bulk. And the balance gets worse literally daily. It is an elite vortex of wealth and power. Exponential/Fractal…the Angles weep.

    1. No problem. You’ll see some feverish activity over the next few days. Well, maybe not feverish, but more than you’ve seen lately. I do appreciate your concern, though.

      1. I am filled with anticipation Craig,
        Always look forward to the excellent dishes served at this Info Cafe.
        \\][// ~ Willy

  33. The first three names on the trailer reveal the worth of this “documentary”: Amy Goodman, Julian Assange, Danny Glover. It shouldn’t take a rocket scientist – or, “expert,” to, belatedly, tell us that lies will be told – or even the type of lies that will be told.

  34. There was no bait and no switch. That is just your attempt to twist Tremblay’s solid journalism into something it is not and to agree with your imagination and your fully discredited conspiracy theories that are the thoughts of your religious thinking.

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