Cutting off the head of the snake: Ken O’Keefe on beating the bankers, Israeli brutality, and the 9/11 ‘gift’

“We don’t want war. But we have war – all the time. Why? Because the bankers run the world, and war is the best thing for them.” – Ken O’Keefe

By Craig McKee

He is passionate, fearless, charismatic, and very blunt.
To be sure, human rights activist and former U.S. Marine Ken O’Keefe says things some people don’t want to hear, things that jolt them from their complacency about the tyranny and deceptions that pervert our world. The message he has to offer is not an easy one to accept for so many who have had their perceptions molded by the mainstream media, mainstream entertainment, and mainstream politics.
Recently, O’Keefe concluded a North American speaking tour with appearances in Montreal (April 23) and Toronto (April 28 and 29) that both I and fellow Truth and Shadows contributor Barrie Zwicker attended. We also had the opportunity to sit down together with O’Keefe for more than two hours the night before the first of those talks at Concordia University in Montreal. (Zwicker co-organized the two appearances in Toronto the following week, one at the Beit Zatoun Cultural Centre and the other at the University of Toronto.)
O’Keefe told his audiences that we won’t solve our biggest problems until we understand that we have been subjugated by an international financial system that concentrates power in the hands of an ultra-rich and very shadowy elite. And this elite routinely uses war as a tool to increase its power.
“I’ve travelled all over this world, and we are all basically the same,” he said in his first Toronto talk. “We don’t want war. But we have war – all the time.  Why? Because the bankers run the world, and war is the best thing for them. Not only does it provide more profits for them but more importantly it divides people. What can divide people more than killing each other?”
“We’re consenting to the destruction of our world,” he said.

O’Keefe is escorted into the Beit Zatoun community centre by police. (Photo: Craig McKee)

While anger does intermittently bubble to the surface as O’Keefe describes the devastating effect of this corruption on people, he is much more than a man with a chip on his shoulder. He is a hopeful and constructive force who is working on a plan that he thinks could get us out of the mess we’re in (more on that plan later).
It’s not about fighting for power, he contends, it’s about using the power we already have.
In addition to being an ardent 9/11 truther, O’Keefe is an unrelenting advocate for the oppressed people of Gaza who endure a murderous occupation of their land by Israel. His critics call him an anti-Semite, but this does not stop him from calling attention to the inhuman treatment of the Palestinian people.
“You cannot help but be inspired by the Palestinians,” he said. “They have they been facing a monstrosity – completely abandoned, not just by the world but by their Arab and Muslim brothers and sisters in the region. Totally abandoned.”
O’Keefe, who renounced his U.S. citizenship in 2001, goes beyond Zionism to criticize “Jewish power” and “Jewish supremacism.” This has made him controversial – even among some who oppose the New World Order, the 9/11 false flag, and the exaggerated and destructive influence of Israel. But he is not deterred, explaining that Palestinians are enduring such incredible hardships because we’ve been convinced there are certain people we can’t criticize and certain things we can’t say.
While his Montreal appearance was uneventful (also speaking in that day-long event was the author of Wiki vs NWO, Grant Elder), the first of his two Toronto talks was met with a small but vocal protest from the Jewish Defence League. The second of those talks has resulted in an investigation by the Toronto Police Hate Crimes Unit into whether O’Keefe was guilty of breaking Canada’s hate crimes law.
According to Canada’s Criminal Code, section 318 (Hate Propaganda), a hate crime has been committed when someone communicates statements “other than in a private conversation, that willfully promotes hatred against any identifiable group.” There are defences that can lead to an acquittal, and they are:
“(a) if he establishes that the statements communicated were true; (b) if, in good faith, the person expressed or attempted to establish by an argument an opinion on a religious subject or an opinion based on a belief in a religious text; (c) if the statements were relevant to any subject of public interest, the discussion of which was for the public benefit, and if on reasonable grounds he believed them to be true; or (d) if, in good faith, he intended to point out, for the purpose of removal, matters producing or tending to produce feelings of hatred toward an identifiable group in Canada.”
B’nai Brith Canada, an organization that advocates for the Jewish community and enthusiastically supports the State of Israel, says it filed a complaint with the Toronto Police Service claiming that O’Keefe had engaged in “hate speech.” B’nai Brith has also complained to the University of Toronto for allowing O’Keefe to use their facility. (Oddly, police spokesperson Const. Caroline de Kloet confirmed that an investigation is underway, but she denied that they had received a complaint from B’nai Brith. She would only say that the complaint had come from another party.)
On the B’nai Brith website, the organization’s position is made very clear in a statement with this heading: “Neo-Nazi Ken O’Keefe spreads hatred at U of T.”
From the statement:
“O’Keefe represents a type of virulent and murderous antisemitism not usually heard in Canada’s public spaces,” said Michael Mostyn, Chief Executive Officer of B’nai Brith Canada.  “He propagates the malicious lie of Jewish control over the media, government, judicial system and financial sector, and even accuses Jews of assassinating former U.S. President John F.  Kennedy and staging the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Worst of all is his deplorable claim that Jews invented the Holocaust in order to ‘steal Palestine from the Palestinians’.
“How can Jewish students, staff or faculty work safely on campus when a neo­Nazi is allowed to spout lies and hatred against them just down the hallway?”
I have no idea what safety has to do with anything. And no matter what anyone might feel about what was said at the talk, this was a peaceful event where several hundred peaceful people came to hear O’Keefe exercise his right to free speech. Of course, in Canada we do have laws (I’m embarrassed to say) that can lead to the imprisonment of someone challenging the official narrative of World War II and the Holocaust.

JDL protests outside Beit Zatoun while police watch. (Craig McKee photo)

It is also ironic that B’nai Brith accuses O’Keefe of engaging in hate speech while they level the wild and false charge that he is a neo-Nazi. One could argue that they are promoting hatred against him.
The University of Toronto’s director of media relations, Althea Blackburn-Evans, said in an interview that the group that rented the auditorium for the O’Keefe talk has been permanently banned from booking space on the campus. She admits this is a rare response to a complaint from the community.
“Of course, freedom of speech is paramount but we also very much, of course, value diversity, inclusion, and mutual respect. That is something that is ingrained in all our policies,” she said. “We absolutely don’t tolerate any racism or discrimination, and some of the comments that were made were concerning enough for us to say this isn’t going to happen again on our campus.
“We want to feel that all members of our community feel welcome here and feel respected and don’t feel discriminated against.”
So let me get this straight. Anyone who rents space on the U of T campus for a lecture must ensure members of the community feel “respected” and “included”? It’s comforting to know that popular, non-threatening speech is going to be protected there. As for diversity, I have no idea what she meant by that. It actually seems that the university is worried about too much diversity – of thought. It seems that they are fine with freedom of speech until the wrong group is offended.
War and the head of the snake

The central point in O’Keefe’s presentations, as I pointed out, is that real source of power in our world and the real source of conflict and brutality, is the financial system, which he calls “the head of the snake” and which he says is used to control countries and individuals through debt.
“If you ask me, the bankers rule the world,” O’Keefe said in Montreal. “They have an infinite supply of money, and with that they have bought everything and everyone that can be bought. And they punish those with honor and integrity, and they reward pedophiles, immoral psychopaths and sociopaths. They want to be gods; they want total control.”
As O’Keefe argues, one of the mechanisms for transferring wealth and power from the masses to the ruling elite is through the use of contrived wars. These wars depend on deceptions for whatever public support they receive. And one of the key ways we are deceived into supporting wars is through the false flag.
“Every major war is started and engineered almost always with a false flag,” he said. “Who do the politicians work for? They work for the fucking bankers.”
Of course, the most important false flag in recent decades was the supposed “terrorist attack” of 9/11. O’Keefe calls this event a “gift” for the world because its sheer scope exposed how the elite use deception to justify their wars. He says this false flag was so big and so obvious that is has led many to become aware of this tactic and to see through the real reasons for war.
“Fifteen years ago nobody knew what a false flag was,” he said.
There is considerable evidence, O’Keefe contends, that Israel was complicit in 9/11 along with a “treasonous” element in the U.S. government.
“I think it’s really quite obvious – the fingerprints of who is responsible are already in the public realm,” he says.
O’Keefe points out that only those of Israeli origin were arrested on or shortly after 9/11 on suspicion of being involved. Of course there were the “dancing Israelis” who were seen celebrating the attack on the Twin Towers and who later admitted on Israeli television that they were sent to “document the event.” (This, of course, proves foreknowledge.)
Some of those arrested, O’Keefe says, were stopped with explosives in their vans, some were later given lie detector tests that they failed, and all were released and deported on the order of then Homeland Security head and U.S./Israeli dual national Michael Chertoff.
“[Chertoff] quietly sent these people home with no further investigation. What we have at the least is obstruction of justice, which is a serious criminal offense given that this is the biggest terrorist attack in U.S. history.”
O’Keefe dismisses the famous “28 pages” (which allegedly point to Saudi involvement in 9/11) as being a deliberate distraction to put us off the track of the real culprits. He points to Saudi Arabia’s ties to Israel and calls the country one of the most “grotesque” on the planet.
“The Saudis played a minor role; they supplied the patsies, basically. Mohamed Atta running around in strip clubs in Florida having sex with a stripper, snorting cocaine, drinking booze, and you’re supposed to convince me this guy was on a jihad?”
But the real smoking gun that O’Keefe produces is the inexplicable behavior of two billionaires, Larry Silverstein and Frank Lowy, who bought the lease to the World Trade Center complex in July 2001. He explains that the Port Authority of New York, which owned the buildings, had been involved in a longstanding court case to absolve itself of liability for the cost of removing the asbestos, a case it lost in 2001.
“You could not just demolish the buildings because of the asbestos,” O’Keefe said in Montreal. They lost, but for some reason Silverstein and Lowy agreed to take on that incredible liability, which had been estimated to be in the billions of dollars. They did this just six weeks before 9/11, and they doubled the amount of insurance on the buildings should a ‘terrorist attack’ take place.”
O’Keefe uses a hypothetical to explain why it is relevant to specify that the two businessmen were Jewish:
“I want you to imagine that two Muslim billionaires stepped in and decided to buy the lease on the Twin Towers thereby transferring the liability from the Port Authority to themselves and then immediately proceeded to double the insurance policy on the buildings. Imagine if it was two Muslim billionaires that did that. And imagine these Muslim billionaires bought these buildings six weeks before those buildings … and, importantly, also took over security to the buildings in the six weeks leading up to those buildings turning to dust right before our eyes.
“Who in their right minds would believe that billionaire businessmen would make such a purchase and accept liability? It makes no sense at all unless, of course, you’re a couple of billionaire businessmen who happen to happen to have very intimate relations with the so-called Jewish State of Israel.”
O’Keefe further cements the case by pointing out that Silverstein has admitted to being close friends with Israeli president Benjamin Netanyahu and speaking to him weekly for more than 20 years.
One thing that O’Keefe is convinced is holding the 9/11 Truth Movement back is the time spent internally fighting over details of what materials were used to bring the towers down, etc. He says we should stay away from focusing on areas of disagreement and instead direct our attention to our agreement that 9/11 was a false flag. (He did, however, respond to a direct question in our interview about whether a large plane hit the Pentagon: “It is evident that a plane of that size hitting the Pentagon is ridiculous,” he said. “It defies the laws of physics.”)
The traumatization of Palestine
While O’Keefe has a broad perspective about how our world is being controlled, his passion has roots in the plight of the Palestinians, who continue to be victims of one of the most brutal occupations in the world.
“A lot of what I do comes from my relationship with the Palestinian people,” he explained.
As well as founding the Truth Justice Peace Human Shield Action to Iraq in 2002, O’Keefe was a member of the Gaza Freedom Flotilla in 2010, which was seeking to break an Israeli blockade and bring humanitarian supplies to Gaza. His vessel, the Mavi Marmara, was attacked and boarded by Israeli forces in international waters, and nine activists were killed (a tenth spent four years in a coma before dying in 2014).
In his Montreal talk, O’Keefe told the story of one victim, 19-year-old American Furkan Dogan, who O’Keefe explained was initially shot several times by Israeli soldiers despite being unarmed. And as the activist lay on the deck of the ship, critically wounded, an Israeli commando stood over him and fired a shot into his face, killing him.
“He was executed,” O’Keefe said. “Absolutely. 100%. No doubt about it. This is another example of how Israel has a free pass, how Israel can do anything.”
O’Keefe was responsible for disarming one soldier, who was later released unharmed (as were two other captured Israelis). To learn more about this, I highly recommend this interview from 2010 that O’Keefe did with the BBC program Hardtalk, which you can also see at the top of this article.
In his second Toronto talk, he told the story of Samouni family from Gaza that had been ordered out of their homes and into a building by the Israeli military a day prior to the house being targeted with several rockets. Twenty-seven members of the 97-member family were killed although not all died right away. For several days, no one was permitted to leave the house, including children who had to stay with the dead bodies of their parents.
“The situation was more grotesque than you can imagine,” O’Keefe said, “because of course when they were hit some of the family members went outside to seek medical attention. But the Israelis shot at them when they went outside, so they quickly realized that was not an option.
“There was no water, no heating, no food. It was horrendous.”
He explains that the residents of Gaza have to cope with incredible amounts of stress given the military assaults and the daily mistreatment they’ve had to endure.
“Every single person in Gaza suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder to one degree or another. Every one of them,” he says. “I think about this a lot, when I’m back in the UK or other Western countries – when you hear a helicopter we don’t think much of it. But when Palestinians hear a helicopter going by, especially children who have had loved ones blown to bits by helicopters that fire rockets at them, I tell you what, it’s fucking terrifying.
“The extent to which this whole population has been victimized is really impossible to measure.”

O’Keefe: a passionate defender of the Palestinian people. (Craig McKee photo)

O’Keefe says that despite this repeating horror, the Palestinians are the most hospitable people you could want to meet. He says that at the heart of this horrific treatment of the Palestinians is “Jewish supremacist ideology” to which not all but many within Israel subscribe. He says that it’s possible to say anything about Muslims, Christians, or any other group, but not Jews.
“That tells you a lot about the state of our world, what’s really going on, and who is really in charge,” he said. “On a physical level, the amount of power within this tiny percentage of the human population, the Jewish population, is simply stunning. Less than two percent of the human population and it pervades all the top levels of the corporate world, the banking sector, the mass media, they own Hollywood, they’re in the Supreme Court, they run the courts largely.
“This is what the Palestinians have been facing, an enemy with no mercy towards its enemy … [It is like] the Palestinians are less than dogs, and the way they are treated is a pure indication of that. And this is what they’ve been facing for many decades, and I would argue that the reason they’ve been facing this for so many decades because we’re not even allowed to speak honestly about what they’re facing.”
O’Keefe argues that the fact that we are not supposed to criticize Israel or challenge the official history of World War II, and the Holocaust in particular, has made it much more difficult for the Palestinians to struggle against their oppression and the continuing theft of their land.
“There is nothing to say to defend what Israel does,” he said, although he added:
“I’ll be happy to embrace my Jewish supremacist brothers and sisters when they see the error of their ways and they see how destructive that mentality is, not only for others but for themselves.”
What seem to be disastrous Western policies in the Middle East, he contends, are actually part of a wider plan that is actually achieving just what its architects intend. He says that the long-term plan for Israel is to become a new empire and to expand into a number of neighboring countries (known as the Greater Israel Project).
“Is the intention to have peace?” he asks. “Hell, no. Actual real peace in Palestine and in Israel would be the end of Israel, would be the end of the Jewish state, because eventually peace will result in one person one vote, and there will be a majority of Arabs in that region again especially if the right of return is respected. And what does that mean for a supremacist Jewish state? It’s the fucking end of it, so of course they don’t want peace.”
O’Keefe becomes very animated when he discusses the subject of the “fight” against ISIS and where this new “threat” is really coming from.
“We train these fucking psychopaths,” he says. “We fucking protect them. We provide them sanctuary in Turkey and Jordan. We provide them the weapons. Look at them running around with our weapons all over the place. They’re getting the money, they’re getting the weapons, they’re getting the training, and they’re getting the protection of the mainstream media who are presenting them as a real enemy we’re really fighting. In fact, they’re our creation and they’re there to justify our aggressive policies in the region.”
What can we do?
While known for his criticisms of the system as it currently exists, O’Keefe is actually devoting himself to an initiative aimed at creating positive solutions to the problems the world faces. His plan is called World Citizen Solutions, which in its first phase begins with a simple social contract based upon three elements:

  • I affirm my natural rights: the right to life, the right to freedom of expression, the right to travel, the right to self-defence
  • I obligate myself to respect the natural rights of everyone else on this planet (“If we don’t want to be invaded, if you don’t want to be lied to, if you don’t want to be killed, if you don’t want to be raped then you don’t do that shit, and you don’t pay for that shit,” he said.)
  • And I agree to respect the planet

“We have to make an agreement with each other to respect each other.”
He explains that there would be a one-time cost for signing up – just $12 for those in developed countries. The plan is for legal briefs to be prepared for any country so that anyone who refuses to pay taxes that will go towards imperialistic wars and other things that contravene the world citizen contract can receive help in defending themselves legally.
O’Keefe says he understands that the idea of world citizenship raises concerns that it will lead us towards a New World Order and world government. He says that this is not a gateway to any kind of centralized power. He says the contract just affirms that we are free people who will exercise their natural rights while respecting the rights of others and the planet.
“The peace I seek is peace through justice, not peace at the barrel of a gun.”
One comment O’Keefe made more than once in the times I saw him was very interesting. It had to do with how we go about convincing others about we’re all being deceived. The point he made was that we should stop worrying so much about waking up the masses. He said we should focus on reaching those who are open to this plan.
“You can lead a horse to water…,” he said.
O’Keefe says there is good reason to be optimistic about the future if we are willing to take action to take regain our freedom and control of our own lives. He points out that alternative media are reporting on the subject of false flags routinely now, and people are not being fooled by these types of events the way they once were.
“Consciousness is rising at a pace like never before,” he said. “If we decide to do the right thing, we can have a better world. It’s up to us.”



  1. I just read the first few paragraphs and already I know I don’t agree. It is too simplistic to base the whole war agenda on one section of the bourgeoisie, the bankers. Not only bankers profit from war. Just consider the arms industry. But even these two are only a part of the problem.
    Anything more I’d have to say won’t change anybody’s mind who accepts O’Keefe.
    Just keep in mind the focal of attacks on bankers (aka Jews) under Nazism.

    1. Paul Zarembka said:
      “I just read the first few paragraphs and already I know I don’t agree. It is too simplistic to base the whole war agenda on one section of the bourgeoisie, the bankers. Not only bankers profit from war. Just consider the arms industry. But even these two are only a part of the problem”
      The reason Ken O’Keefe focuses on the Banksters, is because they are near or at the TOP of the food chain.
      The Banksters, Military Industrialists and Media owners are ALL connected
      Banksters profit more than anyone else from wars.
      “Anything more I’d have to say won’t change anybody’s mind who accepts O’Keefe”
      If you can’t refute him with reason, evidence and proof…..of course you’re not going to change anyone’s mind…..why would you expect to?
      “Just keep in mind the focal of attacks on bankers (aka Jews) under Nazism”
      Why would we want to keep our minds on what happened last century?
      We should keep our minds and eyes on what’s going on in the World RIGHT NOW!…..TODAY!
      The ‘holocaust’ is a Hoax, Paul Zarembka, so your comparing Ken O’Keefe’s work to Nazism doesn’t carry much weight.
      It’s a Red Herring.

      1. “The ‘holocaust’ is a Hoax, Paul Zarembka, so your comparing Ken O’Keefe’s work to Nazism doesn’t carry much weight.”
        I would be very careful with choice of words, and I say this as someone who understands the merit behind the findings and conclusions of the most serious of the holocaust revisionists aka “deniers.”
        When stated like you did, you come across as implying that the entire holocaust didn’t happen. Most aspects of it did indeed happen and it was, at minimum, a horrific ethnic cleansing that should never occur in any civilized region. Jews and other minorities were indeed forced out of their homes and towns against their will, herded onto trains under the most awful conditions.
        To say “the holocaust is a hoax” conveys the idea that Jews and others weren’t rounded up, weren’t forced into slave labor.
        (For one thing, I have not seen any revisionist challenge the notion that in some places, prisoners were forced to dig pits which would shortly thereafter serve as their own mass grave. They dug the pit, then were lined up to be shot and buried in it. We have photo and even motion picture of some of these events happening – unlike the alleged gassings.)
        We also know that numerous urban myths, which even mainstream holocaust scholars have dismissed, are still believed today: human soap and lampshades. Jews being thrown alive in ovens. The senior curator of the Holocaust museum would confirm those stories were hoaxes, even though back at the Nuremberg trials, testimony to such things was accepted as evidence.
        More common ground between traditionalists and revisionists includes the consensus that no camps in Germany or Austria had gas chambers.
        Where traditionalists and revisionists part ways is that revisionists have concluded that there was no homicidal gassing program in Poland either; revisionists do not deny that very large numbers of people died, though they question the sacred “six million” figure. They conclude that the deaths in the camps was due to beatings, shootings and other cruelty, overwork, starvation and disease. These latter two things largely took place toward the end of the war when the German cities had been destroyed, making it impossible for trains to deliver food and supplies to the camps.
        Jewish revisionist David Cole said it best in 1994 on the Donahue show, in response to Donahue’s question: “And do you believe people were taken and destroyed because of their Jewishness?”
        Cole replied:
        “People were… rounded up based on their religion alone, their ethnicity alone, their political views alone, they were put in camps and made to work at forced labor. They were killed, they were shot, there was all manner of brutality, it is something no human being should ever have to go through. BUT… history books are not about making crass generalizations; if you’re going to claim there was gas chamber program, you have to be able to offer evidence!”
        That moment occurs at 16:23 on the following video; the whole thing is worth a watch.

        1. The ‘holocaust’ is not deportation and work camps.
          The ‘holocaust is:
          1. A plan and order to exterminate the Jews of Europe.
          No evidence for such a plan… order.
          2. 6,000,000 Jews murdered.
          Thee were 3.8 million Jews in the German sphere of occupation.
          So far, about 4 million Jews have claimed to be Holocaust survivors and have collected ‘reparations’.
          In 2004 there were over a million ‘holocaust’ survivors; if you extrapolate back to 1945 with an actuarial chart, there must have been about 7 million ‘survivors’ right after the war.
          3. Homicidal gas chambers
          Proven false by imprisoned scientists/chemists.

          Now, let’s get back to Ken O’Keefe……Israel…..911…..Palestine……..the present moment.
          What else do you disagree with Ken O’Keefe on besides “it’s the bankers”?

          1. I don’t dispute any of those facts. But think strategy for a moment. Such a blanket statement will cause most folks who aren’t aware of the facts you and I are to roll their eyes and stop reading immediately.
            But before getting back to O’Keefe, it should be pointed out that the six million figure dates back to at least 1915.

          2. Adam Syed said:
            “Such a blanket statement will cause most folks who aren’t aware of the facts you and I are to roll their eyes and stop reading immediately”
            No, not “most folks”, but definitely some.
            I think a lot of truth is seeping out to the public and a lot of people are talking about “the banksters”…..”Palestine”…..”Israel”, and similar subjects…..even “false flags”.
            If you have a different strategy than Ken O’Keefe, maybe you’ll reach a different crowd, but I think the brutal approach to truth is what is needed right now, at this stage of the emerging Police State.

          3. Sock,
            Could you give me the sources for your numbers in your point no. 2?
            2. 6,000,000 Jews murdered.
            There were 3.8 million Jews in the German sphere of occupation.
            So far, about 4 million Jews have claimed to be Holocaust survivors and have collected ‘reparations’.
            In 2004 there were over a million ‘holocaust’ survivors; if you extrapolate back to 1945 with an actuarial chart, there must have been about 7 million ‘survivors’ right after the war.

            Also, I would upon reflection beg to differ re just exactly what the holocaust is. Prominent historian puts as 1933 the year the holocaust began, as it is the year that the Nazis took power. Other historians don’t give quite as liberal a window as that, but most would consider disease deaths in the Warsaw Ghetto, for example, to be “holocaust victims.” Most would consider the dozens of Jews killed in the Krystallnacht pogrom as holocaust victims. And thousands of pieces of literature – from Anne Frank’s diary to Martin Goldsmith’s Inextinguishable Symphony, don’t specifically deal with or take place in “extermination camps, but are most definitely considered “holocaust literature.” The holocaust is not just “millions of Jews were killed in gas chambers.”

          4. I agree with your comments, Adam. My parents spent the entire war in Poland and saw Jews being rounded up and hanged. I do not buy the 6,000,000 figure, but to claim there was no holocaust is to reveal one’s ignorance of historical facts. There was no Holocaust with a capital “H,” but there certainly was a program by the Germans to kill Jews.

          5. Elizabeth Dole, former president of the American Red Cross, and wife of former Sen. Bob Dole, revealed that the official death records from Auschwitz had been uncovered in the Soviet Archives. It listed 70,000 deaths from all causes.
            Even if the “holocaust” were true, which it is not, the war crimes and mass atrocities committed by the US and Britain were far worse and far more cowardly than anything the Nazis are even accused of committing. The US and Britain murdered as many people as they possibly could—women, children, babies included—by deliberately r-o-a-s-t-i-n-g them to death with massive incendiary air attacks and firestorms (so-called “strategic bombing” and “area bombing”, et c), with incendiary bombs including napalm, and even with nuclear bombs.
            Please provide any source that shows Germany had an “exterminate the jews” plan… it does not exist and the Germans were notorious for keeping records.

    2. i do not agree with you, always remember this, rothchild banks help hitler to become what he was, it was a zionist who put hilter into power, it has nothing to do with religion, but it has something to do with people, and i do not respect people who murder innocent people , especially children

  2. Wonderful. Thank you for this report. The courage to actually Confront the state of Israel and it’s on-the-record part of false flag 911, comes from combat experience of one kind or another (soul combat?) and I thank mister O’Keefe as I do George Galloway and Christopher Bollyn and Kevin Barrett and all other brave souls who have so far aquitted themselves effectively in exposing Israel and neocon.
    His point , that the 911 event gifted knowledge of the Neocon-Zionist paradigm and fascist state of Israel as hegamon, being blown wide open to ‘us’ by its obviousness, is a good one. It is true. We can now SEE it. By the creatioNISTs own figures of 9 seconds WTC2, and 11 seconds WTC1. 9.11.
    It took 9 11 to finally open the door, identify and establish the system and purpose of deep state the Kennedy murders, and Oklahoma, and Yugoslavia and GLADIO had pried open for me/us. There is no other way these great LIES can continue unless BY conspiracy. The continued cover-up proof all in itself. Trying to bring it up one-on-one in daily life, is a combat all of its own. And good points too, that 911 truth focus on the known knowns. We are trapped by masters of deception, true dat, but, all other anomalies notwithstanding; FREE FALL has forever stretched this lie of 911 thin over the anvil. They are trapped by this ‘malfunction’. By this established fact, and It will never go away. Fate delivered us Free fall. Free fall is demolition. Demolition is deception. Deception and Media collusion is conspiracy. Cue Bono are named. Names are in and on the record. Time-lines and research sit waiting at the gates of reason and justice…..waiting, working…agitating for the chances to PTECH the fine machinery of ‘lie’ while STUXNET algorithms set to identify and disarm those facts and that research, humm and whirr, a critical and merciless battlefield. Translating the obvious truth, and bringing it to light.
    Ken O’Keefe is right. We are at WAR right now.

  3. Great article Craig. Thanks for writing it. Ken O’ Keefe is a hero of mine and is simply a human being that does not like criminals and has a lot of honesty and integrity. Anyone who acts as if Jews do not have criminals among them shouldn’t be taken seriously. They should be told to get real or get lost. We all have got to get past the fear tactic of being called an “anti-Semite” for simply speaking the truth about criminal Jews. Shulamit Aloni, a former Israeli Minister, came out and admitted on Democracy Now that: “It’s a trick, we always use it” referring to how people are called that just because they speak out against Jewish and/or Israeli crimes.

    1. Thanks, Michael. People are afraid of being called anti-Semitic, and I’m sure that keeps many from voicing fair and truthful criticisms of Israel and of Zionism.

  4. Speaking as a fellow journalist and activist who also experienced a total of about 12 hours’ exposure to Ken O’Keefe, I admire how Craig has taken his many pages of notes and distilled them into the essence of O’Keefe’s message. Great reportage.
    The comments section here so far also is hewing pretty close to the heart of that reportage and the factual, including the inevitable and useful debate about “the” Holocaust. I use the quote marks not to suggest denial of the mass murdering and other horrible crimes perpetrated by Hitler and his followers, but to note that the term has been appropriated for the one genocidal period and in relation to just one of the targeted groups.
    It’s lost to most, and that includes the commenters up ‘til now in this commentary space, that communists, socialists, the disabled and especially Slavs were likewise slaughtered by the Nazis. In the case of the Slavs (the Soviet Union suffered more than 20-million dead before the Second World War was over) it was heavily racist. This not at all to diminish the horrific crime of murders of Jews just because they were Jews. At the same time, in terms of numbers alone, the murders of Slavs was greater. A terrible competition.
    Regarding the important reminder that it’s in the here-and-now that we the still breathing have our opportunities to make a difference, consider this report by Patrick Martin in this morning’s Globe and Mail on where Israel is trending:
    Martin is truly a veteran observer of the Middle East. I for one have come to respect his journalism over a very long stretch. I have followed his evolution—and gained much understanding from it—as Martin has grown in understanding of the nature and role of Israel, its leaders, its people, its supporters and its detractors.
    It’s not by accident that this is the final quote from his piece of this morning, by Isaac Herzog, Opposition Leader of the centrist Labour Party in the Knesset:
    “ ‘If Netanyahu wants to bring Lieberman into the government, then let him do it,’ Mr. Herzog said. ‘The citizens of the State of Israel will have to deal with a government whose policy will be verging on insanity,’ he warned. ‘This is what I tried to stop.’ “
    Verging on insanity.

  5. I’ve just familiarized myself with the holocaust debate recently. As always, when I first encounter a new conspiracy that suspect is true, I’m hesitant to go too far too quick . . . fearing that in the rush of coming to terms with having believed a collasal lie I suddenly sway too far. On the other hand, I have historically found that I normally didn’t go far enough (with other conspiracies). At any rate, it can be hard to sort out. An example of this would be having the idea that Hitler was a better human than Stalin or the Zionists behind the the destruction of Germany or quite possibly FDR & Churchill. Any thoughts, anyone?
    If anyone has any good/best book recommendations, I’d like to hear them.

    1. clresu said:
      “If anyone has any good/best book recommendations, I’d like to hear them”
      I posted links to three books in my previous comments, and here is one of the best:
      “The Bad War” by Michael King:
      Another good book to read is “Hellstorm: The Death of Nazi Germany”:

    2. I would listen to David Irving. He seems to be the most knowledgeable Nazi historian and has developed a reputation, so much so in fact, that he gets access to so much more material than your average historian.

      1. “About David Irving
        “… since the 1980s, he has cultivated a reputation as the world’s most prominent Holocaust denier, a status he cemented by suing Penguin Books and American scholar Deborah Lipstadt for libel in 2000 after Lipstadt wrote that he was a denier and a pro-Nazi ideologue. In a dramatic judgment, Irving lost his case and most of the considerable amount of money he made over the years selling his books. That, and his 2006 stint in an Austrian prison for denying the existence of gas chambers at Auschwitz, have made Irving a hero in extremist circles. Any reputation he once had as a real “historian” has been wrecked.”
        There is more to Nazi history than this one horrible topic. Why are some people in these comments trying to reduce Nazi policy to only what happened, or less so, in concentration camps; as if the rest of Nazism is fine and dandy? Jesu Maria! Get some perspective.
        These commenters are buying into the Israeli government narrative about what Nazism is all about (namely, the Jewish question), only trying to turn it around. You are accepting its game plan. (Sorry, Adam, but I am disappointed you don’t see what going on here.)
        King said that the U.S. is the greatest purveyor of violence in the world. He didn’t say it was due to an international Jewish conspiracy or “bankers”, forgetting huge other profitable outcomes for the bourgeoisie. He was au point and knew it is multi-dimensional.

        1. I don’t think that his authority has been “wrecked”. He is one the preeminent WW2 historians, and he has the balls to say things that few people will.
          Do you think that he has become delusional after researching WW2 more than everyone?

          1. The SPLC say: “The main purpose of Holocaust denial has been to rehabilitate the German Nazis’ image as part of a bid to make the ideology of national socialism more acceptable.”
            They define ‘Holocaust’ as “the systematic murder of around 6 million Jews in World War II” via gas chambers.

        2. “These commenters are buying into the Israeli government narrative about what Nazism is all about (namely, the Jewish question), only trying to turn it around.”
          By turn it around do you mean argue against it? How does arguing against something mean you buy into it? Do you buy into the Israeli government narrative on 9/11 because you argue against that?

          1. Define the question as a number (e g 6,000,000) and define nazism around that number. Those who simultaneously reject the number and yet accept that number as the key to understanding nazism have contributed to losing the fundamental ideological battle against what nazism represents.
            When earlier nazism was about forceful emigration of Jews, then it would have been acceptable, even as it oppressed many, many others along with these? NO!
            Why was Poland invaded? Because Hitler was …?
            You cannot cleanse nazism by revisionism. However, you can easily contribute to nazi ideology regarding the “international Jewish conspiracy” writ into 9-11, etc.

          2. Paul,
            I can only speak for myself, but I’m not trying to cleanse Nazism. I doubt anyone else here is either.
            International Jewish conspiracy re 9/11? Certainly Zionism benefited even if it was not actually a “Zionist conspiracy.” American imperialism and Zionism are not exclusive; there are many mutually overlapping points of interest between the two. You don’t have to be Zionist to be a Jew, and you don’t have to be a Jew to be a Zionist.
            Cui bono? Who benefits?
            “We are benefiting from one thing, and that is the attack on the Twin Towers and Pentagon, and the American struggle in Iraq,” Ma’ariv quoted the former prime minister as saying. He reportedly added that these events “swung American public opinion in our favor.”
            Finally, Nazism is not defined by the six million figure. Zionism is. (Nazism is defined mostly by pure hatred for one’s fellow human being combined with an extreme far right political ideology.) Are you aware that the idea of “six million suffering Jews” goes back to the 1800’s and appeared in many newspapers long prior to Hitler’s regime? If not, these newspaper reports might make your eyes pop:

  6. Larry Silverstein on why he purchased the lease for the WTC towers: “I felt a compelling urge to own them.”
    Yes, I bet he did.

  7. The holocaust is used as a means to gain sympathy for the state of Israel. This is why questioning it is such a taboo.

  8. 9/11, a gift? Indeed. The gift is actually much bigger than Ken’s reported statement suggests. It bears repeating that 9/11’s unique teaching to the world is Plato’s cave. 9/11’s essential fundamental message is that even though the video record makes the false flag uniquely obvious, even though the technical cover-up of the Twin Towers’ terrorist controlled demolition is uniquely transparent, even though Building 7 provides a uniquely teachable entry into 9/11, even though just about all non-neoconservative–or non-Zionist or non-Israeli or non-whatever one prefers–opinion-makers would be expected to truthfully report on it, these same opinion-makers have instead been toeing the cover-up as an absolute truth, with very few exceptions that confirm the rule.
    Taking just one example and touching the article’s topic of the Palestinians’ plight, it is remarkable that Palestinian institutions have failed to publish the clues of minor Israeli responsibility for 9/11 that the article mentions. The reverse truth is that the Master 9/11 conspirators must have secured, during the planning stages of 9/11, the commitment that Palestinian governments, schools, media and mosques would not make 9/11 fall flat, irrespective of how easily they could do that.
    Whenever the size, the near-perfection, and the implications of the 9/11 censorship become widely understood, humanity may initiate a new era, with much more harmony and prosperity than it has known for a couple of millennia. But this is another story.

    1. “the size, the near-perfection, and the implications of the 9/11 censorship”
      Almost the entire world population must be part of the conspiracy.

      1. With all due respect, you write as if you did not understand my comment. Almost the entire world population is a victim of the 9/11 censorship. As I wrote, the conspirators behind the 9/11 censorship are the innumerable opinion-makers who knowingly contribute to propagating the false attribution of 9/11 to Osama bin Laden’s hijackers. Kindly refer to for a formal analysis.

  9. clresu: On the “holocaust”, I recommend both the scholarly but very readable “The Gas Chamber of Sherlock Holmes” by the (pseudonymous) Samuel Crowell and “Debating the Holocaust” by Thomas Dalton. I suggest staying away from David Irving, at least until you have a better overall grasp of the subject.

    1. Thanks David,
      Yesterday I ordered The Hoax of the Twentieth Century, Hellstorm, and Dissecting the Holocaust, the second two based on suggestions in this thread. I’ll definitely check out those two as well!

      1. I read the autobiographies of Adolf Eichmann (Sassen interviews; Eichmann had been chief logistics administrator of the SS for the deportation of hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions, of Jews to occupied Poland – Auschwitz, ghettos, other camps) and Rudolf Höß (commandant of the Auschwitz camps). While neither book should be trusted as accurate or even complete – both of course were biased and no doubt strove to present themselves in a better light – you cannot walk away from these first-hand testimonies without understanding that they were, in fact, working on a concentrated, high-priority plan to drastically reduce the number of Jews and eliminate them as a “problem”. Eichmann stresses again and again that he didn’t know of, and wasn’t responsible for, any executions in the camps, but Höß leaves no doubt that this what actually happened to masses of those sent by Eichmann. Höß even overestimates the number of Jews killed in Auschwitz! Eichmann, in his trial, eventually admitted that he knew of the killings – and how they were executed.

        1. Rudolf Höss was tortured, like most of the other Germans at Nuremberg.

          There are no mass graves.
          Not a single autopsy showing death by poison gas:

          “…..very soon after the liberation of the camps, American authorities were aware that the real story of the camps was quite different from the one in which they were coaching military public information officers, government spokesmen, politicians, journalists, and other mouthpieces.
          When American and British forces overran western and central Germany in the spring of 1945, they were followed by troops charged with discovering and securing any evidence of German war crimes.
          Among them was Dr. Charles Larson, one of America’s leading forensic pathologists, who was assigned to the US Army’s Judge Advocate General’s Department. As part of a US War Crimes Investigation Team, Dr. Larson performed autopsies at Dachau and some twenty other German camps, examining on some days more than 100 corpses. After his grim work at Dachau, he was questioned for three days by US Army prosecutors. [1]
          Dr. Larson’s findings? In an 1980 newspaper interview he said: “What we’ve heard is that six million Jews were exterminated. Part of that is a hoax.” [2] And what part was the hoax? Dr. Larson, who told his biographer that to his knowledge he “was the only forensic pathologist on duty in the entire European Theater” of Allied military operations, [3] confirmed that “never was a case of poison gas uncovered.” [4]
          1. John D. McCallum, Crime Doctor [a biography of Dr. Charles P. Larson] (Mercer, Wash.: The Writing Works, 1978), pp. 44-46, 59, 69; See also: J. Cobden, “The Dachau Gas Chamber Myth,” The Journal of Historical Review, March-April 1995, pp. 17-18.
          2. Jane Floerchinger, “Concentration Camp Conditions Killed Most Inmates, Doctor Says,” The Wichita Eagle, April 1, 1980, p. 4C.
          3. J. D. McCallum, Crime Doctor (1978), p. 46.
          4. The Wichita Eagle, April 1, 1980, p. 4C.

  10. “We” need a more focused understanding of the “enemy” we face – – –
    This may shed some light on how things in general work — and why it’s not exactly Who or What You Think “Did It” – – –
    Serious Soundbytes: It’s not who or what you think – – – It’s not exactly the power elite, it’s the machines, the memetic machines that operate them as well – – – as identified by fmr Defense Sec. Robert McNamara, Bill Clinton, etc. – – –

  11. Zionists and Blairites are currently purging the British Labour Party from within with claims of ‘anti-semitism’. They are incensed that their new leader is supposedly ‘anti-war’.
    “Elder Zionist Lord Levy, aka ‘Lord Cashpoint,’ was Tony Blair’s chief fundraiser at the time Britain launched a criminal Zio-con war in Iraq.”

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