Why Ferguson, Boston bombing, OKC, and 9/11 are part of the same plan for domestic control

Ferguson as war zone 7

By Craig McKee

The sight of police in camouflage uniforms with assault rifles, grenade launchers, and mine-resistant armored vehicles advancing on protesters in Ferguson, Missouri has shocked a lot of people.

But it shouldn’t have.

Those paying attention know that law enforcement across America has been undergoing a transformation over the past two decades with the process accelerating noticeably since 9/11. This is thanks to the Pentagon and its “1033 program” (section 1033 of the National Defense Authorization Act), which allows it to transfer surplus military equipment to law enforcement agencies across the country.

The result is police forces being turned into small armies, officers into soldiers, and citizens into potential enemy combatants. The emphasis is no longer on protecting and serving – it’s now about controlling and intimidating. Meanwhile, dozens of movies and television shows in recent years have depicted this new style of law enforcement as being absolutely normal. Viewers, as a result, are coming to see it that way, too. And they see the continuing of this trend as being inevitable.

With the shooting of unarmed 18-year-old Michael Brown by police in Ferguson on August 9, the mainstream debate over the transfer of greater and greater firepower to police has finally begun. Is the outrage enough to make people demand a rollback of the advancing police state, or is this conflict just another step in the ongoing process?

With the continuing protests in Ferguson, the militarization of police has become so obvious that even the mainstream media are catching on. The New York Times, Newsweek, CNN, and many other major media are now openly covering the question of whether there is any justification for turning police services – often in small towns – into paramilitary units that possess mine-resistant armored vehicles, helicopters, grenade launchers, assault rifles, bulletproof vests, night vision equipment, and various other sorts of battle gear.

According to the New York Times: “The increase in military-style equipment has coincided with a significant rise in the number of police SWAT teams, which are increasingly being used for routine duties such as conducting liquor inspections and serving warrants.”

Newsweek adds: “By providing law enforcement agencies with surplus military equipment free of charge, the NDAA encourages police to employ military weapons and military tactics.”

In this video, a 68-year-old grandmother and her 18-year-old adopted daughter are traumatized by a raid that had to do with pirating of their wi-fi signal by someone else to make threatening statements. Police smashed the front door glass of their home, fired in a flash grenade and proceeded to handcuff and terrorize the two innocent people.

The media coverage of the events in Ferguson has looked at whether the equipment transfer policy should be “reviewed,” if not halted, but it has not looked deeper. It has not looked at why these transfers are taking place in the first place. Why would the Pentagon want police forces to become just like armies? Is it that they want us to see law enforcement power differently? Is it that they want us to see ourselves differently – no longer the people who employ police to protect them but now the people who are to be ruled by those police? Or is it even more practical and sinister – that militarized police can be enlisted to help impose a wider martial law?

The raid against the woman and her daughter isn’t an isolated incident. It’s happening every day across the country. And it isn’t happening in a vacuum. It’s part of a long-term plan to control the population through disinformation, deception, fear, and force. In the bigger picture, this plan incorporates government-backed false flag operations like the Oklahoma City bombing, the 9/11 “attacks,” and the Boston Marathon bombing.

These “terror” events, and numerous others like them, were designed to create a false threat that would encourage people to accept the tightening fist of the police state. The elites who really run things are constructing this police state in ways that include the militarization of police as well as the increasing use of technology for surveillance and data gathering. The media occasionally raise mild “concerns” about this but do little else.

What is hard to understand is why people are alarmed to see the “military” police presence in Ferguson when they didn’t appear concerned 16 months ago when complete martial law was imposed in the Boston area. In that case, a city was shut down, businesses were forced to close, people were restricted to their homes, and police were allowed to go door to door, forcing the residents outside at gunpoint and searching their homes without warrants.

And all this was done as part of a search for 19-year-old Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, who has been accused of planting and detonating two bombs near the finish line of the Marathon. But the case made by authorities that he and his brother (now dead) were behind the bombings is paper thin and flatly contradicted by significant evidence.

This example of martial law in Boston was greeted with patriotic enthusiasm by many across the country who wanted to feel “Boston strong.” This happened at the very time when Constitutional rights were being suspended in response to what was clearly a staged, false flag operation designed to put us all more at ease with the coming police state. The young Dzhokhar was caught, of course, while the question of whether martial law was justified was ignored by most.

The notion of “home-grown terrorism” was brought into the spotlight with the bombing of Oklahoma City City’s Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in 1995. While CIA operative Timothy McVeigh and his friend Terry Nichols got the blame, we know that the destruction of the building did not result from the explosives in the truck that McVeigh parked outside. Instead, it resulted from explosives planted inside the building. It was taken for granted that McVeigh and Nichols had carried out the bombing alone and that they did so because they had an anti-government agenda (certain government pronouncements in the years since have equated those who challenge the government with “terrorists”).

And, of course, the climate of fear that has accelerated the country’s transformation into a police state was magnified many times by the biggest false flag operation in U.S. history – 9/11. This event was falsely portrayed as a terrorist attack by Muslim extremists under the command of Osama bin Laden (a CIA asset). But thanks to thousands of independent researchers and citizen activists, the lies of the official story of 9/11 are becoming better known each year. No thanks are due to the authorities or the mainstream media.

The evidence that the twin towers and Building 7 were brought down with explosives is conclusive. It is also clear that both the Pentagon and Shanksville, PA were the scenes of faked plane crashes and that no actual hijackings ever took place.

This massive psy-op, which I believe was many years in the planning, was very effective in raising the threat level, justifying any number of repressive measures that were essential for the advancement of the police state. The induced fear of terrorism that resulted from 9/11 has been the
“accelerant” in this process of manipulating the population into surrendering its civil liberties.

9/11 led to the creation of the Department of Homeland Security, the passage of the Patriot Act, and the intensification of a massive program of domestic surveillance by the National Security Agency. It also made possible the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan, the drone bombing of civilians in Pakistan and Yemen, the full-scale bombing of Libya and ensuing regime change, and the arming of rebels in Syria.


Police and their new toys

The process of remaking law enforcement has been ongoing for more than 20 years now. The National Defense Authorization Act was passed in 1990, and section 1208 of the law allowed the Department of Defense to transfer material to federal and state police forces – supposedly to help them fight the “war on drugs.” In 1996, this section of the law was replaced with Section 1033 and the scope of the program was broadened.

We are told that this program is intended to transfer “excess” or “surplus” equipment from the military to police forces. It’s just extra stuff that would be going to waste if police forces didn’t take it off the military’s hands, we’re told. The cost so far: $4.3 billion. (“Oops, we goofed! Once again, we ordered too many anti-mine armored tanks, night vision goggles, and grenade launchers!  But our incompetence means great savings for you!”)

The result has been the absurd spectacle of towns with just a few thousand residents having tanks at their disposal. Police in Bloomingon, Georgia, for example, picked up four grenade launchers thanks to the 1033 program. They have a population of 2,713. And in Watertown, Connecticut, with a population 22,514, police recently acquired a mine-resistant, ambush-protected (MRAP) vehicle with a price tag of $733,000.

In fact, the New York Times published a map of the U.S. showing which counties had received military equipment since 1994. A quick glance shows that the vast majority of the country has received some of this “surplus” equipment.

All over America, we’re seeing that when you treat and equip police like they’re part of an invading army, then they’ll act accordingly. In the days following the Michael Brown shooting we have seen this equipment put to very enthusiastic use. Verbal threats have been made against residents and journalists, tear gas and rubber bullets fired at people in their own yards, a midnight curfew imposed, and restrictions enacted on the rights of assembly and free speech.

We saw police firing tear gas at an al-Jazeera TV crew. When the journalists backed off to escape the gas, police moved in and began dismantling their lighting set up and taking down their camera. Apparently in police state America it is now a privilege to film on public streets – in fact a privilege to be on those streets at all.

We also saw the arrest of journalists from the Washington Post and the Huffington Post in a McDonald’s. Apparently they did not clear out quickly enough. Another journalist was threatened by an officer with being shot if he didn’t turn his camera off while another walked down the street pointing his rifle at unarmed individuals, including one cameraman who was told, “I’m going to fucking kill you!” Now that cop was probably scared himself, but in that case he should not be carrying a rifle at all. Then there’s the Tuesday night arrest of Canadian journalist Tom Walters of CTV. Walters approached Capt. Ron Johnson and asked a question only to be wrestled to the ground and arrested. He was held overnight and released without charge.

But it’s not the behavior of individual cops that is central to why all of this is happening. What is important is that a police state infrastructure is being built and deployed, with the process seeming to advance more quickly with each passing year. It appears that people are being asked to accept that they now live under an increasingly “military” type of occupation and that an iron fist can come crashing down on them at any time whether they’ve done anything wrong or not.



  1. See, Craig, I think it is ending up that way, but I am not so sure that the original incident is. Fact is, with the militarized police & the shoot-to-kill training (as well as some cops being not so nice, shall we say), this kind of thing is also bound to happen, become over-responded to with fancy anti-crowd weaponry trotted out later & infiltrated even further after. I think this may be a let it expand, then make it expand on purpose (LIE-MIEOP).

    1. I’m not sure that the incident itself wasn’t a set-up. The whole scenario seems to be designed to intimidate and kill hope in all who yearn for simple justice, equally applied, in what (before all the after-the fact bewildering and actually irrelevant embellishments, add-ons, and plays for social division and a directed public reversal of verdict) should have been an open-and-shut case. If the behind-the-scenes powers instigate the whole event, they were sure ready to bounce it like crazy-putty in every direction. This is disheartening, and indeed reminiscent of all the earlier events mentioned and more.

        1. “I’m sure that some of the demonstrators are paid to cause mayhem.” ~Craig
          Yes the Seattle model, sort of the same strategy of tension designed by the Italian “Propagande Duo lodge” in league with NATO: Gladio I and II.
          Now standard PSYOPS.

  2. Thank you Craig for this timely rundown of how far and how fast the military police state has landed here now, with a ‘Shock and Awe’ splash down of epic proportions.
    This is indeed an agenda in the works for a long time…it started drip by drip with the original National Security State in 1947, it has advanced exponentially since 9/11 in particular but was steaming ahead earlier with the Murrah Bldg psyop.
    The Coincidence Theory of happenstance and just blundering along into this Maximum Security State is simply jejune blindness. But as far as Homo Vishnu Idioticus, the TVZombies … they will only respond with more fear and loathing, cognitive shut off and hysteria.
    “Everywhere and at all times groups, organizations and leaders meet in closed meetings, before going ‘public’. A minority of policymakers or advocates meet, debate and outline procedures and devise tactics to secure decisions at the ‘official’ meeting. This common practice takes place when any vital decisions are to be taken whether it is at local school boards or in White House meetings. To label the account of small groups of public officials meeting and taking vital decisions in ‘closed’ public meetings (where agendas, procedures and decisions are made prior to formal ‘open’ public meetings) as ‘conspiracy theorizing’ is to deny the normal way in which politics operate. In a word, the ‘conspiracy’ labelers are either ignorant of the most elementary procedures of politics or they are conscious of their role in covering up the abuses of power of today’s state terror merchants.”~Prof. James Petras

  3. Lt. Col David Grossman (retired U.S. Army) is one such teacher. Grossman, unapologitacally, told Front Line:
    “Prior preparation is the heart of what I do. I teach law enforcement. Today I just came from a conference where I trained 700 SWAT cops. And most of what I do is I train military and law enforcement in what I call the bulletproof mind. Just as today we have body armor that the guys in World War II didn’t have, the same way we can have mental preparation that they didn’t have. And this bulletproof mind is vital. Prior preparation is that one variable in the equation that we can control ahead of time, and one of the key things is embracing the responsibility to kill.”
    “I tell my soldiers, I tell my cops: “You’ve got the most difficult decision any human being will ever face. You have to decide whether or not to kill another human being.”~Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich
    Global Research, August 15, 2014

  4. I know that as one of your close supporters, I just about always say “Great article Craig,” but this time I’m really feeling it coming deeply from the GUT even stronger than usual.
    I have to admit I type this comment with a rather bitter heart. I was trying to alert people to the rising tide of fascism ten years ago. Here were, in a nutshell, some of the ways in which I was howled down back in those days, even by liberals who didn’t particularly like Bush:
    “Oh no, a rising tide of fascism can never happen in a healthy, open democracy such as ours!!!”
    “Not in America, best thing to happen to humanity since sliced bread!”
    and the real whopper:
    “Until Bush starts rounding up black people and killing them in gas chambers, just STFU about this country becoming fascist, or Bush being like Hitler!”
    Oh well, too bad all of us awake ones have to suffer right along with the sheeple.

    1. I totally relate to how you feel, and I thank you for your support as always. Like you, I’m used to being the one who is trying to warn people about things that seem very obvious to me but aren’t to them. Extremely frustrating.

  5. I second Adam’s sentiments: excellent article!
    Four years ago I was pulled over at midnight for rolling through a stop sign. I was just 1/4 mile from home, coming from the pharmacy with a Rx for a terrible migraine. I had no water in the car, and was desperate to get home and take one of those pills, which work in just ten minutes.
    The cop asked where I was coming from, and I asked why he needed to know that. He then asked if I’d been drinking, and I assured him I had not. He then took my license, and sat in his car with it for 20 minutes.
    I was in excruciating pain, and when I couldn’t wait any more, I got out of the car.
    Well, they didn’t like that at all. They both leaped from their cop car with their guns trained on me. I asked what the hold up was, and they ordered me back in my car. One of them said that if I didn’t get back in my car, they would take me in. “On what charge?” I asked. “Obstructing justice,” was his odd reply.
    A couple more cop cars showed up. I guess an unarmed middle-aged woman with a migraine poses quite a threat. Truthfully, at that moment, I was in so much pain that getting shot didn’t seem worse than what I was already enduring.
    I got back in my car, and, coincidentally, at that precise moment they were done with whatever they were doing in their car, and gave me the ticket to sign. One of them kept his gun trained on my head the entire time as I signed the paper.
    All for rolling through a stop sign at midnight on a deserted road.

    1. ZING!!!!!!!!!!

      Israel says US has a right to defend itself against unarmed black teenagers
      TEL AVIV, ISRAEL: Following more than a week of violence in the US city of Ferguson, Missouri, sparked by the police’s fatal shooting of an unarmed black teenager, Israel this morning offered its full support to the Obama administration.
      “The US has every right to defend itself against continued terrorist attacks from unarmed black teenagers,” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in a statement.
      “As a country also facing an existential threat from people we’ve been systematically persecuting for decades, we understand America’s pain. But by sending in paramilitary forces, arresting journalists, using gallons of teargas and blaming the victims for getting in the way of its bullets, the US remains a beacon of hope in an increasingly dangerous world.”


      1. Mr Syed,
        As far as I can tell this Panarabiaenquirer article is satire. Of course in a certain since all Amerikan and Israeli “news” is satire.
        I tried to find an original source beyond the “Pana” site and came up empty handed.
        As far as Amerika coming out of the closet as a Jackbooted thug fascist police state post 9/11, I am aboard that opinion train. I recognized the trend towards this in the 60’s when I was still in HS. Of course virtually nobody could understand what I was talking about.
        It used to have a label: “Premature Anti-Fascist”…. that was a branding given before the “Good War” was declared against … oops, the fascists.
        You see, being a bit too prescient is a sin akin to Oedipusing yer mama according to the Homo Vishnu Idiodicus – especially the Amerikanus variety.
        I have to sympathize with Sheila as well … I had some surreal “pig events” in my life as well. Most in the deep south, but a few in Southern Californica as well.
        “Good cops”? “Bad cops”? It’s not the individuals, it is the systemic thing that has grown into “the worst of times”.
        uhh … gawblesmurkah

        1. When Henry Kissinger won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1973, the distinguished musical satirist Tom Lehrer declared “It was at that moment that satire died”.
          But then Robin Williams claimed that “satire” was undead and “living in the White House”.
          And on those notes I suppose it could be said that, Newspeak is satire said and taken seriously. And the only ones that “get it” are the dissidents standing outside looking in.

    2. I meant for that to be a fresh comment, not as a reply to you Sheila. That really sucks, sorry you had to go through that. They really are pigs. There are good cops out there and it’s unfortunate that their reputations are tarnished by association.

    3. Thanks, Sheila. That’s an incredible story but one I can easily see happening.
      Today I just watched the phone video of St. Louis police shooting a man who allegedly had a knife and who allegedly had just stolen two soft drinks from a store. The ignored police commands and took a step towards them, and they shot him dead – at least 9 shots fired by the two officers in a couple of seconds. Unbelievable. They could have tased him, fired at his legs (he was close enough for them to do this) or just tried harder to get him to stay back. Their lives were not in imminent danger. This shit has to stop happening.

  6. The rich and definitely, the super-rich need these souped-up police forces to protect all that filthy lucre that they’ve stolen from the poor and what’s left of the middle class.
    When it finally hits the fan, it won’t be a black vs white thing, it will be the poor vs the rich and that’s when the militarized police will be needed most.

    1. My Gawd…the madness is simply overwhelming now.
      It’s like an insanity virus has been unleashed.
      The smell of the crowd, the roar of the greasepaint.

    2. The Coming Battle by M W Walbert 1899, predicts this era with astonishing prescience. The war between the people and the banking cartel – the power elite – the Money Changers … whatever brand you prefer to describe and name the oligarchy now ensconced firmly in the seat of power.
      It is a long tale that is rarely told above a whisper now. Choose just about any time period in known history and the usury game is at the core of turmoil.

  7. Newspeak and Counter-Newspeak
    I had a debate with ‘conspiracykiller’ on the ‘The Conspiracy of Psychology Theories’ blog. It was an argument on whether the word “conspiracist” is a real word, a valid term.
    The essence of my argument is that it is of little consequence that the term is used in the mainstream, that it has been added to the official lexicon, and is ‘defined’ in online dictionaries. My point is that it is “political language” as Orwell describes in his famous essay on the subject. “Conspiracist” is a term of art, a defamation and slur used for the purposes of social engineering. It is a designer word of the Public Relations Regime; in a word, it is classic Newspeak.
    Newspeak is state propaganda which frames everything backwards. We all know the routine, “Love is Hate”, “War is Peace”, Right is Wrong”, “Freedom is Slavery”, etc…
    The term, “Conspiracist” frames the critical thinking individual as a ‘deviant’ – frames rational thinking itself as ‘deviance’. It frames sanity as insanity, and indoctrinates the mind into a state of cognitive dissonance.

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    1. Dear Mr. McKee,
      Hybridrogue2 might very well be Hybridrogue1. When he first started ramping up his blog, this was an alias that I seem to recall him creating. [Curiously it was at the same time that his loyal Veritable1 was creating VerityTwo.]
      If it looks and sounds like our Mr. Rogue, in this case it probably is. After all, otherwise, Mr. Rogue has been way too uncharacteristically quiet.

    2. Hi Craig,
      I have no idea who is posting as hybridrogue2. I have a second gravitar that I got by mistake when forgetting to put the numeral behind the name, so it is simply hybridrogue…maybe capitalized, I forget – haven’t seen it or used it since I don’t know when.
      I would be curious to read these counterfeit comments if you could email them to me.
      – – – – – – – – – –
      As per the covert entity’s comments, when I went out to the video store awhile ago there were 18 total comments, 7 of which are mine. I wouldn’t say that is; “way too uncharacteristically quiet.” Of course I would’t say a great deal of what the entity has had to say.

      1. Well, from reading the comments of this HR2 {grin} I see no malicious intent, I think perchance he or she is actually a fan of my points of view, and is taking on the gravitar as a compliment.
        I would suggest if this person is reading that they assume a new gravitar ID to avoid the confusion that would ensue here.
        Best of luck kiddo, whoever you are, I found your comments refreshing in their brevity and prescience.

        1. HR1 is correct, its simply a tribute name, or my lame attempt at humor. Either way if it is too confusing ill change it. Nevertheless, my comments are both valid and thought provoking, so how bout i change my name and you can leave my excellent posts as they stand? Thanks.

          1. Well I think that “HR2_Lite” is easy enough to distinguish between my written out hybridrogue1 – plus the icon difference.
            What say you Craig?
            As far as the earlier comments, don’t you have them saved to word doc or something? Just repost them under this gravitar you used here now.
            If Craig still wants you to go by something totally different – I’m sure he will take that up with you.

          2. The fact that I have approved these two comments from HR2_Lite indicates that I’m okay with this updated moniker. If Lite would like to repost any unapproved comments under the new name, then he or she is free to do this.

  9. The riots in Ferguson Missouri and the armed showdown in Nevada this past year demonstrate that insurrection is just one spark away in America
    “If you don’t immediately see the connection between the armed showdown that took place in Nevada this past year, and the riots taking place right now in Ferguson Missouri, look closer. The demographic makeup of the crowds are obviously very different, and the lines of support and demonization have largely split along the fault line of left vs right, however both events illustrate just how close the American public is to a breaking point, and both events demonstrate that law enforcement’s reliance on brute force in such situations has the effect of throwing gasoline on a fire.” ~Stormclouds Gathering
    Note the last point made above, this is the clue of the Design of the Agenda.
    Yes Amerika is being pushed to the ‘Breaking Point’ by escalating state provocation.~ww

  10. Well this particular topic happens to be one I can speak to with vigor and gusto as a real authority. The police state is real and it is really here right now. I am sort of in a unique position to talk about this because I have been assaulted by the police state a few times and in ways you would not even believe I am sure.
    First to give you a little background as briefly as I can. As a younger man I owned a motorcycle (ZX-11) which was very fast and very fun to ride. Naturally I started getting tickets for speeding and various moving violations. I got so many in fact that I started learning how to defend myself in court through “trial” and error pardon the pun but back to that later. Anyway my speeding continued until one day I was on my way home at midnight and going 50 in a 35 zone (which was perfectly safe BTW) and I saw a cop pulling out from an apartment building as I went by. He looked at me and I knew he was going to write me another ticket. The bike was new at that time and had no plates yet so I decided to take off at a high rate of speed. Well I easily lost the first cop but quickly found out that via the radio roadblocks were already being organized ahead of me. The first one I got to so quick they were not set up yet so I dodged through it and went on. Now on this particular bike I cannot describe to you how fast I was going but lets just say well over 100 MPH within about 5 seconds from a standing start. So I went on toward the freeway where I knew I could get away. I had to make a turn onto a long deserted street where I saw in the distance a cop driving towards me. I was going over 100 MPH at this point so my thinking was to just go right past him. This was a 4 lane road and I was all the way to the right but I saw the cop start crossing over into my lane coming right at me. He was going to ram right into me for sure and I would have been dead for sure. At the very last split second I went as far to the right as I could right next to the curb and shut my eyes because I was sure he was going to hit me and kill me. He missed me by a few inches at the very most and I knew at that moment that he was trying to kill me. So now I knew I had to get away or I was going to be shot or beaten or rammed til I crashed. I dodged through a second roadblock in which another cop came very close to ramming me. I made it to the freeway and got on and quickly got the bike up to over 170 MPH which it could do quite easily. I knew I had to get off the freeway quick and hide so I made the decision to take the next exit. At the speed I was going however I could not slow down enough to possibly make the turn of the ramp. It was too late though I was committed so I braked as hard as I could before the turn and leaned over til the footpegs were scrapping the ground and shut my eyes again because I knew I wasn’t going to make it. I chattered off the curb and somehow I made it. Personally I think I had help to survive that turn but anyway I was a nervous wreck at that point as I came down the long ramp. I slowed way down but the brakes were red hot and not working properly. I had gotten away and my plan was to drive up into the neighborhood ahead of me and hide the bike and myself. Just my luck though at the very bottom of the ramp was a highway patrol car who had by chance pulled over someone else as was writting him a ticket as I went by. He must have heard the sirens coming a long way off or the roar of my bike. Anyway I could not ride any more because the brakes were locking up at the slightest touch. So I did the only thing I could which was to go up into the neighborhood and hide my bike and myself. I parked my bike between a car and a bush in this random persons driveway and got off my bike and went and sat down hidden behind another bush. I waited for a couple minutes then I saw two cop cars streak by on the street where I was and they did not see the bike so I waited a few more minutes and they came back by the other way and the first one passed by but the second one stopped. I heard them talking and one of them said “wait there is a bike right there”. The other one said “No thats not it.” The first one replied “Let me go check it.” and I knew I was doomed. As soon as he got close to the bike he says “YEAH THIS IS IT, IT IS HOT AS HELL! So I waited for the arrest sitting indian style behind this bush. A cop came over right beside me to look over the fence I was near but he didn’t see me. I put my hands over my head and said “I am not resisting” calmly as I could. He was startled and fumbled for his gun long enough for me to say “I am not armed, I am not resisting, my hands are up.” Well he still drew his gun and pointed it at my head and for a moment I thought for sure he was going to shoot me. Well he yelled at me instead “Don’t move!” I said again “My hands are up I am not resisting!”. Well about 6 of his close friends came over there and jumped on me and dragged me out by my hair. Several of them kicked me and punched me but I offered no resistence whatsoever so they stopped without doing too much damage. —To Be continued —

    1. So they cuff me and push me into the back of their car and after a while two of them come back to drag me out of that car and put me in another. My foot got caught between the seat and the cage they have in the back. Meanwhile these two cops are yanking on my cloths and my hair and my arms trying to drag me out. They yelled at me “Quit resisting!” I said as calmly as I could “I am not resisting my foot is caught”. Well they yanked and ripped my shirt and jacket until they slacked off enough that I could turn my foot and get it loose. So now I am being marched over cuffed to the other car by this one particular cop who decides to start pulling my arms up behind my back a little extra. I felt me shoulder starting to pop and I said as calmly as I could “Are you going to keep lifting my arms until they break?” because that is exactly what he was trying to do. Well he slacked off just enough that he didn’t break my arms. He took me to the slammer and charged me with evasion of arrest. Then while in jail one of the cops comes over and starts taunting me that it was a felony and that I was going to prison for a long long time. I got bailed out the next day and to make a long story short I got 2 days in county jail, a misdemeanor not a felony, a $1,000 dollar fine, and community service. The cops did think it was funny to make me think I was getting a felony charge though and to have that thought hanging over me for months until the case was settled. It wasn’t until I spoke with my useless, lazy, public defender who didn’t give a shit about me that I found out I was charged with a misdemeanor.
      After that harrowing incident and introduction to the real legal system I swore two things to myself. One that I would never run from the cops again and two that I would learn how to fight and win traffic tickets. Well I have fulfilled both promises to myself and now I am quite the expert in fighting traffic tickets. I help others fight their tickets nowdays and I have a record of 9 victories and zero losses. Recently I have helped several fellow cab drivers beat their random road tax citations and I get a lot of satisfaction helping people who cannot afford these BS tickets beat them in court.
      Traffic tickets are simply the smallest of the impositions by the police state, they are written purely and solely to generate money for the city or county and they have nothing whatsoever to do with safety. While tickets are the smallest of the police state tactics they are still very harmful to people financially. Most tickets nowdays are at least $250 dollars even if it is rolling a stop sign at midnight like Sheila got written up for. Traffic tickets are random road tax, nothing more. It is the police state literally taking money out of your pocket and putting it into theirs. Quotas are absolutly real and the cops of today are little more than tax collectors hunting all day long for people to tax. They do virtually zero actual crime fighting, the reality is that they spend 80+% of their time writting random road tax citations. Virtually everything cops do nowdays is designed to take your money or to get you incarcerated so that the prison industrial complex can take your money and literally use you for slave labor. Even parole is all about money, did you know that? On parole you have to pay the system monthly or else you will “violate” your parole. Yes it is a wonderful money making machine the “justice system”. It has NOTHING to do with justice, it has everything to do with making money.
      Now here we are today where I can post literally hundreds of examples of police going berserk on innocent people and in some cases killing them for nothing. Eric Garner RIP – Killed for not paying tax on loose cigarettes. Kelly Thomas RIP – killed for loitering. Take a look at these two videos for a small (very small) sample of what a police state really is.
      Now in this one a teenage girl kicks a flip flop sandle in the direction of the sheriff and watch what happens.
      In this one the comentary is about as pro cop as you can get but the truth is this lady was trying to get to a more populated area to pull over and look at what this cop does. Keep in mind she was not trying to evade the police like I was she was simply being pulled over for allegedly speeding.

  11. Now fast forward from my evading arrest incident from 25 years ago to about 6 years ago. I have a small side business called the rare earth company where I sell novelty items (soil samples from unusual places). Here is me and my friend Greg going to Area 51 to get a soil sample.
    And this one is our music video showing some of the places we have gone.
    Now I could not think of anything more harmless than trying to sell soil samples but oh wait you will not believe what actually happened to me. The police state once again came to my house literally.
    One of the first places I stopped on my first trip in 2002 was Joshua Tree CA. later on that same trip we went to Area 51 as you can see in the video above. In fact we went to quite a few places over the next few years and started getting a large number of different samples in our collection. The Area 51 sample started selling well on ebay and people started getting interested in my other samples. One guy asked me about a Joshua Tree sample and actually bought one. We cooresponded by e-mail in 2005 and through 2007 and he expressed interest in getting more samples from other places. He said he was taking a trip up near Sacramento and would be willing to collect some samples for me. I said great get one from Sacramento for the state capitols collection. He said he was going there and to Sequoia and Yosemite National parks and Mono Lake and he would bring back samples. We agreed to meet and he comes over to my house drops off the 2 litre bottles of dirt and I show him around thinking he is going to be a part of the rare earth company in the future. I had a website up with instructions on how to be a collector at that time you see so he was trying to do that, or so I thought.
    Well it turns out that the guy was actually a forestry service special agent and he was setting me up the whole time for stealing government property (dirt from national parks). Yup, he left my house only to return an hour later and serve a search warrent on my wife (I was at the store). He calls me and says he left his keys in my garage and could I come back and let him get them. I knew at this point something was very fishy but I came home to find no less that 6 forestry service SUVs parked in back of my apartment and 8 rangers walking out back carrying my martial arts weapons (which they were removing from my house for their safety of course?). I walked in to be served with the search warrant (for dirt) and sat in my own living room for about 5 hours while 8 rangers searched my entire house top to bottom, including inside my fridge (for dirt). I am not kidding, this actually happened, I can show you the search warrant signed by a federal judge. They left the chopping block and my set of knives on the kitchen counter by the way so I guess they didn’t consider them a “weapon” or something. I could have grabbed a knife very easy when I went in the kitchen for water just for the record and just to illustrate how utterly ridiculous this whole charade was. Anyway on with the story I did not grab the knife and go at them, I sat peacefully in my living room with one of the rangers watching me closely. I decided to put on a DVD while we waited and I choose Richard Gage’s architecture of destruction to watch with the ranger. I commented that the DVD would show him what a real crime was. He watched it all the way through and didn’t say a word until I asked him at the end what he thought of it he said “interesting” and nothing more.
    They end up siezing my computer and my $3,500 video camera which I used to make a living at that time and a whole bunch of buckets of dirt. They finally leave with the parting statement that I am going to be charged with a felony and probably have to pay a $25,000 fine and maybe spend time in jail for taking dirt from a national park. With my erlier experience of hearing the “felony” word I was less impressed this time around but none the less they wanted me to sweat over my dastardly crime. So they end up keeping my computer and camera for over three months and the ranger who ran the whole two year dirt sting caper returns them to me finally. I asked him at that time if we could resolve this somehow, could I make a video promoting the national parks or something? He says virtually nothing, just stares at me (I learned later he was covertly recording me to try and gathher even more evidence of my heinous crime to use against me). I ask him how long it will be until I am charged and go to court. He says It could be as much as 5 years.
    So fast forward 4 and 1/2 years of this hanging over me. I get a summons in the mail like a traffic ticket which says I am being charged with theft of government property and I have to appear in Joshua Tree court in one month. — to be continued —

    1. Quasimoto Jesus Fleas Adam, what a surreal tale of the 21st Century Schizoid World.
      All I’ve ever had to deal with is digitalus goomballus on the interweeber, and you got real badge monkeys barking in your front yard. Whatta crazy jukebox.

    2. So I go to Joshua Tree court which meets once a month by the way to process mostly drunk in public and DUI charges from National Parks (The real money makers). I bring my friend Greg with me with my video camera in hand to start making my Unspun Newz expose of this fucking farce.
      He starts taping as a ranger comes out to tell us we will be admitted shortly into the makeshift court which is actually a rec room the other 29 days of the month. The ranger immediately takes a hostile posture with Greg and commands him to turn off the camera. Greg of course does not but asks the Ranger instead if cameras are allowed in public or not? The Ranger having seen his attempt at intimidation fail sheepishly walks inside to ask the magistrate if taping will be allowed in the court. He comes out and says we cannot tape inside but that outside it is ok as though he was granting us a special priviledge.
      Anyway once inside I ask to be assigned a public defender but she says that she only handles more serious matters and basically ignores me. I am called and I plead not guilty (The only two words that should ever escape your lips at arraignment BTW). The magistrate sets a trial date and I ask if the proceedings could be moved closer to my home and she agrees to set it up in Riverside (her normal court).
      Fast forward about a month and Greg and I show up to court to argue my case. The court starts and I am the only person there along with a prosecutor. I do not see the ranger or any evidence of dirt buckets etc so I figure I am going to win slam dunk like a traffic ticket when the cop doesn’t show up. Wrong.
      We wait about an hour with everyone just sitting there chit chatting and the prosecutor walks over to me finally and says we are waiting for your public defender because we realize you are entitled to one for this charge. I say “I have been arraigned already and I am ready for trial.” she blows me off and tells me to wait for my PD. This guy finally shows up after another hour and I explain the big dirt caper to him. I ask him about the speedy trial issues that are now relevant and tell him I have already pled not guilty and been arraigned. He then proceeds to tell me that I will need to be arraigned on “The Information” (which I have come to learn is the “official” charging document and only after that does the speedy trial clock start. So I am feeling bamboozelled to say the least at this point. I ask him about the statute of limitations and explain the the dirt in question was taken more than 5 years ago. He says the 5 year clock starts from the time of arrest which I immediately suspected was wrong. Anyway after talking with the PD he basically (although not directly) tells me they can take as long as they damn well please and that I will have to be arraigned again.
      Another month goes by and I appear in court for my second arraignment and again it is only me there and the court people no one else. So the prosecutor offers a deal if I plead guilty to theft of government property I will get a 25 dollar fine and five years probation where I am not allowed on “federal land”. I knew at that point they had nothing and so I said to plead not guilty and refuse the deal. So I plead not guilty AGAIN!
      Now the PD wants to meet with me and prep for trial which has still not been set yet because the DA has not filed “The Information”. I meet with him to learn that once the DA files the information I will have to plead AGAIN! Then he proceeds to tell me how this is a serious misdemeanor and I could go to jail for up to two years and face huge fines etc. He basically tries to scare me (my guess is so that I take the “deal”) to death and he all but says there is no defense I can think of for this and I will have to study prescidents etc. I realize now that meeting was all the proof I needed that the fix is in inside the legal system and the DAs and the PDs work together to railroad people into accepting “deals” because they have no interest in justice or in defending people at all.
      Well the PD did not know that I had done my own research and come up with my own defense. I explained that the punishment for theft of government property according to the law was based on the value of what was taken. He seemed bewildered. I further explained that since dirt has no value at all that there really was no crime and that according to the law if the value is zero the punishment is zero. So basically I came up with my defense he did nothing. He did however try to scare me once more by saying that the package I put the dirt in transferred its value to the dirt somehow. So basically he was saying every once of dirt I took was now worth $2.99 because that is what the bottles sold for. He was attempting to say that the dirt was now worth over $7,000 bucks and that my defense wouldn’t work. I was really confused by the way the PD acted until I came to the realization that he was playing his part in the railroad game.
      Some time passed and the “information” had still not been filed and my third arraignment had not been set and they set up yet another court appearance. I realized they were going to keep bouncing me back and forth to riverside for appearance after appearance until I got tired and accepted the deal. I was convinced that the procedures were totally improper with my being arraigned three times and the original PD refusing to defend me etc but I had no way of finding out. Anyway I foresaw multiple more trips to riverside losing a day from work each time and 40 bucks in gas each time so I told my PD that I would accept a deal so long as I was not charged with “theft” so that I would never be able to get a job again.
      So finally I went to riverside one last time and accepted a deal where I plead guilty to “Unauthorized removal of natural products from a national park”. I was given a $25 dollar fine and 5 years probation where I am not allowed to “Go onto federal lands, except to traverse.” for 5 years. I estimate the investigation and prosecution cost the taxpayers at least $20,000 dollars to come after me and terrorize my wife with an armed raid on my house for a few fucking buckets of dirt. — more later including the unanounced visit from my new probation officer —

      1. A “probation officer”… good gawd man. Unbelievable. And to think some jinboberry zombies still call this the “Land of the Free”…
        Beria ain’t got nuthin on these donkeys.

      2. Dear Mr. Ruff,
        I enjoyed your OFF-TOPIC stories involving your motorcycle and your rare earth company. Can’t say that either event displayed sound judgment, though. The motor cycle chase alone had many downward spiraling decision points.
        I’m shaking my head and rolling my eyes about the business model for your “rare earth company where [you] sell novelty items (soil samples from unusual places)”. And to think I’ve been called a “carnival hawker!” Your customer list was probably the most valuable thing about your business venture, because if they’re willing to buy dirt, the sky’s the limit what else they could be duped into buying.
        I’m reminded of the movie, “The Long, Long Trailer” starring Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz. In particular, Lucy’s collection of rocks and can food that weigh down the trailer on a narrow road in the mountains at the films climax.
        Oh the things that we collect and horde!
        As for behavior of the authorities, the constant procedural delays would have pushed my buttons.

        1. SEO,
          While your agitprop attack on me is actually off topic as per your usual MO my posts were not off topic at all. As to your critique of my judgement, let me just say how little I value your opinion. To me your opinion is worth about as much as a warm bucket of boxers spit.

      3. Wow, Adam, thanks so much for these very interesting stories. The next time I get a traffic ticket I will definitely be calling you. Maybe you should self-publish a book on your techniques?
        I was rooting for you to get away and it really sucks that they assaulted you even though you clearly said your hands are up and you are not resisting. They just need to dominate and humiliate someone, so hands being up evidently means nothing. Too bad no one was there to film it.
        I know a man who likes to speed on his motorcycle and he said that if he goes fast enough, they just can’t catch him. Evidently there’s never been a roadblock. He has “life begins at 150,” on the side of his truck.

        1. Thanks Sheila my speeding days are over now though I certainly understand your friends sign on his truck. As to how to fight tickets yes I am happy to tell anyone who wants to know how to beat them. It is my way of paying back the system for all the royal screw jobs they pull on people on a daily basis. If you want a real lesson on how to beat the system at their own game check out this guys talk on youtube and download his script and put it in your car.
          Tao Of Law website: http://logosradionetwork.com/tao/
          Look for the link to the traffic stop practice script on the front page. Good stuff!
          Watch Eddie Craig’s video on how to handle traffic stops:
          This guy is the Bruce Lee of fighting traffic tickets. I am following in his footsteps the best I can but he is far more the expert at this than I am.

      4. I disagree that Mr Ruff’s comments are “off topic”. Is this topic not the despotic actions of the military police state?
        How anyone can deem the stories beyond the topic of this thread is beyond me. Perhaps the grapes are sour to a certain individual, and any digs that can be made are worth trying, as long as you don’t package and sell the “dirt” as a consumer item.

  12. I’m surprised the moderator is more concerned about me being some impostor, which HR1 can and did easily dispell, rather than those mucking up the forum with veritable novelesque length posts. He sure is great at creating these blog articles, but perhaps he should contract out the moderation work. Or perhaps he should look up what the word moderate means; because some of these posts are anything but.

    1. HR2 Lite, you’re brand new to this blog and you’re already telling me how to run it. If you have comments to make about the topic, then by all means do so. Your critique of the moderation is not welcome, however. In fact, your condescension regarding my understanding of the word is something I’ll let you get away with ONCE. As to your name, I was very clear about what my concern was – that the two names were too similar and would cause confusion. Why do you misrepresent what I said?

      1. Point taken. Was just miffed that you deleted my posts i suppose. No worries, i can go along to get along. I do enjoy the perspectives here or i wouldnt waste my time.

    2. Hey HR2_Lite,
      Do yourself a favor and start out lite, like your gravitar indicates. Aye?
      We are all trying to find our way around the “novelesque length posts”. So as a beginning, do tread lightly and save the big stick for when you have firmly got your bearings.
      This thread is about the blooming of the brutal and despotic maximum security state. I should think you have some insights on that you might like to share. Hmmm???

      1. If i were to tread “litely” then i wouldn’t be following in your footsteps big daddy. All joking aside, i understand my place here as a newby rabble-rouser engenders a sense of stand-offishness amongst the veteran posters, and i shall wait until i have earned some credibility first. That being said, i wanted to ask you a question HR1, about your current views on 9/11, Judy Wood, and Fetzer, although im not sure if this is the appropriate place to do so.

        1. HR2_Lite,
          One of the few rules I have made here, and I have repeated it quite a few times now, is that it is not allowed to mock someone’s name for the purpose of discrediting them. So “jewdy would” is not allowed. And you don’t have any less of a place here than anyone else, nor do you have to pull any punches as long as you do not call people names and do not behave in an unnecessarily disrespectful way towards the forum or the other participants (I’m not always sure how to explain where the line is that one can’t cross, but I know it when I see it). One thing I won’t put up with is people insulting my intelligence by wondering whether I know what “moderation” is. I appreciate you taking my point.

          1. Oh sorry, didnt know about the name thing. I just thought it was clever. Obviously that being clever thing isnt quite working out for me. Tyler Durden would not be amused.

      2. HR2_Lite,
        So, let me ask you a question; What do you see as the indicators that ‘Ferguson, Boston bombing, OK bombing, and 9/11’ are all part of a central plan to harden the domestic police state?

        1. Its all part of hegelian dialectics. If the reaction produces a known, desired response than it becomes all the more likely that the original problem was created in order to extract such a result in the first place. Repeated use of such tactics simply adds further credibility to this conclusion. Most of the major msm outlets are simply predictable, one-trick ponies in this regard and have only become increasingly obvious about such tactics in this vein. Also, the visual evidence of the militarization of law enforcement, as well as the silence of those likely involved are huge red flags.

          1. Thank you Lite for the prescient post in answer to my question.
            My only and very slight criticism is that given the great number of embers floating about in all the hotbeds of tension throughout the nation the likelihood of a spark, or proximate event is always possible just about anywhere in the ghettoized US of A. The militarized police are also in place as a universal presence in Amerika. Thus I think that contingency is part of the strategy of tension. That is, the planners are ready to take advantage of whatever happens anywhere. This Ferguson event might have taken place anywhere – and likely will again somewhere, but needn’t necessarily been planned – just taken advantage of.
            Having said that, there is no telling at this point one way or the other. It may have very well been planned. But I see the ‘planning’ as I said; on the larger scale to be based on contingency tactics.

  13. I have been reading that they are now claiming that the cop who shot this kid “was beaten bloody” by this boy before he finally shot in “self defense”. Echoes of Trevar Martin here, the same fall-back position; the ‘modified limited hangout’.
    The killer cop was also suspended from duty at another police department for “hitting kids” – once “accidentally pistol whipping a 15 year old girl” …
    Yea, “accidental pistol whipping” – that’s pretty far out aye? WTF?
    Anyway, that is just the initial incident. Now there are all the other issues involving the clear use of provocateurs in the crowds of protesters, and the brutal crowd control policies of the militarized police.
    Yes there is seething desperation in Amerika today where economic rupture seems “just a shot away”…

  14. One has to ask again why “irrefutable Truths” are so zealously rejected here on T&S!
    I submitted 4 posts with an “Address to the leaders and the lawmakers of the various nations of the world”, which would be impossible for any conscientious, honest, fair-minded person to oppose or refute.
    HR1 thought the posts were intended for him‼ – and equalized Truth with ‘preaching’. (Fathom this – oh dear readers who can!)
    Adam Ruff insisted and maintained that Truth (with capital T) was “OFF-TOPIC” on ‘TRUTH & SHADOWS’, and therefore (oh, the irony!) …..should be banned forthwith.
    The True purpose for me submitting the posts referred to? Simply this:
    I have no doubt that ‘readers’ of this blog consist of more than the ‘regulars’, but surely ‘some’ others also who from time to time come ‘glancing’ here with less than “clean flour in their bags”!
    It was especially to these “lurkers” the 4 posts were intended – ‘vainly’ hoping these messages they read would be passed on to their “overlords”!
    Never for a moment did I imagine or realize that “Truth with capital T” needed to be defined for some participants on this blog, but was obviously wrong on that score, so to clarify this for the ‘unawares’:
    “Truth” is invariable, unchangeable, unalterable, universal and available to every human being without exception.
    Truth is completely independent of time, ‘age’ and era, whether it be the past, the present or the unknown ‘indelible’ future.
    Truth bears within itself the power of absolute Justice, guided and maintained by the immutable laws of “Cause and Retribution”, and thus becomes the only ultimately prevailing means by which unfolding evolution, development, growth and progress can continue to expand and flourish.
    Truth alone, borne by the swift vibrations of the “Light” is the only power that’s powerful enough to counteract and neutralize the evils and the horrors that are such a scourge, and which plague and terrorize today’s world to such an alarming degree.
    Repressing the Truth should therefore be seen as nothing but a dastardly act, whereas shouting “Truth from every rooftop in the world”, should naturally and obviously be the way to go from now on and into the far distant future – especially now that it is so freely available to everyone!

  15. “What is Truth?” said jesting Pilate…
    This is a question that people have been addressing throughout the ages. It seems to have as many answers as there are individuals on the planet. Philosophers, theologians, scientists, paupers and kings, have all put their minds to it.
    There are those who claim that it is ‘self-evident’ in all of its fine detail, and any who reject their version of truth are heretics, infidels, evil souls, and are working for “darkness” or ‘the devil’. Throughout the centuries men have organized in defining “Truth” and demanded their version of it be adhered to. This attitude and despotic attitude is known as ‘Religious Dogma’.
    These dogmatic perspectives have clashed with one another for centuries as well. Opposing dogmas that met on the battlefield, in the cities, in “the Holy Land”, resulting in the deaths of millions, rivers of blood, generations of hatred between creeds. All in the name of “Love” and “Truth”.
    Behold: “Truth is readily available to anyone…” and if you don’t accept the dogmatist version of it? Well, “God told me to cut you into little pieces”.

    1. HR1 that is something i myself have been contemplating. How exactly does one recognize truth, if indeed it exists? How do we tell truther from cointel, disinfo, gatekeeper, or controlled opposition? It seems the addage of “fooled me once…” doesnt seem to fit here because ive been fooled just as easily by those not even MEANING to spread misinfo, its just the nature of the truth business it would seem. Yet, even though it seemed easier to recognize truth before the advent of the internets and the disinfo age, it was due mainly in part to our complete lack of other options. Now we have far too many options and the waters, although more vast, are all the more muddied. Any advice on how to reconcile such a predicament and to extract any real truth in such a sea of lies?

      1. One example might be the argument regarding who really runs the show at the top. Ive heard the cries of zionism, the vatican, jesuits and the “black pope” (usually by masons), reptoids, annunaki, nephilim, or some godforsaken hybrid offspring of them, draconians, freemasons, “ancient ones”, 5th dimensional beings, descendants of horus and ahkenaten (sp?), brotherhood of the snake (caduceus), and weischhaupt’s original illuminati, ad nauseum. Every claim has nuggets of truth, as senor likes to say about wood’s book WDTTG, but ultimately they each lead down a different rabbit hole which could be taking us way off course of where true reality lies.

        1. HR2_Lite,
          Maintain a proper respect for your host. His admonishments to one can be read as to all.
          See above: Craig McKee — AUGUST 23, 2014 AT 2:10 PM

        2. I do have one word of advice about how to approach the core subject of, ‘who or what is at the top of the pyramid’. That is to avoid the metaphysical aspect. Avoid paths drawn by superstition. Avoid all supposition and conjecture having no basis in empirical facts.
          It is my view that “evil” is defined by material humanity as that which leads to physical pain and death. I do not accept the concept of a metaphysical evil, or the personification of such as the ‘devil’ nor ‘hosts of demons’.
          Misinterpretation of ideation is inherent in missing the core point that all human language is metaphor.
          “Beware of the Jabberwocky”~Lewis Carroll

      2. Hi again HR2_Lite,
        Your question is huge. As far as what is truth in the sociopolitical aspect; learn as much deep history as you can. View it from a forensics and systems standpoint. MO, Motive, Cui Bono, Means and Opportunity.

        1. HR1,
          Ive been following richard andrew grove for almost 2 years now, and he is what you might call a forensic historian. Not sure if you are familiar with him or his work, but his website is called “tragedy and hope”, which is a work im sure you are familiar with. Ive since absorbed a veritable coctail of truther wisdom, attempting my best to subscribe to the tenets of syncretism in my approach to history, from the likes of alex jones, james corbett, vinny eastwood, james evan pelato, alan watt, jordan maxwell, frater x, david icke, max igan, jan irvin, kevin cole, john lash, michael tsarion, joseph p. farrell, and others. Although some of these dabble in the metaphysical, i find their views on history and current events to be a refreshing and often fascinating departure from the officially accepted notions of history.

          1. Seen the doc, didnt know you were in it. Excellent, i shall have another looksee. Thanks for the tip and congrats, it was quite an informative and revealing piece.

          2. Ok i just caught that. Sigh, its late and i only have my tiny phone to work with, hence the grammar mishmash. You interviewed him NOT in the film. I will def check it out, thanx.

          3. Yes Lite,
            I actually spoke with Grove on the telephone around 2007 or so, when he was first surfacing and gave out his number on the Maria Heller show.
            We had several long conversations wherein he filled out his story as told on the radio interview. He sort of disappeared from the radar, and I had to bolt from a hot spot called Georgia, when my main computer was duked out by a national security hit team that didn’t think I’m pretty enough for the role of prince of the hop and … well I ended up finding Grove’s web site after I landed back home again on Sugar Mountain and got a new rig digitalus.
            The reason I say avoid the metaphysical is that in order to communicate more effectively we won’t have to concern ourselves with unprovable conjecture…the Sargent Friday thing, “Just the facts ma’am…”

  16. To a fanatic there is only ever one topic, and that is the obsession of his fanaticism.
    Fanaticism is not reason nor rational, it is mania; an all encompassing delusion. Just like the statists who advocate ‘Full Spectrum Dominance’, who have designed and implemented this panoptic maximum security police state.
    Fanaticism is at the core of all the evils humankind has suffered throughout their existence on this planet.

  17. Ye shall know the “Truth” and the “Truth” shall bind ye as a straight-jacket and waterboard your every dream.

  18. ‘The Plan for Domestic Control’ could be see in development in the US from as far back as the military response to the “Whisky Rebellion” – With Gen. Washington in charge of the domestic ‘police’ response. But I would think that an analysis for the current era is more productive. My view would be that the key for this would be the 1947 National Security Act. This act effectively lowered an ‘Iron Curtain’ on transparency in government meant to further the wartime strictures on secrecy.
    This developing National Security State was challenged by the new president, on the heals of a warning of the outgoing president, in Eisenhower’s “Military-Industrial Complex” speech. And the next stage in the agenda towards domestic control would in my view be the coup d’etat in Dallas in 1963. The National Security State was then able to retake firm control of the reigns of sociopolitical power. That power has grown exponentially from that point forward, punctuated by events like those mentioned in the heading to this thread.

    1. I find it intriguing that you would pick the date of 1947, considering the trinity test (a site now marked by an obelisk) and roswell incident surround the creation of the NSC. Since you mentioned it, i started to look into the origins of the NSC and came across a very interesting character known as james forrestal; a person with a lot of mystery surrounding him (and his death) during that time, and with a very high level position within our govt. I cant help but think he played a role similar to colonel edward m. house during woodrow wilson’s term. Although wikipedia downplays and obfuscates a lot of alternative history, even it mentions the overwhelming appearance of conspiracy surrounding this figure and his untimely demise. Definitely worth a gander i would submit.

      1. Lite,
        I would say that Forrestal is actually the opposite of the House figure puppeting Wilson. It was the House faction [Zion] that dispensed with Forrestal.
        As far as my choice of the 1947 National Security Act I was speaking to the issue of domestic control in particular. There are many underlying issues of power to be analyzed as I said. And you can pick any point you wish as a proximate. For the purposes of this topic I felt the National Security Act fit as a doctrinal statement in that aspect of the larks tongue.

        1. HR2_L,
          Who Killed James Forrestal? by DC Dave
          Also I would urge you to read Douglas Reed’s CONTROVERSY OF ZION
          In this book the death of Forrestal is put in a larger perspective, one that is absolutely essential for grasping to architecture of modern political power. Reed’s book is arguably the single most important book of the 20th century.

      2. BTW Lite,
        Do you believe a spaceship crashed at Roswell?
        I don’t buy it. I think it is hysteria and lollipop yahoo. I think it was a weather balloon. I have the first reports on audio from the broadcasts that day.
        Interpretation is key, just like in figuring out ancient myths.
        But this is also something I don’t think is worth arguing over. I had a close encounter of the 2nd kind in Texas back in 1967 along with well over a hundred other people stopped along a desert road between Dallas and Houston. I never heard a word about it in the media afterward. I know I and my travelling companion never said anything to media.
        Something is going on, but I don’t know what it is. And unless a ‘Childhood’s End’ scenario starts taking place, I have more practical things to think about.

      3. Strong Motives, Prime Suspects
        “When someone dies violently and suspiciously, the usual question investigators want to answer is if anyone had a murder motive. Did the deceased have enemies? Had he been threatened by anyone? Was there anyone who stood to gain from his death? If so, did the party or parties in question have anything in their past to indicate that they might be capable of murder, and did they have the opportunity to commit the crime?
        In Forrestal’s case, the answers are yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, and yes. For over a year he had been subject to a vilification campaign in the press the likes of which hardly any public official has ever had to endure in America. Leading the campaign, from the left and the right, respectively, were America’s two best-known and most powerful syndicated columnists, Drew Pearson and Walter Winchell. They painted Forrestal as a corrupt tool of Wall Street and the oil companies who put the interests of his cronies ahead of concern for the well being of refugees from European persecution. His big offense was that he was outspoken in his opposition to the creation of the state of Israel. The entire foreign policy establishment, led by Secretary of State Marshall, felt the same way, but the strong-willed Forrestal was the lightning rod for the supporters of Israel. He had received threatening telephone calls and he complained of being followed and electronically bugged. It has also been credibly reported that the Zionists attempted to blackmail him over the financial assistance that his investment banking firm, Dillon, Read, had given to the Nazis prior to World War II.
        One might argue that because Israel had already been recognized by the United States by the time Forrestal died, and because he had been removed from the Truman cabinet and discredited by his breakdown and hospitalization, he was no longer a threat to the supporters of Israel. But he was a man of prominence, wealth, and determination who intended to buy a newspaper and to write a book that threatened to expose a number of Roosevelt-Truman administration secrets, especially related to the machinations that brought the United States into World War II and the wartime policies that advanced the interests of the Soviet Union. His voluminous diary was confiscated by the Truman White House and its full contents have never been revealed.”~DC Dave

        1. Is that quote from the book you recommended above? It sounds reasonable to assume zionists or sympathizers did the dirty deed, considering how outspoken forrestal apparently was regarding isis ra el (never seen that breakdown before, thanks). It can quickly become overwhelming once we attempt to parse out each and every nefarious plot, entity, or shadowy figure that riddles the contorted mess we call history. I do enjoy learning just how interconnected things really are on a macroscopic level, however. One of these days i will hopefully have a real computer to more easily reference these ideas in real time, so that i can at least pretend to keep up with HR1. Although i shouldnt feel too bad as i only really woke up to this stuff a couple years ago, and im pretty sure HR1 has at least a decade or two of life-experience on me. {winks}

  19. From my perspective the demeanor of the government, it’s officials, and the demeanor of it’s enforcers, the police and military, proves that we are in fact in a totalitarian police state now and have been for quite a while. Notice the difference in demeanor between a real servant such as a waitress and a government “servant”. The waitress asks you what you would like, she answers your questions about the menu items, takes your order and then brings it to you with courtesy and respect. Now compare that demeanor with the demeanor of say Thomas Kean the 9/11 commissioner “servant”. Watch his demeanor and ask yourself if he is a servant or does he think he is something else?
    So here we have a “servant” assigned to “investigate” 9/11 and answer family members questions about the crime. When he is asked a question about that investigation what does he do? He turns his back, calls the questioner nuts, stone walls the questioner, and calls over thug security guards to try and intimidate the questioner, then he leaves having refused to answer a single question. Is that the demeanor of a servant?
    Now ask yourself if you know of anyone in Washington DC who has the demeanor of a servant? I think you will be hard pressed to find anyone and if you do they will be in a tiny minority, essentially made impotent by the sheer numbers of the bad ones.
    Next ask yourself what the demeanor these “servants” do have matches up with? How do they behave? What does their behavior tell you about them? Take the police for example, the enforcers of our “servants” will. What is their demeanor? Let’s watch:

    1. “A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself from within.” ~W. Durant

  20. A brief monologue on controlling the masses from season 3, episode 5 of Game of Thrones:
    “The people are hungry for much more than food. They crave distractions, and if we don’t provide them, they’ll create their own. And their distractions are likely to end with us being torn to pieces. A royal wedding is much safer, wouldn’t you say? – Oleana Redwyne speaking to Tyrion Lannister.

    1. Great show. I see you have good taste craig; perhaps we can be friends after all; ha. And not just because some preening beauty seems to inevitably get naked in virtually every episode. Imagine that, tasteful nudity AND a great storyline. How can you beat that?!

      1. Whenever I watch an episode I just think how grateful I am that I can go to the kitchen and make a sandwich. I almost never have to kill a goat first or dig up a rotten potato.

        1. Ha! Yes that does bode well for your uninterrupted viewing pleasure. Although i have to wonder how samwell of the nights watch manages to stay so plump. All i ever see him do is run around (or away), and there aint no mickey dees out there im pretty sure. In such a feudal system (as we will soon be living in in amerika) it was usually only the noblemen and lords who were that round. I guess fluffy people tend to be more jolly and loveable though.

          1. Personally, i love the fact that it’s Tyrion who’s the main man carrying the show along, and not the boobs!
            Though, the one-handed ‘Dane’ is not that far behind – i think ….but that’s probably just ‘bias’ on my part?

    1. Wow…I can’t tell where a comment is going to end up anymore…
      Pay attention to the time stamps is all I can say because things are ending up way out of order, and therefore context now…

      1. I don’t know if that’s because a couple of comments were “unapproved.” It seems that whenever I do that, it screws up the order of things. Not sure what the alternative is.

  21. Look Lite,
    This cannot go on here much longer, this personal back and forth.
    But let me end with this: Yes yes yes, ULTIMATELY all is subjective. But we must make an epistemic partition here between life in the space-time-continuum – life in the meat world, of time and living and dying, and whatever subjective metaphysical opinions/beliefs/knowledge we have.
    Why? They cannot be successfully communicated in human language.
    Speaking to practical problems in the world of the finite and physical must be framed empirically or all we will end up with is an endless prattle.

  22. Excellent article, Craig. Thanks.
    We will need all the help we can get from civilian detectives and reporters, as TPTB try to heat things up to spillover. For example, a guy has researched the Michael Brown story, and blown some big holes in it. (No true family members, no obit; but there is, or rather was, a Michael Brown, over in CA, who died the previous month. Another “gentle giant”? Puh-leez.) The same with the Sandy Hook and Boston Marathon Bombing staged productions. Der Tag is coming to a country near you.
    A shame the Local Police are going along with this hijack caper. But I guess they figure that their jobs are on the line, if this is the new s.o.p. What monsters these our erstwhile Masters are.

    1. Hi kibitzer3,
      I watched the video on this site. I am sorry to report as a forensic photo analysis expert, that there is NO MATCH, between the two persons claimed to be the same in this video.
      This is the kind of crap that so-called “Dallas Gold Bug” promotes.
      Sorry this dog don’t hunt.

  23. The militarization of the US police force was part of the plan of the 9/11 inspired wars.
    Here’s what it is on a local level. I love how the MRAV is so heavy, they had to get a big steel plate for it to rest on so that it wouldn’t destroy concrete/asphault parking.
    P.S. Mr. Rogue and Mr. Lite, how about learning how to reply to each others postings so that nest threads can be created. Carrying on a conversation using top-level comments is rude.
    Gear built for war rests with Greeley lawmen
    by Nick Coltrain
    Matte-black, 10 feet tall and encased in armor so thick knocks don’t echo in its hollow interior, the Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected vehicle sits so heavy that steel plates are needed to keep the asphalt from cracking under its tires.
    Designed for war, the machine now bears the dull-gold inscription of “Police Rescue and Greeley Police Department SWAT.”
    “We don’t use it to go knock on doors or anything,” Greeley PD spokesman Sgt. J.P. Tymkowych said, walking toward its steel-plated parking space at the police station.
    Since the department acquired the vehicle from the Department of Defense through its 1033 military surplus program in November, Tymkowych knows of one time it has been deployed: to serve a warrant at a house with “lots of intelligence that people had some pretty serious weapons inside.”
    Otherwise, it sits, sometimes used in training, sometimes receiving routine maintenance. But mostly, it sits in the parking lot of a police department tasked with protecting a city just shy of 100,000 residents with a crime rate below the national average.
    Nationally, however, a storm is gathering around gear like the MRAP.
    U.S. Sen. Claire McCaskill, D-Missouri, said Thursday she would lead a Senate hearing to examine the militarization of police local police. Recent images from her state, in the city of Ferguson, show police in military fatigues pointing assault rifles at unarmed protestors angry at the shooting death of an unarmed black teenager.
    The military paid $412,000 for the MRAP, according to records obtained by the Coloradoan. Greeley paid zero, aside from maintenance — so far less than $100 — and likely wouldn’t have the MRAP without the 1033 program, officials said.
    In total, the department pulled in about $1.7 million worth of surplus military gear, from boots to cold weather gear, 72 M16A1 rifles and even some duct tape.
    Some items, like the cold weather gear, are things the department would need to buy anyway. Some rifles in subprime shape end up being cannibalized to make functioning weapons or supplement rifles purchased by the department.
    Greeley Police Chief James Garner said his department’s use of the 1033 program reflects a simple philosophy: “Your taxpayers shouldn’t have to pay for something twice.”
    Measured by the items’ cost to the military, Greeley PD took in 60 percent of all surplus military gear received by law enforcement agencies in Larimer and Weld Counties.
    But having the gear isn’t the important part, Garner argued; it is how it’s used.
    The MRAP, for example, is “basically an armored ambulance,” and “perfect” to get a medical team to a downed officer or citizen with a barricaded shooter, Garner said. A stretcher filled half of its rear space Friday morning.
    “It’s a multipurpose vehicle,” Tymkowych said. “It’s not weaponized; there’s a turret, but there’s no machine gun. It’s just a vantage point.”
    Like you wouldn’t send an officer to patrol the street with an assault rifle on his back, you wouldn’t send the MRAP out for crowd control, Garner said. He emphasized he wasn’t criticizing any particular law enforcement agencies. Police in Missouri have been criticized for using armored personnel carriers as roadblocks and sniper vantage points during recent protests.
    Mark Silverstein, legal director of the Colorado chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union, recalled when police in full tactical garb rolled down the streets of Denver ahead of the Democratic National Convention in 2008 in a daunting display of might.
    “I had a very real fear that just that display was going to chill people from coming downtown to exercise their first amendment rights,” he said.
    He called it dressing for battle, an act that sends signals police know there will be trouble. It also voids the tactic of de-escalation and crowd calming.
    The public has a right to know what gear law enforcement has, how it may be used and what kind of training police receive for it, Silverstein said. Even then, he said, there’s danger of police entering into dangerous situations because they’re equipped for them.
    The Greeley Police Department uses a threat matrix to gauge the danger of a situation and the appropriate response, Tymkowych said.
    Garner stressed the need to react appropriately, but to also be prepared for the worst. He brought up the assault rifle-wielding bank robbers in Los Angeles in the 1990s, where officers were severely outgunned, as the genesis for officers carrying assault rifles themselves. He also described scenes from the Columbine High School massacre where police used a fire truck as protection when trying to save injured children, as a next-best solution to lacking an armored vehicle.
    “Some of this equipment is stuff we’d like to sit in the closet and to not use at all,” Garner said.
    He also pushed back against the idea of a “warrior cop” mentality and said it doesn’t represent law enforcers he knows.
    “The police chiefs I know are very, very opposed to that idea,” Garner said. “Our officers are public servants, not warriors. To have warriors, you need to have a war, and we’re not at war.”
    Even for defense purposes, Silverstein questioned the premise of the surplus program — which crimes in Colorado dictate that law enforcement needs grenade launchers, like in Jackson County, and mine-resistant vehicles? When first told about the MRAPs, he glibly asked, “Do they have a lot of problems with mines in Weld?”
    Garner, when told of this criticism, laughed and called it a bit disingenuous; any police agency worried about mines has much bigger problems than military surplus, he said.
    Silverstein warned that equipment even as potentially blase as night-vision goggles could fuel poor tactics.
    “I don’t know that there’s anything inherently militaristic about night vision goggles,” Silverstein said. “But I know that these nighttime raids, where they use these night vision goggles, can often be avoided by waiting until the day and knocking on the door to serve the warrant.”
    Colorado Bureau of Investigation Deputy Director Karl Wilmes also noted the shift in police tactics. He recalled serving a warrant 25 years ago where a man locked himself in a backroom, potentially with guns at his disposal. Now, its likely law enforcement would respond with a SWAT or special operations team; then, they merely walked back, knocked on the door and said “c’mon guy, you’ve got to come with us.”
    The CBI doesn’t track tactical responses or active shooter scenarios, in part because of how broad the definition for an active shooter scenario is.
    In Jackson County, 7 officers, 6 assault rifles and a grenade launcher
    The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office, west of Fort Collins and between the Roosevelt and Routt national forests, guards a mountain community of not quite 1,400 people. It has four full-time law enforcement officers — the sheriff, the undersheriff and two patrol deputies — and the force is rounded out by a POST-certified court bailiff and two reserve officers.
    That’s a badge for each military weapon the department received through the 1033 program: two 7.62 mm M14 rifles, four 5.56mm M16A1 assault rifles and a grenade launcher.
    According to the Colorado Department of Public Safety’s crime statistics, Jackson County also has one of the lowest crime rates in the state, posting 1 crime per 100,000 people since 2005. It has had 75 total arrests since 1992, 35 of which were for violent crimes.
    Undersheriff Christina Bradshaw, who handles the military surplus program, said the weapons received by the department have never been deployed, though deputies are trained to use them. She doesn’t know of any incidents where they would have been needed either, at least not locally.
    “It’s always a concern of any police agency to watch active shooter scenarios,” she said. “And I think it behooves any police agency to be prepared for those situations.”
    The county’s military grenade launcher was acquired before she took over the program, and Bradshaw was hesitant to speak for the person who requested it. It could be used to augment an active shooter situation or a “worst possible case scenario.” The person who requested it is no longer with the department.
    Bradshaw stressed that the weapons would only be for specific situations.
    “If you have an active shooter situation, then obviously you’re going to want to use appropriate equipment for that situation,” Bradshaw said. “Are you going to need a rifle for someone issuing bad checks? I would say not.”
    When first asked about the department’s use of the program, Bradshaw quickly pivoted from weapons to search-and-rescue gear: vests, a generator, other cold-weather gear and field packs. While the county pays for some search and rescue operations, they’re largely funded by donations — and are a potential lifesaver in the unforgiving high country.
    She called a properly equipped search and rescue team “absolutely essential not only for the safety and security for people that live in our county, but those that visit our county.”
    While she didn’t have the price the military paid for the gear on hand, “the value to us, I don’t know that I could put a price on it. It’s one of those things where if we couldn’t get through military surplus, we couldn’t afford it.”
    Military surplus on the Front Range
    Crime rate: 550 crimes per 100,000 people
    Notable gear
    Fort Collins Police Services
    • Five M14 rifles; all used for ceremonial purpose only
    Total cost to military: $690
    Larimer County Sheriff’s Office
    • 20 M14 rifles, all ceremonial
    • Four utility trucks, used for search and rescue operations
    • Explosive disposal robot, used by SWAT as a “camera on wheels”
    • Eight image intensifiers or night-vision equipment, none in use
    Total cost to military: $243,000
    Loveland Police Department
    • 15 M14 rifles
    • 15 M16A1 rifles
    Total cost to military: $9,500
    Crime rate: 521 crimes per 100,000 people
    Windsor Police Department
    • Six M14 rifles
    • Two .38 caliber revolvers
    Total cost to military: $1,000
    Weld County Sheriff’s Office
    • MRAP
    • 71 cold-weather undershirts
    • 15 M14 rifles
    • 177 reflex sights
    Total cost to military: $836,000
    Greeley Police Department
    • 72 M16 rifles
    • 10 M14 rifles, used for ceremonial purposes
    • MRAP
    • 22 suppressors for small-arms weapons
    • 104 weapon sights
    • Explosives removal robot
    • 166 pieces of cold weather clothing
    Total cost to military: $1.7 million
    Note: Notable equipment may not include all equipment received; status or use of equipment from department sources. Source: 1033 program records; crime stats from Colorado Department of Public Safety.
    FCPD: No need for military surplus
    by Nick Coltrain
    Almost $2.8 million worth of military surplus equipment has flowed to Larimer and Weld County law enforcement since 2006, according to a document obtained by the Coloradoan.
    It includes 25 M14 rifles sent to the Larimer County Sheriff’s Department and Fort Collins Police Department via the Department of Defense. Windsor Police got another six, plus two handguns. The equipment cost the local agencies nothing, aside from shipping costs or gas money, if they went to Fort Carson to pick them up.
    The items come from a 1997 law establishing what’s called the 1033 program, which allows law enforcement to request surplus military equipment. Roughly $450 million worth of equipment was sent to law enforcement in 2013 alone and more than $5 billion was sent since its inception.
    Protests in Ferguson, Missouri — and the heavily armed police, criticized by some as militarized — has drawn new attention to the surplus equipment program in recent days.
    Among local entities, Fort Collins police took the least advantage of the program — taking only five rifles and nothing since 2008.
    Fort Collins Police spokesperson Matt Johnson said the rifles his department acquired match the description of the ceremonial ones used in honor guard functions. He said, to his knowledge, no military weapons were deployed for law enforcement use and called the M14 a non-modern rifle. He could not comment on other agencies’ use of the weapons.
    As for the program and Fort Collins Police’s light use? Military equipment simply doesn’t meet the needs of what he called FCPD’s “specific mission.”
    “We look for professional and compassionate policing,” Johnson said. “… When we select equipment, we want to select equipment that meets the very specific definition of that mission as closely as we can. Often time, military equipment doesn’t meet that definition.”
    By comparison, the Weld County Sheriff’s Office and Greeley Police Department each took a mine-resistant vehicle since November 2013. Greeley PD also took two mine detectors.
    To the west, Jefferson County law enforcement also has a grenade launcher acquired from the Department of Defense, according to the New York Times. The exchange program does not encompass other tactical equipment Fort Collins police or other law enforcement agencies may have.
    The program’s effects drew the attention of U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder on Thursday.
    “At a time when we must seek to rebuild trust between law enforcement and the local community, I am deeply concerned that the deployment of military equipment and vehicles sends a conflicting message,” Holder said in a statement.
    Steve Gagnon, the Colorado coordinator for the Defense Department transfer program, said Thursday that in his time around law enforcement and at conferences, “I’ve never heard the goal being to militarize the police.” He also said some equipment sent out is “literally Vietnam-era stuff.”
    Not all of the equipment is as attention-getting as armored vehicles or military-grade weapons. Greeley Police grabbed several folding litter poles in addition to 72 M16 and 10 M14 rifles, along with cold-weather boots, parkas and mittens.

  24. The Garrison State
    The garrison state and its essential needs are distinct from the needs of a civilian society. The garrison needs most a militarized mindset of the civilian population, and a service sector for material and emotional support of military personnel. Thus a massive public relations regime must be deployed, messaging 24/7.
    Trivial pursuits must be offered to distract the civilian population from the deprivations they must suffer to serve the needs of the military.
    Cheap resources and cheap manufacturing necessitate occupation of resource bearing nations and outsourcing jobs to populous nations with desperate work-forces.
    War is economics by other means.
    The “Amerikan Empire” is itself a modified limited hangout. The US is simply a garrison state for the global empire run on international auspices. The garrison takes its marching orders from a global economic elite with no particular allegiance to the US.

  25. While the 1033 program would seem to make the Posse Comitatus Act a moot point, it is merely a disingenuous ‘work-around’ that began long before the National Defense Authorization Act. And actually began with the development of the first SWAT concepts in metro divisions of law enforcement. Daryl Gates of LA was a pioneer of the SWAT implementation, and although he wasn’t receiving authentic military gear from the Feds, he had his own armored car built for use in ‘home invasion’ as a motorized ramming device [1967]
    “SWAT” stands for “special weapons and tactics”
    “The LAPD Metropolitan Division’s “D” Platoon is one of the world’s most prominent SWAT units and was the second SWAT established in the United States, after that of the Philadelphia Police Department in 1964.[2]”~Wiki
    {Note that all of this developed historically, shortly after the coup d’etat in Dallas in 1963}
    It can be argued that by simply calling something “civilian” doesn’t necessarily make it so, and that as a constitutional matter this has never been addressed in a serious manner. It is one of those ‘walks like a duck’ situations. But by omission and sophistry the militarization of the US has taken place virtually unnoticed by the majority, aside from the victims of such a brutal regime.
    For the majority of Amerikans this poison jingoberry pie tastes just fine.

  26. Radley Balko, a policy analyst at the Cato Institute, authored Overkill: The Rise of Paramilitary Police Raids in America.[35]
    Other studies include Warrior Cops: The Ominous Growth of Paramilitarism in American Police Departments by Diane Cecilia Weber from the same institute[36] and Militarizing American Police: The Rise and Normalization of Paramilitary Units by Dr. Peter Kraska and his colleague Victor Kappeler, professors of criminal justice at Eastern Kentucky University, who surveyed police departments nationwide and found that their deployment of paramilitary units had grown tenfold since the early 1980s.[37]

  27. Ferguson Feeds Off the Poor: Three Warrants a Year Per Household 22 Aug 2014
    Three times a month–one day and two nights–the City Council chamber also serves as home to the incredibly busy and extremely profitable Ferguson [Missouri] municipal court. A report issued just last week by the nonprofit lawyer’s group ArchCity Defenders notes that in the court’s 36 three-hour sessions in 2013, it handled 12,108 cases and 24,532 warrants. That is an average of 1.5 cases and three warrants per Ferguson household. Fines and court fees for the year in this city of just 21,000 people totaled 2,635,400.~ https://www.dropbox.com/s/vwptqn3mhq9xvy7/ArchCity%20Defenders%20Municipal%20Courts%20Whitepaper.pdf
    This is the systemic take that subverts the MSM narrative on this unseemly affair.

  28. What are your views on what all the many, many DUMBs and bunkers that are being/have been revealed around the world in the past few years are for? And should this concern us in light of this rapid increase in the police state and control grid, plus the increase in disaster movies as of late and the clearly blatantly obvious inclusion of masonic/esoteric symbolism in all manner of media as of late? Do our leaders know something is coming that we dont, or might they be planning something special for us? If the DIA is any indication of what is to come, it is somewhat troubling, is it not?

    1. “The gulf between the merely clever and the wise is an abyss deep and wide. But the truly wise can step over that crevice as though it were a mere blemish.”~Magus Maverik

    2. I think all of this is very troubling. And the thing about disaster movies that most interests and troubles me is that so many of them (and TV shows) deal with killer viruses and/or the breakdown of society. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a remake of Lord of the Flies someday soon. We actually see a lot of shows and films that essentially retell that story.

    3. Dear Mr. HR2_Lite,
      You ask interesting questions on August 26, 2014 at 9:35 pm.

      What are your views on what all the many, many DUMBs and bunkers that are being/have been revealed around the world in the past few years are for? And should this concern us in light of this rapid increase in the police state and control grid, plus the increase in disaster movies as of late and the clearly blatantly obvious inclusion of masonic/esoteric symbolism in all manner of media as of late? Do our leaders know something is coming that we dont, or might they be planning something special for us? If the DIA is any indication of what is to come, it is somewhat troubling, is it not?

      The movies are conditioning us. Acceptance of the existence of entities superior to ourselves having string pulling (3- or 4-finger) hands in our affairs might be one.
      Although one could say that media has been training us into violence against such meddling alien entities, the PR reverse-psychology school of thought on this suggests that by watching such action-packed thrillers involving alien entities, we have subconsciously already “lived it or done it” [with really high body counts]. Such experiences — even if vicarious through gorgous heroic actors and green-screen and not real — are registered in the mind, presents one course of action leaving openings for alternatives, and thus maybe already passify us into “non-action or no over-reaction” through such an alternative.
      “… the clearly blatantly obvious inclusion of masonic/esoteric symbolism in all manner of media as of late?” It is an age-old gimmick or cheap-trick meant to provide depth to the significance or meaning of some artistic work without actually having its inclusion say what the significance or meaning are. It also helps in a false-flag sense to point the fingers at scapegoats (some age-old) and away from the true power centers. Dates with seeming numerical or astrological significance for events? Makes it something easy to plan to while also tarnishing “faiths” or “schools of thought” that hold such dates sacred.
      BTW, I am a Mason. Sure, there was a time (with a peak in the 1930’s or so) when many of the movers and shakers of a community were active in the Masonic fraternity and when such affiliation had greasing abilities to personal or business ventures. Today the same could be said about any social organization, from church to country club memberships. [My eye doctor, the contractor who re-modeled our kitchen, and the painter for my house, I met through my fitness club. A handyman, a family lawyer, and a personal trainer were some connections made through lodge.]
      Differences between regions, differences between lodges, differences between individuals determine what influence such affiliation might have beyond the lodge walls and where “infiltration and subversion” might have been ripe in various eras. Old stories of Masonic influences from centuries past, I don’t doubt, but doesn’t make it a given today.
      I’m reminded of what a former Nazi Youth, Nazi soldier, and POW by the Russians after WWII told me when I was a college student and he was in retirement. When the Sea Scouts were disbanded, if you wanted to sail, you did it through the Nazi Youth and their sailing program or not at all. No choice in the matter. The psychotic extremes excepted, those “successful” in moving up the Nazi ladder were also successful in rising up the ladder of its idealogical replacements.
      In the last century some counties in the Rocky Mountain West had two balancing (positive) community forces: the Mormons and the Masons. You as a male were one or the other. [Utah excepted, where you had your Mormons, your Jack-Mormons, and your hell-raisers.]
      The point being that Masonry, like any institution worth its salt, fills a valid community need. Modern times allows other institutions or groups to step into that role.
      As an insider to Masonry, my experience has been that it lost its position of influential power, and thus lost the allure for “infiltration and subversion” as well, which in isolated cases (hyped to all hell by the ignorant) seemed to derail it from its core principles. Power has moved to the Bilderbergs, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Washington Bible Study Groups, etc. Masonic lodges can barely host pot-luck picnics without help from spouses.
      But because historically (until last decade or so) Masonry had codified into its public responses what citizens of the internet recognize as “do not feed the trolls,” Masonry largely was able to ignore and not engage the hysterical hype of its enemies, and thus not let such tanish its overall good deeds and worthy precepts. Internet echo chambers gives staying power to the ignorant, negative, and erroneous hype.
      I think something is coming. Let’s call it “The Great Culling” that even the Georgia Guidestones allude to.
      Words of Agent Smith from “The Matrix”:

      I’d like to share a revelation that I’ve had during my time here. It came to me when I tried to classify your species and I realized that you’re not actually mammals. Every mammal on this planet instinctively develops a natural equilibrium with the surrounding environment but you humans do not. You move to an area and you multiply and multiply until every natural resource is consumed and the only way you can survive is to spread to another area. There is another organism on this planet that follows the same pattern. Do you know what it is? A virus. Human beings are a disease, a cancer of this planet. You’re a plague and we are the cure.

      I make no claims that my affiliations put me on the correct side of any bat-shit crazy, wild-ass speculated culling. But even if they did, I’d probably opt for the “culled side” if the MIC-virus, GMO-planned foot-shortages, or FEMA work camps (“Arbeit macht frei”) gave me a choice.
      P.S. I get a chance to see the DIA painting about once a year, because it has some restrooms close by and is near the walking bridge to the A concourse.
      P.P.S. The views above are my individual opinions and do not speak for any institution or fraternity.

      1. Thank you Senor for your insightful response. Ive been to a few mason meetings myelf, and one ceremony. Seemed like a big show they put on as window dressing, and im not sure i have the patience to wait until 33rd degree in the hopes i MAY learn some uber-secret occulted mysticism stuff that frater x and james wright talk about on vinny eastwoods show. Seem like nice folks, like the mormons, but a little too much like them for my taste. I prefer truth, warts and all, up front. Also seemed very sycophantic at times toward the higher degrees, when i know damn well some of those elders covered in gold and fancy regalia are terrified those in the blue lodge will find out they really dont know anything special after all (frater x alludes to this). Either way, i have no problem with them, or mormons for that matter. I have friends who are new age believers, shamen, astro-travelers, and they give me a different perspective, but at least they dont have to pretend or put on a show, which is the feeling i get from the outside looking in with the former (although i respect and understand the reasons why this is). Either way, its interesting to see a mason pipe up here, although i would never expect one to actually come out and reveal any sort of involvement in conspiracy, if one truly did exist. Although the rumor is circulating that the scottish rite is strong-arming the fraternity pretty much world wide, if you put any stock in what james wright is saying.

      2. I am saddened to read that you are a Mason. To be fair, I am not a Mason and am on the outside looking in. However, the poor reputation of the Masons is well-deserved. The only confederate general to have a statue in Washington was the command of the Southern Scottish Rite. Aleister Crowley was a Mason. What a fine, upstanding moral specimen he turned out to be.
        On a personal level, I worked with a man who was a 33rd degree Scottish Rite Mason. After a combination of research and pestering the co-worker, he finally admitted the higher level Masons are revealed who is the light bringer and it isn’t Jesus. It’s Lucifer.
        For anyone who is interested in learning how Masonry can lead to spiritual waywardness, go to Ephesians 5:11.org.
        I kind of feel let down here, kind of like when William Wallace was betrayed by Robert The Bruce In Braveheart.
        Seo, you are a smart man and you seem genuine, but this feels like a deal breaker.

        1. owenmeister finally says something I can agree with;
          “I am saddened to read that you are a Mason.”
          . . . . . . . . . . . .
          Yes, just so. Secret societies are secret societies. They are covert activities. Covert activities are by their very nature conspiracies. The foot soldiers in any organization are not privy of the knowledge of the true agenda of the elite leadership. Only fools and eunuchs pledge liege to that which they do not grasp.
          …Knights of the Temple and all that medieval bullshit time travelling into the now…
          It’s fucking idiocy to trust that lunacy.

          1. Would you also agree that despite T&S being a sanctuary for some, that comments here and especially those of truth and light are being used to create an algorithm by the government to discern people’s tendencies, views and which sides they will ultimately choose?
            And if so, then it is very important for people like yourself to not push the young and innocent into the teeth of the wolves.

          2. “…it is very important for people like yourself to not push the young and innocent into the teeth of the wolves.”~owenmeister
            Disambiguate if you would.

          3. Sure. You called me a member of the Hasbara terrorist group early into my venture at this blog. I was a bit shocked because I didn’t even know I was a member. I sure hope this isn’t a dues paying club to stay. On a more serious note, the word terrorist is the soup de jure today. It activates part of the primitive brain much the same way the words Nazi, Communist, racist and pedophile do. The government is cataloging every word we type and utter. I desire no affiliation with any terrorist group, real or imagined. But the government has an agenda and you need to be wiser in your words so that the young and innocent (me) do not get swept into this sinister and hysterical agenda by the PTB. You know better or you should, either way, show more restraint next time and don’t let your proclivity to be bellicose color your judgment.

          4. Hasbara is a PR group, not a “terrorist group”, and to this day there is no way to know one way or the other who or what you are, or why you post here on this blog with generally snarky and arrogant attitude, attempting to portray those you joust with as having the attitude you display yourself.
            Maybe you are just a clumsy bumbling “youth” – maybe you should avoid posting mainly commentary challenging one or the other of us and just stick to the topic and the facts to apply to your opinion on the topic.
            And just maybe you should realize the government – or powers that be have a much better handle on who you are than any of us here, are surely aligned with Hasbara and wouldn’t give a flying pigfuck whether one of us had tagged you – wrong or right.
            As far as I am concerned you should be left whimpering in moderation from this point forward unless and until you just become a topical commentator.

      1. No dice HR2?
        You don’t want to talk about CNN?
        The original HR is an open pellucid book. Nothing covert nor sub rosā here.
        Maybe your choice of moniker was a mistake? A mishap? A deception? A tantalizing titillation? Canned pre-fab sprouts?
        Forgive me if I take this somewhat personally.

      2. I interned with the CIA the same time as anderson cooper. Affiliation, none. Actually it was a joke when i first posted here i used your moniker and that was the first site that came to mind when i was gushing over judy wood’s work posing as you. Unfortunately craig also did not think that was clever, and so here we are. I also used a fake email so it probably wouldnt do any good trying to email me. Sorry to disappoint.

        1. So, fake CIA connections. Fake CNN connections. Fake email. Fake you.
          And a tiny little fake phone that bloodies your finger…
          And you are “sorry to disappoint” … hahahahahaha…
          Sure, now I get it HR2, Everything’s cool because everything is fake.
          Anyone who can “respect” both the covert entity Señor and myself has a schizoid idea of respect.

      3. HR2_Lite,
        I suppose the major disappointment is to be served redundancies as though they are fresh meat on the platter.
        Any apprentice researcher has been through this; these introductory “101” topics from the standard deck of cards.

        1. Welp, you are a hard man to please walter white, i mean walt whitman, i mean walter whitty. You sure are that; witty. Im sure even the painstaking, eon long studies you have put yourself through will ultimately still be considered “redundant” to some. Just remember pride always comes before the fall, big daddy. With that in mind, any comments on what the bunkers i mentioned previously might be for, or do you already have one so you dont care? Hopefully craig sees this comment is half in jest, and will be lenient with my self-deluded “cleverness”, just this once. {$miley face}

    4. My only current and active sock-puppet is “Señor El Once”, and it has been that way since we first locked horns. Period.
      When I’m retired like Mr. Rogue with lots of time on my hands, that’s when the world will have to worry about me using my talent, my creativity, and Ntrepid’s persona management software.
      Although Mr. HR2_Lite appears to be targeting Mr. Rogue, there is some overlay to suggest a targeting of me, too. After all, I’m the one professing to be religiously fanatical about Truth and have some heavy holy-roller leanings early in my published legacy. Most of the topics Mr. Lite brought up have indeed captured my fascination in the past as only it could a “duped useful idiot” such as myself… Almost as if it were a mind-meld, and I had to stop myself from twittering on T&S an “agreed” after most of his comments.

      Its all part of hegelian dialectics. If the reaction produces a known, desired response than it becomes all the more likely that the original problem was created in order to extract such a result in the first place. Repeated use of such tactics simply adds further credibility to this conclusion. Most of the major msm outlets are simply predictable, one-trick ponies in this regard and have only become increasingly obvious about such tactics in this vein. Also, the visual evidence of the militarization of law enforcement, as well as the silence of those likely involved are huge red flags.

      In this clever manner, a paranoid me could speculate a purposeful intention to mimick me while he pokes at Mr. Rogue in his naming homage and some discussion themes.
      I already know “about [Mr. Rogue’s] current views on 9/11, Judy Wood, and Fetzer,” so I don’t need to ask; I don’t need to go there and crank that carousel.
      Disinfo purpose? One possibility: To get Mr. Rogue to crank up an alias-ASSociation game about Lite and me, that will be annoying and tiring to the readership. Ultimately, though, enough PR will be spread such that poor behavior on Mr. Lite’s part gets him and me banned.
      Mr. Rogue wrote:

      Something tells me that this question from HR2 was meant for the Señor entity all along.

      I disagree.
      It’s one of those “Clinton triangulation” tactics. Moreover, Mr. Lite has indirectly expressed his mucky opinions of me. I fall into the category of “mucking up the forum with veritable novelesque length posts.”
      If I might dabble in the alias-ASSociation game, Mr. HR2_Lite has a pattern to his commenting activity and inactivity that also resembles activity periods of other T&S participants.
      Out of 140 total comments, Mr. Rogue commands 49% of them followed by Mr. HR2_Lite at 16.4%. Reminds me of a sock-puppet on another thread.
      P.S. Mr. Rogue, would you please create new blog postings dedicated to Mr. Lite as well as Mr. Tamborine Man and any others you engage here, because I don’t want your idle speculation into them and their anctics polluting your precious work dedicated to me. Treating us all as separate entities is the only fair thing to do, until you know for damn sure, like through an admission of such or other crafty measures.

      1. Aha, at last the infamous beancount. Marvelous, and the rest of the spillage is just as typical covert entity anal hurlant.
        The PR for my blog is again however, much appreciated.

      2. I would propose that if HR2 wants to play an open and sincere role on T&S, that he discard the “HR2″ costume and start anew with something more apropos.

      3. I know better than to poke a secret society member with a stick. No senor, i was referring to our good friend mr. Rogue, only in a lite-hearted manner though, as i have noted his affinity for the breaking bad tv show on other threads. I mean no disrespect, apologies if my humor is misinterpreted as such.

        1. I had a whole post typed up saying how i actually, to the contrary of what senor is inferring, greatly respect and admire him and rogue, and that neither am i here as a disruptor, disinfo, or doppleganger hack, but alas as i am typing on an itty bitty phone at this point, after it got lost in the interwebs, i had to resort to this paraphrased version. I like you both, as i gleaned from the hefty judy woods debate, senor has great integrity and intellectual honesty to follow the evidence, regardless of where it leads, and rogue has great depth of knowledge and a rapier wit to boot, which i get quite a chuckle from on a daily basis. Anywho, i still look forward to HR1’s insight into the aforementioned bunker debacle, if he cares to share.

      4. Btw senor, my brash post regarding novelesque posts was directed toward ruff, not yourself, and was simply my throwing a hissy fit due to my posts being deleted, and the fact that i had to scroll through ruff’s anecdote on my tiny phone by swiping down until my finger bleeds, hehe.

      5. Such a witty, inciteful, and convincing response, backed up with reams of substantiation in Mr. Rogue’s words:

        … the rest of the spillage is just as typical covert entity anal hurlant.

        Silence — or STFU — would have been more powerful.
        I talked about being targeted as well by Mr. Lite. Mr. Rogue responds:

        I look on in amused wonder as Maxweird gleefully stomps the trigger of every landmine I lay for him on T&S.

        Oooo! Landmines! Wow. Maybe Mr. Rogue should point them out.
        Odds are good that landmines laid by Mr. Rogue are in the very words of Mr. Lite. How did Mr. Rogue manage that?
        Because it won’t be determined that any other non-SEO alias ever active on T&S was me, Mr. Rogue should get a head start on treating all commenters as individuals, both here and on his blog. None will be happy to find themselves associated with me or the laundry-list of words that Mr. Rogue uses to describe me. So I repeat the humble request of Mr. Rogue:

        [P]lease create new blog postings dedicated to Mr. Lite as well as Mr. Tamborine Man, Mr. James Hufferd, Mr. Peter Sims, Mr. Ruff, and any others you engage here.

        [A]nyone who is hep to the program knows that agents of agitprop are made up in teams, and have technical backup.

        Teams?!! Of course. *Smacking palm to forehead*
        In Mr. Rogue’s case, a distinction needs to be made between ideological teammates and pincer teammates, the latter provides token opposition for Mr. Rogue to bully into submission. [Leave the door open for some being sock-puppets, possibly even talented and overly active Mr. Rogue.]
        Like a magician waving a meaningless wand to distract, Mr. Rogue innocently writes:

        I would advise that if HR2 wants to play an open and sincere role on T&S, that he discard the “HR2” costume and start anew with something more apropos.

        Mr. Rogue found nothing objectionable in Mr. Lite’s name when he gave his amused approval. Why now?
        Served its purpose? Or now serves to trip up? Like a landmine.

        1. It should be kept in mind by the Señor entity that as he has made the PR for the thread he copies and pastes from, that those words he drops here can be read in context there.
          It should also be kept in mind by the covert entity that I have nothing to answer to in his commentary.

          1. Right. Well this is just getting odd now. Guess ill just leave this one for craig to deal with until we can return to business as usual. Of course this very well could be business as usual, as it seems egos are fragile around here and apparently even when you attempt to compliment someone or ask a genuine question, it is inevitably seen as an antagonistic jab toward the one you are seeking answers from or heaping praises on. But perhaps it is simply a matter of my words not being posted, as it seems craig is away on vacation, so i will refrain from further comment until he can get us back on track.

        2. So now several new comments have landed on T&S from HR2. And we are supposed to take them at face value?
          Who’s face?
          Oh wait … NOW he is serious … {grin}
          How could this character suppose that everything would not be turned into a matter of “personalities”, when he stumbled on stage rouged as rogue, tap dancing and farting like the Señor, kissing asses while sticking pins in them?
          And now “Big Daddy” is a “hard man to please”…
          What dumbfuckery is this?
          No, really?

          1. Hybridrogue1,
            I removed a word from your comment that came right after “like the Señor.” I’m sure you know which one. This word is absolutely forbidden. For one, it breaks a rule that I have been very clear about: Changing someone’s name to mock or insult them is not allowed. Calling someone a nasty name of any kind is also not allowed. You managed to do both. Please refrain from doing this.

          1. –“I want this forum to be about genuine and productive discussion. Those who want the same thing are welcome.”~Craig McKee – 8/29/2014 AT 2:27 PM
            . . . . . . . . .
            I agree with Craig entirely. I have HR1blog for my personal analysis of the discussion process and those I find disingenuous and why. I can be quite satisfied with this arrangement going forward.
            Now I suggest that the Covert Entity Señor, read the entirety of Mr McKee’s comment of 2:27 PM. I suggest that he read it enough times over that he begins to understand the words put there in plain English.
            This is the last advice I have to offer the Covert Entity, on this thread.

          2. The above comment by Señor El Once was removed because it has nothing to do with the topic being discussed. I realize that SEO may not have seen my comment of Aug. 29 at 2:27 p.m. because it did not go at the bottom of the thread, which is where I wanted it to go. Here is just one of the ways that the comment did not meet the standard that I am trying to establish for this blog.
            I wrote: “I’m tired of the incessant inward-looking analysis of the discussion process itself. I don’t want to read about an exchange that took place on COTO or anywhere else.”
            Señor El Once takes Hybridrogue1 to task for his use of a certain word, which I had already removed from the comment. While the criticism of the use of this word was valid (and will be dealt with separately), it is not helpful to call attention to something that has already been removed by the moderator. I understand that some of you may see the email notification of a comment in your inbox, but it is important to make sure that you are not commenting on something that has been changed or removed.

          3. Dear Mr. McKee,
            I absolutely love what you did above with my comment from August 29, 2014 at 6:03 pm! And for justified reasons, I might add. It hasn’t been my intention to make you work as blog owner and moderator. So while I apologize for the purposeful infraction of decorum, I am grateful for your participation even if my hands are the ones being slapped.
            No worries on the Masonic front, Mr. McKee. I won’t be participating. At least not here. I will STFU and not engage that ping-pong conversation. Why?

            One caveat to this response right up front. My motivation for online {–edited–} debates is rather low; it has been quite the time suck. Not sure what I’d do if {–edited–} were let out on T&S. I’m trying to find other areas to apply myself. … I’m boinking and hitting a truther wall called “apathy.”

            The {–edited–} tag once referred to atomic things beginning with “N”, but it could just as well stand for a fraternal association beginning with “M”.
            Mr. McKee, because ludite Mr. Rogue admits to not using email notification, he does not have a copy of my infracting comment in his email box and its helpful WordPress hint about how to change the visibility of a posting from “Public” to “Password protected” or “Private”.

          4. “Even the Catholic Church of the Middle Ages was tolerant by modern standards. Part of the reason for this was that in the past no government had the power to keep its citizens under constant surveillance.”~Emmanuel Goldstein
            And this, “ludite Mr. Rogue” {Señor’s term} is well aware of the dangers of the technological society sublimated by the somnambulist masses, who are unaware that they are tools to technology and not the other way around.

          5. And I will point out that it is this point about the “entity of technology” that has ruled mankind for eons that Orwell was struggling to comprehend at the end of the first chapter of Goldstein’s, ‘The Theory and Practice of Oligarchical Collectivism’, and why it was at the point where it trails off unfinished with, [….] that we see that Orwell himself wasn’t clear on the “why” of the urge to stomp out individuality completely and forever. For it is not something the entity generated by technology can grasp or understand: the Human Soul.

          6. As to the “entity of technology”, I refer the reader to Jacques Ellul, THE TECHNOLOGICAL SOCIETY.

          7. Seo: I ultimately don’t know why you make a disclosure and then not want to dialogue on it. Why ring the bell? My training indicates that perhaps, you are ashamed by your association with this group. My former co-worker was a 33rd degree Scottish Rite Mason who left the ranks because he states the leadership was asking him to do things which he considered unethical.
            I have a friend that works near a Masonic lodge with a sign of the baphomet on the second story in a very rural town in the Midwest. This symbol seems to contradict a commercial of the Michigan Masons of “Building better men.” It appears this fraternal order has more to do than just make personal and professional contacts.

      6. Dear Mr. HR2_Lite,
        Bummer that an untimely release of your comments from the moderation queue would make some of my comments very embarrassing in their ignorance, tone, and “sock-puppet” undertones towards you. I apologize.
        Technically, every alias posting here is a sock-puppet of someone. The intrigue is whether or not someone is pulling the strings on multiple puppets in the same show. Obviously, you and I agree that we aren’t the same person, a fact that Mr. Rogue finds hard to swallow. In my books, Mr. Rogue and you aren’t the same, either.
        Sorry for my inferences of such in my comments.
        But, Mr. Lite, that doesn’t mean we can’t lead Mr. Rogue into believing that we’re conspiring together.
        Regarding Masonry, you wrote:

        Also seemed very sycophantic at times toward the higher degrees, when i know damn well some of those elders covered in gold and fancy regalia are terrified those in the blue lodge will find out they really dont know anything special after all (frater x alludes to this).

        El-oh-el! I understand how you got your impressions, but I disagree. Other than the honorary 33rd degree of the Scottish Rite, the “sycophantic” show is ~not~ to the “higher degrees”, because after the effort (3 months to 1+ years, YMMV) to go through the three Blue Lodge degrees, receiving the additional 29 degrees of the Scottish Rite or the additional 9 or so degrees of the York Rite can be (and is) done over two or three days on their respective “Reunion Weekends” once or twice a year… But only if the Master Mason in good standing petitions for these degrees. In fact, with the Master Mason degree from the Blue Lodge alone, you are on the level with all others. Those additional degrees aren’t something that gets lorded over the others who haven’t pursued membership in those affiliate Masonic bodies.
        The “sycophantic” show at those open meetings or public ceremonies is toward the office that the Mason holds, or held, in the Blue Lodge or the region’s Grand Lodge as a sign of respect. “Those elders covered in gold and fancy regalia” are held in esteem for their good character and their services to the fraternity, not because any other Mason thinks those elders might know something special (e.g., conspiracy secrets) and holds them in awe.

        Although the rumor is circulating that the scottish rite is strong-arming the fraternity pretty much world wide, if you put any stock in what james wright is saying.

        I don’t know who James Wright is. World-wide strong-arming of the fraternity by the Scottish Rite? Can’t happen. In certain countries, or in certain regions of certain countries, maybe this has some stilted remnants of truth. Not in my neck of the woods, though, and by experience and logical extension, not true for most lodges nation-wide (USA).

        Btw senor, my brash post regarding novelesque posts was directed toward ruff…

        Ah, yes, but I can elbow my way into the discussion and freely admit that “novelesque posts”, or at least applies to me, too. That’s why I found it good to adopt a closing // signature (a “leaning-eleven”), so that bleeding fingers will know when to stop scrolling.
        Because new email accounts can be set up with gmail so easily, because email accounts can be associated with one another, because email accounts can forward messages to other email accounts, and because email filters can be very helpful for forums like this, I don’t see the point in registering with a fake email when a real email address gives you the benefits of notifications. Mr. Ruff’s anecdote and any of my guilty tomes are much easier to skip (no bloody swiping required) from your email client.
        Here’s a bone that I know Mr. Rogue will chew on: I have ~many~ email accounts for historic or web admin reasons. But most of them are forwarded down to two gmail accounts that I can monitor with my Samsung phone. I prefer using gmail at a computer with a full keyboard, but recently got Swype for the phone that could technically compose decent looking messages almost fast… errr, faster than finding a computer in my man cave away from family activities. Haven’t crossed that barrier of using telephone to participate in forum discussions yet, except with a single accidental reply to a notification message (instead of the intended forward) that saw it get posted and live.

    5. Dear Mr. OwenMeister, You wrote:

      I am saddened to read that you are a Mason… I kind of feel let down here… this [Masonic affiliation] feels like a deal breaker.

      We’ve had no deals to be broken. I’ve never encouraged readers to take any of my words at face value; vet and validate them, and correct me where I’m wrong.
      You bring up a fair point:

      I ultimately don’t know why you make a disclosure [about being a Mason] and then not want to dialogue on it. Why ring the bell?

      I was correcting the record.

      My training indicates that perhaps, you are ashamed by your association with this group.

      Your training aside, were there something to be ashamed of in my Masonic association, certainly I wouldn’t have been exposing such a weakness for my debate partners to have a field day with.

      My former co-worker was a 33rd degree Scottish Rite Mason who left the ranks because he states the leadership was asking him to do things which he considered unethical.

      Just to be clear, the 33rd degree is an honorary degree based on character and service to the organization. Not everyone gets it. I doubt I ever will, because my consistery is an hour away making increased participation a challenge.
      Please verify, though, that your former co-worker was indeed a 33rd degree Scottish Rite Mason and not a similar sounding 32nd degree. It is of significance. Without details of what he considered unethical, I can’t really comment. Although Masons endeavor to be “on the level and square” with their brethren, egos do come into play sometimes, particularly when dealing with lodge tradition and the needs of modern (young) Masons.

      I have a friend that works near a Masonic lodge with a sign of the baphomet on the second story in a very rural town in the Midwest. This symbol seems to contradict a commercial of the Michigan Masons of “Building better men.”

      No contradiction, because your understanding of the occult that also uses the baphomet does not encompass Masonic meaning of such.
      Prime numbers 1, 3, 5, 7, 11, etc. are found in the rituals and ceremonies of religions and groups throughout history and the world, not just in the Masonic degrees. Circles, triangles, squares, pentagons (5 pointed stars), hexagons (6 pointed stars), etc. are pretty fundamental in nature and not exclusively in the domain of one idealogy.
      “Building better men.” Or “taking a good man and making him better.” This is the dastardly overt plan of masonry, and doesn’t require any involvement of the Scottish or York Rite. “It appears this fraternal order has more to do than just make personal and professional contacts.” Exactly.
      After “ringing the bell,” your response from August 30, 2014 at 4:18 am is a good example of why someone would “not want to dialogue on it.” You write as if it had some over-arching significance:

      Aleister Crowley was a Mason. What a fine, upstanding moral specimen he turned out to be.

      I’m not defending Aleister Crowley (1875-1947) or U.S. Army Col. John Chivington, a Methodist preacher, as well as a freemason (1821-1894) who gained infamy for leading a 700-man force of Colorado Territory militia during the massacre at Sand Creek in November 1864. I look to neither for moral guidance.
      But when modern day sensibilities are imposed on Chivington, why aren’t we saying that Chivington’s association to the Methodist Christian religion caused him to massacre the indians?
      Mr. Meister, you write:

      I am not a Mason and am on the outside looking in. However, the poor reputation of the Masons is well-deserved.

      You are outside looking in. I’m inside. Not only do I see what you don’t, also I don’t see what you imagine must be taking place in the areas that you can’t see [until you should petition and learn it rightfully, as all brothers and fellows have done before.]
      I disagree with your assessment about a well-deserved poor reputation. Most of that poor reputation has been echo-chamber hyped by others on the outside looking in and looking for a bone to pick. For many decades (if not centuries), the tactic recommended by Grand Officers of a region was to “not engage” or “not feed the trolls” or “don’t get into arguments with those who, through ignorance, may ridicule Masonry.” The record hasn’t been corrected.
      In my experience (so far), I’ve encountered no dark corners in the teachings of Masonry including Scottish or York Rites. If darkness seemed to develop in the actions of men who were also Masons: so it is, has been, and will be in all organizations and endeavors of men. Don’t conflate the actions of individuals of an organization (isolated in history) with the organization and all its membership throughout all time.
      My original comment from August 27, 2014 at 12:42 pm should be reviewed:

      Sure, there was a time (with a peak in the 1930’s or so) when many of the movers and shakers of a community were active in the Masonic fraternity and when such affiliation had greasing abilities to personal or business ventures. Today the same could be said about any social organization, from church to country club memberships. … Differences between regions, differences between lodges, differences between individuals determine what influence such affiliation might have beyond the lodge walls and where “infiltration and subversion” might have been ripe in various eras. Old stories of Masonic influences from centuries past, I don’t doubt, but doesn’t make it a given today.

      You wrote:

      [A 33rd degree Scottish Rite Mason] finally admitted the higher level Masons are revealed who is the light bringer and it isn’t Jesus. It’s Lucifer.

      Having all 29 Scottish Rite degrees communicated or explified over a single weekend can be overwhelming. My hazy recollection was of one character in one degree (or play) that had any association with Lucifer. In context, it made a lot of sense. In context, it wasn’t about worshipping Lucifer. It was a theatrical element: protagonist and antognist.
      Three side notes:
      (1) The only requirement for membership besides already being a good man and being willing to be better, is for the candidate to have a belief in a higher power. Lodge brethren have been obligated on the Koran and the Vedas (holy book of the Hindu), not just the Bible.
      (2) “Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!” really pisses me off when I hear various sects (e.g., Methodist, Catholics, Baptists, etc.) talking. They miss some very core tenants from the instructions of this teacher and healer. To those core tenants I am true, making me a Christian, but not a Christian of the intolerant “Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!” ilk.
      (3) Former World Bank Senior Council Says A “Second Species” On Earth Controls Money & Religion
      I’m still on the fence regarding #3, but it is a correlation that my private research has run across before. The Bible takes on new meaning when “alien manipulation” is overlayed, as do some meaning from Masonic lessons. [Disclaimer: This is me as an individual talking, and not on behalf of any institution of which I may be a member.]
      Newtonian Calculus, physics, Pathagorus, Laplace Transforms, Fourier Transforms, Einstein’s theory of relativity, Maxwell’s equations for fields and waves, … this can be some pretty trippy stuff. Being the first one to “discover it” is rather mind-blowing.

      1. Thank for the kind reply. You appear to be a nice person and pardon the patronage aside, I am concerned that you are playing with fire. Though ultimately we going to have some differences of opinion on the matter, I would never take you to task in the shame-based way that others do here in their process of correcting.
        To be fair to myself, it is hard to study with precise accuracy the machinations of the Masons as historically they have been such an insular organization. History has shown that Masons are unkind to traitors. Having been a Christian most of my life, I have learned that the only path to salvation is through Jesus and no other. I believe that Masonry wants to create an alternative to this. The problem with this generalized higher power is that it can be anything, including what I mentioned previously. The New Age mantra is to create your path; in Christianity, Jesus has created the path to follow.
        I noticed that you either ignored or overlooked that Albert Pike was a Mason and the only Confederate general to have a statute in Washington. That speaks volumes, don’t you think? He wrote a letter to a friend or colleague between 1871 and 1881 detailing the steps to all three world wars, including WWIII. Don’t you think he had some insider information or he was quite prescient? He described in quite accurate detail what is happening for WWIII to come about a century before it happened.
        Crowley was not some obscure private in Napoleon’s army. Far from it. This guy’s evil and wicked ways are still creating ripple effects to this day. I’m sorry, I don’t think this can be brushed under a rug. This isn’t an isolated man or event in history. People are slowly wising up.
        I do agree with you that many who say Lord, Lord will be rebuffed by Jesus. You have to walk the walk and walk the righteous path. I don’t like hypocrites and attempt to avoid being one.
        I enjoy dialoguing with you and look forward to it in the future.

      2. Dear Mr. OwenMeister,
        Before I get started, I posted a link [Former World Bank Senior Council Says A “Second Species” On Earth Controls Money & Religion] in my last posting whose importance I now must recant after taking the time to listen to her interview. It ends up being a great example of a limited-hangout, a PR effort to distract from something. Whether or not mathematical humanids with big heads are that second species controlling money and religion, this former world bank senior council had no first-hand, personal interaction with or knowledge of such entities. At that point, many of her other claims start to fall flat as well.
        On to the topic of Masonry, you wrote:

        To be fair to myself, it is hard to study with precise accuracy the machinations of the Masons as historically they have been such an insular organization.

        Historically, Masonic history is just as muddled and transitional as any other institituion. The worthy tenants survive generation to generation, but each era stamps its own mark on Masonic reputation just as each era’s sensibilities and comforts transform how the business is carried out in its level of zeal.
        I am partial to the book by William Bramley called “The Gods of Eden”, because he comes up with an over-arching term “The Brotherhood” to help tie together over centuries the many different forms and names of the “behind-the-scenes string-pullers.” To equate the long-history of the Brotherhood with Masonry is a mistake that sometimes even Masons make. The formalized lodge structure and rituals isn’t that old (e.g., 1700’s from England). [I’m not a Masonic scholar, so don’t hold me to dates.] As it passed from country to country, generation to generation, things changed. Bramley’s brotherhood co-opted at times (but not “all” times) Masonry, just as it did everything else.
        I don’t dispute the charge of “insular organization”, but it isn’t all what it seems. The truth of the matter is that masonic temples are clearly marked. Other than being creepy, you could spy all who enter such a building; it isn’t as if they enter through secret entrances. [I don’t, but…] many wear masonic jewelry and have bumper-stickers on their cars. It isn’t as if they hide their affiliations. Worse, you could go to a bookstore [like the Tattered Cover] or on the Internet and acquire masonic literature, even down to every word (supposed to be) spoken to a candidate during their initiation. You could find Trestle Boards with the planned activities of the lodge, as well as possibly even minutes of regular lodge meetings [most likely historical] and in its cryptic words learn of the boring tedium of its activities: who’s doing what for the school recognition night, for the widow’s luncheon, for the upcoming degrees, for the pot-luck, etc.
        Modern masonry very much fits into the realm of the “open secret”. Outsiders speculate that what they’ve discovered can’t be it, can’t be the whole thing! They imagine that so much more must be involved. In terms of a masonic agenda from the degrees and meetings, this assumption would be wrong. That is it. Its boundaries are well circumscribed.
        However, a lodge is made up of its members. Their connections with one another as they endeavor to do their duties “to God, their neighbor, and themselves” would be the “closed secrets” that aren’t shared with all and may be only a few. [It can be supportive to discuss various personal matters with understanding adult males sworn as brothers and not worry about it getting back around to your better-half or boss or whomever.]

        History has shown that Masons are unkind to traitors.

        The obligations are extreme but not enforced in modern times. Show me a mover-and-shaker organization today or at any point in history that isn’t unkind to traitors!

        Having been a Christian most of my life, I have learned that the only path to salvation is through Jesus and no other.

        [Not Masonic teachings:] Jesus probably didn’t even exist as a real person. Ancient ancient history shows many examples of people who were Jesus-like. Their stories were combined and merged into one “composite Jesus” with dates purposely munged to co-opt other groups. For example, nothing in the Bible supports the contention that such a Jesus was born on December 25. His alleged birth was arbitrarily set on that date to co-opt pagan Winter solstice celebrations as well as Jewish Hannika and other thing.
        This doesn’t take away from the inspiration one can find from a “composite Jesus” or from undoubtedly the several real people long forgotten who did the wonders attributed to the “composite Jesus.” However, it flies in the face of “no other [salvation].”

        I believe that Masonry wants to create an alternative to this.

        This belief is wrong. Were you to take the obligations of a Mason, none of it would interfere in the least with your [misguided] beliefs of “salvation is through Jesus and no other.” Masonry is not an alternative religion.

        The problem with this generalized higher power is that it can be anything, including what I mentioned previously. The New Age mantra is to create your path; in Christianity, Jesus has created the path to follow.

        It isn’t a problem, because Masonry isn’t a religion. It augments whatever religion or spiritual views you bring to the table. Religion and politics aren’t discussed and aren’t gating features.
        [Not speaking as a mason] I abhor your statement “in Christianity, Jesus has created the path to follow.” Screw that! The “composite Jesus” created a path to follow. We all must make our own human footsteps.

        I noticed that you either ignored or overlooked that Albert Pike was a Mason and the only Confederate general to have a statute in Washington.

        So what? Are you saying that being a Confererate General made him unworthy of honor? That he conducted his forces in a manner more dishonorable than the North? Or are you saying that just affiliation with Masonry was sufficient to put him above others leaders from the Confererate Army? [I write this with profound ignorance as to the exact military deeds of Pike were. Statutes can honor other things than war.]
        Remove your modern-day sensibilities. The civil war was entirely about commerce. The whites in power didn’t give a shit about the human rights of negros, indians, chinese, etc. The war wasn’t fought to “free the slaves”, but to prevent slavery from advancing into the new territories being stolen from the Indians and Spain, whereby the near-zero cost of slave labor in both the South and the new Western territories would have destroyed the industries and economies of the North (and East). The war was won by the North, so they got to write and re-write a glorified version of history about it being about “freeing the slaves” from the get-go.

        That speaks volumes, don’t you think? He wrote a letter to a friend or colleague between 1871 and 1881 detailing the steps to all three world wars, including WWIII. Don’t you think he had some insider information or he was quite prescient? He described in quite accurate detail what is happening for WWIII to come about a century before it happened.

        I’m sorry, but my education was evidently insufficient, because I know nothing of the WWIII that Pike was said to have foretold “a century before it happened.” How could I have missed it? The most I know about is Brad Pitt’s “World War Z”.
        Humor aside, Albert Pike wrote “Morals and Dogma”, which is a cumbersome tome about comparative religions as understood by Pike in 1872.

        “Morals and Dogma” has been described as “a collection of thirty-two essays which provide a philosophical rationale for the degrees of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite. The lectures provided a backdrop for the degrees by giving lessons in comparative religion, history and philosophy”.

        The first key phrase is “Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite. It is not the philosophical rationale for “Ancient Free and Accept Masons”, or Masonry. This is a huge destinction.
        An equivalent hypothetical example would be to extrapolate to all departments of an entire institution of higher learning — from Art to Engineering — things contained in the hardly-read essays of one philosophy professor in one department from… 1872!!! Not even 1972, but 1872!!!
        I have an old copy of “Morals and Dogma”. I use it mostly to prop up a computer monitor in my man cave. I’ve read about as many pages of it as I have of my copy of Adolf Hitler’s “Mein Kampf” in German. Like the King James Bible, both are very tiresome to read being products of their respective eras in terms of language and mindset. [The latter was purchased new in the US in 2000 or so. Therefore it wouldn’t surprise me if it has some sort of tracking device in the cover, maybe in the hopes of it leading authorities to some radical white supremacy militia. You couldn’t buy it in Germany, which was part of its allure for me when I stumbled upon it in the very small shelf space allocated to books in foreign languages. That and my efforts to be objective in reviewing actual source material and not 2nd- and 3rd-hand interpretations.]

        Crowley was not some obscure private in Napoleon’s army. Far from it. This guy’s evil and wicked ways are still creating ripple effects to this day.

        Really? If what you say is true, it ain’t happening through Masonry. That’s what you need to get through your head. Aleister Crowley founded a religion (Thelema) and is highly influential in occult circles. That is not Masonry and happened well after becoming a Mason. That is neither the blue lodges, Scottish Rite, nor York Rite. If you want to draw accurate connections, it would be that Crowley borrowed from his Masonic education and incorporated modified versions of the same into whatever tangent Thelema or the occult would take it. Doesn’t mean that his divergent premises has crept back and taken over the masonic sources. Yet this is exactly what your ignorance implies.
        It’s just as erronous as saying: “So-and-so studied [subject] at [university] and went on to be a famous mass murderer. Obviously, the [university] in particular those in [subject] have re-adopted so-and-so’s mindset, turning them throughout all generations into mass murderers too.”
        Stated another way: One cause and effect was masonry influencing Crowley; no question. However it is erroneous to say or imply that in turn Crowley went on to become a cause to affect the foundation of masonry. Ain’t so.

        I do agree with you that many who say Lord, Lord will be rebuffed by Jesus.

        Actually, you don’t agree with me. If Jesus the man ever lived, Jesus the man is dead. He ain’t rebuffing no one. Conflating Jesus with God is one of the things from the “Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!” crowd that totally pisses me off!
        Assuming Jesus existed as told in the bible, Christians are correct that in his day and age and geographic location, he probably best reflected and demonstrated the power of Love (=God). Others in history also demonstrated such spirituality and purity. Jesus’s promise to his followers — including those of today — was that we all individually could achieve what he did and more. God is infinite, but cannot be so limited and confined into a single mortal being, as the religiously misguided Christians do by proclaiming “Lord is Jesus! Jesus is Lord! God is Jesus!”
        Fuck that shit. Making Jesus equivalent to God — putting the infinite into a mortal finite — isn’t just a grave symmantic error. It puts Jesus’s wonders, miracles, spirituality, love beyond our grasps to do as he did, because… “D’uh… Jesus is God but we ain’t so don’t even try. And if you don’t go through our surrogates of the Church, you’re fucking damned to hell.”
        Parallels exist between “Jesus being God” and “Washington D.C. corruption.” D.C. is so far away from most citizens, we tend to feel it is outside of our power to effect change, so we don’t even try. Cognitive dissonance and best not to even think about it. “Jesus being God”, like D.C. being so far away, puts Jesus and his deeds into another class that we surely will never reach, because we don’t feel like Gods. So why bother?

        I am concerned that you are playing with fire.

        Your concern for my well being is appreciated but is without foundation as far as the influence of Masonry is concerned.
        Meanwhile, based on the indoctrination your “Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!” religion has subjected you to, I am concerned that you are playing with fire. It certainly limits your objectivity.

  29. I have a few options to consider where the comments section of this blog is concerned. I could simply not allow comments at all (this was suggested to me by a prominent figure in the Truth Movement a couple of years back). This is, in many ways, a delightful prospect.
    I could return to moderating all comments before allowing them to be posted. This would mean waits of anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours (particularly during the work day) before comments would appear. This does not particularly appeal to me but it would keep certain types of comments from appearing before I see them.
    Or maybe I should just publish a list of inflexible rules. And breaking any of these rules would result in being returned to moderation or being banned altogether.
    I’m tired of the incessant inward-looking analysis of the discussion process itself. I don’t want to read about an exchange that took place on COTO or anywhere else. I don’t care what you all think of each other. And I don’t care about which of you can out-clever the other. Frankly, I’m getting sick of clever. I’ll take sincerity over clever any day. And based on how many people are regularly commenting here of late, I think I’m not alone.
    I want this forum to be about genuine and productive discussion. Those who want the same thing are welcome.

  30. http://www.globalresearch.ca/vanishing-airliners-isis-and-911-timing-is-crucial-in-politics/5399234
    “Timing is crucial in politics.
    Therefore, when events transpire, they can often be as important as what transpires. This article discusses reasons as to why the timing of certain very recent events pertaining to vanishing aircraft and ISIS is highly suspicious.
    The very trustworthy MSM has just informed us that 11 commercial jet airliners vanished two weeks ago from an airport in Tripoli, Libya. Evidently, U.S. intelligence has just gotten around to informing citizens of the event. A couple of observations should be made before we get to the discussion of timing. It is a fact that nanosatellite technology with “night vision” capability has been available, and even publicly discussed, since as early as 1997. Furthermore, the National Reconnaissance Office, which spawns these devices, recently assigned a mission patch proclaiming that “Nothing is Beyond Our Reach” to a 2013 payload containing “Government Experimental Multi-Satellite” objects.”~Jason Kissner
    If we put this article together with the James Tracy article just above, I think we have a situation worth watching.
    The analysis so far seems to be might be a dramatic event – not in the US, but overseas perhaps Middle East, but possibly in Europe…???
    This would be a pretext for not only pursuing ISIS with all due force, but a further tighting of the Homeland Security State.
    The thinking is 9/11 as a symbolic redux.
    Maybe yes – Maybe no – But certainly Maybe.

  31. The “Peace Process” never reaching the end, has only one goal as its agenda; the complete and total end of Palestine.~ww
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
    Resistance versus Negotiation in Palestine: Fatah is Forcing The Palestinian Presidency to Choose “Peace with Israel”
    By Nicola Nasser – Global Research, September 15, 2014
    “President Mahmoud Abbas and the Fatah movement, which he commands, have unleashed a media campaign against Hamas and the resistance. If pressure from the Palestinian public fails to stop the campaign, Abbas may achieve politically what Israel failed to achieve militarily: forcing the Palestinian presidency to choose “peace with Israel ” over national reconciliation.
    It appears that President Abbas has, indeed, prioritised “peace with Israel .” He has devised plans for resuming negotiations, and is still banking on American support for such talks. This is the only explanation for the current anti-Hamas media campaign.
    Abbas sent his negotiators — Saeb Erekat, Majed Faraj and Maen Erekat — to Washington, where they met with US Secretary of State John Kerry a week ago last Wednesday. US State Department spokesperson Jen Psaki described the more than two-hour meeting as “constructive”. Abbas then prepared to obtain an Arab mandate, which seems guaranteed in advance, for his plans from the 142nd session of the Arab foreign ministers conference, held in Cairo this week.”~Nicola Nasser

    1. Enjoy the crisp, Fall weather. I’ve also been amazed when that far North how the length of day changes noticeably day-to-day in August and September.

  32. AE911TRUTH and David Chandler have posted another video proving what we already know that WTC 7 was brought down with explosives:
    I left the following comment on the video on the youtube comment section (unfortunately my computer was logged into my sisters google+ account and I posted it before I realized, but the comment is from me.):
    “It is really a shame David that you are unable to apply your analysis skills to the pentagon issue. You have effectively proven the case here for the demolition of WTC 7 which is commendable. However it has long been very well known that all the towers were brought down with explosives. Sure the government and media and in particular NIST are flagrant liars and are intentionally covering up the truth but that is also something we have known for a long time. The pentagon evidence however is not as well known partly thanks to your efforts to suppress it. The evidence of a staged crime scene at the pentagon is overwhelming and your dishonest and debunked arguments against that evidence are a blemish on your credibility as an honest 9/11 researcher. This issue is not going away David so why don’t you man up and either debate it in public with CIT or have the honor and integrity to retract your debunked and discredited position on the pentagon?”

    1. –”The investigation cited as evidence the claim that no blast was audible on recordings of the collapse [of WTC-7] and that no blast was reported by witnesses, stating that it would have been audible at a level of 130-140 decibels at a distance of half a mile.”–The conclusion from NIST
      . . . . . . . . . . .
      This is nonsense; this sentence would only be true if restated: ‘At a level of 130-140 decibels AT SOURCE, it would be AUDIBLE at a distance of half a mile.’
      Even being some block or so away the volume of the blast would attenuate significantly. The loudness of dB falls off exponentially by distance.
      “Intensity and Distance
      • Sounds get quieter (less loud) the further you get from their source
      • Easy to see that in a free field, the power per unit area falls with square of
      the distance
      • Or in decibel terms, falls by 6dB every doubling of distance.
      • Objective and subjective scale of sound quantity
      • Sound Pressure Level scale (dBSPL)
      – logarithmic ratio scale
      – with a reference at the threshold of hearing
      – which is convenient, standard, and closer to our perceptions of loudness.”
      . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
      It is also the case that dB cannot be measured from a sound recording:
      It is IMPOSSIBLE to measure dB from a sound recording. One can only measure the decibels of a live sound. Anyone that doesn’t get this is simply ignorant of the mechanics of sound recording.
      It is in the nature of any recorded medium, that it is in fact an artifact, it is not the thing itself. This artifact has only the relations to other artifacts contained in the medium the record was made in.
      With a sound recording these relationships are set and cannot be separated. The loudness or dB will then depend solely on the playback mechanism, the VU meter registering the settings on the playback.

  33. In his new book “The 2001 Anthrax Deception,” Dr. Graeme MacQueen, co-editor of the Journal of 9/11 Studies, lays out the case for a domestic conspiracy in the 2001 anthrax attacks in the US. In this conversation, James and Graeme discuss the context in which these attacks happened, the way they were portrayed by the government and the mainstream media, their ultimate effect, and the voluminous evidence that disproves the FBI’s assertion that the attacks were the work of Dr. Bruce Ivins.~Corbett Report

  34. “As bombs start dropping in Syria and Iraq, the world is once again being asked to cower in fear of a shadowy terror group that most people hadn’t heard of just a few months ago. But even the most cursory examination of ISIS’s past, its connections, and the actors populating it reveal a very different story than the one we are being asked to believe in. Fake terrorists. Foreign backers. False flags. Meet the new boogeyman, same as the old boogeyman.” ~ James Corbett

  35. Just so anyone concerned knows; my email address doesn’t work that you may have.
    I will give my new one out when I have a secure way to do so,

  36. THE FERGUSON PSYOP … another to add to the historical roster. “Predictive Programming” is the effect created by obvious DESIGN, it is a technique of pumping tension in escalating stages. an essential part of this is indeed agents provocateur, the acts of violence cannot be left to the crowd to initiate if it is to happen at a precise moment as this clearly shows it was.
    And the obvious Hegelian “solution” to this contrived “problem” is the re-upping the Agenda, as per Obama’s new list of law being presented directly on the heels of these events. Yes as the narrator remarked the continuing exponential hardening of the Police State.
    The very fact of real-time counter analysis by researchers such as those producing this video present a pressing problem for the Deep State perpetrators. Now we await the “solution” to that “problem” – which will certainly come in the guise of euphemisms and rhetorical distraction.

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