Angry words exchanged as 9/11 feature collapses: Sheen and Harrelson never signed contracts

This version of the poster features several actors who had never agreed to appear. Used in accordance with Section 107 (Fair Use) of U.S. Copyright Law.

By Craig McKee
Just a month after it was announced to the world, the 9/11 feature film September Morn, based on a script from first-time screenwriter Howard Cohen, is dead.
At least in its current form.
The project fell apart over the past couple of weeks after Cohen’s partners in the production, Fleur de Lis Film Studios, announced on Oct. 16 that the film would go ahead with stars Woody Harrelson and Martin Sheen even though neither had formally committed themselves to the project (The announcement received considerable media attention, including an article in The Huffington Post).
In fact, a full cast was announced even though some actors had not even been approached to appear. The cast also featured Ed Asner and Daniel Sunjata, who have been very supportive from the beginning.
The two main combatants in this dispute, Cohen and Fleur de Lis president BJ Davis (who was to be the director of the film), both claim that the other was falsely claiming that Harrelson and Sheen were attached to the project when they were not. Both blamed each other for the collapse of the film in interviews I did with them this week.
Among those who had never been contacted were Valerie Harper, Michelle Phillips, and Dick Gregory. Cohen says these were just people who were being considered for roles. According to Cohen, letters of intent to be in the film had been signed by Judd Nelson, John Heard, Nick Mancuso, Joseph Culp, Paul Cross, as well as Asner and Sunjata prior to Fleur de Lis becoming involved.
Cohen says Davis announced the cast when he knew the stars had not signed a contract or even accepted an offer. He says money was being raised for the film under false pretenses as a result. Davis denies this and counter-attacks, saying that it was Cohen who was falsely claiming that these two actors had agreed to appear and that he sold his script on that basis.
In a public statement, Davis wrote: “In order to induce our company’s purchase of his screenplay, Cohen falsely represented that Woody Harrelson and Martin Sheen (as well as number of other prominent actors) agreed to star in the film. We were assured that our formal offers for the feature film “September Morn” would serve to formalize the alleged attachments.”
“We relied on Howard Cohen’s good intentions,” Davis said in the interview.
But Cohen says this is completely false and that both Harrelson and Sheen had indeed agreed to appear, although they had not been signed officially. He says that Davis stated in an Aug. 4 email that it was important to get Harrelson and Sheen formally locked up.
“Let’s coordinate for me to call Woody and Martin’s reps to get them on board officially” the email from Davis to Cohen read. Cohen says this proves that Davis knew the actors were not attached to the project formally and that he had no right to announce that they were.
Cohen says that over the 10 weeks that followed the Aug. 4 email, neither actor was contacted. Only after the press release announcing that the film was going ahead with them in the leads were formal offers extended to any of the performers. The offer to Martin Sheen went out Oct. 19 with an expiry date of Oct. 29. Sheen did not respond to the offer.
Cohen says Davis has been in the film business long enough to know that you can’t announce a cast until the actors have formally committed themselves to the project. He adds that Davis was talking about starting to shoot the film even though he had not signed Screen Actors Guild contracts for any cast members.
Davis says he was led to believe that both stars were on board when Fleur de Lis entered into their agreement with Cohen on Aug. 2. He says that Cohen was telling people for months that both had agreed to be in the film, which he says neither star had agreed to. He goes further, saying that the representatives of both stars state that Cohen never had permission to use their names in promoting the film.
Cohen denies this, saying that both stars were very enthusiastic about the film. He says that if Sheen is upset now about having been mentioned on the Actors and Artists for 9/11 Truth web site it was not because of any intent on Cohen’s part to mislead anyone.
“At the time I did not see it as a problem,” he says, “but in retrospect, I can see how Martin’s people would object to it now – considering the lies Davis has been making to them about me.”
Cohen admits that his original online wording (on the Actors and Artists for 9/11 Truth web site) stating that these and other actors had agreed to appear was not proper Hollywood terminology. He says this is why he changed the wording to “expressed an interest in” several months ago.
A dispute also exists over Cohen’s script, which he had agreed to sell to Davis’s company for $10,000. Cohen says he did receive $4,500 of that amount with the balance due on the first day of shooting. Cohen is now offering it to anyone for free; all you have to do is go to and download the pdf.
“In a direct violation of his contractual obligations, Cohen printed and maliciously disseminated a work-in-progress to sabotage the project, incurring huge legal and financial liabilities for himself,” Davis said in a statement.
Davis says Cohen didn’t own the script outright and had no right to give it away. But Cohen counters that he offered to return the $4,500 or to give up the script entirely upon receipt of the $5,500 balance, but Davis refused both.
Cohen adds that Davis tried to get Cohen to sign a new agreement that would have him turn over copyright of the script to Fleur de Lis prior to full payment. Cohen says he would never agree to this because he wanted to be certain that the money to make the film would be raised before he agreed to give up control of the script.
Davis also accuses Cohen of making outrageous financial demands. Cohen’s contract called for him to receive one-third of Fleur de Lis’s share of the film’s profits.
“Howard’s contract included point participation, which was to come out of the back end profit (in addition to being paid for the screenplay, which he was),” Davis wrote to me in an email.
“Instead of receiving his additional points when the film makes money (per the contract), he sent us a “cease and desist” notice, to prevent the company from going forward with the film, unless we pay him 1/3 of the production budget up front, on the first day of filming.”
Cohen denies this as well, saying it would not have been in his interest to insist on anything so ridiculous. He says the only payment he was to receive on the first day of shooting was the balance of the $10,000 for the script.
Cohen says the vision he and Davis had for getting the film shown was quite different. Davis was looking to get theatrical distribution while Cohen says he would have been happier with a television deal that would have led to more people seeing the film. He says that it was unlikely that the film would ever have received wide theatrical distribution.
It’s important to point out at this stage that a 9/11 film called September Morn may still be made by Fleur de Lis at some point (the official web site is still up but the plot summary listed is new and Cohen’s name is gone). Davis, who is working on a new script with his wife, Julia Davis, says the new film will call for answers about 9/11 and justice for the victims and their families, which Cohen’s also did.
The difference is that while the Cohen script followed more of a “12 Angry Men” type of minimalist scenario, the Davis story will be a more traditional Hollywood story, even including a love interest. Meanwhile, Cohen says he is looking into other ways to produce his script, including a possible presentation on the Internet that would be structured like a play reading.
More about this dispute is certain to come out in the days ahead. For now there are two possible 9/11 projects instead of one – but no certainty that either of them will ever be made.
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  1. That’s all right. 9/11 dissidence hits a snag from time to time. Producing a movie is a long project, with many obstacles in its path. Better to experience a nasty fight at its inception than at its release.

  2. Typical Hollywood brouhaha.
    I think 9/11 being presented as a dramatic movie is very dangerous. Unless someone with the guts and vision that JFK was done with, it could turn out to be crude and cheesy.
    Also, I don’t think most people are convinced by dramatic presentations unless they are already aware of the facts. By the time JFK came out I think most people already had a good idea that it was a conspiracy that took him out. With 9/11 the MSM has kept a tight reign on the leakage, even to this day.
    I think a well constructed and very professionally delivered documentary would be more powerful. There have been some pretty good ones already, but the real masterpiece is yet to be made. And it would need just the right promo campaign and assured distribution deals. The last part is the mighty hurdle to get over.
    I’ll have to see Cohen’s script before critiquing it…but I wasn’t all that impressed with his ‘vision’ when I read your first article on it. Needless to say, my excitement about the prospects of the film was never high. And the name…??? Doodoo.

    1. Of course they don’t know the facts, the point is to get the word out through a public vehicle…just show them the guy from abc news who was first on the scene and stated he didn’t see any piece of a plane and that the hole in the Pent. was 16 feet high…the undercarriage of the plane is taller than that

  3. Thanks for writing this, Craig. This could well be a blessing in disguise; it just won’t be crystal clear until 20/20 hindsight hits us down the road. I browsed through the script and was quite underwhelmed. The idea that Hillary Clinton would be a character in the movie, in which she’s actually grilling Zelikow and Sunder in the name of 9/11 truth and justice, is absurd. Especially after her husband sharply denounced 9/11 truth publicly.

    1. The Clinton thing bothered me for the same reason. Interesting side note: Cohen thought of both Sharon Stone and Faye Dunaway for the role. Either would have been a coup (no pun intended) for the movie.

    2. “The idea that Hillary Clinton would be a character in the movie, in which she’s actually grilling Zelikow and Sunder in the name of 9/11 truth and justice, is absurd.”
      Cohen is out of his mind, what drivel. It’s hard to conceive of anything more asinine.

    3. Underwhelmed doesn’t even begin to state how abysmal the script was (as of 10 months ago when I read it.) I was astounded to hear that A list actors like Woody Harrelson had signed on to act in such rubbish, so no real shock now to hear that neither he nor Sheen ever did commit.
      I printed out the entire script to relax and read it on the couch, but put it down after 10 pages or so. Even if the movie had been made, it is doubtful that it would have helped the movement.
      I’m curious Craig, you interviewed both men, whose story did you believe? My money is on Cohen being the main problem, but that’s just an educated guess.

      1. I agree about the script , it’s risible. There is even an obvious bit of repetition at the end, so it hasn’t been proof read very carefully. It’s just the usual list of distorted one-sided arguments presented by the ‘heros’ who also provide the ‘baddies’ with some weak counter-arguments, so they can win the argument.

      2. Wright,
        What does the term “FULL SPECTRUM DOMINANCE” mean?
        If you can’t answer a simple question such as this, why should anyone pay attention to your persistent oinking here?

  4. It would be a tactical disaster to portray ANY actual living persons as truthers when in real life they are not. If this incarnation had made it to TV or the big screen, you can bet it would have probably received a loud denunciation from the actual Hillary Clinton — which could paradoxically have been good publicity — and possible threats of legal action.

      1. This script had a pretty un-credible ending, whereby Hillary convinces Obama (who has also denounced 9/11 truth) to investigate 9/11.

        DR. GRIFFIN
        At 4:53 in the afternoon on 9/11,
        the BBC’s “Radio Five Live” show
        said it had reports that another
        large building has collapsed just
        over an hour ago. At 4:54, BBC’s
        domestic television news channel
        announced the collapse. Then at
        about 5:10, BBC World repeated this
        announcement. Finally, at 5:14, BBC
        reporter Jane Standley was seen
        announcing the collapse of the
        Salomon Brothers building, the
        other name for Building 7 – while
        it could still be seen standing in
        the background over her left
        DR. GRIFFIN (CONT’D)
        When a BBC reporter goes on TV
        saying a building has collapsed and
        it is visible right behind her –
        then it does collapse minutes
        later, it has to make you wonder,
        doesn’t it?
        An aide walks in and hands a note to Secretary Clinton.
        Excuse me.
        She reads it and speaks.
        The President needs me in the Oval
        Office immediately. I’m sorry but
        I’ll have to cut this meeting
        short. Thank you all for coming. I
        will convey your concerns, but what
        he does next is his decision.
        The screen goes black. Credits roll for a few seconds.
        We interrupt this program to bring
        you this special news bulletin. The
        President has just issued an
        Executive Order establishing a new
        investigation of 9/11 and the war
        on terror. It will begin in 30
        days. Stay tuned for all the
        details on tonight’s Evening News.
        THE END

  5. How bloody typical! Whenever a project to expose the fallacies of the official narrative tries to get underway it explodes like a cheap cigar. Look at what Alfred “the Martian” Webre did to the Vancouver Hearings.

      1. Yup, the claim is that the photos of the south tower plane just before crashing were claimed to have been seen back in the mid 1970s. So someone took the 9/11 photos, went back in time, and showed someone.

    1. Ha,
      Look at what EVERYBODY did at the Vancouver Hearings.
      The whole thing was theater of the absurd; New Wave 9/11 Psyops.

  6. Although everyone knows that the official JFK story is bollocks, most people have never taken on-board the meaning of it. The media has kept everyone enthralled with “who killed JFK” when it actually doesn’t matter – what is much more significant is the number of agencies that bought the ridiculous LHO story – and that shows that almost 50 years ago those agencies were corrupt to the core. And look at which agencies had to be corrupt for 9/11 to take place.
    Another logical conclusion from JFK is that every President since could be assassinated at any time – so they have all been puppets and will continue to be so.
    I’d prefer this 9/11 film was never made – the last thing we need is 9/11 to be further mythologised.

  7. I find it pretty interesting how you “forgot” to mention that Cohen was collecting donations for years, using the names of the actors who never agreed to be in any of his projects – then pocketing all of the donations. Selective amnesia?

    1. Ah now Linda,
      I think it’s pretty unfair to blame Mr McKee, and lay that “Selective amnesia” at his feet.
      You might have mentioned it in a more gracious manner as to the author of the article and still been scathing as to Cohen. Aye?

    2. Linda,
      Your implication is that I left things out to favor Mr. Cohen. You have no basis for this. And you don’t know that the actors did not agree to appear – if you have proof, please let us know. And you don’t know he pocketed all the donations either. Are you an investor?

  8. What I would like to see is a movie script based on BLACK RIBBONS, Shooter Jennings’ CD involving the last night on air of a dissident DJ. I think taking this theme, and expanding the 9/11 aspect, so that the whole back-story, event, and repercussions are all addressed, would be a great vehicle.
    Using the music from that album, there would already be a dynamite basis for a powerful score. There is already a central character to anchor the plot, and casting Steven King in he role would be a natch.

  9. My original script did not include Hilary Clinton as a character. She was put in at the request of BJ Davis , the Director, who thought “it would help her in 2016”. Anyone who wants a free copy of the script can download it here…

    1. That is an interesting revelation Mr Cohen,
      I worked in Hollywood in the film industry for many years, I know what it’s like to deal with the “Committee”.
      I was never good at “office politics” – never interested in strategies and such for ‘self promotion’, what I found was, it is best to be “more compelling than your environment {a term from horsemanship}. Rather than competing on that level, I chose to work at my art, perfecting it day and night, week after week…and year after year. For one’s talent to be so compelling, that nothing else can be considered is the goal.
      It may take practically living in the street to stick to your guns like that, I know that from experience. But once the door of opportunity knocks, it opens to a wide vista if one is prepared.
      Forget the slings and arrows, there is nothing better to do at this stage than write, write, write. Write until you know in your heart of hearts you have written a masterpiece. And then keep writing masterpieces. Nothing else is worth doing. “If your going to do something, do it right or don’t do it at all.”~my dear old dad.
      Good luck,

    2. Howard,
      Let me ask: there were a total of four titles to the movie, correct? A Violation of Trust, Confessions of a 9/11 Conspirator, Trickery and Treachery, and finally September Morn. I remember the business about an earlier script being bootlegged and copyrighted from a bottom feeder. How many scripts were there?
      Whether it was part of your original script or not, the idea of Hillary as seeker of 9/11 justice is so absurd as to make a farce out of the whole thing. No one is going to believe such a scenario is even remotely plausible. Did you try and object to BJ’s request/possible demand?

  10. I thought the readers might be interested to know that I got an email from BJ Davis ordering me to remove the above poster from my site. He wrote: “Effective immediately, remove the artwork for “September Morn” from your website. Unless it is removed by noon (PST), we’ll have to file a copyright report to have it removed.”
    I declined to do so because it’s use is in accordance with the Fair Use section (107) of the Copyright Law of the United States of America.

    1. You might want to reconsider that, Mr. McKee. Based on your article, Mr. BJ Davis has obviously been around the movie-making block a few times, particularly in the tricks that he seemed to deploy against the Mr. Cohen. Based on that bias, I get the impression that Mr. Davis will get paid whether the film is released or not, like by suing you and making your life miserable even if you are right.

      1. If he’s depending on suing me to get paid he’s going to be disappointed. And this very poster was used with a number of articles that came out in October, when Davis was telling the world that these stars were in the movie. Is he asking any of those journalists to remove the artwork from their sites because it is no longer current? I think Mr. Davis has (or should have) bigger fish to fry.

      2. Well Davis may have been around the movie-making block, pulling off thug routines and threats, but he doesn’t know the law. This site as many others, is covered by and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.5 Generic License.
        As Mr McKee doesn’t even have a donate button, this is clearly a non-profit enterprise for the sole purpose of informing the public. There is no legal contest here.

    2. Well Lol Craig,
      Somebody’s ass is showing. Twice, with the revelation from Mr Cohen that the Hillary idea came from BJ…
      What a dumb idea BJ…hohohohehehehahaha.

  11. Well is this a disaster or a blessing? I don’t know but I suspect it was a blessing. I do know that any script that featured ANYONE from our government in a favorable light is ridiculous from the outset. Hillary Clinton pushing for a real investigation?? I am going to throw up. Obama anouncing a new investigation at Clinton urging?? OMG I am laughing and throwing up at the same time.
    Get a grip on reality man the government would not even exist anymore if the truth of 9/11 actually came out. They will fight the truth of 9/11 as though their very lives depend on it because they do.

  12. Barrie Zwicker offered this comment by email because a technical problem kept him from posting it directly:
    “Full marks to Craig for doing some old-fashioned journalistic digging into
    the September Morn fiasco.Two other thoughts. I’m surprised that more people
    did not see that Cohen’s project failed the sniff test from the outset. I for one
    did not say a word against it, because I did not have sufficient evidence to
    throw one of the early stones. But I’m unsurprised that pretty well everyone
    associated with this — in fact or not in fact, fairly or unfairly — is going down
    in flames or at least getting burned.
    Anyone who immediately endorsed September Morn might take
    some time to reflect on the dangers of premature enthusiasm.
    The second thought is that more solid journalism is
    going to be a key need regarding this issue, as with most issues internal
    to 9/11Truthers, going forward. Accordingly, my suggestion for what it’s
    worth is that it will be helpful to refrain from issuing opinions,
    especially strong ones, about the roles or possible roles in this shoddy
    little drama of Woody, Martin, DRG et al.
    At least until more facts are established through work such as Craig has just done.”
    Barrie Zwicker

  13. Adam,
    There were only two scripts – “Confession of a 9/11 Conspirator” – which became “A Violation of Trust” at the suggestion of a Canadian distribution company (Breakthrough Entertainment) who I was contracting with (about one year ago) to sell the movie to TV networks worldwide. I have my deal memo from the distributor to verify that change.
    “Trickery and Treachery” is the script I sent to BJ on July 4, 2012 and the one his partner Bob read which he told me made him want to produce the film. They suggested I rename it “September Morn”.
    Both times the title was changed at the suggestion of third parties I was entering into business deals with.
    I guess I’m not very good at picking titles!

  14. I think any mature assessment of the situation precludes the possibility of a “Commercial Venture” targeting a “wide viewing audience” that means to “reveal” the truth behind the events of 9/11.
    What would be the motive in destroying the very foundation of the myth that the power structure stands upon? It is jejune to even contemplate that this is possible.
    That this issue caught fire on the Internet is enough of a problem for the PTB to keep up with as far as counter PR to truth.
    The policing of the book publishing industry has some degree of slack simply because it is recognized that so few people read for information sake, that most book sales are for entertainment, ie; fiction.
    Movies, made in the technology we now know them, may be passe before one is allowed to be made concerning the truth of the topic of 9/11.

    1. The policing of the book publishing industry has some degree of slack simply because it is recognized that so few people read for information sake, that most book sales are for entertainment, ie; fiction.

  15. No way Jewish controlled Hollywood would allow a movie like that to be released. After all, it might reveal Israels involvment.

    1. Chris,
      I can agree with what you say with certain essential caveats.
      Having worked in the film industry and having first hand experience, as well as the long study I have made of the nature of modern political power, I would point out that most Jews in Hollywood have no concept of the true character of the issue of hierarchy, and are simply not capable of understanding the grip of the Zionist cabal that runs, not only Hollywood, but all aspects of the economic and cultural paradigm.
      Most Jews in Hollywood and any other industry may take advantage of connections they are favored with by this Zionist cabal, but that is not an indicator of their grasping what the whole of the agenda is about.
      Of course I worked with and for many Jewish people, male and female in the film industry. I can tell you flat out that they have no idea of what is going on…no more than any of your TVZombies in Amerika.
      It is essential that these subtle realities be nuanced. The Grand Conspiracy is not Jewish.
      It is Zion/Sion Illuminati, and ALL ‘races’ are represented in the top tier of the hierarchy.

      1. NOTE:
        “Sion” is the Roman and Anglicized version of “Zion”.
        This blend of credo is centuries old, hailing back to the Crusades…and further.

    1. Yes OSS,
      Murder-lust is unbecoming to a human being. It denotes a clearly gruesome pathology.
      Clinton is clearly a ponerist.

  16. I have never commented here before but I am surprised that nobody responded to my link above concerning the Black 9-11 video. Are Hollywood movies really more important than a serious (at least I think so) attempt to document the financial ramifications of 9-11? Wouldn’t that film — if widely viewed — make more of a difference? What do posters here think?

    1. Bob, I do want to get to that; I’ve just been a bit swamped lately. Can’t speak for anyone else. The Hollywood film created a fair amount of interest because it could have reached a wider audience with people like Woody Harrelson and Martin Sheen in starring roles. This doesn’t make it more or less important. But reaching the uninitiated is something that we have to do.

    2. Bob, I too will definitely watch the video you posted — I too have been somewhat busy lately. Also, your comment kind of got hidden due to the structure of the blog. I wouldn’t say it’s about Hollywood movies being “more important.” It’s just that our culture/society/media is so fixated on celebrity that when an A-list star supports 9/11 truth, the media has pretty much no choice but to cover it. And when a MOVIE is made featuring people of such renown, it is bound to make millions take notice.
      I was watching Titanic the other night, and I had a little fantasy whereby Leo and Kate would appear on camera and give a joint endorsement of CIT, similar to Barrie’s statement. Think of the ripple effect THAT would create.

    3. Hello Bob,
      I watched the “Black 9-11” video and the points raised, especially concerning the background of the companies occupying the impact zones of the WTC is definitely worthy of discussion.


  17. @ Craig McKee:
    Craig, did you ever get time to take a look at the photo comparisons for the Sancetta image you use[ top right], and that I had linked to in your Egyptian president/ 9/11 article?
    Regards, onebornfree

    1. I’m sorry to say that I haven’t. Time management has been an issue for me lately, and this is an area where I am not gifted. But I’m glad you reminded me. I’ll do it as soon as I can.

  18. Hi Bob M,
    At 39 minutes this is too long for me with my mobile connection and pay by the byt deal with the provider. However this has gotten excellent reviews from my fellows on my home blog.
    Thanks for posting the URL, I feel like I can endorse it second hand.

  19. Craig McKee said: “I’m sorry to say that I haven’t. Time management has been an issue for me lately, and this is an area where I am not gifted. But I’m glad you reminded me. I’ll do it as soon as I can.”
    If /when you do, you will find that there are now _8_ different official “authors” listed for almost the exact same shot, for the exact same moment in time as the version you use here [allegedly by one “Amy Sancetta”].
    Regards, onebornfree.

    1. “..for almost the exact same shot, for the exact same moment in time as the version you use here.”~OBF’d
      “Almost” is the operative term here, “the exact same moment in time,” is hyperbole, this is a dramatic event, anyone with a camera and the sense and presence of mind would certainly want to shoot some pictures as it happened. There is no mystery here, and nothing indicating ‘fakery’ in any of the photo’s all of which have slight different angles and distances shot at any number of moments apart.
      Since everyone knows what you are driving at here OBF, I will simply say it one more time your theory is juvenile bullshit.

  20. ..two years ago watching the BBC world news clip of Ahmadinajad, the discourteous exit of US delegates at a UN assembly at the president’s quite sensitive comments on 9/11…this man’s eyes were opened, remaining so in appreciation of those amongst you giving your identity to your convictions …

  21. Reblogged this on USA COINTELPRO VICTIM OF THE PATRIOT ACT and commented:
    The stages of truth
    All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident. -Arthur Schoepenhauer
    Exposing the lies
    The World-Wide 9/11 Truth movement is currently the largest investigative journalism project on the planet. – Barrie Zwicker
    On conspiracy theories
    Every time someone makes fun of the idea of “conspiracy theories” they are exhibiting a conditioned response – like salivating when they hear a bell or believing a TV news program.-Craig McKee

  22. As I had strongly suggested, this entire thing was an operation to spread disinformation and more importantly spread division and demoralizing of the movement.
    I suggested and worked with one of the first directors – a good friend who happens to be a daytime television director for ABC.
    I worked with Scott McKinsey to help correct and clean up much of the original script which was only met with Scott being removed as director and Cohen completely ignoring the very accurate changes I had made. Furthermore, in a subsequent phone conversation with Cohen he spent more time ignorantly trying to talk over me about our evidence – which he refused to include the script. He was very obtuse, illogical and evasive when it came to discussing the evidence. That’s when I was sold on what I believe him to be now – an operator in an operation.
    Remember, he is friends with Ambassador Joe Wilson and CIA agent Valerie Plame. So the connection to the intelligence community is there.
    Ask yourself why he refused to use the resources of much more knowledgeable researchers like myself. Ask why he would remove an award winning, seasoned and professional TV director and staunch CIT supporter – especially considering he wanted he wanted it to be put on TV.
    It’s amazing people don’t see this “set-up hopes and dash them with infighting, division, and disinformation” pattern that has been played out so many times with so many scenarios from people like Karl Schwarz and his CO airport employees who refitted an A3 skywarrior for the pentagon attack or Tom Flocco and his bogus story about Barbara Olson being alive and arrested in Europe…and the list goes on and on.
    The whole thing was an operation from the beginning. There is no way anyone of his alleged stature and connections can be this sloppy and inept.

  23. The neocons are going to take over again in 2016. The last thing they need now is something swept under the carpet to start moving around again, there are forces out there that never want to see this film made

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