U.S. military’s ‘plane switch’ deception perfectly anticipated 9/11

Cubans would have been blamed for shooting down an F-101 fighter: plane would escape to air force base in Florida, wreckage would be faked.

October 13, 2010

By Craig McKee

Nobody can explain it better than the real terrorists. By their own admission, the leadership of the U.S. military was a big fan of terrorism in 1962, as long as they were the ones committing the atrocities.
And they wanted to. Badly.
The Joint Chiefs of Staff were chomping at the bit to steamroll over the trust placed in them by the American people. They wanted to trick the world into supporting a coup in Cuba. And they were willing to kill a lot of their own people to do it. Operation Northwoods was an elaborate terror and deception campaign that was an eerie precursor to 9/11.
I’ve given many of the details of the plan in my last two posts, but somehow you have to hear it in the words of the generals themselves to really grasp the contempt these people had for the truth. But more importantly, their words offer a perfect blueprint for the phoney terrorist attacks on 9/11, 39 years later. Read what’s below (from the declassified memo proposing the operation to President Kennedy) with the 9/11 hijackings in mind. In the first example, F-101 fighter jets would fly near Cuba:
“On one such flight, a pre-briefed pilot would fly tail-end Charley at considerable interval between aircraft. While near the Cuban Island this pilot would broadcast that he had been jumped by MIGs and was going down. No other calls would be made. The pilot would then fly directly west at extremely low altitude and land at a secure base, an Eglin auxiliary. The aircraft would be met by the proper people, quickly stored and given a new tail number. The pilot who had performed the mission under an alias, would resume his proper identity and return to his normal place of business. The pilot and aircraft would then have disappeared.
“At precisely the same time that the aircraft was presumably shot down a submarine or small surface craft would disburse F-101 parts, parachute, etc., at approximately 15 to 20 miles off the Cuban coast and depart.  The pilots retuning to Homestead would have a true story as far as they knew.  Search ships and aircraft could be dispatched and parts of aircraft found.”
On 9/11 we’re told that four airplanes crashed, three into buildings and one into a field. But no planes were found, just a few small pieces of “wreckage.” It’s just an updated version of the same plan. Planes don’t disappear when they hit something – except on 9/11.
Let’s pull out another example from the Northwoods memo:
“It is possible to create an incident which will demonstrate convincingly that a Cuban aircraft has attacked and shot down a chartered civil airliner en route from the United States to Jamaica, Guatemala, Panama or Venezuela.  The destination would be chosen only to cause the flight plan route to cross Cuba. The passengers could be a group of college students off on a holiday or any grouping of persons with a common interest to support chartering a non-scheduled flight.
“a. An aircraft at Eglin AFB would be painted and numbered as an exact duplicate for a civil registered aircraft belonging to a CIA proprietary organization in the Miami area. At a designated time the duplicate would be substituted for the actual civil aircraft and would be loaded with the selected passengers, all boarded under carefully prepared aliases.  The actual registered aircraft would be converted to a drone.
“b. Take off times of the drone aircraft and the actual aircraft will be scheduled to allow a rendezvous south of Florida. From the rendezvous point the passenger-carrying aircraft will descend to minimum altitude and go directly into an auxiliary field at Eglin AFB where arrangements will have been made to evacuate the passengers and return the aircraft to its original status. The drone aircraft meanwhile will continue to fly the filed flight plan. When over Cuba the drone will being transmitting on the international distress frequency a “MAY DAY” message stating he is under attack by Cuban MIG aircraft. The transmission will be interrupted by the destruction of aircraft which will be triggered by radio signal. This will allow IACO radio stations in the Western Hemisphere to tell the US what has happened to the aircraft instead of the US trying to “sell” the incident.
Drone aircraft, real planes flying at low altitude to an air force base. People wonder what happened to Flight 77 if it didn’t really hit the Pentagon on Sept. 11. Does it seem a little more possible after reading this?
The cover story would be believable and logical, according to the memo. They wouldn’t have had to “sell” the incident; a compliant and gullible public and media would take care of that.
As I outlined in the previous posts, there would be lots more in the plan. Here’s a list of what they proposed:

  • Stage fake attack (with “friendly” Cubans) on U.S. naval base in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.
  • Capture fake soldiers simulating an attack on the base
  • Start riots near the entrance to the base
  • Blow up ammunition inside the base and start fires
  • Set fire to aircraft inside the base
  • Lob mortar shells into the base from outside – some damage to installations
  • Capture fake assault teams approaching from the sea
  • Capture militia group that storms the base
  • Sabotage large ship in the harbour – start large fires
  • Sink ship near entrance to the harbour – conduct mock funerals of victims
  • Blow up U.S. naval vessel in Guantanamo Bay.
  • Blow up an unmanned drone ship in Cuban waters
  • Follow that with a “rescue” mission to retrieve non-existent crew
  • Plant fake Soviet explosive device
  • Develop a Communist Cuba terror campaign in the Miami area, in other Florida cities and even in Washington.
  • Sink boatload of Cuban refugees (real or simulated)
  • Foster attempts on the lives of Cuban refugees in the U.S., wounding some.
  • Make it appear that Castro was subverting other countries in the region
  • Exploding plastic bombs in carefully chosen spots
  • Arrest Cuban agents (In the memo they wrote: “… release prepared documents substantiating Cuban involvement also would  be helpful in projecting the idea of an irresponsible government”)
  • Fake Cuban messages to Communist underground in the Dominican Republic
  • Use fake MIGs flown by U.S. pilots to further provoke
  • Hijack civil aircraft

When you read all of this, does the idea that 9/11 was a government job still seem that farfetched?


  1. This is a great article Craig.
    I am stunned there are no comments here!
    Well here’s one, this is a background on how the military industrial complex pulled of 9/11.
    In their own words__no less.

    1. Thank you. This blog was less than two months old when I wrote this, so I hadn’t built up much of an audience yet. I do plan to take the three I wrote and put them into one sometime soon.

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