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Pentagon lied about having 9/11 video then refused to release it

March 2, 2011

By Craig McKee

It’s one of the largest and most secure buildings in the world. It is the nerve center for the U.S. military. It has hundreds of security cameras both inside and outside the building. But apparently you can fly an airliner into the side of it without being caught on tape.
That’s what I call a blind spot. But this is the story we are being asked to swallow about what happened at the Pentagon on Sept. 11, 2001. On a day of outrageous fabrications, this is one of the most absurd. What’s even more incredible is that some people – even some 9/11 truthers – accept it. (The plane hit the building, there are no videos, you are getting very sleepy…)
It wasn’t the first lie concerning the Pentagon “impact” and possible video evidence, however. Initially, the Pentagon denied having any video footage of the alleged impact of Flight 77. They would later change their tune and release five frames in 2002 taken from north of the alleged impact site.
The official story of 9/11 actually asks us to swallow a lot of impossible stuff: the collapse of the three towers because of “fire”; the failure of the military to intercept even one allegedly hijacked airliner; the burying of Flight 93 in a field in Pennsylvania; devout Muslims who take drugs and use prostitutes; a failed Continue reading

How we KNOW an airliner did NOT hit the Pentagon on 9/11

September 23, 2010

By Craig McKee

The government and the media have told us that a Boeing 757 airliner hit the Pentagon at nearly 9:38 a.m. on Sept. 11, 2001.
But we know it didn’t.
For the Pentagon to have been hit at by the allegedly hijacked American Airlines Flight 77, the laws of physics would have to have been repealed. Admittedly, it wouldn’t be the only time that this appears to have happened that day.
I believe that any reasonable person who is willing to look at the evidence (photo and otherwise) will Continue reading