Failed fascist coup in America led to strategy change for corporate elite


“A clique of U.S. industrialist is hell bent to bring a fascist state to supplant our democratic government and is working closely with the fascist regime in Germany and Italy. I have had plenty of opportunity in my post in Berlin to witness how close some of our American ruling families are to the Nazi regime.” – William Dodd, U.S. ambassador to Germany, in a letter to Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1936.

By Craig McKee

If you saw it in a movie, you’d think it was far-fetched. But it happened.
Most Americans have no idea how close they came to living under a Nazi-style dictatorship prior to World War II. But a group that can be fairly called the “who’s who” of 1930s corporate establishment tried to violently overthrow the U.S. government and President Franklin D. Roosevelt.
And they almost got away with it.
One of the members of the group was reported to be none other than Prescott Bush, the grandfather of George W. Bush and father of George H. W. Bush. Also involved were some of the best known names in the American capitalist establishment: the Dupont family, the Remington family, J.P. Morgan, Rockefeller Associates, Andrew Melon Associates, William Knudsen of General Motors, and wealthy banker Robert Clark were among the conspirators.
And while the attempted coup failed, that didn’t stop Prescott Bush from accumulating a fortune from his investments in businesses that helped finance the Hitler war machine. Bush was a director of one of those, the Union Banking Corporation, which was little more than a front for laundering millions of dollars of Nazi money.
The “bank” actually had its assets seized in 1942 under the Trading with the Enemy Act (UBC continued to do business with Hitler even after the U.S. entered the war). The assets were released in 1951, and Prescott Bush reportedly emerged with a $1.5 million windfall.
In fact, it’s not too much of a stretch to say that the Bush political dynasty would never have been launched – and would never have produced two presidents and two governors –without the profits from these pro-Nazi businesses.
The failure of the 1934 coup attempt led the elite to seek more and more covert ways of gaining control over the country and over public opinion. The McCarthy period notwithstanding, the assassination of John F. Kennedy was the first clear example that the approach had changed. The elite were just as concerned about getting rid of Kennedy as they were of deposing FDR. But this time they had to be more covert.
This necessitated a carefully crafted back story to support the illusion that a lone crazy gunman had killed the president. The result was that the positions taken by Kennedy on Vietnam and the U.S. government beginning to print money again were discarded under Lyndon B. Johnson. Over time, the public has come to accept that they were lied to, but that didn’t stop the elite from getting what they wanted.
Today, methods of consolidating control have become more sophisticated and more subtle. Through the fake war on terror and the 9/11 false flag operation – and with the help of a complicit media – control over the population is being tightened. This has led to the public being deceived into permitting two wars and the loss of many Constitutional freedoms.
Today, if a presidential hopeful is not approved of by the financial establishment, they aren’t overthrown; they’re never elected in the first place. No one should doubt, for example, that Barack Obama became president with an enthusiastic stamp of approval from Wall Street.
But the world of 1934 was, at least superficially, very different. According to documents found in the Library of Congress and the National Archives by journalist John Buchanan, the corporate coup would have involved the assassination of FDR and the setting up of internment camps for Jews and other “undesirables.”
The mistake the plotters made was that they asked decorated war hero Smedley D. Butler to lead the coup and to become the fascist leader of the country. What they didn’t realize is that Butler actually believed in the Constitution.
On Aug. 22, 1934 in a hotel room in Philadelphia, Gerald McGuire, representing the conspirators met with Butler to propose the plan. He told Butler that $300 million would be made available to get it done. Butler pretended to go along with the plot long enough to learn the identities of the conspirators. Then he blew the whistle.
Butler told Congress about the plot, testifying before the McCormack-Dickstein Committee, which confirmed on the record that the coup attempt had taken place. But instead of being tried for treason, the plotters were not even called upon to testify. An event that should have been one of the biggest stories of the century faded quickly from memory.
But this is an excellent time to revisit this terrible event, and to see what lessons it holds for us today.


  1. I wish most people had heard about it. I wish it were taught in schools. They were losers in the immediate sense, but I think they’re getting their fascist state now in more covert ways. I think I’d rather deal with a coup.

    1. I think it’s not very covert. Over 70% of US tax dollars now pour directly into the Swiss banks counts of foreign based war corporations, and Americans are too deluded by sports to notice. Executives move freely back and forth between industry and government, and incredibly, many Americans think Government, which was created to protect the citizenry from abuse by the rich and powerful, should be run by the rich and powerful “like a business”. We have become a Nazi state.

  2. “Today, if a presidential hopeful is not approved of by the financial establishment, they aren’t overthrown; they’re never elected in the first place. No one should doubt, for example, that Barack Obama became president with an enthusiastic stamp of approval from Wall Street.
    But the world of 1934 was, at least superficially, very different. According to documents found in the Library of Congress and the National Archives by journalist John Buchanan, the corporate coup would have involved the assassination of FDR and the setting up of internment camps for Jews and other “undesirables.”

    This doesn’t make sense to me. Wall Street is made up of primarily Jews and yet you state that if the coup had succeeded, Jews would have been put in internment camps. Yes, I know it’s past and present but you tied the two together.
    The U.S. elite of the past supported Nazism (Fascism), and you state that now, the U.S. elite are still trying to accomplish the same thing but this time through covert means.
    This only way this makes sense is if the Mossad were involved in trying to make it seem like the elite were anti-Semites during a false flag operation.

    1. I don’t know how you can make the statement that “Wall Street is made up primarily of Jews.” What do you base this on? Regardless, I think you are mixing apples and oranges here. Jews are not in the same position today that they were in the 1930s.
      In the 1930s, many of the corporate elite appeared to admire the Nazis and wanted to bring this same model to the U.S. And they tried to, as I explained. This is documented. They were not interested in democracy or participation in the political process by the masses. They were collaborating with the Nazis in the lead-up to war (and during the war) for profit. In fact, without the support of American corporations, it is highly questionable that the Nazis would have been able to conquer much of Europe. Roosevelt wanted the U.S. in World War II but he had to provoke the Japanese to attack (records show the Americans knew Pearl Harbor was coming months ahead of time) to get the support of the population.
      The point of my article was that the means of control by the elite had to become more covert following the failed coup and following the war. In the intervening years – and especially since Kennedy – we have seen how closely the presidents have been allied with this corporate agenda.
      Do you doubt that Obama has the enthusiastic support of Wall Street?

    2. You need to look at Germany. Jews represented a lot of the rich and intelligentsia in Germany, and contributed significantly to development of science and standard of living. Hitler and the Nazis started diverting more and more tax revenue to war corporations (sound familiar, the US is now handing 70% of tax revenue to foreign based war corporations). As they did so, the standard of living declined, wages declined, etc. People became unhappy. To stay in power the Nazis blamed the Jews, even though Jews were POSITIVE forces. When the Nazis gain full control in the USA, look for them to blame US Jews for all the problems the Nazis create. This is not a new story, it repeats down through history. Blaming Jews is fairly new, but blaming a minority is as old as fascism.

    3. Read The Book Of Earl. New release. You guys are on to something but The Book Of Earl explains that it isn’t a new world order, it is the oldest institution on earth. Read the book!

  3. The whole world has to deal with the Ashkenazi Khazarian Zionist Terrorists (current leaders: Benjamin insane liar yahu and Lloyd Blankety Blankety fein) and their mad attack dog infected with rabies, the Mossad. Shockingly and surprisingly the Indian pro-American ass-licking elites led by the Neta-Babu–Raj syndicate (the likes of Mad Mohan Singh. Pranab Mukerji) created by the imperialist British Masters had embraced the Rothschild Empire under the patronage of barmaid Sonia Albina Maino AKA Sonia Gandhi. India is slowly being drawn into the deadly clique of gang of three (Israel, U.K. U.S.) to make it gang of four. Lord Ram must be looking at India with “utter disbelief ” for plotting against neighbour China, and friends Russia and Iran. Well the predicted Israel’s attack of Iran in February 2012 will make the Indian realize their gargantuan folly. Sadly, it will be too late to make amends once the NRI-s the likes of Deepak Chopra in the U.S. run for cover!! Jai Hind.

    1. Interestingly enough this comment is four years old. I am still waiting for Israel to take out Iran. Bit off are we, Dr. T?

  4. Reblogged this on nakeddissidence and commented:
    Old news to be sure, you still raise some interesting points on how power is accumulated through covert means. Sad state we are in. Do you think the common man will ever learn from history? One can only hope so.

    1. Hope, yes, but most people hate history and consider it irrelevant. That’s the ONLY reason the US has a Nazi government now, and the only reason Germany had one in 1932.

  5. Yep, and in the wake of WWII and the National Security Act of 1947, the CIA brought all the Nazis we fought over to the USA via Operation PaperClip and what became NASA, conquering this country through deception, secrecy and privilege.

  6. The “fascist coup plot” was a hoax to win support for the flagging FDR administration. If the “fascists” were going to stage a miitary take over, the LAST person they would take it to would be Smedley Butler. The “plotters” (who were acting on behalf of FDRs backers) KNEW that Butler would expose the plot and thus win huge support for poor, old FDR. It was a HOAX and it bums me out the people in the “movement” still buy into it. There was never any legitimate plot to bring “fascism” to America; only a plot to put the treasonous communist FDR back on the throne. And it worked like a charm.

    1. Do you have a shred of proof of this? I doubt it. You’re telling me that prominent industrialists would have risked having their reputations destroyed by participating in such a hoax? And if you call FDR a communist, you’ve blown your credibility.

    2. No FDR wasn’t a “Communist”…not even the real guys behind the throne are communists.
      Check out Carroll Quigley’s TRAGEDY AND HOPE. He got the inside scoop right from the files of the fiends themselves.
      Quigley was Bill Clinton’s mentor who got him the Rhodes Scholarship that led to the shoehorn into the presidency.

  7. Illuminati pffft, if they are so enlightened then why are they continuing the assault on the very planet that supports their sorry excuses for inhabitants. And the more I read about enlightenment, dark, & light powers I am finding that The Illuminati is a dark force that consists of Christian, Jewish, & Islam members all of which are money hungry, war mongering, racist, misogynistic, & controlling.

  8. Craig M is partially correct
    In the 1930s, up until about 1934, the corporate elite didn’t necessarily ‘admire’ the Nazis….all they really cared about is getting paid on the loans they made to Germany. The U.S. Jewery was divided…some held protests as the reports started coming in, while the elite kept it as quiet as they could, including reports of American tourists who were getting beaten by the ‘Brown shirts’ for not ‘saluting’
    read “‘In the Garden of Beasts’ by Erik Larson ” (NON-FICTION)
    here’s a review:
    Mad Angel on FB

    1. Erik Larson????
      You mean the guy that wrote that Judy Wood’s ‘WHERE DID THE TOWERS GO’ is the most important book of the 21st century???
      As far as I’m concerned Wood’s book is fiction.
      World Jewry declared war on Hitler’s Germany long before WWII broke out, proclaiming a world wide boycott on German imports…it was effective too, there was great political power behind that decree.
      Now ‘World Jewry’ doesn’t mean “all Jews” it means the councils of Rabbis, of organized Jewry, or the councils of Zion, the high leadership cabal. The “lesser brethren” have no more idea of the architecture of political power than any other common man in the street.

  9. Yeh…. the fascist event almost occurred BUT the real agenda by the elites was exactly what transpired with traitor Roosevelt et. al. The bankruptcy to the elites. The trading with the enemies act version 2…. the birth certificate and securitization of the all the property in the united states…. alll of it…… The author has myopia. Everything the elites wanted to accomplish was accomplished … Read you damn history… learn what really happened. Idiot proles.

    1. Gee Dr.
      no need to get 1984 on me….. funny it was reading about actual history that I came to my conclusion…. The book is made up of chronological documented historical facts and including personal letters, memoirs, diplomatic communiques, records of meetings, news clips etc……..
      Actually the author Erik Larson remains consistently neutral….. the reader would have to have an agenda or bias of his own, to not recognize that the author is pretty cut and dry. He doesn’t dramatize or offer much in personal opinion….
      I found refreshing….to be able to read actual historical accounts of so many of the people in all walks of life, but especially those in power, in several capacities and the interactions of all of them, and allow the reader to draw their own conclusions.
      I guess I should have cautioned you on the link I provided…’s only a review….it might be possible that the commentator might have been giving an opinion??
      Mad Angel on FB

    1. Obama was in Wall Street’s pocket from the get go. No need to scare the guy prepped from the time he was a kid for the neurolinguistic necromancing of that “Hope and Change” trick top hat.

  10. Is leaving in the political system of FDR to date any different than a dictatorship? The “elites” and many others knew that national socialism was a good system…..hitler’s Germany cleared out of depression (and not due to militarism) in record time while others struggled with it into WWII.
    Sorry to say that one aspect of germany’s fast recovery was the removal of the selfish, nefarious control by Jews in the country. The Jews living in us would not tolerate that and desperately pushed uk and us towards war against a successful Germany.

  11. Interesting article and commentary.
    [I pulled it up as it is at the top of the list of ‘favorites’ today]…
    This essay is from long before I became aware of Mr McKee’s blog.
    . . . . . . . . .
    In a way, everyone is right, the original story, and the commentary that follows.
    Parsing this all out would take a book sized commentary.
    I would suggest reading the works of Antony Sutton, especially, ‘Wall Street and FDR’, and ‘Wall Street and Hitler’ – then get into his final and best – ‘Skull and Bones’.
    One will get an intro into the Hegelian dialectic in the last book mentioned, and a lot of the seeming contradictions will finally come into focus for what they are and mean.

    1. Yes, this article made a big comeback when I posted it on In fact it was the 2nd most read item of the week. No one can say I don’t believe in recycling!

      1. No Craig,
        I’m sorry, I still have the highest of expectations for what you may come up with.
        You seem to have grown into this ‘job’ like a natural.
        See ya then and there…

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