The rush to judgment: a familiar pattern labels Oswald a killer

Oswald was silenced by Jack Ruby.
September 13, 2010

By Craig McKee

When I started this blog, 9/11 was just supposed to be one of the topics to be addressed. But in doing research on the subject, I found myself becoming more and more captivated. And more and more angry.
The story has so many angles, so many questions, so many lies, so many glaring omissions. When the attacks first happened I assumed, like most people, that Osama bin Laden was indeed responsible. I may have hated Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld, but that didn’t make me question the official account.
The event was so huge, so destructive, so shocking that the idea that anyone other than Bush’s “evil doers” had been involved seemed unthinkable. I should have known better. As a firm believer that John F. Kennedy was killed by elements of his own government, especially the CIA, I should have recognized the pattern.
In the Kennedy case, Lee Harvey Oswald was miraculously identified as the assassin within hours. Now that’s what I call police work. Oswald was interrogated for 48 hours without a lawyer. He was beaten by police. No notes or recordings were made (or were admitted to) of the interrogation. Oswald denied having shot the president. He had not even been charged when he was shot in the basement of the Dallas police station by Jack Ruby. The police were not quite so efficient in keeping Oswald alive as they were in catching him.
The media swallowed the lie hook, line and sinker. After Oswald was killed, the New York Times proclaimed: “President’s assassin shot to death in jail corridor by a Dallas citizen.” So much for the presumption of innocence. Other media followed suit without thought.
To this day, Lee Harvey Oswald is referred to in media reports as the assassin of JFK. A close examination of the case against Oswald, however, shows that this “theory” doesn’t hold up.
We know that Oswald joined the Marines in 1957, and there’s a strong case to be made that he worked for U.S. Naval Intelligence. In 1959, he defected to the Soviet but came back three years later – without being stopped. How many Soviet defectors can just come home without attracting any interest? It’s ludicrous.
And we know that Military Intelligence had a file on Oswald even before the assassination. But it was “routinely destroyed” in 1973.
But the media doesn’t investigate this. Instead, we heard references to Oswald being a pro-Castro communist. He was anything but. This attempt to mislead the world fell apart fairly easily, so they had to go with the “lone nut” approach.
We also know that CIA agent E. Howard Hunt, famous for being one of the Watergate burglars, confessed on his deathbed that he had been part of the assassination plot. You can find the sound recording of his confession on You Tube. Hunt also implicated Lyndon B. Johnson in the murder.
But we’ve heard almost nothing about this in the mainstream media. Hunt was frequently interviewed on TV and in documentaries about CIA operations, but in this case they don’t seem to find his confession credible. Interestingly, Johnson’s mistress, Madeleine Duncan Brown, said before her death in 2002 that she knew that Johnson and Hunt had met to discuss killing Kennedy.
She said: “It was a total political crime and H.L. Hunt really controlled what actually happened to John Kennedy – he and Lyndon Johnson. They had this lodge…outside Dallas, and they would meet there…he chose different people to do certain things for him, and I’m sure it went on about two years prior to the assassination of John Kennedy.”
How much have you heard about this from Connie Chung or Anderson Cooper?
Now we come to 9/11. The very day of the attacks, we were hearing about Osama bin Laden. The government put it out there and the media were led by the nose. Virtually no one questioned it.
Condolezza Rice claimed the U.S. government had irrefutable proof of bin Laden’s guilt. The Pakistani government said they would turn bin Laden over if the Americans provided them with this proof. They never did.
To this day, Osama bin Laden is wanted by the FBI for several crimes, including the bombing of the World Trade Center in 1993 and the bombing of the USS Cole in 2000.
Guess what isn’t mentioned?


  1. I have some property that the Whitehouse sits on and it is for sale. I also know who shot Kennedy, so call me and I’ll tell you who pulled off 9 11,……………………hint, he’s hates the US, kinda like you conspiracy nuts.
    His name was……………was………………Osama Binladen.
    Anybody who thinks otherwise needs to to see a shrink, damn dumbasses.

    1. Oh boy. Anyone who doesn’t follow your belief must hate America, eh? That point of view is so lame and so typical. I deal in facts; why don’t you let us know what the EVIDENCE is that bin Laden was behind the whole thing?

    2. MIKE MALLETTE says,”I have some property that the Whitehouse sits on and it is for sale.”
      Of course this is a flat out LIE.
      He then goes on to claim, “I also know who shot Kennedy..”
      Another blatant LIE.
      Then this psychopathic liar makes this utterly hypocritical remark; “Anybody who thinks otherwise needs to to see a shrink, damn dumbasses.”
      Yea, “gowblesmurkah” psychopunk.

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